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Full text of "Burt's Swedish-English dictionary in two parts: Swedish-English, English-Swedish. = Burt's svensk-engelsk ordbok i två afdelningar, svensk-engelsk, engelsk-svensk"

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Explanation of the Abbreviations. 

Förklaring ofrer de fSrekommande Förkort»' 









ooDJ unction. 






feminine gender. 


fig. & • 







look for. 






masculine gender. 


m. in. 

and 80 forth. 

med mera. 








0. 8* V. 

and 80 forth.. 

och 8& vidafQ 

jp. & part. 
















look for. 



terminus technicns. 

« konstord, t^mi. 

V. a. 

verb active. 

aktivt verb. 

V. d. 

Terb deponens. 

verbura deponens» 

V. impl 

verb impersonaL 

Impersonelt verb. 

V. n. 

verb neuter. 

neutralt verb. 

V. T.^ 

verb reciprocal. 

reciprokt verb. 



Wgo, i lägre tan 





Åbbé^ m. abbot. -dJSSa, f, abbess. 
-disskloster, n. abbey. 

Abbot, m, abbot, -sdöme, --sstift, 

«. abbey. 

AbbreYi||ation, -atiir, f. abbrevia- 

tion. —era, v, a, abbreviate.^ 
Abcbok, f. hornbook, primer, 
Aborre, m. perch. 
Abrahanisrot, f, stork's-bill, geranium 

silvaticum. fself. 

Absentera sig, v, r, to absent one's 

Absolvera, v. a. to absolve, to finish. 
Abstrahera, v, a, to abstract (from). 

Accent, m. accent, -uera, v, a, to 

accentuate, to accent. 
Accept, vn, acceptance, —ant, w>, 

accepter, —era, V. a, to accept. 
Accis, w. excise, —bar, a. exciseable. 

-kammare, f. excise-office. 

Ack! i. alas! oh! 

Ackord, W. accord; agreement; con- 
tract; bargain, —era, V. n, to con- 
tract, to enter into a contract; to 
bargain; to agree, to covenant, to 
compound. - mtd sina kreditorer, 
to compound with one's creditors. 

Ackurat, a. accurate, precise. 

Ada, f. Adarfågel, m. cider-duck. 

AdalybOren, a, legitimate, lawfully be- 
gotten. — jord, f, fertile ground, —port, 
m. principal passage. _— vildt, n. 
higher sort of game. 

Addllera, v. a. to add. -ering, f. 

-ition, m. addition. 
Adel, m. nobility, -ig', a. noble. 

Swedish-English DicL 


-Sbref, m. patent of nobility. -S» 
dam, f. lady, noblewoman. — sman, 
771. nobleman. — skap, w. nobility, 
nobleness, -smatrikel, 7». book of 
the peerage. — STapen, 7?. coat of 
arms. (teenth. 

Ad ert on, num, eighteen, -de, a. eigh- 

Adjunkt, ftl, assistant, substitute. 

Adjö, int. adieu, good bye. 

AdlP., V, a. to ennoble. 

Adoptera, v. a. to adopt, to affiliate. 

Adress, m, address, direction, super- 
scription, —era, v. a. to direct. 
-kalender, s. directory, -kontor^ 

s. intelligence-office. 

Advocera, v. n. to practice the law. 
— för en, to plead one's caus/j. 

Advokat, m. lawyer, attorney, advo- 
cate, barrister. — fiskal, m, public 
pro ecutor, attorney. — ur, 7». advo- 

Af, prp. of, frcm^ upon, by, with, out 
of. af Gudif from God. komma af 
sig, to go backward in business, to 
go down the wind, komma af sig 
i talet, to be at a nonplus, to be at 
a stand, hli af med en sjukdom, 
to get rid of a distemper, vara af 
med en, to be rid of one, to be shut 
of one. n'dr skal detta hli af? 
when is that to happen? den saken 
hlir ingenting af, that business will 
come to nothing, af och an , af 
och till, to and fro. gå af, to 
break, k'djppen är af, the stick i* 



Afftrbeta^ v. a. to clear by working. 
Afart, n». variety. 
Afbalka, V» a. to partition. 
Afbarka, v. a. to bark. 
Afbedja, v. a, to deprecate, to beg off. 
Afberga, v, a. to harvest. 
Afbeta^ v. a, to depasture, to graze, 
to browse. 

Afbetala, v. a. !o pay off. 

Afbetsla, v. a. to take off the bridle. 

Af bida^ V, a. to wait for, to stay for, 
to attend, to expect, to abide. — slut 
i sakerif to attend the issue. 

Afbild, f, image, copy, -a, V, a. to 
draw, to paint, to delineate, to por- 
tray, to copy, to form. 

Afbinda^ v. a, to unbind, to separate. 

Afbita, V. a. to bite off; to graze. 

Afblekna^ v, a. to grow pale. 

Afblåsa, V. a. & n. to blow off, to 
blow away. - en riksdag, to pro- 
claim the end of a diet. 

Afbläda , V. a, to puU off the leaves. 

Af b or sta, v, a. to brush off. 

Afbraka, v. n, T, to decrepitate. 
Afbrinna, v, n. to bum down; to 

Afbrista, v. w. to break of. 
Afbrott, n. interruption, stop, contrast. 
Afbruteilj a. broken, interrupted. 
Afbryta, v. a, to break, to interrupt, 

to leave off, to discontinue. 
Afbräck, n, annoyance, damage, abate* 

ment, abridgment, göra — , to da- 
mage, to injure. 
Afbrännlja, v. a. to bum, to bum 

down. ^ ett fyrverkeri, to play off 

a firework, -ingy f, loss, decrease 

damage, expenditure. 
Afbulta, V. O. to knock off. 
Afböja, V. a. to divert, to avert, to 

wave, —ett slag, to ward off a blow, 

to parry a blow. 
Afbo'n^ f. deprecation, göra -, to 

deprecate, to beg pardon. 

Afborda, v. a. & n, to lead off; to 

flow off; to pay off; to discharge. — 
en skuld, to pay a debt, -sig, V, 
r. to exonerate one's self; to get rid 
of; to flow into. 

Af dagataga, v, a. to pat to death, 

to dispatch. 

Afdamma, v. a. to free from dust. 

Afdankjla, v. a, to disband, to cashier, 
to dismiss, en afdankad officer, 
a discarded officer. — niug, f. dis- 
mission, disbanding. 

Afdellla, v. a, to divide, to parcel. 
—ning 9 f, section, division; detach- 

Afdika, v. a. to ditch off. [ment. 

Afdragy n. subtraction, deduction; 
proof-sheet, copy. — a, V, a, to de- 
duct, to subtract; to skin, to flay; to 
print, —are, m. flayer. 

Afdricka, v. a, to drink off, to sip off. 

Af drift jning, f- driving off; T, putting 
to the test, -t, m. T. leeway, -va, 
V. O, to drive away, to beat back, to 
turn away; T. to pat to the test. 

-yande, a. purgative. -Tare, m. 

r. refiner (of metals). 
Afdrypa, v, n, to drop off, to trickle 

Afdunsta, v. n, to evaporate. 
Afdånlla, v. n, to swoon a way; to 

faint, —ing, f. swoon. 
Afdämma, v. a. to dam, to keep off 

by a dam. 
Afdoma, v. a. to pass sentence, to 

judge , to decide. — en' process , to 

determine a lawsuit. 
Afifall, n. defection, desertion. - ifrån 

läran, apostasy, vattnets -, decli- 
vity, -a, V. n. to fall off; to decay; 

to desert; to apostatize. 
Affara, v. n. to set out. 
Affatta, V, a, to sketch, to delineate, 

to compose, to perform, to describe. 
Affekt, 8, affectioS, emotion, -era, 

V, a. to affect. 
Afflla, V. a. to file off. 
Afflnna sig, v. r. to come to terms, 

to settle, to agree with. 
Affisch, 8. placard ; playbill. 

AfQalllJa, V. a. to scale, -ning, f. 

Afflyta, V, n, to flow off. 
Afflvtta, V. a, to remove. 
Afflå, V, a. to flay, to strip off. 
Affordra, V, a, to demand, to exact. 


A.fforma, v, a, to form , to shape « to 

Affäll||ig, a. revolted, fallen away. 

-ighetj f, apostasy, rebelliousness. 

—ing, m, apostate; revolter. 
Affär, S. affair, business, transaction. 
Affärd, m, departure; dispatch; death. 

—a, V. a. to dispatch, to expedite; to 

return a sharp answer. 
Affoda, f, progeny, offspring; issue; 

brood, breed. 
AffÖlja^ V. a, to render, to remit. 

lata — , to send, to^ deliver. 
Affora, V. a. to carry away, to carry 

off; to deduct; to pay; to purge. 

— DC3e, a. purging. 
Afgifjjt, m. duty, impost, excise. — Va, 

V, a, to deliver up. 

Af gjord, a. settled, done; j/r.Afgöra. 
Afgjuta, V. a. to form, to cast. 
Afglomma, v. a. to forget. 
Afgnaga, v. a. to gnaw off. 

Afgruild, m. abyss ; pit ; hell. -fOSter, 
n. hellish crew. — slik, a, hellish, 

Afglld, 77^. idol, -a, v. a. to idolize. 

. -b elate, n. simuiacre. -d yrkar e, 

m. idolater, -eri, 71. idolatry, -isk, 
a. idolatrous. 

Afgå, V, n, to go away, to go off; to 
depart; to die. ~ med döden, to 
decease, det af g är i räkningen, 
it will be deducted in the account. 
—ng, W. decease: departure; sale, 
vent, en lok som har -, a book that 

Afgäld, m. rent. [takes. 

Afgärda, v. a. to enclose, to fence in, 
to hedge off. 

Afgora, V, a, to dispatch, to settle, to 
arrange, hans sak är afgjord,' his 
business is done. — en sak, to settle 
a business, det är en afgjord sak, 
it is agreed on all hands. Idtom 
ass taga för afgjordt, let us take 
for granted. — llde, a. decisive, po- 
sitive. — , ad, decisively. 

Afhacka, v. a. to cut off, to chop off; 
Af liaka, v, a. to hook off. 
Af halka, v. 71. to slide, to slip from. 
Afhaudljla) V, a. to transact» to treat. 

Afknapra 3 

—ling, /". dissertation, treatise; trans- 
action, negociation. [away. 

Afhemta, v. a. to fetch off, to fetch 

Afhjelpa, v, a. to redress. 

Afliugglja, V. a. to cut off, to abscind, 
to chop off, to hew off, to amputate. 
—ning, /". abscission. 

Afhysa, ^. a. - ett hemman, - en 
gärd, to pull down the buildings of 
a farm. 

Af hålla, V. a. to withhold, to hold 
back, to restrain, — sig, v. r. to for* 
bear, to abstain. - sig ifrån tårar, 
to refrain from tears, jag kunde ej 

— mig ifrån skratt, I could not 
help laughing. 

Afhållen, a. beloved. 
Afhäfva, V, a, to lift off. 
Afilälllja, V. a, to pour off, to decent. 
-uingsdike, n. sink, gutter. 

Afhälldjja, v, a. to deprive off, to strip 
off. — sig lifvet, to make away with 
one's self. — elig, a. alienable. 

Afhängig, a. dependant» dependent. 
— liet, f, dependency. 

Afliärfla, v. 71. to reel off. 

Af hölja, V, a. to uncover, to unveil. 

A f hör a, v, a, to hear, to listen * to. 

— en predikan , to listen to a ser- 
mon. — vitnen, to hear , to »jxaraine 
witnesses. — nde, n. examining, trial. 

Af kamma, v. a, to comb off. 

Afkaiita, v. a. to cut off the corners, 
to plain the edges. 

Afkappa, v. a. to cut (the cable). 

Afkastjla, v. a. to cast off, to throw 
off; to profit; to yield, egendomen af' 
Icaster icke mycket, the estate does 
not yield much, —ning, f. rent, re« 

Af klippa, V. a. to pare off, to clip 
off, to shear off. a f klippt ull, fleece. 

Afklyfva, v. a. to cleave off, to split. 

Afkläda, v. a, to undress, to unclothe, 
to strip. — sig all blygsel, to be 
quite shameless. — sig sin rätt, to 
devest one's self of one's right. 

Afknappa, v. a, to lessen, to curtail, 
to derogate. [nibble off. 

Afknapra I v. a. to crunch off, to, 

4 Åfknipa 

Afknipa^ v. a. to nib off, to pinch 

Afknyta, v, a. to tie off. [off. 

Afknappa, v, a. to unbutton. 

Afkok, s. decoction. -8, V. a. to boil. 

Afkomljlin^, m. descendant, »ma, 
f, offspring. — St, 171. revenue. 

Afkoppla, V. a, to untie the couple. 

Afkortlja, v. a. to abridge; to abbre- 
viate; ^to curtail. — ttt tdl, to cut 
short a discourse. — något pa ens 
lön, to curtail one's wages, —ning, 
f, abridgment. 

Afkrafsa, v, a. to scratch off. 

Afkratta, v. a. to rake off. 

Afkunna, v. a. to proclaim, to publish, 
to denounce. — lysning, to bid the 
bans. — dom, to pronounce sentence. 

Afkyl|{a, v, a. to cool, to quench, to 
refresh, —ning, f, cooling, refresh- 

AfkÖpa, V, a, to buy, to purchase. 

Aila 9 V, n. to conceive. — , v, a, to 
beget. — ham, to beget children. 

Aflagd, part, af afl'dgga, disused, out 
of use, set aside. 

Aflelse, m. conception. 

Aflig, a. fecund. 

Af tassa, Aflasta, v. a. to unload. 

—re, m. unloader, discharger. 

Aflat, n. indulgences, the pope's par- 
dons. -Sbref, n. indulgences. -S- 
krämare, m. pardon-monger, seller 
of indulgences. 

Afleda, v. a, to lead off, to divert, to 
turn away. — vatten ifrån en mosse, 
to drain a moss. - ifrån rätta va. 
gen, to seduce; to mislead, —re, s, 
conductor. [due. 

Aflefra, f. relic; rest, remainder, resi- 

Aflemna, v. a. to deliver, to remit. 

Aflena, v. n. to thaw off. 

Afleyerera, t;. a. to deliver, to remit. 

Aflida, V. n, to expire, to die, to de- 
cease, den aflidne konungen, the 
late (deceased) king, hennes aflidne 
man, her defunct husband. 

Aflifra, v, a. to execute, to put to 
death, to kill. 

Aflinda, V, a. to unfold, to unwind. 

Aflisma, v. a» to coax out of. 


AflOCka, V, a. to entice away, to ob- 
tain by blandishment. — ndgon en 
hemlighet, to draw a secret from one. 

Aflopp, n. drain; issue, event. — Sdlke, 
n. drain. -Sränna, /. kennel, sink. 
— SSå, m. cooling-tub. 

AflOSSa, V. a, to untie, to relax. 

Aflyfta, t7. a. to lift off. 

Aflysa, V, a, to abrogate. - riks- 
dagen, to give public notice of the 
dissolution of a diet, all utförsel 
af spannmål aflystes, the exporta- 
tion of grain was prohibited. 

Afläng, a. oblong, oval. 

Aflåta, V. a, to cease; to leave off; 
to forbear; to let. — en skrifveJse, 
to promulgate a writing, hon afl'dt 
icke att bedja, she did not cease en- 

Aflägga, V. a. to lay aside, to lay by, 
to abolish. — hesÖk, to pay a visit. 
— sörgedrägt, to leave off the raourn- 
ingsoit. — vitneshörd, to bear wit- 
ness. — en ed, to take an oath. — en 
berättelse, to report, -re, w. layer, 
set, cutting. 

Aflägse, ad, far from, out of the way. 
— n, a. aside, remote^ distant. — nliet, 
f. remoteness. 

Aflagsna, v. a. to remove. 

Aflönjla, V, a, to p^y off. -ing, f. 

pay, payment; wages. 
Aflopa, V. n. to run off, to turn out, 

to terminate, hvem vet huru det 

vill — / who knows what will be the 

result of this? 
AflÖS|[a, V, a. to absolve, to untie, to 

unbind. - cn skildtvakt, to relieve 

a eentry. —ning, f, untying; relief;, 

Af^agra, v. n, to grow lean. 
A f mala, r. a. to grind. 
Afmarschera, v. n, to (narch off; to 

Afniasta, v. a. to unmast. 
Afmatta, v. a. to enfeeble, to weaken, 

to tire out. — ^g% to exhaust one's 

Afmlnska, v. a, to diminish, to lessen. 
Afmota^ t^. a. to drive awar* 



Afmåla^ v, a, to draw, to picture', to 
portray ; to describe. 

Aftllätjja^ V, a, to measare off, to mete, 
to take the dimension. — med ett 
snöre f to measure out with the line. 

— ett läger, to mark out a camp. 
—ningy a. mensuration. . 

Afaappa, v. a, to pull off. 
Afuarra, v, a, to cheat. 
Afhypa, v. a. to pinch off.. 
Afllämarej m, purchaser, customer. 
Afnöta^ V. o. to wear away, to wear 
Afnott, a. worn out. off 

Aforism^ m, aphorism. 
Afpacka, v. a. to unpack, to unload. 
Afparera, v. a. to parry, to ward off. 
AfpaSSa^ V, a, to adapt, to suit, to fit. 

— det ena efter det andra, to 
square a thing by another. — tiden, 
to time, to regulate as to time, af- 
passad efter hans sinne, accom- 
modated to his mind. 

Afpina, v. a. to extort. 

Afplana, v. a, to level, to plain, to 

Ailplank||a, v, a. to divide by a fence. 

— ning^ f, partition of planks. 
Afplatta^ v. a. to make flat and even. 
AiY)l0Cka) v. a. to gather, to pluck off. 
AfpOCka^ v. a, to bully one out of a 

Af^rata, i;. a. to talk one out of a 

thing. (tort. 

Af)pressa) t;. a, to squeeze off, to ex- 
Afpricka^ v. a. to point out, to distin- 
guish by points. 
Afprnta, V. a. to abate, to chaffer. . 
Afpntsa, V, a, to wipe off, to cleanse. 
Afpåla^ V, a. to pale, to enclose with 
Afqvista, v. a, to lop off, [pales. 

Afqvitta, v. a. to deduct. 
Afrad) m, rent, tribute, aver-corn. — S" 

tionde^ W. tithes paid from land. 
Afraka, V, a. to shave off, to rake off. 
AfVappa, V. a, to white-wash, to pla- 
Afraspa^ V, a, to rasp off. Ister. 

Afreda^ v. a, to thicken. 
Afresa, V, n, to depart, to set out, 

to start, — , /. departure, goin^f 


Afrifva, v. a. to pull off, to tear off. 

^- huden, to gall the skin. 
Afrinna, v, n, to flaw away ; to drip, 

to trickle down. 
Afrista^ v, a, to shake off. 
Afritjla, v. a. to delineate,* to draw. 

-ning", /". delineation, draught, sketch» 
Afrosta, v. n. to rust off. 
Afrulla, V. a, & n. to roll down. 
Afronda, v, a, to round. 
Afruttna, v, n, to rot off. 
Af rycka, v. a. to puU off, to pluck off. 

Afråda, t;, a. to dissuade, to dehort. 
—11, n. dissuasion. — nde,.a. dissua- 
sive, 't-ning, /. deduction. 

Afräk||na, v. a. to subtract, to deduct. 

Af rate, W. useless halm. 

Afrätt||a, v, a. to execute, to put to 
death, -ning, f. execution. -Splats, 
m. place of execution. 

Afiodja, Afröja, v, a, to remove. 

afröjd mark, cleared ground, -nde, 

n. cultivation. - 
Afroka, v, n, to evaporate. 
Afrösa, V. a, to set landmarks, to limit. 
Afsadla, v. a. to un^uddle. 
Afsagd, part, af afs'dga, - fiende, 

sworn enemy. — dom, pronounced 

Afsaknad, f, regret; miss, want, loss. 
Afsaln, n. sale, till -, for sale. 
Afsats, m, shelf, broad step; terrace. 
Afse, V, n. to aim at, to tend to, to 

design, to have in view. 
Afseende, n. respect, regard, intent, 

intention, purpose, i — pä, in re- 
spect to, with regard to. detta har 

— på det föregående f this allude» 

to the foregoing. 
Afsegla, V. n, to set sail, to sail off. 
Afsela,"^!;. a. to unharness. 
Afsides, ad. aside, apart, distant, out 

of the way. flfå'— , to retire. 
Afsigkonimen, a. decayed, broken: 

confounded. Ition, design. 

Afnigt, 771. view, end, purpose, inten- 
Afsillja, V, a. to filter. >ning, /*. 

decahtation, filtration, excretion, 
Afsina, v. n, to dry. -d^ a. baireo» 





Afisitta, V. a. to pay off (a debt) by 
sitting in prison. — , V. n. to dis* 
mount, to alight (from a horse). 

Af sjunga, v. a. to sijxn off. 

Afskaf, 71. shavings, parings, -ning^ 

f, scraping, -va, V. a. to scrape off, 

to abrade. 
AfskaflTa, V, a, to abolish, to repeal, 

to rescind, to take off, to set aside. 

— nde, n. abrogution. 

Afskaka, v. a. to shake off. 

Afskala, v. a. to pare, to peel off. 

Afsked, n. farewell, leaye, congee; dis- 
charge, dismission, taga — ur tjen- 
sttn, to give up one's commission. 
—a, V. a, to discbarge, to dismiss. 

-sbesök, n. farewell- visit, -sbref, 

n, letter of discharge. -Sdryck, m. 
parting -cup. -spredikan, f, vale- 
dictory sermon. — SSkål^ m, farewell- 

Afskicklla^ V, a, to dispatch, to send 
away, to detach, —ning, /, dismis- 
sion, sending away. 

Afskilja, V. a. to separate, to part, to 
withdraw ; T. to precipitate. — svaf- 
velaktiga delar ^ to clear from sul- 
phur, afskild lefnad, retirement. 

Afskjuta, V. a. to discharge, to fire, 
to shoot, to let off (a gun). 

Afskrapy n. scrapings, refuse, dregs, 
filth, —a, V. a, to scrape away, 

Afskrifiining , f. copying; deduction. 
— t, m. copy, transcript. — va^ v, a. 
to copy, to transcribe, to write out. 

—Tare, m. copier. 

Afskrabba, v. a. to skrub off. 

Afskrufra, v. a. to unsjcrew. 

Afskräcka, v. a. to deter, to discou- 
rage (from any thing). 

Afskrade^ n. scrapings» filings, offal, 


Afläkudda, v, a. to shake off. 
Afsknm, m. scum, froth, -ma, v. a. 

to skim off, to skum off, to fleet, to 

despumate. afskummad mjölk, fleet- 
Afskura, v. a. to scour off. [milk. 

Afsky, 77). aversion, abhorrence, -yard, 

a. abominable. 

fskärjla^ v, a, to out off, to amputate. 

- svansen på en Ji'dst, to dock a 
horse. — säden ^ to mow. -ning, 
f, amputation, abscission. 

Afskölja, V, a. to wash away, 
Afslag, n. denial, refusal. T. lochia. 

— pd priset, abatement of the price. 
Afslicka, v. a. to lick off. 
Afslipa, V, a. to grind off; to polish, 

to smoothe. 

Afslita^ V, a, td break, to tear off. 

Afsluta, V, a. to conclude, to determine; 
to balance, to settle (an account). 

Afslå, V. a. to beat down, to break, 
to cut off, to refuse, to deny, to re- 
pulse, to abate. 

AfslÖja, V. a. to unveil, to uncover. 

Afsmak, m, disgust, distate, dislike. 
—lig", a. disgustful, loathsome. 

Af smalna, v. n, to grow smaller. 

Afsmula, v, a. to crumble off. 

Afsmillla, V, a, to fire off, to discharge. 

Afsmälta, v. a, to melt off. 
Afsneda, v. a. to out bias, to slope 
Afsnä^a, v. a. to huff off. [off: 

Afsomna, v. n, to die, to expire. 
AfsOpa, V. a. to sweep off. 
Afspegla, V. a, to reflect, to mirror. 
Afspetsa, V, a. to point, to sharpen. 
Afspillra, v. a. to exfoliate; to shiver. 
Afspinna, v. a. to spin off. 
Afspisa, V. a. to feed, to supply. -> 

en med fagra ord, to put one off 

witn fair words. 

Afsplittra, v, a. to splinter off. 

Afspola, V. a. to unspooi. 

Afspringa, v. n, to spring, to burst. 

Afsprång, n, leap; digression; differ* 
ence, contrast. 

Afsprätta, v. a. to picir off, to rip off; 

Afspänna, v. a. to unbuckle, to un- 
bend, (to stop (Sngan). 

Af spärra, v. a. to shut out, to debar : 

Afstadna, Afstanna, v. n. to cease, 

to stop, to cease to go forward, all 
handel är af stannad, there Is a 
total stagnation in trade, hlod sovfl 
af'stannar, blood that stagnates. 
Afsteg^ 71. slip, digression. 

AjQiticka, v, a. to point, to ^itch* ->^ 
v^ n, to cootraat (witb)« 


Afstiga^ V. n. to dismount, to alight. 

Afstrafl][a 9 v, a. to punish, to cha- 
stise. — nillg, f. punishment. 

Af stryka, v. a. to wipe ofif; to strip 

Afstråk, n. T. litharge. [ofif. 

Afstympa, V, a. to mutilate, to mangle, 
to main, to curtail, to cut short. 

Afstyra, v. a. to avert, to divert, to 
turn aside, to turn off, to prevent. 

Afstyrka, v. a. to dissuade, to divert. 

Afstå; V. n. & a. to desist, to give 
up, to yield up, to resign. — sin ta- 
Ian, to disclaim one's pretension, 

Afstånd, n, distance, difference. 

Afstänglla, v. a. to separate, to se- 
clude> to confine from , to exclude, to 
shut out. -sel, a. fence. 

Af stöka, V. a. to put in order, to clear. 

AfstÖta, V. a, to thrust off. 

Afsugare, m. layer. [refrigate. 

AfsTala, Afsvalka, v. a, to cool, to 
.Af svalna, v, n. to evaporate, to cool. 

jAfsveda, v. a, to singe off. 
Afsyimma^ v, n, to faint, to svroon 
away. [abjuration. 

Afsvärja, v. a, to abjure, -nde, n, 

Afsåga, V, a. to saw off. 

Afsäg||a, V. a. to abdicate, to resign. 
-else, 71. abdication. 

Af sälja, V. a. to sell off. 

Afsända, v. a. to dispatch, to send 
away. — ro, m. dispatcher, consigner. 

Af sänka, v. a, T. to sink a shaft. 

Afsättjja, V. a, to take off; to sell; 
to degrade, to depose, to remove, to 
dethrone. — ailde, n. deprivation, 
suspension, —ning, f, removal; vent, 
sale; T. amputation. 

Afsöndlija, v, a. to separate, to dis- 
.unite, to part; to secrete, —ing, f, 
separation , segregation. 

Aftacka, v. a. to dismiss, to disband. 

Af tackla, v. a, to unrig. — , v, n, 
to grow weak, to decline. 

Aftaga, V, a, to take off, to remove; 
to delineate, to portray. — , V. n, to 
decrease , to decay , to grow less ; to 
decline, to wear away; to wane. — nd©, 
n. decrease, decline; wane, ^IQ^ m» 
buyer, custQwer; ftayer. 

Afvelsam 7 

Aftal) n. agreement, stipulation, —a, 
V. a. to appoint; to concert, to agree 

Aftappa, V, a. to draw ofif, to tap, to 
empty, to decant, to drain, to bottle. 

Afteckljna, v. a. to draw, to deline. 
ate. —ning, f, drawing out, sketch. 

Afton, m. evening, even, i gar af- 
tons, last night, i — , to night. 
-dagg, m. night-dew. -niusik, f. 
night-music, serenade, —måltid, m. 
supper, hälla — , to sup. —ring- 
ning, /". curfew-bell, -rodnad,/'. red. 
ness at sunset, evening-red. -Stjärna, 
f. evening -star, vesper, -sång, m. 
evening-service. — vard, m. nunchlon. 

Aftorka, V, a. to wipe off, to dry up. 

Aftruinfa, v, a, to take by a trump. 
— Qiagon, to snap one up. 

Aftryck, n, impression, stamp, copy, 
print, —a, V. a, to impress, to im- 
print, to stamp. [tired.. 

A f tråna, v. n. to decline, to grow 

Aftradlja, v. n. & a. to retire, to with- 
draw, to resign, —ande, n, giving 
up, abdication, surrendering. — ©, 7i» 
retreat, retirement; privy, necessary, 
gifva en visa summa i — , to pay 
a sum for giving a claim, 

Auf tunna, v. n. to thin, 

Af tvinga, v. a. to extort, to force 

Aftvå, A f tvätta, v. a, to wash away, 
Aftvående, W. ablution. [off, out. 

Aftyna, v. n, to languish, to pine 

away, to decay, to dwindle. 
Aftåg, n. departure, retreat. l)låsa 

till — , to sound the retreat. -E, V. n, 

to retreat, to march off, 
Aftacka, V, a, to uncover; to unroof. 
Afund, W. envy, grudge, -a, V. a., 

—as, V, d, to envy, to grudge, to re- 

pine (at), -sfllll, -sani, -SJuk, 

a. envious. -SJuka^ /*. envy. -Svärd, 

a, enviable. 
A f vakt a, v. a. to wait for, to attend. 

— n, f. expectation, waiting. 
Afveckla, v. a. to unfold, to unwind. 
Afvel, m. breed; stock, stock of cattle, 

rearing, -bi^ 7). queen- bee. -sam^ 




a. prolific, fruitful, -samliet, /. 

feouadity, fertility. -Sgård^ m. farm, 
tenement» dairy, -skaka, f, cake 
of wax. »Spipa, f, cell in the bee- 
hive. -StO, W. mare. -SUgga, /. 

Afvenbok) f» hornbeam. 

Afverkl|a, V, a. to consume, to use, 
to employ, -nisig^ f. consumption. 

Afrexla^ V, a. & n, to change, to al- 

Af vig) a. inside out; averse, cross, 
wrong, surly, sullen, disinclined, v'dnda 
afvigt, to turn inside out. afviga 
sidan, the reverse, the wrong side. 
föra — sköld, to rise in opposition 
against lawful authority, —hdt^ f. 
averseness, disaffection. 

Afvik{|a, V. n. to deviate, to digress, 
to stray, to go astray, to decline; to 
elope. — hladet, to make a dog's 
ear in a book, -else, m. fold; de- 
viation, anomaly. 

Afyinda, v. a, to reel off, to unwind. 

AfTisa, V. a. to tum off, to refuse. 
— re> m, oomer-post; T, sponsorn. 

Afviska, U. a. to wipe off, to dust» 

Afvita, a. mad, lunatic. 

Af vittra, v, a. to portion. - sina 
ham, to deliver up the patrimony of 
one's oLildren. - allmänningar, to 
divide, to part, to snare. 

Afväg, W. byway, bypath; ill course. 
—es, a. & ad. distant, far off, remote. 

Afväga, V. a, to weigh, to poise. 

Afvalta, V, a, to roll off. 

Af vända, v, a, to avert, to turn aside ; 
to detach; to parry. 

Afvänja, v. a, to wean; to disuse. 
nyss afvandt lam, weanel. 

Afväpna, v, a. to disarm. 

Afvärja, v, a. to keep off, to put by, 
to ward oif, to avert. 

Af yttra, v. 0. to sell, to dispose of. 

Afäta, V. a, to eat off. 

Afösa, V, a. to scum, to scoop off. 

Ag, m. bog-rush. 

Aga, f. correction, castigation. ~, V. a, 
to chastise; (träd) to lop. -1ÖS, 
a. licentious, loose.. 

A gat, m. agate. [agency. 

Agent, m, agent, proctor, -ur, f, 
Ag^ra, V. a, to act, to perform. 
Agersilke, n, thorny poppy. 
Agg, n. grudge, spite, rancour; prick- 

ing, sting, -a, V. a. to pain, to 

prick, to sting. 
Agio, n, agio, -tage, n. agiotage, 

stockjobbing, -tera, V. 71. to stock- 

job. -tor, m. stockjobber. 
Agn, 71. bait. -, f, husk, chaff, -ar, 

/. Jpl. chaff, -borst, 71. awn, arista. 
A graft', m, clasp. 
Agronom, m. agriculturist. 
Ah! i. ah! ot oh I 
Ajt I. oh! oh dear! 

A justera, v. a, to adjust, to put in 

Akja, f, lappish sledge. lorder. 

Akleja, /". columbine. 

Akt, 7». care, attention; intent, pur- 
pose ; outlawry, ban ; judicial act ; act. 
gifva - jpa något, to take notice of 
a thing, taga tillfället i -, to 
watch one's opportunity, taga sig 
i -, to have a care, -a, v, a, to 
mind, to tako care; to tend; to stick 
at; to esteem, to value, to respect, to 
regard, ringa - en, to make no- 
thing of one. — sig, v. r. to be on 
one's care , to take care of one's self. 
— nmg, f. esteem, respect, regard, 
deference. ~Sam, a. attentive, mind- 
ful , heedful, careful, -sanihet, /. 

Akter, m. stern. -, av. abaft, astern, 
skeppet som ligger * om oss, the ship 
riding astern of us. sacka — ut, to 
drop astern, -blysa, f poop-lantern. 
-däck, 71. poop, -iiagg, f. ensign. 

-iordäck, 71. quarterdeck, -kanon, 

7». sternchase. — kastell, n. poop. 
-last, f. hind-load, -luck/l, f, after- 
hatchway, -oni, prep. & ad. abaft, 
aft, astern, -skarp, m. run; after- 
peak, -skepp, n, afterbody. -Span- 
ter, f. pi. afterbody, -spegel, m. 
square stern, eternage. — stäf, W,. 
sternpost, bodypost. —tåg, 71. stem» 
fast. — ut, ad. abaft, astern. 
Aktie, m. action^ share, stock, -bolag. 


n. joint-stock«company. -tccknillg, 
/. stock . subscription, -ägare, m. 

shareholder, actionist. 
Aktör, m. accuser, irapeacher, plaintiff. 
Aktris, /■. actress. 

Aktuarie, ra. recorder, actuary, clerk. 
Aktör, W. actor, performer, stage^layer. 
Al, f. ålder. 

Alabaster, m, alabaster. 
Alarm, w. alarm, noise, din, tumult. 

blåsa — , to sound alarm. 
Aldrig, ad. never, at no time. 
Alf, m. tufa, subsoil; alf, elf. 
Alfabet, n. alphabet. 
Alfågel, m. longtailed duck. 
Alka, m. puffin. 

Alkali, n. alcali. -nsk, a. alcaline. 
Alkof, m. alcove. 

Alkufva, Alkutta, f. smeir. 

All (allt, alla), a. all, every body, 
every one. en gäng för alla, once 
for all. för all ting, by all means. 
hans penningar äro alla, his money 
is gone, tiden ar all, the time is 
out. allt ifrån min ungdom, from 
my youth up. [slag,, all sorts. 

Allahanda, a. various, several. - 

Allaredan, ad. already. [rent. 

Alldag-lig, a. daily, every day; cur- 

Alldeles, ad. entirely, quite, wholly. 

Alldenstnnd, ad. whereas, because, 
in as much. 

Allena, ad. alone, -st, ad, only, 
solely, merely, but, provided, purely. 

Aller (allra, aldra), ad. den Allra- 
högsta, the most high, allemadig- 
ste, most gracious. 

Allesamman, ad. altogether. 

Allestädes, ad. every where. 

A 11 fader, m. father of all. 

Allfara-Täg, m. great road, high- 
way, [mon. 

All gemen, a. universal, general, com- 

Allgod, a. all-good. 

Allhelgonadag, m. All-Saints day. 

AUkraft, Allmakt, f. omnipotence, 

Allmoge, m. peasantry, country-people. 

Allnkän, a. public, common, popular, 
vulgar, trivial, allmänt möte, occu- 



menical council. — sjuTcdom, epide» 
mical disease. — v'dg, highway, det 
allm'dna, the public. ~het, f, pu- 
blic, -nelig, a. universal, general, 
-neligen, ad. universally, generally. 
—ning, f. common. 

Allrådande, a. arbitrary, omnipotent. 

Alls, ad. at all. 

Allseende, a. allseeing. 

Allsköns, a. all manner, of every kind. 

AUmäktig, Allsvåldlg, a, omnipo- 
tent, almighty. 

Allt, ad. visserligen, säkert; yet, ne- 
vertheless, for ail that. - tfter som, 
according as. — fort, continually. — 
jemt, incessantly, - härtills, all 
along till now. - sedan, - ifrån, 
ever since. — igenom, quite through, 
thoroughly. — ihop , altogether. — 
ofver, all over. — för ett, perpetu- 
ally, without intermission, —för, ad. 
too. — mycket, too much. — stor, 
too big. 

Alltid, ad. always, ever, perpetually. 

Allting, n. every thing, universe. 

Alltsammans, ad. altogether. 

Alltså, ad. thus, so. [(to). 

AUudera, v. n. to allude (to), to hint 

Allvar, n. earnest, seriousness. — ligj 
-sam, a. grave, serious, earnest, so- 
ber, —samhet, f, earnestness, seri- 
ousness, gravity, -samt, ad. ear- 
nestly, seriously. 

AUYetjjailde, a. allknowing, omniscient. 
—enhet, f. omniscience. 

Allfis, a. allwise. 

Aim, f. elm, elmtree. 

Almanack, f. almanach, calendar. 

Alm08|la, /. alms, charity, -elljon^ 

n. almsman, -eföreståndare, m. 

almoner. [ell. 

Aln, f. ell, yard, -tals, ad. by the 
Alrun, m. Alrnna, f. mandrake. 
Allster, m, spindle-tree. 
Alster, n. breed, offspring, production. 
Alstra, V. a. to breed, to produce. 
Alt, m. alto, counter-tenor, -fiol, m. 

bassviol with four strings. — ist, m. 

counter-tenor. -rOSt, -Stämma, f 

second tenor. 




iitan, - 



_-_ -I.e. -duk, m. ^.:-; .... 

-gods, n. iitATÄ^e, -gåag. ri 

ÅlteratloB, ' - e-ri-:-, i--- 

Altéclrt, ;*. r 

AltiU, /. W^: : 


Ålim, «. ai:L=:. -aktl^, -artAdy 

-blklldAd, -haltig, a. alommoM. 

-brott, n. aiampi:. ^-ratten, n. 

Alrarsten, m. UmartoBe oT.ölaad. 
Amals-amera, v. a. T. to 

Am b, ». ambs, two 
Ambassftd, m. aabaMj. 
Am b ra, /. ambergm. [i 

Ametiat, m. umUitsL 

ÅHijUlt, «. amMBth, asbestos. 
Amiral, m. adairaL -itet, n. ad- 
miralty. — akvpp, n. admiral's ship. 
Amma, f. nurse. •, 17. CL to Dorse. 
Amper y o. bitter, sharp, -het, f. 


Amt, n. eoanty, bailiwie. -maa, m. 
bailif. -manskap, «. bailtwie, juris- 
diction of a bailit 

Amar, m. miUct-frasa. 

An, ad, dtt gick ej -, it did not Uk? 
efect. det går aldrig -, it will 
nercr do. dtt gar — , so so, pretty 
welL han är illa der ^^ he Is but 
01 off. af och -, to and fro. 

Ad a, r. a. to foreknov, to forebode. 

Ananas, «. aasaas, pino-apple. 

Anatom, m, aiMtomist. -i, f. ana- 
tocy, dhsectioii. -isera, v. a. to 
T'trr'ir, Xm ilissfft — Isk, a. ana- 

Anbefalla, v. a. to Kcomiwd , to 

charge cne wi-Ji, to eommit. 
Anbelanga, r. tu to concern- 
Anblick, «. look, Tiew, a^eet. algiil. 

Anboren, a. irbcm, Inni*^, mtlTe, 
Anbrinsa. r. a. lo bring Ln, *wO place, 

Anciennitet, f. Scu::.-::-, e^iersMp. 
And, f. vrlld deck, -drake, :::. drake, 
caUard. -mat, 771. d;;ckT¥&ei. -Unee, 

~;. zl:'z.:'^. [lixe. 

.4.Dd, ;*, -i:T-5t. -etid, m, harvest. 

And a(Ande),m.^ari^^fc?rj^?^ breath, 
rasp, -as , V. d. to b.-räthe , to re- 
=p:.-«, tc ri;. -edra^. r„ aspiration. 

-edragt, -i. :-.;:-*•..-. -elos, a. 
lifeless.^ -fått, -lö^ 

»kål, n. brea-jiirg. 

ff^^^^ —mm, n. ::-:i.-:z?.t-:i:e, 
respite; pause, -tae, r^ c.-ra-.n, ga^p. 
— tlllt€0, O. out of breaUi. -täppa, 
/: shortasss c f - -a. -tapt, 

a. asUHHtic. 

Andakt, m. -sofningar, 

pL relives . 

Asda^ WL. ^06t, fifih;; sp.'.'ght, cind; 
seal, ecstasy, icHpiratior. dtn helige 
-, the holy Ci . -11 g , andlig", 
O. spiritual, g .i.j i-.-aterial; cc 
sississtiril; r^Ii^. . . -:: ståndet, 
the eieiTy. -rlk, a. u^eniooé, spi- 
rited, vitty. -skådare, m, Tisfaauy. 
— ajB, /. ridon. 

AmdeL m. portion, share, lot. 

ADdom, m. iMrchonnd. 

Andra, o. oCbsr, iicxt,seeead; opposits. 

Ajidraga, v. a, u aikes, to sesig», 

- kULQOmdl emot at, to prefer oncTs 
■sw plai nts against one. -nde, n. 
qootation; allegation. 

Andryg, a. birth-proud. 
Andäktig, o. derout, öeTotionaL 
Anfall, 71. onset, atuck, assault, fit, 

charge, -a, v. a, to attack, to charge. 

-akrig, n. offensiTe war. -STlnkel^ 

A. angle of inridenec. -StIs, od. 

oSessiTely. [demand. 

Amfordraft, /. ilf—mi vid -/ vpoi 
Aafnkta, r. a. to aoistea, to weL 
Anfakt])a, v. a. to plague, to pester. 

— rig, V, r. to festicolate, to bustle, 
-nlng, f. aOictioii, rezation. 

Anförda, v. a, to eondoct, to comaaad. 

An förande 

to snide; to aliese,'to f j to , te re- 
late, -aade^ a. eoadMt, pnåaaet', 
aUeeaaoB. -are, «. lader; dde^ 
eoBUBaader, capUin. -iogstetkes, 
x. sieit ofqaoutiaii. 

Anförtro, «. il to tnst, to 
wlih, to eoKBit. —My O. 
- syssUi, trust. 

Anforrftndt, m. ^ /I lelatioB 

iL2n, kimwQBUi. >er, pt. kmsSblk. 

Ingel, m. aagi^ 

ABgelagem, a. 

qoence, of 

for), -iiet, f. 

det är ingen åtar —, it is bo great 

matter. [li^t&l, 

Ingenam, a. agreeable, plMBt, 
AngifTfty r. a. to doisB» ^ em 

ticOf to dcBoance, to 

to cater. — em, fos, to act Ike tsae, 

riatiaa, iatimaliiin^ iiifiMMiikai. — 16^ 
«. infonoer, dcaioeiieer. 

Aogrepp, It. grasp, attack, aasaalt. 

An^'ripa, r. a. to attack, to charge, 
to fall apoo, to weaken, to debilitate, 
to corrode. — e» lok; to take a Bat- 
ter in hand, —ro^ m, aaealtcr, al- 
täcker, a ggietfo r. 





Angå, V. «. to eoaeern, to rdate, to 

respect, to bdon;, to tooek. éet 

angår wdg ieke , it is nose of my 

hv<td mig atigår, as for 

as to Me. "tmdty part £ frp. 


AmlUUi?, «. party, 

band, gang. 
Anliellaj r. O. to detain, to slop; to 
arrest; to solidt, to beseeek, to en- 
treat, to sae, so ask. -B, f. p e titi on, 
suit, entreating. 

Anbän? mre, 

— ig, a. pending (in cocnt). 
Anhörig, o. kindred, 
relation, kin^tan 

Animerm, «. a. to an 
Anls, 01. anise. 

-. «. 

AbK^ f- dwk. -tomda, BL dnke. 

AbIlBT, ABkare, «. aadnc - i k». 
rar, niMp ■■■ <^ J f £Q aakars, to 
eoMo at an anchor. Ugga far ~, to 
rMe, to Ba rt inrhor oakoiTldb^ 

^"^ .' arm af «i ancteTUlad,«d. -tatt, -.cap. 

otan. -djBB, /. bOlboaid. -Aj, 
«. loidE, palak -grBBd, m. andMr- 

cf an anchor, -kon, «. crown cf 
an anchor. -krOBft, f. stock of the 
anchor. -^bIb, f. izcbalL -I1BB9 
f. eaUe. -^li^, «- shank of an 
anchor. -!•§, a. ■HMiniri -p^i- 
BiB^ar, pL mmkmagu -»JBt, a. 
bOL -TBliBg^, a. I 111 • t -«ko, 

bread. -ståUe, B. inrh^gB -tA& 

B. cable. tiAin. 

Ankare, m. ^etfrnfMrm^^ anchor^ 

ABkra, v. m. to anchor, to aoar. 

AmklBgt», V. a. to a«nse (of, fw^); 

ABkBjtB, V. «. to 
ABkOBi||SB, « 

: to be drank; to 
rot, to eocrapL — DieB, a. arnred; 
fom Wkotvaror) tainted. -Bt, ■. 
arriraL vid dagem» -^ with day- 

ABlae, A. 

ABledfiB, «. B. to goide. to 

ABletfe, «L 

i sitt BBldct «cett, with 

of bis 
ABlitB, «. c. to 
AbIopp, b. ran, 




AnlftSr^ll^^ v» a. to lay, to plan, to 
scheme, to concert, to eontrive, to de- 
sign, to doTise; to eotablisb, to build, 
to fonnd; to lay out; to put on. 
»ftrO^ 971. founder, contriver. — nitlg^ 
f. plot, design, scheme, contrivance; 
adtablishment, foundation, hemlig —, 
cabal, intrigue. 

Anlända 9 v, n, to land, to come to 
shore, to arrive. — nd©, W. arrival. 

Anlo'pa, V, n. to enter, to arrive; to 
losa the brightness, to rust, to tarnish, 
to grow blue; to blue, to rust. 

Anman||&9 v. a. to summon , to ad* 
monish. — Ing^ f» challenge, exhor* 
tation, admonition. 

Anmoda y t;. a, to request, to desire, 
to ask, to solicit. — D^ /. request, 
desire, solicitation. 

Anmäla^ v. a. to announce; to usher 
in, to give in; to remember; to pre* 
tent; to introduce. — n^ /. announce- 
ment, introduction, presentation. 

Anmarlbllia^ W. a. to observe, to re* 
mark, to note, to take notice. — nlng^ 
f. observation, remark, g'&ra — vid, 
to take notice of. -nlngSTard, a. 

Annaler^ m. pi. annals, chronicle. 

Annalkande, a. approaching. -, n. 

approach, approximation. 
Annamljnia, v» a. to receive, to take. 
-melse^ m, reception. Quds mart' 
doms «, the incarnation of Ood. 

jLnnan, a. (ann^t^p^ andra), other. 

en — , another, ingen — , no other, 
nobody else, 6W — gang, another 
time. €71 eller —, somebody or other. 
hvar - dag, every other day. älska 
hvarannan, to love one another. 
detta är ej annat on, this is at 
best but, no more than, nothing better 
than, -dagsfeber, m. tertian-feber. 

Annars, ad. otherwise, else. 

Annektera, v. a. to annex. 

Annex, 7l, chapel of oase. 

Annons, m, advertisement, -era, V. 

a, to advertise.. 

Annor, ad, other. -ledes, -landa, 
ad. otherwise. -BtÅdes, ad, else- 


where. — ifrån, from another place. 
någon — , somewhere else, ingen — , 
npwhere Alse. 

Anor, f. pi, ancestry, descents. 

Anordn|{a, t;. a. to order, to arrange, 
to regulate, to assign, —are, m, 
arranger, assignor, —ing, /. arrange- 
ment, disposition, order. 

Anorganisk, a, inorganic. 

Anqyicka, v, a. to amalgamate. 

Anrop, n. call, calling, —a, V. a, to 

invoke, to implore. 
Anrycka, V, n, to come on, to advance. 
Anrätt{]a, v, a, to prepare, to dispose ;^ 

to dress, —ning, f, course, service. 

Anrora, v. a, to touch. 

Ans, m, attendance, care, looking ar- 
ter, —a, V» a. to look after, to dress, 
to nurse. 

Ansats, m. onset, disposition. 

Ansatt, a. oppressed; afflicted. 

Anse, V. a. to regard, to respect, to 
look upon, to take, -dd , part, re- 
garded, respected, creditable, of note. 
—ende, n. bearance, sight, appear- 
ance ; account , reputation , credit ; re- 
spect, regard. — till personen, re- 
spect of persons, efter allt — , seem- 
ingly, i — till, in regard of, by rea* 
son of, in consideration of. — nlig, 
a, considerable, conspicuous, eminent 
notable, -nligen, -nligt, ad. 

considerably, largely. 
Ansigtye, n. face, countenance, visage. 

-sdrag, n. feature, -sfärg, m, 
complexion. — SStäilning, f. phy- 

Ansjovis, m, anchovy. 

Anska^a, V, a. to procure, to get, to 
provide, to purvey. — ndo, n. pur- 
veyance, —re, 771. ingresser. 

Anskjata, V, n, to crystallize, to heal. 

An skri « n. outcry, scream, cry. 

Anskrifyen, a. credited, discredited; 

Anslag, n. project, measures; placard, 
affix. - på en bössa, butt-end. 

Anslå, V. a. to post op; to grant, to 
allot, to appropriate, to settle, to de« 
etinate; to tax, to rate. 


AnSOlSy ad. against the son. 

Anspann^ n. putting to, set of horses. 

Anspela, t;, n. to allude (to). 

Anspråk, n. challenge, claim, preten- 
sion. -sfuU, a. pretending, assum- 
ing. —slös, a. unassuming. 

Anstalt, m. disposition, order, prepa- 
ration, arrangement, measures, —ft, 
v. a. to order, to regulate, to dispose, 
to adjust. 

An stick a, v. a, to taint, to infect. 

Anstifta, v, a, to devise, to contrive, 
to machinate, to raise. — n, /. de- 
vice, contrivance. —1*0, m. deviser, 

Austryka, V, a, to colour, to paint. 

Anstränglfa, v. a. to strain, to fati- 
gue, —ning, f. effort, straining. 

Anstå, V. n, to become, to befit, to 
beseem, to suit, to please; to put off 
for. a while. — nd, W. respite, delay, 
put off, indulgence. lUan — , without 
delay. — ndsb^Of, 71. letter of respite. 

Anställa, v, a. to order, to arrange; 
to place, to employ. — försök, to 
make experiments. 

Anständig, a, decent, becoming, suit- 
able, fitting, proper, —het, f. de- 
cency, decorum, — t, ad, decently. 

Anstöt, 97t. fit, touch, -a, V, a. to 
thrust against, to offend against. — Ilg, 
a. scandalous, offensive. — llghet, 
f, outrage, impropriety. 

An8Tar« n, answerableness , account- 
ability, trust, ställa till -, to call 
to account, std till — , to be ac- 
countable, —a, V, n, to answer (for) 
to account (for). — Ig, a, answerable, 
responsible, accountable, -ighet, f, 

Ansätta, v. a, to set upon, to charge, 
to attack, to engage, hlifva ansatt 
af en häftig sjukdom, to be taken 
with a violent distemper. 

AnsÖk||a, v, a, to beseech, to sue for, 
to solicit, —an, -ning, f address, 
suit, petition, request. 

Antaglla, v. a. to receive, to accept, 
to aäsum^^ to ado^pt, to embrace ,to 

Apotekarekonst 13 

take up; to ,admit of, to suppose. 
—ande, n, —ning, f, reception, sup- 
position, acceptation, adoption, -ligj 
a. acceptable, admissible. 

Antal, fl. number, quantity.* ctt ringa 
— , a few. 

Antasta, v. a, to assail, to set upon. 

Anteckjina, v. a. to note , to set down, 
to minute down, —ning, /. anno- 
tation, note. 

Antedatera, v. a, antedate. 

Antingen, c. whether, either. - eller, 
whether — or, either — or. 

Antipati, f. aversion, antipathy. 

Antiqvarie, m. antiquary ; second-hand 
bookseller. [n. accession, 

Anträd||a, v. a. to enter upon, -e, 

Anträfta, v. a. to meet with. 

Antvarda, v, a, to commit, to deliver 
in trust. 

Antyda, v. a, to signify, to make known. 

Antag, n. marching on. -a, v. n. 
to approach, tö move onward. 

Antändjja, v. a. to light, to set on 
fire, to kindle, to inflame, "lig^ a, 
inflammable. — nlng, f. lighting, in- 

AnYis||a, i;. a. to aSsign, to direct; to 
instruct, to indicate, —ning, f, assign- 
ment, direction, instruction. 

AnTUxen, a. hidebound, sinewshrunk. 

AnTänd|{a, v. a, to bestow, to employ, 
to apply, to use. — all sin flit, to 
do one's best, ilia — , to misemploy. 
- alia sina krafter, to work every 
nerve, —bar, a. appliable, practic- 
able, -ning, f, employment, appli- 

AnTärfjIning, f. levy. -Yä, v. a. to levy. 

Ap||&9 f* ape, monkey. — aktig, a. 
apish, -eri, n. mockery. 

Apel, m. apple-tree, -grå, -kastad, 

a. dapple«grey. — sin, m. sweet orange. 

Apost||el, m. apostle, -la-embete, 
n. apostieship. -la-gerningarne, 
2)1. acts of the Apostles. — Olisk^ a. 

Apotek, n. apothecary's shop, —are, 

m, apothecaryj pharmocopolist. — ar©» 
konst^ /• pharoMoology. 



Appell, 971. app»al; call, -erft^ V. n. 

to appeal. 
Appetitj m. appetite, stomach. — lig, 

a. delicate, inviting, appetible. 
Applicera, v. a. to apply; to transfer. 
Applåd, m. applause. 
Apportera, v, a. to fetch, to bring. 
Appretera, v, a. to prepare, to dress. 
Aprikos, m, apricot, apricock. 
April, m. April. 
Arbetlla, v. a. & n. to work, to la. 

hour, to toil; to drudge, to trouble; 
to fret. — afr to clear by working. 

— CTnot, to oppose, to contrary. — 
ihop, to heap by working; to knead. 

— i ell. pä, to work on (at). — 
sig till, to get by working. ~ sig 
igenom ell. ut, to work one's self 
off. — sig upp, to work upwards. 

— upp sig , to work one's self up. 

— undan, to work away. — ut sig, 
to enervate one's self. — ad, a. 
wrought. — silver, wrought silver. 

— silke, manufactured silk, —are, 
m, workman, worker. —6, 91. work, 
performance, task, labour; fermentation, 
fret, -erska, f. workwoman. -SaiU, 
a. laborious, industrious. — Sbl, n, 
working -bee. — sdag;, W. working- 
day. — sfolk, n, labouring people. 
-sgifvare, m. employer, -shjon, 

«. journey -man. — Shus, n. work- 
house. -Shast, m, dray-horse, 
— skarl, m, labourer, journey « man. 
-Slön, f. wages, pay. 

Area, f. surface, area. 

Al'f, n, inheritance, heirdom, patrimony. 
-adel, m. hereditary nobility, -fien- 
de, W. hereditary enemy, -furste, 
m. hereditary prince. —följd, m. 
guccession. —förening, /". agree- 
ment concerning a succession, —för- 
likning, f. agreement respecting 
claims of inheiitance. -fÖrpaktning*, 

f, feefarm.. -förskritning, f, le- 
gacy. -gods 5 n. -jord, f. heredi- 
tary estate, —grift, m. hereditary 
sepulchre, —län , n» hereditary fief. 
-lös, a. disinherited, göra -, to 
disinherit »rikej n, hereditary king- 

dom. -ränta, f. quitrent. -skifte» 

n, division of patrimony. — synd, 71. 
original sin. -tägt, m. appropriation 
of an inheritance. — Yinge, m. heir, 
inheritor. — , f, heiress, inlieritrix. 
-TOde, m. fee. 
Arg, a. angry, passionate, bitter, shrewd, 
vehement, -höt, f. malice, knavery. 
-listig, a. crafty, canning, -listig- 
höt, —list, f. craftiness, knavery. 
-Sint, a. wrathful, testy, -t, ad, 
maliciously, craftily; vehemently. 

Argumentera, v. n, to argue. 

Aria, f, air, aria. 

Ark, m, arch. -, «. sheet, -tailfi, 

ad, sheet by sheet. 
Arkebusera, v. a. to execute by shoot- 
Arkeoiog, w. archaeologian. [ing. 

Arkitekt, m, architect. 
Arkiv, n. office of records, archives. 

— arie, m, recorder, 

Arkli, n, gun-room, -mästare, m. 

Aria y a. & ad, early in the morning. 

—regn, n. moming-rain. 
Arm , a, poor , indigent , necessitous. 

-ling, m, a poor fellow, -od, n. 

poverty, poorness. 
Arm , m. arm , branch, —band , n. 

bracelet, -bost, n. crossbow, -båge, 
m. elbow, -hål, m. armhole. -knapp; 
m, slevebutton. -linn ing, f, wrist- 
band, -pipa, f. armbone. -Spjäll, 

n, gusset, -stark, -styf, a, strong 

in the arms. — Stol, m. armchair. 

Armé, f, army, -ra, v, a. to arm. 
-ring, f. armature. 

Aronsört, f, «uckoo-pintle. 

Arrendljator, m, farmer, tenant, -e, 
n, farm-rent, -eafgift, m, farm- 
rent, -ehemman, n, farm, -era, 

V. a. to farm, to hire, to take in 
lease, to take to farm. — hort, to 
farm out, to give to faim , to lease 
out, to let by lease. 

Arrest, m. prison, arrest, imprisonment, 
confinement ; embargo, —ant, m, pri- 
soner. — era^ V, a, to arrest, to im* 

Arriergarde^ n, reari^ard, re^r. 


ArS) m, arse, breech, backside. 

Arsenik, m. arsenic, -haltig, a, 


Art, f. sort, kind, race, fashion, man- 
ner, nature, quality ; ^genius. Jian är 
ej rätta arten, he is not of a right 
kidney, -a sig, v, r., -as , v, d. 
to turn, to resemble, to look like, —ad, 
a, väl — , towardly, wellprincipled. 

Artig, a. polite, courteous; clever, 
quaint, pleasant, »het, f, address, 
I politeness, pleasantness. — t, ad, cour* 
teously, featly, cleverly. 

Artikel, m. article; head; clause. 

Artilleri, n, artillery, -gård, m, 
artillery.yard. -konst, f, gunnery. 
— St, Trie artillerist, gunner. 

As, n, carrion, carcass; idle drown. 
— Stekel, »71. ichneumon-wasp. 

Asa, v. a. to slide down. 

Ask, m. box. 

Ask, f, ash, ashtree. —frö, n, ashkeys. 

Asklla, f, ash, ashes, -blåsare, m, 

ashdrawer, tourmaline, —kaka, f, 
potcake. -mörja, f. embers. -OnS- 
dag, m, ashwednesday. -ort, f. 
fleawort, ragwort. [f. aspentree. 

Asp, m. linscale (a kind of carp). — , 

Asseknrjlans, m. ensurance. -ansk- 
kontor, n. ensmance-officc. -era, 
assnrera, v. a. to ensure. 

Assisrätt, m. court of assizes. 
Assistanskontor, n, lombard, public 

Asyl, m. asylum, refuge. 
Atramentsten, m. inkstone. 
Att, nota inf. to. -, c. that, för 

— ickCt lest. 
Attest, m. certificate, testimony, attest, 

attestation, -era, V. a. to attest, to 

Anditorinni, n. auditory, lecture-room. 
AnditÖr, m. judge of a regiment. 
Angnsti, m, August, the month of 

August, -snäppa, f. grey sandpiper. 
Auktion, /". auction, public sale, -era, 

V. a, to auction, to sell by auction. 

— ist, m. auctionist. 
Auktor, Autor, m. author, writer. 

Anskultant, m. assisUnt. 



ATancera, v. n. to advance, to go for- 
Averi, n, average. [ward. 

Ayis, m. advice, -jakt, m. -skepp, 

n. cutter, advice-boat. 

Avisa, f, gazette, news-paper. 

Ax, n. ear, spike; bit (of a key), gä 
i — , to shoot into ears, plocka — , 
to glean« -plockaro, m. gleaner. 
-tåtel, m. bulrush. 

Axel, w. shoulder, gevär pä -, shoul- 
der your musket, se en of ver — , 
to look down upon one with scorn. 
draga pä axlame, to shrug, -baud, 
n. shoulder-knot. -ben, -blad, n. 
shoulder -bone, —bred, a. broad- 

Axel, m. axle, axletree ; axis. — pinn©, 
m, axlepin. -skena, f. splint of 
the axletree. 

Axla, V. a. to shoulder. - sig, to shrug. 


Babian, m, baboon. 

Babord, n. T. larboard, -shalsar, 

m. pi, larboard-tacks. 

Back, m. T, forecastle; bowl, -a, V. 
a. to back the sails, —lag, n, mess. 
-spira, f. T. outrigger of guess- 
warp, -stagsvind, m. T, quarter, 
wind, —vis, ad» on the quarter. 

Backjle, m. hill, raising ground; de- 
scent, ascent; acclivity, uppför — , 
uphill, utför -, downhill, -humla, 
/. common milfoil. — ig, (S. hilly, 
acclivous, -knalle, m. hillock, -ros, 
f. white dogrose. -sippa, f, wind- 
flower, '-stuga, f cottage, hut. 

-stugnbjon, n. cottager, -timian, 

w. wild thyme. 

Bad, n. bath, -a, v. a. & n, to 

bathe. —are, m. bagnio • keeper. 
-gäst, m. one who visits a bath. 
-bus, n. bathing-house. -Iinstro, 
/*. bathing-woman, -kar, n. bathing- 
tub, -stuga, f, bathing-stove, bal- 
Baddija, r. a. & n. to heat, to bathe. 


Baddare * 


to foment, to bask. — någon, to 
thrash one. — in, to soak in. -are, 
m, fellow, -ning, f. fomentation. 

Bagage, n, baggage, luggage, -vagn, 

w. waggon, luggage-waggon. 

Bagare, m. baker, -bod, m, baker's 
shop, -bulle, f. butter-cake. -skrå, 
n. baker's corporation. ~StUga, /"., 
bageri, n. bakehouse, bakery. 

Bagge, m. ram, tub. 

Bajonett, m. bayonet. 

Bak, n, batch, baking. ~a, V. a. to 
bake, -else, m, pastry, cakes. — llUS, 
n. bakehouse. -spade, W. peel, 
oven-peel. — tråg, W. kneading-trough. 
—Ugn, 771. oTen. —Ted, m. wood 
for heating an oven. — äple, n. 

Bak, m, back. [baking-apple. 

Bak, prp. & ad. behind, fram och 
— , before and behind. — arf j n, in- 
heritance in ascendent line, —ben, 
n. hlndleg. -bod, f. backshop. -bOg, 
771. bindquarter. -böjd, a. bent back. 
-danta, v. a, to backbite, to re- 
proach the absent, -dantare, 771. 
backbiter, slanderer, —del, m, hin- 
derpart, hindpart. —dörr, f, back- 
door, -efter, ad. behind, -ft'ard- 
ing, m, hindquarter. — fora, /". 
baokfreight. -fot, 7?l. hindfoot. -fram, 
ad, preposterously, awkwardly, —gata, 
f, backstreet. -grund, 771. deepning. 
-gård, m, backyard, -hjul, n, 
hinder-wheel, -hnfvud, n. occiput. 
—håll, n. ambush, ambuscade, —ifrån, 
ad. from behind, -igenom, ad. 
behind through. — Mo, 77*. hindclaw, 
spar, -kälke, m. hindsledge. vara 
på haJckälken, to be behind, -lås, 
n'. dörren är i — , the lock is over- 
strained, det gar i - för honom, 
his affairs are off the hinges, —läder, 
n. quarters of a shoe. — länges, ad. 
backward, backwards. — Om, prp, 
& ad. behind, —port, m* backdoor. 
—på, pr. & ad. behind, on the back, 
on the rcTerse. -räkning, f. after, 
reckoning, vata på — ^ to b© short 
of one's reckoning, —ränta, f. ar- 
rearage, —sida, f. back, reverse. 

— Sko, 771. horseshoa for the hindfoot. 
-Skrnf, 771. bre«ch of a gun. -slag, 
n. backstroke, backblow. — slng, a, 
crafty, cunning, subtle. -Spår, n. 
countertrack. -stag, n. backstay, 

-stam, 771. poop, -steg, n. back. 

step. —ström, 771. countercurrent. 
-studs, 771. startback, rebound. 

-stycke, 7». backpiece. -Ståndare, 

m. ploughtail, ploughhandle. -säte, 
«. backseat, —tal, .n. backbiting, 
aspersion, slander, —tala, V. a. to 
backbite, to slander, —talare, 77i. 
backbiter, slanderer, -tass, 771. hind- 
paw. -till, ad. backward, -ut, 
ad. backwards. slå — , to kick. 
-Uti, ad. behind, back in. -Yagn, 
771, hindcarriage. — vigt, 771. over- 
weight backwards. — vägg, 771. back- 
wall. —Tänd, a. preposterous, awk- 
ward. -åt, prp. é ad. behind, 
back, —ände, 772. hindpart; poste- 
riors, J^reech, backside. 

Bål, 77i. bale; ball, en — papper^ 
ten reams of paper, hålla tn — , to 
give a ball, -drägt, 771. balldress. 
—skor, 771. pi. pumps, dress-shoes. 

Balans, m. balance, -era, v. a. & n. 
to balance, -oriiigsspaut, n. T. 
loof-frame. -erstång, 771. balancing 
pole. ^ 

BaldakJn, 971. canopy, baldachin. 

Baldriaij w,. valerian, capon's tail. 
stolt — , cutfinger. [saw-fly. 

Balg, m. pod, shell.' -stekel) m. 

Balja, f. sheath, scabbard; tub. 

Balk, m. beam, balk; partition; chap- 
ter of law. -Tagare , «l. T. ehclf- 
piece, clamps. 

Balkong, m. balcony. 

Ballong, m. balloon. 

Balsam, m. balm, t-era, v. a. to 

embalm, —in, 771. balsamine, garden- 
balsam. — isk) a. balsamical, bal- 

Bambu, Bamburör, n. bamboo. 

Ban, m. Bana, f. path, walk, yard, 
way; orbit;, railway, åka—, to slide 
on the ice. hringa å hane, to«et 
en, foot. 


Bana^ v, a, to clear, to pave, to pre- 
pare the way. banad vägt beaten 

Ban-gård^ m. station, terminus, -tåg, 
n. train^ -Taktare, m. flagman. 

Bananträd^ n. banana. 

Band^ n, tie; fetter; ribbon, tape, band, 
string, sling ; company, gang; volume; 
cover; hoop; constraint, bridle, con* 
finement, obligation, riddare af tid 
(atrumpe-J landet, knight of the 
garter, -a, v. a, (kärl) to hoop. 
- vox, to roll the wax. landad pe- 
lare, torsel. — hnnd, m, mastiff, 
yarddog, bandog. — knifj m. draw- 
ingknife. ^luask^ m. tapeworm. 
•rOS, /". cockade, -stake^ W. wood 
fit for hoops. -YafYare, W. ribbon, 

Bandit^ m. bandit, brigand. 

Bane, m. bane, death, »mau^ 771. 
murderer. — sår^ n, mortal wound. 

Banér^ n. banner, standard. 

Bank, m, bank; shelf; bar. hällan, 
to keep the bank. -aktlC, m. bank- 
stock, -ifj m, banker, -lån, n. 
loan in the bank. — O-myntj 71. bank- 
money.-0-sedel, m. bank-bill, -rutt, 
m, bankruptcy, failure. — , a, bank- 
rupt, insolvent. -Or, m» bankholder. 

Banka sig, v. r, to gather. 

Bann, n* excommunication. -lysa, V, 
a, to excommunicate. -Stråle, -Yigg, 
m, anathema. 

Banna, v. a, to chide , to reprove. 
-8, v. d, to ban, to curse. 

Bann alltet, m, right of compulsion. 

Banner, f, pi. reproof, reprehension. 

Bantler, n, bandoleer. 

Bar, a. bare, naked, good, pure, tagen 
å — geming, taken in the fact. 
-bent, a. bare-legged. -fotad, a. 
bare- footed. -hnfvad, a. bare- 
headed. — sllten, a. worn. 

Bara, ad, only, but, merely. 

Barack, f, barrack. 

Barbar, m, barbarian. — i, 71. barba- 
rism. — isk, a, barbarous. 

Barbera, V, a, to barb, to shave. 
—re, 771. barber, shaver. 

Swedish'English Diet, 



Barbfisk, m, barbie. 

Bard, tti. bard, scald. <*ftlek| m« 

fight, battle. 
Barder, t?*, whiskers of a whale. 
Bardisan, 77*. partisan. 
Bardnn, m, T. back-stay, guy. 
Bark, m, bark, rind; (skepp) bark. 

-a, V, a. to tan. -aktig, -Jg, a, 

cortical, barky, -kaka, f. tancake. 

-lag, 7». tannage, -trängd, a. hide- 
Barkan, n. baracan. [bound. 

Barkass, m, long-boat, launch. 

Barlast, m, ballast, -a, v. a. to 

ballast, -frakt, 77^. dead freight. 

Barm, 771. bosom, -hertig, a, merci- 
ful, -hertighet, f, mercy, charity. 

Barn, n, child {pi. children); baby, in- 
fant, gd med — , to be with child, 
to be pregnant, qvaljas med -, to 
be in labour. oäkta — , bastard. 
•-aår, 71. childhood, infancy, -barn, 
n, grand-child, -dom, m. childhood, 
infancy, -dop, 71. christening of a 
child, -föder ska, y. childbedwoman. 
-förlossning, /". deliverance, -hus, 
n. orphan . house, -kammare, m, 

nursery, —kär, a. fond of children. 
-lek, 771. bawble, gewgaw, -lära, 
f. catechisation. —lärare, m, peda- 
gogue, catcchiser. — 1ÖS, a. childless, 
issueless. — mord, 71. infanticide. 

-morska, f, midwife, -piga, f. 

nursery-maid, —saga, f. tale of a tub. 
-SbÖrd, 771. child-bearing, -skor, 
f. pL shoes for children, trampa ut 
— , to be past the spoon. — skola, 
f, school for children, -sllg, a. 
childish, boyish; filial, -slighet, f, 
childness. — snod, 771. labour, travail. 
-SVärkar, pi, pangs of a yroman in 
labour, -säng, f, childbed, lying-in. 
-sängsfeber, m, puerperalfever. -S- 
Ö1, n, festivity at a christening. 

Barr^ n, leaves of fir or pine, -träd, 
71. fir, pine, coniferous tree. 

Barsk, a, stem, fierce, terrible. 

Bas, m, base; pedestal; bass.' -fiol, 
771. bassviol. — rÖSt, f, bass, bass- 

Bas, n. whipping, beating, flogging. 



Beflita sig 

-a, V* d, to baste, to whip, to beat, 
to flog, to lash; T. to stove. 
Basalt^ 77». basaltes. 

Basilika^ f. basil rört J; hsisiiic (TcyrkaJ» 

Basilisk^ m. basilisk, cockatrice. 
BaSSOng^ m, bassoon. 
Bast, n. bombasine, fustian; bast, af 
— , hasten. [bind. 

Basta och Ibinda, v. a. to shackle, to 

Bastant, a. strong, solid, stout. 
Bastingera, v. a. to barricade (a ship). 
Basun, m. trumpet, -a, v. a, to sound 

the trumpet. 
Batalj, m. battle. -On, m, battalion. 
Batist, m, cambric 
Batteri, n. battery. 
Baiitastcn, m. grave-stone. 
Baxa, v. n., baxas, v. d, to box; 

to prize, to raise with a lever. 
Baxnas, v. C?. to startle. 
Bearbeta, v. a. to work, to manage. 

Beblandjia sig, v. r. to enter upon, 

to engage; to have carnal knowledge 
of a woman, -else, W. engaging; 

J carnal knowledge. 

Bebo, V. a, to inhabit, to dwell in, 
to occupy, to tenant, -elig, a, ha- 

Bebygga, v, a, to build upon; to 
cultivate, to people, to colonize. 

Bebåiljja, v, a, to announce, to bode, 
to portend. —are, m, announcer. 

^ —else, f, annunciation, presage. 

Beck, n. pitch, —a, v, a, to* pitch. 

—akti g , a. bituminous , pitchy. 
-blomster, n. viscous catchfly. 

-brännare^ w. pitch -burner, -hyt- 
ta, f, pitch-hut. -händ, a, thiev. 
ish. -ig, a. pitchy, -krans, in. 
pitch-ring, pitch-wreath. — luf?a,»f. 
pitch-cap. -plåster, n, depilatory 
plaster. — SOin, 772. shoemaker's seam. 
-tråd,77l. shoemaker's thread, -tun- 
na, f. pitch-barrel. 

Beckasin, m. snipe. 

Bedagad, a. aged, old. 

Bedara, V, ti. T, to becalm, to clear 

up, to lull. 
Bedia« v . Cb to pray, to beseech, to 

intreat, to beg, to ask, to request; t© 
say prayers. 
Bedraga, v. a. to deceive, to chsat, 
to defraud, to impose upon, to trap, 
to ensnare, to cozen, to dMude, to be- 
guile, to trick. — sig, v, r, to mis- 
take , to be in error, —re, 77i. cheat, 
impostor, deceiver, sharper, swindler, 
bite. [ploit. 

Bedrift, m, achievement, deed, ex- 

Bedrifva, v. a. to perpetrate, to com- 
mit. — en sak, to manage a business. 

Bedräglleri, n. deceit, deception, fraud, 
imposition, imposture, cheat, delusion. 
—lig, a. deceitful, fraudulent, illusory. 

BedlÖfJIlig, a. mournful, sad, sorrow- 
ful , baleful , dismal , doleful , deplor- 
able, grievous, tragical, woeful. — Va, 
V. a, to afflict, to grieve, to sadden, 
to trouble, -vad , a. sad, grieved, 
melancholy, sorrowful. — velsC, /"• 
sadness, melancholy, grief, affliction, 

Bedyra, v, n. to assever, to asseverate, 
to protest, to assure, to certify. 

Bedåra, v. a. to infatuate, to dupe. 

Bedöma, v. a. to judge, to decide. 

Beediga, v. a. to confirm with oath. 

Befallila, v. a. to order, to command, 
to bid, to charge, to enjoin, to direct. 
- fram, - in, -^ up, to call forth, 
in, up. —ande, a. commanding, 
imperious, —ning, f, order, com- 
mand , call , charge, commission, ut» 
fdrda en skriftlig — , to issue out 
a writ, -ningshafvande, tti. com- 

mander, chief. -ningsman, ?7i. 
bailiff. [navigate; to fear, to dread. 

Befara, v. a. to pass, to cross, to 
Befatt||a gig nied, v. r. to meddle 

with , to concern one's self with. 
—ning, f, business, partaking. 

Bef!n{|na, v. a., -nas, v. d, to find, 
to perceive, to prove, hefi/nna sig, 
to find one's self; to dwell, -nande, 
n. estate, condition; approbation, lik- 
ing. — tlig^ a. found, to be found. 

Beflita sig (omj, v. r. to endeavour, 
to study, to make it one's business, 
tc exert one's self. 




Befläolia^ v, a. to defile, to maculate, 
to stain, to taint, to pollute. 

Befogad, a, competent, authorised. 

Bcfolk||a, v. a, to people, to stock 
with inhabitants, —ning", f, peopling; 

BefordyerJig, a, furthering, -ra, v. 

a, to forward, to advance, to prefer, 
to encourage, to promote, to raise, to 
further, to speed, —rail, f, advance- 
ment, preferment, promotion; further- 
ance, —rare, m, promoter. 

Befrakt||a, v, a, to freight, to charter. 
-are, m. freighter, -nlng, f. af- 
freightment, -ningsbref, m, bill 
of lading. 

Beflri||a, v. a. to deliver, to free, to 
liberate, to clear, to exempt, to dis- 
charge, -are, m, deliverer, -else, 
f, deliverance, release. 

Befrukt||a, v. a. to fecundify. -Tlillg, 
f. fecundation; T. adosculation. 

Befryndlla sig, v, r, to ally, -ad, 

a, allied, related. 
Befrämja, v, a, to advance, to pro- 
Befroa, V, a. to fecundify. [mote. 

Befukta, v. a. to wet, to moisten. 

Befullmäktlga, v. a. to authorize, 
to empower, to commission, to war- 
rant. — d, a, authorped. — , 8» sub- 
delegate, attorney. 

Befäl, n. command, order. -Iiafvare, 
771. commander, chief. 

Befängd, a, obsessed, possessed, mad. 

Befästa, v, a. to fortify; to corrobo- 
rate, to fasten, to strengthen. 

Begab||ba, V, a. to deride, to mock. 
—bare, m. mocker, derider. — beri, 
n, derision, mockery. [employ. 

Begagna sig, v, r. to make uso of, to 

Begge, a, pL both, either. 

Begifv||a sig, v. r. to set out, to re. 
sort to, to go to ; to betake one's self; 
to renounce, to happen, to come to 
.pass. — undan, to withdraw, to re- 
tire, —ande, n. complying, renun- 
ciation, -en C2^äJ, a. addicted, 
prone, given, inclined, apt. — Cn» 
liet, f» inclination. 

Begirlg, a. eager. 

Begjnti), V, a, to pour upon, to irri- 

Begraf||ning, f, burial, interment, fu- 
neral, sepulture. — ningsplats, m. 
burying -place. -Ya, V» a. to bury, 
to inter. 

Begrepp, n, notion, idea; apprehen- 
sion, judgment; sense; compass; con- 
ception, perception, comprehension. 
kort — , compendium, abridgment, i — 
att, about to. 

Begripli'a, v. a» to comprehend, to con- 
ceive, to apprehend, to understand ; to 
gather; to comprise; to include, to 
contain, -lig, a, intelligible, ob- 
vious, -ligliet, f, conceivableness, 

Begrund||a, v. a. to meditate, to pon- 
der; to consider; to deliberate, to re- 
fleet; to pause upon. -nillg, f, 
meditation, contemplation, reflection. 

Begråta, v. a. to bewail, to weep for, 
to deplore, to mourn for. 

Begränsa, v, a. to limit, to confine. 

Begynnlia, v. a. <& n, to begin, to 

commence, to come op, to enter upon, 
to pick, to open, to set up, to fall to, 
to take to. —are, m, beginner. 
—else, /*. commencement, beginning. 

Begå, V. a. to commit; to celebrate, 
to commemorate; to manage, to per- 
form. - sig, V, r. to be well to 
pass, to make a shift. — sig illa, 
to be poorly ofiP. -endO^ n, perpe- 
tration, celebration. 

Begåfva, v. a. to bestow, to present, 
to grace, to endow, -dj a. gifted, 

Begangelse, f, celebratbn. 

Begär, n, desire, appetite, thirst; re* 
quest, —a, V, a, to request, to crave, 
to ask ; to court, to covet, to demand ; 
to cry, to call for. —an, f, reques^t, 
entreaty, petition, desire, demand. 
—else, f, desire, appetite, longing, 
lust, concupiscence, —lig, «. desi- 
rous, fond, greedy, covetous. — lig- 
het, /^.demand; greediness, covetous- 

Begärdning, f. border. [neaA. 

Behacka^ v. a. to di^ about. 




Bchag^ n, will, pleasure, delight ; grace ; 
relish, göra en till — , to humour 
one. — ftj V. n, to please, to charm, 
to like, to be contented. — Ijg'j ö. 
agreeable, grateful, acceptable, proper, 
pleasant, delightful; entertaining, en- 
gaging, —lighoty f. pleasantness, 
. delightfulness , sweetness. —lystCHj 
a. wanton. — SJukj a. cocquet. 
-sguka^ f, cocquetry. 

Behandljla^ V,'a. to treat, to use, to 
manage; to handle; to make a bar- 
gain, —ling' 9 f. usage, treatment, 

Beliemot, m. hippopotamus. 

Beherrska, v. a, to rule, to sway, 

to reign. — lldOj W. domination, sway. 
— r6j m, ruler, dominator. —rinna, 
f, mistress, sovereign. 
Behjelplla sig, v, r. to make a shift. 
—lig" J a. aiding, assisting, helping, 
accessory, han var mig — i min 
a7lSÖJming, he backed me in my ap. 

Belijert]|a, v. a. to mind, to pity, to 

compassionate, to deliberate, —ad, a. 
stouthearted , resolute , courageous. 
--ande, W. compassion, consideration. 
— enhot, f. courage, boldness, gal- 
lantry, [occasion, calL 
BellOf^ tl. want, ncceseity, need, use, 

Behngga, v. a, to hew, to lop. 

Bohåll, n. cleargain; sparing, saving; 
reserve, han är i godt — , ho is in 
safety, he is well provided for. —a, 
V» a, to retain, to keep, to continue. 
— for sig, to keep secret, —en, 
a. safe, substantial, stanch. en — 
vara, a stanch commodity, -ning, 
f, residue, remainder, balance. 

Behäftad, a. afflicted, incumbered. 

Behändig, a. handy, dexterous, clever, 
—het, f, dexterity, handiness, nim- 

Bohan ga, v, a, to hang with. 

Behoflllig, a, necessary, needful. -Tft, 
V. a, to need, to want, to have need 
of, to admit, to have only to, to be 
required. — Tandöj a, needy, want- 
ing, indigent. 

Behörig, a, due, just, fit, proper, 
competent; respective, qualified, -het, 
f, competency. 

Beifra, v. a. to vir^icato," to resent. 
— sig, V. r. to strive, to endeavour. 
— n, f. resentment, vindication. — nde,' 
n. exertion,- endeavour, -re, m. vin- 
dicator, resenter. 

Bejaklja, r. a. to affirm, to consent. 
-ande, a. affirmative. -, n., -ning, 
f, affirmation, consent. 

Bekaja, v. a, <t n. to embarrass, to 
entangle, to take alarm. — d, a» 
troubled, infected with; embarrassed, 
distressed, entangled. 

Bokant, a. & s, acquainted, familiar, 
known, renowned, en gammal — , 
an old acquaintance. — skap, Til. 
acquaintance ; familiarityt 

Beklag||a, v. a. to bemoan, to com- 
plain, to pity, to deplore, to lament, 
to bewail, to be sorry for. — sorgen, 
to condole with one. —an, f, —ande, 
W. bemoaning, condolence, -ansval'd, 
—lig , a. lamentable , pitiful , deplor- 
able, -ligen, ad, unhappily. 

Beklädllaj v. a. to clothe, to dress, to 
hang; to occupy, to bear (an office). 
—ning, f, clothing, lining; covering; 

Beklämljna, v. a, to press, to straiten, 
to afflict, to oppress. — d, a. op» 
pressed, —ning, f. oppression ; anxiety. 

BekOiillilig, a. obtainable, -ma, v. 
a, to get, to receive, to obtain, väl 
del'omme Eder, much good may it 
do you. det bekom honom ingen' 
ti.ig, he did not take the slightest no» 
ti e of it. 

Bel OStnad, m. cost, expense, charge. 

Bekramla, v. a, to cramp. 

Bekransa, V, a. to wreath, to crown. 

Bekriga, v. a. to make war upon. 

Bekräft||a, v. a, to confirm, to cor- 
roborate , to affirm , to ascertain , to 
•ssever. —ande, a. confirmatory. — , 
n. —else, f. confirmation, corrobo- 

Bekrona, v, a, to crown. 
ISakymmer, n. care, concern, uneasi» 


ness, trouble, solicitude, anxiety. — loSj 
a, careless. — Sftin^ a, afflicted, soli- 
citous, careful. 

Bekymra, v, a. to trouble, to molest. 

-- sig, V. r. to care for, to concern 
one's self, to meddle with. — d, a. 
anxious, concerned, uneasy, solicitous, 

BekännlJa, v, a. to confess, to own, 
to acknowledge. ~ sig saker, to 
plead guilty, lion heWdnner jpä en 
annan, she fathers her child upon 
another man. — sig till kristna 
läran, to profess Christianity, —are, 
m. confessor, professor. — else, /". 

Belaniring', f, T, lumber. 
Belasta, v. a. to charge, to load. 
Bcle, V. a. to ridicule, to laugh at. 

—ende, n. mockery, derision. 
Beledsaga, v. a. to accompany, to 

attend, to conduct, to guide. — llde, 

n. conduct, guidance, —re, W. at- 

tender, companion, guard. 
Belefljvad, a. lively, quick, wellbred, 

civil, complaisant, polite. — YOnliet, 

f. politeness, good breeding. 
Belemnit, W. belemnites, finger-stone. 
Beljuga, V. a. to belie; to calumniate. 

— nde, n. calumniation, 
Belldonn, f, dwale, deadly nightshade. 
Belopp, n. amount, sum-total, produce. 
Beluxa, V, a» to cozen, to diddle. 
Belysa, v. a. to illumine ; to elucidate, 

to explain. 
Belåna, v. a. to raise money on, to 

pledge. (fied. 

Belåten, a. served, contented, satis- 
Belägen, a. situated, seated, situate. 

— Iiet, f. situation, arrangement. 
Belägga, v. a. to impose; to inflict; 

to charge , to overlay ; to invest , to 

beset; T, to belay; to prove. — en 

med Voter, to fine one. -nde, n. 

proof, averment; infliction. 
Belägr{|a, v, a. to besiege, to bela. 

guer. —re, 771. besieger, -ing, f, 

Belänjla, v. a, to enfeoff, to invest. 

— ing^ /. enfeofflng, investiture. 



Beläsen, beläst, a. Utterato, versea 
in books, -het, f. erudition. 

B elate, w. image, statue, -dyrkan, 
f. worship of images. — dyrkare, m. 
iconolater. -stormare, m. icono« 
clast, breaker of images. 

BelÖnjja, v. a. to reward, to recom. 
pense, to requite, —arc., m. remune- 
rator. — ing, f,, reward, 

Belöpa sig, v. r. to amount. 
Bemanna, v. a. to man, to equip. — 

sig, to take courage. 
Bemantla, v. a. to palliate, to colour, 

to cloak, to varnish over, to smooth, 

-ndo, n. palliation, disguise. 
Bemedjjla, v. a. to mediate, so settle, 

to compose. —lare, m. mediator. 

—ling, f. mediation, accommodaition. 

Bemyndiga, v, a. to empower, to 


Bemäktiga sig, v. r, to seize, to 

usurp, to possess one's self of; to gain. 
— nde, n. prise, seizure. 

Bemäld, a. mentioned, aforesaid. 

Bemänga, v, a. to mingle, to mix. 

Bemärk||a, t. a. to observe, to re. 
mark, to denote, to signify, to mean. 
—else, f. observation, remark, signi- 
fication, meaning, sense. 

Bemästra sig, v, r. to eeize, to oia- 

ster, to possess. 

Bemöda sig, v, r, to strive, to en- 
deavour, to try. jag vill — mig 'pä 
allt upptänkligt sätt , att , , ,, i 
will take all pains imaginable, to . , . 
—nde, n. endeavour, exertion ; effort. 

Bemöta, v. a. to receive, to use. 
— ude, n. usage, reception. 

Ben. n. leg, bone, foot, hjelpa en 
pa 'benen, to give one a lift, -a, 
f. furrow of the hair. -aktlg, 

-artad, a. bony, -brott, n. 
fracture, -bry tare , -bråkare, 

771. osprey , bald • buzzard , grosbeak. 

-buk, m. stickleback, -byggnad, 

f. system of bones, -fogning, f, 
articulation, joint of bones. — IVat, 
n. caries. -Iiarnesk, n. cuisses, 
greaves. -hlnua, f. periosteum. 



—llUS) n. charnelhousa ; ossuary. — Igj 
a, bony; nice, ticklish, -kaflo, 
-kalf, m. the calf of the leg. -klä- 
der, pi. breeches, drawers, trowsers. 
-knapp, m, bonebutton; T, bone- 
knot, —knota, f. protuberance, head 
of a bone. — knol, W. exostosis. 
-lik, a. bony, -lim, n, boneglue. 
-låda, f, cradle, -"pipa, f, tibia, 
bone of the leg. -range! , n. ske- 

leton. -röta, f, caries, -skärfva, 

f^ splinter, shiver of a bone. — SYamp, 
m, spina-ventosa. — SVart, n. bone- 
black, -svulst, m, protuberance of 
a bone. — Ved, m. dogberry-tree, wild 
cornel. — VUXen, a. ossified. 

Benzoe, m. benjamin, benzoin. 

Benåd||a, v, a. to pardon, to grace. 
—ning, f, pardon, grace. 

Benägen, a. prone, inclined, disposed, 
apt, favorable, kind, good, ready, he- 
nägne läsare, courteous reader, —het, 
f, condescension, compliance, propen- 
sity, inclination, bent, proclivity. 

Benämnjja, v, a. to name, to call. 

— d, a. named, aforesaid. — ing, f. 

Beordra, v, a. to order, to direct. 

Beplanta, v. a, to set with plants. 

Beprisa, V, a. to praise, to applaud. 

Bepryda, r. a. to adorn, to decorate. 

BeqväM; a, fit, convenient; commo- 
dious, apt, proper, qualified, easy. 
—a, V, a. to engage, to win, to per- 
suade. — sig , V. r, to condescend, 
to yield, to comply, han vill ej — 
sig till det t he won't comply with 
it'; h© won't yield (submit) to it. 
—lig, a, convenient, opportune, sea- 
sonable, commodious. — Ilghet, f. 
conveniency, ease, commodiousness. 

Berama, v. a. to appoint, to fix. 

Berberis, m, barberry. 

Beredjla, v. a. to prepare, to arrange, 
to make ready , to dress, — sig pdj 
to lay one's account with, —are, W. 
furrier, skinner. — d, ö. prepared, 
ready. — elS0« f, preparation, pre- 
meditation. — nmg, f, dressing ; com- 
mittee* -Skap, f. readiness. -YiMfg, 


a. willing, disposed, ready. -Villig» 
het, /". readiness, willingness. 

Beresa, v, a. to travel over, to visit. 

Berest, a. travelled. 

Berg, n. mountain, hill, mount, -aktig, 
a. mountainous.* — allin, n. rockaJlum. 
-art, m, mineral, -beck, 71. asphalt, 
Jew's pitch, -blått, n. mountain blue. 
-grönt, n, mountain green, -gult, 
a. yellow ockre. —gång, in. me. 
tallic vein. — harts, n, bitumen. 
-hult, m. T, wale, bends, -llöns, 
fl, wood-cock, —ig, a. mountainous, 
hilly, -kedja, f. mountain - range. 
-klint, m, crag, -klyfta, f, fissure 
of a mountain, —knapp, W. stone- 
crop. — kneis, n, a kind of granit. 

-knoppar, wi. orpin (a plant), -kri- 
stall, TO. rock-crystall. -krut, n. 
miner's powder. — kulle, TO. hillock. 

-kunnig, to. mineraiist. -kun- 
skap, TO. mineralogy, mining, -kåda, 
f. bitumen, —lin, 71. earthflax, asbest. 
-lånke, to. common maidenhair, -lä- 
der, 71. miner's leather; a kind of as^^ 

best, -man, TO. miner, -mynta^^ 

f. wild basil, -mästare, to. berg- 
master, minemaster. — olja, f. rockoil, 
petroleum. — ras, 71. falling down of 
a hill; fall of a mine, -rygg, TO. 
ridge of mountains, —rå, n. hobgoblin. 
—råd, 71. counsellor of mines, —rör, 
n. woodreed. —salt, 71. rocksalt, 
gemsalt. — SbO, TO. mountaineer, high- 
lander. -sbruk,w. mining, -sbygd, 
TO. highland, -sfogde, TO. bailiff of 
mines, -shauptöian, TO. intendant 
of mines. -skÖtsel, TO. art of mi- 
ning. —slag 5 TO. a region abounding 
in mines; mountain-district. — Stad, 
TO, town in a^mountain-district , moun- 
tain-town, -sting, n. bergmote. 

-strakt, TO. highland, -sndde, to. 

promontory. — såpa, f, mountain-soap. 
-tjära, f. barbadoes ter, -verk, 

71, mine, -vetenskap, f. -väsen, 

71. metallurgy, raining. — vigt, TO. 
weight of mines. — värdl, n. apprize- 
ment of metals, -ås^ TO. chain of 




Bcrgllftj v. a. to reap, to harveat; to 
contain; to shave; T. to shorten. — 
hö, to make hay. — sig, to raake 
a shift, to support one's self, -are, 
m, saver, salvor, -arclön , f, sal- 
vage • n^oney. 

Bergamott, m. bergamot, burgarnet. 

Bergnillg, f, harvest; salvage; sub- 
sistence; livelihood. 

Berida, v, a, to break in, to manage 
a horse. — re, 77t. horsebreaker, riding- 

Beriktlga, v. a, to rectify, to correct. 

Berk an, n. barracan. 

Berlin erblått, n, prussian blue. 

Berlock, m. watch-trinket. 

Bernsten, m. yellow amber. 

Bero, V, n. to depend, to rely. -CUde, 
n, dependence. 

Beropa sig", v. r, to appeal to, to call 
upon. — nde, n. appeal. 

Berserk, m. berserk, wild kemp. 

Bertelsmessa, f, the feast of Saint. 

Bertram, w. bertram (a plant). 

Berusa, v. a, to intoxicate. [per. 

Berustad, a, bound to furnish a troo- 

Berykta, y. a. to defame, to decry. 

Boryll, m. beryl. [-d, a, infamous. 

Beråd, n, deliberation, -t, a. deli- 
berated. Tried — mod, wilfully. 

Beräknlla, v. a. to calculate, to reckon; 
to render account, —ing , f, calcu- 
lation, computation. 

Beränna, v. a. to invest, to block up. 

Berättlja, v. a, to tell, to report, to 
relate, det berättas, it is said, -else, 
f. account, narration, report. 

Berättiga, v, a. to entitle, to autho- 
rize, —nde, n. authorization. 

Bero'fva, r. a. to deprive, to bereave, 
to spoil. — nde, n, privation, depri- 

Beröm, n. pfaise, commendation; -ap- 
plause. — d, a. praised, famous, cele- 
brious. —lig 5 CC' laudable, praise- 
worthy. — ligliet, f. praise -worthi- 
ness, — nia, V. a. to praise, to cele- 
brate, to applaud. — sig sjelf, to 
boast, to pride one'« self. 

BeSftg^dy fl. mentioned, aforesaid. 
Besan, m. T, mizzen-mast, mizzen-sail. 
Besanna, v. a. to verify, to ascertain, 

to affirm. 
Besatt, a. obsessed, possessed, mad. 
Bese, V. a, to view, to survey, to vl» 

sit, to see. 
Besegla, v. a, to seal, to confirm; T, 

to sail, to ply between, (come. 

Besegra, v, a, to vanquish, to over* 
BesigtIIiga, v. a. to inspect, to sur- 

vey, to examine, -ningj f. inspec* 

tion, survey. 
Besinna, v. a, to consider, to weigh, 

to deliberate, — sig, V, r, to recollect 

one's self; to change one's mind, —nde» 

n. consideration, recollection. 
Besittlla, v. a. to possess, to occupy. 

- det/ confound it! -are, Wl. pos. 

sessor, owner. — nlng, f. posses. 

Bion, property; colony, establishment. 

— ningsrätt, n. right of possession. 

-ningsta gande, n. seizure, occu. 

Besjunga, v. a. to sing, to celebrate. 
Besk, a. bitter. -Iiet, f, bitterness. 
Beskafiliad, a. disposed, qualified, cir- 

curastaiiced. — eilhet, f, quality, con» 

dition, turn, nature, disposition, cast» 
Beskattj.'a, v. a. to assess, to tax, to 

cess, to put under contribution, —ning, 

f. assessment. 
Besked, n. order, carefulness, exact- 

ness , correctness, account, certificate. 

göra — , to answer, to pledge. 
Beskedlig, a. good, sober, discreet, 

moderate, var sd - att göra det, 

be RO kind as to do that, —het, f. 

discretion, modesty, decency, obliging* 


Beskick||a, v, a. to depute; T, to 
allay, —ning, /■. sending, deputation, 
embassage ; T, allaying. 

Beskjutna, v. a. to fire, to shoot upon, 
to cannonade, — niug, f, bombard* 

Beskrifljning, f, description, account, 
detail, — Ta, V. a, to describe, Uy de» 
fine, to give an account of, to set forth 
a thing, heskrifven lag, written law. 



Beskydd, n. protection, shelter, patro» 
nage, safeguard, auspice. — ft, v. a, 
to protect, to shelter, to safeguard, to 
defend, to preserve, to conserve, to 
shade, -are, m, protector, 

Beskygg-a, v. a. to shade. 

Beskylljla, v. a, to charge, to accuse, 

to arraign, to blame, -lling, f. 

accusation, charge, imputation. 
Beskymfjja, v. a. to disgrace, to shame, 

to reflect upon, to affront, -ning', f. 

insult, outrage, disgrace. 
Beskådlla, v. a, to view, to survey, to 

behold, to contemplate, -ande, 71, 

view, contemplation, -are, in, sear. 

Cher, surveyor, -lig, a, contempla- 

tive; intuitive. 

Beskäftig, a, officious, busy. 
Beskälla, v. a, to cover (of stallions). 
-re, m. suiiion. 

Beskänkt, a. tipsy, drunk. 

Beskära, v, a. to cut off, to lop, to 
geld ; • to deprive of. 

Beskära, v. a. to give, to confer, to 
bestow; to destine. 

Beskämia, v. a. to shield, to shelter, 
to protect. - sig, v, r, to make great 
bustje (about), to lament (for, over), 

Beskonjande, n, palliation, excuse. 

Beslag, 72. plate, boss, spangle, mount» 
ings ; seizure ; embargo. —en , a. 
mounted, studded with; caught in, 
convicted of. —karl, m. excise-man. 
-sejsing, m. T, gasket. 

Beslut, n, decree, ordinance, resolution, 
conclusion, -a, V. a, to conclude, 
to decide, to decree, to resolve. — sam, 
a, resolute, -samhet, f, resoluteness. 

Beslå, V. a. to beat, to hammer; to 
furnish with a clasp; to shoe (a horse); 
to sheath; to wainscot, to lim; to 
catch, to trap; to hand, to furl (the 

Beslägtad, a. relate, allied to. 

Besman, n. steelyard, trone. 

Besmittjla, v, a. to contaminate, tc 
infect, to taint, -else, m. conta- 
mination, infection. 

Besmntsa, v, a. to dirty, to soil. 
Besmörja, v, a. to besmear ; to anoint. 


BeSOffa, v. a. to lie with, to debauch 
(a woman), -re, m. bed-fellow, 

BeSOld{|a, V,a. to give salary, to keep 
in pay. — nmg, /". salary, pay, wages. 

Bespar|{a, v, a, to spare, to save. 
—ing, /". saving. 

Bespeja, v. a. to spy out -re, m, spy. 

Bespisa, v, a. to feed. 

Bespotta, v, a, to mock, to deride, 

to scoff at. -nde, n. insult, mockery. 

—re, m. mocker, scoffer. 
Bespringa, v. a. to horse, to cover. 
Bespruta, v, a. to besprinkle. 
Bespränga, t?, a. to besprinkle; to 

variegate. [inquiry. 

Bespörja, v. a. to inquire, to make 

Best, m. beast, brute, -aktig, a. 

beastly, brutish. -aktighet, f, 
beastliness, brutality. -ialitet, f, 
beastliness, bestiality. 

Bestick, n, case, etui ; plan of a ship. 
—a , V, a. to bestick ; to grease ; to 
corrupt, to bribe. - sig, V. r, to be 
involved in; to be hidden. 

Bestiga, v. a. to ascend, to mount. 

Bestjäla, v, a, to rob ; to pick. 

Bestormjla, v. a. to storm, to attack. 
—ning, f, assault, storming. 

Bestra^la, v. a. to punish, to chastise; 
to chide, to reprove, to rebuke, to re- 
prehend, to reprimand, to censure. 
—ning, f, punishment, chastisement; 
reproof, rebuke^ reprehension, repri- 

Bestrida, v, a. to dispute, to oppose, 

to contradict, to gainsay; to manage, 
to perform, to administer; to defray. 
—nde, n, combating, opposing; ad- 
ministration; defraying, -re, m, de- 
fensor. [T, to command. 

Bestryka, v. a. to rub, to daub over; 

Bestråla, v, a. to irradiate. 

Beströ, V. a. to bestrew, to strew over, 
to sprinkle over, to powder , to gravel, 

Bestycklla, v. a. to mount with guns. 
—ning, /". ordnance. 

Bestyr, n. care, management, disposal. 
—a, V. a. to conduct^ to dispose, to 
regulate, to manage, -else^ m» di- 


Bestyrka, v. a. to confirm , to corro* 
borate. — nde, n. testimony, evidence, 
proof, till «=» hvaraf, in testimony 

Bestå, V. n. & a. to consist of, to be 
composed of; to endure, to last; to 
persist, to maintain ; to subsist, to exist -, 
to allow, to bestow, —nd, 71. sta- 
bility, duration, durableness, conser- 
vation. — ndande, a. constant, firm. 
— Bdsdel, rti. constituent part, essen- 
tial part. 

Beställ||a, v. a. to do, to perform , to 
appoint; to order, dtt är beställt 
fixed honom f it is over with him. 
—ning, f, business, errand, affair; 
office, post, place, employ, employ- 
ment, commission. »S&m, a, busy, 
ofBcions, meddling. «-saniliet, f, 

Bestäm{{dhet, f. precision, -ma, v. 

a. to appoint, to fix, to determine, to 
destine, -melse, f, determination, 

Beständig*, a. constant, firm, continual, 
steadfast, stable, lasting, —het, /. 
constancy, steadfastness, firmness, sta- 

Bestänk||a, v. a. to besprinkle, -ning, 

BcstÖlIad, a. booted. [f, aspersion. 
Bestört, a. astonished, amazed, con- 

founded, -ning, f. consternation, 

astonishment, amazement. 
Bestotllfil, m, planing -file, rubber. 

-liyfvel, 7W. smoothing-plane; dresser. 

Besndia, v. a. to soil, to pollute. 
Besuten, a. landed, possessed, -het, 

f. domiciliation. 
Besvara, v. a. to answer, to reply. 

-nde, ??. answer, reply. 
Besvika, r. a, to deceive, to disappoint, 

to delude, to fail, to frustrate. 
BeSYlklig, a, deceitful, delusory. -h3t, 

f. deceitfulness. 

Besvågrad, a. affined. 

Bcsvågra sig, v. r. to become affined. 

Besvär, n. trouble, difficulty, uneasi- 
ness, pain; T, complaint, grievance. 
-a, V. a. to molest, to trouble, to 
importune, to charge, to burden; to 



clog, to incumber; to grieve, to offend; 
to complain, to prefer one's grievances. 
—lig, a. troublesome, burdensome, 
tiresome, grievous, difficult, hard. 
— lighet, f. difficulty , inconvenience. 
— Spunkt, 771, point of complain, head 
of the charge. 

Besvärllja, v. a, to conjure; to swear 
to; to exorcise. — jare, m. conjurer, 
exorcist, exorciser. -jelse, -jning, 
f. conjuration, exorcism. 

Besynnerlig, a, particular, singular; 
odd; extraordinary, strange; unaccoun- 
table, —het, f. singularity, strange- 

Beså, V. a. to sow. [ness. 

Besätt||a, V. a. to beset; to plant, to 
hedge ; to people ; to man ; to supply ; 
to garrison, -ning, f, garrison. — 
Jpå ett skepjp, a ship's company, crew 
of a ship. 

Besök, n. visit, -a, v, a. to visit, to 

call upon ; to frequent, to use. -are, 
Tfl. custom -officer, searcher, -else, f, 
visiting. Marie hesokelsedag , the 
visitation of the blessed virgin Mary, 
the visitation of our lady. 

Besöla, V, a, to soil. 

Besörja, v. a, to take care of, to pro. 
vide for; to execute, -nde, W. care, 
management, commission. 

Beta, V, a. & n, to pasture, to feed: 
to graze; to unharness; to tan. 

Beta, f. maceration, soaking, limepit, 

Betacka, v. a. to render thanks. — 
sig, v. r. to thank for; to refuse, to 
decline, to excuse one's self. 

Betaglja, v. a, & n. to deprive; to cut 
off, to intercept; to debat, to clear; 
to break; to take, to overcome, to 
strike with amazement, -en, a. ta- 
ken, struck, overcome; smitten. 

Betalija, v. a. to pay, to discharge, to 
requite; to satisfy; to refund, to re. 
compense; to retaliate. —are, m. 
payer, paymaster, —ning, f. due, pay- 
ment, -ningsbevis, n. quittance. 
-ningsdag, m. day of payment, 

Betar, m, pi, corner«teeth, dog's-teeth. 




Betarfra^ v, a. to need, to want. 

Bete 9 n. pasture, grazing; bait, lure. 

"^— Sgroe, m. rough. stalked meadow- 
grass. — sha^e, m. enclosed pasture- 
ground. —Siuark, m. pasture-ground. 
-Srättighet, f. right of pasturing. 
— Stäppa, f, small pasture-ground. 

JBete^ V, a. to show, to manifest. — 
sig, V. r, to behave, to carry, to con- 
duct one's self, -ende^ n. behaviour, 

Beteckna, v» a. to signify, to denote, 
to betoken, -nde, n. marking, de- 
notation, signification. 

Beting, m, T, bit. -bolt, w. bitpin. 

Beting, n, condition, agreement, terms. 
—a, V. a. to stipulate, to make terras; 
to agree for. —ning, f, agr;eeraent, 

Betitla, v, a. to entitle. 

Betjen||a, v. a. to attend, to ''erve, to 
wait upon. — sig, V. r. tc take ad- 
vantage of, to lay hold of, to avail 
one's self, —ing, f. att-gndance, ser- 
vice ; officers, -t, m, servant ; officer. 

Betona, v, a. to accent. 
Betoniegras, n. betony. 

Betraktya, V, a, to contemplate, to 
observe, to consider, to ponder, to re- 
flect, to meditate, —ande, n, view- 
ing; contemplation, consideration, —are, 
tn, conteraplator, observatör, —else, 
f. meditation, reflection. 

Betro, V. a. to trust, to credit, to con- 
fid©. — dd, a. credited, trusted. 

Betryck, n. oppression, grievance, mi- 
sery, affliction, -a, V. a, to oppress, 
to afflict. 

Betrygga, v, a. to secure, to ensure. 

Beträda, v. a» to tread on; to convict. 

Beträifa, v, c lo concern, to touch. 
— nde, n. concerning. 

Beträngjia, v, a, to aggrieve, to dis- 
tress. — d, a, distressed. 

Betsa, V, a.* to stain. 

^etsel, n. bridle, -stång, m. bran- 
ches of a bridle, -tyg, n, harness, 

Betsla, V. a, to bit, to bridle. - af, 
^0 unbi^. 

Bett, n* bite; bit, mouthpiece of 

Betunga, v. a. to burden, to charge. 
—nde, n, burdening, oppression. — , 
a. burdensome, oppressive. 

Betvifla, v. a. to doubt of, to question. 

Betvinga, v. a, to subdue, to reduce. 

BetydIJa, v. n, to signify, to portend, 
to betoken, to bode, to mean; to be 
of consequence, —ande, a. consider- 
able, -else, f, signification, sense. 
—enhet, f, importance, consequence. 
—lig, a, considerable, important, of 
consequence, signal. 

Betyg, n, certificate, testimony. — ftj 
V, a. to profess, to declare*, to ex- 
press; to attest, to certify, to protest. 
-andO, 71. -else, f. profession, pro. 
testation, declaration, demonstration. 

Betäck||a, v. a. to cover, to shelter, 
to veil, to screen, to shield, to over- 
spread; to covers — niug, /*. cover 
ing; escort. 

Betänk||a, v, Ö. to consider, to medi- 
tate, to ponder, to reflect, to delibe- 
rate. — sig, V, r. to consider, to ad- 
vise with one's self; to alter one's 
mind, —ande, n, consideration, de- 
liberation ; scruple, hesitation ; opinion. 
-etid, w. time for reflection, -lig, 
a. doubtful, hazardous, dangerous. 
-lig]iet, f, hesitation, doubt, -sam, 
a. deliberate, considerate. — sanihet, 
f. considerateness. — tj a. resolved 
upon; advised. 

Beundra, r. a. to^ admire, -n, f. ad- 

miration, -nsyärd, a. admirable. 
-re, m\ admirer. 
Bevaklla, v. a» to guard, to take care 

of, to watch, to keep, -ande, n. 

guard ; care, suit, -ning, /". custody, 
keeping; escort, guard. 

Bevandrad, a. versed, practised. 

Bevar, n. protection, -a, v. a. to pre- 
serve, to save, -ande, n. conserva- 
tion, sustentation. —are, m. preserver. 

Bevars! i» God forbid! ja -, yes in- 
deed, nej — , not at all. 

Bevekjja, V, Ct. to afi'ect, to stir passion, 
to soften ; to move, hevekas, to rel«n^ 


to melt, -andej a. touching. - sk'dl, 
urgent reason , inducement , motive. 
-else, f. motion, -elsegruud, m. 

motive, inducement. — lig"? a. moving, 
pathetical, touching. -liglietj /. 

Bevilja, v, a. to grant, to allow, to 
assent, to vote. 

BeYilluillg, /. grant; royal aid. 

Bevis J n, proof, evidence, testimony; 
certificate, attest; confirmation; pledge, 
voucher, —a, V. a. to prove, to de- 
monstrate, to evince, to make appear ; 
to speak; to make out; to exert; to 
show, —ande, a. demonstrative, pro- 
batory, -llg, a. demonstrable, -llgeil, 
ad. evidently. — nillg", f, demonstra- 
tion. heders — , mark of honour. 

Bevitna, U. a, to testify, to witness, 
to bear witness of, to give evidence 
of, to attest. — ndo, f. .attestation, 

Bevåg, w. risk, impulse, motive. ;pä 
eget — , of one's oven accord. 

Be vågen , a. affectionate, favourable, 
propitious, benign. — liet, f, affection- 
ateness, favour. 

Bevändt, a, valuable, of worth', del 
är intet - med den saken, that 
affair is of no moment. 

Beväpna, v, a. to arm. - sig, to 
take arras. — ndö, n. armament. 

BevärlJa, v. a. to arm, to equip, to 
furnish with arms. — ing, f, arming. 
~, 771. militia, 

Bevärdiga, v. a, to deign, to honour. 

Be växa, v. n, to grow over. 

Bezoar, W. bezoar. -get, f. moun- 

Bi, n. bee. -afvel, m, rearing of 
bees, -frätare, m, bee-eater, eot- 
bee. -hona, f. queen-bee. -hlis, n. 
beehouse. —hök, ra. eat-bee. .-kaka^ 
/". honey-comb, pipa i hikalco.n, boe- 
cell, -knpa, f. bee-hive, -inodcr, 

/. bee-queen, — skötsol, m. keeping 
of bees. -StOck, m. bee • hive. 
-svärm, Vl. bee-swarm. 
Bi, ad. by. stå — , to stan^, to endure. 
ligga -, to lie to. 



Biafsigt, 771". byview. 

Biarbete, n. by-work. 

Bibehålla, v. a. to maintain, to pro^ 
serve, to continue. — nde , n. main- 
tenance, cc.iservation. 

BibJlel, m. Bible, -elfhst, a. versed 
in the Bible. -lisk, a. biblical, 

Bibernell, ra. pimpernel. [rian. 

Bibliotek, 7Z. library, -aiie, m. libra- 

Bibringa, U. a, to impart, to insinu- 
ate; to convey. 

Bida, V. n. to stay, to tarry, to wait, 
to stop, to attend. 

Bidevind, ra, sidewind. 

Bidrag, n. contribution, -a, r. a. to 

contribute, to aide. 

Bifali, W. applause, approbation, -a, 
V. a. to consent, to grant, to agree, 
to .yield' to. —rop, 71. acclamation. 

Bifoga, v. a. to adjoin, to annex, to 
add. —nde, n. adjoining, annexing, 
addition. (broidery. 

Bigerning, f. by-matter; border, em- 

Éiliang, n. appendix, supplement. 

Bikt, ra. confession, —a, v. a. to con. 
fess. -barn, n. penitent, -fader, 
m, father confessor, -penningar, 
771. pi. shrove-money. -stol, m. 'con- 

Bila, f. axe, (fessional. 

Bilaga, f. appendage to a writing, in- 
strument annexed. 

Bilbref, n. T. great bill of sale. 

Bild, 771. image, statue, figure, -a, V, 
a. to form , to model , to fashion , to 
mould, to shape, -erbibel, m. Bible 
with prints. — erbok, f. picture, 
book. -erdyrkan, f. iconolatry. 
-gjutare, m. statue-founder, -hng- 
gare , w. sculptor, statuary, car- 
ver, -llllggeri, n. sculpture, chisel- 
work, —lig, a. figurative; symbolical. 
—ning, f. formation, shape, make; 
culture, cultivation ; education, accom- 
plishment, -st od, 771. statue* -storm- 
are, 771. iconoclast. 

Biljard, m. billiards. -boll, 771, 
-kala, f, billiard-ball., 
m. cue, billiard-stick. 

Biljett,. 77Z. billet; ticket» 



Billj ra, ploughshare. 

Billig) a. equitable, reasonable, fair, 
just; low, cheap. — ft^ V, a. to ap- 
prove of, to give into. — hetj /. 
equity, reason, justness; cheapness. 

Biltog, a. outlawed, -görande, n. 


Biläger, w. nuptials. 

Bilägga, V, a, to add, to subjoin; to 
bestow upon, to impute; to settle, to 
reconcile. — Ilde, n, settlement, re- 
conciliation, —re, wi. mediator. 

Bilopare, m. interloper. 

Bilianm, n. byname, surname. 

Binda, f. bandage, sling; (ört) convol- 
vulus; black bindweed. — , t?. a. to 
bind, to tie, to Jcnit; to confine, to 
oblige, -nde, a, binding. — skal, 
convincing reason. 

Bindllel, m. bandage, fillet, -enyckel, 

m, key of St. Petrus, -nålj m. knitt- 
ing-pin. ^ord, n. copula, -rcnj, 
m, strap, latchet. -slCj W. tie. -tråd^ 
Wl. packthread, twine. 

Binge, m. heap; bin. 

BingelgraS, n. mercure, allgood (plant). 

Binka, f, flea-bane. 

Binnenhanin, n, basin. 

Binuikejlband, m. tape, -mask, m, 

tape-worm, gourd-worm. 
Biomständighet, f, accessory cir« 

Birfilare, m. scraper, alehouse-fiddler. 
Birå, m. bureau, office; scrutoire. 
Bisak, n. by-matter, incident. 
Bisarr, a. strange, odd, fanciful. 
Bischoif, m. bishop (a drink). 

Bisittare, m. assessor. 

Biskop, w. bishop. -s-döme, -s-stift, 

71. bisbopiick , episcopate , diocese. 
-S-kåpa, f. pall, mantle of a bishop. 

-s-niossa, f, mitre, -s-staf , m, 

crosier, bat; barrenwort. — S-Crt, f. 
Bismak, m. aftertaste. [fingerfiower. 
Bisofverska, f, concubine, bed-fellow. 

Bispringa, v. a. to succour, to assist, 

to relieve, to aid. 
Bister, a. fierce, angry, furious, bitter, 
terrible , boisterous,, —het , f. fierce- 
ness, fury, wrath. 


Bister, tti. (fdrg) bistre, woodsoot. 

Bistå, V. a. to assist, to aid, to sup. 
port, to back, to second. - en , to 
stand by one. — nd, n. assistance, 
support, -ndig, a. constant, lasting. 

Bisättjja, V. a. to bury, to deposite (a 
corpse), -ning, f, depositing (of a 

Bit, m, bit, morsel, piece. 

Bita, V, a. to bite. - in, - igenorriy 
to soak through, to eat, to penetrate. 
— nde, a, biting, sarcastical, smart, 
nipping, —re, m. mordella; sanding, 

Biträd{|a, v, a, to assist, to aid, to 
help; to accede. — 'e, n. concurrence, 
assistance; accession. 

Bitter, a, bitter, sharp; biting, nip- 
ping ; hostile, angry, -blad, W. water- 
pepper, —het, f. bitterness, sharp- 
ness; hatred. — jord, f. magnesia. 
-mandel, m, bitter almond. -Salt, 
n, bittersalt. -Spat, m, calci-murite, 
dolomite. — vatten, n. epsom- salt- 
water. —Ört, /". madwort. 

Bittida, ad» early, betimes, soon. 

Biverk, n, by-work. 

Bivista, v. a. to assist at, to attend. 

Biväg, m. by-way, by-path. 

Bjebba etc., s. Bjäbba etc. 

Bjudjla, V. a, to bid, to command, to 
order, to offer, to bid, to invite, to 
tender. — emot , to go against. — 
till, to attempt, to try, to offer. — 
öfver, to outbid, to bid a higher price. 
- Ut,Ao challenge, -ning, /". in- 

BJugg, W. barley. [vitation. 

Bjäbba, v. n. to yelp; to squall. 

Bjäfs, n. trumpery. 

Bjälke, m. beam, -band, W. braca. 
—lag, n. floor, entablature. 

Bjällra, f, small bell. 

Bjärt, a. bright, glaring. 

Bjässe, ra, a stout fellow, bravado. 

Björk, f, birch, -laf, W. inflated 
lichen. —lake, in, sap of birch. 

-lera, f. wiiite clay, -trast, m, 

misseltrush, fieldfare. 
Björn, ra, bear; florgen'drj dun. 
—bär, n, blackberry, dewberry, -dlllf 


m. bawdmoncy. -floka, f, bearwort, 
cow's parsnip. — ilHIA) f. she -bear. 
-ledare, m. bear-leader. -loka, f, 
wild angelica. — IllOSSa, f. great 
golden maidenhair. — skall, n. bear- 
hunting. —Öra, 71. arctosis ; auricula. 

Black, 771. gyves, shackles, bilboes. 

Black, Blackig, a. grayish, whitish. 

Blad, n. leaf; blade, bladet är om- 
vändt , the tables are turned, -ba- 
kelse, m. puffpaste. -fjäll, n. leaf, 
scales, -gnld, 71. goldleaf. -lljul, 
n. wheel with ladles, -ig", Cl. leaved, 
leafy. ~lns, f, wood-louse, -los, 
a. leafless, -lliage, m, tripe, feck. 
-mossa, n. spurious moss, -rik, 
a. leafy, full of leaves. -SllTer, 
n. silverleaf. -skaft, U. leafstalk. 

-STamp, 771. agaric, -tenn, n. 

leaftin, tinfoil. 

Blaggarn , n. yam spun of hurds. 
-Taf, m. cloth made of hurds. 

Bland, prp, among, between. 

Blaudija, v. a. to mix, to blend, to 
mingle. — till, to make up , to pre- 
pare. ~ sig i, to engage in, to meddle 
with, -ad, a, medley, miscellaneous. 
-foder, 71. mash, -ning, f. medly, 
allaying, -säd, f. raesiin. 

Blank, a. bright, shining, glittering, 
clear, blankt svdrd, naked sword. 
-a, V, a. to burnish, to brighten, to 
polish, -fisk, 771. bleak, May. -het, 
f. brightness. -SniÖrja, f. blacking. 

Blankard, m, beam of a carriage. 

Blankett, m. blankbond. 

Bleck, 71. tin, latten. -hammare, 

771. tinforge. -slagare , 771. tinman. 
Blecka, v. a. to blaze; to bark, to 

peel. -, f. blay (fisk). 
Blek, a. pale, wan, bleak, -a, 17. a. 

to bleach, -are, ra. bleacher, white- 

ner. -blå, a. faint blue. -0, n. 

bleaching-ground. -het, /. paleness. 

-lagd, -lett, a. paiefaced. -na, 

V. n. to grow pale, -ning, f, blea- 
ching, -röd, a. fallow, -sot, m. 
green sickness. 
Blemilma, /". pimple, wheal, pustule, 
bile, -nn'g, a, pimpled. 

Blockera " ^^9^ 

Blende, n. blende, mocklead, mockoi-e. 

Blick, 77Ä. look, twinkling, -a, v. n. 
to look, to view, to glance; T, to 
shine; to lighten, -eld, -fyr, 77i. 
T. false fires. 

Blid, a. mild, kind, propitious, tender ; 
prosperous, —het, f^ kindness, ^in- 
dulgence, mildness, gentleness, —kil, 
V. a. to appease, to pacify, to quiet, 
to mitigate, to mollify, -kelig, a. 
placable, propitiable. 

Blifva, V. 71. to be, to become, to fall, 
to grow, to turn, to prove; to stay, 
to remain , to abide ; to continue. — 
frisk igen, to recover. - kunnigt, 
to get abroad. — med bam, to prove 
with child, låt — , forbear, lät bli 
honom, let him alone. — af, to 
come of. bli af med, to get a went, 
to get rid of. — borta , to be lost. 

— efter, to remain behind. — i frän 
sig, to get out of one's wits. — igen, 
to remain. — ilia vid, to be startled. 

— 0771 intet, to prove idle. - qvar, 

— ofver, to be left, to remain. - till 
intet^ to come to nothing. — uppe, 
to stay up. — Ute, to stay out. — 
utom sig, to get besides one's self. 

— varse, to perceive. - vid, to 

Bliga, V. 71. to gaze, to stare. 

Blind, a. blind; effaced; implicit. 
-bock, 771. blindman's-buff. -fön- 
ster, 71. blind window, mock window. 
-het, f. blindness, cecity, -knagg, 
771. hornetfly. -lykta,/", dark-lantern, 
glim, -lås, n. dead lock, -näs.sla, 
f. dead nettle. -Orm , m. blind» 
worm. —skär, 71. lurking rocks. 

-tarm, 77i. biindgut. -vis, ad. 

blindly, at random. 

Blinda, f. T. spritsail. 

Blink, 771. twinkling, i blinken, in- 
stantly, -a, V. 72. to blink, to 

Blixt, 771. lightning, -ra, V, n. to 
lighten, to flash. -Stråle, 771. flash 
of lightning. 

Block, 72. block; pig, sow; pulley. 

-ad^ m. blockade, -era, v. a, to 



block up, to blockade. — llUSj 71. block* 
house, -sag, m. pitsaw. -tenn, n. 
block-tin. -vagn , m. low heavy 
waggon; truck. 
Blod, n, blood; consaaguinity, race, 
family, hlodet är tjockare än vatt- 
net, close is my shirt, but closer is 
my skin, -a, V, a, to blood, -fead, 
n, bloodshed , massacre, —böld, m. 
furuncle, -link, ?w. bull-finch, -flöd, 
n. bloody flux, hemorrhagy. -full, a. 
sanguineous; bloodshot, —full het, f. 
plethora. -glrig, a. bloodthirsty. 
-gång, m. issue of blood, -huild, 
m, bloodhound, bulldog. -Ig, ö. 
bloody; sanguinary. —Igel, m. leech. 

-klimp, m. clod of blood, -korf, 

W. blackpudding, -karl, m. blood- 
vessel, -lut^ m, bloodlye, lixivium 

af blood, -lös, a. bloodless, -pen- 
ningar, 771. jpZ.bioodwit. -renande, 

a, purgative. — rot, f. tormentil. 
-Sfrände, m, relation by blood. 
-Sförvandtskap, m. consanguinity. 
-Sllämd) W. bloody avengeraent. 
-skam, m, incest, -skuld, m. guilt 
of blood. -Spillan, f, bloodshedding. 
-SpoUning, f, spitting of blood. 

-sprängd, a. biood^pvinkied. -sten, 

771. bloodstone, -stillande, a. blood- 
stopping, -Stortnlng, f. hemor- 
rhagy. -SUgare, m. vampire. -tÖrst, 
m. bloodthirst. -var, 72. bloody 
matter, ichor. — Tatten , n. lymph. 
-Vitne, 771. martyr, -åder, f. yein. 

Blomjlax, w. spike of flowers, -blad, 

n. petal, -flock, m. umbel, -fly, 
n, cberraes. —fodeFj W. calix, glu- 
me, —fäste, n. receptacle, spindle. 
-hoik, m. flowercup. -holster, n, 

spathe. -knippe, 71. cyma. -knopp, 
771. bud of flower, -krona, f, cam- 
panula. -kruka, f, flowerpot, -kål, 
f» cauliflower. — nillg, f, efflorescency. 

-qTast, m, nosegay, -rnska, f. 

panicle. -Skaft, 71. peduncle. -Spira, 

■ /*. pointal. -stam, 77J. scapus. -TftSS, 

771. flowering rush. — verk^ 7Z. festoon. 

Blotnni{|a, f, flower; blossom; bloom; 

prime, - -, y. n, to bloom, to blossom ; 


to^ flourish, -era, V, a, to flower? 
-ig, a. flowered, — ist, m, florist. 

Blomster, n, flower, -almanack, 

771, calendar of flowers, -band, 71, 
festoon, garland, -fält, n, flowery 
field. -gård , 771. flower - garden. 

-krans, m, crown, garland, -kän- 
nare, 771, florist, -lök, 771. bulb. 
-mossa, f, spiachnum. -målning, 

f, flower-painting. -månad, 771. flow- 
er- month. — qvast, m» nosegay, 
—rik, a. flowery, bloomy, flourishing. 
-språk, n. language of flowers, -tid, 
77J. flower-season. 

Blomstra, v. n. blomstras, v. a. 

to blossom, to flourisch, to put blosv 

Blond, a. ifalr, light, light-coloured. 

Blonder, m, pi, blond-lnces. 

Bloss, n. link, torch, -a, V. n,Ao 
blaze, to flame. 

Blot, 7Z. sacrifice, —a, V. a. to im» 
molate, to sacrifice. 

Blott, a, bare, naked, uncovered ; alone, 
mere. — , (id, merely, only, but, ba- 
rely, —a, V, CL, to uncover, to bare, 
to strip, to lay open. —Ställa, V. a. 
to expose. 

Blund, 771. slumber, nap. -a, V. n, 
to shut the eyes. 

Bly, n. lead, -a, v. a. to lead, -ar- 
bete, n, plumbery, -aska, f. lead- 
ashes, -drus, m, T. lead -crystal. 

-erts, 771. blackiead. -ertspenna, 

f. —stift, 771. lead-pencil, crayon. 
-glans, 771. leadglance. -glas, n, 
lead-glass. — haltig, a, plumbiferous. 
— hvitt, n, white lead, ceruse, -lod, 
n, plumb. -malm, m, lead-ore. 

-ockra, /. lead-ochre. -salva, f, 
lead-ointment. -SOCker, n, sugar of 
lead, -spat, 71. leadspar. -Stift, 
n, lead pencil. -Stålmalm, 771. steel- 
grained lead. -StÖpare, 771. plumber. 
-STeif, 77i. lead- tail, -tacka, f. 
pig of lead. — vind, 771. vice, draw» 
ing machine to draw the lead for win- 
dows. — yitriol, m, vitriolic ore. 
-ättika, f, Tinegar of saturn. 
Blyg) a. bashful, shy, shamefaced, coy. 


•as 9 9. d. to be bashful, to blush. 
— dj W. ahcma, ignominy, disgrace; 
privities. — dbeilj n. sharebone. —het, 
f, bashfulness. -Sam, a. bashfal, 
modest. — samliet, f, modesty \ ba3h- 
fulnesa. -Sel, m, shame. 

Blysa, f. T. poop-lantem. 

Blå, a. blue, -a, v. a, to die blue. 
-aktig, a. bluish, -bar, W. bil- 
berry, -falk, m. henharm. -fot, 
m, osprey. -fStg, m, smalt, -fär- 
gare, m. bluedier. -hallon, n, 
blackberry, dewberry, -klint, m. 
bluebottle, -korp, m. blue jackdaw. 
-kråka, f. roller, -kulla, f, hell. 
— kyp, m. coop for blue colour, —kål, 
771. blue cabbage. — Icra, f, blue clay. 
— mes, m. blue titmouse, -na, V. a. 
to make blue. —, V. n. to grow blue. 
— Iiad, f, livid spot, bruise. — poli, 
m. aster, -russia, n, raisins of the 
sun. -Sippa, /". hepatica. -steil, 
m, roman vitriol. -Strumpa, f. 
bluestopking. -stål, m. dragonet. 
-syra, f. prussio acid. -Ögd, a. 

Blånor, blår, f, pL hurds. 

Blåslia, f. bladder, blister; wheal, pu- 
stule; sound; pitch; bubble (snail). 
— , V. n, & a, to blow, to wind, to 
sound; to smelt, d^t hldser starlet, 
the wind is high, — af, to blow off; 
to sound a retreat. — T)Ort, to blow 
away. — i, to instil intOj to inspire 
with. — igen^ to blow to. - under J 
to foment. «• Ujyp, to wind, to puff, 
to swell, to blow up. — Ut, to pro- 
claim by sound of trumpet, —are, 
m, blower; finfish. -bälj, m, bel- 
lows, — gump, m, rove- beetle. — ig, 

a. full of blisters ; stormy, -instru- 
ment, n, windinstrument. — klacka, 
f. cout, diver, -rör, n, blowpipe, blow- 
ing tube; bunting iron. — sten, m. 
etone in the bladder. -Sträng, m. 
uracbus. — Stål, n. blisters teel. — vä- 
de*r, n. blowing weather, high wind. 

Blåst, va, wind, blowing weather. 

Bläck, n. ink. ~a, v. a. to daub 
•with ink. -fisk^^a». blackfish. 



^flaska, f. Iiikbottie, -flack, m, 

spot of ink. -horn, n, inkhom, 

inkstand, -plump, n. inkblot, -pul- 

Ter^ n. ink.powder. 
Blada, v, a, to thin plants. 
Bläddra, f. bubble, blister, bladder. 

— , V. n. to turn over the leaves of a 

book. [glare. 

Blända, v, a, to blind; to dazzle, to 
BländTerk, W, illusion, fascination, 
Blänga, v. n, to stare at, 
Blänk|[a, v. n. to shine, to glitter, to 

glisten, -fyr, m. bluelight. 
Bias, m. Blasa, f. shim, white brow 

of a horse. 

Blaster, m. blast, bellows. -Ugn, 

7n. blastfurnace. 

Blöda, V, n. to bleed, to run with 
blood, - näsblod, to bleed at the 

BlÖd||ig9 a, tender, soft, tenderhearted. 
— ighet, -sinthet, f, tenderness, 

Blöja, f» swaddling-cloth, [timidity. 

Blöt, a. soft, yielding, pulpous, pulpy, 
roollient, ductile, lägga i — , to soak. 
lägga sitt hufvud i -, to beat one's 
brains., —a, V, a. to steep, to ma- 
cerate,' to sop, -fisk, m. soaked fish. 
-het, f, softness, -na, v, n, to 

soften, to melt, to relent, -ning, f, 
soaking, maceration. 
Bo, V» n. to live, to dwell, to reside, 
to lodge, to abide. — , 71%, inhabitant. 
— , n, place of abode, habitation, dwell- 
ing, .abode; housekeeping; goods and 
chattel*, inheritance ; estate; stock; nest. 
— och bohag , house and moveables. 
flytta -, to remove, to move. — drägt, 
'W. embezzlement of goods or money 
committed by one partner to the pre- 
judice of the other, —fast, a, landed 
who has his own house, —flyttning, 
f. removal. — fällig, a. decayed, 

-fälllghot, /".decay. -hag,-hags- 

tyg, n. moveables in a house, furni- 
ture, —lek , m, goods and chattels, 
—märke 9 n, paraph, mark; mono- 
gram. — näsla, f, motherwort, —på- 
lar, m. pL domicile, sld ner sina 
— , to fix one's habitAtioo. -<ä7inna, f. 




mother of family. — satt, <t, settled, 
—skifte, n. division of aa estate. 
— skilnad 9 m. separation of the 
goods, —stad, W. doruicil, abode, 
residence. —ställ© , n. habitation, 
residence, -sätta sig, v. r. to settle, 
to set up for one's self, -siittlllugj 

f. settling, -uppteekning, /. in- 


Bob b a, f. cowburn, burncow, buprestis. 

Bobin, m, bobbin. 

Bock, m. buck, he-goat, göra en — , 
to make a blunder, —blad, n. knee- 
grass, -killing, m. kid. -ragg, 
m. grat's-hair. — rot, /". small pirn- 
pinell. -skinn, n, buckskin, -skägg, 
71. goat's-beard (plant). -Språng, n. 

Bocka sig, V.r. to bow, to make a bow. 

Bod, f. shop, storehouse, magazine. 
•-betjent, m. shopkeeper's clerk. 
—dräng, m, servant in a shop. 

-flicka, f. shopmaid. -gosse, m. 

shopkeeper's prentice, shopboy. — lian» 

del, m, shopkeeping. -byra, f. 


Bodmeri, n, bottomry, -bref, n. 

bottomry . bond, -gifvarö, m. ad- 

vancer of bottorary-money. 
Bof, 771. rogue, villain, rascal. — aktig, 

a. villanous. — StyckO, n. roguery, 

Bofink, m, bullfinch, chaffinch. 
Bofist, m. pumjaii, puckfist. 
Bofyenllbramsegel, n. royal, ofver- 

-, shyscraper. ^^-bramstång, m, 

royal mast, -bändsel^ W. lashing 

of the shrows and stays, handseiziog. 

-bytta, f, poop royal, -kryss- 

bramsegel, TL great main top stay- 
sail, -kryss-segel, n. mlzen top. 
gallant royal sail. — kol , Wl. upper 
^ falsekeel. -skuf blinda , f. sprit, 
sail . topgallant • sail. -stångstag- 
Seg6l, n. mizen spindle-staysaU. 
Bog, m. shoulder; T, bow. en rund 
— , a bluff bow. -a, V. a. to splay 
(a horse), -ankare, W. bow-anchor. 
—blad 4 n, shoulderbone, shoulder, 
blade. -T>f UtOU, a, splayed, -kanon, 

W. headpiece, -lina, f, buoy. rope, 
bowline. -Sprot, n. bowsprit. -SVep, 
m. curvature of a ship, —timmer, 
n. crocktimber. —trä, n. hame, collar, 
-VUling, m. gammoning. 

Bogserlla, v. a. to tow. -ing, f, 

towage, -lina, f. towrope, breastfast, 

Bohvete, n. buckwheat, -gryn, w, 

halfground beachwheat. 

Boj, n. bays, baize. 

Boj, m, buoy, -a, V, a, tu buoy. 
-rep, 71. buoy-rope. 

Boja, f. Bojor, pi, fetters, irons. 

Boj ert, m. a boat employed for laying 
the buoys. 

Bok, f, beech. -åUon, n, beechnut, 

Bok, f, fpl. böcker J, book; quire (of 
paper), föra till hokSj to book, 
det star ilia till hoks, it makes a 
bad account, hälla - med någon, 
to keep account with one. '-blndaro, 
m, bookbinder, -förare , m, book, 
keeper. — foring, f, bookkeeping. 

-förteckning, f, catalogue, -han- 
del, m. booktrade, -handlare, m, 
bookseller. -liylla^ /". bookshelf. 
-llållare, m. bookkeeper, clerk. 
-bålleri, n, bookkeeping, dubltlt 
— , bookkeeping by double entry. 
-kunskap, f. bibliography, -lig, 
a. literary, hoklipa konster, litera- 
ture, letters. — Jlida, f, bookseller's 

shop, -mal, m. bookworm, -sam- 
ling, f, library, -skåp, n. book, 
case, -slut, W. balance, -språk- 
n, wri-tten language. — spänno, n', 
hook on a book. — staf , m, letter, 
type, character, efter bokstafoen, bok'- 
staftigeny literally, -staflig, a. literal, 
-Btafyera,v.a.<fe 71. tospeii. -tryck- 
are, m. printer, -tryckaregosse, 

77J. printer's apprentice, -tryckare- 

press, m, printing-press, -tryckare- 
BYärta, f. printing-ink, -tryckeri, 

n. printing-office. -TOtt, n. litera- 
ture , learning. — VUrm , 771. book- 
worm. -Tan, -älskare, m. bibUo. 

Bok||a, V. a, to beat the ore small 

-are, m. knocker, -hammare, m. 


knoclcer'a hammer. -^staiUPf W», 
—verk, W. stamping-mill. 
Bokna, v. n, to grow rotten. 

Bollja, V, n, to bugger, to wench, -are, 

m, buggerer. — erj, n, fornication. 
Bola^, n, partnership, -snian, m. 

Bolina, f. bowline. [partner. 

Boll, m. ball; T» pompet; tennis. 

-hus, 71. tennis-court, -spel, n. 

Bolma^ V, n, to smoke, to steam. 
Bolmört, f. henbane. 
Boistrr, n. feather-bed. -TRr, n. 

ticking, ticken, tick. 
Bolus, m. bole. 
Bolverk, n, bulwark. 

Bolyxa, /. great axe. 

Bom, m, bar; T. boom; caneroll; 
kneeroll. sld — , to mistake, —ma 
(fore), V, a. to bar, to bolt, -tåg, 
n. guest-rope. 

Bomb, TTw bomb, -ardera, v. a, to 

bombard, -ardering, f. bombard- 

ment. —fri, a. bombproof, —kast- 
ning, f, casting of bombs, -kits, 
m. bombketch. 

Bombast, m, fustian. 

Bom olja, f. oil of olives, olive-oil. 

Bomull, f. cotton, -garn, w. cotton- 
thread. — lärft, n. cotton, cloth 
made of cotton, -spinneri, n, cot- 
tonmill. — yadd, n, cotton-wadding. 

-Taror, f. pi. cottons, -väf, n. 


Bomärke, n. paraphe, mark. 

Bona, v. a, to polish with wax, to 
rub. —re, m. rubber. 

Bonde, m. peasant, countryman, far- 
mer, husbandman; pawn. 

Bondljaktig, a. rustic, -blyg, a. 

coy, sheepish. -by, m, village. 
-dräng, m. a farmer's man. -flicka, 
f. country-girl, -gård, m. farm- 
house, -hemman, m, farm, copyhold. 
-hnnd, m, cur, mastiflf. -hustru, 
f. country-woman, -högfärd, m. 
rustic pride. -koja, f, cottage. 

-lurk, -lymmel, m. churl, clown, 

bumpkin, -piga, f. peassint'a maid. 
-ska, f» country dialect. — , ad. 

Swcdish'JSnglish Diet, 



boorishly. -spelare, tn. fiddler, 
scraper. -Språk, 71. rustio dialectc 
—stånd, n. peasantry, farmers. — tro, 
f, implicit faith. 

Boning, f. habitation, abode, dwelling* 
— Shus, n. dwelling-house, mansion» 
-splats, m. place of abode, -srum, 
71. dwelling-room, day-room. 

Bonnet, tti. T. bonnet (sail). 

Borax, Borek, m. borax, -syra, f. 

boracio acid. 
Bord, n. table; T. board, lasa till 
hordSf to say grace before meat, om 
-, on board, aboard, kasta of ver -, 
to cast over board, lägga om -, 
to board, to lay aboard, -duk, 771. 
table-cloth. -fot, 771. leg of a table. 

-kamrat, m. tabie-feiiow. -klocka, 

f. dinnerbell. -låda, f, drawer of 
a table, -lägga, V. a.^ to plank the 
outside of a ship, -läggning, f, 
outside-planking of a ship. — silfver, 
n. tableplate. -skiffer, m. slate for 
writing -tablet, -skifva, f. leaf of 
a table. -Skåp, n. cupboard, -stud* 

sare, 771. tabie-ciock. -sällskap, ti. 

dinner-party, -tyg, n, table- furniture. 

-vän, 771. table-friend; parasite. 
Bordell, n, brothel. 
Boren, a. boro. 
Borg, 771, castle, fort; 37. preventer; 

safeguard, -domare, 77». judge of 

the castle, -drejrep, n, false tie. 

-grefre, 771. burgrave. -grefTlnna^ 

f, burgravine. -gård, 77*. palace-yard. 

—mästare, ttj. burgomaster, mayor. 

-rätt, m, palace -court, -tåg, n» 

preventer, -Yftnt-tåg, 7». swifter. 
Borga, V. a. to take upon trust ell. 

tick, to give upon trust, to sell upon 

credit. - ut, to lend out. - af, to 

borrow of. 
Borgarlle, 771. burgher, citizen, -aktig, 

a. citizenlike, -ed, 77». citizen's-oath. 

-högfärd, f, citizen-pride. -krona, 

f, civic crown, -mossig, a. citizen- 
like, -rätt, m. citizenship, privilege 
of a citizen, -stånd, 7». class of 
citizens. — vakt, m. trainbands. -tIs^ 
ad, citizenlike.'' 




Borgllen, m, bail, security, snrrty. gå 
i - för, to be bail for. -enär, w. 
•r«ditor. — esman, m. »urety, bonds- 

Borger[]llg^ a. civil. - tunga, the 
duties of a burgher, -skap, n. 
burghership, commonalty of citizens. 

Boricka^ f, bastard of a horse and 
an as3. 

Borr^ wi. auger, gimlet, bit, bore, drill. 

a 9 V. a. to bore, to perforate. — 

sig, to wrench the foot, -block, n. 

clave, -en, m. (Jidstsjulcdom) dis- 

location in the foot, -fisk, 771. shell- 

fish, -jern, n. drill-iron. -liiaskin, 
f, drilling • machine, boring - frame. 
—mjöl, n, borings. 

Borre, m. sea-hedge-bog (fish). 

Borst, m, bristle, -a, V. a, to brush. 
-a sig, V. r. to bristle, to be sturdy. 
—bindare, m. brushmaker, —0, W. 
brush, -gräs, n, matgrass. -ig, 
a. bristly. -HCglika, 8. sweetjohn, 
sweetwilliam. —tistel , in, english 
soft gentle thistle, -tåtel, W. grey 

Bort, ad. away, hence, avaunt. långt 
-, far off. tio mil -, ten miles off. 

— ifrån, far hence. — om, beyond, 
on the other side. — -å^, thither; al- 
most, much about, och så vidare 

— åt, and so all the way on. hela 
tiden - åt, all along, -arrendera, 

V. a. to lease, -bjnda, v. a, to in- 
vite, -b) ta, v. a. to change, -byt- 
ning, f. (af ett ham), supposition. 
-domna, v. n, to grow numb, -dun- 
sta, V, n. to evaporate, -dåna, V. 

«. to faint, to swoon, -döende, n* 
extinction, -flytta, v. n. to with- 
draw, to retire, to leave, —föra, V, 
a. to carry away, -gifta, V, O. to 
marry. -gif?a, V. a. to give away. 
— gifyande, n. denary; conferring. 
—gång, 771. departure; exit, decease. 

-kasta, V, a. to throw away, -lofva, 

V, a. to promise, -lägga, V. a. to 
lay by. -resa, f, departure, -rycka, 

V. a. to pull off. -skaffa, v, a. 
to get away, -snappai V, a. to 


snatch away, -tagen, a. paralytic* 
-tagenhet, f, palsy. 

Borta, ad. away, absent, abroad; lost. 

der — , yonder, hemma och -, at 

home and abroad. 
Bose, 771. viper, adder. 
Boskap, 77>. cattle, -safvel, m. 

cattle-breeding, keeping cattle. -S- 
djur, n. black-cattle, -sdrift, f. 
drove of cattle; pasture-ground. — S- 

handel, m. trade in cattle, -shand- 

lare, TTI. cattle - dealer. -Sbjord, 
171. herdsman, -släkare, 771. veteri- 
narian. — SKtarknad, m. market for 
cattle, -spenningar, pi. duty paid 
for cattle, -spest, 771. murrain. -S- 
SkÖtsel, 77J. cattle-breeding. 

Boss, n. chaff, litter, -a, V. a. to litter. 

Bot, 77». remedy, cure; penance, —a, 
V, a. to heal, to cure; to repair. 
— ande^ n. healing, amendment, re» 
paration. — Omedel, n. remedy, help. 
—färdig, a. penitent, repentant, con- 
trite for sin. -färdighet, f. repen- 
tance, penitence, -göringsdag, m. 
day of penitence, fastday. -Hg, a. 
curable, reparable, —predikan, m. 
sermon of repentance. — psalui , f, 
penitential-psalm. —Ö fil ing, f. exer- 
cice of penitence. -Ofningsskjorta, 
f. hair-cloth. 

Botan||lk, f. botany, -isera, v. 7?. 

to botanize, to go a sirapling. — isk, 
a, botanical. — ist, 771. botanist. 

Botten, 771. bottom; floor, loft; terri- 
tory. — på tyg, ground, groundwork. 
-lös, a. bottomless, -mns , f. ar. 
med bullhead, -sats, m. sediment, 
dregs. -stock, m. floor -timber, 
-ärlig, a. thoroughly honest. 

Bottna, V. n. to suffice, to be enough. 

Botnni, n, fine, mulct, penalty. 

Bovenbramsegel etc., s. Bofven- 

brarasegel etc. 
Boxas, V. d. to box. 
Bra, a. good, well; honest. -, ad, 

well, mycket, very. 
Brack, m. limer, blood-hound. 
Bracka, f. (pL hrackorj breeches. 
Bragd) tti. exploit, action. 


Brak ; n, eraok , bounce, -a ^ i;. n, 
to crack. — löst, to burst out t to 
break loose. —VCd, m, ålder buck- 
thorn, [m. topgallant-iuast. 

Bi'tamsegel, n.topgaiiant-saii. -svdng^ 

Brandy m. brand, firebrand; conflagra. 
tion , fire ; inflammation ; blasting. 
-bref, n, incendiary- letter, -fri, 05. 
fireproof, -försäkra^ v. a, to in- 
sure against fire, -försäkring, f. 
fire • insurance. — gul , a. orange- 
coloured, -gås, f, sheldrake, -liake, 
m, firehook. -jem, n, andiron. 

-kassa, /. firecash. -korn, n. 

blighted corn, -kula, f, fireball. 
-kår, m. corps of firemen, -mur, 
W. strong fireproof wall; brick» wall. 
-riif, m, brandfox. -segel, n. fire- 
sail, -skada, f, fire-damage. -Skatt, 
7». contribution on pain of fire, -skepp, 
W. fireship. -Spruta, f, fire-engine. 

-stake, m, firestick. -stege, m. 

fireladder. -Stod, m, subsidy for 
damage from fire. — Syn , W. survey 
of the hearths or chimneys. — vakt, 
m, fire-watch, watchman, -ämbar, 
7n, fire-bucket. 
Brant, a. steep, acclivous. — , s, rri, 
precipice, ^het, f, precipice, decli- 
vity, steepness. 

Brasa, f. fire. -, v. n. to flame. 
Brasilieträd, «, brasil, brazil. 
Braska, v. n. to rustle, to bustle; 'to 

carry it high. — nd©, 7». pomp, shew, 

ostentation, display. 
Brass, m, brace» -a, V, n, to brace. 

— fyrkant, to square the yards. 
Braxen, m. bream, -blad, n, quill- 

Bred, a. broad, wide ; deep, -a, V, a. 

to spread, to extend. - itjpp en sang, 

to make a bed. — d , f, broadness, 

breadth, wideness ; depth ; T, latitude. 

gå i bredd med någon, to rank with 

one. —vid, ad. near, nigh, beside, 

by, at the side of another. 
Bref, n, letter, epistle; paper, öppet 

-, letter patent, -bärare, m, post. 

man. — dufva, f, carrier-pigeon. 

-form, m. epistolary style. -kUYert, 



n. envelope, cover. -pOrtO,n. postage. 
-Ställare, m. letterwriter, letterbook. 
-yexling, f, correspondence by let- 
ters, —väska, f. lettercase. 

B rems, m, snaffle, brake, barnadea. 

Bresilja, f, brasil, brazil. 

Bricka, f. board, tray; fi SpelJ piece, 

B rigg, m. brig. (man. 

Briljant, m. brilliant. -, a. brilliant, 

Bringa, f. breast, brisket. 

Bringa, v, a, to bring, to fetch, to 
convey, to carry. — fram, to bring 
forward, to produce. — hit, to bring 
hither, —in, to bring in, to bring 
heme. — om lifvet , to put one to 
death. - till rätta, to settle. - 
till v'dga, to bring about. 

Brink, m, descent of a hill. -Iiake, 
771. trigger. 

Brinna, v. n. to bum, to heat, to fer- 
ment. — Ut, to burn out. -nde,' 
a, burning; ardent. 

Brist, m. want, need, defect, deficiency ;^ 
failure, failing, default, -a, V, 71. 
to fail, to lack, to want, -fälllg, 
a, defective; shattered. 

Brista, t;. 7l. to break, to burst. - 
ut i, to fly into, to fall into. 

Brits, 771. bedboard, barrack-bed. 

BrO, f. bridge, -byggnad, f. build- 
ing of bridges, -fogde, 7». suryeyor 
of bridges, -hvalf , 71. arch of a 
bridge. — klsta, f, pile of a bridge. 

-lägga, V, n. to bridge, -pelare, 
771. pier, -penningar, m, pi. pon- 
tage, -tull, m, bridge-toll. 
Brochera, v, a. fen holt) to stich, 

to sew; ftyg) to weave, to work. 
Brodd, 771. frostnail ; blade, -a, V. a. 
to furnisch shoes with frostnails. 

Broder, Bror, m. brother, -band, 

n. brotherhood, -barn, n, child of 
one's brother, -d Otter, f, niece. 
-lig, a, brotherly, fraternal, -mord, 
71. fratricide. -Skap, n. brotherhood, 
fellowship, congregation; fraternity. 
-son, 771. nephew. 
Broderlla, v, a. to embroider, -i, n, 
embroidery, -nål, f, tambour-needle. 




Brok, m. T, breeching; throat-brail. 

Brokad; m. brocade. 

Brokig, a. variegated, varicoloured. 
— liet, f, variegation, —t, ad, con- 

Brombär, m. blackberry. 

Broms, W. horsefly; snaffle; brake, -a, 
V, a. to check, -kula, f. warbeetle. 

Brons, m. brass, braze, bronze, -era, 
v. a, to braze. 

BrOSk, n, cartilage, gristle, -aktig, 
a. cartilagineous. 

Brott, n, fracture, breach, rupture; 
crime, trespass. — lllål, n, criminal 
cause, -målsdomare, ra. sheriff. 
-målsdomstol, m. criminal court. 
-målslag, 771. criminal law. -måls- 
lagbok, f, criminal code. -Sllg, 
a. criminal, guilty. — slillg, m. cri- 
minal, delinquent. [to wrestle. 

Brottajlre, m. wrestler, -s, v. d. 

Brud, /. bride, spouse, -bröd, m. com- 
mon dropwort. —folk , 71. betrothed 
couple, -främa, /".bridemaid. -gUm, 
m, bride -groom. — gåfva, f. sponsal 
present. — klädnillg, f. wedding-gown. 

-krans, m. bridal garland, -ledare, 

m. paranymph. —par, 71» betrothed 

couple, -piga, f. brideraaid. -rid- 
dare, m. brideguard. -skatt, 771. 
dowry. — Skrift, f. epithalamium. 
-skrud, 771. nuptial ornament. -SVen, 
771. brideraan. -säng, f, bridebed. 
-vigsel, 771. wedding. -tal, 71, 
wedding -oration, —tärna, f. bride- 
maid, —visa, /. weddingsong. 

Bruk, 71. custom, fashion, practice, use, 
usage; iron-work, forge; mortar; culture, 
cultivation ; tillage, —a,» V. a. to use 
of; to employ; to cultivate* — , V. n. 
to use, to be wont, —bar, a. fit, 
useful, serviceable. — barliet, f. use- 
fulness, aptness, —lig, «. usual, com- 
mon; customary; modern, —ning, f. 
usage; culture. — S-patrOn, 7n» pro- 
prietor of an iron-work. 

Brumma, v. n, to hum, to buzz, to 

growl, to gnarl. 
Brun, a. brown, -aktig, a. brown- 
ish, -kulla, /". «tander-grais. -kål; 

771. blue-cabbage. -OCkr», f. browv 
ochre. — ska, V. 71, to turn brown. 
-spat, 771. brownspar, siderocalcit. 
—sten, 7n, manganese. 

B run da, v. ti. to rut. 

Brunell, tti, prunella; self-heal. 

Brunn, 7n, well, spring; waters. 

Brunns||gäst , 7n, drinker of mineral 
waters, -hill, W. well-mouth; kerb* 
stone. — kur, 7n. watercure, use of 
mineral waters, -lock, 71, wellcover. 
-mästare, tti. master of the wells. 

-rcnsare, tti, cleanser Tof wells, -rep, 
71. weiirope. -ror, 71, -trumma, 

/'. pipe of a pomp , conduit • pipe. 
-SVängel, 7n. swipe of a well. 

Brunst, 7n, rut. -ig, a. ruttish. 

Brus||a, v. n. to roar, ett hnisande 
Jiaf, a raging sea. -hane, 7n. ruff. 

Bruttovigt, 771. bruttoweight , gross- 

Bry, V, a, to puzzle, to trouble, to 
perplex, to tease, to vex. — sig om, 
to meddle with, to care for. vara 
ilia hrydd, to be at one's wit's end. 
— deri, n. puzzle, perplexity, embar- 
rassment. — dsam , a. troublesome, 

Brygd, 711. brewing. [vexatious. 

Brygga, f. bridge. 

Brygglla, v. a. to brew, -are, w. 

brewer. — eri, 71, brewhouse. —kar, 
n. brewing-tub. — kittol , 7n. brew, 
kettle, -nillg, f. brewing. -VCrk, 
71. brewing concerns. 

Brylling, tti, second cousin. 

Bryn, 'n. brim, edge, surface. 

Brynjja, v. a, to toast, to burn; to 
whet, to set, -6, — stcu , m. hone, 
whetstone, -Stål, 7i. tablesteel, whet- 

Brynja, f. coat of mail, brinie, jack. 

Brytya, v. a. & n. to break; to sprain; 
to gall; to fold; to plait; to refract; 
to check. — af, to break off. — sari' 
der, to break asunder. — ut en tand, 
to draw a tooth. — igenom, to force 
through. — ut sig pä någon, to 
insult one. — upp ifrån en ort, to 
decamp , to move off. — pä Tyska, 
to haY« a german accent, — etJiOt, 


to transgress, to violate, to offend, to 
abuse. - fram, to be forth, to 
appear. - Wj^p, to chap. hruUn 
Svemka, broken Swedish. — sig, v. 
r. to turn, to change, —ning, f. 
fraction, breaking; touch of the ague, 
stretching; refraction; strange accent. 

Brå, v. 71. to take after, to resemble. 

Bråck 9 n. rupture, hermia. — Jbaud^ 
n, suspensory, truss, bandage. 

Bråd, a. hot, eager, keen in desire, 
early, premature, hasty, hafva hrädt 
om, to be in a hurry, -djup, n. 
precipice, abyss, gulf. — , a. precipita- 
tely deep, —död, 7». sudden death. 
— , a. suddenly deceased. — mogen, a. 
premature, precocious. — Ska, f, hurry, 
precipitation, haste. — , V. W. to hurry. 

-skilnad, m, encounter, -spel, 
n. T. windlass, -storta, V, a. to 
precipitate, to throw headlong, —ärter, 
f, pi. early pease. 

Bråk, 72. trouble, pain, ado, difficulties ; 

. jT. fraction, -a , f, brake. — , V. a, 

f (lin J to break ; to puzzle one's self with. 

Brånad, m, concupiscence. Just; in- 

Brås, V, d, to take after, to resemble. 

Bråte, 771. lumber, luggage, trash. 

Bräck, m, crack, breach, —a, f, crack, 
flaw ; T, fore-sheet. — , v. a. to break, 
to crash. — pd glöd, to broil, -lig, 
a. fragile; infirm, -ligliet, f, britt- 
leness; infirmity, —tång, f, pincer. 

Brädd, m, brim, margin, brink, edge, 
side, -a, v. a. to fill to the top. 
-fall, a. full to top, brimfull. 

Bräd{|e, n, board, deal; table, spela 
— , to play at draughts, sld en ur 
— , to surpass one. —lapp, m, piece 
of a board, -skjul, n. shed, -slå, 
V. a. to wainscot, -spel, 72. draught- 
board. — såg, f, pit-saw, mill-saw, 
-y'Vi^^^ f. board-partition. 

Bräka, v. n, to bleat. 

Braken, m, fern, brake. 

Bräm, 7». border, edge, limb. -», v. 

a. to border. 
Bränn||a, v. a. to bum; to roast, to 

bcorch ; to distil ; to sting ; T. to bream. 



-are, m. fireshlp ; fusee ; (pd ikmpor) 
burner, -bar, a. coinbustibfe. -erl, 
iJ. distillery, -glas^ iZ. burning-glass. 
-ing, {, burning ; cauterization ; brea» 
kers, surf, -jern^ 71. brandiron. — ma» 
terial, 7i. fewei. -medel, n, causticu 
-inärka, v. a. to brand, -märke, n»! 

brand, mark of infamy, -nässla, ft 
nettle. -Oflfer, n, burnt-offering, holo» 
caust. -pnnkt^ m. focus, -sjuka, f. 
violent fever. — skada, /". bum. -sle, 
71. fewel, firing. -Spegel, 771. bur- 
ning-lens. — Sar^ 7). bum. — torf, 
m, turf for fewel. — TCd , I», fewel, 
firing. -Vin, f, brandy. -Tins- 

advokat, m. pettifogger, -vins- 

brännare, itl, distiller of brandy. 

-vinsb ränner!, n, distillery, stiii- 

house. — Tinspauna, f, alembic, still- 
head, -vinsprofrare, t». aerometer. 

Brätte, 7t. brim, flap. 

Bröd, 71. bread; livelihood, -dark, 
771. y. breadroom. -frukt, 771. bread- 
fruit, -föda, /. bread, livelihood. 
—herre, TT*. nourisher, employer. 

-kant, 77». crust of bread, -skifya, 

/, slice of bread. — skorpa, /". crust; 
biscuit, —smala, f, crum of bread. 
-soppa, f. panado. -Spade, 771. 
baker's peel, -stadiam, 72. pro- 
fessional study. -Stycke, n. piece 
of bread; liveliliood. -träd, 7i. 
breadfruit-tree, —värdering, f, assize 
of bread. 

Brödrajlband, -lag^ n. brotherhood, 

bench of fraternity. — Skap^ n. fra- 
ternity, [riage. 
Bröllop, 77. wedding; nuptials, mar- 
BrÖst, 71. breast; bubby, pap; upper 
end. -a slg, V. r. to give one's self 
great airs, to look big, to carry it 
high; to bridle up; to swell. — arf, 
71. patrimony, -arfving, ra. lawful 
issue, -ben, 71. breastbone, -bild, 
771. bust. — duk, 77&. underwaistcoat; 
gorget, —feber, 771. pectoral fever, 

-gänges, ad. short upon, -har- 
nesk;, n. breastplate, -hinna, f. 
pleura. — Iliila, f. cavity of the breast. 
-kakor, /, pL pe«toral troches^ 

38 BrSstklämning 

-klällining'^ f. pressing pain In the 
breast, — kärnA^ f» breast - piece. 
-lapp 9 m, stomacher, -sjaka, f, 
pectoral distemper. — skoid, m. pla- 
stron, —socker J n, sugar -candy. 
— téj n, pectoral tea. — vatteilSOt, 
tn. pectoral dropsy. — värkj m. pain 
in the breast. -Täm^ n. parapet. 
—åder, f. thoracic vein. 

Babbla, f, bubble, bladder. 

Buckla, f, buckle, curl. 

Bud, n, precept, commandment; ofifer. 
— , 771. messenger, message, —bärare, 
m. messenger. — Ord, n. command, 
ment. — skap, W. message. 

Bndd, m, smelt. 

JJuffel, 771. buff, buffalo, bufae. 

Baglja, V, n. -a sig, v, r, to bow, 
to make a bow. -ande, n. -ning, 
f. bowing, bow. 

Bogt, m. bend, flexure, incurvation, 
curve, bent; gulf, bay. fd — pd en, 
to make one yield. - pa ett tag, 
lack of a rope, -a, v. n, -a sig, 
V. r. to bend, to curve, to meander. 
— ig, a, curve, bent, sinuous; swell- 
ing out; protuberant. 

Buk, 771. belly. - pd ett segels the 
bunt of a sail, —a, V. W. to swell. 
-gjord, f. girt, cingie. -gårding, 

m. buntline. —hinna, /. peritoneum. 
— ig, a. bellied, swelling out. —ref, 
n. gripes, -sorg, f. bellycare. —ta- 
lare, 771. ventriloquist. 

Bula, f, bump, swelling, protuberance; 

Buldan, m» sackcloth. [bruise. 

Bulig, a. full of bumps. 

Buljong, 771. broth. 

Bulla, f, bull. Papal decree. 

Bulle, 77». a loaf of bread. 

Buller, 71. noise, clamour, bustle. — bas, 
771. noisemaker. -blomster, n. globe- 
flower, -sam, a. noisy. 

Bullra, v. n, to make a noi>e, to roar. 

Bulna, V. n. to swell ; to matter, -d, 
f, swelling; morbid tumour. 

Bult, m. bolt, -jern, n, boitiron. 
Bulta, V. a. to knock, to beat, to 

BonjlsforvaiHlt, m. ally, confederate. 


Bnndt^ Bunt, m, bundle, baie. -lä* 
der, n. sole-leather, -makaro^ m, 

furrier. -mÖSSa, f. furcap. 

Bunke, m, tup, coop. 
Bur, 771. cage. 

Burllbref, QI. certificate of citizenship. 
-skap, W. fredom of a city, burgher- 

Burdus, ad, headlong, at once, löpa 

— pd en, to run full butt at one. 
Burggrefve, m. burgrave. 

Burk, 771. pot. 

Bus, ad, short upon, bounce. — ft^ V, «• 

— pd, to rush upon. 
Buse, 771. bugbear. 

Buska, f, new infermented beer. 

Busklje, 77i. bush, shrub. -ig, flT. 
bushy, —pil, f. osier-willow. -Snår, 
71. bushes, shrubs, thicket. 

Buss, 771. stout fellow, companion, com- 
rade; pigtail, quid of tobacco. — a, V. 
a. to chew tobacco. 

But, m. clod, clot. 

iSutelj, 771. bottle. 

Butik, m, shop. 

B utta, f, turbot. 

Butter, a. blunt, surly, -liet, f. 

bluntness, surliness. 

Buxbom, m. box, boxwood. 

By, m, village, hamlet; flurry, squall, 
sudden gust of wind. — fogde, 771. 
bailiff of a village, -lag, 72. com- 
monalty of a village, —män, m. pL 
villagers. -Ordning, /. the polity 
of a village. 

Bygd, 771. country, district. 

Bygel, m, hoop, ring; stirrup; bow 
(of a oword). 

Byggli'a, V. a. é n, to build. - pd 
en, to depend on one. — n'dt , to 
mend a net. -konst, f, architecture, 
-mästare, m. builder, architect. 
— nad, 771. structure, architecture, build- 
ing; fabric, edifice, pile, -nadsför- 
Slag, n. estimate of a building, —ning, 
f. building, fabric, edifice. 

Byk, 71. buck, elakt -, rabble, mob. 
-a, V, a, to wash, to buck, -kar, 
n, bucking-tub. — lut, 771. lie, buck» 

By It, n, charge, -a, V, n. to drudge. 




to toH.^— ihop, to pack np close 
together, to bundle up. — Ö5 ^ far* 

- del, bundle. 

Byrå) m. bureau, office, board ; scrutoir. 
— krat) 771. bureaucratist. 

Bysättlla, v. a. to imprison for debt. 
— ningr^ /". imprisonment for debt, 
execution, hafva hy sättning 3 . ut. 
slag pd €71, to have a warrant against 

Bytya, t;. a. to change, to exchange, 
to truck, to shift; to divide, to share. 
— hortf to substitute, to forge. — iQ^n, 
to disannul a barter. — Cj W. truck, 
exchange, barter, dividend; booty, 
pillage, -eshandel, m, traffic by 
exchange ; barter. -CSYIs, a. by way 
of exchange, —ing^ W. changeling. 

Bytta, f. pail. 

Byxllhangsle, n. braces, suspenders. 

-klaff, w. -Incka, f, flap. 

Byxor, f, pi, trowsers, pantaloons, 

Båda, V, a. to bode, to portend; to 
advertise, to send word. — till, to 
summon. — tillsammans, to call 
together. — Upp, to order. 

Båda, a. both. 

Både, ad. - och, as well as. 

Bagli'e, 771. bow, curve; frame, enchas- 
ing. —11 a, V, n. to grow crooked, to 
bend. — skytt, tti. archer, bowman, 
bowyer. -Strang, tti. bowstring. 

Båk, 771. beacon, -penningar, tti. 

pl. beaconage. [pile.. 

Bål, 771. bowl; trunk,, body. — , n. 

Bål, a, prodigious, -geting, m. bor- 
net. — t, ad, prodigiously. 

Bald, a, mighty, potent. 

Ball, s. Boll. 

Bålverk, n, bulwark. 

Bång, n. stir, tumult, -as, V, d, to 
keep a stir. -Styrlg, a, obstreper- 
ous, ungovernable. 

Bår, f. barrow; bier. — hus, 71. dead- 

house, -kläde, -täcke, n. paii. 

Bås, n, crib. 

Båt, 77». boat, gifva på låten, to 
give up, to relinquish. -sfolk^ 
-Sgastar,i?^ boat's crew. «*»t'åBg- 

lina, f. painter. -Shake, m. boat* 
hook. -Sklanipar, pi. boat-chocks, 
scantlets. — sled, 771. boats -way, a 
track navigable for boats. — Sman, 
772. boat-swain. 
Båtila, V, n. to boot, to benefit, to ad. 
vantage, to profit, -nad, f, profit, 

Bäck ^771. brook, rivulet, -bunga, 

-grona, f. brookline, water-pimpernel. 

-vide, n, osier. 
Bäcken, 71. basin; T. pelvis. 
Bädd, m, bed; channel; dock -yard. 

—a, V, a, to make tha bed. 
Bäfning, f, trepidation. 
Bafva, V. n, to quake, to tremble, to 

shake. — n, f, trepidation. — nde, a. 

tremulous, quavering. 
Bäfver, m. castor, beaver, -gäll, n, 

Bägare, tti. goblet, cup, callce. 
Bägge, pr, both, either, -dera, ad, 

on both sides, -lianda, -slags, 

ad, of both sorts. 
Bälg, m. belly; bellows; abdomen. 

-hund, 771. scoundrel, -trampare, 

771. bellow-treader. -vante, 77». mitten 

of black leather. 
Bälta, f. armadillo. 
Bälte, n. belt, sp'dnna -, to grapple. 

ett hugg i hältet, a home thrust. 
Bändlla, v. a. & n, to stretch, to strain, 

to break, rocken händer , the coat 

is too tight. — Ig, a, flexible; tame, 
Bändsel, n, T, seizing. [tameable. 

Ban gel, m, scoundrel; (hoktr,) rounce. 
Bänk, 771. bench, scat, pew. -eköp» 

71. secret purchase, -gåfva, f, nup- 

tial present, -krok, m. Iron band. 
Bär, n, berry. 
Bärlla, v, a, to bear, to carry, to lay, 

to wear, to endure; to have; to calf. 

— sig, to succeed; to hold; to ans- 
wer; to wear. — sig åt, to behave, 
to conduct one's self; to carry one's 
self; to ta-ke a course. — , v, n. to 
go, to be bound to. 77ia^e7i här 
emot , the meat turns my stomach. 

- ihop för, to fall foul upon; to 
agree. «- Tic c2, to break through. — owi- 



lull för, to overset, -pä, to retort. - 
ii2^p, to gather up, to receive, to get, 
to take up. — sig till, to happen. - 
dt, to lead to, to turn, det bär ' icke 
dt, there's no opportunity, -ailde, 
a. bearing ; fruitful, productive, -are^ 
m, porter, bearer. — areloilj f. por- 
terage, portage, -ning, f. bearing; 
T. burden; calving. 

Barling, m. pole, bar. 

Bäst, a. f superi, af godj, best, när 
jag som häst höll pä att skrifva, 
just as I was writing, -a, n: best, 
welfare; interest; prime, det allmänna 
lästa, the public good, hafva ndgot 
till hasta, to be well to pass, hafva 
till hasta, to be a little tipsy. 

Bättrija, v. a. to amend, to improve, 
to better. - sig, v. r. to grow bet- 
ter, to get belter, -to recover. —6, a. 
fcomp. af god), better; preferable. 
— , ad. better. — fram, further for- 
ward, —ing", f, amendment; recover- 
ing, göra — , to repent. 

Bocklilicr, m. booking, red herring. 

BÖdeljBÖfveljW. executioner, hangman. 

BÖg^l, m. hoop, ring ; bow of a sword. 

BÖJlja, V. a. to bend, to bow, to incline. 
- sig undan, to draw, to turn aside. 
— d, a. bent, inclined, prepense, subject. 
—else, f. inclination, disposition of 
mind, passion, humour; genius, or- 
dens -, inflection. — Hg", a. flexible, 
pliable, limber, easily complying, —lig- 
het, f. flexibility, facility, compliance. 
— niug, f. bending; flexure. 

BÖk||a, V. a. to root up the ground; 
to turn up, to rummage, —ning, f. 

BÖla, V. n. to bellow, to trout; to low. 

Böld, m. tumour, ulcer. 

Bölja, f. billow, wave. 

Bön, f. prayer, entreaty, petition, re- 
quest. — bok, 771. prayer-book, —dag, 
m. fastday; day of public thank?glv 
ing. -enian, m. matchmaker, -falla, 
V. n. to petition, to supplicate. -llUS, 
n. oratory, —höra, V. a. to hear 
one's prayer. — liÖrelse, f. grant of 
request. -psalm, M. penitential 


psalm, -skrift, f. petition, -stund, 
f. prayer-time, -syster, f, devotee. 

BÖn||a, f» bean, turkiska hönor, kid- 
neybeans. — Iialn), m. bean-straw. 

BÖnlias, m. bungler; botcher, dabbler. 

Bör, m. T, fair wind. 

Böra, V. n. ought; to be fit. 

Börd, 771. childbirth, delivery; birth, 
extraction ; descent ; course, turn, vara 
till -, to be a native of. -a, V. a. 
to claim a hereditary right do buy 
any possession in the hands of another. 
— ig, a. native; fertile, fruitful, rich. 
-ighet, f. fertility, fruitfulness. 
-skrifter, "-m. pL list of births. 
-Srätt, m. birth-right; nearer claim. 
—stop, 01. preemption. 

Börda, f» burden, load. 

Börja, t;, a. &n. to begin, to commence. 
— n, 72. beginning, commencement. 

Börs, m. exchange, change; purse. 

B Or ting, m. salmon-trout. 

BÖiSlJa, f. handgun; box. -fiinta, /". 
gun-flint. -kolf, 771. buff-end of a 
gun. -kula, f, bullet, -lås, n. 
gun-lock, -pipa, /".gun-barrel, -rcni, 
m, gun -sling, -rensare, tti. gun- 
worm, —skott, 71. gun-shot, musket- 
shot, -skytt, 771. gunner. -Slued, 

771. gun-smith, -spannare, m. gun- 

charger. — stOCk, 771. gun-stock. 
Bösta, t;, a. to thump. - pd, to 

knock at. 
BÖta, V. 72. to fine, to pay a mulct. 
Böter, f. pi. fine, mulct. 
Boxor, 771, pi, breeches. 


The words not to be found under C, 
may be looked for under K. 

Campeclie-trä, n. logwoodj^ 

Cap, n. cape. 

Carmosin, m. crimson. 

Carnaval, m. camaval, shrovetide. 

Cartel, n. cartel. 

Coder, m. cedar, cedar-tree. 

Cedera^ v. n. to fail, to cede, to yield- 


Cement 9 n. cement, -stål, 7Z. ger- 
man Steel. 

Censjlor, m, censor. — nr, m. censare. 
— Urera, v, a. to censure. 

Centner 9 m, quintal, weight of hnn. 
dred pounds, hundredweight. 

Centralisera, v. a. to centralize. 

Ceremoni, f, ceremony, formality. 
—mästare, m, usher, master of the 
ceremonies. -Cl, 71. ceremonial. -OS, 
a. ceremonious. 

Certeparti, n, charter-party. 

Cession, m. cession; bankrupcy. 

Chagrin, n. shagreen. 

CJiarnér, n. hinge, joint, 

Charpie, n. lint. 

Chef, 171. chief. 

Chemi, f. chemistry, -sk , a. chemi- 
cal, chemic. — St, 7ft, chemist. 
Chirnrg, m. surgeon, chirargeon. — i, 

f. chirurgery. -isk, a. surgical, chi- 

Chlor, n. chlore. -kalk, m. chlorid 

of lime. — Oform, 97t. chloroform. 

Choklad, n. chocolate, -kaka, f. 

square of chocolate. 
Chor, n. choir; choms. -kåpa, f. 

pall, -sångare, m. chorist, chorister. 
Christns, m. Christ, Jesus Christ. 
Cigarr, m. segar, -fodral, n. segar- 

case. —låda, f, segarbox. — mund- 

Stycke, n. segartip. 
Cikoria, f. succory, chlccory, endive. 
Cinnober, m, cinnabar, vermilion. 
Cirkel, m. circle; compasses; assembly. 

—båge, m, arch of a circle, segment. 

-formig, a, circular. 
Cirkla, v. a. to circle* -d, a. too 

artful, affected. 

Cirknlllera, v. n. to circulate, -ar, 

n, circulatory letter, circular, 
Cisellera, r. a. to chisel, to enchase. 
Citadell, n. citadel. 
Citera, v. a. to quote, to cite. 
Citron, m. citron, lemon, -färgad, 

a, citrine, -meliss, f. balm-gentle. 

-saft, m, lemon- juice, -skal, n, 

lemon-peel. — Syra, f, citric acid. 
Cittra, f. cithern, guitar, [to civilize. 

CiTil, a. cini; cheap, -isera, V. a. 

Dagsmidja 41 

Contract, n. contract, convenant; 

bargain. — , a. lame, paralytic. 
Contra |j dans , m, country - dance. 

-march, m, countermarch. -Order, 

771. countermand. — pnnkt, in. coun* 
terpoint. — stÖt, m, counterpush. 

Copiljera, v, a, to copy, -ist, m, 

copist, transcriber, copier. 
Cornett, m, comet. 
Conr, 77). court, stor — , grett drawing* 

Cours, 771. course; ezohango. 
Courtage, n. brokerage. 
Cypress, m. cypress-tree. 
Czar, 771. czar, -inn a, f. czarina. 
Cäsor, m, cesura. 


Badel, m. date, -träd, n. date-tree. 

Dag, 771. day. det är stora ljusa 
dagen, it is high, broad day. — ifrdn 
— , day by day. i -, to day. * -» 
dtta dagar sedan, this day sennight. 
t - dtta dagar till, this day sen- 
night, dtta dagar, a sennight, fjor- 
ton dagar, a fortnight, göra sig 
goda dagar, to enjoy one's self. 
midtjpd dagen, \t noonday, at broad 
noon, orn dagen, in the daytime. 
i fordna dagar, in the days of old, 
of yore, endera dagen, one day or 
other, taga dagen som han kom* 
mer, to live without care, taga af 
dag a, to kill, lägga d dag a, to 
display, to bring to light. — akarl, 
771. day-labourer, —blad, n, daily 
paper, newspaper. — bok, m. journal, 
daybook, diary, -bräckning, f. 
daybreak, dawn. -drifvare, m, 
idler, -drifveri, n. idleness, -er, 
771. daylight. — jcmning, f, equinox. 
—lig, a. daily, diurnal. —dags, 
everyday, -ligen, ac?. daily, -löll, 
771. dayspay. -ning, f, dawn, day- 
break, -sarbete, n, day's work. 
-sljus, n, daylight, -sliuida, /*. 
dayfly, ephemere. -snii^ljn, f. noon» 



day-lhaw. -Sresa, f, day's journey. 
-STCrkiire, m. day-labourer. -tinga, 
V. n. to capitulate, to treat, -tingail, 
f. capitulation, -tjuf, m, sluggard. 

Da gas, v, imp. to dawn^ 

Dagg, 771. dew; jT. rope's end. -E, 
V. n. to dew. — , V. a, to beath with 
rope's end. -ig, a. wet with dew, 

Dal, m. valley, vale, dale. [dewy. 

Daler, m. dollar. 

Dalk, m. hard skin, callosity. — Ig", a. 
brawny, callous. 

DallrlJa, v. n. to shalc^, to vibrate. 
— illg, f, vibration. 

Dam, m. pond; dam, wear, bank. mole. 
-bord, f. floodgate. 

Dam, n. dust, -borste, m. hair. 

broom, ?orush. —ma, V, a, to dust, 
to wipe the dust off. — , V, n. to. raise 

a dust, -mig, a. dusty, -viska, 

/. duster. 
Dam, f. lady, -bricka, f. man. 
-bräde, n. draught-board, -spel, 
n, draughts. 

Damasllcera, v. a. to damasks -cer- 

ing, f, damasking, -kor, f. pL 
spatterdashes, gaiters. 

Damast, n, damask, —dräll, m, 


Dana, v. a. to frame, to form. 

Dank, m, small candle, slå -, -a, 
y. n. to saunter about, to loiter. 

Danncraan, m, yeoman, countryman. 

Dans, m, dance, -a, v. a.&n, to dance. 
-are, m. dancer, -erska, /. dan- 
cer. —gille, n. dancing-society, —mä- 
stare, m. dancing - master, i^skor, 

f. pL pumps, -stycke, 7?* jig. 

Danta, v, a. to censure, to blame. 
Danviken, m, name of the njad-house 

at Stockholm. 
Darr||a, v, n. to tremble, to shake, to 

quiver. — gräs, n. trembling grass. 

— lländt, a. having trembling hands. 

-ning, /*. tremour, trepidation, -ngn, 

771. drying stove, -ål, 71. numb-eel. 
Dart, 771. dagger, poniard, 
Dasa, V. n. to lie idle. 
Dask, m. drubbing, -a, V. a. to drub. 

Datllera, v. a. to date, ^nm^ n, date. 


Dc, pt. fart, af denj, they, those. . 
Debatt, 772. debate, -era» v. n, to 

Debet, n. debt, debit. ^ (del)ate. 

Debit, 771. vent, sale, -era, V. a. 

to charge to one's account. — OFj «». 

December, m. December. 
Decimal, m. decimal number. 
Dedicera, v. a. to dedicate. 
Defekt, a. defective, deficient. -, «l. 

defect, deficiency. 

Definiera, v. a. to define. 
Deg, 771. dough. -aJctig, -ig, a. 
doughy. — trjig, 71. kneading-trough. 
Degel, 771. crucible. 
Deja, f. dairy-maid. 
Dekan, 772. dean, -at, TJZ. deanry. 

Deklallmera, v. a. & n. to declaim. 

• -ration, /. declaration; bill of entry. 

Deklhiera, v. a. & n. to decline. 
Dekokt, m. decoction, potion. 

Dekret, n, decree, -era, v. a. to 

Del, 771. part, deal, portion, share; re» 
spect; quarter, till en — , partly, in 
some measure, för nägon — , by any 
means, för ingen — , by no means. 
gifva - någon, to impart a thing 
to one. —a, V. a. to divide, to part, 
to share. — ord, to exchange words. 
—are , TTJ. divider , sharer , divisor. 
— aktig, a. partaking, participant, 
sharing. -Rktigliet, f. participation. 

-bar, a. divisible, -barhet, f, 
divisibility, —ning, f. division, par- 
tition, -taga, V. n. to partake (of), 
to participate (in), -tagande, 71. 

participation, -tagare, -egare, m» 

sharer, partaker. 

Delegera, v. a. to delegate. 

Delfin, m. dolphin. 

Deloman, m. arbiter. 

Dels, ad. partly, in some measure, 
what . . . what, part . . . part. 

Dem, pr. (ace. & dat.J them. 

Deniant, s. Diamant. fmask. 

Demaskera, v. a. to unmask, to dis- 

Den, art. & pr, the; that. - 7iär, 
this. - c^r, that, who. - sammet 
the same. - som, tie thtit,, Ke who, 


Denne, denna, detta^ pr, this. 

Deponera, v, a. to deposite. 

Deprimera, v. a. to depress. 

Deputera, v. a, to depute, -d, a. é 
m, deputy. 

Der, ad, there, yonder, where, when, 
if, whereas, -af, ad, thence ; on, it, 
about it; at; since, -an, ad. to it. 
vara ilia deran, to be put to one's 
last shifts, -efter, ad, then, after 
that; accordingly ; for it. -emellan, 
ad. there between, betwixt, in the 
mean time, -emot, ad. on the 
contrary, whereas, in reward, at the 
same time, on the other hand. — est, 
ad. if. -för, ad. for it. -före, 

c. then, therefore, so, for this reason, 
—förutom, ad, besides, moreovex*. 
-lies, ad, next to it; besides, -llän, 
ad, thither, so far. -1, ad, therein, 
there, -ibland, ad. there- mnong. 
-ifrån, ad. from thence ; off. -ige- 
nOm, ad, thereby, by that, by means 

of that, -in, ad. in there, -inne, 
-inom, ad, within there, -intill, 
ad. near, hard by, so far. — jemtC, 
ad. besides, moreover, near to that. 
-mod, ad. therevid, by that, by that 
means, —näst, ad, secondly, more- 
over. de7i dern'dst, the following. 
-Om , ad, about it, thereof. -Om- 
kring', ad, thereabout, thereabouts. 
— på, ad, then, thereupon, into that; 
with design; subsequent, -samma- 
städes, -Städes, ad. there, in the 
very same place, -till, ad. thereto, 
thereunto; for that. -Under, ad. 
under that, below that, in that matter, 
among that; less. — Uppe, aci. aloft, 
above, up stairs, -ute, ad, without 
doors, abroad. — uti, ad. therein, in 
it; wherein, -utmed, ad. hard by. 
•»ntOm, ad. beyond, on the other 
side, -ntur, ad. from it; out of it. 

— utöfver, ad. above, better, —va- 
rande, a, present, assisting. — YarO, 
f* presence, being there. — vid , ad, 
hard by, by, along with, thereupon, 
Uiere. -åt, ad. at it, to it, on it. 



-offer, ad, of it, over it, at it, 

above it; further. 
Desertera, v.n. to desert, to run away. 
Desman, m. musk, -sapa, f. musk- 

monkey, -sdjur, n, musk, -skatt, 

m, musk-cat. -SOXe, m. bison, buf- 

faloe. -SrOS, m, musk-rose. -Sråtta, 

711, musk-rat. 
Desperat, a. furious, angry. 
Despot, m, despote. -isk, a, des. 

Dess, pr.f^grcn. SLrden,dfitJ, hi3,her,their, 

it's. icJce — bättre, never the better. 

icJce - mindre, nevertheless, till -, 

till then, -emellan, ad, between, 

whilst, -förinnan, ad. before that. 

— fÖrntan, ad, besides, moreover. 

-likes, ad, likewise, -utom, ad, 

besides, moreover, (jemf. Desto). 
Desse, pr, (pi, af denne), these. 
Dest, a, fat, big, thick, -liet, f, fatt 

ness, greasiness. 
Desto, dess, ad, the. - mtrt 

more. — mindre, so much th» 

icke — mindre, nevertheless. 
Det, pr, (n, af den) that, it. — , c, that. 

pa - ait, in order that, t — samma, 

at the same time. 
Detalj, m. detail, particular, -era, 

V, a, to detail, -handel, m. retail. 

trade, -handlare, m. retailer. 
Detonera, v. n. to detonize. 
Detta, pr, (n, af denne), this. 
Devis, m, devise. 
Di, dia, v, a. to suck, gifva -, to 

suckle, —barn, n, a sucking babe. 
-broder, m. foster-brother. -llOrn, 
n. sucking-bottle. 

Diamant, m, diamond, -handlare, 
Diarium, n. diary. [m, jeweller. 

Dig, pr, (dat, & ace, af du) thee. 
Digel, m. crucible; copple; platen. 
Diger, a, thick, -död, m. pest, plague. 
Digna, t;, n, to sink down, to droop. 
Dik||a, V, a, to ditch, to dig ditches. 

— e, n, ditch, trench. 
Dikt, in, fiction, fabia; poem, -a, V, 

a. to feign, to fable, —an, f, aim,. 

scope of all one's desires» -are, m«, 





Diktera, v. a. to dictate. 
Diligens, W. stage-coach, diligence. 
Dill, m. dill. 
Dimm||a> f* fog, mist, haze. -Ig*, a. 

foggy, misty. 
Dimpa, v. n, to plump, to fall. 

Din, pr, thy, thine. 
Dingla, v. n, to dangle. [matist. 

Diplom, n. diploma, -at, m, diplo- 
Direkt, ad. directly, immediately. — Or, 

m. director. -Orlum , n. directory. 

— Ör, 771. director, intendant, manager. 

Dirigera, v, a, to direct. 

DiSCipllel, W. disciple, scholar, -lin, 
f. discipline, -lin era, v. a. to dis- 

Disig, a. foggy, misty. [cipline. 

Disk, 771. counter, -bunke, 771. swill- 
tub. -trasa, f, dishclout. 

Diskant, 77l. discant, treble. 

Diskont, m. discount, -era, v. n. 

to discount, 

Disknrera, v. n. to«discourse. 
Dispoljnera, v. a. to dispose. -sition, 

f, disposal ; legacy. 
Disput, f. dispute, controversy, debate. 
— ation, f. disputation; dissertatioij. 
-era, V, a. <fe n. to dispute, to de- 
bate, [to distill. 

Distillllator, m, distiller, -era, v. a. 

Distrikt, n.. district. 

Dit, ad. thither, that way. —in, ad. 
yonder, there. -tills, ad. to that 
time, as long as that, —lit, ad. out 
there, —åt, ad. that way, thither- 
ward; hard by, like. 

Ditt, -pr. (n. af din), thine. 

Djefvul, m. devil, -sk, a. devilish, 

Djekne, W. deacon; scholar. 

Djerf, a. bold, daring, stout, intrepid. 
-liet, f. hardiness, boldness, temerity. 
— yas, V, d. to dare, to venture. 

Djup, a. deep, profound, low. — , 71. 
depth, deep, abyss, -liet, -Ick, f. 
deepness, depth. -Sinnig, a. acute, 
ingenious. -Sinilighet, f. profound- 
ness, penetration. — t, ad. deeply, 
profoundly. — Ögd , a. hollow-eyed. 

Djur, n. animal, creature, beast, —art, 
m. species of animals, -bcskrifuing, 
f. natural history of animals, -f»^kt- 

ning, f, combat of beasts, -gård, 
m. vivary, deerpark. -gårdsvak- 
taro, m. park-keeper. -llUS,- n. 
menagery — isk, a, animal; brutish, 

bestial, -krets, m. zodiac, -kän- 
nare, m. zoologer, -läkarekonst, 
771. veterinary art. —liket, 71, the 
animal kingdom. — Täxt, m» soo* 

Dobbjlel, 71. game of hazard, -la, 
V. n, to gamble, —lare, m, garableje. 

Dock, c. yet, still, nevertheless, nöt» 

Docka, f. doll, baby; skain; T. dock, 
dry-dock, wet-dock, 

Dodra, f, cameline, 

Dof, a. sultry, aweltry; hollow, deaf, 
-hetta, f, sultry heat, -hind, f. 
doe. -hjort, m. fallow-buck. 

Doft, n, dust; fragrance, ^a, V. n, 
to dust; to smell (of). 

Bofvig, a. suffocating. 

Dogg, m. mastiff-dog. 

Dok, n. veil, mourning-veil. 

Doktor, w. doctor. - % theologien» 
doctor of divinity. 

Dokument, n. document, instrument. 
—era, v. a. to document, to verify, 
to legitimate. [secret. 

Dold, a. concealed, hidden, latent. 

Dolk, m. poniard, dagger. 

Dolsk, a. reserved; sluggish, dull, 
drowsy, —a, f. dullness, sluggishness. 

Dom, 77i. doom, sentence, judgment, 
verdict, award; dome, yttersta do- 
men, the last judgment, -are, 771. 

judge, justice, -areboken, f. the 
book of judges, -bok, m. book of 
jugdmoAts. —brott, n. offence against 
a sentence passed. — edag, 77i. dooms- 
day, day of judgment. — fiistfl, V. a, 
to confirm by judgment, -liat'vailde, 
m. judge, -herre, m. canon; bull, 
finch, -kyrka, f. cathedral. -prOSt, 
711. dean. -Saga, f. jurisdictioj di. 
strict, -slut, n. final sentence. -Slillt, 
m. jurisdiction. -Stol, m. bar, tri- 
bunal , seat ot a judge. — villa , f. 
a sentence contrary to law. — läldigt, 
ad. legal, valid. 




Domnlla, v. n. to grow numb; to abate. 

—iug^ f, nurabedness. 
Don, n. tackling, gear; tools, furniture. 
Doiia, f. gin, springe. 
Donation, f, bequeathment, donation, 

donative, edowment. 
Douläglg, a. T, slanting. 

Dop, n. baptism, -attest, -bevis, 
n, fcertificate of baptism, -funt, tn. 
font, baptismal bason, —kläder, J??. 
baptismal robe, —namn, 71. christian 
name. — vatteu, W. baptismal water. 
—vittne, n. sponsor at a baptism. 

Doppila, V. a. to dip, to plunge, to 
immerge. -ning, f. plunge, immer- 
sion, dipping. -slCOj m. ferrule, tip. 

Dosa, f, box. (chape. 

Dosis, W. dose. 

Dosta, f, origan, organy (plant). 

Dotera, v. a. to endow. 

Dotter, f. daughter, -barn, n. daugh. 

ter's child, grand-child. -dotter, f. 

grand-daughter. — SOn, m. grand-son. 

Drabant, m. satellite. 

Drabb||a, v. a. to hit, to befall.^ -, 

V, n, to engage the enemy, —ning, 
f." engagement, battle, encounter, con- 

Draf, m, draff, grains. [flict. 

Drafvel, n, nonsense, trifles. 

Drag, n. pull, draught; line, feature. 
-band, n. draw -band, -bår, fo 
hand-barrow, —bänk, m. wire -dra- 
wer's bench, -fjäder, W. elastic 
spring, —hål, 72. venthole. — lläst, 
fn>, draught-horse, —kraft, in, power 
of attraction, -kreatur, n, draught- 
cattle, —kärra, f, wheel -barrow. 

-lim, n, strong glue. -Una, f. 

draw-line, halser. — luft, Tn. draught 
of air. —not, f. dragnet. -Oxe, 
m. draught-ox. -plåster, n, vesi- 
catory, cerate, —rem, 77». drawlatch. 
-sjuka, /. raphania. -Spel, 71. 
ventilator. —Ugn, 7». wind-furnace. 
-Öppning, f, T. air-shaft. 

Draga, v, a, & n, to draw, to pull, 

to haul; to call; to take; to make; 
to lead ; to wiredraw ; to wear. — af, 
to go away; to abate upon; to de- 
duct, — af sig, to pull off. - bortf 

to draw away, to pull away; to de« 
part, to go away; to withdraw. — 
igenom, to pass through. — ihopt 
to draw together, to gather; to con- 
tract, to abridge. — in, to draw in; 
to call in; to retrench; to suppress, 
to discontinue. — in seglen, to shor- 
ten ell. to furl the sails ; * to draw 
in one's horns. — pä, to pull on, to 
draw over to ; to hesitate, ^pd TTittn- 
nen, to smile. — pd näsan, to turn 
up one's nose. — till, to advance to. 

— förtroende till en, to trust one. 

— upp, to put on ; to outwit ; to wind 
up. — ut, do draw out ; to spin out. 

— ut pd tiden, to protract the time. 

— vld, to draw in, to be a draught 
at. — en vid näsan, to lead one 
by the nose. — vid sig, to doubt. 

— dstad, to part. — öfverens, to 
agree. — sig fram, to make shift. 

— sig förut, to be too forward. — 
sig till, to incline, to be about. — 
sig till minnes, to recollect, to call 
to mind. — sig tillhaka, to retire, to 
fall back. — sig undan, to withdraw, 
to retire. — sig ur, to retire from. 
—re, m, beast of burden, draught- 
cattle. -S, V. d. - med, to labour 
under. — med döden, to be in the 
agonies. — sins emellan, to be at 
variance. — om, to contend for. 

Dragautfa, m. tragacanth. 

Dragg, 7». 27. drag, creeper, grapnel. 
-a, v. a. to search with a creeper. 

Dragon j m» dragoon ; dragonwort 

Drake, m. dragon ; (pappers-J paper- 
kite, —blod, n, dragons-blood. 

Dram, Drama, m. drama, -atisk^ 

a. dramatic. 
Drank, m, distiller's wash. 
Dref, 71. oakum ; driving-wheel, -jem, 

71. calking-iron. 

Drefva, v. a. T» to calk. 

Dregllel, n. drivel, slaver, -la^ V. n, 

to drivel, to slaver. 
Dreja, v. a. to wrest, to wind, to turn ; 

T. to run on. —re, m. turning-wheel. 
Drick, m, draught, drink, drinkables. 




-a, n, beer.. -, V. <^» to drint. - 
en skål, to drink a health. - om- 
kring, to put the glass about. — en 
öfver ända, to drink one down, — 
sig full, to get drunk. — aro, m. 
drinker, -bar, a. drinkable. -Oiter, 
n, libation. -SbrOder, m. drunkard. 
-Sfat^ n. barrel, -slag", 72. drinking. 

bout, -spenningar, m. pL drink- 

money, vails, glove-money, 

Drif||ankare,n. driving-anchor, -bom, 
m. beam, -bänk, m. hotbed. -:Qä- 
der, m. spring; motive, spur, —ham- 
mare, m. driver, -hjul, n. spring- 
wheel, -hus, n. hothouse, -iS, n. 
drifts of ice. -ning, /", driving. 
—nöt, n, stray. — sand, m, quick- 
sand, -timmer, n, floating wood. 

^ -verk, 71. spring-work. 

Drift, 771. impulse, motion, instinct, 
propensity; activity; drove; head. 
-ig, a, busy, active, -ighet, /. 

Drifvlja, v, a. to drive; to compel, to 
urge, to cause; to carry on. — , v. n. 
to. drive, to move, to go. — 2)ort 
tiden, to spend the time. — en sale 
för rätta, to plead a cause, —gäck 
med någon, to make a mock of one. 

— jpd , to spur ; to press ; to convict ; 
to forward. — till^ to hit. - upp, 
to start, to put up, to rouse ; to bring 
up; to raise, to increase; to enhance. 

— ut, to drive out , to expel ; to em- 
boss, gå och —, to saunter. — ande, 
a. urgent; active, -are, m, T. dri- 
ver, —en, a» driven, embossed, ex- 

Drill, m. trill; drill, -a, V. a. to 
drill; to warble, to quaver. — tn 
sale, to complicate a matter. — borr, 
771. drillbore. 

Drinkare, m, drunkard, drinker. 

Dristlla, v, n. - sig, v, r. to dare, to 
venture, to adventure, to presume. 
— ig, a. bold, daring, confident. -Ig- 
het, f» boldness, confidence, assu- 

Drog, 771. drug, -ist, m. druggist. 

Dromedarie, tti. dromedary. 

Dropp, n. dropping, drip; -A, V, tl. 
to drop, to drip, -e, 7?2. drop. -ISj 
m. icicle, -vis, ac?. by drops. 

Droska, f. drosk, cab. 

Drottning, f, queen. 

Drucken, a. drunk, tipsy, -het, f, 

Drufllva, f. grape; T. cascabel , pom- 

melion. -hagel, TZ.hail-shot. -klase, 

m, grape, -saf t, vi. verjuice. -SYUlst, 

771.. grape-swelling. 
Drum, 771. thrum, raockado. -la, V, n, 

to slug, -lare, m, sluggard, -lig, 

a. clumsy, idle. 
Drunkna, v. n, to be drowned. 
Dryck, qu, drink, liquor, -enskap, 

m. drunkenness, -esbror, 77i. fudd- 
ler. -eskärl, n. drinking . vessel. 
-eslag, n. drinking-match. 

Dryg, a. heavy, long, ample, large, 
sound, many, voluminous, rich, haughty, 
arrogant, -het, f, bigness, haught- 
iness. — Sel, f, sufficiency, plenteous- 
ness. [dribble. 

Drypa, v, a. & n, to drop, to run, to 
^Dråp, 71. murder, -are, 771. murderer. 
-lig, a. eminent, signal. — Ord, n, 
abusive word, invective. 

Dråse, 771. heap of corn. 

Drägel, s. DregeL 

Drägg, m, dregs, grounds, lees, refuse. 
-ig, a. dreggy. 

Dräglig, a. tolerable. -On, ad, to- 
lerably, —het, /. tolerableness. 

Drägt, m, dress, clothes, garment, ha» 
bit; r. burden; litter; draught. -Ig, 
a, lucrative; profitable, gainful; pre- 
gnant, -ighet, /". pregnancy ; profit, 

Dräll, m, diaper. 

Dräng, m, man, servant. — aktig, a. 
servile, base, -kammare, m. room 
for the men-servants, -skändade, 
m. pederast. 

Dränka, v. «. to drown; to steep, to 
soak. — sig, to drown one's self. 

Dräpa, v, a. to kill, to slay. 

Drätsel, m, the finances, -kammaio^ 

m. office of finances. 
DrÖg, m, sled, sledge, dray. 


DroJlIa, V. n. to delay, to stay, -»sma]) 

n, delay, stay. 
Dröm 9 m. dream. — bolCj ^. dream. 

book, -ma^ v. n. ^ dream, -mare, 

m. dreamer. — Syn, 7». vision. — ty- 

dare, m, interpreter of dreams. 
Drönlja, v, n. to low, to bellow; to 

drono. -aro^ fa, a dull fellow ; drone. 

-ig-, a. dull, sluggish, dronig. 
Droppel, m. gonorrhoea, clap, dripper. 
Du, pr, thou, -a, v. a. to thou. 

-broder, m. thou-friend, crony. 
Dnbb, m. plug, peg, pin. 
Dubba 9 V. a, to dub, to knight. — 

någon till riddare, to dub one a 


Dubbel, a, double, twofold, -bossa, 

f. double barrelled gun. —dörr, f. 
folding -door, -f Ö lister j n. double 
sashes, double-window, —hake, m. 
matchlock, blunderbuss, —het, f-, 
donbleness, duplicity. — t, dd. double, 
doubly, twice. — Ö1, n, strong beer. 
Dubblera, v. a. to dout!e. 

Dublon, m, doubloon. fphaceous. 

Dncksten, m. tuff, -artad, a. to- 
Duell, m. duel., -ant, m. duellist. 

—era, v. n. to duel, to fight a duel. 
Duett, m. duet, duetto. 
Dufllna, V. n, to pail, to flat, to grov/ 

vapid. — ven, a. flat, dead, vapid; 

dull. — yenhet, f, vapidness, faint- 

ness, feebleness, dullness. 
Duf{|Ta, f. pigeon, dove. — bO, W. nest 

of pigeons, dove-nest. — bonde, m. 

dover. -hus, 71. dove-cot. -slaj?, 

n. dove-cot, columbary. — UUge, m. 

young pigeon. 
Dnga, V, n, to be good, to bo fit. 
Dugg, n, drizzle, mizzle, —a, V. n. 

to drizzle, —regn, W. drizzle, drizz- 
ling rain. 
Duglig, a. fit, proper, able, qualified. 

—het, f, fitness, aptness, ability. 
Dugtlg, a. able, great, qualified, good, 

brisk, fit, sound, copious, —hot, f. 

capacity, -t, ad. aptly, fitly, strongly, 

properly; much, hard. 
Duk, m. cloth ; table-cloth. -a, V. a, 

to lay the cloth, to cover the table^ 



- under, to yield, to submit, to give 
way. -tyg, n. table-linen. 

Dnk&t, 77). ducat, -guld, n. stan- 
dard gold. 

Dokt, m. strand. 

Dnlgadråp, n, clandestine murder. 

Dnm, a. stupid, dull, senseless, —dri- 
stig, a. foolhardy, -dryg, a. stu. 
pidly arrogant, —het, /. stupidity, 
dullness, -hufvud, n. blockhead. 

Dumb, a. mute, dumb, speechless. 
-e, 771. mute. 

Dun, 71. down, —bädd 5 m. down- 
bed. — ig, a. downy. 

Dund[|er, n. thunder, noise, peal, -er- 
bössa, /. blunderbuss, -erslag, n, 
thunderclap. — ra, V. 11. to thunder, 
to noise , to rumble. — Jpd en, to 
ring one a peal. 

Dunka, v. n. to throb, to beat. 

Dunkel, a. obscure, dark, gloomy, 
dim, dull. —Let, f. gloominess, dark, 
ness. [sily. 

Dunsa, V, n. to plump, to fail clum. 

Dunst, 77}. vapour, fume, steam, —a, 
V. n. to steam, to evaporate, —hål, 
n. airhole, pore. — krets, m. atrao* 
sphere, -kula, /". eolipile. -ning, 
f» evaporation, exhalation. — strimma, 
f. tail of a comet. 

Dnodes, 77». duodecimo. 

Duplett, 771. duplicate, copy. 

Duplik, 771. rejoinder. 

Duppa, f, tassel, tuft. 

Durk, m, T, room, magazine, cabin. 

Durk||lopp, W. fiux, diarrhoea. -sipT' 
tig, a. transparent, translucent, -slag, 
771. colander, cullender, strainer. 

Dus, O. soft, low. 

Dusch, 771. douche, -bad, 71. shower. 
bath, [drizzly, chilly, raw. 

Dusk, n. drizzly wheather. -ig, a. 

Dussin, n. dozen. -tals« ad. by 

Dust, 771. brush, bout; shock. 
Dvala, f, trance; ecstasy. 
Dverg, 771. dwarf, pigmy, shrimp, spider. 

-aktig, a. dwarfish, -inn a, f. 
she-dwarf, female dwarf. — Suät, U. 



Dyaljas, v. d. to dweii. 

Dy 5 f» mud, mire, -botten j m, 

muddy bottora. -ig, a. muddy, miry. 
Dyfvelsträck, m. asa.foetida. 
Dygd 9 f. virtue, -elära, f. morals. 

-esaiU^ -igj a. virtuous; tractable, 

Dygn, n: twenty four hours. 
Dykl|a, v. n. to dive, to plunge down. 

—are, m. diver, plunger. — avO« 

klocka, f diving-bell, -arelöii, 

f, salvage-money. -fågel, m. diver, 

Dylik, a. the like, similar, such. 
Dymedelst, ad, by means of, by the 

help of. 
Dymling, m. spike, peg. 
Dyinmelvecka, f, the passion-week. 
Dyna, f. cushion. 
Dyner, ad, down. 
Dynglla, f, dung, muck, -grep, m. 

dungfork. -grop, f. dunghole. -hög, 
7n, dunghill. — ig, a. dungy, —kärra, 
f. dungcart. -lass, n, a caitloa.d of 
dung. -puss, -pöl, m. puddle. 
-stad, m, dungyard. 

Dyning, f, heaving of tho sea. 

Dynstock, m. juffer. 

Dynt^ n, measles. 

Dyr, a, dear, expensive; preoious. - 
tid, time of scarcity, famine, —bar, 
a. precfous, rich, costly, valuable. 
— barliet, f. preclousness, worth, va- 
lue, price; a precious thing, jewel. 
—het, f, dearness, scarcity. 

Dyrk, m. picklock, -a, v. a, to pick. 

—fri, a. picklock-proof. 
Dyrka, v. a. to worship, to adore; to 

indulge; to enhance. — n, f, worship. 

-nsvärd, a, adorable. -r©, m. 

Dyster, a. gloomy, sad, dark, awful. 

— Iiet, f, darkness, mournfulncss. 
Då, ad, & C, then, at that time, when ; 

as. — och — , now and then. — för 

tiden t in those days, at that time. 

— likväl, however. 
Dåd, n, deed, doing, vara med i rad' 

och — , to bo aiding and assisting. 
Dållg^ a. poor, weak, sorry, paltry, 


bad. — ll©tj f, poorness, weakness, 

Dån, n. din, noise, —a, V, n, to noise, 

to ring; to faint, to swoon, —ing, 

f. fainting fit, swoon. — Ogd, a. dim» 

sighted; blear-eyed. 
Dårila, v, a. to infatuate, to delude. 

-aktig, a. foolish, -aktighet, f. 

folly, -e, m, fool ; idiot. -hUS, n, 
madhouse, bedlam. -]lllshjon, n„ 
madman, bedlamite. — skap, f. folly, 

Dåsig, a. dozy, drowsy. Ifoolery. 

Dåvarande, a, at that time, then being. 

Däck, n, deck, ett skepp med tre 
— , a threedecker. —a, v, a, to cover 
with deck. —©1, m. printer's tympan. 
— er, m, <& n, dicker, ten hides or skins. 

Dädan, ad, thence, from thence, —ef- 
ter, ad, there after, afterwards. 

Däfjlna, v, n. to grew moist. -Yen, 

a, moist, damp, -venhet, f. darap- 

Dägga, V, n, to suckle. [ness. 

Däjllg, a, handsome, nice, beautiful. 
-liet, f, beauty. 

Däld, m, valley, dale, vale. 

Dämljma, v. a, to dam. -ning, f, 
dam, mole, bank, damming. 

Dämpa, v, a, to set bounds, to tem- 
per, to confine, to quench, to smother, 
to suppress, to subdue. 

Dänga, v, a, to bang, to thump, to 
knock hard. 

Dast, a. bloated, extremely fat, tunnd. 

Däxel, TO. addice. 

Do, V, n, to die, to decease. — hort, 
to die-away, to drop off; to wither, 
— ifrån, to go off, to quit, to leave 
behind. — ut, to become extinct. 

Död, a. dead; lifeless, inanimate; with- 
ered, dödt kapital, dead stock. — , 
m. death, decease, dragas med ell, 
ligga för döden, to be a dying. 
—a, V, a, to kill ; to mortify, to sub- 
due; to allay, to ease; to obliterate; 
to annul, —and©, a. deadly, mortal. 
-are, m. murderer, -bår, f, bier. 

-född, 71. stillborn, -gräfvar©, 

m. grave-digger, —kött, n, dead 
flesh, -lig, a. mortal, deadly, -llg- 
liet, f, mortality, -lista^ /. bUl of 


mortality, -sbane^ a. mortal wound. 
^Sblek, a. deadly pale, -sdag^ W. 
day of death, -sdom^ m. sentence 
of death, -sfall, n. death, -skamp, 
m, --sqTal, n. agony, -ssjuk, a, 
deadly sick. -SSak, f, hanging, 
inatter. -SSkalle, m. skull of a dead. 
-SStraff, n. pain of death. -SStund^ 
m, hour of death. -SSynd, f. mortal 
sin. — Ssår, n. mortal wound. -SSällg^ 
m. death-bed. 

Dof, a, deaf. -hety f. deafness. 
^Stam, a, deaf and dumb. — TA^ 
V, a, to din, to stun, to mitigate, to 
alleviate. dofvande medel , ano- 
dyne, narcotic. [disguise. 

JDolja^ 17. a. to conceal, to hide, to 

Döma^ V. a, to judge, to pass sentence, 
to doom; to deem. — till dödeUf 
to condemn to death. 

DÖp||a, V. a, to bajDtize, to christen. 
-are, m, baptizer. Johannes Dö- 
paren, John Baptist, -else, f, bap. 
tism, christening. 

DOIT, /*. ^oor. -foder, n. doorcase. 
-gafvel, m, leaf of a folding. door. 

•^hake, m. hinge, -haspe, m. 
thumb-latch. -jerii,n.ioop. -karii), 
m. doorcase, —klapp, m, knocker. 

-klinka, f. latch, -post, m. door. 

post, -vaktar©, m, door. keeper, 
DÖS, m. peck, fourth part of a bushel. 

Pöttrar, pL af Dotter. 


Ebb, m. ebb. 

Ebenholts, n. ebony. 

Ed, m. oath, göra -, aflägga -, 

to take one's oath, -eligen, ad. 

upon oath, by oath. -gång, 71. 

taking of an oath, -lig, a. sworn, 

strengthened by oath. -sbl'Ott, n. 

oathbreaking , perjury, -sforbuild, 

n. confederation. -SYUren, a, sworn. 

—sore, 71. the king's peace, (yours. 
Eder, pr, pers, you. pr, poss, your, 

(Swedish-English DicU 

Eftersinnande 49 

Effekt, 772. effect, action, -uera, V, a. 
to execute. 

Efsing, 77*. selvedge, end, thrum. 

Efter, ad. & pr, after, behind; ac- 
cording, by, at. — , c, since, after. 
—apa, V. a. to imitate, to ape. 
-apare, m. apish imitator, -ap- 
lling, f, aping, mimickry. -berg* 
ning, f, aftercrop, gleaning, -bilda, 
V. a. to copy, to imitate, -börd, 
771. afterbirth, —dome, 71. example. 
-forska, v, a. to search aft«r, to 
investigate; to explore, -forskning, 
f. searching, inquiry, examination. 
-fråga, V. a. to inquire, to ask. 
-frågan, f. demand, inquiry, inter, 
rogation, -följa, V. a. to succeed; 
to follow. -föJjande, a. following. 
-följare, m. follower; disciple. 
-foljd, 771. -följelse, f. imitation. 
-gift, m. remission, -gifya, v. a. 
to remit, to yield. -gifven, a, 
yielding, complying, -gifvenhet, f, 
yielding, compliance, facility, remiss- 
ness, condescension, -hand, f. the 
younger hand. -, ad. gradually, by 
degrees. -bälleu, a. restrained. 
— hängsen, a. importunate, pressing, 
troublesome, -härma, v. a. to imi- 
tate, -höst, m. latter end of au- 
tumn, -jagande, n. pursuit, -klang, 
m. resonance, -komma, v. a. to 
obey, to comply with, -kommande, 

a. coming after, following; pi. de- 
scendants, posterity. — lefnad, f. ob- 
servation, observance, -lefverska, 
f, widow, relict. — lemna, V, a, to 
leave, -låta, v. a, to neglect, to 
omit; to permit, to allow; to leave. 

-låtande, n. omission, -låten, a, 
careless, negligent; indulgent; slack. 
— låtenhet, /".'negligence, remissness, 
indulgence, -middag, 77i. afternoon, 
afterdinner. -nijol, 77. pollard, -räk- 
ning, f. afterreckoning. -rättelse, 
f. advice , information , pattern , rule. 
— sats, 771. minor, second proposition. 
—seende, n. examination, inquiry, 
searching, -sinna, V, a, to consider, 
to reflect upon ; to mind, -sinnande, 

50 Efterskickning 

71. meditating, -sklckning, /. sen- 
ding for. -SkÖrd j m, aftercrop. 
-Sliltter, m. aftermath, -slällg, 
m. afterclap. -smak, m. aftertaste. 
~50in 5 C. since, because; according 
as, whereas. -SOnimar, W. after- 
summer. -Spana, V. a. to search 
for, to trace. -Spanlng', /". tracing, 
investigation. -Spel, 71. afterplay. 
^st, a. last, hindmost, extreme. — , 
ad. at last, hinderraost. — Staf?», 
V, CL. to speak after, to repeat one's 
Nvords. -Sträfya, v, a, to aspire 
to, to aim at. -styilgj^W. back- 
slitdi. — Syilj /*. inspectron, oversight; 
pattern, example. — sätta, V.^a. to 
neglect, to postpone, to fail, to put 
off, to pursue, -sättaildej 71. post- 
poning, neglection. — SÖka, V. a. to 
search for, to look after, —tal, n. 
epilogue; calumny, blame, -tanke, 
f, reflection, thought, premeditation. 
-trakta, v. a. to covet, to desire 
earnestly, -trupper, W. pi. rear, 
hindertroop. -tryck, n, energy, 
emphasis; reprinting, counterfeiting. 
-try eka, v. a. to reprint, to coun- 
terfeit, -tryckare, w. counterfeiter 
(of a book), -tryckli^, a. energetic, 
emphatical. -tryckligt ,^ acZ. effec- 
tually, emphatically, -träda, V. a. 
to succeed, -trädande, n. succes- 
sion, -trädare, m. successor, -tän- 
ka, V. a. to meditate, to reflect, to 
consider. --tänHlig', d- dubious, 
critical, -tänksam, a. considerate, 
prudent; nice, -täuksamhet , f. 
consideration , reflection. — TCrlcJ, f. 
posterity. — vintcr, TTh, second win- 
ter, -värk, m, afterpains. -åt, 
ad, afterwards. 

Egaj V. a. to own, to possess, to enjoy, 
to have a right to. — , f. field, ground. 
liafva i sin ego, to be possessed of. 
j)d hans tcjor, m his ground, -re, 
77i. ovrner, proprietor, possessor. 

Egen, a. own ; proper, peculiar, strange, 
singular, odd. hlifva sin — , to set 
up for one's self, -dom, m. proper- 
ty, possession ; fortune ;, estate, lös — , 


moveabUs. -domsrätt, m, right of 
property, right of possession. — liet, f» 
singularity, originality, oddncss ; idiot- 
ism, —händig, a. under one's hand. 

-kär, a. selfish, -kärlek, m. self- 
love, —mäktig 5 a. arbitrarlous. 
— mäktighct, f, despotism , arbitra- 
riness. -nytta, /". self-interest, -nyt- 
tig, a. selfish, -sinne, n. seifwiii, 
obstinacy, wilfulness, -sinnig, a. 
selfwilled, obstinate, capricious, -sin- 
nighet, f. capriclousness , obstinacy. 
-Skap^ f, quality, property, faculty, 
talent. — tlig, O. proper, natural, 
genuine. — tllgen, ad, properly. 
— Ylljaj f, opiniatrj, obstinacy 

Egg, m. edge. 

Egna, V, n, to become, to be fit. -, V, 
a. to devote, to consecrate. 

Ego delar, m, pi, wealth, riches, sub- 
stance. [W. egotist. 

EgOllism, m, egoism, egotism, -ist, 

EllO, pr, whosoever, whoever. 

Ehuru , c, although , though, however. 
-dan, pr. whoever, whatever, -väl, 
c. although. 

Ehvad, pr. whatsoever, whatever. 

Ehyar, —est, ad. wheresoever, where» 
ever. — t, ad. whithersoever. 

EJ, ad. no, not. — htller, nor, neither. 

Ejder, m. eiderduek. -dun, n. eider- 

Eja! i. hey I oh! [down. 

Ek, f. oak. -bark, m. oakbark, tan. 
-orre, m. squirrel. -0X0, m. stag- 
horned beetle, stagbeetle. -stOCk, 
m. trunk of oak; T. flat -bottomed 
boat. — ållon, n. acorn. 

Ekipage, n. carriage and pair, 

Ekliptika, f. ecliptic. 

Eko, n. echo. 

Ekonom, m. economist, 

Ekra, /. spoke. 

Elak, a. bad, evil, ill, wicked; ma- 
lignant; angry, —het, /\ badness, 

Elastisk, a. elastic, elastical. 

Eld, 771. fire; ardour, zeal, -a, V. W. 
& a. to make fire, to heat, —are, 
m. fireman, stoker. -brand, m. 
firebrand, -brasa, f. fire; fireside. 


-don, «. firetools. -fast, a. &re» 
proof I incombustible, -fängd, a. 
inflammable, »gaffel^ m, firefork. 
'-gnista, f. spark of flro. -ig, a. 
fiery; ardent, passionate, brisk. — kol, 
n. burning coal. — kula, f, fireball, 
-prof, W. ordeal by fire, -qvarn, 
f. steam*mill. — rod, a, redhot. 
—skada, f, damage dona by fire. 
-sken, n. light of fire, -skärm, 

m. fire-screen. -Sprutande, a. fire- 
vomiting, —stad, m. fireplace, chim- 
ney, -stod, m, pillar of fire. -Stål, 
«. flre-steel. -Våda, /. flro, confla- 
gration, —tång, m» flretongs. 
Elefant, m, elephant, -taud, f, tusk. 

Elektriycitet, f, electricity, -sera, 
V, a. to •electrify. — sk, a. electric, 

Element, n. element. 

Eley, m. pupil, disciple, soholan 

Elf, /. river, flood. 

Elfenben, n. ivory. 

Elfte, a. eleventh. 

Elfva, num. eleven. 

Elfvor, m. pi, elves,^ fairies. 

Elg, m. elk. -gräs, w. meadow- 

gweet. — ko, f. female of the elk. 
Eljest, ad, else, otherwise. 

Eller, c, or. 

Eländlle, n. misery, distress, -ig, a. 
miserable, wretched. 

Emalj, m, enamel. 

Emballera, v, a. to embale, to bale, 

Em bar, w. bucket. [to pack up. 

Embetlje, 72. office, place, employment; 
corporation, guild, -sbroder, m, 
colleague. -SllQS, n. office, -sman, 
771. person in office, civil-officer. 

Emedan, c. because. 

Emellan, prp, between, betwixt, hvad 
vill ni gifva mig -? what will you 
give me to boot? —åt, ad. some- 
times. [however. 

Emellertid, ad, mean while, whilst, 

Emot, prp. against, contrary, opposite ; 
for; to, with, -taga, V. a. to re- 
ceive, to accept; to welcome, —ta- 
gande, n, reception, -tagare, m. 



En, f, juniper, -bär, n. juniper-berry. 

En, art, ind. a, an. — , num, one. 
— , pr, one, some one, they. 

Enahanda, a. one and the same, of 
the same kind, the same. 

EnbetSYagn, m, ons-horse-carriage. 

Enbändig, a. stubborn. 

Endast, ad. only ; solely ; provided that.^ 

Ende, m. Enda, /. the only, the sole. 

EndelS, ad. partly, in part. 

Endera, pr. either, the one or the other, 

Endivie, f. succory. 

Endrägt, m. concord, unanimity, -ig, 
a, unanimous, concordant. — ighet, f, 
ananimousness, concordance, harmony. 

Enfald, vn. simplicity, plainness, inno- 
cence. *— ig, a. simple, plain, harm- 
less, silly, -ighet, f, simplicity, 
silliness. [formity. 

Enformig, a. uniform, -het, f. uni« 

Enfärgad, a. one-coloured, plain. 

EnfÖddj a. only begotten. 

Enforsaljare, 771. monopolist. 

Engel, 8. Ängel. 

Engelsk, a. engiish. tngelska sju. 

kan^ the rickets, engelskt salt, 

Engifte, n. monogamy. 
En handel, m. monopoly. 
Enhet, f. unity. 
Enhvar, pr. every one. 
Enhällig, a. unanimous, -het, f, 
Enhänd, a. onehanded. [unanimity. 
Enhörning, tt*. unicorn. 
Enig, a, unanimous, concordant, agreed 

upon, -hot, f. agreement, harmony. 

Enk||a, f. widow, -edrottning, f. 

queen dowager; queen mother. — e* 

drägt, 7». widow's weed, -estånd, 

n. widowhood, -esäte, 71. widow's 

Enkamp, m. duel, single combat. 
Enkannerligen, ad?, especially, chiefly. 
Enkel, a. single, simple; plain, enkelt 

öl, small beer, -het, f. singleness; 

Enkling, m. widower. 
Enkom, ad. peculiarly, only, solely, 

on purpose, jag gick -* dit, I went 

thither on purpose. 



Enlig) a. conformable, according, con- 

sonant, consistent, -het, f, confer- 

Enrum, n. j)rivacy. i — , aside, alone. 
Enrådande, a. arbitrary. 
Ens , ad, at all. iclce -, not "at ^11. 

med — , at once, at any rate. 
Ensak, f. own business, own affair. 
Ensam, a. alone, sole, solitary, —het, 

f, solitude, solitariness, privacy. — t, 

ad. solitarily. 
Ense, a. in concord, agreeing, vara 

— , to agree about. 
Ensides, a. solitary. -, ad. solitarily. 
Ensidig, a. partial, -het, f. partiality. 
Entsitsig, a. of one seat only. 
Enskild, a. private, individual, -t, ad. 

Enslig, a. solitary, rf;tired, private, 

lonely, —het, f. solitude, lonely life, 

Enspännare, m. one-horse-carriage. 
Enstafvig, a, monosyllabic; paucilo- 

Enstaka, a. segregated, isolated. 
Enstämmig.) a. consonant ; unanimous ; 

monotonous, —het, f. unanimity; 

Enständig, a. pressing, urgent. 
EnstÖding, m. hermit; old bachelor. 
Entlediga, v. a. to rid; to dismiss. 

— nde, n. ridding; dismission. 

Entonig, a. monotonous, -het, f. 

Enträgen, a. assiduous, pressing, -het, 
f. assiduity, urgency; headstrongness. 

Entydig, a. univocai. 

Envig, n. single combat, duel. 

Enyis, a, stubborn, wilful, obstinate, 
pertinacious, stiff. — as , V. d. to be 
obstinate, —het, f. obstinacy, stub- 
bornness, pertinacy. 

Enväld||e, n. monarchy ; absolute power. 
— ig, a. arbitrary, absolute. 

Enär, c. whenever, whensoever. 

Enögd, a. one-eyed. 

Epistel, m. epistle, letter* 

Epok, m. epoch, epocha. 

Er, s. Eder. 

Eihrnmligy a. miserabl^^, pitiable 


Erbjuda, v. a. to offer. 

Eremit, m, hermit, anchoret. 
Erfar|{a, v. a. to experience, to learn. 

-en, a, experienced, skilled, versed. 

—enhet, f, experience, komma i — 

aff to be apprized of. 

Erforderlig, a. requisite, -het, f. 

requisiteness, necessity. 

Erfordra, v. a. to demand, to require, 
-n, f. necessity. 

Erg, m. verdigrise, rust of brass, —a, 
V. n, —as, V» d, to gather verdigrise. 
— ig, a. eruginous. 

Erhålla, v. a. to obtain, to gain. 
—nde, n, receipt. 

Eriksgata, f. the king's progress. 

Erinrjia, V, a. to remind, to mentio' 
nate. — sig t v. r. to remember, to 
recollect. — n, —ing, f. remembrance, 
recollection, reminiscence ; admonition ; 

Erkänijna, v, a. to acknowledge, to 
own, to confess; to be sensible of; 
to allow, -nande, n» acknowled^- 
ment, confession. — sam, a. grateful, 
thankful. -Samhet, f. gratefulness, 
gratitude. — sla,jf, acknowledgment; 

Erke, a. arch», chief, arrant, capital. 
-biskop, W. archbishop, -bof, m, 
arrant-villain. — engel, m. archangel. 

-hertig, m, archduke, -hertig- 
inna, f. archduchess, -skälm, m. 
arrant knave. -Stift, n. archbishop- 
rick. [n. payment. 

Erlägga, v, a. to pay down, -nde. 

Ernå, v. a, to attain, to obtain. 
Ersättl|a, v. a. to compensate, to make 

up, to restore, —lig, a, reparable. 

—ning, f. amends, compensation. 
Ertappa, v. a. to surprise, to appro» 

hend, to catch, —nde, n. surprise. 

Erts, s. Erke. 

Erofrlla, V, a, to conquer, to win. 
-are, m. conqueror, -ing, f, con- 
Eselhufvud, n, T. cap of the mast- 
Eskader, W. squadron. [head. 

Eskort, m. escort, convoy, -era, v. 
a. to escort, to convoy. 




Esomoftast, ad. frequently. 
Espin^, 771, long-boat. 
Estetik, f, esthetics. 

Etablera, v. a. to establish. - sig, 

to set up a business. 
Eter, m. etber. -isk, a. ethereal. 
Etikett, m, etiquette; fpäslcriftjlsiheh 
Ets||a, v. a. to etch, to grave v«rith 

aqua-fortis. -nål, f. etching- needle. 

—pulver, n, corrosive powder. — Tat- 

ten, n, aqua-fortis. 
Ett, num, one. klockan -, one o'clock. 

de göra — , they act in concert. 
Etter, W. matter, pus; poison, -bleni- 

ma, f. pustule, heatpimple. -böld, 

1». 7irulent tumour, -drake, m. 

shrew, vixen, scold. -myra, f, 

pismire, -nässla, f, amall nettle. 
Eyangelillum , n, evangely, gospel. 

— Sk, a. evangelical, — st, 7n, evan- 

gelist, gospeler. [eternity. 

Eyig, a eternal, everlasting, -het, f, 
Eyinnerlig', a. eternal. 

Evärdelig, a. perpetual. 
Exam||en,W. examen; inquiry. -Inera, 

V, a. to examine. 
Excellens, m, excellency. 
ExempJIel, n. example, instance, -lar, 

n. copy; specimen. -larisk, a. 

Exeqvera, v. a. to execute. 
ExercIIera, v, a. to exercise, -is, m. 
Existera, v. n. to exist. [exercise. 
Expediera, v. a. to expedit. 
Explodera, v. w. to explode. 
Export, 771. export, -era, v. a. to 

export, -or, 771, exporter. 


Fabel, m. fable, -aktig, a. fabulous. 
t'abricera, v. a. to fabricate, to ma. 

Fabrik, m, manufactory, workhouse. 

—ant, 771. manufacturer. —at, n. 

manufacture, -mästare, m. foreman 

at a workhouse. — Or^ 771. fabricator, 


Facit, n, product, amount 

Fack, n. box, shelf, drawer; branohe, 

Fackel 1| bärare , tti. torch-bearer. 

-sken, n. torch-light. 
Fackla, f, torch, link, flambeau. 
Fadd, a. insipid, stale, dull. 
Fadder, m. sponsor, godfather, god. 

mother, -gåfva, f. present to the 

godchild. — skap, in, sponsorship. 
Fader, 77i. father, parent ; sire. - vdr, 

the Lord's prayer, —lig, a. fatherly, 

paternal. -1ÖS, a. fatherless, -mord, 

n, parricide, —mördare, m. parricide. 
Fager, a. beautiful, fair, handsome. 

fagra ord, fair words. 
Faggor, f. pL fangs, claws, han 

har feber i — , he has symptoms of 

a fever upon him. 
FagOtt, m. bassoon, -ist, m, bassoonist. 
Faktor, m. factor, foreman, -i, n. 
Faktura, f, invoice. [factory. 

Fakultet, f. faculty. 
Fal, a. venal; mercenary. — ka, V. n, 

to cheapen, to bargain. 
Falaska, f. embers, white ashes. 
Falbolan, m. furbelow, flounce. 
Falerts, n. grey ore containing silver. 

Falk, m. falcon, -enerare, 771. faico. 

ner. — jagt, 771. falconry. 
Fall, n, fall, downfall; ruin; cataract; 

case; T. halliards, i fall, in case. 

tringa på — , to bring about one's 

ruin, -lucka, f. trap-door, -port, 

m. hatch. -rep, n. T. manrope. 

-sjuka, f. epilepsy. -Skärm , 771. 

parachut. -Talk, m. head-roll. 
Falla, V. 71. to fall, to drop ; to abate. 

— af, to fall off (from), to come off. 

— lort, to fall away. - i, to fall 
in (into); to strike; to interrupt. — 
ifrån, to fall away, to abandon; to 
decease. — igen, to fall down, to 
fall in; to sink. - ihop, to fall 
together, to collapse. — in, to fall 
in. — ned, to fall down, to dröp. 

— omkull, to fall down, -pa, to 
fall upon; to take a fancy. — till, 
to take one's party. — tillbaka, to 
fall back. - undan, to fall away; 




to die.~— ur, to fall fronii to drop 
from. — ut, to fall out ; to drop out ; 
to come due; to discharge, r- 52^, 
V, f . to happen ; to become, to be fit ; 
to look/ det faller af sig sjelft, 
that is a matter of course, -nde, 
n. fall, falling. -, a. falling. - SOt, 

Fallen^ a. given to, subject to. -het, 

f, inclination, talent. 
Fallna, v. n. to wither, to fade. 
FalSj m. board, edge; a currier's knife; 

fold, -ben, n, folding-stick, -bock, 

m, a currier*s beam. -hyfYel, m, 
notching-plane. — knif, m, shaver. 

Falsk y a. false , fraudulent , deceitful ; 
wrong; forged, counterfeit, -as, V, d. 
to be false, to play false, -eligcn, 
ad, falsely, -het, f, falsehood, de- 
ceit, -myntare, m, coiner. 

Familj, f, family. 

Famla, v. n, to grope, to fumble. 

Famn, m. bosom ; arms • fathom ; cord. 
taga i — , to hug, to embrace, —a, 
v. a. to fathom, —tag, n. embrace. 
-taga, V. a. to embrace, -ved, m. 

Fan, n, beard. [cordwood. 

Fan, m. the devil. 

Fanj|a, f. standard, ensign, colours. 
med flygande faunor, with colours 
displayed, --juilkare, W. standard- 

Fanera, V, a, to line, to veneer. 

Fantllasi, f. fancy, caprice; fantasia. 
-ast, m, fantastical fellow, fool. 

-astisk, a. fantastical, -isera, v. 

n, to muse, to fancy ; to play a fan- 
tasia ; to rave. 

Far, m, father, -bror, m. uncle. 
-»far, m, grandfather, farfars far, 
great-grandfather. farfars farfar, 
great -great -grandfather, -gait, m. 
boar, -mor, f. grandmother. -morS- 
mor, f. great grandmother. 

Farjla, f, danger, peril, risk, hazard. 
-håga, f. awe, fear, -lig, a. dan- 

Fara , v. n. to travel , to journey ; to 
be off; to be circumstanced, lata — , 
to cast away» to abandon. — a/, — 

tort, to go away, to depart. — efter, 
to ride after, to go after; to strive at. 

- fort, to travel fast. — fram, to 
go to a place; to proceed. — hit 
och dit, to ramble up and down. — 
igenom, to pass. - ilia med sig, 
to distress one's self. — in, to go into. 

- med osanning, to tell lies. - om, 
to pass by. — omkring, to travel 
round about. — till, to go to; to 
call upon. — tillhaka, to return. 

— upp , to ascend, to rise. — upp- 
före, to go upphil). — ut, to depart, 
to go abroad. — ut på landet, to 
go into the country. ^ Ut i härda 
ord, to give cross words. — ofver, 
to cross, to pass over. — vill, to err. 

— vilse, to go astray. 
Far]|dag, m. moving-time, -för, a. 

ready to S£ttl. — kost, m. vessel, 
craft. —led, f, way a ship is to 
pass, course, track. — SOt, m. epide- 
mical disease; epizooty. —tyg, n, 
vessel. — Yatten, n, passage, navigable 
track, -väg, m, thoroughfare, the 
great road. — väl, i. farewell. 

Fart, 771. course, career, progress, way; 

Fas]|a, f» horrour, abhorrence. — , V, W. 

to shudder, -ansvärd, -lig, a. 
horrible, dreadful, hideous. — llghet, 
f, horribility. [santry. 

Fasan, m. pheasant, -gård, m. phea- 

Faskin, n, fascine, fire-bavin. -knif, 
7W. hedging-bill. — verk, 71. fascine- 

Fason, m, shape; manner. [work. 

Fast, C. though, although. 

Fast, a. firm, solid; strong; fixed; 
steady; immoveable. — egendom, real 
estate. — land, continent. — , ad, 
firmly, fast; nearly, almost, —mycket, 
very much, —a, f. legal acquisition; 
investiture. -ebonde, m. tenant. 
-ebref, n, title-deed; charter of in. 
vestiture. -göra, v, a, to fasten, to 
make fast, —het, f. solidity, fastness, 
steadiness. — ighet, f, real estate. 
— na, V, n, to stick, to hitch; to 
ground. — för en sak, to be con- 
victed, -ställa^ V, a, to fix, to 


detetffiine, to ordain; to confirm i to 
establish. -rStällande, n, regulation, 
fixation, -taga, V. a. to apprehend, 
to seize, to take up. 
Fasiya, f. fast, fasting. -, V. W. to 

fast, -ande, a. fasting, -edag, 

m, day of fasting, -li-g? '^^ ^^Q** 
-lagsafton, W. shrove-tuesday. 

Wastage, W. tun, cask, barrel. 

Fastna er, ad. rather, much more. 

Fastän, c. though, however. 

Fat, W. dish; cask, barrel. 

Fatabur, m. storehouse; repository. 

Fatal, a. fatal, calamitous, disagreeable. 
-ier, m. pi. set term. 

Fatt, Cl. disposed, conditioaed. huru 
är det — ? what's the matter? — , 
ad, taga — på någon, to catch one 
by pursuit, to seize one. —a, V. a, 
to catch, to seize; to take; to com* 
prebend, to conceive, to understand. 

— t pennan, to couch in virriting. 
—ning, f, composure, selfcommand. 
-ningsförniåga, f. capacity, appre. 

Fattas, V, d, to need, to want, hvad 

— honomi what's the matter with him ? 
Fattig, a. poor, indigent, needy, ne- 
cessitous, —bössa, f, poor's -box, 
— dom, m. poverty, want, necessity 
—hus, n. poor-house, -skatt, m. 
poor-rate. — Skola, f. 
—vård, m, cure for the poor. 

Fattlig, a, easy to be comprehended, 
intelligible. — il&t, f. comprshensibi* 
lity. [favorite, minion. 

Favori||sera, v. a. to favour, -t, m. 

Feber, m. fever, -aktig, a. feverish. 

-anfall, -anstöt, m. paroxysm of 

fever, -frossa, f, aguishness, chill. 

—hetta, f, fever-heat. 
Febrnari, m, February. 
Fee, f, fairy. 

Feg, a, cowardly, -het, f, cowardice. 
Feja, V, a, to polish, to furbish; to 

touch up. 

Fejd, f. feud, warfare, -ebref, n. 

challenge, letter of defiance. 
Fel J n, fault, defect, error, mistake, 
blemish, failing, -a, V. «. to fail, 

Fideikommiss 65 

to enf, to want. - om v'dgen, to 
tnhz the right way. -aktig, a. de- 
fective, faulty, wrong, erroneous, -ak- 
tig liet, f, failing, mistake, fault. 
-as, V. d, to be wanting, -frl^ a. 
faultless, correct, -frihet, f, cor- 
rectness. -grep, n. mistake, -steg^ 
n. slip, false step. -StÖt, m. falsa 
thrust, -tag, n. misUke. 

Felp, m, plush, shag, mock-velvet. 

Felt, ad. in vain, amiss; falsely, sld 
— , to fail, to miscarry, to miss, gd 
-, to ^ astray, taga — , to mistake. 

Fem, num. five, -dubbel, -faldig, 

a. fivefold, -fingerört, f. cinque- 
foil.^ -han da, a. of five kinds. 

-hörni og, m. pentagon, -ma, f. 

five, cinque, quint, -te, a. fifth. 
för det -, fifthly, in the fith place. 
-tedel, m. a fifth, -tio, num. 
fifty, -tionde, a. fiftieth, -ton, 
mim. fifteen, -tonde, a. fiftotnth. 
— årig, a. quinquennial. 

Fena, f. fin. 

Fen kål, m. fennel. 
Ferier, pi. vacancies. 
Forla, f. ferula, switch, rod. 
Fembock, m. femambuck. 

Fernissa, f. varnish. -, V. a. to 


Fest, m. feast, festival, -llg, a. featl- 
?al. -lighet, f. festivity. 

Festlng, m. dogfly. 

Fet, a. fat; fatty, greasy; fertile; lu- 
crative, —fläck, m. spot of grease. 
—hinna, f .adipous membrane.-knop» 
par, 77). pi. stonecrop. -lagd, a. 
fattish, fleshy, stout, —ma, f. fat* 
nesa, corpulency. -, v. n. to grow 
fat. -t, n. fat, grease, -tisdag, 
W. ohrove-tuesday. — tistel, m. com* 
saw-wort. -Öga, n. exophthalmy. 

Fiaker, m. hackney-coach. 

Fibben, Fibel, m. vives. 

Fiber, f. fibre. 

Fickya, f. pocket, -format, n. pocket- 
size (of a book), -lock, 71. pocket. 
lid. -tjuf, m. piok-pookot. -Ur, 
n. watch. 

Fid,dkommiss, n. f«ofifmeat in trust. 




Fidibus, m, paper-match, lighter. 
Fiendye, m, enemy, foe. -skap, f. 

enmity, -tllg, a. hostile, -tlighet, 

f. hostility, 
FifflgTj Ö. cunning, sly, shrewd. 
Figur, 771. figure, shaiie. -li^j «• 

figurative, tropical, typic. —ligen, 

ad. figuratively. 

Fika, V. n. Fikas, v. d, to prog for, 

to hunt after; to emulate. 
Fiken, a. desirous of, covetous of. 
—het, f. appetency, covetousness. 

Fikon^ n, fig. -blad, -lof, n, figleaf. 
-trad, n. figtree. 

Fik vårta, f. fig. 

Fil, m. file, -a, v, a. to file, -hugg- 
are, m. file-cutter, -klofve, m, 
handvice. -Spån, m. filings, file-dust. 

Fil||bunke, m. bowl for sour milk. 
-mjölk, f, sour milk. 

Fili'ras, m. glutton. 
Filt, m. felt, -a, v. a. to felt, -hatt, 
m. felt-hat, stuff-hat. 

Filtrera, v. a, to filter. [thill. 

Fimmelstång, m, pole to a sledge, 

Fin, a. fine, small; delicate; subtle, 
smart; nice; keen; pure; soft, —gry- 
nig, O. fine-grained, —het, f, fine- 
ness, keenness, nicety, delicacy, -käns- 
lig, a. sensitive. 

Finanser, /". pi, finances. 

Finera, v. a. to refine, -re, m. finer. 

Fingller, m. & n. finger, se genom 
fingrarne, to connive at. -boig, 
m, thimble, -hatt, m. -tuta, f. 

fingerstall, -klåda, f, itch in the 
fingers, -knäpp, m. snap: with the 
finger, -ra, V. a. to finger. 

Fink, m. finch, -nät, n. T. netting. 

Finkel, n. bad brandy. 

Finna, v. a. to find; to nieet with. 
— på, to discover, to find out. - sig, 
to have a ready wit. — sig vid, to 
accommodate one's self to, to be con- 
tented with. — S, V. d. to be found. 

Finne, m. pimple; grub,. 

Finnfisk, m. finfish. Iningly, 

Fint, ad. smartly, nicely, finely, cun- 

Fint, m. T. feint; trick. 

Fintlig, a. inventive, ingenious, ready 

at expedients, —het, f. quickness of 
invention, ingeniousness. 
Fiol, m. fiddle, violin, -spelare, m. 

violinist, —stall, m, bridge of a 
violin. -stråke, m. fiddle- stick. 
-sträng, m. fiddle-string. 
Fira, v. Ct* to celebrate, to solemnize; 
to make much of; T, to lower; to 
ease. (bishopping. 

Firm||a, v. a, to bishop, -ning, f. 
Firma, w. firm. 

Firmament, n. firmament, sky. 
Fisk, w. fish, -a, v. a. to fish. 
-afänge, n, fishing, -are, m. 

fisher, fisher-man. -aregång, w. 
fishraarket, —ben, n. fishbone; wha- 
lebone. —6, 71. fishing, fishery. — llåf, 
m. drawnet, sweepnet. —köpare, m, 
fishmonger, -lök, m. shoal of fishes. 
-lim, n. isinglass, -lukt, f. fishy 
smell. -måse,.m. mew. -nät, n. 
fishing-yarn. -skinn, n. fishskin, 
shagreen. -SUmp, m, cauf. -tran, 

m. fishoii. -redskap, n. fishing. 

^tackle, -yngel, n. fry. -örn, n. 

Fiskal, m. public accuser, [sea-eagle. 

Fistel, m. fistula. 

Fix, a. fixed, settled, -era, v. a, to fix, 

-stjärna, f. fixed star. 
Fjerde etc. s. Fjärde etc. 

Fjol, n. i fjol, last year. 

Fjoll, 71. trifles, prattle, gossiping, -a, 
f. a silly woman. — as, v. d. to 
trifle, to faddle, to play the fool. 
-er, m. trifler, fool, -eri, n. drol. 
lery. -ig, a. silly, foolish, nonsear 
steal, -ighet, f. silliness. 

Fjorton, num. fourteen. - dagar^ 
a fortnight, -de, a. fourteenth. 

Fjoskig, a. crackbrained. 

Fjugg, 71. lock, flock. 

Fjun, n floss, down. 

Fjäder, m. feather, plumage; spring. 
släppa -, to moult, to mew. -alun, 
m. plume-allum. -boll, 7/1. shitUe- 
cock, -bräde, n. spring. board (of 
organs)^ -buske, 771. tuft of feathers, 
-bädd, n. featherbed, -fä, fl. poul- 
try, -fällning, f. mewing, -hand- 
lare, m. feather- driver, -harts, fU 




indian rubber. -Irk, a, feathery, 
pluraaceous. — Spritaröj W,, picker 
of feathers. -Stjelke, W. quill. 

Fjädra, v. a, to feather, -d, a. full- 

feathered, fledge. 
Fjäll 9 n. scale, —a, v. a, to scale, 

to desquamate, -fisk, m, scalefish. 

-ig, a, scaly, —ill g", W. scale- fish. 

-Yinga, m. butterfly. -Ört, f. 

tooth- wort. 
Fjäll, n. mountain. _-bjÖrk, f, dwarf- 

birch, —bo, W. mountaineer, —bygd, 

711. mountainous region. — mus, f. 

leraing, Lapland - marmot, —ripa, f, 

white-grousa, ptarmiganr -rygg", m. 

ridge oi mountains. -skred, va. 
, glacier. 

Fjärd, m. bay; enlargement of a lake. 
Fjärde, a. fourth, för det -, fourthly. 

-del, m. a quarter, 
Fjärding, m. a quarter, a quarter of 

a barrel. -Sväg, m, quarter of a 
Fjäril, m. butterfly. (mile. 

Fjärma, v, a. to remove, to withdraw. 
Fjarinare, a. remoter, further. 
Fjärran, ad. far, at a distance. 
Fjäs, n, ceremony, fawning, —a, V* n. 

to make much of, to fondle. 
Fjäsk 5 n. fiddiefaddie. -, -or, m. 

busybody, meddler. -a, v. n. to 

fidget, to bustle. 
Fjät, n, track, trace, footstep. 
Fjättra, v. a. to fetter, to shackle. 

— r, m. pi, fetters, shackles. 
Flabb, m. jaw. [flatness. 

Flack, a. flat, plain, open, -het, f. 
Flacka, v, n. to ramble, to rove. 

Flacksa, v. w. to flutter. 
Fladd||er, n. fuUiity. -eraktig, a. 

flirting, fickle, -eraktigliet, f. fieklo- 
ness, frivolity, -ra, V. n. to flutter ; 
to blaze, to flame, -rig, a. loose^ 

Flaga, /. flaw, crack, breach; flake. 

Flagg, m. flag, colours, ensign, hissa 
flaggen, to hoist the flag, stryka 
flaggen, to strike the flag, -duk^ 
m. bunting, -man, 9». flag-officer. 

-skepp, n. flag-ship, -spel, n. 
-stång, m. flag-staff, enslgn-staff. 

Flagna, v. n. to peel off. 

Flake, m. plate. 

Flanimjla, f. flame, blaze. -, V. W. 
to flame, to blaze, -era, V. a. to 
make watered or undulated, -ig, d» 
flamy, figured with flames. 

Flanell, n. flannel. 

Flank , m. flank, -a, v. a. to slice, 

to cut into flat pieces. — , s. f. clod, 
flake, -era, V. a. to flank, -, V. W. 
to skirmish, -ering, /. skirmish. 

Flarn, n. bark of fir, bark of pine. 

Flas, n. frolic, sport. 

Flask||a, f. vial, smau bottle, -foder, 

n. bottle-case. 

Flat, a. flat, level, smooth, plain; too 
indulgent ; discountenanced ; foolish. 
flata handen, the palm of the hand. 
-a, f. the flatside. -hct, f. flat- 
ness; too great indulgence. — lus, /I 
felt-louse, body-louse, -na, V. n. to 
be ashamed. 

Flan, a. dull, stagnant, slack. [atic. 

Flegma, f. phlegm, -tisk, a. phlegm- 

Flen, n, heart-burn; reed • canarygrass. 
-Ört, f. figwort, brownwort. 

Flep, n. effeminacy. — er, W. meaoook. 
-ig, a. faint, cowardly. 

Flerjje^ a. pi, more, several, sundry. 
-estades, ad, in sundry places, 
-årig, a, perennial. 

Fleste, a, pi, the most. 

Flick||a, f, girl, lass; wench, -ebarn, 

n, female child. 

Flicklja, V, a. to patch, to clout, to 
mend. — in, to insert, —are, m, 
patcher. -lapp, m, patch. -Ord^ 
n. expletive, — verk, n. patch-work; 
compilation. [lobated. 

Flik, m, lap, lappet; lobe, -ig, a. 

Flina, v. n. to giggle, to titter; to weep. 

Flinga, f, slice. (active, brisk. 

Flink, a. dexterous, clever; quick, 

Flint, m. forehjad. -skalle, m. 

baldpate. -Skallig, a. baldpated. 

Flintlja, f. flint, flintstone. -hård, 

a, flinty, -sand, m. coarse gravel. 
Flls]|a, f, flake, flag, shiver flisa sig-, 
V. r. to splinter , to shiver, -ig, a. 
splintery, shivery. 




Flissa^ V. n» to titter, to fleer. 
Flit, rn, industry, diligence, assiduity, 

appl-ication , study, göra sin — , to 

do one's best, ined — , on purpose. 

— ig", a, industrious, diligent, assiduous; 

frequent, helsa flitigt, give my best 

compliments. (finery. 

Flitter, n. bawble; a trifling piece of 
Flo, m. layer, stratum, -kalk , m. 

stratified lime. 
Flock, w. crowd; collection, -tals, 

— yis, ad. by crowds; by sections, 
Flod, m. river ; flood ; flow, -tld, m. 

Flor, n. crape, gauze. -Imfva, f, 

gauzeveil. [n. to flourish. 

Flor, n. fipwer, flourishing, -era, V. 

Florett, m. foil, -silke, n, floret- 

Floskel, m. flourish, scrap; phrase. 

Flott, n. grease, -a, V, a. to grease. 

Flott, ad. afloat, -a, f, fleet, navy; 
float. — , V. a, to float; to convey 
timber in rafts. — brO, f. floating- 
bridge, -holme, W. floating island. 
—rätt, m, the right of floating wood. 

Fluglla, f, fly. spanslca flugor, can- 
tharides. -bloiuster, n. flaxweed. 

-smälla, f. flyflap. -svamp, m. 
toad -stool; red agaric. -träd, n, 
black poplar. 

Flundra, f. flounder. 

Fluss, m. rheum, cold; T, fluor, flux- 
ing vitrescent, glass-spar, hvita flus- 
sen, white flux, -aktig, a. rheu- 
matic, -feber, m. rheumatic feber; 
Bynochus. — Ighet, f, rheumatic dis- 
position, —spat, m. fluor-spar. 

Flux, ad, quickly, instantly, anon. 

Fly, n. (jpa ett ankarj flook (of an 
anchor); marsh, -b Ott en, m. marshy 

Fly, V. a. & n, to fly, to shun ; to run 
away, to escape. 

Flyglla, V. w. to fly; to blow up; to 
soar. -ande, a. flying; winged; 
sudden ; immediately. — flsk , 9W. -färdig, -fo'r, a. fledge. 

-hand, a. quick, brisk, -sand, m. 
quicksand, driftsand. 

Flygel, ?n. wing; grand piano, -dörr, 
Wi. folding. door, »mau^ m, file, 

Flygt, w. flight. is^Jwfa fåglar^ i 
flygten, to shoot birds flying, -ig,' 
a. volatile, fleeting; fickle, inconstant, 
vain; gaudy, gay, airy. — ighet, f, 
volatility, levity, fickleness; vanity, 
gaudiness of dress. 

Flykt, m, flight, escape, -a, V, n, to 
escape. — ig, a. fugitive, -ing, w. 
fugitive, runaway. 

Flytji'a^ V»n. to flow; to be afloat; to 
run; to spring, to result. — ofvanpd, 
to swim on the top ; to be uppermost. 
—ande, a. floating, flowing, swim, 
ming , liquid ; easy, smooth ; well hung. 
-Ig, a, fluid, liquid, -ighet, f. 
liquidness, fluency, fluidity, —ning, 
f. flux. 

Flytt||a, V, a, to move, to remove, to 
transfer, to convey; to transplant. — , 
V. n. to move, to remove ; to leave one's 
place. — hort, to remove. — in, to 
move to. — närmare, to approach. 
" utt to convey out. -bar, a, 
moveable, -fågel, m. bird of pas. 
sage, -ning, f. moving, removal, 
passage; move; transposition. 

Flå, v. a. to flay, to skin ; to pull off. 
—buse, m. flayer, hangman's servant» 
— nlng, f, flaying, excoriation. 

Flåslla, V, n. to puff, to breathe strongly ; 
to respire. — ut , to recover one's 
breath, -mätt, a. short of breath. 

Fläck, m. spot, blot, stain; blemish; 
pearl; place; mark; borough, —a, V, 
a. to spot, to stain, to maculate; to 
blast, -ig^ a, spotty, stained, -tals, 
ad, here and there, -urtagare, m. 

Fläder, f. elder, -buske, m, elder* 
tree. -mOS, n. elder-sirup. -mUS, 
f, flittermouse. — té, n, elderberry-tea. 

Fläka, V, a, to rip up, to split open, 
fläkt örn, doubleheaded eagle. 

Fläkt, m. a gentle gale ; whisk, bruslu 
-a, v. n. to fan, to shake, to flap. 

Flämta, v. n, to pant, to gasp; to puflf. 

Fläng, n» precipitation, agitation, violent 




exercise, speed, t — , in full 
in greath hurry. — ftj V. n, to romp. 
— med hästarna, to ride the horses 
too hard. 

Flärd, m, deceit, artifice; vanity, fri« 
volousneea. fara med —, to use de- 
ceitful dealing, -fri, -1ÖS , a. mo- 
dest, without ostentation, —full, a.' 
idle, ostentatious. 

Fläsk, n. pore, bacon, lägga pä 
fläsket, to grow fat. -pannkaka, 
f. bacon-fritters, -slda, f. flitch of 
bajon. — SVål, m, sward, of bacon. 

Flätlla, f. plait, tress, fleak. -, V. a. 
to plait, to braid, to twist, -ning, 
f. plaiting, handlework, fieak. 

Flätja, f. vanity, frivolousness. 

Flöd, n, flux; flowing, -a, V, n, to 

flow. — ofver, to overflow. 
Flöjel, m, vane. 

Flöjt, f. flute, -skepp, n. flyboat, 
Fiote, n. float. 

Flöts, m. layer, stratum. 

Fnas, w. husk, -a, v. a. to husk. 

Fnask, n, scrap; trash, chaff, anse 
8om ett -, to slight, -a, v. a. to 

Fcassllel, n, pimples, pustules, -lig, 
a pimpled, full of pustules. 

Fnettra, v, n, to titter, to smicker. 

Fnugg, w. down. 

Fnurra, /*. knot; intricacy. 

Fnysa, v. n. to snort, to snuff. - af 
vrede, to huff and puff. 7ian fnyser 
vid allt, he is not to be contented. 

FnÖske, n, spunk, -syamp, m, birch- 

Fock, f, fore-sail, -hals, m. fore- -mast, m. fore -mast. 
—rå, f, fore-yard. 

Fodor, «. fodder, feed; linings case. 
-lår, m. oat-chest, manger. — lärft, 
n. linen for ^ lining, -marsk , ra. 
hostler, -nöt, n. neat, -säck, m. 
fodderbag. -verk, n, fur. -Ticker, 
m, common vetch. 

Fodra, v. a. to fodder; to line; to fur. 

Fodral, n. case, casing, box. -makare, 

m, oasemaker. 
Fog, w. reason, cause, right ; moderation. 

-lig, Ö. easy, compliant, yielding; 
gentle, —lighet, f, moderation, easi- 
ness, compliance. 

Fog, m, joint, scarf, -a, V, a, to 
join, to fit; to dispose; to order, to 
adjust. - anstalt, to take order 
about. — sig , v, r. to suit, to fall 
out, to come on, to turn. — sig ef- 
ter, to comply *with. -liyffel, w. 

Fogde, m. country-steward, bailiff. 

Fogel, 8. Fågel. 

Follant, m. folio, book in folio. 

Folium, w. foil. 

Folk, n. people, folk; nation; men; 
servants, sämre -, the vulgar, bättre 
— , honourable persons, göra — af 
någon, to make one a man. "kom- 
men af — , of a good family, —a, 
V, Ö. — Upp , to educate, to civilize. 
— 8ig , V, r. to amend, to reform. 
—brist, m. scarcity of people, -fat- 
tig, a. thin of people, -fest, m, 
national festival. -^gUUSt, /". popu- 
larity, —hop, m. crowd of people. 
-ilsk, a. mad at people, en folk- 
ilsk tjur, a mad bull, -lig, a, 
popular. —Ilk, a. humane, modest. 
—mängd, m, population, number of 
inhabitants. — rlk, a. populous, —rätt, 
m, right of nations. — saga, f, po- 
pular tale, —skola, f, common school. 
-skygg, a. shy of people, unsociable. 
-slag, n. nation, -språk, n. vul- 
gar tongue, -stam, m. tribe, -sägen, 
m, popular tradition, -vandring, f. 

the migration of the nations. — vett, 
n. common sense. — Vttlde, n, de- 
Fond, m. fund, stock; back ground. 
Fontanell, m, fontanel, is^ue. 
Forl|a, f, cartload, carriage. -, V. a. 

to convey, -bonde, -man, m, 

waggoner, —lön, f, payment for car» 

riago. -sedel, m» bill of carriage. 

-vagn, m. waggon. 
Forderlig, a. quick, expeditious, med' 

det forderlig aste, with all expedition., 
Fordne, a. former, yore, past, ancient,^ 

old. i f ordna dagar, of yore* 




Fordosn^ -dllgs, ad, formerly, once, 

in former" days. 
Fordr||a, v. a. to exact, to demand, 

to require, to claim; to want; to take. 

— in, to call in. -811 , -ing 5 /. 
demand, claim; debt. 

Forell, m. trout. 

Form, m. form, mould; shape, -a, 

V, a. to form, to model, to mould. 

-alitet, /. formality. -tU'C , m. 

moulder. ~at^ 71. size (of a book). 

-ation, f, formation, -bräde, n. 

fiameboard. —©1, 7n. form, formula. 

-era, v. a. to form, -lig, a. for- 

mal, express, -llghet, /. formality. 
-»ligt, ad, formally. -IJUS, n. 
mould-candle. — 1ÖS, a. formless, sha- 
peless, —lära, f. etymology, —skä- 
rare 5 m, formcutter. -ulär, 71. 

Forn, a. former, past, -forskare, 

m, antiquary, -häfder, f. pi. history 
of the antiquity, -lemiling, f. an- 
tiquity. -sägen, W. tradition, -tid, 
-ålder, m, antiquity. 

Fors, m, force, stream, waterfall, -a, 
V, 71, to gush, to rush. 

Forsk||a, v. a, to investigate, to search 

^ out. —are, 7?l. inquirer, searcher. 
— Bing, /*. search, investigation. 

Forsla, v, a, to convey. 

Fort, ad. fast, swiftly, apace, gå lika 

— Ttltd en i to keep pace with one. 
d&t fortaste, with all speed, -fara, 
V, W. to continue, to persevere, to hold 
on, to go on. —farande, a. conti- 
nuing, permanent, perseverant. -fa- 
rande, 5. n. continuation, duration, 
perseverance, —gå, v. n, to go on, 
to continue, to proceed, —gång, w. 
progress, advancement. — hjelpa, V. 
a, to further, to forward, -komst, 
Vfi. advL^ncement , success, —planta, 
V, a, to propagate, -plantning, f. 
propagation, -skaffa, V. a. to for» 
ward, to transport, »skrida, v, n, 
to advance, to proceed, —sätta, V, 
a. to continue, to pursue, to carry on. 
-sättning, f. continuation, pursu- 

ance, -vara, v, n, to continue, to 

Fortepiano, n, piano-forte. 

Forum, n. jurisdiction, tribunal, resort 

Fossilier, n. pi, fossils. 

Foster, n. embryo, foetus, child; pro^ 

duct, -barn, n. fosterchiid. -bro- 
der, m. fosterbrother; companion of 
arms. -dotter, f. fosterdaughter, 
adoptive daughter, -fader, m. foster- 
father, -moder, f, fostermothere 
-skola, f, nursery. 

Fostra, v, a, to nourish, to foster, to 
support. -S, V, d, to grow up; to 

Fot, w. foot; basis, till fota, on foot. 
taga till fötters, to take to one's 
heels, på stående fot, instantly. 
ställa på fri fot , to set at liberty. 
jag tager det på den foten, l take 
it this way. —a, V. a. to found, to 
ground, -angel, ra. man4rap, foot« 

trap, -bad, n. foothbath. -blad, 

n. sole of the foot, -fall, n, pro- 
stration, —falla, V, n. to prostrate 
one's self, —fallen, a. unable to walk, 
stumbling, —folk, 71. footbands , in- 
fantry, -fäste, 7z. footing, -gångare, 
7n. footman, -knöl, tti. ankle, -lag, 
n, instep, tarsus. — ledj m. footjoint, 

-pall, 77Z. footstool, -påse, 7n. foot- 

bag. — sidj, a, reaching down to the 
feet, -spjärn, n. foothold: stretcher. 
—spår, n. footmark, trace, track. 
-steg, n. footstep, footboard, -ställ- 
ning, f. pedestal, socle, basis. -SYCtt, 
7n. sweaty feet, -såla, f, the sole of 

the foot, -träd, n. foot-stail. -Tar- 
mare, 7n, foots tove. 

Fotograf, m, photographist, -i, f. 
photography; photograph, lightbild. 

Frack, tu. frack, dress-coat. 

Fradglla, fé foam, froth, spume. -aS, 
V, r, to foam, to froth, -ig, a, 
foamy, frothy. 

Frakt, tr, freight, -a, V, a, to freight. 

-are, m, freighter, -bref, 71. -se- 
del, Ttl. bill of lading, -skepp, n, 

carrying-vessel, merchantman. — yagn^ 
W. carrying-waggon. 




Fraktur, m. gothic letters, german text. 

Fram 9 ad. forward, forth, onward. — 
i veckaUi in the course of the week. 
— tillf until to. r'dtt — , upright, 
frankly, -alstra, V. a. to bring forth, 
to produce. — axelj vn. fore-axletree. 
-ben, n, foreleg, -bjuda, v, a. 

to present with, to offer. — bOg", m, 
forequarter. —bringa, V, a, to pro- 
duce; to advance, to raise, —bära, 
V, a, to bear forth, to present, to 
offer, -del, m, forepart, face; T. 
fore, -deles, ad. in future, -draga, 

V. a. to draw forth, to produce ; to pro- 
fer; to allege, -fara, V. n. to pro- 
ceed. —faren, a. past; deceased. 
-fart, m... proceeding, -fluten, a. 
past, -fot, W. forefoot, -fusig", 
a. unconsiderate, saucy, daring. — fo.» 
sighet, f. precipitancy, forwardness. 
-färd, m. progress, -för, prp. be- 
fore, above. - allt^ above all. -föra, 
V, a. to carry before; to deliver. 
-före 5 ad. before, in the "forepart. 
-gent, ad. for the future, -gång, 
m. success, hafva framgång, to 
succeed. -hjul,n.forewheel. -härda, 
V. n. to persevere, to persist. — här- 
delse, f. pei-severance , obstinacy. 
-härdig, a, perse verant. -itVån, 
ad. from before, -kalla, v. a. to 
call forth. — andaVf to conjure the 
ghosts, -komma, v, n. to arrive. 

-komst, 77». arrival, -kälke, m. 

foresledge. -lefva, V. a. & 71. to 
live, —lida, V. n. to pass away, to 
vanish, to expire, —liden, a. past; 
deceased, -lägga, V. a. to lay down, 
to exhibit, to represent. — mo, ad. 
at hand, hälla sig framme, to put 
one's self forward. — Om,prp. by, over. 
-sida, f. foreside, face, front, -skaffa, 
V. a. to produce, to provide with, to 
cause to be brought, -skeppet, n. 
foreship. -Skjuta, V. a. to push 
forward. — , V. n. to shoot forth, to 
issue, -skrida, v. n. to advance, to 
move forward, to go on. -skridande, 
a. progressive. -Skriden, a. advanced. 

-stam, m, T. stem, -stafra, v. a. 

to spell out, to articulate. ^Steg, 
n. progress, »stnpa, ad. upon one's 
face, -stycke, 71. forepart. -Stående, 
a. prominent, -ställa, v. a. to re- 
present , to propound , to propose , to 
set forth, -ställning, f. represen- 
tation, exposition, proposition, -sätta, 
V. a, to set forth, to set out, to pro- 
pose; to server up. -sättning, f. 
presentation, exposition, -tand, f. 
foretooth, incisor. -tO, v. a. to ex- 
hibit, to produce, -tid, m. future, 
futurity, -tida, a. future, -till, 
ad, before, in the front, -träda, 
V. n. to advance, to step forth, -trä- 
dande, n. approach, appearance, en- 
trance. -Vigtig, a. overweighing 
before, -åt, ad. forward, forwards. 
-, prp, toward, against. 
Framt, C. sä -, if, provided that. 

Frankera, v. o. to frank, -d, franko, 

a. postpaid. 

Frans, m, fringe. 

Fras, m, phrase. 

Frasa, v. n. to rustle ; to hiss, to whiz. 

Fratt, m. black streaks in iron. 

Fred, m. peace, lemna i -, to let be 
quiet, gif er till freda , be quiet. 
ställa en till freds, to reconcile one. 
guds "! god save you! -a, V. a, 
to cover, to protect, to quiet; to in« 
close, to fence in. -ande, 71. ap- 
peasing, tranquillity; inclosure; pro- 
tection. -färdig, a. peaceable. -lig,a. 
quiet, peaceable, gentle, -lighet, f. pea- 
cefulness. -sbrott, n. breach of peace. 
-Sbrytare, m. peace-breaker, -sdo- 
mare, m. justice of peace, -sför- 
störare, m. disturber, -smed I are, 

m. negociator, mediator, -smedling, 
f. mediation, -stiftare, m. paoifiei 
-SStiftning, f. pacification. -svcrU, 
n, treaty of peace, -sälskande, a. 

Fredag, m. friday. 

Fregatt, m. frigate. 

Frest(|a, V, a. to attempt, to try, to 
essay, to tempt, -ande, a. tempting, 
seducing, -are, m. tempter, -else, 
f, temptation. 



Frij ö. ff^e? exempt; easy; open; libe- 
ral. — förtäring, free«quartef, free- 
cost, ställa en pd — fot, to set 
one at liberty, på — hand, off hand. 
lät honom hafva fritt spel, let him 
take his swing. — ft^ V. a. to free, to 
absolve, to save. — , V. n, to woo, to 
court, -are, m, wooer, -biljett, 

m, freeticket. — boren, a. free-born. 
of noble bir«i. -borgare, m, free- 
man I citizen of a freetown. — br6f, 
n. letter-patent, license, -bytare, m. 
freebooter, -eri, n. courtship, -gifva, 
-göra, V. a. to set free, to release. 
—gör else, f, acquittal, emancipation. 

-liamu, n. freeport. -handel, m. 
free trade, -herre, m. baron, -herr- 
inna, f, baroness, -hcrrskap, n. 

barony, —het , f, liberty, freedom ; 
privilege, immunity, —hågad, a. re- 
solute, -hult, n, T, fender, -kalla, 

-känna, v, a. to absolve, to acquit ; 
to exempt, to clear, -kostig, a. 
liberal, generous, openhanded, boun- 
teous. -kOStighet, /".^ liberality, 
munificence, bounty, —köpa, V. a. 
to ransom. — modig, a. frank, hearty. 

-murare, m. freemason, -mureri, 

n, freemasonry, -måndag, m. saint 
monday. —parti, n. parlisan-corps. 

-sedel, m.cocket, warrant, -siunad, 

a. liberal minded, liberal, -skola, 
/". freeschool. — stad, m. freetown; 
shelter. — stat, m. fteestate, republic. 
-stund, W. leisure - hour, -talig, 
a. freespoken. -tålighet, f, free- 
dom in speech. — tt, ad, freely, 
frankly, -tänkare, m. freethinker. 
-tänkeri, n. freethinking. -Villig, 
a, voluntary, spontaneous, free. 
Frid, m. peace, tranquillity, -ful, a. 
peaceful, quiet, — lysa, V, a» to put 
under the protection of law, to secure 
from annoyance. — 1ÖS, ö. outlawed. 
-sam, a. peaceable, amicable. 

Frikassé, n. fricassy. -ra, v. a, to 

fry, to mince. [bastard. 

Frilllla, Y- concubine, -ebam, n. 

Fris, m. & n. freeze, fri7e. 
Frlsel, w, miliary fever, purples. 


Frisera, v» a. t^ dress the hair; to 

Frisk, a. sound, healthy; cool; fresh, 
recent; lively. -t, ad, healthily, 
freshly, lefva -, to live at a high 
rate. - ujyp! cheer up! -a,* v. a. 
to refine, to remelt. - ?^pj>, to re» 
fresh, to freshen. - upp tåget, T. 
to fresh the hawse, -ua, v, n, to 

Frislar, W. pi. handscrews. 

Frist, m, respite. 

Frisör, m. hairdresser. 

Frodiias, v, d. to thrive, -ig, a, 

fresh; wholesome; luxurious; rich; 
yolly. -ighet, f. plumpness, -lem, 
m, man's yard. 

From, a, pious; devout; mild, kind, 
gentle, harmless; meek, —het, f, 
piousness ; gentleness, mildness. — siut, 
a. good-natured. 

Fromma, v, n, to be of uso. -, /". 

Front, m, the foretop; front. 

FrOSk, m. (h'dstsjulca) carney. 

FrOSS||a, f, ague, hvardags -, quotl- 
öian ague, annandags — , tertian ague. 
tredjedags -, quartan ague, -bryt- 
ning, f, a touch of the ague, shi- 

Frost, m, frost, -blten, a. frost- 
bitten; mellowed by the frost, —dans, 
n, dry fog. -ig, a, frosty, -knol, 
<m, chilblain, -natt, f frosty night. 

Frottera, v, a, to rub, to brush. 

Fru, f, mistress, madam. 

Frukost, m. breakfast, -era, V, n 

to breakfast. 
Frukt, m. fruit; issue; benefit, advan- 
tago, profit, -bar, a, fruitful, fertile, 
-barhet, f. ^^fertility , fruitfulness, 
fecundity. -bärande, a, fruitful, 
fructiferous. — fäste, n. receptacle. 

-gömm©, n, capsule, -horn, n, 
the horn of plenty, cornucopiae. — hyl- 
Sa-, f. husk, —lös, a. fruitless, vain ; 
abortive, -mångelska, f, fruiterer. 
—sam, a. fruitful, prolific, generative. 

-samhet) f. fruitfulness. -skida^ f. 


hntik, cod, shell. -»tTa^ ft. fruit-tree. 

—vin, n. cider, 
Frskta, v. a. to fear, to dread, to 

apprehend. — Hj f, fear, dread, ap- 

preheaeion, awe. — nsvärd^ a. for> 

tnidable, dreadful. 
Fmntimmer, n, lady, woman. 
Friisa, V, n, to gush. 

Frasen, a. frozen; cold, chill, chilly. 

Frusta, v. n. to snuff, to snort. 

Fryntlig, a, friendly, kind; affable. 
-het, f. affability. 

Fiys||a, V. n, to freeze ; to be cold ; to 
chill, dtt fryser pä , it freezes. - 
ihopf to congeal, —pankt, TTb, freez- 

• ing-point. 

Fragila, v. a, to ask, to question, to 
interrogate, to inquire. — efter, to 
make account of; to inquire after. — 
sig för, to inquire about, — en till 
Tads, to ask one's advice. — upp, 
to find out by inquiry, -ft, f, de- 
mand, question, query, interrogation. 
—punkt, m, point of question; in- 
terrogatory, -tecken, n, mark of 
interrogation. — tIs, a. inquisitive, 

Från, prp» from, -döma, v. a. to 

abjudicate. — fall^, ft. decease, death. 
-gå, V. a. to deny, to disown. 

-häst, m. the offside horse, -känna, 
V. a, to abjudicate, -sida, f, off- 
sida, reverse, -slägtas, V, d, to 
degenerate. -Taran do, a. absent. 

-yarelse, -yaro, f. absence. 

Fråss|!a, v. n. to gormandize, to glut- 

tonize. — ar©, 771. glutton, surfeiter. 

— eri, n. gluttony, voracity. 
Fr^ck, a, impudent, insolent — hQt, 

f, impudence, insolence. 
Fräjd, m, character, repute, reputation. 

-ad, a. renowned, famous. 
Friiken, m, river-horsetail. 
Fräknjje, m. freckle, -ig, a. freckled, 

Fralslla, v, a. to save, to deliver, to 

rescue, -are, m, saviour; deliverer. 

—ning, f. deliverance, redemtion. 
Frälse, W. nobility ; lands exempt from 

taxes. —, a» noble; exempt from 



tases* -hemman, n. fVanktene* 

Främja, v, a, to forward, to further, 

Främling, w. stranger, [to advance. 

Främmande, a, strange, foreign; from 
another, heterogeneous. — , 9, pi, com- 
pany, visitors. 

Främr©, a. anterior, foremost. 

Främst, a, & ad, foremost, at the 
head. [— lict, f, rancidness. 

Frän, a, strongscented, rammish, rank. 

Frändjle, m. relation, kinsman ; cousin.. 
-skap, ra. consanguinity, relation. 

Franka, f. kinswoman. 

Fräsa, v. n, to whiz, to hiss ; to roar. 

Frätya, «. a. to nibble, to eat, to de- 
vore; to corrode, -medel, W. cau- 
stic, corrosive, —ning, f, corrosion, 
comsumption. -Sten, W. infernal 
stone, lunar caustic. 

Frö, n, seed; germ, sperm, -a sig, 
V, T. to seed, -dosa, f, seed-vessel. 
-dyfvel,, m. seed-beetle, -foder, n. 

seed-cup. —gömma, f, seed-vessel. 

-handel, m. dealing in seeds, -hand- 
lare, m. seedman. -hns , 71. seed- 
vessel, —mjöl, ti. pollen of flowers. 
-mjölk, f, emulsion, -redning, 
f. T. fructification, -skida, f, cod. 
Fröjd, m. joy, exultation, -a, v, a, 
to rejoice, to exhilarate, to gladden; 
to cheer, gud fröjde hans själ! 
god rest his soul! -betygelse, f, 

expression of joy. -eld, m. bonfire. 
-full , a. joyful , exulting. -rOp, 
n, shout of exultation; acclamation. 
-språng, n. leap of joy, exultation. 

Fröken, f. lady, miss. 

Fukt, m, moisture, dampness, moist* 
ness. —a, V, a. to moisten, to damp,^ 
to w«t, to humect. — , V, W. to give' 
damp; to grow damp. ^Ig^ a» damp, 
moist, humid. 

Fukt||el, 771. strokes with the blade of 
a sword, —la, V, CI. to lash. 

Fukter, pi. tricks, intrigues. 

Ful, a, ugly, illfavoured; foul, full^ 
väder, bad weather, -het, f. ugli- 
ness, deformity. — skorf , m. scald- 
head, scall^ -slag, n. whitlow, felon. 



Full) a. full, replete; complete, total; 
drunk. Tläfva fullt Upp, to have 
plenty. — dager, broad daylight. 
till fullo] m full, -blodig, a, 
fullblooded. -borda, v. a. to fulfil, 
to accomplish, to finish, to execute; 
to consummate, to perform. — bordail, 
f. completion , accomplishment, execu- 
tion, -eligon, ccd. fully, -fjädrad^ 

-fln^en, a. fledged, full feathered. 
—följa, V. a. to pursue, to prosecute, 
to continue; to improve, —följande, 
n. continuation, pursuance, —giltig', 
a. valid. -gOd, a. sufficient, -gåll- 
gesi, a. fuiigrown. -göra, ~v, a. to 

fulfil; to finish, to execute. — liet, 
/". fullness, plentitude. -konilig, a, 
perfect, consummate, complete. — kOHl» 
lighet, f. perfection, -komiia, V, 

a. to perfect. — lliakt, /". authority, 
letter of attorney ; commission, war- 
rant, -mogen, a, perfectly ripe. 
— niyudig, a. come to age; indepen- 
dent, -myndighet, f. plenipotence ; 
full age, majority, -måne , m. full 
raoon. —mäktig, m. attorney , de- 
puty, -mätta, V, a. T. to saturate. 
-stämmig, a. symphonious. -stän- 
dig, a. complete, -ständlglict, f, 
completeness, -ständigt, ad. com- 
pletely. — SÖfd , a. vv'ho has slept 
enough. — talig, a. complete, full, 
integral, -tålighet, f. completeness, 
integrity. -Tlgtig, a. of full weight, 
—viss 5 a. certain, to be depended 

upon. -Yuxen, -växt, a. full 

grown, -ända, v. a. to finish, to 
complete, —andning, m. completion, 

Funtla, V. a. to fumble. [perfection. 

Fund, m. trick, shift, komma under 
- med något, to find out, to get the 
knack of something. f under , pi. 
crafty devices, -ament, 71. founda- 
tion , basis. 

Fundeiiia, r.^ a. to found. ~, v. n, 
tu muse, —ing, f, meditation, mu- 
sing.- (to christen. 
Punt, W. font, -a, V. a, to baptize. 
Far, -a, f. fir. -n, a. fir, pine. 
-Ubräde, ?». dealboard. 

Furie, /. fury. 

Furir, m. quartermaster, harbinger. 

Furstjle, m. prince, -endome, n. 

principality. — inna, /". princess. 
—lig, a. princely. 

Fusk||a, V. n. to bungle, to spoil. - 
undan , ^ to snatch away, -are, m. 
f urn bier , bungler. — Orl , W. bungle, 
spoil trade. 

Futtig, a. shabby, mean, trifling. 

Fnx^ m. sorrel horse. 

Fy! ?, fy! - skam, fy for shame. 

Fylke, n, tribe, district, province. 
—konung, m. viceroy, country-judge.^ 

Fylllja, V. a, to fill; to stuff; to make' 
drunk. — igen, lo fill up. - mcd* 
ed, to confirm by an oath. — wpp, 
to fulfil ; to replace, -bult, -hund, 
m, drunkard. -0, n. full, månen 
är i ", the moon is in her full. 
-eri, W. drunkenness, -est, ad, 
enough; sufficient. — igj a. plump, 
full, full and smooth, -ighet, f, 
plumpness, fullness. — nad, /". exple* 
tive. —ning, f, expletive; stuffing. 

Fynd, n. discovery; acquisition. — ig? 
a. inventive , quick at contrivance ; 
jT. containing ore. 

Fyr, n. trick, prank, joke. Tiafva - 
med någon, to joke upon one. 

Fyr, m. lighthouse, beacon, ge —.' 
give fire! -a, V. n, to fire, -boll, 
m, fireball, -bytare, m. calefactor. 

-filt, n. chafing-dish, -mörsare, 
772. mortar for bombs, -penningar, 

m, pL beaconage. -Sten, 771. fire- 
stone. -verkar©, tti. fireworker. 
-verkeri, n. firework. 
Fyrlla, num, four. -, f. a four. 
-ah an da, a. four different, -atio, 

num. forty. -atiOIide, a. fortieth. 

-dela, V, a. to quarter, -dubbel, 

a. fourfold, quadruple, -faldig, a. 
fourfold, -fota, f. eft, newt, -fot&d, 
a. fourfooted. -fotadjur, 71. qua- 
druped, -hörnig, -kantig, ö5, 
quadrangular, square. -horning, 
—Kant, 771. square, quadrangle, -man- 
ning, m, T, tetrandria. -sidig. a. 
quadrilateral, *--BitSlg) C» .holding 


four seats, -skäftad^ a. woven 
with four threads or four strands. 
•>Språng, n. gallop, full speed. 
-Stafvig, a.'quadrisyllabical. -Stäm- 
mig 9 a. for four voices. 

Fyrabend, tw. leaving of working. 

Fyrk, m. farthing. 

Få, a, pL few. pä några - nar, 
within a few. -knniiig, a. silly, 
ignorant, foolish.^ -kunnighot, f. 
ignorance. -Ordig, a. laconic. -Of» 
dighet, f, taciturnity, brevity. 

Få, V, a, to get, to obtain, to catch; 
to dare, to be permitted, to be suf- 
fered, to may; to must; to prevail, 
to persuade, to dispose to. han fick 
ondt, he fell sick, med orätt fäs, 
med sorg förgås, ill gotten, ill spent. 
— tort , to get away. - fram , to 
get forth, to utter. — tag i, to get hold. 
^ en i armen, tö lay hold of one 
by the arm. — igeny to recover, to 
find again. — ihop, to gather; to 
shut, '"in, to get in. — ned, to 
get down. — upp, to get up. — upp 
Icnuten, to untie the knot. — ut, to 
get out, to receive. — sig, V. r, to 
get, to acquire. — sig mat, to take 
food, to eat. 

Fåfäng, a. vain; fruitless, Idle; empty. 
—a, f, vanity; trifles, —lig, a. vain. 
— t, ad, in vain, to no purpose. 

Fågel, m. bird, fowl, -bo, n. bird's 
nest.- -Ibur, W. bird-cage, -bär, n, 
bird-cherry. — bOSSa, /. fowling-piece. 
-fri, a. outlawed, -fäll gare, m. 
birdcatcher, fowler. -fänge, n. 
fowling. -hagel, n, emallshot. 

-handlare, m, birdman. -liund, 

77». pointer." ~hus, n, aviary, -jagt, 
m, fowling, -^lek, m. copulation of 
birds, -lim, n. bird-lime, -nät, n. 
fowler's ^et. -perspektlT, n. bird's 
eye-view. -pipa, /.birdcall. -Skräm- 
ma, f. scarecrow. — snara, f. gin, 
snare. -Stång, m. lime-twig, -unge, 
m. a young bird. -Vicker, m. 
tufted vetch. 

Fala, V, n, to foal. 

Fåle, m. colt, foal. 

Swedish'Enalish Diet, 



Fåll, m. hem; fold, -a, v. a, to 
hera ; to fold. 

Fålla, f. hurdle, fold, pen. 

Fånlle, m. fool, silly, idiot, -ig, a, 
silly, foolish. 

Fång, n. catch; acquisition, possession; 
armful, laga — , legitimate possession. 
—a, V. a. to catch; to make one a 
prisoner, -e, m. prisoner, captive. 
-en, a. caught, prisoned, ilia fån- 
get gods, ill gotten goods, -enskap, 
n. captivity, -hus, n. prison, -hus- 
väktare, m, jailer, gaoler, -st, m. 

Får, n. sheep.^ -afvel, m. breed of 
sheep, -aktig, a. sheepish. -bOg, 
m. shoulder of^ mutton, -död , m, 
sheep-rot. -gräs, n. -svingel, w. 

sheep's fescuegrass. — lierde, in. she- 
pherd, -hjord, m. flock of sheep. 
-hufvud, n. sheep's head; sheep, 
ninny, -hund, m. shepherd's dog. 
—hus, n. sheepcot. —klippare, m, 
sheep-shearer, -kamel, m. camel- 
sheep, -koppor, jpZ. chickenpox. 
—kött, n, mutton, -lus, m. milk- 
sheep-louse, tick. — OSt, m. sheep- 
cheese, -skötsel, m, keeping of 
sheep, —stek, m. roast-mutton. 

Fåra, f. furrow. -, v. a. to furrow. 

Fä, n. beast, neat, blaokcattle; brute; 
goods.^ -aktig, a. brutish, bestial. 
-aktighet, f, brutishness, brutality. 
-drift, n. pasture-ground, -fluga, 
f. gadfly, bullfly. -gård, m. farm- 
yard, -herde, m-, herdsmari. -hop, 
m, herd of cattle, -hund, m. dog 
tending the cattle; scoundrel. -huS, 
71. cowhouse, oxstall, —lad, m. pa. 
Sture. -läkedom, W. farriery, -uad, 
m. beast, cattle. 

Fäder, m. pi. forefathers, -ne, n. 
patrimony, slagtskap på -, relation 
by the father's side. — arf, paternal 
inheritance, -nesland, n. country, 
native country. 

Fä gen, a. fain, glad. 

Fägn[|a, v. a, to gladden; to treat, to 
entertain ; to caress, sig — , — as , v. 
d. lo rejoice, to be pleased at. -adf f 



catisfaotion , dilight, Joy; «ntertaln« 
Bent. -OSam, a. joyous, joyful; 

Fägring, {, betnty, fairneee. 

Fäktlla, t;, n. to fight; to strive, to 
struggle, -are, W. fencer, toxer, 
gladiator, -hands&e, Wl. fencing. 
,glove. — konstj f, the art of fencing. 
-^mästare, W. fencing- master, -ning, 
/*. fencing, fighting, -sal, m, fencing- 
roora. -ftltola, f, fencing . school. 
-värja, f, rapier, foil. 

Fäll, w. fell, -beredare, w. furrier. 

Fälllja, f, trap, -a, v. a. to drop, 
to let fall; to let down; to fell; to 
kill ; to throw down, to prostrate ; T. 
to precipitate. — dom^ to pass a sen- 
tence. — fjddraTf to shed feathers. 

— horn, to shed the horns. — WdU' 
der, to let one's hands fall. — mo- 
det, to grow dispirited. — priset, tc 
lower the price. -7 förhön för en» 
to petition for one. — till höter, to 
set a fine upon one. söJca — en, to 
seek one'i ruin. — bonij wi. bar. 
-bord, W. folding.table. -brO, f, 
draw-bridge. -galler, n. falling- 
grate ; beaver. — knif, W. clasp-knife. 
-lucka, f. trapdoor. 

Fälp, m. imperfect velvet, fin -, plush. 

Fiilt, n. field, plain, gd i -, to take 
the field, det står i vida fältet, the 
issue of it is very uncertain, —apo- 
tek, n. field-dispensary. -domarO, 
m, provost of an army. — hcrre, 772. 
general, —jägare, m.. hunter, chas- 
aeur, sharp-shooter, -kassa, f, mili- 
tary cash, -kirnrg, m. surgeon of 
an army, -lasarett, n. fieldhospital. 

-lager, n. camp, -marskalk, m. 

fieldmarshal. —mätare, m. measurer 
of land, geometer, -prest, m. field- 
preacher, army - chaplain. — rop, n, 
fieldparole. — rOS, f. wild rose. 
-rustning, f. preparation for war. 
-sjuka, f, military fever, -skans, 
W. redoubt, fieldwork. -skär, m. 

surgeon, -slag, n. battle, -slanga, 

f. culverin. — Spat^ fTl, fieldspar. 

- stycke, ff Heidpieoe. -sangp, m. 


camp-bed. -teoken, n» fleldbadgt. 
-tygmästare, m, master of the 
ordnance., —tåg, n, campaign. — vakt, 
m.- fieldwatch. -YCrk , 7S. intranch- 
ment. -väbel, m, sergeant major. 
-vädd, f, blue scabious. 

Fändrik, m. ensign. 

Fäng||e, n. catch, -else, n. prison, 
jail, gaol, -hål, n. touch-hole, -krut, 
n, prime of a gun, —panna, f. pan 
of a gun. — Sla, V. a, to fetter; to 
imprison, to captivate, to confine. 
-slig, a. confined, taga i fängsligt 
förvar, to take into custody. 

Fänta, f, a girl not yet at full growth, 
a green miss. 

Färd, m. voyage, course, way, ä«par. 
ture. rdka i - med någon, to fall 
in with one. gifva sig i — med 
någon, to join with one. hvad är 
på far de? what is a doing? gd sina 
far de, to go away, -a, V, a. fcifj 
to dispatch. -&S, V. d, to travel, 
to go. 

Färdig, a. ready, apt, prompt; dexte- 
rous; done; prepared, disposed; able 
in one's limbs, göra sig — , to get 
one's self ready, -het, f» readiness, 
facility, dexterity. — t, ad. readily. 

Färg, m. colour, die, tint, hue; tinc- 
ture, complexion; paint; suit, -ft, 
V, a. to die, to tinge. — ifrån sig, 
to stain, -ad, a. 'false, fictitious. 
-are, m, dyer. -Ori, n. dyehouse. 
-ig, a. stained, -konst, f, art of 
dying, -kröp, n, turtle-insect, coc- 
cus, -låds, f, colour-box. -lära, 

r fc chromatics, -madra, f, red wood- 
roof, -mossa, f. dyer's lichen, 
Canary weed, -rlfvåre, m, colour- 
grinder. — fiten, m, grinding • stone, 
dye-block. — Stoft, 71. drug for dying. 
—tryck, a. colour -printii;^. -trä, 
71. log-wood, Campeachy wood. 

Färjila, f. ferry. -, V, a. lo ferry. 
-båt, m, ferry-boat, -karl, m» 
ferryman, -penningar, m, pL fer- 
riage, -stad, 771. -ställe, n. ferry, 
place where the ferryboat passes.. 

Färre, a. comp, fewer. 




FärSj w. stuffing, force-meat. 

Färsing", m, weaver, common weaver. 

Färsk, a. fresh, recent, new. pd - 
geming, in the very deed, -a, v. 
a. to furbish up ; to remelt ; to refine. 
-härd; m. refinery. -ÖI5 W. new- 

Fässing, m, straw . pallet , sea-dragon. 

Fiisttlj V. a. to fasten, to fix; to con- 
firm. — igeUf to fasten together. — 
upp en hatt, to cock a hat. - sig, 
V. r. to adhere, to fix one's self; to 
affiance, to betroth one's self; to hire 
out one's self; to settle in a place. , 

FlistO, n. hold, fastening; castle, fd 

— pa, to get hold of; to perceive, to 
discover, -band, n. T. summer, tran- 
som, -bandstock, m, T, cock-loft, 
hen-roost. — penning j m, earnest- 
money, earnest-penny. 

Fästjjing, m. house-fly.^^ -man, m, 

lover, aweetheart. — mo, /*. mistress, 

Fästning, f. castle, citadel; affiance. 

j-SY©rk, n, fortification, 
Fodjla, f, food, aliment, sustenance, 

nourishment; livelihood. — , V. a. to 

bear, to beget, to bring forth; to feed. 

- fram, to bring forth. - upp, to 
bring up, to rear up, to breed. — sig, 
V. r. to maintain one's self. — aSj v. 
d. to be born. — d, a. native, —else, 
f. birth, nativity, är efter Cliristi 
födelse, in the year of our Lord. 
nya födelsen, the regeneration, -else- 

dag, w. birthday, -elsestund, 

I», hour of ouVs birth. — krok, m. 
livelihood, means of living, -oämne, 
n. food, victuals. — sel, m. delivery, 
birth; the genitah of woman. — slo- 
del, -Slolem, m. genitals, -slo- 
märke, n, mole, -slovärkar, 2». 

pi, pains of child-birth labour, throes. 
Föga, ad. little, a little, falla till 

-^, to submit, to yield. 
Fögderi, n, stewardship. 
FÖI, n. celt, foal, -a, V, n. to foal. 
FölJlla, V. a. to follow, to succeed; to 

attend, to wait on, to accompany; to 

indulge ; to keep pace with. 80m följer, 

as follows. In the following manner. — 
medy to follow, to come along with, 
to go with; to comply, följas ät, 
V. d. to bear company, -aktig, a, 
who goes with, vara någon — , to 
accompany one. -aktligen, ad, 
consequently; of course. — d, m. con- 
sequence, sequel; succession; series. 
— e, 71. train, retinue, attendance ; com- 
pany, i ^ af, till — af, in conse- 
quence of, according to. -CSlagare, 
m. traveller, companion. 

Fönster, n, window. - i taket, sky. 
light, -beslag, n, casement.^ -bly, 
n. lead for windows, -bräde, n. 
breastboard. -foder, n, sash, frame, 
plat-band of a wiudow. -galler, n, 
lattice, -glas , n, window • glass. 
-karm, m. window-frame, -kitt, 
n, putty, —luft, vn. bay, embrasure. 
-lucka, f. valve of a window. -pOSt, 
vn. window -post. — ruta, f, pane. 
-spindel, m. domestic spider. -SYCtt, 
m, moisture on windows. 

For, a, stout, able, lusty. 

För, ad» too. - läng, too long, over- 
long. — , prp, for; before; for ... 
sake; instead of; with a design to; 
(nota dativij to. — att, in order 
to. — någon tid sedan, some time 
ago. hvad har han - sig? what 
is he about? vara — sig sjelfva, 
to be private, gå — sig, to succeed. 
nu — tiden, now a-days. i ett — 
allt, for the whole. 

Föra, v. a, to convey, to carry, to 
bring, to transport, to lead, to guide, 
to take; to handle; to command. — 
af, — hort , to carry away, — an, 
to command , to guide ; to introduce. 
— fram, to advance, to lead td, to 
deliver, — krig, to make war. — 
med sig, to bring along with, — or* 
det, to have the word. — på, to 
convey, — våld på någon, to offer 
violence. — talan, to plead. — tilU 
haka, to lead back, — till hoks, to 
enter in the books, — sig till miU' 
nes, to recollect. — till sinne, to 
remonstrate. — undan, to carry away. 



- upp, to raise. -Sig väl upp, 
to behave one's self Tvéll. " Ut , to 
export. "Ut en, to cry one down. 

- utur, to lead out of. - sig väl, 
to carry one's body well, —re, ra. 
guide, conductor, leader. 

Förakt 5- W. contempt, disdain, -ftj 
V, d. to despise, to scorn. — fall, a. 
disdainfijl, despising. -lig"y «. con- 
teraptible, mean, 

Forandiliga, v, a, to spiritualize. 

Foraiileda, v.. a. to occasion, to cause, 
to prompt, -Ilde^ n, occasion, caus'e. 

FÖranlåta^ v, a. to occasion,. to induce. 

Poranstalta, V, a, to bring about ; to 
manager to arrange. 

Förarbeta, t?, a. to work up, to ma- 
nufacture, to consume. — sig, V. r. 
to work beyond one's strength. 

Torarglla, v, a. to offend. - sig, v. r. 

to take offence, -else, f. scandal. 
-lig', n, provoking, offensive. 
Förband, n, bandage, roller, 
FÖrbanntla, v, a, to curse, to impre- 
cate, —else, f' curse, imprecation. 
Förbarma eig, V, r. to have compas- 
sion, to pity, -nde, n, compassion, 
pity, —re, Mi comraiserator,pitier. 

FÖrbecka, v. a, to pitch, to stop with 

Förbehåll, n. reserve, exception, con- 
dition, med — att, npon condition 
that, —a, V, a. to reserve, to claim, 
to bespeak, — sam, a, reserved, shy. 
—samhet, f* reservedness. 

Förbemält, Förberörd, a. aforesaid. 
Förberedya, v. a. to prepare, -else, 

f. preparation, introduction. 
Förbetänka, v. a, to think before- 

hand, to premeditate. 
Förbi, ad. by, past, over, -fart, m. 

passage. — gå^ V. (t, to pass by. 

-gående, n. passage; omission, i foV' 

higdende, by the by. -se, v» a, to 

raind not, to slight. 
Forbid Ija, v, a. to expect; to abide. 

—else, f. expectation, staying for, 
Forbindjlå^ v. a. to bind up; to oblige, 

to engage, — sig, v. r. to engage 

onft'a self; to join with, -andei a. 


obligatory, -else, f. obligation, en- 
gagement. -lig, a. obliging, -lig- 
het, f.' obligeraent. -ning, f. ban- 
dage, ligature; binding up. 

Förbistrlja, v. a. to-confound. -ing, 

f, confusion. 

FÖrbittrfla, v. a. to imbitter, to pro- 
voke, to irritate, to enrage, -ing, f. 
rage, fury. 

Förbjuda, v. a. to forbid, to interdict, 
to prohibit, -nde, a, prohibitory. 

Förblandlla,^^. a. to- confound, to 

mingle, -ning, f, confusion. 
FÖrblifva, v. n, to remain, to continue. 
FÖrblind||a, v. a, to blind, to dazzle ; 

to bribe, —else, /". dazzling, illusion, 

Förblommer||a , v, a. to Sgure, to 

show by a figurative resemblance, 
—ad, a. covert, ambiguous; allegori- 
cal, -adt, ad, figuratively, -ing, 
f. allegory. 

Förbluffa, v, a. to startle, -d, a. 

startled, stupefied. 

FÖrblya, v, a. T, to furnish with lead. 

Förblända, v. a. to dazzle. 

FÖrblÖd||a SI^, v. r. to bleed to ex- 
haustion. — nmg, f. bleeding to deÄ*,h, 
mortal hemorrhagy. 

Förbomma, v, a, to bolt, to bar. 
Förborga, v, a. to conceal, to hid©. 

— d, a, hidden, secret. 
Förborga Si^, V, r. to become bail 

or security. 

Förbrinna, r. n. to burn. 

FÖrbrnk||a, v, a. to consume, to work 
up. —ning, f, consumption. 

Förbrylla, v. a. to confound, to per- 

Förbrytjia gig, v, r, to o^end, to 

transgress,. to trespass; to forfeit, —are, 

m. criminal, delinquent, —else, f, 

offence, transgression. 
FOrbra^'ia, V, a. to bruise, to crush. 
Förbräsma, v. a. to burn up. 
Förbrödr||a sig, v. r. ^o enter into 

an intimate union, to fraternize, —ing, 

f. fraternization, fraternity. 
Förbud, n. forerunner, harbinger. 
Förbud, n» prohibition, 'Interdiction. 
Förbund, n, alliance, confederacy. 


fÖrhundets ark, ark of the covenant. 
—en, a. bound, associated; obliged. 
-sbroder, m, ally, confedeiate. 
— Sdag, m. meeting of confederate?. 
— Sfestj m,, celebration of alliance. 
— SStat, m, confederated ctate. 
Forbygel, m. poitrel. 
Förbygga, v, a. - ttt skepp, to al- 
ter the body of a ship. — sig, v. r, 
to build upon a wrong plan; to ruin 
one's self by building. 
Förby tj|a, v. a. to change, to alter, 

to barter. — Blllg, f» exchange. 

Förbära sig, v. r. to overstrain one's 

self by carrying too great a burden. 

FÖrbättrlJa, v, a, to improve, to mend, 

to better. -ing, f, improvement, 


Förbön, f. intercession, entreaty for 

another; prayer for one. 
Fördel, m. advantage, profit, interest, 
prerogative; benefit; reserved things. 
draga — af to take advantage of. 
se på sin — , to have an eye to the 
main chance, -aktig, a. advanta- 
geous, profitable; lucrative. 
Fördelila, v. a. to divide; to dispose; 
to dissolve, fördelande medel, cmol- 
lients. —ning, f. distribution, parti- 
tion; solution; division. 
Fördenskull, ad, therefore, for this 
Förderf, s. Foidiirf. [reason. 

Förde vind, ad. with a fair wind. 

Fördjupa, v. a. to deepen. - s\g, 
V. r. to be deeply engaged, fordju. 
pad i skuld, deep in debt, fördju- 
pad i tankar, lost in thoughts. 

Fördold, a. hidden, concealed. 

Fordom 5 m. prejudice, prepossession. 
-Sfri, a. free from prejudices, -sfull, 
a, prejudiced. 

Fördrag, n. treaty, agreement, paction. 
hafva — , to have patience, —a, V. a. 
to abide, to bear. — sailS, a. tolera- 
ting, -sarnliet, f. toleration. 

Fordrifva, v. a. to expel, do dissipate ; 
to remove; to destroy. — färger, to 
shade off colours. — tiden, to while 
away time. - foster, to procure ab- 1 

Föregående 69 

ortion. — nde, n. expulsion, driving 
away, banishment; shading off. 

Fördrista sig, v, r. to presume, to 

venture, to dare. 
Fördränka, v. a. to drown, to immerse. 
Fördröja, v. a, to delay, to retard. 
Fördubbla, v. a. to double. 
Fördunkla, Förd ystra, v, a. to 

darken, to dim. 
För duns t a, v, n. to evaporate. 
Fördäck, n. foredeck: 
Fördämning, f, dam, mole. 

FÖrdärf, n. ruin; corruption, -llg, 
a, pernicious , ruinous , destructive. 
— Va, V, a. to ruin, to destroy; to 
spoil, —vare, m. spoiler, corrupter. 

Fördölja, v. a. to conceal. 

FÖrdÖnilla, v. a. to damn, to condemn, 
to curse, -else, f. damnation, -lig, 
a, damnable. 

Före, n. path, way; sledge- road ^ T. 
fore-part of the ship. 

Före, ad. before; in front; foriperly, 
se er — , look about you. 

FÖrebedjare, ra. mediator, intercessor. 

Förebild, m. type; emblem, -a, V. a. 
to represent; to prefigure. — andc, 
a, figurative, -ning, f. prefiguration. 

Förebringa, v. a. to advance, to ai. 

lege, to produce, to exhibit.' 

Förebrå, v. a. to reproach (with). 
—else, W. reproach, reprehension, re- 

Förebud, n. presage, prognostic, -a, 
V. a. to forebode, to presage, to pro- 

Förebygga, v. a. to prevent, to obviate. 

Förebara, v, a. to plead; to pretendf 

Föredrag, n. lecture, discourse; ma- 
nagement; delivery. -a, V. a. to 
prefer; to propose, to deliver, to report. 

Förefalla, v. n. to happen; to seem; 
to appear, det förefaller mig un- 
derligt, it appears odd to me. 

Förefinnas, v. d. to be found. 

FÖregifva, v. a. to pretend, to feign. 

-nde, n, pretence, pretext. 
Föregå, v. a. to go befors, to precede. 

-, V. n. to take place, —ende, a. 
preceding, antecedent, foregoing, pre. 



vious, former. — HgTy fn, precedenc*. 
-ngare^ m, antecessor, foregoer, pre"^ 

FÖrehafra, v. å, to have before, to 
intend; to transact, -ude,, «. in. 
tention, design, enterprise. 

FÖrehålllla, v, n, to represent; to re- 
proach, to remonstrate (against), to 
npbraid (with), -ning, /. suspension, 

Forekalla^ V, a. to cite, to summon. 

FÖrekasta^ v, a. to reproach (with). 

Förekomma^ v. n. to be before hand 
with one; to obviate. — , v, n. to 
occur; to seem. — tTis ästundan, 
to meet one's wishes. — nd©, a, 
preventing , occurrent ; complaisant, 
obliging. — ndöj n, prevention, ob- 

Forelysa, V, a, to shine before, to 
give an example to, to be a pattern to. 

Förelägga^ v, a. ib lay before, to pro- 
duce, to exhibit, to present; to ap- 
point, to fix to; to carve, to help to. 

Foreläsjja, v, o. to read t©, to recite 
to. -are, m. lecturer, reader. -Iimg, 
f* lecture, hålla — , to read lecture. 

FÖielÖpa^ V. n. to run before; to 
pass, to happen, -re, TO» forerasmer, 

Föremål, n» object; subject, matter. 

Forenlla, v. a. tö unite, to join, to 
connect; to reconcile. — sig om, to 
agree upon, -ing, f. union, agree- 
ment, alliance, accord, reconciliation. 
-lig, a. compatible, consistent, -lig- 
het, /. compatibility. 

Forenkla, v. a, to simplify. 

FÖrenämd, a. aforesaid, aforementio. 
Föresats, m, purpose, design, [ned. 
Förege, v. a, to foresee. 
FÖreskjuta, v, a. to advance, to lend 

Föres kO« v. a. to new. vamp. 
FÖreskrif|{t , f, prescription, order; 

pattern. -Yft, V. a. to prescribe, to 
Foreskarare, m. carver. [direct. 

Föreslå, v. a, to propose, to move. 
Förespråkare, W. intercessor, pleadw, 



Förespå, V. a. to foretell, to predict, 
to foresay. —ende, n, prediction, 

FÖrestaf?a, v. a. to repeat verbally. 
Förestå, v, n, to carry on, to manage; 

to wait for, to attend; to impend. 

-end©, a, imminent. -Bdare, m, 

administrator, manager. — nderskap, 
n, administration, macnage. 

ForestäIllla,-t?. a, to exhibit, to r©. 
present, to remozistiatfj* — sig fdatj, 
to imagine, to suppose. — ningy f, 
representation J idea, image; remon- 
strance, [eyes. 

ForeSYäfya, v, n. to wave before one's 

FÖresyia, m, exemplar, example. 

Föresätta, v, a. to propose; to set 
one a task. — sigfdat.J, to determine. 

Företag, W. undertaking, enterprise, 
—a, v. a. to undertake, to enterprise. 
— sig fdat.Jf to resolve on, to da 
termine. — saM, a, enterprising. 

Företal, n, preface. 

Förete^ v, a. to produce, to exhibit. 

Företrädjla, v, n, & a. to walk be- 
fore; to appear; to be one's prede- 
cessor ; to discharge for,, to act in the 
place of. — 8ii'0, 7r%, predecessor. —0, 
n, admission ; precedence ; prerogative. 

Före vetand Gg n, fore-knowledge, pre- 

Föreviga, v, a, to eternize, to immor- 
talize. (to produce. 

Förevisa, v. a. to show, to exhibit, 

FÖrevita, v. a, to rebuke, to reproach, 

Förevändjla, v, a. to pretend, -uing, 

f, pretext, false allegation. 

Förfall, w. decay, decline; hinderance. 
--a, v. n. to decay, to decline, to fall 
away, det förfaller af sig sjelft, 
it will drop of course. — till hetaU 
fling, to be due. —en, a. lean, de- 
cayed; payable. — Odag, 171. day of 

Förfallna, v. n. to wither, to decay. 

FÖrfalsk||a, v. a. to falsify, to coun- 
terfeit, to adulterate, -are, m. fal- 
sifier. —ning, f, falsification. 

FÖrfarlla, v. n. & a. to experience; to 
know, to learn: to handle, to deal, 




to act, to proceed ; to spoil, to spend, 
to squander, -ande, w. proceeding, 
procedure, -äs, V, d, to be spoiled, 
to be squandered away. —GD, a. ex- 
perienced, versed, — enhet, f. expe- 
rience; practice. 
Fdrfatt]|a, v, a, to compose, to com- 
pile. — ande^ n. composition, -are, 

m. author. — ning^, f, statute, con- 
stitution; state, institution, condition, 
disposition, gd t — , to arrange, to 
dispose. sätta Hg i — , to put one's 
self in state. 

Förfela, v, a. to miss, to fail. 

Forflnlla, v. a. to refine, -ning, f, 


FÖrfingen, a, heedless ^ giddy, incon- 
siderate, för fluget ord, unguarded 
expresilon. ett förfiuget rykte, «n 
uncertain rumour. 

Förfluten, a. past, expired. 

Förflyga, v, n, to fly away; to eTa- 

Förflygtiga, v. a. T, to volatilize. 

Förflyta, v. n. to pass, to expire. 

Förflytta, v. a. to displace, to dis- 

Förfoga, V, a, to dispose, to arrange. 
— sigt V, r» to repair, to betake one's 

FÖrfrisk||a, v, a, to refresh, to re- 
create. — ningy f, refreshment, re- 

Förfrysa, v, n, to die with cold. 

Förfråga, v, a, to inquire, to ask 
about. — n, f, inquiry, interrogation. 

Förfång, n. prejudice, injury, mischief. 

Förfader, m. pi. forefathers, ancestors. 

Förfäkta, v. a. to vindicate, to assert, 
to maintain, —re, m. vindicator ; ad- 

FÖrfärlJa, v. a. to affright, to alarm. 
—as, V. d, to be frightened, to be 
amazed. — llg, Ct. terrible, dreadful. 

Förfärdiga, v, a. to make, to manu- 

FÖrfÖljlla, V. a. to persecute, to pur- 
sue. -are, m. pergccutor, pursuer. 
—else, f. persecution. 

Förförlla, v. a. to s«duo«« to corrupt, 

to inveigle, -are, m, seducer, -else, 

f, seduction. — isk, Ct. seducing, 

Förfördela, v. a. to injure, to wrong, 

to prejudice, to hurt. — nde, 71. pre- 
judice, wrong. 
Förgallring, f, grating. 
Förgapa sig, v, r, to be smitten, td 

be enamoured of. 
Förgift, n. poison, venom,, bane, —a, 

V. a, to poison, to envenom. — Ig, Cl. 

poisonous; malign, pernicious. — ig« 

het, f, venenosity; malignity, 
FÖrgifva, v. a. to poison, to envenom. 
Förglaslla, v. a, to glaze, to vitrify. 

—ning, f. vitrification. 
Förglömma, v. a. to forget 
FÖrgriplla sig, v, r. to trespass against, 

to offend, to wrong. — emot lagen, 

to treepass upon the law. — elso, /*. 

offence, transgression, trespass, —lig, 

a, offensive; captious. 
Förgrund, m. forepart, foreground. 
Förgrymma sig, v. r, to bo enraged. 
Förgråten, a. swollen with weeping. 
FÖrgudjja, v. a, to deify; to idolize, 

to adore, -ning, /. apothdosis; ado* 

Förgylla, t;, a, to gild; to adorn. 

-re, m. gilder. 
Förgå, V, n. to wear away, to pass 

away, to go off, to vanish. — iig, 

V, r. to blunder, -ngen, a. lost; 

gone; cast away. — S, V. d, to per* 

ish, to be lost, to vanish, to bo cast 

Förgår, ad, the day before yesterday. 
Förgård, W. foreyard, forecourt, vesti* 

FÖrgäfves, ad, in vain, to no purpose. 
Förgänglig, a. perishable; transient. 

—het, f, transitoriness. 

Förgätjja, v, a, to forget, -enhet, 

f, forgetfulness, negligence. — migej, 
I», forgetminot, mouse-ear, scorpion- 
FÖrgÖrlla, v. a. to make away, to kill, 
to bewitch, -ning, f. destruction: 
enchantment; abortion. 

Förhala^ v. a, to ipta out, to prolong. 



to protraot; -^ ett sTcejpp, to tow, to 

warp a ship. 
FÖrliandy f. precedence; cider hand, 

eldest hand. i — , previously. 
FÖrhandJlla^ v. a, to transact, to dis- 

cuss, to debate, —ling, f, trans- 

action, debate. 
FÖrllÄStaj v, a. to overhasten, to pre- 
cipitate, -d J a, precipitate , rash. 

-nde, n. precipitation. 
Forhatljad, a. hated, detested, -li^, 

a. odious, hateful, detestable, -llg- 

Iiet, f. hatefulness, odiousness. 
Förhemliga, v, a. to keep secret, to 

Förhetsa sig, v, r. to overheat one*s 

self, to be irritated, to grow angry. 
Förhexa, v. a, to bev^itch. 

FÖrhilld||er, n. impediment, obstacle. 
— ra, V. a. to hinder, to prevent, to 

FÖrhjelpa, v. a, to help. [obviate. 

Förhoppning, f. hope, expectation. 

Förhud, f. prepuce, foreskin. 

FÖrhnggJIa, v, a. to barricade. ~ sig, 
V, r. to misstrike. — sig i tal, to 
commit a blunder, —ning, /". barri- 
cade, [ger. 

Förhungra, v. n. to starve with hun- 

Förhus, n. portal, gatehouse. 

Förhyda, v, a. to sheathe. 
Förhyra, v. a. to hire. - matroser, 

to ship men. 
Förhålla, v. a. to withhold, to retain ; 

to conceal. — sig^ v, r. to relate, to 

be; to behave. — nde, n. withholding; 

behaviour, dealing; state; proportion, 

Förhäda, v. a, to disdain. 
FÖrhäiVa sig, v. r. to triumph over; 

to insult upon; to be proud of. 

Förhänge, Förhängsel, n. curtain. 
Förhärd ila, v. a. to harden, -else, 

f. obduration, hardness of hearL 
Förhärjlla, v. a. to ravage; to waste, 
~else, f. havock, devastation. 

Förhärliga, v. a. to glorify, -nde, 

n, glorification. 
FÖrhÖJlJa, v. a. to raise, to increase; 
to enhance, ^ning, /. raising, in- 


FÖrholja, v, a. to cover, to conceal. 
Förhör, n, examination, trial, -a, V, 

a. to examine, to try. 
FÖrifra sig, v. r. to grow passionate. 

—n, /". passion. 
Forjaglja, v, a. to expel, to force 

away. — nlng, f, expulsion. 

Förkallna, v, n. to grow coid.- 
FÖrkast, n, the first throw. 
FÖrkastya, v, a. to reject, to refuse. 

-ande, n, -else^ -ning, f. reject 

tion, refusal/ reprobation. — Hgj ö. 

Förklar|{a, v, a. to declare, to pro- 
claim; to explain, to illustrate, to 
clear up; to glorify, to transfigure. 
— 51^, V, r, to explain one's self. 
-ande, a. explicative, explanatory. 
—ing, f, declaration; interpretation; 
justification ; transfiguration. 

FÖrklen||a, v. a. to ditraot, to de- 
fame; to disparage, -ande, n. de- 
rogation; aspersion. —lig, «• de- 
tractory, calumnious. 

Förklicka, v. a, T, to betray, to dis- 
cover, [f. disguise. 

Förklädda, v. a, to disguise, -nisig. 

Förkläde, n. apron; cover, pretence. 

FÖrknappJla, v. a. to lessen, co cur- 
tail, -ning, f. lessening, curtailing. 

FÖrknippjJa, v. a. to connect, to join. 
—else, f. connexion. 

FÖrkofr||a sig, vf r, to improve, to 
increase. — au, -ing, f. improvement., 

Förkolna, v. a. to burn to coals. 

Förkomma, v. n, to be lost. 

FÖrkOnstla, v. a. to over-refine, -d, 
a, affected. 

FÖrkOrt]]a, v. a. to shorten, to con- 
tract, to abbreviate, -ning, f. shor- 
tening, abbreviation. 

FÖrkrOSSila, v. a. to crush; to abate, 
to humble, -ning, f, crushing; hu- 
miliation ; contrition. 

Förkränka, v. a. to corrupt, to deprave. 

Förkunna, v, a. to announce; to pro- 
mulgate, -nde, n, announcement, 
publication; proclamatioa. -re, m. 

FSrkyliJa, v. a. to chill. - sig» v. 


V. to catch cold, -ningj f, cold, 

Förkärlek, m. predilection. 

FÖrkättrjja, v. a. to declare one a 
heretic, —ing" 5 /". accusation of he* 
resy, decraying. 

Förköp, W. forestalling, abroachment. 
-a Sig, V, r. to buy a bad bargain, 
to buy to dear. 

Förköra, v. a, to overdrive (a horse). 

Forladduillg, f, wad, wadding. 

Förlag", n. stock, store; publication; 
charge; advance of money; T, reci- 
pient, -small, m. advancer, fur- 
nisher; publisher. -Srättlghet, f, 

FörlaiiilJa, v. a. to lame, -ning", f, 

lameness. [mislead. 

Förleda, v. a. to seduce, to tempt, to 
Förlegad, a. damaged, grown a drug. 
FÖriideil, a. past, gone. - är, last 
year. [fair wind, fore-wind. 

Förlig", a. fair, advantageous. — vind, 
Forlikjia, v. a. to reconcile, to make 
up. -as, V. d, to agree, -lling, f, 
reconciliation, accommodation ; T, sight- 
vane of a cannon. [f, comparison. 

Förliknjla, v, a. to compare, -clse, 

Förlisa, v. a, to lose by shipMueck. 
— , V. n. to suffer shipwreck. 

Förlita sig, v. r, to depend upon. 
— n, f, confidence, trust. 

Förljudas, v, imp, det förljudes, it 
is said, it is reported. 

F'orljuiVa, v. a. to sweeten, to cheer. 

FÖrlof, n. leave; pardon. , med -, 
pardon me, by your leave. 

Förloflling, f. affiance, espousals. 
-sring, m. betrothing-ring. 

FÖrlofya, v. a. to affiance; to coti- 
tract; to make a vow; to disband. 
förlofvade landet, the land of pro- 
mission. [ceeding, event. 

Förlopp, n. course; expiration; pro- 

Förlora, v, a. to lose, -d, a. lost, 
forlorn, ruined, gä — , to be lost. 

FÖrlossJIa, v. a. to release, to rescue, 
to deliver, -are, 771. saviour; man- 
mid^vife. -Uing, f, delivery, mid- 

Förminskning 73 

FÖlillStj m, loss, disadvantage, -ig, 
a. deprived. 

FÖrlustlla, v, a, to delight, to please, 
to divert. — lllllg^ f, diversion, re- 
creation, sport. 

Förlyfta sig, v, r, to overstrain one's 
self by lifting. 

Förlåt, m, curtain; vail. 

Förlåtlja, v, a. to forgive, to pardon, 
to abandon, to quit. — Sig ^ä, to 
depend upon, -else, f, pardon, -lig, 
a. pardonable. 

Förlägen, a. puzzled, at a loss; dis- 
tressed. — ll©tj f, trouble, embar- 

Förlägga, v. a. to mislay; to quarter; 
to publish, to undertake the publi- 
cation of a book ; to refute, -re, m. 
furnisher; publisher, 

FÖrlänlJa, v, a. to grant, to bestow, 
to enfeoff, -iug, /". investiture, feoff» 

Förlän g]|a, V, a. to lengthen, to pro. 
long, to draw out. -llillg, /". pro- 
longation, prorogation. 

Förläsa sig, v, r. to overstrain one's 
self by studying. 

Förlöjliga, v, a. to ridicule, to deride. 

Förlöpa, V. n> to pass, to expire. -, 
V. a. to elope. [to release. 

Förlösa, v. a. to deliver, to redeem. 

Förmak, 7l. antichamber; T. vestibule. 

Förman, W. superior; foreman. 

Förmanila, v. a, to exhort, to advise. 
-are, w. admonisher. -ing, f. ad- 

Förmast, m, foremast. 

Förmedjlelst, prp. by, by means of. 
—la, V. a. to mediate; to make up, 
to lower, —ling, f. mediation; ac- 
commodation; lessening of rents. 

Förmena, v, a, to impede, to prevent, 
to deny. — , V. n, to mean, to think, 
to suppose. 

FÖrmerjja, V. a. to multiply, to in- 
crease, -ing, f, multiplying. 

Förmiddag, m. forenoon. 
Fcrminsklia, v. a. to diminish, to 

abate; to damp, -ning, f, diminu- 

tion, abatement. 



Fönnodlla, v. n. to presume, to sup. 

pose. —ailj f, presumption, supposi* 
tion. -ligen, ad. likely, probably. 

FÖriiinltna, v, n. to moulder. 

FÖrimir, f. outward wall; barricade. 

Förmyndare, m» guardian, -skåp, 

n. guardianship. 

Förmå, v, a. & n. to prevail (on), to 
induce, to influence, to engage, to de- 
termine ; to be able. — sig till , to 
argue one's self to. -ga, f. power, 
ability; reach, i - Jivaraf, by vir- 
tue of which. 

Förmån, m- advantage; privilege; be- 
nefit, use. -15^9 Ö. advantageous, 
useful. -Srätt, m. priority. 

Förmäla, v. a. to mention, formal 
min helsning , convey my respects. 
-n, f. mentioning, telling. 

Förmällla, v. a. to marry, -ning, 

f, nuptials. 

Förmärka, v. a. to observe; to dis- 
cern. lata — sig något, to give 
tokens of. 

Förmätna sig, v. r. to measure wrong; 
to presume, to make bold, -en, a. 
arrogant, insolent, -enhet, f» arro- 
gance ; confidence. 

Förmögen, a. wealthy; able, capable. 
-liet, f, wealth, opulence, faculty, 

FÖrmÖrkya, v, «. to darken, to ec- 
lipse, -ande, n, obscuration, -else, 
f. eclipse. 

FÖrn, n, T. forepart of a ship. 

FÖrnagla, v. a. to nail up, to spike. 

Förnamn, n. christian-name. 

FÖrnedrya, v. a. to debase, to humble. 
-ing, f. humiliation; debasement; 

FÖrnekila, v. a, to deny, to renounce, 
to abnegate, -else, f. denial, renun- 
ciation ; refusal. 

FÖrnimmlla, v. a. to perceive, to learn, 
to hear, -else, f, perception. 

Förnuft, n, reason, sense, understand- 
ing, judgment, -ig, a. judicious, ra- 
tional, wise, reasonable. — slåra, /". 
logic. — SSlut, n. syllogism. 

Förny||a, v. a. to renaw, to renovate, 


to repeat, —else, f, renewal p reno- 
vation; repetition. 

Förnäm, a. noble, gentle, illustrious, 
eminent, —het, f. quality; haught- 
iness. — ligast, ad. chiefly, princi- 
pally. — st, a. principal, first, best. 

Förnär, ad. too near, too close, kom 
mik ej -, keep clear of roe. göra 
en — , to affront one, to injure one. 

Förnärma, v. a. to offend, to insult. 

FÖrnÖjIla, v, a. to content, to gratify, 
to satiate. — d, a. contented, merry, 

, gay. —else, f. satisfaction, delight. 
—samhet, f. contentment of mind. 

Förnöta, v. a. to wear out. — tiden, 
to pass away the time. 

Förolyckas, v. d. to miscarry, to fail, 
to be lost. 

FÖrolämpila, v. a. to prejudice, to 
offend, to affront, -ning, f. affront, 
offence, injury. 

Förord, n, recommendation ; condition. 
—a, V. n. to recommend. 

FÖrOrdnlla, v. a. to order; to consti- 
tute; to substitute; to appoint; to 
prescribe, —ing, f. order; disposi- 
tion; commission; authorization; sta» 

Förorsaka, v. a. to cause, to occasion. 

Fo'r orätta, v. a. to wrong, to injure. 

FÖrpakta, v. a. to farm, to lease. 

Förpantija, v. a. to mortgage, -ning, 

f, mortgage. 
FÖrpasslJa, v. a. to send with a pass- 
port; to pass (at play). — niug, f, 
passport, license for goods. 

Förpesta, v. a. to infect. 
Förpliktjla, v. a. to oblige, to engage. 
-ande, a. obligatory, -else, f. obli- 

gation, engagement. 

Förplumpa sig, v. r. to blunder, to 

commit a blunder. 
FÖrpläglla, v. a. to supply with pro- 

visions, to feed, to entertain, —ning, 

f, entertainment. 
Förpost, m. out-post, out-guard. 
Förpuflfila, V. n. to decrepitate, -ning, 

f. detonation. 
Förpåla, v. a. to empale. 

För^TäfJlva, v. a. to suffocate, to 




■mother; to overlay, -ning, /. suffo» 

Forr, ad. formerly, once; sooner, be- 
fore, förr än, ere, before, rather. 
förr eller senare^ soon or late. 

Förre, a. the first, former, past, fore- 
going; late. 

Förrest, a. departed, gone away. 

Förrida, v. a. to ride a horse beyond 
^his strength. ~re, m. forespurrer. 

FÖrriuga, v. o?. to diminish, to exte- 
nuate, to lower, -nde, n. lessening, 

Förrinna, v. n, to flow way, to elapse. 

Förrostas, v. d, to rust. 

Förruttilna, v. n. to rot. -nelse, 

f. rot, putrefaction. 
Förryck||a, v. a. to displace, to re- 

move; to wrench. — t, a. crackbrai- 

ned. —tliet, f. crazedness, frenzy. 
Förråd, n. store, stock; reserve. — S- 

hus, n. storehouse, magazine. 

Förråda, v. a. to betray, -re, m. 

traitor. [treacherous. 

Förräd||eri, n. treason, -isk, a. 

Förräkna sig, v, r. to misreckon. 

Förrän, a, before. 

Förränta, v. a. to put to interest. 

Förrätt, m. first dish, spoonmeat. 

Förra tt||a, v. a, to perform, to exe- 
cute, to discharge. — nlng, /". em- 
ployment, business. 

Försagd, a, timorous, dejected, {/öra 
en — , to put one out of heart. 

FÖrsak||a, v. a, to forsake, to re- 
nounce, to abandon, to desert, to fail. 
—else, f, renunciation, egen -, self- 

Försalta, u. a. to oversait. 

Församllja, v. a, to assemble, to con. 
gregate, to gather, -iug, f. assem- 
bly ; parish. 

Försann, i. forsooth. • 

Försats, W. premise, antecedent. 

Förse, V, a, to supply, to provide with, 
to furnish. — sig , v. r. to mistake. 
- sig pd något, to startle at the 
sight of something. — sig emot en, 
to behave ill to one. — sig till, to 
rely upon. - godset, T. to ovcrhale 

the rigging, —else, f. mistake, over- 

sight, -ende, n, furniture, providing. 
Försegel, w. headsail. 
Försegla, v. a. to seal. 
FÖrsel, m. carriage. 
Försigkommen, a. in good circum. 

stances; proceeded, skilled. 
Forsigtig, a. prudent, cautious, -liet, 

f. prudence, discretion; cautiousness. 
Försilfrjla, v. a. to silver; to plate. 

j-lng, f. silvering. 
Forsina, v, n, to dry up, to wither. 
FÖrsinliga, v. a.* to render percep. 

tible by the senses, to sensualize. 
Försitta, v. a. to lose by sitting, to 

neglect. [nde, n. procuring. 

Förskaffa, v. a. to procure, to get. 
Förskanslja, t;, a, to fortify, to in- 
trench, —ning, f. intrench ment. 
FÖrskiugrlla, v. a. to scatter, to dis- 

perse, —ing, f, dispersion, dissipation. 
Förskinn, n. leathern apron. 
Förskjuta, v, a. to reject, to oast off, 

to refuse; to divorce; to exheredate; 

to advance, en förskjuten pil, an 

arrow spent, —nde, W. repudiation. 
Försko, v. a. to newvamp. 
Förskon||a, v, a. to spare, to save. 

—ing, f, sparing, forbearance. 
Förskott, n. advance, gd i -, to 

advance money, ligga i — , to be in 

Förskrif||ning, f, bill of debt, obii- 

gation, bond, -t, f. copy. — Ya, 

v. a. to write for. - sig, v. r. to 

commit a mistake in writing. — sig 

ifrån, to arise, to come from. 
Förskräcklla, v. a. to ft-ighten, to 

terrify, -else, f, terror, -lig, a. 

dreadful, prodigious. 
Förskylla, v. a. to reward, to recom. 

pense, to consider; to deserve. — Dj 

f. merit, desert, demerit. 

FÖrskämlJma, v. a. to spoil, to mar, 

to corrupt, —ning, f, corruption, 

spoiling, depravation. 
Försköna, v. a. to embellish, to adorn. 
FÖrSlafva, v. a. to enslave. 

Förslag, n. proposal, proposition; pro- 
ject ^ computation! estimate; crochet, 



quaver, -en, ad. cunning, crafty. 
-enhet, f. cunning.^ -sm åkare, 

m. schemer. — smening", f, hypo- 
thesis. -SVis, ad. by way of pro- 
posal, flax, to languish. 
Förslappa, v. a. & n. to mollify, to re- 
Fo'rslita, v. a. to wear out. 
Förslå, V. n. to suffice, to be enough, 
to be sufficient. 

Förslöa, v. a. to biurrt, to dull. 

Förslösa, V.a. to lavish, to squander 
away, —ande, n. dissipation, prodi- 
gality, extravagance. 

Försmak, m. foretaste. 

Försmå, v. a. to disregard, to slight. 

FÖrsmäd||a, v. a. to calumniate, to 
blaspheme, —are, Tn. calumniator, 
blasphemer, -else, f. injuring, bias- 
phemy, calumny, —lig", a. calumni- 
ous, injupous; infamous. 

Försmäkta, v. n. to languish, to 

faint away. 

Försmälta, v. a. to smelt down. 

FÖrsnill||a, v. a. to embezzle ; to pur- 
loin, -ning", f, embezzlement. 

Försockra. v. a. to sugar, to sweeten. 

Försofva ^ig, v. r. to oversleep one's 

FÖrSOn||a, v. a. to atone, to expiate; 
to reconcile, -ande, a. expiatory. 
-are, m. atoner. -ing, f. recon- 
ciliation; expiation. -illgSOlfer, W. 
expiatory sacrifice, —lig, a. placable. 
-ligliet, f. placability. 

Försorg, m. care, draga - om, to 
take care of. 

Förspel, n. prelude. 

Förspilla, v. a. to spill, to waste ; to 
forfeit; to lose. — nde,,W. profusion; 
loss. [start. 

Försprång, n. start, fä -, to get the 

Förspörja, v. a, to hear, to learn. 

Först, ad. first. - och främst, first 
of all. han kom - nu, he came 
but just now. 

Första^, m. suburb. 

Förste, a. first, för det -, in the 
first place, med det — , with the first. 

Försteg, m. precedence. 

Förstena, v. a. to petrify. 


Forstfodj'ld, a. firstborn, -sloratt, 

n. primogeniture, birth-right. 
Fok'Sticka sig, v. r. to conceal one's 
Förstling, ?w. firstling. [self. 

Förstnämnd, a. the former. 
ForstOCklia, v. a. & n. to harden. 

-ad, a. obdurate, obstinate, -else, 

f. hardness of heart. 

Förstone, ad. i -, at first. 
Förstopplja, v. a. to stop, to obstruct. 

—ad, a. costive, hard-bound, -ando, 
a. obstructive, -ning, f. obstruction, 

FÖrstOrlJa, v. a. to magnify; to aug- 
ment; to exaggerate, —ing, f. mag- 
nifying, exaggeration. -ingSglas, n. 
magnifying glass, microscope. 

FÖrsträck||a, v. a. to overstrain; to 
advance, to supply with, -ning, f. 
strain; supply, advance. 

Förströ, v. a. to disperse, to scatter, 
to dissipate, —else, f. dissipation. 

Förstnglja, f. entry. -uqTist,W. porch. 

FÖrstnlet, ad. stealthily. 

Forstympa, v. a. to mutilate. 

Förstå, V. a. to understand, to com. 
prehend, to conceive, lata -, to give 
to understand, det förstas, that is 
a matter of course. — Sig pa, to have 
skill in. v'dl förståendes att, that 
is to say that. — nd, n. understand- 
ing, judgment, sense, wit; meaning; 
correspondence. — ndig, a, judicious, 
wise, intelligent, skilful, sensible. 

FÖrstäf, m. stem. 

FÖrställJIa, v. a. to disguise, to dis- 
figure; to alter, -a sig, V. r. to 
dissemble, to feign, -are, m. T. lim- 
ber. — d, a. disfigured; counterfeit, 
—ning, f. dissimulation. 

Förstäniljma, v. a. to put out of tune. 

—mad, a. lll disposed, out of spirit?. 

—ning, /".dissonance; low spirits, 

Förständiga, v. a. to explain, to de- 

Clare, to make intelligible. [ment. 

Förstärka, v. a. to reinforce, to aug. 
FÖrstÖrlla, v. n. to destroy, to ruin; 

to squander away ; to disturb ; to fru» 

stråte, - sig, v, r. to ruio one's self. 

-ancle) a, destructive, -re, m, de» 

stroyer. — dj a. destroyed, altered. 
—else 5 -ing 9 f. destruction, ruin, 

Förstöta, v. a. to repudiate. 

Försumlig, a. neglectful, careless, ne- 
gligent. —het J f, remissness, negli- 
gence, tardiness. 

Försumma, v. a. to neglect, -nde, 

n. non-attendance, neglection. 

Försupen, a. given to drinking, drunken. 

Försvaga, v. a, to weaken, to ener- 
vate, to debilitate, to enfeeble. 

Försvar, n. defence; protection; justi- 
fication , apology, vindication, —a, V. 
a. to defend; to protect, to justify, to 
vindicate; to be responsible for; to 
maintain; to countenance, —are, w. 
protector; apologist. — llgj ö. de- 
fensible, justifiable; warrantable; irre- 
proachable, -skarl, m. inhabitant 
received by grant, -sskrift, f. apo- 
logy. -SStålld, n. state of defence. 
-SVerk, n. defensive work, fortifi- 
cation, -svis, ad, defensively. 

Försveuska, v. a, to translate in 
Swedish. [nish. 

Försvinna, v. n. to. dissappear, to va- 
Försvåra, v. a, to make difficult, to 

PÖrsvär||a, -ja, r. o. to forswear, to 

renounce upon oath. — sig, to swear 

false. — sig emot, to conspire against. 
Försyn, f, providence; bashfulness, 

modesty, timidity. — tj a,' bashful. 

— thet, f. bashfulness. [pass. 

Försynda sig, v. r. to offend, to tres- 

FÖrsät, W. insidiousness, ambuscade. 

—lig, a. insidious, treacherous. 
Försäga sig, v, r. to speak wrong. 
FÖrsäkr||a, v. Ö. to assure; to insure. 

-an, -ing 9 f, assurance, insurance. 

-ingsbref , n. policy of insurance. 

-ingskontor, tz. insurance-office. 
Försäljlla, v. a, to sell; to negotiate. 

-ning, f, vent, sale. 
FÖrsämr||a, v. a. to deteriorate, to 

make worse, -ing, f, deterioration, 

depravation. [despatch. 

Försäuda^ v, «. to •send awa7, to 

Fortrampa 77 

Forsänk|[a, v, a. to sink, to submerge. 
—ning, f. sinking, submersion. 

Försättjla, V. a, to transpose, to trans- 
fer, to place; to reduce; to squander; 
to misspend; 27. to lose, to cast away. 
-ning, /. transposition; reducing; 

Försök, n. essay, attempt, trial, expe- 
riment, proof, —a, V, a. to essay, 
to try; to experiment; to experience. 
-else, f. temptation. 

FÖrsÖrj|{a, v. a. to maintain; to keep; 
to sustain; to provide for. — sig, 
V. r. to maintain one's self, to live. 
—ande, n. maintenance; establish- 
ment, -are, m, maintainor; provi- 
der. —ning, f. maintenance, susten- 
ance, -ningsaustalt, /\ charitable 
institution, asylum. 

Försötma, v. a. to sweeten, to dulcify. 

Förtaga, v. a, to take away ; to inter- 
cept; to prevent; to remove; to fru- 

Förtal, n, slander, blame, -a, V. a. 
to slander, to calumniate, -are, m» 

FÖrtapplJad, a. damned, cast away, 
lost, —else, f, perdition, damnation. 

Förteckning, f. list, catalogue. 

Förtenna, v. a. to tin. 

Förtid, 7W. time of yore, past ages. 
i -, before the time, too early, -ig, 
a. premature; abortive, 

Förtiglja, v. a. to conceal, to keep se- 
cret. att — , not to mention, -ande, 
W. concealment, suppression, -en, a. 
close, taciturne. -enhet, f, close- 
ness, secrecy. 

FÖrtimr||a, v. a. to prop with timber. 
-ing, /". lining of a ship. 

FÖrtjen||a^ v, a. to gain; to make; 
to deserve, to merit; to earn. — st, 
W. profit ; merit , desert ; services. 
— stfull, a. meritorious. 

FÖr1jUS||a, V. a. to charm, to fasci- 
nate, -ning, f. charm, enchant- 
ment, [away. 

Förtorkas, v. d. to grow dry, to pine 

Förtraf, n, vanguard. 

Förtrampa, v. a. to trample down. 




Förtret» rn. vexation; trouble; morti- 
fioation. — Äj V» a, to offend, to spite, 
to gall, to mortify, —lig? a. irksome, 
offensive. — lighetj f. uneasiness, 
vexation, trouble; scrape. 

Förtro, v, a. to trust with. - sig 
till nagon^ to confide in one. -ende, 
n. confidence, trust. — gen, d. inti- 
mate; conversant (with). — Mgj ö. 
familiar, intimate. — lighet, f. inti- 
macy, familiarity, —ligt, ad, con- 
fidently, familiarly. 

FÖrtroll||a, v. a. to bewitch, to fasci- 
nate, to enchant, -ning, f, enchant- 
ment, fascination. 

Förtroppar, m. pi. vanguard. 

Förtruten, a. loath, lazy, dull. 

Förtryck, W. oppression, grievance. 
—a, V. a. to oppress, —are, m. op- 

FÖrtryt|[a, v, n. to grudge, to repine. 
Jian later sig ej — , he spares no 
pains, -else, f. envy, grudge. -Sam, 
O. envious, -samhet, /". envy. 

Förträfflig, a. excellent, -het, f. 

excellence, excellency. 

Förtrösta, v. n. to trust in. -n, f. 

confidence, trust. 
Förtröttas, v. d, to grow weary. 
FÖrtnlla, v. a. to pay toil or duty for. 
Förtann||a, v, a. to thin, to rarefy. 

-ing, f, attenuation. 

Förtvifla, v. n. to despair, -d, a. 

desperate. — n, /. despair, desperation. 
Förtvinlja, v. n, to pine away, -ing, 

f, consumption. 
Förty, FÖrthy, c. becausej for. 
Förtycka, v. n» to take amiss, to take 

in ill part. 
Förtyda, v. a. to misinterpret, -nde, 

n. wrong interpretation. 

Förtynga, v. a. to clog; to incom- 
mode, to grieve. 

Förtäckt, a. hidden, lurking. 

Förtälja, v. a. to tell, to relate. 

FÖrtällka, v. a. to find fault with, to 
take amiss, to blame for. 

Förtärjja, v. a. to eat; to consume, 
to corrode; to spend, —ande, n, 
Consumption, corrosion. -aSj V: ct. } 

to pine away, -ing, f. entertain» 
ment, victuals, consumption. 

Förtäta, v. a, to condense, to conden- 

Förtöja, V, a, T, to moor. [sate. 

FÖrtÖm||a, v. a. to exasperate, to 
offend , to embroil , to make angry. 
förtömad på någon, angry with 
one. —else, f. jofifence, anger. 

FÖmndllerlig, a. wonderful, strange. 

-eyligen, ad, strangely, -ra sig, 

V, T» to admire, to wonder at, to 
marvel, —ran, f, wonder, admiration. 
-ransvärd, a. admirable. 

Förunna, v, a, to grant, to allow. 

Förut, ad. before; before-hand, langt 
— , long ago. -an, prp. but, ex- 
cept, without, -fattad, a. precon- 
ceived. - mening , prejudice, -seende, 
n. foreseeing, foresight, -sägelse, f. 
foresaying, prediction, -sätta, V. a. 
to presuppose, to suppose, -sättning, 
f. supposition. 

Förvaltjla, v, a. to conduct, to ma- 

nage; to execute, to perform, -are, 

VI, administrator, steward, —ning, 
f, administration, management. 

FÖrvandllla, v. a. to change, to trans- 
form, to alter; to transsubstantiate; 
to turn into, —ing, f. metamorphosis, 
change; transsubstantiation. 

FÖrvandt, m. relation. 

Förvar, n. custody, care. I godt -, 
very safe, hafva t — , to have in 
charge, to have in custody, —a, V. a. to 
keep, to put up , to secure, to retain. 
—are, ni. keeper, preserver, gitardian. 
-ingsniedel, n, preservative. 

FÖrvax," n, hive-dross, bee-glue. 

Förvekliga, v, a. to weaken, to effe^ 

FÖrveten, a. forward, pert, inconsi- 
derate, overcurions. 

FÖrvexllla, v. a. to change; to con- 
found. — ingj f. confounding. 

Förvildas, v. d. to grow wild. 
Forvilllla, v. a. to mislead; to puzzle, 

to confound ; to disconcert, -clso^ f. 

confusion, aberration, error. 
FÖrvirr||n, v, alio confound, to puzzle^ 


to confuse, --in^^ f, confasion, per- 
plexity, perturbation. 

FÖryis, a, foreknowing, prescient. — hetj 
f. too forward prudence. 

Förvisa, u. a. to banish, to exile. 

Förvissa, v, a, to ascertain. 

Förvissna, v. w. to wither, to fade. 

Förvisso, ad, certainly. 

Förvittra, v. n. to be dissolved by 

Förvrida, v. a. to distort. [the air. 

Förvunnen, a. convicted. 

Förvålla, v. a. to cause, to occasion. 
-Bde, w. cause. Qtnom eri -, 
through your means. 

Forvånjja, v, a. to astonish, to sur- 
prise, —ing, f, astonishment. 

Förväg, ad. i -, beforehand, gä nä. 
gon i — , to prevent one. 

Förvägra, v. a. to refuse, to deny. 

Förvälla, v. a. to parboil. 

Förvändlja, v. O. to pervert; to mis- 
interprete; to disguise, to counterfeit; 
to bewitch. — ando, n. perversion; 
fftscination. — t^ ad, in a perverse 

Förvänta, v. a. to expect, to wait 

for. — n, f. expectation. 
FÖrvärf, n. livelihood, support. -Ta, 

V. a. to acquire, to gain. 
Förvärra, v. a. to aggravate, to make 


Förväxa, t;, n. to overgrow. 

Föryngra, v. a, to make young again, 

to revive, to renew. 
Föryttrii», v. a. to sell, -ing, f. 

sale, vent. 

Föråldras, v. d. to grow old. 

Föråt, prp. before. 

FÖrädlya, v. a. to ennoble; to im- 
prove, to manufacture, -ing, f. en- 
nobling, improving. 

Föräldrar, pi. parents. 

Förälska sig, v. r. to fall in love 
with., förälskad, enamoured. 

FÖrändllerlig, a. changeable, variable, 
mutable, fickle, -erligliet , f. mu- 
tability, mutableness, fickleness. — ra, 
V, a. to alter, to change, to vary; to 
reform, -ring, f. change, alteration, 
variation; reform. 

Gaigefagel 79 

Förärlta, v. a. to present, to give. 

-ing, f, present, gift. 
Förödlja, t;, a. to desolate, to waste, 

to destroy. — elsO, f, devastation. 

Förödmjnklja , v,' a. to humble, to 
abate. - sig, to submit, -else, f. 
humiliation, abasement, submission. 

FÖrÖftrigt, ad. as for the rest, besides. 

FÖrÖfva, v. a. to commit, to perpe- 
trate, to exercise, to use. — nde, n, 
perpetration, commission. 

FÖrÖk||a, v. a. to augment, to mul. 
tiply, to increase, —else, f. augmen- 
tation, multiplication, increase. 

Fösa, V. a. to drive. -» pä någon, 
to posh, one on* 


Gftdd, 7R. sting. 

Gaffel, m. fork; T. gaff, -häst, 7n. 

shaft-horse. -kors, W. T. forked 
cross. -Ilk, a. forked, -mast, m, 

forked mast. -Segel, n. trysails. 
-skaft, n. handle of a fork. 

Gafvel, m. gable, danden star pä 
— , the door stands wide open. — mur, 
n. gablewall. -SpetS, n. top of a 

Gagat, m. jet.* [gable. 

Gagn,n. benefit, advantage, profit, use. 
han gör intet — , he does no good. 
—a, V. a, to advantage, to benefit, to 
avail, to be of use. — elig, a. use- 
ful, profitable, advantageous, beneficial. 

Gala, V. n. to crow. 

Galant, a. gallant. -, ad. gallantly. 

-eri, n. gallantry, -crlvaror, f. 

pi. fancygoods, jewelry. 
Galeas, m. galeasse. 
Galeja, f. galley. 
Galyen, a. mad; wrong, ill, bad; amiss; 

merry, droll, pleasant, -enskap, f. 

madness, distraction ; folly, foolishness. 

-nas, V. d. to droll, to play the 

buffoon, —ning, m, madcap. 
Galer, f. galley. -Slaf, m. galley. 

slave. [m. gallow-clapper, hangdog 

Galge, m. gaiiow, gaiiows. -fågel, 




Galiott, w. gaiiot. 

Gall, a. barren, steril, -lianipa, f. 

fimble hemp. —kOj f. barren cow. 
Gall||e, m. gall, bile; pacsion. -aktig, 
a. bilious, -blåsa 5 f. gallbladder. 
-feber, m. bilious fever, -gång, 
m, hepatic duct. — SJuk, a. bilious, 
choleric. -Spränga, V. a, to gall. 

Galler, n. lattice, grate, -formig, 
a. latticed, grated, -fönster j n. 
lattice • window, -verk, W, trellis- 

Galleri, n. gallery; T. quarter-gallery. 

Gallion, m. galeon; T, the head of a 
ship. [thin the wood. 

Gallra, v, a. to separate. — skog , to 

Gallskrik, n. loud outcry, vociferation. 

Galläple, n. gall, gallnut, oakapple. 

Galmeja, f, calamine, brass-ore. 

Galon, m. galloon, lace, -era, V. a, 

to lace. 
Galopp, n. gallop. Icort -, hand- 
gaiiop. -era, v, n, to gallop. 

GalOSCh, m. gaioshe, galoche, clog. 

Gait, 771. hog; sow or great lump of 

Gam, m. vulture. [melted iron, pig. 

Gainnial, a. old; aged; ancient; stale, 
hiiru - dr nif how old are you? 
-dags, -modig, a. oldfashioned. 

Ganska, ad. very, extremely. 

Gap, n. mouth, jaw; breach, abyss. 
—a, V, n, to gape. — efter, to gape 
after, to gape for. —pä, to gape at, to 
stare at. — Ig, ct. talkative, gabbling. 
-skratt, n, a loud laughter. 

Gara, v. a. to refine. 

Garantera, v. a. to guarantee. 

Garde, n. guard, -skarl, m. soldier 

of the guard. 

Gärder, s. pi. T. wangs. 

Garderob, W. wardrobe. 

Gardin, m. curtain. 

Garfllva, v, a. to tan ; to refine, -are, 

m, tanner, -arebark , W. tan of 

cab. — eri, n. tanhouse, tannery. 
Gar|{kOppar, W. refined copper. -Ugn, 

m. furnace to refine copper in. 
Garn, n. yam; snare, gin, net; T, 


Garnjlera, v, a. to garnish, -ering, f. 

garnishment, lace ; T, ceiling, -ityrj 
n. set. 

Garnison, m. garrison. 

tras, m. f luftart J gas; ftygj gauze. 
-artad, a. gasUke, gaseous, -lial- 
tig, a, gaseous, —hållare, m. gas- 
reservoir, -ljus, 71. gaslight, -lykta, 

f. gaslamp, gaslarithern. -lysning, 
f. gaslightmng. -mätare, ?7l. gaso- 
meter. — ror, 71. gaspipe. 

Gast, m. evil spirit, ghost. 

Gatlja., f, street, lane; stone-paveraenk. 
—hörn, n. comer of a street, -lopp, 
n. gantlet. -läggaiO, 7/1. paver. 

-läggning, f, pavement, -pojke, 

m, street -boy, black • guard. -Skri- 

kare, m. crier, -sopare, m, sea. 

venger, street-sweeper. — steil, m, 
paving-stone. -Strykare, m, loiterer. 
Gebit, n, district, territory. 
Gedigen, a. solid, massy; unmixed, 
Gehäng, n. sword-belt. [pure. 

Gehör, n. respect, authority, obedience; 
ear. [sier. 

Gelbgjutare, m. brassfounder , bra- 
Gelé, 7z. geiiy, jelly, -aktig, a. ge. 


Gelike, m. equal, associate. 

Gemak, n. apartment. 

Gemen, a, common, vulgar; mean, 
plebejan, low; sordid, vile, worthless. 
- soldat, private soldier, -ligcn, 
ad, commonly, usually, -sam , a, 
common. — samhet, f, commonness, 
community, -skap, f, intercourse, 
relation, connexion. 

Gemål, tti. & f, consort, spouse. 

Gen, a, near, short, gent emot, op- 
posite, over against, -gåfva, f, pre- 
sent in return, -kärlek, m, reci- 
procal love, —ljud, n. echo, reso- 
nance. — Ijuda, V. n, to resound, to 
echo, —male, 71, recrimination, -skyl- 
dighet, f. reciprocal debt. -S träfv 1 g, 
a. obstinate, stubborn. -Sträfvighet, 
jf. obstinacy, stubbornness. — Svar, n, 
reply. -svarig, a. contradictory. 
-sagelse, /". contradiction., -väg, 
m. a short cut; easy method, abridg 
inent. -Yärkan« fj couDter-eHect. 




Ooiiast^ aö^. instantly, immediately. 
Genealog, m. genealogist, -i, f, ge. 

nealogy. . 

General, m. general, -adjutant, m, 

adjutant-general, aid-de-camp. ~l)as, 
m. thorough-base, -fältmarskalk, 
771. captain -general. — fälttygmä- 
stare^ m. great master of the ordi- 
nance, -itet, 72. generality, -löjt- 
nant, W. lieutenant-general, -niajor, 

m. major-general, -qvartermästare, 

m. quarter-master-general. — staterne, 
m. pl. States general. -Tärdighet, 
f. generalship. 
Geni, n. genious; talents, spirit, —kär, 
m. engineer-corps. 

Genom, prp, through, by. -biéen, 

a. bitten through , penetrated ; sly, 
cunning, —blöta, V, a. to macerate. 

-rborra, v. a. to perforate, -bi'uten, 

a. pierced, —bryta, V. a. to break 
through, -draga, v. a. to draw 
through, to traverse, -drifva, V. a. 
to carry the point, to make succeed. 
-drifven, a, droven through; cun- 
ning, —fara, v, a, to pass through. 
—fart, W2. thoroughfare, passage. 
-fläta, V. a. to interlace, -föra, 
V, a. to convey through; to bring to 
an issue, to accomplish. — gOd, a. 
very good, -gripande, a. energe- 
tical, -gräfntng, f. digging through, 
canal, ditch. ~gå, v. a. to pass, to 
go through, to look over; to endure. 
-gående, n, -gång, m, passing 
through, passage, -läsa , V. a. to 
peruse, to read over, -seende, n, 
review, inspection. —skinlig, a, 
transparent, pellucid, -skinligliet, 
f. transparency. — skära, V. a. to 

cut through, to cross, -skärning, 
f. cutting through; ditch, canal; pro» 
file, -sticka, -stinga, v, a, to 
pierce through, to transfix. -SÖka, 
V, a. to search ail over, -tränga, 
V. a. to penetrate, -tränglig, a. 
penetrable, -trail gllghet, f. pene- 
trability, -tåg, n. march IhrouRh. 
-vaka, V. a. to pass waking. -Villi- 
<lra, V. a. to peragrate. -Ögni?, 

Swedish-English Diet, 

V, a, to eye over, to take a cursory 

Genott, m. genet. 

Genremålning, f, painting of incl- 
Genus, n. gendre. (dent. 

Geograf, W. geographer, -i, /". geo- 

Gerna, ad. fain, willingly; commonly, 

— se, to like, hjertans — , with all 

my heart. 
Gerning, /".^action, deed, act, work. 
Gers, 771. ruff (fisk). 
Gestalt, m. shape, form, -a sig, V. 

r. to take a form. 

Gestikulera, v. n, to gesticulate. 

Gesäll, m. journeyman. 

Get, /. goat, she-goat, -apel, 771. 
common buckthorn, —blad, n. ho- 
ney-suckle. — bock, w. he-goat. -OSt, 
771. goatcheese. —ragg, n. goathair. 

Geting, m. wasp, -bo, n. wasp's nest, 

Gevaldiger, m. bailiff; constable. 

Gevär, n. gun, musket, arms, piece; 
firelock, i — / to arras! std i — , 
to be under arms, -saljaro, m. 

GifmiUl, Of. openhanded, munificent, 
liberal, generous, bountiful. — liet, 
f, liberality, munificence, generosity, 

Gift, n. poison, venom, -bländare, 
ra. poisoner, —ig, ö. poisonous, ve- 

Gift, a. married, —a, V. a. to marry. 
-a sig, v.r. -as, v. d, to marry. 
— e , n. marriage , match. l)arn af 
första giftet, children by the first 
husband. — ermål, n. marriage.' .— 0» 
man, W. he who has a right to dis- 
pose of a young woman in marriage. 
—orätt, m. a wife's share of the 
estate of her husband. -VUXCn, a. 
marriageable, fit for wedlock. 

Gifva, V, a, to give, to bestow, to con- 
fer upon; to render, to translate, to 
express; to yield, gifve gud! would 
to God! - efter^ to yield; to relax, 
to loosen; to come short. — emellan ^ 
lo give a thing into the bargain, to 
give to boot. — ifrån sig, to give 




away; to vomit. - igen, to return, 
to give back. — in, to give, to ad- 
miniater; to give in. — med sig, to 
impart, to comply. - omkring, to 
hand about. - pä, to lay on. - på 
med hela laget, to pour in a whole 
broadside. — pä hand, to give ear- 
nest. — till, to furnish, to add; to 
set up. — tillhaka, to return, to 
give back.'- tillhaka pa, to give 
change for. — ofver , to cast up, to 
vomit. — sig, V. r. to surrender, to 
give one's self up, to comply, to re- 
lent; to complain, det ger sig väl, 
it will all come about. — sig i, to 
enter upon, to engage. — sig ihop 
med, to engage one's self with one. 
-- sig till soldat, to enter one's self 
a soldier. — sig undan, to retire, 
to yield, to avoid. - sig ut , to 
Ewell out; to jutout. - sig pä vä- 
gen, to set out. det gifves, there 
is. — nde, a.' productive, yielding. 
— re, 771. giver, donor. 

Glga, f, viol, fiddle; Jew's harp. 

Giglla, V. a. T, to clew, to clue, -tåg', 
n, clew-garnet3, clew-lines. 

Gigellaod^ W. double tooth, gag-tooth. 

CJikt^ m, gout, arthritis, -aktlg, a. 
gouty, arthritical. -bl'Uten, a. pal- 
sical. -planta, f. dittany, -välk, 
m, pains of the gout. 

Ciil, Gildj a, valid; equal, adequate, 
approved, requisite, taga för gilla, 
to admit, to allow of. gä sin gilla 
gäng, to pass along stoutly, —a, 
V. a. to approve, -ande, n» appro- 

Gille, n. guild, society, corporation. 

Giilyer, n. trap, gin, snare, -ra, V, 
a. to set a trap. (tors. 

Gillstuga, f. prison for insolvent deb- 

Giltli?, a. valid, sufficient; subetantial. 
-het, /*. validity. 

Oiina, f, mouth of an oven. 

Giiunier, f. sheep producing young for 
the first time. 

Gina, v, a, to stop, tö hinder. 

Ginlöpare, m, T. winding-tackle. 

Ginst^ m, broom, furze, greenweed. 


Gips, W. gypsum, stucco; plaster of 
Paris, -a, V. a. to plaster, -nin^, 
f. stucco, plastering. 

Gira, v. n. to wave, to waver, to yaw, 

Girig, a. convetous; avaricious; nig. 
gardly; eager; desirous. — pd, fond 
of. -buk, m. niggard, curmudgeon. 
—het, f, covetousness, avarice. 

Gislan, f, hostage. 

Glss'iia, V, a. to guess, to conjecture. 
-ning, ^ guess, conjecture ; T. dead, 

Gissjjel, m, & n. scourge, -la, v. a. 
to scourge, -ling, /*. flagellation. 

Gistllen, a, leaky, -na, V, n. to be- 
come leaky, 

.Gitta, V. n. to be able, jag gitter 
icke gä dit , I have no mind to go 

Gjord, /•. girt, girth, -a, v. a. to gird. 

Gjutija, V, a. to cast; to pour, -are, 

m, founder. -eri,7l. foundery. -form, 
m, casting. mould. — llUS, n. foundery, 
-konst, /■. art of casting metals, 
foundery. -ning, f. casting, -sand, 
771. sand to cast in. — slef, f. casting- 
ladle, -stål, n. cast steel. 
Glad, a. glad, cheerful, gay; joyful; 
happy; lightsome. -lynt, a. good- 
humoured, merry. 

Glada, f, kite. 

Glaf, m, lance, spear. * 

Glafs, n. yelping, -a, V. n. to yelp. 
Glam, n. chat, -ma, v. n. to chat, 

Glans, 771, lustre, gloss, brightness; 
splendour, -a, — ka, v. a. to polish, 
to brighten, -borste, m. polishing 
brush, — k, a. briglit, shining. — ko- 
bolt, W. shining cobalt, -iärft, n, 
glazed linen, -malm, m, galena. 

Glapp, a, gaping, chinking, -a, V* n, 
to gape, to chink. 

Glas, n. glass. '- pä ett ur, the cry. 
stal of a watch, -arbete, n, glass- 
work, —artad , a. vureous , glassy. 
-bit, m. a piece of glass, -blåsare, 

m. glassblower. -blåsning, f. glass, 
making. — bod , f, glussraan's shop. 

-bruk, n. glasshouse, -era, v. a. 
to glaze, to lead, to varnish, -ering, /". 


glazing, gloss, enamel, -flnss^ m. 
glassy flux, -handlare, m. glass- 

man, —hytta, f, glasswork, glass» 
house. -målare, m, painter on 

glass, -mästare, w. glazier, -perla, 

f, glassy pearl. -ruta, -skitVa, 
f. pane of glass. — skåp, 7i. glass- 
case, glass-shrine. — slipare, 771. glass- 
grinder. -Sprällgare, m. T, anacla- 
stic glass, —sten, 771. isinglass-stone. 
-Ugn, 771. glass-furnace, -vätska, 
f. vitreous humour. -Öga, n, wall- 
eye. -ÖgOn, n. pi. spectacles. 

Glatt, a. smooth, even; sleek; * fair, 
glib, -a, V, a, to smooth, to polish, 
to calender. -het, f, smoothness, 
glabrity. -is, 771. glazed frost. -Stcn, 
m, sleekstone, -stål, a, eraoothing- 

Gles, a. thin, -gorning, f, rare- 
faction, —het, f, thinness. — na, 
V. n, to grow thin, -tänd, a. gap. 

Glete, Glett, n, litharge, 

Gli, n, fry. 

Glida, V, n. to glide, to slide. 

Glimma, G lindra, v. n. to glimmer, 
to glitter. 

Glimmer, m, mica, daze. 

Glinder, n» fishing-hook made of tin. 

Glitt||er, n, glitter, spangle, tinsel. 

-erguld, n, tinsel, -ersand, m, 

chaining sand. — ra, v. n* to glitter. 
GlO, V, n, to stare, to gaze. ^ 
Glob, 771. globe. 
G lop, 77t. fop, doodle, stripling. 
Gloppa, V. W. to snow and rain to- 
GlorvÖrdig, a, glorious. [gether. 

Gl0S||a, f. gloss, comment, note; blame. 

— bok, f. vocabulary. 
Glosögd, a. goggle-eyed, gimble-eyed. 
Glufsa, V. a. & n. to eat ravenously. 
G lu gg , m. hole , aperture ; loop - hole/ 

Glunkas, v. d, to whisper about. 
Glunt, m. baby, boy. 
Gluplla, V, n. to devour, to swallow. 

-sk, a, voracious, excessive, -skhet, 

f. voracity. 
Glutt, 771. green shank (fSgel). 



Glåmig, ad, wan, languid of look. 

—het, /. wanness. 
Glåpord, n, sarcasm, taunting word. 
Glada, Glädja, v. a. to rejoice, to 

exhilarate, glada sig , glädjas, to 


Glädje, 771. joy, gladness, -betygelso, 

m, utterance of joy. —dag, 77». festi» 
val day. -eld, m. bonfire, -fllcka, 
f. prostitute, -fest, m. public fealivity. 

-full, a. joyful, -förstörare, m, 

spoiler of joy. -rOp, 71. shout of 
joy. -tårar, pi. tears of joy, ^ 

Glädtig, a. cheerful. 

Glänsa, v. n. to shine. 

Glänt, ad. pä -, left a-jar. 

Glöd, m. burning coal, -ande, -het,^ 

a. glowing, redhot. -ga, V. a. to 
neal, to heat; to mull; to bum. 

-raka, f. firetongs. -skyfvel, m. 

GlÖni||ma, v. a. to forget; to pass by; 
to leave. - sig, to forget one's self. 
-sk, a. forgetful. -Ska> f. forget. 
fulness, oblivion. [squabble. 

Gnabb, n. squabble, -as, v. d, to 

Gnag, n. gnawing-, teasing, -a, v, a. 
to gnaw, to nibble. — pd ndgon, 
to torment one with importunity. 
-are, m. rodent, gnawing animal, 
-ig, a. troublesome, teasing. 

Gnat, 71. growling, -a, V. n, to grum- 
ble, to murmur, to grudge. 

GnOw, n, fiddling, gammalt -, old 
custom, hälla fort med ett och 
samma -, to harp always on the 
same string. 

Gnetj f. nit. -ig, a. nitty; saving. 

Gni(illa, v. a. to rub. -, v. n, to 

pinch, to be avaricious, -aktig, a, 

greedy, -are, m. niggard, -erl, 71. 

greediness, -ning, f. rubbing, fric. 

tion. -sten, 771, rubstone. 
Gnissla, v. n, to screak. - med tan* 

derna, to grate the teeth. 
Gnist||a, f, spark, sparkle. -rS, V, n, 

to sparkle. 
G no, >i^. a. to bruise, to break, to crush. 

Gnolttj v. n. to hum. 



Cinu^gR; v. a. to rub. 
Gny, n. noise. — , V, n, to raake noise, 
dna^'ga, V,n, to neigh; to bray. 
Guäll, n, cry. ~a, v. n. to cry; to 

whine , to squeak. -ig 9 a. apt 

to cry, whining. 
God, a, good, goody, kind; true, pure. 

- man, arbiter, goda mäns utslag, 
arbitration. - vind, fair wind, gä 
i — för, to be security for, to wa- 
rant, -ft, n, good, fortune, -bit, 
m. nicebit. -dagar, m. pi. göra 
sig — , to enjoy one's self, to lead an 
easy life, -het, f. goodness. -Ijjer- 
tad, a. good-natured. -känna, 
V, a, to approve of. -kännande, 

n. approbation, -lynt, a. in good 
humour. — sint, a. good-natured, 
kind, -talig, a. affable. -trOgew, 

a. credulous, -trogenhet, f. ere- 
dulity. —tycke, a, opinion, choice, 
will. -villig, a. willing, ready. 
—villighet, /. willingness, readiness. 

Godo, n. i — , med -, by fair means. 
hälla till — , to take in good part. 
häll till — , you are always welcome. 
se nägon till -, to consult one's in- 

Godt, n. & ad. good, göra -, to do 
good, hafva — fört to have capacity. 

— efter något, plenty of a thing. 
-finnande, n, liking, opinion, choice. 
—göra, v. a. to make good, to make 
amends for, to make up, — i r'dk' 
ning, to credit one's accotmt for. 

Gods, n. goods, effects; estate, landed 
property ; merchandises ; T. rigging. 
-tåg, n» luggage- train, goods^- train. 

-vagn, m. luggage-waggon. -ägare, 

m. proprietor. 
Golf, n. floor, golf leg ad s'dd, bam- 

dried corn, —matta, /". mat for the 

floor, carpet, 
Gom, m, palate. [to bustle. 

Gorm, n. brawl, -a, v. a. to insult; 

Gorr, 71. dirt; matter, pus. 

Gosse, m. boy, lad. -bam, w. 

male child. 

Grabblja, i;. a. to grasp, -näfve, 

m. a great handful. 


Grad, m, degree, -era, v. a, to re» 

fine; to graduate, -erhus, n, builds 
ing for graduation, -ering, f. gra« 
duation. -stOCk, m. Jacob's staff. 

-tals, ad, by degrees, -uerad, a. 

Graf, m, grave, sepulchre; moat, ditch. 
-kor, 72. mausoleum, vault, —skrift, 
f, epitaph, -sten , n, grave - stone. 
-ställe, n, burying-placp. -Vl\rd, 
W. tomb, monument. -Ö1, n. funeral 
banquet. [grammarian. 

Grammatik, f, grammar, -er, m. 

Gramse, a. adverse, angry. 

Gran, f. pine, sprucefir. -barr, n, 

pine-leave. -kotte, 771. pine-cone. 
-kåda, f. pine. rosin. -Ört, f. 

Granador, m, grenadier. 

Grani^t, m, grenade, grenado; pome- 
granate; garnet, — äple, 71, pome- 

Grand, n, atome, mote, ingen -, 
nothing at all. -grynig, a. fine- 

Granit, m. granite. [grained. 

Grann, a, fine, nice, -eligen, ac^. 

attentively, carefully, -laga, a. exact, 
critical. -lagenhet, f, accuracy, 
exactness, -låt, m. finery, -synt, 
a. sharpsighted. — tyckt, a easily 
offended, peevish. 

Grannlje, m. neighbour, -hustru, f, 

neighbouress. — skap, n. neighbour- 
hood, vicinity, -sällJJa, f, neigh- 
bourly friendship. 

Gransk||a, v. a. to examine, to criti- 
cize, —are, m. examinator, critic. 
-ning, y. search, inquiry. 

Grassera, V, n, to ramble; to rage; 
to ravage. 

Gratial, 72. annuity, pension. 

Gratis, ad, for nothing, 'gratis. 

Gratulera, v, a, to congratulate, to 

Gravllera, V, a, to engrave, to cut; to 
charge, -Criug, f. engraving, cut» 
—or, 771, engraver. 

G red lin, a. bright-vioiet, 

Grefjlig, a. belonging to a count. 
-YO, m* earl, count, komma i 




grefvens tid, to come in pudding, 
time* -skap, W. earldom, county. 
— Tinna^ f, countess. 

ffreil) m. bough; branch; arm; stride, 
fork, —a Sigj V, r, to branch, to 
spread branches. - ut med henen, 
to stride, to straddle, -ig, a. bran- 
chy. -SI69 ad, astride, rida ,~, to 
ride astride. 

Grepe, m. handle. 

Grepp, n. fetch, trick; knack. 

Gritfel, m, slate-pencil, style. 

Grift 5 m. grave, -tal 5 «. funeral 

Grill; wi. scruple; fancy, whim.^ -f ån- 
gare, m, fancy-monger, -fängeri, 
n, whimsicalness. 

Grimas, m, grimace. 

Grimmlja, f, halter, collar, -skaft, 

n. collarshank. 

Grina, v. n^ to distort the face, to grin. 

Grind, m. gate, hedge. 

Grip, m, griffin, griffon, condor. 

Gripa, p. a. to catch, to seize, to lay 
hold on; to touch; to take, to appre- 
hend. — $ig aUf to exert one's self. 
— OTTif to span. - omkring sig, to 
spread about. — till, to take hold 
of, to take up. 

Gris, m, pig, farrow, köpa grisen i 
bäcken, to buy a pig in a p okc ^a»» 
V. 71. to farrow, to pig. 1 

GriSSel, m» baker's peel. 

Grissla, /. moor-hen. ^^^J 

Gro, r. n, to grow. - igenj~^=^^Pt 
to close; to fill up. ^ 

Grobian, m, a rude fellow, clown. 

Grod|]a, f, frog, -blad, n, water- 
plantain, -läte, n, croaking. -rOHl, 
W. frogspawn. 

Grodd, w. shoot, sprig, bud. 

GrOf, a. coarse; big, great; large* 
strong ; rude ; atrocious ; palpttbie, 
gross, —het, /. coarseness, rudeness. 
-bylt, a. rough of skin. -le«iKiad, 
a. stronglimbed. -Smed, m. black- 
smith, -smide, n. blacksmith-work. 
— t, ad, coarsely, rudely ; beyond mea- 
sure, too much. 

Groll, n. grudge^ 

Grop, f, pit, ditch, hole; dimple, -ig'y) 
a. full of ditchei? pr pits. 

Gross, n. a number of jtwelve dozens, 
gross, s'dlja I — t to sell by whole- 
sale, -handlare, m. wholesale- 

Grotta, f. grotto, grot. 

Grabb|{el, n. scrupel; plodding, -la, 
V» n. to plod, to beat one's brains 
(about a thing), -iare, m, scrupler, 

Grnflig, a. dreadful, excessive; dire. 
-het, f, horribility; enormity. 

Grufllarbetare, m, miner, -va, f. 

Grufva sig, v, r. to shudder, to dread, 
Grumljla, v. a. to mud, to muddy. 
-lig, a. muddy, turbid. -mel, 
GrumS, n. dregs; mud. 
Grand, a. shallow. -, s. n, shallow, 
shelf, flat, shoal, råka pä -, to run 
agrdund. —, 8. tn. ground, bottom; 
foundation; reason, motive, i grun» 
den, really, in deed, förstöra i -, 
to overthrow to the ground, —a, V. 
a. to found, to ground; to prime, to 
lay the fijfst colours on in painting. 
— , V. n. to muse, to ruminate. — pä, 
to think upon. — ut, to dive into. 

-begrepp, n. principle. - drag, n, 

outline, characteristic. — falsk, a, 
quite false, -fast, a. solid, -färg, 
m, ground-colour, -fäste, n. base, 
fundament, —lag, n. fundamental 
Jaw, statute. ^lig, a, profound, 
solid, -linie, f, basis, first line. 

-lägga, V. a. to found, -lägg- 
ning, f, foundation, -lärd, a. of 
consummate learning. — 1ÖS, a. ground* 
less, false, -loshet, f. groundless- 
ness. — mnr, m. foundation -wall, 
basement, —ning, f. priming. — Or- 
-Sak, f, original cause. -regel, 
f. fundamental rule, -ritning, f, 
ground-plot, outline, -sanning, f, 
foundamental truth. — sats, m. prin- 
ciple, maxim. — Språk, n, original 
language. -Sten, m. fundamental- 
stone. —tal, W. cardinal number. 
-text, m, original text, -val, m. 



foundatlött, l)asis. -ämne, w. ele- 

nient, principle. fgroup. 

Orupp^ m. group, -era,- v. a, to 

Grus, n. gravel; ruins, -ig, a. gra- 
Gry, n. grain. ^ Ivelly. 

Gry, v. n. to dawn, -ning, f* dawn, 

Grym, a. cruel, grim, furious; terrible. 

-het, /. cruelty, atrocity. 
Grymta, v. n. to grunt. 

Gryn, n, grain; groats, grits, -a Slg, 
v. r. to grow grainy, -ig, a, grainy, 
granulary. — Smor, 71. cheese • curds. 
-Yäiling, f, thin boiled groats. 

Gryt, n. grit, dust. 

€!rytl|a, f, pot. -lock, w. potlid. 

-ring, m. handle of a pot. 
Grå, a. gray; hoary. -aktlg, a. 
grayish. — bcrg, n, mountain of 
granite. -bO , n, -buk, m. mug- 
wort, -llårig, a. gray-haired, -hä- 
righet, f, hoariness. -kail, a. 
moist and cold, -malm, m, gray 
silver-ore. -na, V, n. to turn gray. 

-papper, n. copy-paper, -sida, /*. 

-sik, W. cod (fish), -siska, f. lest>er 
redpole. -Sten, m, granite, -sngga, 
f. wood »louse. — Yerk, n, ineniver. 

Grålie, m, a gray horse.. 

Gråt, m. weeping, crying, -a, v. n. 
to weep, to cry for. -erska, f. 
lamenting wife, -mild, a, inclined 
to weep. 

Gräddjja, v. a. to bake. - sig, v. r. 

to cream. -6, m, cream. -Ost, m, 

cream-cheese. — paniia, f. frying-pan. 

-sked, -Slef, m. cream-ladle. 
Grafla, v. n, to stir, to turn up the 

ground, to root. [m. terrier. 

Gräfsvin, n. badger, brock, -shuiid, 
Gräfva, v. a. to dig, to delve; to 

sink. — i böcker, to be poring over 

Gräl, 71. quarrel. —A, V, n. to wrangle, 

to quarrel. ~ig) ^. quarrelsome, 

-makare, W. quarreler, disputer. 
Gräin||a, v. a. to grieve, to mourn. — 

sig of ver, to grieve for, to be sorry 

for. -else, f, grief» 
(ilriin^ n. ^rain* 


Gränd, f. lane, alley. 

Grans, m. frontier, border, confine, 
limit, —a, V, n, to confine upon, 
-fästning, f, frontier- fortification. 
—lös, a. boundless, excessive. -1ÖS» 
het, f» boundlessness, immensity. 
-Skilnad, W. boundary mark. -Stad, 
771, frontier - town. — Sten, 7W. bound- 
stone, landmark. 

Gräs, n. grass, -a, v. n, to graze. 
-and, f, mallard, wild duck, -be- 
växt, a. grassy, -bänk, m, seat 
made of turf. -enka, f. straw- 
widow, —groda, f. green frog. 

-grön, a. grassgreen. -gädda, f, 

pickerel; * milk -sop. —halm, W. 
grass-halm. — hoppa, f, grasshopper. 
— Inpen, a. gramineous, overgrown 
with grass, —lök, m. chives, rocam- 

bole, -mark, m, meadow, -månad, 
m, April, -plan, w. Uwn. -rik, 

a, grassy. — torf, W. greensward, 
turf. -Yall, m. grassground. -vål, 
m, turf, sod. -Yäxt, W. growth of 

Gräslig, a. terrible, dreadful, hideous. 

Gröda, f, crop, growth. 

Grön, a. green, göra sig -, to give 
one's self airs, -aktig, a. greenish. 
-göling, m. green woodpecker, -ing, 
m, goldfinch, -kål, m, green pot- 
tage, -ling, m. loach, -saker, 
pi. greens, vegetables, -siska, f. 
siskin, flanting. -Ska, f, greenness, 

verdure, -ska, v. n. -skas, v. d, 

to grow green; to thrive. 
GrÖplla, V, a. to grind coarsely. -6, 

n. dog-bolt. 
Gröt, m. thick pap. -myndig, a. 


Gubbe, m. oldman, olding. 

G!ucku, m. cuckoo. 

Gud, m. god. -a sig, v. r. to affect 
piety, -adryck, m. nectar, -amat, 
m. ambrosia, —aktlg, a, pious, re- 
ligious, -aktighet, f, godliness, 

piety, -alära, f. tiieoiogy. -amakt, 

f, divine power, -dotter, f. god- 
daughter. -fadcr, m. godfather. 
-fruktig, a. pious, religious, godly. 


^»inna^ f, goddess. -li^5 ö. godly, 
pious. -lös J a. godless, impious. 

-löshet, f. ungodliness, -moder, 

/. godmother. -Om, m. divinity, 
deity. -Omllg, a. divine; excellent. 
--Omlighet, f, divinity, divine na- 
ture, -sdyrkan, f, divine worship. 
-s fruktan, A fear of god. -sfor- 
giiten, a. profane, impious. — sför- 

aktaro, -sförnekare, m. atheist. 
-sförsmädare, m. blasphemer, -s- 
lån, n, a god bless you; something 
to eat. -son, m. godson, -spen- 
ning, m. earnest, handsel. -Stjenst, 
f. divine service. 

Oudunge, m. eider-duck. 

dill, a. yellow, -a, f, yelk, yolk. 
-aktig, a. yellowish, -bron, a. 
yellowish brown. -IlTifva, f, cow- 
slip, primrose. — na, V, n» to grow 
yellow, -ockra, f. yellow ochre. 

-ris, n. gilded root, -siktig, -sjuk, 

a, jaundiced, icterical. -Sippa, f, 
anemone. -SJuka, f, — SOt, W. jaun- 
dice, -sparf, m. yellow bunting, 

Guld, 71. gold, -arbetare, m, gold- 
smith, -arbete , n. manufacture of 
gold, —bagge, 771. brassbeetle, rose- 
bug, -bröllop, n. jubilee of the 
fiftieth anniversary of the wedding-day. 
-dragare, m. goldwire-drawer.-flsk, 
in. goldfish, -galon, m, goldlace. 
-glitt, 71. litharge of gold, -grufva, 
f, goldmine, -gul, a. gold-coloured. 
-klimp, m, lump of gold. -Ian, 
Vfl. flattened goldwire. — makare,. 
«l. alchymist. —malm, m. gold-ore. 

-mynt, n. gold-piece, -papper, n, 

gilt paper. -Sand, 7?l. gold- sand. 

-slagare, m. goldbeater, -smed, 

7n. goldsmith. -smidd, a, gold- 
laced, -stek el, m. golden-fly, chry- 
sis. -stickad, a. embroidered with 
gold, -tråd, m. goldwire. -tyg, 
71. brocade, -vigt, 771. gold- weight. 
-ålder, tti. the golden age. 

Gulden, tti. gilder, florin. 

Ciumma, f, old woman. 

Gumiuera, v, a. to gum. 



Gummi ,~«. gum. -dragant, m, 

gum-tragacanth. — gutta, f. gamboge! 

-lack, m» guralac, rosinlao. -Tat»J 

ten, n, gummed water. 
Gnmp, 771. bum. -fena, f, taiifin. 
Gumrikskorn, n, common longe»fed 

barley, spratcom. 

Gnmse, m, ram. 

Gunga, f. swing. -, V. a, to swing, 

— , V. n, to rock, to shake. 
Gunst, 772. favour, kindness. -Igj O. 

kind, -ling, 771. favourite. 
Guppa, V. 71. to rock, to jolt. 
Gurgla, V. n, to gargle. 
Gurk|]a, f, cucumber, -meja^ /. cur. 

cuma, turmeric. 

Guvern||ant, f, governess, -or, m» 

Gyckllel, n. juggle, juggling tricks. 

-eldocka, f. puppet, -elmakare, 

771. joker, juggler. —la, V. 71. to 
juggle, -leri, 72. tricks; buflfonry. 

Gyldene, a. golden. - åldern , the 

golden age. 

Gyllen||dnk, 77i. brocade, -talet, n, 

the golden number, —åder, /. he- 
morrhoids, piles. 

Gyllen, 772. gilder, florin. 

Gylta, f, sow farrowing for the first 

time; charcoal-kiln. 

Gymnasiljast, 772. scholar, -nm, n. 

gymnasium, college. 

Gynna, v, a. to favour, to befriend. 
-nde, a. favourable, -re, 772. fa- 
vourer, protector, patron, -rinna, 
f. protectress. 

Gyttjlja, f. mud, mire, ooze, slime. 
— ig, a. muddy, miry, slimy. 

Gyttrlla, v. n, — ihop, to conglomerate, 
to conglutinate. — lug, f, conglome- 
ration, concretion. 

Gå, V. 72. to go, to walk ; to go on, to 
turn , to pass, det går för långt, 
that is too much. — ed, to take an 
oath, pennan går illa, the pen is 
a bad one. — af, to part in two, to 
break ; to go off ; to retire, to go from ; 
to fall off. - af sig, to forget; to 
wane. — OTl, to begin; to be pos- 
sible, to succeed; to suffice; to bt 



passable, det gar icke an, that 
woo't do. — efter, to go behind ; to 
go for, to go by. — emot, to go to 
meet; to go against, to miscarry. — 
fram, to reach forth. — for, to go 
before; to go foi*, to pass for, — för 
sig, to take place. — i, to go into, 
to enter; to hold. — ifrån, to de- 
part, to recede; to go back, to fail of; 
to be deducted. — v'dl ifrån, to suc- 
ceed. — ifrån sig, to clear one's self 
from. — igen, to shut, to fit; to walk 
after oce's death. — igenom, to go 
through ; to prevail ; to peruse. — ihop, 
to close; to join; to suit. — in, to 
go in, to enter. - in i, to enter, to 
give into, to engage; to be going on. 
-- nied, to go along with, to follow. 

- med ham, to be with child. - 
ned, to descend, to go down; to set. 
" om, to pass by. — om med, to 
meditate. — omkring, to go about, 
to turn round, to loiter about; to 
reach fcbout. — pä, to go on; to 
mend one's pace; to go on daringly; 
to proceed; to press; to go to. — 
sönder, to part in two. — till, to 
go to, to come to ; to be requisite ; to 
happen. — undan, to stand out of 
the way. — under, to go under; to 
be ruined. — tipp, to go up; to rise; 
to open. - U2)p emot någon, to be 
a match for one. — ur, to go oat of, 
to go from, to escape. "^ ut, to go 
out; to be extinct; to die, to wither. 

— ut med, to bring about. — ut pä, 
to tend to ; to run upon^ — å, to con- 
cern, to touch. — di, to go to; to 
use, to serve. — of ver, to go over, 
to jass over; to desert to, to be sur- 
rendered; to go off or away, to ce-ase. 

-cnde, a. going, a foot, -oiide, «. 

ft. going, pace, 

C]åf?-a^ /I present, gift, done tion. na- 
turs- -, endowment, talent, han har 
vackra gåfvor, he has fine parts. 
-Obref, n. donation, deed of gift. 

Gang 5 tU. pace, walk, motion, course, 

direction; passage; isle, sätta i — , 

\ to set a-goiog. vara i ~, to go on. 


gä si7i gilla ell, jemna ~, to go 
on one's wonted way. -a, v. 71. — 
ed, to take one's oath, gånge som 
Gud vill, the will of . God be done. 
—are, 771. walker ; pacer, ambling-nag. 

-art, m. set of stones. -I)ar, a. 

current, common, -barlietj f. cur- 
rentness. -jcril, n. hinge, joint, -klä- 
der, pL wearing apparel. -Spel, n, 
capstan, -stig, m. pathway. -StOl, 
m» go-cart. 

Gång, m. time, första gången, the 
first time, en — , one time, once, två, 
tre gånger, two times, twice, three 
times, thrice, på en — , at once, at 
one time, hvar — , every time. nå. 
gon —, any time, för denna {) ån- 
gen, for this time, iclce en -, not 

Går, ad, i — , yesterday, i - aftons, 
last night, t — 7iiorgons , yesterday 
morning. — dft^^, m. yesterday. 

Gård, m. yardj, court; house; estate, 

land; iialo. -fariliandlare, m. 

pedlars hawker. — hsmd, m. housedog, 
-SWrok, n, agriculture, -sdräiig, 
m. hostler. -Sfogde, w. land-steward. 
-Srum, n. yard. -Srätt, m. house- 
right. -SVard, m. watchman in the 
village; housedog. 

Gås, f, goose, -fett, -ister, n, goose- 
grease. — k^rl, m. gander. — krås, 
71. giblets. -lefverpastej,?/i. goose- 
liver-pie. -marset, 7n. follow my 
leader, -penna, f. goo^equill, -SOp- 
pa, f, giblets dressed wiUi a black 
sauce. — stek, f. roasted goo3e. — HUge, 
771. gosling. —Ört, f, siiverweed. 

Gåtya, f, riddle, enigma, -aktlg, -lik, 
a. enigmatical, d&rk. 

Gäck, m. fool, buffoon; laughingstock, 
—a, v. a. to ridicule, to cheat. — as, 
V, d, — 'é^ed, to make gam© of. -eri, 
n. ridicule, mockery. 

Gäddya, f. pike, luce, -drag, n. 

hook for catching pikes. — SUipU, f, 

pickerel. [v. a. to gut. 

Gill, f. gin, the gills of a fisii. -a, 

G aid, m. debt, -a, V, a. to pay, to 

make amends for. -buiideu, a, in- 


debted. -enär, w. debtor. -Stn ga, 

f. debtor's prison. [resound. 

Giill, a. shrill, -a, V,n, to ring, to 
Ciälljja, v. a, to geld, to castrate. 

-gumse, m, wether, -ingj w. 

Gälla, V. a, & n, to be of value; to 

cost; to be valid; to be current; to 
fj be of consequence; to concern. VlU 
l gäller det t now for It, hvad gäller? 

what will you lay? 
Gänglig, a, tall and slendsr, jogging. 

—hot, f, leanness, slenderness. 
Gängor, f. ^h thread, worms (of a 

screw). [current, in use. 

Gängse, a. (gäf och -^ common, 

GärÄ, m. tribute, tax. 

Gärdjja, v. a. to fence, to hedge. -6, 

71. field, -esgård, m. fence, -os- 
gårdsstör, m. hedgepols. -sle^Tl. 
edder, roateiials for fencing. 

Gäsa, s. Jäsa. 

Gäspa, v, W. to yawn. 

Gäst, m, guest, visitor, -a, v. a. é n, to 
visit, to lodge (with), -abud, U, feast, 
treat, banquet, -fri, a, Séospitable. 

-frihet, f. hospitality, -gifvare, 

m, innkeeper, -gifvargärd, 7». inn. 

-gifveri, n» innkeeping. -kam- 
mare, W. chamber or room for guests. 
—ning, f, entertainment with board 

and lodging, -van, m. guest, —vän- 
skap, f, hospitality. 
Godila, V, a. to fattan, to fat; to ma- 
nure, to dung. — aig, v, r. to pam- 
per one's self. -bOtikap, m, fatted 
cattle, -kalf, m. fatted calf. -SOl, 
m, dung, manure. -selhog, m, 
dunghill. -Sla, V. a. to dung. -£tia^ 

Gojeiuanad, m, February. 

Qök, m, cuckoo, en otacksam -, an 

unthankful fellow, -tltft, f. wryneck. 
Col, m, slough, plash, sink. 
Goling, m, T. top-rope. 
GÖm||ma, v. a. to keep, to conserve, 

to hide. — tort, to put away. — , /^ 

-Sie, n, repository, hiding-place. 
Gopeia^ W. the hollow hand, handful, 




GÖr||a, v, a, to do, to make, gifoa 
en att — , to set one a task; to give 
one a bone to pick, hafva mycket 
att — , to have a great practice, fd 

— nogf to find work enough, hvad 
du gör sä kom, be sure to come. 
det gör mig lika mycket, it is 
equal to me. — af, to employ; to 
put, to lay. — af sig, to do with 
one's self. — af med, to kill, to put 
to death; to squander. — af med 
sig, to destroy one's self. — en af 
med, to rid one of a thing. — sig 
af med, to get shut or rid of a thing, 

— efter, to imitate, to counterfeit, to 
copy. — emot, to give offence to; to 
transgress. — fast, to make fast. — 
ifrån sig, to perform, to finish. — 
med, to deal with; to concern, nu 
är det gjordt med honom, now he 
is undone. — om, to do over again. 

— till, to make, det gör ingenting 
till saken, that's nothing to the pur. 
pose. — sig till, to give one's self 
airs. — upp eld, to make a fire. — 
åt, to do, to help, det gör åt, that 
will do something. — sig , V. r. tc 
make one's self; to feign; to get, to 
makev -are, W. doer, -lig, a, 
practicable, possible. — lighet, f. 
possibility, -ning, f. doing, det 
är i -, it is now a doing. -Olttål, 
71. doing, business. 

Gördel, m. girdle, -makare, m. 

girdler. [(of iron). 

GÖS, m, a kind of perch; jack; pig 

Ha, V. a, (afkortning af hafra) to 

Hal 1. ha! ah! [have 

11 »^ck, n. cut. -a, /. hoe; (i kort» 
spel) a small card. -, v. a* to 
chop; to mince, to hack; to pick; 
to stutter, to stammer, det är hvar» 
ken hackadt eller male t, it is nei- 
ther the one nor the other. — på en^ 
to tease one. -bräde, n. cymbal? 




choppiDg-board. -bult, W. ragbolt. 

-else, f, cut straw, -elsek sta, 

f, chaff-cutter. — llOj /". chopping- 

board. — knif, Wl. chopping- knife. 

-»mat, m. hashed meat, -spett, w. 

Haf, w. sea. utåt hafvet, seaward. 
Ilafre, m, oats, -gryn, n, grits. 

-mjöl, w. oatraeal. »SOppa, /. 

Hafs, n, precipitation, —a, V. W. to 

act heedlessly. — tg", a. careless, rash. 

Hafsllband, w. offing, -botten, m. 

bottom of the sea. —brädd, m. sea- 
shore, -bugt, m, bay, gulf, -djur, 
W. maritime animal. — fisk, m, sea- 
fish, -gräs, n. see-weed. -gud, 
m, sea-god. -hvlrfvel, m. whirl- 
pool, -kalf, w. sea-dog. -kräfta, 
f* lobster, -kust, m. sea-cost, -lök, 
W. sea-onion. -Uynif, f, sea-nymph. 
-nål, f. sea-adder, -salt, n. sea- 
ealt. -SUlld, 71. strait. -SVall, n. 
surf. -SVin, n. dolphin, -tång, 
m, -slänga, f. sea-pond-weed. -vik, 
m. gulf, bay. -vind, m, seabreeze. 
—yta, f, surface of the sea. —ål, Wl. 
conger. —Örn, m, sea-eagle. 

Haf va, v. a. to have ; to own ; to pos. 
sess; to contain; to receive; to feel, 
to perceive, hvad vill ni — ? what 
do you want? — hort, to throw away ; 
to lose, haf er bort, be gone, han 
vill — sitt fram, he will have his 
way. — för sig, to be about. -^ pä 
sig, to have on ; to have aboiit one. 
det har ingenting på sig, it signi- 
fies nothing. — undan, to take away, 
to throw away. — sig , (ha sigj V. 
r. to behave; to turn out. 

Hafvande, a. big with child; impre- 
gnate. — tillstånd, pregnancy, gå - 
med stora förslag, to be big with 
great projects. 

Hafvcri, n. average. 

Hagljbok, f. horn-beara. -0, W. pasture- 
ground enclosed, enclosure. — tOrn, m. 

Hagel, n, hail; small shot, -bossa, 

f. fowling-piece. — skur, m, shower 

of bail, -sien, 771. hailstone. -s?ärm, 

. 771. charge of hailshot. 
Ilagla, V. n. to hail. 
Haj, a, startled. 
HaJ, m. shark. 

Haka, f, chin. 

Haka, v, a, to hook. - af , to un* 

hook, to unhinge. — fast, to hook, 

to catch hold with a hook. — i, - 

på, to hook, to put on the hook. 
Hake^ tti. hook; hasp; clasp; hinge. 

-bössa, f. arquebuse. 
Hakpåse, m, double chin, king's- evil. 
Hal, a. slippery, glib; false, fraudulent; 

smooth, sätta en på det hala, to 

draw one in. 
Hala, V, a, to haul, - ut på tiden, 

to procrastinate. 
Half, a. half, -annan, num. one 

and a half, -broder, m. halfbrother. 
-bruten, a. haifbroken. -cirkel, 

771. semicircle, -dager, 771. twilight. 
-del, m, half, -däck, n. quarter- 
deck, -död, a. halfdead. -färdig, 
-gjord, a. halfdone. -gud, m. 
demj-god. -gången, a, gone with 
child about twenty weeks, -hand- 
skar, 771. pi. mittens, -hot, f. in» 
completeness; indecision. — klot, 72. 
hemisphere, -kokad, a. halfboiled. 

-liden, a, haifpast. -lärd, a. 

halflearned. —metall , m. seraime* 
tal, halfmetal. -måne, ??z. halfraoon, 
crescent. —mätt, a. halfsatisfied. 
-naken , a. halfnaked. -nött, a. 
haifworn. -part, 77i. half. -Q va- 
den , a. halfsung. han förstår — 
visa, a word is enough to him. 
-siden, 7z„ haifsiik. -slag, n. T, 

clove-hitch, -spann, 771. peck. -StOp, 
n, a liquid - measure holding a Httle 
more than a pint. — stöfvol, m, 
halfboot. -syskon, n. halfbrother 
and halfsister. -tunna, f, half a 
barrel. , -täckt, a. half - covered. 
halft'dckt vagn, halfcoach, chariot, 
-va, f. half, -vera, v. a, to halve. 
-vuxen, a. haifgrown. -våning, 
f. mezzanine. — vägS, ad, half-way.: 
-år, n. half a year, -ärm, /.iabe 


^sleeve. —6) /. peninsula. ^oppOHy 

a, halfopen. —ÖrCj n. very small 
Swedish copper-coin, farthing. 

Halk||a, v. n. to slip. -Ig, a. slip- 

Hall, m, hall ; -a, V. a. 
to examine manufactures and set a 
mark upon thern. ~rätt, nh office 
of inspection. 

Hallon, W. raspberry. 

Halm, W. straw, haulm, haum. -bOSS, 
Tli the broken ends of straw, —hatt, 
m. straw-hat. —Spoke, n. scare-crow. 
-stack, W. stack of straw. -Strå, 
W, straw, stalk of corn, —tak, n. 

thatch, -tafs, -tappj m. -vippa, 

f» wisp of straw. 
Hals, m. neck; throat; head; collar; 
T, tack, skrika med full -, to set 
up one's throat. — öfver hufvud, 
headlong. — liaild, n. necklace, collar. 
-brytande, a. neckbreaking, despe- 
rate, -bränna, ^. heartburn, -böld, 
m, tumour in the throat, -duk, m, 
neckcloth, cravat; gorget. -fluSS, m. 
quinsy. -grOp, m. throat, -hugga, 
V. a, to decapitate, to behead. — jern, 

n, iron-ooiiar. -ked, -kedja, f. 

neckchain. —kläde, n. neckerchief. 
-knota, f, joint of the neck, -knöl, 
m. Adam's apple, -krås, n. ruff, 
frill, -påse, m. crop, craw, -rätt, 
m. penal judicature, -sak, f. capital 
crime. -SJuka, f, inflammation in 
the throat, -smycke, f. neck-orna- 
ment. -Starrig", "g. stubborn, ob- 
stinate, -Starrighet^ /. stubborn- 
ne33, obstinacy. 

Halstiier, n. gridiron, -erstek, m. 

roastbeef, -ra, V, a. to broil, to fry. 
Halt, m, halt, stand, sto^j alloy, 

standard; quality, value, göra -, to 

make a halt, to halt, -rikj a. of 

great value, substantial. 
Halt, a, halt, lame, -a, i;. n, to 

limp, to halt. 

Hammarlle, m, hammer ; forge, -brak, 

n. forge, foundery, ~hRJ, m. balance- 
fish, -mästare, m. master of a forge. 
-ISkaft^ n. handle of a hammer. 

Handgemäng ,91 

-skatt, m, tax paid for forged iron.' 
-slag, n, hammer-stroke, -slagg", 
n. scales, flakes. — Smed , m. smitli* 
working in a forge, -smedja, /. forge. 

Hammel, m. wether, mutton. 

Hamn, m. harbour, port, haven, —a, 
V. n, to get into the harbour, -fogdc, 
m. havener, water-bailiff, -pennin- 
gar, m, pi. anchorage, harbour-dues. 

Hamn, m. ghost; shape;^ 

Hamplja, f. hemp. c|&i:äka, f, hemp.' 
brake. -frO, W. hempseed; ^-Skäkta, 
f, swinglehand. — SpÖkO, n« bugbear. 
-ticka, f, linnet, flaxfinch.f' "" 

Hamra, v, a, to hammer. 

Hamster, m. german marmot, hamster. 

Han, jpr. he. -bi, n. drone, -blomma, 
f, flower with stamina, —knapp, m. 
anther, -kött, -slägte, n, the 
male sex. 

Hand , f, hand ; handwriting, cn — 
full, a handful, taga hvarandra 
i — , to shake hands* lägga — vid, 
to undertake a thing, lag g a sista 
— vid, to put the finishing stix)ke to 
a thing, hälla ~ öfmr, to take care 
of a thing, gifva med varm — , to 
make a donation in life -time, på 
egen — , alone, at one's own risk» 
på fri — , off hand; by command of 
hand, skjuta på fri — , to shoot 
without a rest, to shoot at arm's end. 
efter — , by degrees, för — , at hand. 
for handen f imminent, det gicJa 
honom val i handen, things squared 
•well with him. hafva om — , to have 
the charge of an affair. gifi)a på -, 
to give earnest, till hands, at hand. 
hafva för händer, to be busy with 
something, under — , under hand. 
släppa ur händeima, to lose, gifva 
vid handen, to communicate to. -a, 
V. a. to hand, -arbete, n, handi- 
work. — bok, n, handbook, manual; 
breviary, -bredd, m, handbreadth. 
-bäckeilj n. wash-handbasln. -duk, 
m. towel, -fallen, a. crest-fallen. 
-fast, a. strong, stout, -fat, W. basin. 

-faste, n. handle, -fästning, f, 

solemn promise. — gemäng, n, clos« 

92 Handgrepp 

fight, fray, scuffle, -grepp, n. trick, 
dexterity, de första handgreppen, 
tho rudiments. -gTiplig", a, pal- 
pable, evident, -gripligliet , f, 
lighting. -Iiafva., V. a. to handle, 
to administer. — lltlStj 7n, ledhorse. 

-kanna, f. watering-pot. -klapp- 

ning, /". clapping of hands, -klof- 
Var, 711. pi. manacles, -kläde, 71. 
towel, -korg, w.handbasket. -kyss, 
in, kiss on the hand, -lag, n. knack. 
hafva ett godt handlag till, to be 
skilled in. -Icd, f. wrist, -leda, 

V. a, to guide, to lead, -ledare, 
m. conductor, leader, -ledning, f. 
leading, direction. -lexikon, n. 
manual dictionary. — lofve, m. wriat. 
—lös, a. without instruction; careless. 
— l)enning, m. pocket-money; ear- 
nest, -pik, m. haifpike. -fivarn, 
f, handmill. -räckning, f, succour, 
aid. —skrift, f. handwriting, bond, 
note; manuscript, -slag, n» hand- 
stroke; joining of hands, lofva med 
— , to give one's hand in promise 
of a thing. -Spak, m. handspike. 
-spruta, f, hand-syringe. -SÖ1, n. 
handsel, —lag, n. giving one's hand ; 
handle, -tcra, V. a. to handle; to 
treat, to use, to manage; to conduet. 
-terande, n, handling, usage, treat- 
ment, —tering, f, trade, profession, 
-terlig, a. manageable, tractable. 
-tlangare, m, hodman; matross. 
-tvcrk, n. trade, handicraft, craft. 
-tVCrkare, m. craftsman, arti>-:an. 

-vatten, n, washwater. -vänd- 
ning, f. the turning of a hand, -yxj?, 
f, hatchet. 
Handel, tn. commei-co, trade, traffic, 
dealing, bargain; action, transaction. 

Handels II betjent, -Ibokhållare, 

m. raerchant'a clerk, -bolag, n. 
trading-company, partnership, -doni- 

stol, m. board of trade, -farare, 

ra. travelling merchant; ship of trade. 
—fartyg, n. trading-vessel, mOiChant- 
man. — flotta, f, commercial navy. 
-flihet, f. licence for trading, -grcn, 
m. branch of commerce, -liU.S, n. 


trading-house. -kollegium, n. board 
of trade, -niau, m. trader, -rätt, 
n, commercial law. -rörelse, f, 
commercial intercourse. — skepp, n, 
trading-vessel, merchant-man. — skola, 
f. commercial school. — Stad, /". trading 
town, -sällskap, 71. trading -com- 
pany, —vara, f, merchandise. 

Handljla, v. a. & n. to purchase, to 
trade, to deal. — emot någon, to 
deal with one, to deal by one. — med, 
to deal in. — om, to treat about. — 
jpa, to traffic to. -andO, a. trad, 
ing. — , ;?. W. merchant, trader, -ing, 
f, action, -in gar, /l pi, records, 
transaction, deeds. 

Handskao, v, d, to meddle with, to 
use, to treat. , [glover. 

Handsklje, ra. glove, -niakare, w. 

HaullO, m. male; cock, -efot, 7W.. T, 
crov/foot • lines , span. — kani, m, 
cook*s-comb. — rej, w. cuckold, 

Hangare, m/ T. hangers. 

Hank, m. string, tyeband; rowel» 

Hans, pr, his. 

Hansestad, f, hanse-town. 

Happla, v,7i» to hesitate; to stammer, 

Hardt, ad. nearly. - 7l'dr, near at 
hand, hard by, 

Harj!e, W. hare, en U7ig -, leveret. 
-fot, m. foot of a hare, -fljerta, 
n» heart of a hare; coward, -bnud, 
m. harrier, -jagt, m. hare-hunting, 

-krank, m. crane-fly. -läpp, -nnm, 

m. harelip, -mynt, a, harelipped, 
-språng, 71. bone in a hare's heel, 
-syra, f. -väpling, W. woodsorrel. 
-tlgla, f. snowy owl. -äple, n. 
truffle. -Öga, 71, lagophthalmy. 

Harf, f, harrow, -piuue, m, tine, 
— va, V. a. to harrow. 

Harka, /*. rake. ~, V, a, to rake. 

Ilarkla, v. n. to hawk up. 

Harlokin, m. harlequin, punch, buffoon. 

Harm, m, anger, grief; pity. -aS, V, 
d, to be angry (for), -lig, a, pro- 
voking, —sen, a. angry (at). 

Harmon I, f. harmony, concord, -era, 
V, n, to harmonize, -sk, a. liar» 


Bfarilftsk, W. harness, cuirass ,^ armour. 

H(U'p£k^ f.harp; grate; winnowing ma- 
chine. — , V, CL. to sift, to riddle, to 
winnow. [harpoon. 

Harpnn^ m. harpoon, -era, v. a. to 

HarpÖjsa, v. a. to pay a ship with 
Ilarr, m. grayling. [rosin. 

Har:§kla, v. n. to hawk, to rattle. 
Harts 9 n, rosin, resin, —a, V, a, to 

rub with rosin. 
Has. m. hough, -a, V. a. to hough, 

to hamstring, to hox, 

Easpe, w'. hasp. 

Haspllel, 771. reel, -la, V, a, to reel. 

Hassel, m. hazel. -niUS, f, dormouse. 
-not, f, hazelnut. -Ört, f. hazel- 

Hastj m. haste, expedition, hurry, speed. 
t ", on a sudden, —a, v, n, to ha- 
sten, to hurry. — ig, a. hasty, sud- 
den; passionate. — ighet, f. haste, 
speedy hurry; passion. — verkj W. 
work done in a hurry. 

Hat 9 n, hatred, ill-will; grudge, spite. 
-a, V. a, to hate; to detest, -are, 
m, hater, -full, a. hatefull, odious. 

Hatt, m, hat; cap; alembic; covering. 

—a, V, a. to cover, -foder, n. u- 
ning of a hat. -fodral, 7^. hatbox. 
»kail, m, crown of a hat. -Hia- 

kare, m. hattor -stofTerare, wi. 

haberdnsher. -tof, w». felt for hats. 

HacbitS, m. howitzer, hobit. 

Hayeri, n, average. 

Med, m. heath. -^Bdom, m. paga- 
nism. -ning, m, heathen, pagan, 
gentile. — nisk, a. heathenish. 

Hcder, Wl, honour; cjcditj reputation. 
—lig, a. creditable, honourable; ge- 
nerous; decent; considerable; honest. 
— Sanif a. honourable, generous, boun- 
tiful, -sdagj 77?. day of honour. 
-skladning, f. festival suit, -s- 
ledamot, m, honorary member. — 8- 
man, m, man of honour — snamn, 
n. title of honour. -SOrd^ n. word, 
vord of honour, -SStälle, n. place 
of honour, -stecken^ n, mark of 



distinction, -Svärd, a. honourable, 
worthy of honour. 

Hedra, v. a. to honour. - sig, to 

acquire honour. 

Hej! i. hey! huzza! 

Hejare, m» rammer, paving-beetle. 

Hejd, w. check, stop, stay, det är 
ingen - med honom, there's no 
^ keeping him in, -a Sig, V. r, to 
check one's self, to stop short. 

Hel, a, entire, complete, whole, all, 
total; undivided; right, -bregda, 
a. well, sound, whole, -gryn, n, 
barley, -liet, f. entireness, totality. 
-t, ad. entirely, quite; completely, 
helt och hållet, entirely; quite; clear. 

HelS HelM i. haiii 

Hela, V. a, to heal, to cure. 

Helfvetjle, n, hell, -isk, a, of hell, 

infernal, hellish. 
Helg, f, holydays ; festival, -a, V, a. 
to sanctify, to hallow, to keep holy, 
to consecrate, -ande, n, -else, f, 
sanctification ; consecration, -are, m. 
sanctifier. -d, f. sanction, hålla i 
— , to keep sacred ; to observe. -€dag, 
m. holy day. -Cdom, m. sanctuary. 

-eflundra, f. tmbot. -eho, n. 

sainfoin, esparcet. — eniessa, f, all 
saints day. -On, W. saint 
Helig , a, holy , sacred ; inviolable 

-göra, V. a. to sanctify, -görare, 

TTL sanctifier. -göfelse, f. sanctiS- 
cation. — llCt, f, holiness, sanctity. 

Hellebard, m. halberd, battle-ax. 

Heller , ad. icke - , neither . . . nor. 

Hellre, ad, rather, ju förr desto -, 
the sooner the better. 

Hels||a, f. health. -, V, a. & n. to 
salute, to greet. — honom ifrån 
mig, give my compliment to him. — 
pd, to visit, to see, to call upon; to 
salute, to make one's compliment. 
—ning, f. salutation, respect. — 0» 
biunn, m. spaw, mineral water. 
— OSani, a. wholesome, healthy. — O- 
Samhet , f, wholesomeness , salu- 

Heist, ad, rather, above ftll; the more 




80. hvWcen som ~, whosoever. — , 
c. particularly, especially. 

Helt, s. Hel. 

HeiQ) 'il» home, domicil, abode. — , Gd. 
home, —bakad, a. homebaked, house- 
hold, -bjuda, v, a, to offer to sale. 
-bygd, m, native country, -bära, 
V. a. to oflfer, to discharge. — tack, 
to thank, -fall, n, devolution, 
escheat, -falla, v. n. to devolve on, 
to fall to one. — frld, m, quietness 
at home, —färd, m, return home. 
-född, a, native, -födliig, m, 
native, —följd, m, portion, dower. 
-föra, V, a. to carry home, -for- 
lofv.a, V. a. to dismiss, -gift, W. 
portion, dower, -gång, m, going 
home; disturbance of domestical peace, 
burglary, -ifråll, ad, from home. 
-kalla, V, a, to call home, to re- 
call, -korast", w. return home. 
— kom-Öl, 71. banquetting the morrow 
after a wedding.* -lof , n. leave to 
go home. -längtan, f, longing af. 
ter home, nostalgy. -ras, ad, home, 
at home, -niastadd, a. versed, 
skilled, well read (in). -Ort, m. 
home, one's own country. — qvam, 
/. householdmill. — resa, f, return 
home, -sed, m, familiar way. -SJuk, 
a^ homesick , desirous alter home. 
— sjuka, f, homesickness, nostalgy. 
-skjuta, -ställa, v. a. to refer, to 
turn over, to commit. — ställan, f. 
reference; commitment, — synd, f. 
habitual sin. -BOka, V. a, to visit, 
to punish. -SOkelse, f, visitation, 
punishment. — tamd, a. domesticated ; 
well acquainted, -vlst, n, abode, 
habitation, place of residenc-a, dwell- 
inghouse. -Täfd, a. homewowe. 
—väg, Wl. way home, —åt» ad, 

, homewards. 

Hemlig, a, secret, close, clandestine; 

"^mystic; privy; auricular, hemligt 
JlU8, privy, Jakes, -GB, ad, secretly. 
— Iiet, . f. secret, secrecy ; mystery, i 
hemlighet, underhand, -hetsfull, 
a. mysterious. 

Hemman, n, estate, farm, -sbruk, 

n, agriculture, -sbrnkare, m. hus* 

bandman. — SrSnta, f. ground-rent. 

Hemsk, o. awful, dreadful, sad. 

Hemta, v. a, to fetch, to bring, to 
gather, to go for. — ihop, to collect, 
to gather. — up, to take up, to pick 
up, to glean, lata — , to send fcr. 
- frisk luft, to take the air. - sig, 
to recover. 

Hemnl, n, warranty, security. — fi, 
V, n. to warrant. -Sman, m. gua- 

Hen, f, bone. [rantee. 

Henne, pr. her, of her, to her. 

Heraldik, f, heraldry, armory. . 

Merberge, n, harbour, the joLirney 
men's meeting • place. — ra, V, a, to 
lodge, to take in, to harbour. 

HerdljO, W. shepherd; herdman; pastor. 
-ebref, n, pastqral letter, -oplpa, 
f, shepherd's pipe, -eqväde, n, pa- 
storal. — estfåfj w, shepherd's crook; 
bishop's crosier. —Inn a, f, sheph» 

Hermelin, m. ermine, stoat, foin. 

Herr||e, m, master; lord. Herrans 
hön, the lord's prayer. -Rdome, n, 
dominion, domain. — avaide, n, au* 
thorjty, dominion, mastership. — cdag, 
m, diet, -efolk, n. gentry. -egodSj 
n, — egård 9 m, raanor, gentleman's 

seat, -egårdsarbete , n. ^ soccagc. 
-eklass, w. nobinty. -ovälde, n. 

aristocracy. — Hg, a, magnificent, 
glorious, —ska, V. n. to sway, to 
bear rule; to prevail. — skando, a. 
predominant, prevailing, ruling. — skap, 
n, gentry, master and niistress. -ska- 

re, m, lord, ruler, -skariuna, f, 

mistress, — sklysteil, a. imperious, 
domineering. — sklystnad« m. im. 

Hertig, m, duke, -dome, n, duke, 
dom, dutchy. — Inna* /. dutchess. 
-II g, a. ducal. 

Hes, a. hoarse. -Iiet, Z*^, hoarseness. 

Hessja, V, n, to pant, tojgasp. 

Met, a, hot; passionate." — om öro- 
nen, anxious, -blemnka, f. blister, 
pimple, heat, -lefrad, a. hothealed. 


«>6i^9 CS. hot; passionate, »sighet^ 

f» heat, vsliemence , fervour, passion. 

— taj f, heat; passion, -ta, v. a. 

tö heat, to make a fire, to glow. — , 

v, n, to be hot, to glow. 
Hetsa, v, a. to set on, to egg on. 
H©x||a, f, witch. -, v. n, to witch. 

-eri, n, witchcraft, -mästare, m. 


If lekt, f. hiccough. -, V.n. to hiccough. 

Hllior, m, fitchet, polecat, fitchew. 

Himla sig', v. r. to cast up one's eyes 
tD heaven , to hehave one's self de- 
vout, —bryn, n, horizon, -fäste, 
~IlTalf, n. vault of heaven, -kropp, 
f». celestial body, -rymd, f, ce- 
lestial region. — skara^ f, host of 

Himmel, 971. heaven ; sky ; canopy, bal> 
dachin. under har -, in the open 
air. —rike, n, kingdom of heaven. 
— Sblå, a. azure, skycoloured. — S- 
bröd, n, manna, -sfärd, f. ascen- 
sion; assumption. Christi himmelS' 
färdsdag y aacension-day, holy thurs- 
day. -Bglob, 771. celestial globe, 
sphere, -sk, a. celestial, heavenly. 
-SSkriande, a, crying to heaven. 

-sstreck, n, climate, -stecken, 
«. sign, constellation. -SYid, a. 
very distant. 

Hin, pr. the. - onde, the devil. 

Hind, f, hind. 

Hind!|Or, n» hinderance, impediment, 

obstacle, -erlig, -ersam, a. hin- 

dering, impeding, -ra, v. a, to bin- 
der, to impede; to prevent; to stop, 
to clog. 

Hingst, m. stallion, steed, stonehorse. 
-ridare, m, fore-spurrer, jockey. 

Hink, m, swipe. 

Hinna, v. a. to reach, to come to, to 
attain to. -, v, n. to be sufficient, 
to suffice., om jag hinner, if I have 
time. — fram^ to reach. — förhi, 
to pass by. - före, - förut, to fore- 
ran. - med, to perform in a fixed 
tims. - pä, - 7i2?2^, to fetch up. - 
till, to reach, to arrive at, to attain 
>'to. — imdan, to escape. — upp 

Hjelpvetenskap 95 

emot, to be equal to. — at, to reach. 

— of ver, to exceed. 

Hinna, f, film, membrane; cuticle. 
— ktig, a. membranous, 

Hinsidan, ad. on the other side, beyond. 

Hirs, m. millet, panic-grass. 

Hirscllfangare, w. hanger, cutlass. 

Hisklig, a. hideous, dreadful, horrible. 

Hisna, v. n. to grow giddy, -d, f, 
shivering, horror. 

HIssa, V. a. to hoist. - upp, to heist 
up. — ntd, to haul down, to strike. 

Historl||a, f. history, -sk, a. histo- 

Hit, ad, hither. Icom -, come this 
way. — och dit, hither and thither. 

— tort, — åt, tliis way. — fram, 

— intill, to this place, hitherto, to 
this time. — in, in here. — om,j on 
this side. — upp, up here. - ofver, 
over here, over this way. —tills, 
ad, hitherto, to this time. 

Hittlla, V. a. to find, to discover. -, 
pä, to invent, to hit, to find out, to 
solve. — fram, to find the way. 
-ebarn, n, foundling, -ebarns- 

hns, n, foundling-hospital, -elon, 
f. trovage. -Ord, n. sally. -Ordlg, 
a. witty, ingenious. 

Hjelm, m. heimpt, helm, -galler, 

n. bever. — täcko, n. ornaments 
about the helmet. 
Hjelp, m. help, aid, assistance, succour, 
remedy; subsidy, -a, V. a. to help, 
to aid, to assist, to relieve ; to further ; 
to correct, hjelpe Gud! God bless 
you! - fram, to help forward. -1 
gig fram, to make a shift. - till; 
to contribute, hjelpa under, to sup- 
port, -are, m. helper, aider, -karl, 
m, charraan. —källa, fc resource. 
-lig, a. passable. -lOS, a, help- 
less, —medel, n, expedient; remedy. 
-Ord, n, suppletory word. -prCSt, 
75?. assistant curate, —reda, f. help^ 
clew, guide. — saui, a. ready to hoi p. 
-sanihot, /".readiness to help, -silH li- 
ning, f, sending of succour, -trop 
par^ m. pi. auxiliary troops. -VetCH* 
Skapi /". auxiliary science. 



Hjclte, m. hero, -bedrift, -bragd, 

—{lat, m. heroic exploit. — dlUt, 7??, 
epic poem, —lik, a. heroic. — lliod, 
n. heroism, -liiodlg', a. heroical. 
Hjeltinua, f. heroine. 

lljern]ja, f, brain, lilla hjernan, ce- 
rebel, -brand, m. inflammation of 
the brain, -dikt, m. -Spöke, n, 
fancy, phantom, -hi 1111 a, f, meninx. 
-kammare, m. cell of the brain. 
-lös, a. brainless, thoughtless. -SkÄl, 
n. brainpan, scull, —villa, f, whim, 

Hjerpe, m. hazelhen. [vertigo. 

Iljertlla, n. heart; mind; heart- shell. 
lägga pä hjertat, to take to heart. 
hjertans gerna, with all my heart. 
-blad, 72. heartleaf; tendril, -blod, 
71, heart's blood. -Clag, W. mind, 

disposition, — er, m. hearts, —frä- 
tande, a. heartcorrodin?. -grop, 
W. heartpit. -innerlig, a. hearty, 
cordial, -kammare, m. ventricle 
of the heart. -klaj)|)ning, /. pal- 
pitation. -klämiung, f, oppression 
of the heart. — IJg, ct. cordial, hearty. 
-ligen, ad. cordially. -1ÖS, a. heart- 
less, -pulsåder, f. the great artery. 

-rörande, a, pathetic, moving, -ska- 
kande, a. heartappalling. -SOrg, 
m. heartgrief, anguish, -Språng, U, 
eclampsia. -StOCk, m. T, crownpost. 
-styng, n, stitch in the heart. 

-styrkande, a. cordiacai. -stöt, 

in. thrust at the heart, -säck , W. 
pericardium. -Unge, m. darling, 
sweetheart. — aiJgslan, f, spleen, 
melancholy. -iingfilig, a. melan- 
cholic; Jow. -Öra, n, auricle of the 
heart. [mit. 

H.jesse, m. crown of the head, sura- 
Hjon, n. per>on. -Clag, n. raatri- 
mony; married couple. 

Hjord, w. flock, herd, -vall , W. 

Hjort, m. hart, stag, -lioru, n. 

harts-horn. -hOrnsalt, ??. volatile 
salt of hart^-horn. -kalf, m. fawn. 
-kO, f, hind, roe. -läder, 71. 
buckskin. -park, m, deerpark. 
-Stokj m» v^uiijon. 


Hjortron, n. cloudberry, knotberry. 

Hjnl, n. wheel, -a, v. n. to wheel.* 
-bent, 05. bandylegged, -ekra, f, 
spoke of a wheel. — ll^jkc, m. trigger, 
-linle, f. cycloid, -löt, m. felloe. 

-makare, m. wheeler, -naf, n, 

nave, —pinne, m. linclipin, axlepin. 

-smörja, /*. gome, -spik, m. v;hecl- 

nail. -spår, 11. rut, track of a wlicel. 

-stock, m. axletreo of a millwhcel. 

-yerk, n, wheel-work. 
Ho, m, trough. 

Ho? pr. who? [boist. 

Hobolje, m. hautboy, -ist, ra. haut- 

Hof, m. hoof, -hammare, m. shoeiu^; 

-hammer. -Skiigg, 7?. fetlock, -sla* 

gare, m, farrier, -slagarcspilta, 

f, trave, travise. —trång, n. beciiig 
hoofljound, narrow-heeledness. —tang, 
973. tongs, gatherers. 
Hof, n, measure, utan — och mdttaf 
beyond all measure, — SftJll, a. mode» 
rate, temperate. 

Hof, n. court, -bagare, m, the king's 

baker, -betjent, 711. officer of tho 
court, —buss, 7ri,. courtier, —dam, 
/, couit-Iady. -frökoil, f, maid of 
honour. — gunst, 772, court -favour. 
-liålluing, f. household of a prince. 
-kansler, in. lord chancellor, -kft» 
pell, n. court-chapel ; the royal or» 
chestra. -man, WJ. courtier, -mar* 
Skalk, 771. lord earl; knight-marshal, 
chamberlain. -miiJ^tare, m, house- 
steward, -mästaririna, f, gov»r. 
ness, -narr, vi. court-fool, -pre- 
dikant, m. court- chaplain. ^ -råd, 
n. couDseller of court, —rätt, m, 
superiour court of justice. — SOrg, /". 
courtmourning. -Stat, ^n. courtstMle. 
-vera, v. n. to make & great tigure. 
-?Igk, a, courtly, aullc* 

HoIlo! i. huzza! 

Holm a, V. a, to ringle. 

Holme, 771. small island, 

Hon, pr. she. -a, /". female, she. 
-kön, /. female sex. 

Honing, in. honey, -bi, n. workbse. 
-fclomma, ■ /*.' honeyllower; tway. 
blade» -daggj '^^* honey -dew. auldcw. 


-fågel, m. colibrl. -lias, n. honey, 
cup. -kaka, f, honey-comb, -pipaj 
f, honey-cell. 

Hononi, pr. him, to hira. 

Hop, m» heap, crowd, pile, multitude, 
gemene hopen, the vulgar, -a, v, a. 
to heap, to pile. -talSj ad, by 
heaps, in crowds. 

Hop, ad. together, -binda, V. a, to 
tia together, -draga, V. a, to draw 
together, to contract, -dragning, 
f, astrictlon; contraction, crasis. -drlf- 
Va, V. a, to drive together, -foga, 
V, a, to join together, to combine. 
-fästa, V, a. to stitch together. -grO, 
V, n, to agglutinate, to consolidate. 
•kasta, V. a. to throw together. 
-knyta, v. a, to knot together. 
-lappa, V, a. to patch up, to piece 
up. -läggning, f, laying up, ad- 
dition, closing, closing up. -roming, 
f, mixtion, mixing together. -skritVa, 
V, a, to compose, to write together, 
to compile, -sätta, V, a. to put 
together, to cement, to join, -satt» 
ning, f, composition, combination. 
-torka, y. n, to dry up, to shrink. 
-trassla, v. a. to entangle, to com- 
plicate, -tränga, v. a. to press 
together. -YCCkla, V. a, to fold up. 

-Yiga^ V, a. to marry, -vräka, 

Vo a. to throw together. 

Hopp, n. leap, jump, hop, skip, ^a, 
V, n, to hop, to leap, to jump. — 
aft to leap off. - frdn ett ämne 
till ett annat, to run from one thing 
to another, - of ver, to jump over, 
to take; to skip over, tQ pass over. 
-are, m. leaper, jumper. 

Hopp, n. hope, lefva i hoppet, to 
live in expectation. -aS, V. d. to 
hope. — pä, to hope in, to trust in. 

Hor, n, adultery, whoredom, hedrifva 
— , to fornicate, -a, f» wbore , pro* 
stitute, strumpet, adulteress, harlot. 
-, V. n. to whore. -all tig, a. 
whorish, libidinous, -barn, n. bast- 
ard. -hu3, n. brothel, -liusvård, 
m. keeper of a brothel, -kona^ f. 

e^iudiah'English DiaU 

HufVudbevis 97 

adulteress, -pack, 71. harlotry, -ungo, 
m. bastard. [zontal. 

Horisont, m. horizon, -el, a. horl. 

Horn, n, horn; antler; sucking -horn. 
släppa — , to shed the horns. ~ak- 
tig, a. horny, corneous, r-arbetaro, 

m. horndresser, worker in horn, -band, 
n. horncover. -boskap, m. black 
cattle, -iisk, m. hornbeak. -hiuna, 
f, horny tunicle, cornea (of the eye). 
-{g, a. horned. -0X6, W». stag- 
beetle, -silfver, n, horned silver- 
ore, -skata, f, hornbill. -släuda, 

f. scorpion-fly. -säd, tn» black grain 

of corn, -ngla, f, hornowi. -verk, 

W. hornwork. 
Horsgök, m, snipe. 
Hos, prp. with, by, nigh, about. -fO« 

gad, -följande, -gående, a. an- 
nexed, enclosed, following. 

Hospital, m, hospital. 

Hosta, /. cough. -, V. n» to coughs 

Hostia, f, host, holy wafer. 

Hot, «. threat , menace, -a, V. a. to 
threaten, to threat, to menace. -Olse, 
f, threatening. 

Hud, f, skin, hide, -flänga, V. «• 
to scourge, -1ÖS, a. skinless, raw, 
-sjukdom, m, cutaneous disease. 
-strykning, f. flagellation, scourg- 
ing, -utslag, W. rash. 

Huf, m. penthouse; coverture. 

Hufva, /. veil, cap, coif, hood, gauie- 
veil, caul. 

Hufvud, n. head, hafva litet i huf* 
vudet, to be a little in liquor, sld 
i hufvudet, to affect the head, taga 
en för hufvudet ^ to take one up. 
slå för hufvudet, to give umbrage. 
Icort om, hufvudet, hotheaded, ett 
godt -, a man of genius, kinkigt 
-, peevish fellow, konstigt -, strange 
fellow, krus ~, curly-head, slugt 
— , cunning fellow, svagt — , weak- 
head. Öfver -, in the main, gene- 
rally, -afsigt, w. chief design. 
-arbete, n. chief work; work of the 
mind,» study, -arlvlng, m. chief 
heir. -bogrepp, n. fundamental 
idea, -bevis^ n» principle argument. 

98 Hufvudbindel 

-bindel, ra, headband, diadom. -bok, 
f, T. ledger, -bonad, m. head.dres3. 
-bry, -bråk, n, trouble, raking of 
the brains, -drabbning, f. pitched 
battle, -dygd, f. cardinal ifirtue. 
-fel, «. chief fault, blind side. 

-fiende, m. mortal enemy, -fråga, 

f, chief question, —färg, m. chief 
colour, -fästning, f, principal for- 
tress, -gärd, W. the bed's head, -hår, 
m, hair of the head, -bar^ m. main 
i)ody of the army, -innehåll, n. 
principal or general contents. — kläde« 
n. head-cloth. -kudde, m. pillow. 
-kål, m. white cabbage, -lag, W. 
head-stall. — 1ÖS, a. headless; stupid. 
—man, m. chief, head, principal. 

-nyckel, m, masterkey. -orsak, 

f, principal cause. — Ort, m. chief 
place, -person , m. principal per- 
son, head, -prydnad, f, head-dress. 

-punkt, m. chief point, -qvarterj 

n. headquarters, —regel, f. principal 
rule, -räkning, /".general account; 
mental calculation. — sak , f. princi- 
pal cause, main thing. — sakllg, a. 
principal, capital, -sakllgen , ad. 
principally, cliiefly. -sailat, W. 
cabbage -lettuce. — Sats, m, capital 
proposition; maxim. — skalle^ m. 
scull. —skål, /.. brainpan, scull. 
-skäl, n. capital argument. -Språk, 
n. original tongue; choice • sentenca. 
—stad, 7?l. capital, metropolis. — Stol, 
m, capital sum. — stupa, ad, head' 
long, -stycke, n, chapter; capital 
part, —summa, f, capital sum, ca- 
pital stock, -svag, a, crackbralned. 
-SYJfcghet, f, craziness. -Svål, m. 
scalp, -säte, n, residence, -tOn, 
m, fundamental tone, keynote; princi- 
pal accent, -TattenSOt, W. hydro- 
cephalus, dropsy in the head. — värk, 
W. head-ache, -yr, a, giddy, dizzy. 
-yrs el, f, giddiness. 
Hugg, n, cut, slash, stroke, — ocJi 
slag, blows, fä — , to get stripes, to 
be beaten, i första -, at the first 
stroke, —ft, V, a, to cut, to hew. 
« i, to cat«h hold of. - i (när 


någon talar), to out one short. — 
i sten til, iräj to cut or to carve 
in stone or wood. — sig igenom 
fiendens to fight one's way through 
the enemy, hugget som stucket, all 
one, all the same, hugga sig fom 
^VQJ » t® f^-et. -are , m, cutter, 
hewer; aabre, cutlass, -borr, W. 
punch-jern, chisel. — Orm, m, viper, 
-stock, -knbb, m. chopping- block. 
-SYärd, n, backsword, -sår, n, 
cut, wound made by cutting. — tftnd^ 
f, tusk, fang. -yXR, f. ax. 

Hugiiijla, V, a. to comfort, to rejoice. 
- med lelöning, to consider with 
reward, -ad, f. comfort, joy, -Ollgj 
a, comfortable, pleasing. 

Hugsvaljia, V, a, to console, to com- 
fort, —are 5 m, comforter, consoler. 
-else, f. comfort, consolation, 
!Hnjl i, quick! on! huzza! 

Huka sig, v, r. to squat down, to cower* 

Hukert, m, howker, biländer. 

Huid, a, tender, gentle, kind. — och 
trogen, loyal and faithful, -het, f, 
kindness, good will, -inna, f, darl» 
ing, sweetheart, -rik, a, gracious. 
-Skap^ m, fidelity, loyalty, 

Hull, w, !!esh. lägga pä hullet, to 
gather flesh, to grow plump, -igj a. 
plump, full and smooth. 

Huller om buller, ad, topsyturvy, 

Hulling, m, barb, beard. 
Hult, m, coppice. 
Hum 5 fä - om, to get a hint of. 
Humla, /. bumblebee. 

Humle, 771. hop, hops, -binda 5 f. 

epithyme, dodder, -gård, m. hop- 
yard, hop -ground, -hö, n. yellow 
clover, -stång, -stör, m, hopo 
Hummer, m, lobster; T. hound. 
Humor, n, humour, disposition. 
Hund, m, dog. -dagarne, m, pL 
dogdays. -exing, m, dog's grass, 
couch-grass. -Ula, iK a. to scold, to 
chide, -fioka, f, wolfs bane, aco. 
nite. -koja, /. kennel, -koppel, 
n, dog- couple, dog-collar, -köp, n. 


dogcbeap. -loICcl^ /• wild chervil. 
— pennill^^ m, very low price, trifling 
sum. -rofva, /. bryony, -sfott, 
m» scoundrel. -SJaUa, f, hydro- 
phoby. -Sk, a, doggish, canine; 
enormous. -stjärna, f, dogstar; 
dog, — tunga^ f* fört J hound'tongue, 
dog's-tongue. —Öra, n. dog's ear. 

[landra. Hundrade, num. hundred; 

hundredth, en ihland — , one in a 

hundred. 5ex för — , six per cent. 

-fald, a. hundredfold. -tal, n. 

number hundred. -tals, ad, by 

hundreds. — årig, a, of hundred 

years, centenary. 
B[nng|{er, m. hunger, appetite, -et- 

1ÖS, a. without appetite. — ersd»»^, 

m, starvation. — ersnöd, f, fam'De 

-ra, V, TK to hunger. - ihjäl, to 

starve with hunger, —rig, (-. hungiy. 

- mage är hasta IcocJcen, nun&or ^is 

the best sauce. 
Hurra I i, huzza ! - , l\ «„ to . T,uzia, 

to salute with cheers. -lOlJ-^ -^l. eheet. 
Hurtig, a. brisk, smart, -lici, f, 

briskness; smartness. — t, Cjd, briskly, 

Duru, ad, how. - dä? how then? 

how so? -dan, a, what kind of, 

how, what, -ledes, -lunda, ad. 
how, after what manner, by what 
means. — Ylda, ad, how far, whether. 
Hus, n, house; family, gd pä huset, to 
go to the privy, utom — , out of doors. 
-aga, f, domestic discipline, -aktlg, 
a. thrifty, husbandly, -apotek, 71. 
house-dispensary, -arrest, m. confine- 
ment at one's own house, -behof, n. 
domestic use. -bonde, m. master of a 
family or of a house. -bondfolÄ:, n. 
master and mistress, -djur, n. dome- 
Btic animal, —dräng, m, man servant 
in a house, -dufva, f, tame pigeon. 
— egare, m. proprietor of & house. 
-fader, m, master of a family. 
-fattig, a, shamefaced poor, -folk, | 
n. inmates, domestics. — frcd , m. 
domestic peace, -fritt, ad. bo — , 
to liave free lodging, -fru , f, ml» 
s^trcss of a family, -geråd, n. fur- 



niture oP a house, -gndar, m. pi, 
household . gods, —hyra, f, house» 
rent, -håll, n, household, family. 
—hålla, V, n, to keep house, to ma. 
nage; to husband, -hållare, in. 
householder, economist, god — , good 
husband, -hållerska, f, house- 
keeper, housewife, -hållning, f, 
management, economy. — hällsaktig, 
a, economical, frugal, -hållsaktjj^- 
het, f, economy. -korS, .72. family 
affliction, -llg, a, domestic, thrifty. 
-llghet, f, domestic life; thriftinet?. 
— lärft, n, homespun linen, —man, 
m. cottager. -manskOSt, m. house- 
held fart, -moder, f, housewif*. 
r-piga, ;/J, housemaid. ^^ -rum, n, 
lodging, hcuseroom. -röta, f, dec«y 
of a^ hou3ea dUapidation. — Syn, f. 
sur^öv of Ti i^ouse. -tjuf, m, thief 
; wi|hih c.oors. , — vill , a. houselefes, 
without abode. — väfliad, f, home» 
spun clcjth.s -Tär4, W. landlord, 

- 7är<iin na , f. lanaiady. -ära, f, 

iady ot the house. 
Hnsljen, m. huso, sturgeon, -blås, m. 

isinglass, carlock. 
Husar, m, hussar. 

Husera, v, n, to make a noise, to ra. 
Hustru, f, wife, spouse. [vagc. 

Hut, i, be gone, avaunt. veta -, to 

know manners, -a, V, a, to tak o 

one up sharply. 

Hutllja, V. a. to shuffle, -are, m. 

shuffler, shuffling fellow, -eri, n. 
H?ad, a, what. - för 6n„ what a. 
hvad? how? what? -an, ad. whence, 

from whence. 

Kval, -fisk, 771. whale, -ben, n,f 

whalebone, -fållgst, /". whale-fishery. 
— rOSS, m. morse, walrus, 

Hvalf, n, vault, arch; valve. — pd 
ett skepp, counter of a ship, -båge,^ 
m. arch, —gång, m. archway. 

Hvar, a. every, - och en, every one. 
-, ad. where; if. - 0771 icke, if 
not. -af, ad. whence, -aniiau, 
a. every other; each other, one an- 
other. -dag, m. working • day 

100 Hvarda^sfeber 

-jdagsfeber, m, quotidian ague. 
-dagskläcletj jpL every days clothes. 
—dSKSmat, Wi. common fare. -dagS- 
ruiUy n» common apartment. — dcra, 
pr, each, -efter, ad, after which. 
—emot, ad. whereas, when on the 
contrary, — estj ad, where. — fore^ 
ad, why, wherefore., -iblaildj ad. 
among which. — ifråUj ad, whence. 
-Igenom, ad, whereby, by which. 
-jo, pr. each, -jelianda, a. va- 
rious, of all kinds, sundry. — jenite, 
ad, whereby, whereto, -lued , ad. 
wherewith, with which. — me dels t^ 
ad, by which means, by what means. 
-«0m, ad, whereof, atout which. 
-omkring, ad, whereahout. -pi, 
ad, whereupon , upon . which^ j-t, 

-t-ut, -t-han, -t-åt, ad, whi- 

ther, which way, t^ wnicj>^ ple<-e, 
—till, ad, whereunto/ t«? ;. ^hioh. 
—under, ad, whereunder, by v^^Mch, 
«->Uti, ad,, v^jhereint^K,' into,. 
wherein. — litfl^;^,^ ad^ out of whi cli, 
whereout, trorn what. "Tld, <l^. 
whereto, whereat. -Ofvor, ad, whe- 
reat, at which, whereon. 

Hvarf, n, turn, time; lay, row, stra- 
tum, —tals, ad, by layers. 

Hvarken , ad, neither. — • . . elUVf 
neither • • . nor. 

Hvass, a, sharp, edged, keen, acute; 
angry , austere. — buk , m, sprat. 
—kantig*, a, acute-angular. -Ogd, 
a, having fierce eyes. 

Hvera, 2>r. who. af -? of whomi 

Hven, f, agrostis, bent, bentgrass. 

HvetlJO, n, wheat, turkiskt -, maize, 
indian wheat, —mjöl, n, wheaten 
meal, wheatflower. 

Hvi, ad, why, wherefore. 

HTil||a, V, n. to rest, to repose. — sig, 
V. r, to rest one's self, to repose. 
— , f, rest, repose. — Odag, m. day 
of rest. -OlÖS, a. restless, -opiinkt, 
m, point of rest. — Ornm, n. rest, 
place of repose; grave. -OStmid, f. 
resting hour. -OStällO, n. resting 

Hvilken, Inilket, pr, who, which; 


what. — sOTTif he that, -dera, p7\ 
which of the two, whether of the two. 

Hvina, v. n, to whistle. 

Hvirfllia, v, n, to whirl. -Tel, m, 

whirl, vortex; the crown of the head» 

-Teiaktig, -velformig, a, vorti* 

cal. ■ -Telvind, m, whirlwind. 
HTisklla, V, a, & n, to whisper, to 
round., — Hing, f, whisper, whisper- 
ing, [to exsibilate. 

Hvissia, V. a, é n. to whistle. - ut, 

Hvit;, a, |white. Jivita penningar, 

silvermoney. —ft-, f, the white of an 

egg, -aktig, a. whitish, -beta, 

f, white beet, beet-root, —blå, a, 
whitish blue. -HÖd, ft, the whites, 

-.garfva, v. a. to taw. -gar f vare, 

m. tawer. -grå, a, hoary, -liafrc, 
m. white oats, -het, f, whiteness. 

. -feinP.a, f. the white membrane of 
'•the eye. —kål, m. white cabbage. 

' ' ♦— iBttg a. fair, white in the com- 
plexion, —lim, n, white lime. — lim- 
^ 'JK'a,» ?>, "Xi to white , to white • wash, 

' ' -Mng^ oi. whiting, -lok , m. gar- 
lick, -na*. V, n, to whiten, to grow 
white. -rOÅ, f. quickgrass, -Sippa, 
f, wood - anemone. -SOt, f, green 
sickness, chlorosis, —Tarm, a, heated 
to white heat. -Öga, n. the whit© 
of the eye. 

Hvälfva, V, a, & n, to arch, to vault. 
— ögonen, to distort the eyes. 

HYaslla, V, n, to hiss, - fram, to 
hiss out. —ning, f, hiss, hissing. 

Hyässa, v, a, to whet, to sharpen, to 

Hy, m. skin, complexion, skifta — , 
to change countenance. 

Hybble, n, but, cottage. 

HyckllJa, V, n, to diss?mble, to affect, 
to feign, to play the hypocrite, —are, 
m, hypocrite, -eri, n, hypocrisy. 

Hydda, f, hut. 

Hyde, n, rabble. 

Hyende, n, cushion. 
Hylla, V. a, to plane. 

Hyfs]|a, V, a. to trim, to trim up; to 
civilize, -ning, f. trimming; good 

manners, civility. 




HyfTel, m.^ plane, -bänk, m. joiners 
bench, — J8rilj n. plane -iron, steel 
of a plane, -spån y m. shaving of 

Hygga sig, v. r, ~ till någon, to 
apply one's self to one,, to have re- 
course to one. 

Hygge, n. felling of trees. 

Hygglig J a, agreeable, pleasant, ami. 
able, —het J f, gratefulness, pleasant- 
ness, agreeableness, 

HyH, m. elder. 

Hylla, f. shelf. 

Pyliya, V, a. to homage, to pay ho- 
mage to. — nillg, f. homage, filings- 
ed, f, oath of allegiance. 

Hyiida, f. bitch. 

HypoliOndri, f. hypochondria, spleen. 
— sk, a, hypochondriac, splenetic. 

Hypote&j n, mortgage, pawn, deposite. 

Hyrjla, f, rent, hire; wage's; pay. — , 
V. a. to rent, to hire. — Ut, to let, 
to let to hire, to let out. — estOW- 
trakt, n, contract of hire. — knsl(, 
m,, hackney . coachman. — Tagn, m. 

Hysjja, V. a. to harbour, to house; to 
entertain, -llillg, f. entertainment. 

Hyss a, v. a. - ett ham, to dance a 
child in one's arms. 

Hyssja, v, a. & n, to hush. 

HyttJIa, f. hut, cottage; T, cabin; 

melting-house, forge, -carbetare, 

-edraug, m, smelter, melter. -©mä- 
starO, m, inspector of a melting- 
house, -erök, OT. orpine. -Wgn, 
wi. smelting-fuåiace. 

Hå! i, ho! hoa! (box. 

Håf, f. hand-net; tinkling bag, poor's 

Håfvor, f, pi. goods, wealth, treasures ; 
©tarings, lyckans — , the gifts of for- 

Håg, m, mind, fancy, propensity, Incli- 
nation, disposition, slå något UT — , 
to strive to forget a thing, -ad, Cl. 
disposed, minded, —fällas, V. d, to 
take a. fancy to a thing, —konima;) 
V. a, to remember, -koilist, m, 
memory, remembrance, mind. — lÖS, 
<K listleaa* indolent t liss&dksa. -»los- 

liet, f, listlessness, indolence. -StOr^ 
a, ambitious. 

Hål, n, hole, gap; dimple, —ft, f. den, 
cavern, pit, — borr, Htl, auger, wim- 
ble, -ig, Ö. hollow, full of holes; 
porous; concave. — ighet, /". hollow- 
ness, cavity. — jeril, w. hollow-chisel. 
— ka, V, a. to gouge ; to make hollow, 
to scoop. — käl, m, channeL —mej- 
sel, m, gouge, -väg, t», hollow, 
way. —åder, f, the great vein. 
--^^åy a. hollow-eyed. 

Hålk, m. ferrule, a ring put round any 
thing; hulk. 

Håll, n, distance, på långt -, at a 
great distance, sl'dgt på långt — , 
distant akin, distantly related. 

Håll^ n, relay, relay of horses; ^tage, 

-liast, m. posthorse. -karl, m, 

hostler, -skjuts, m. relays. 

Håll, 71. stitch, pleurisy. 

Håll||a, v. a. to hold, to keep; to 
sustain, to observe; to entertain; to 
hold, to measure, to contain. — , V. n. 
to hold, to last; to wear, håll! 
halt! stop! hold! håll till höger! 
take to right hand ! — af, to be fond 
of; to turn out of; T. to bear away, 
to bear up. — af ifrån land^ to 
bear with the land. — efter, to fol- 
. low. - efter någon, to have a strict 
eye upon one. — sig efter, to con- 
form to; to follow, "emot, to op- 
pose, to hold towards; to resist. — 
tre emot ett, to lay odds. - fast, 
- fast i, to hold fast. - fort, to 
continue., — fravi, to hold forth. — 
sig framme , to put one's self for- 
ward. — för, to hold before ; to take 
one for, to account. — för ell, före 
att, to bo of opinion, to conceive, to 
think. — i, to hold, to hold of. — 
ifrån, to withhold, to hinder. - sig 
ifrån, to abstain from. — igen, to 
restrain. — igen ögonen, to keepi 
one's eyes shut. — ihop, to keep to- 
gether. — inne, to shut up. — sig 
hme, to keep within doors. — inne 
med, to forbear. — sig intill, to 
jaitt t£v. — Vied, to provide with., 




•- med nägon, to agree with one, to 
join witli one. — med att, to grant, 
to admit. — om, to embrace. — J)å, 
to hold; to husband, to spare. — jpd 
med t to be busy with, to be about. 

— till, to hold close, to hold shut; 
to frequent. - till med en qvinna^ 
to cohabit with a woman. — sig till, 
to adhere to. - tillhaka, to keep 
back, to restrain, — undan, to hide. 

— sig undan, to hide one's self. — 
under, to keep under, to keep down, 
to support. — uppt to hold up; to 
cease, to stop. — upp med, to leave, 
to cease from. — Wppe , to support. 

— sig uppe, to keep one's self above ; 
to have left one's bed. — ut, to hold 
out; to stand. - Ut med, to hold 
out. — ute, to exclude. — sig vid, 
to stick to, to adhere to. — sig vid 
sängen, to keep one's bed. — vid 
porten, to stop before the gate. -- 
sig, V, r, to abstain, to contain one's 
self; to keep; to behave one's self. 

Hållilare, m. hold, support, -en, a. 
held, treated, vara ilia -, to be 
put poorly off. -fast, a, firm, -hake, 

W. holdfast, dog, trigger, -ning, f, 
holding, bearing; T, clair • obscure. 
-rot, n. birthwort. 

Hån, n. reproach, scorn, ignominy, —a, 
v. a, to mock, to scoff, to insult, to 
deride, -le, V, n, to sneer, -llg, 
a, dishonourable, affrontive. — skratt, 
71. laughter in scorn. 

Hår, n. hair; the hairs, på ett - 
nära, within a hair's breadth, -a, 
to scrape of the hair. — af sig, 

— ifrån sig, v, r. to shed the hair. 
-band, n. hairiace. -boi'ste, m. 

hairbrush, -buckla, /*. buckle, cur- 
led lock, -draga, v. a. to pull by 
the hair, -duk, m. haircloth, -fin, 
a. subtle, fine, thin, -fläta, f, braid 
of hair. — frisÖr, m. hairdresser. 
-klyf?are, m. hairsplitter , sophist. 
-klyfveri, n, sophistlcalness. -lik, 
a. capillaceous, — lock , m, lock or 
curl of hair, —nål, f, hairpin, bod- 
kin» ourling-pin. -piska, f. tail in 

the hair. -Sikt, m. hairsieve. -sHf* 
Ver, n. capillary silver. -Smån, 
m, hairbreadth, -tofs, m. tuft of 
hairs, —tång, m. tweezers. 
Hård, a. hard, firm; severe; harsh; 
inflexible; insensible. — liet, f, hard. 
ness, severity. — hjertad, a. hard, 
hearted, -kokt, a. hardboiled. -lif- 
Vad, a. hardbound, costive, —last, 
a. hard to lock, -niunt, -mynt, 

a. hardmouthed. — na, V. n. to har- 
den , to grow hard, -nackad , a. 
etiffnecked, stubborn, -nackeuliet, 
f. obstinacy J stubbornness. — nad, 
f. callousness, induration, hardne>=?. 
-smält, a. indigestible. -vall, 
-Tallsäng, m, upland-meadow, high 

Häck, m. hedge, coop; rack* 

Häcka, V. a, & n, to hatch, to breed. 

Häckeneld, m. firing by files. 

Häckla, f, hackle, hatohel. -, U. a, to 
hackle, to hatchel ; to criticise. -r6« 
m, hatcheller; censurer, 

Kädlla, V, a, to blaspheme, -are, m. 

blasphemer, —else, f, blasphemy. 

Hädan, ad, hence, from hence, gå — , 
bo gone. -efter* ad. hereafter, 
henceforth, -färd, m, decease, -kal- 
la, V. a. to call from hence. 

Häfd, m, culture; cultivation, improve- 
ment; history, annal, cronicle. gam* 
mal — , prescription, old custom, -a, 
V. a. to cultivate ; to debauch. — ateck» 
nare, m. historian, recorder. 

Häfjjkonst, f, statics, mechanics. -Of- 
fer, n. heave-offering. -stång, m, 
lever, -tyg, w, meohanical powers. 
-Tel, m. lever. 

Häftlia, V. a, to fasten; to stitch. -, 
t^. n. to fasten, to catch ; to be liable. 
—©J W. some sheets stiched together, 
number. —plåster, 91. sticking- 

Häftig, a, vehement, eager, impetuous, 
passionate, —het, f, vehemence, im» 
petuosity, eagerness, passion. 

HätVa, v, a. to heave, to raise; ta 
correct, to subdue; to remove; to an-' 
nuU — iig, V* r. to bo rough « t<y, 


work; to heave, to swelL »r^j tn, 

eiphon, crane. 

Häger, m. heron. 

Häj^g, f» bird's cherry-tree. 

Häg:n, n. hedge, enclosure; shelter, pro- 
tection, —a, V. a. to hedge, to fence; 
to guard, to protect, -ad, f» hedge, 

Hägrjja, v. a. T, to notch, -iiig, f, 

notching;; fata morgana. 
Haktya'J* f, hook. -, V. a. to hook; 
to put in prison, -and©, n. arrest* 
ing, imprisonment, —balk, m» tran- 

Bom. -e, n. jail, gaol, prison, —ma- 
kar 6, m. pedler. 

Häl, m. heel. 

Hälft, m, half, moiety, hdlftenmin- 
dre» less by half, hälften mera, 
half as much more. -eilbonde, 
•>enbrukare, m, farmer who pays 
half the profit of the land let to him. 
->brilk, W. ground cultivated upon 
condition of paying half the profit. 

Häll, m. flat rock, -a, V, a. to tilt; 
to pour. — af, - hort, — ut, to pour off 
or out. -eberg, n. rock, -fliiita, 

f, hornstone. -ning', f. pouring; 
tilt, -regn, n. shover of rain. 

Hällre, Hälst, s. Hellre, Helst. 

HälSOt, m. mortal sickness; death. 
Häuid, m. re'venge, vengeance. — girig, 
a. revengeful, vindictive, -glrighct, 

f, revengefulness. 

Hämmjja, v. a, to stay, to stop, to 
restrain, to repress. -kodja, f. 

Hämna, v. a. -S, v. d, to revenge, 
to avenge, to vindicate. — nde, a, 
vindicatory, —re, m. revenger, avenger. 

Hämpling, m. linnet; flax-finch. 

Hämta, s. Hemta. 

Händlla, v. n, to happen, to come to 
pa?3, to chance, 'kan — , perhaps, by 
chance, —else, f. accident, chance, 
occurrence, case, i all — , at all events. 
— else?is, ad, accidentally, by chance, 

Händig, a. handy, dexterous, -het, 
f, handiness, dexterity. 

HäufSraj u. jflU_to_carry away; to 



transport, to ravish. — till, to refer. 
-nde, C. ravishing, charming. 
Hänglja, v, a. to hang, to suspend. 
— , V. n, to hang, to be suspended. — 
efter, to be at one's heels, to impor- 
tune one; to continue. — fast, to 
hang on. — i, to hang in; to conti- 
nue. — ihop, - samman, to hang 
together, huru hanger det ihop ? how 
is it with that affair? — ned, to hang 
down. — ute^ to hang out. — vid, to 
hang to ; to stick to. - sig, to hang 
one's self, -björk, /", weeping birch. 
— brO, f. suspension -bridge, —bår, 
f, handbarrow. -färdig, a. de- 
sperate. -la, V. n. to languish. — lås, 
n. padlock, -läpp, m. blobberlip. 

-man, m. long mane, -matta, f» 

hammock. — sjuk, a. weak, peaking. 

—sjuka, f. weakness, craziness, infir» 

mity. — sle, n. girdle, belt; breechea» 

Hängifven, a. devoted, given to. 
Hänrycklla, v. a. to ravish, to enchant. 

—ning, f. rapture, ecstasy. 
Hänseende, f, respect, regard. 
Hänslijuta, v. a. to refer, to put to. 
Hänsyitlla, v. n, to allude to, to point 

at. -ning, f, hint, allusion. 

HänTisJla, v. a, to refer, -ning, f, 

Häplien, a, amazed, astonished, sur» 
prised. —enhet, f, astonishment, 
surprise. — na, V. n. to be amazed, 
to be astonished. 

Här, ad, here. — och der^ here and 
there.' — om dagen, the other day. 
— af, hereof, hence, from this, -ef- 
ter, hereafter, hence, -emellan, here 
between, between this, -emot, to 
this, in opposition to this. — hOS, 
herewith, with this, here annexed. 
— i, herein, —ibland, here among. 
-ItYån, hence, from this place, -ige- 
nom, hereby, by this, —in, in here. 

-inne, -inom, -innanföre, with- 

hin here, here within, -medelst, 
herewith, -näst, next to this, next 
time, -om, of this, hereof. -Om- 
kring, hereabouts., »på^, b«rsupöi£, 



on this, -städes^ -sammasrades, 

here, in this place. — tillj hereunto, 
to this, —under J underneath here, 
under this. — nppe, here above. — utj 
be gone, —lltmcd, hereby, here along. 
— llturj hereout, hence, from hence. 

-varande, a. residing here, -varo, 

f, abode here, presence. —Of van, 
here above. -ÖfTCrj over here, above 
here, at this, hereabout. 
Här, ?W. army, host, -fågel, W. hoo- 
poe, -fiird, m, warfare, -hofvids- 
man, 971. general, -mästare, w. 

grandmaster, -rop, -Skri, n, war. 
whoop, shout, —skara, f, host. 
-smakt, f. force of arms. 

Harad, «. district, -»fogde, m. bai- 
liff of » district, -shöfding, m, 
justice of a district, -shänmd, w. 
jury of a district, -sskrifvare, m. 

clerk of a district, -sting, n. county- 
court, court of assizes. 

Härd, m, forge, hearth of a forge. 

Iiärdj{&, V, a. to harden, to temper. 
— ham, to inure the children to hard- 
ships. — igenom, to endure, to hold 
out, — sig, to make one's self hardy. 
— ig, G» hardy, inured to hardships. 
— ighet, f. hardiness. 

HErf, f, rake. 

Ilärfljla, V. a. to reel. -Tel, tw. reel. 

Harllytft, v. «. to flow, to issue, to 
arise, to proceed. 

Hilrftråd, m, the clew af the thread. 

llärffa, f. skain, skein, hank, slipping. 

Hirjlja, v. a, to wast^ to ravage. -nde« 

n. -ning, f, devastation. 
liarkomst, m, birih, origin, descent. 
I£ärled||2>, v, a, to derive, to deduce. 

-ning, f. derivation. 
Härlig, a. magnificent, glorious, -gora, 

v. C, to gloiify. -gÖrelSÖ, f. glori. 

ficatiou. -!iet| f, magnificence, pplen- 

dour, glory. 
Härmlla, t;, a. to imitate, to counter- 

felt; to mimic, -ande, a. imitative. 

^are, m. imitator, mimic, -lllng^ 

f. mimicry. 
Hamad, /. warfare. [an herald. 

Härold» t7),.4»r&^a. -'S§i&4>42L^«£aSQl 


Härröra, v. n. U issue, to arise, to 

Härs och tvärs, O^, higgledy-piggledy. 
Märsk, a. rank, rancid, rusty, -het, 

f. rankness. — na, V, 71. to grow rank. 

Härstamma, v, n, to come of, to 
spring from. — nde, W. derivation, 

Här svan gare, w. cutlass, 

llässla, /. bunch of flax. 

Häst, 7rt. horse, stiga till — ,'% mount 
a horse, to get on horseback, stiget 
af en — , to alight from a horse, to 
dismount. — afvel, 7n. horsebreeding. 
-broms, w. ox-fly, dung-fly. -hår, 
f, horselitter. —höna, f. horsebean. 
—Abler, W. pi, mountain arnica. 

-fluga, f, horsefly, -handel, m, 

horsedealing. -handlare, 771. horse- 
dealer. — hof, in, horsehoofj colt's 
foot (plant), -kastanie.', m, horse- 
chesnut. —kraft, f, horsepower. 
-knr, m. horse-physic, -kött, W. 
horseflesh, -lik, a, horseiike. -lä- 
kare, 771. horseleech, farrier, -mark- 
nad, f. horsemarket. -niåw glare, 771. 
horsedealer , horsecourscr. — Qvam, 
/. horsemill. -skO, 771. horseshoe. 

-svans, m. horsetail, -täcke, -w. 

horsecloth, caparison. 

Hätsk, a, spiteful, malidous. -het, 
f, spite, rancour. 

Hätta, f, cap. 

Häxa, f» witch, sorceress, •, V, n. 
to witch, to spell. 

HÖ, a, hay. herga — , to make h^y, 
-End, -hergning, f, hayharvest, 
haymaking, -hol, n. grassland, -frö, 
n, grass -seed, -gaifel, f, hayfork. 
«»lada, f, haybarn. -lass, n, cart- 
load of hay. -månad, m, July. 
-skallra, f. cock's comb (plant). 
-skuUö, 771. hayloft,haymow. -stack, 
m, haystack, hayrick. —Sträng, m, 
swath, -tapp, m. handful of hay, 
bottle of hay. -tjllga, f, hayfork. 
— vålm, m, haycock. 

liöfdlng, 771. chief, governor. -dÖMe^ 
n. government, 

MMl&^jil.^Xi, to pl&n0 




nofll?) cr. civil, obliging, courteous, 
complaisant. — hctj f» civility, com» 
plaisance , courteousness. af — , för 
— skull, in complaisance. 

Höft) 771. hip, haunch, pa — , at random, 
by guess, -ben^ n. hucklebona. 

HÖf?a) f, measure, ho. det är icke 
min "t it is not for me. det är 
hans ~, it becomes him. gä öfver 
— , to be beyond the reach. Öfver 
höfvan, beyond measure, out of all ho. 

ilöfvllas^ V, d, to behoove, to become, 
to beseem. — isk^ a. civil, complai» 
sant, courteous. 

liöfvel, s. Hyfvel. 

Höfvitsman, tti. captain. 

Hög, m. heap, pile, -tals, ad, by heap. 

Hög, a. high, tall, iofty ; sublime, great ; 
loud; elevated, a'Spiring. det är mig 
för högt f it is beyond my reach. 
•>akta, V. a. to esteem, to value, to 

honour, -aktad, a. honoured, -akt- 
ning, f, esteem, -altar, W, great 
alttr. -bent, a, longlegged. -boren, 
a. most high, -bröstad, a. high- 
breasted, -båtsman, m, boatswain's 
mate. — djur, W. king's f:arae, red 
deer, -dragen, a, haughty, lofty. 

-dragenhet, f, haughtiness, -färd, 

f, pride, insolence. — fäldaS, V. d, 
to be proud, -färdig, a. proud, 
haughty. -fOrrHdori, W. high-treason. 
-förrädisk, a. treasonable, -liet, 
f, loftinesa, eublimity, highness, great- 
ness, hans -, his highness, -ligen, 
ad, earnestly, warmly, importunely; 
extremely. — Ijudd, a. loud, audible, 

vociferous, -länd^ -länd^g, a. up- 

land, rising, —lärd, a most learned, 
very learned, -mcssa, f, morning 
service, -mod, n. haughtiness, pride. 
-modas, V.d. to be proud, -luodig, 
c proud, haughty. — måi, n. capital 
cause, -ni ålsfråga, f, question of 
great consequence. -qvartör, W. 
headquarters, -re, a. higher, better. 
-röd, a. highred. -Sint, a. high- 
minded, magnanirjous. — skolft, f. 
university. -slätt, f. table land. 
^-St) a. highest « supreme. -^ ad. 

extremely, very, in the highest degree. 
på det högsta f earnestly, till det 
högsta, i det högsta, at the most. 
-stsalig, a. late, deceased. -Stain» 
niig, a, high grown, -säte, n, 

place of honour. — t, ad, high, highly ; 
dearly, fyra man högt, four men 
abreast, drifva en sak för högt^ 
to carry a business too far. »talig^ 
a. loud, —tid, m. festival, feast. 
-tidsafton , m, vigil , eve of holy, 
day. -tidsdag, m, festival, feast. 
-tidskläder, pi, festival habit. -tid* 
lig, a, solemn, -tidlighet, f, so. 
lemnity. — tloffad, a. blessed, mag. 
nified. -trftfYEndo, a. highflown, 
»lofty. —tryck, n, high • pressure. 
-tysk, a, high-gerraan. -tänkt, d. 
magnanimous, sublime. — vakt, 771, 
mainguard. — vigtig, a, very im. 
portant. — vis, a, very wise, --väl- 
boren, a, right honourable, -ädel, 
a, honoured. 

Höger, a. right; dexter. - af, to the 
right, till -, på — , on the right, 
towards the right hand. 

Höjlla, V. a, to raise, to lift up. i* 
priset, to enhance the price. — sig, 
V. r, to raise. — R8, V, d, to raise. 
-d, f» height, altitude, loftiness; sum- 
mit, hill, eminence, rising ground; la» 
titude, altitude, -ning, f, raising. 

Hök, m, hawk, falcon. 

Hökljare, m. higgler, Imckster. -»erl^ 
■n. higgling. 

Hölja, V, a. to cover, to veil. 

HÖlsa, f. hull, cod, peel, husk, 

HÖh;ter, n, holster; spathe. 

Höna, f. hen. 

Höns, 71. hen, poultry, -gård, W. 
poultry.yard. -gäll, n. cockcrowing. 
-bus, n, henhouse, -korg, m. hen. 
coop, -kyckling, on. female chicken, 

-tipp, m. pip. -yagel, m, Jien. 
Körlja, V. a. & n. to hear; to obey; to 
examine; to grant; to learn; torelate, 
to belong. - ilia, to be thick or 
hard of hearing, det låter — sig, it 
is like enoughj that is something like* 




Kör! hör pä! hark! sohol ~ af, 
to hear of. — efter, to inquire; to 
attend to. - sig före (omj , to in- 
quire, to ask about, — på, to attend 
to. — ujjp, to give attention, to prick 
up one's ears, to hearken. — Ut , to 
hear to an end. — ihop, to belong 
to another, to be fellows. — ihop 
med, to beioDg to. — till, to belong 
to. — andOj n, hearing, inquiry, exa- 
mination, —are J m, hearer; teacher 
at a public school. — sani, a. obe- 
dient, obsequious. — samiietj f, obe- 
dience, compliance. "-saiBIliay V, a. 
to obey. — Sel, m. hearing, the sense 
of hearing, -selnerf , m. auditory 

Horn^ 71, corner. ^hUS, n, corner. 
house, —skåp, n, corner-cupboard, 
buffet, —ston J m, cornerstone. 

Host, m. autumn, i höstas, last au- 
tumn, —a 9 V. n, to make harvest. 

-aktigr? -lik, a. autumnal, -köra, 

V, a. to plough in the autumn. — må- 
Bad^ m, autumnal month, September. 
—Slide, n, com sown in th© autumn. 
—tid, m. autumn, harvest-time. 
Hota, v.. a, to threaten, to threat* to 


I, pron, ye, you. 

I, prp, in, at, to, upon, i förstone, i 
lörjan, at first, in the beginning, i 
dag, to-day, thi3 day. i påsk, to 
easter. t veckan, every week, i tre 
veckor, in three weeks, i värt mynt, 
in our coin. 

Iakttaga, v, a, to .observe, to regard. 
— nde, n. observance, observation. 

Iblaud, prp, among, amongst. — , 0^. 
sometimes, now and then. 

Icke, ad, no, not. am -^, unless, ex- 
cept, if not. att -, lest, lest that. 
— desto mindre, nevertheless, how- 
ever» vet. 

Id, f, pursuit, diligence. — as, t^. d. 

to take pains. — icke arheta, to be 

too lazy to %vork. — svara, not to 

take the pain to answer. 
Id, m. a sort of carps. 
Idegran, f, yew, yewtree. 
Idel, a. mere, pure; downright, -igeil» 

ad, incessantly, continually. 

Identiilfiera, v, a. to identify, -sk, 
a. identic, Identical. 

Idisla, V. a, to ruminate; to repeat. 
—a, f, rumination. 

Idk||a, V, a. to bestow pains upon, to 
pursue, to study. — ett handtverk, 
to follow a trade. — studier, to 
pursue learning. — ellg, a. incessant, 

Idog, a. industrious, diligent, labo- 
rious, —het, /. industry, diligence, 

Idrott, m, exploit, achievement, idrot- 
ter, pi, exploits ; learned performances. 

Idyllisk, a. pastoral. 

Ifrija, V. Ji, to grow hot, to be incensed 
or provoked. — för, to be zealous for. 
- emot, to rant against, ifras på 
någon, to be angry with one. -are, 
m, zealot, -ig, a. eager, fervent, ar- 
dent, zealous, hot, warm, passionate, 
— ighet* f. eagemesa, zeal, fervency. 
-igt, ad. eagerly, fervently, zealously. 

Ifrån , prp. from , of. - hörjan till 
slut, from beginning to the end. — 
förståndet, out of one's wits, in -, 
from within. Ut — , from abroad, from 
without, ord — ord, word for word. 
allt — den tiden, from that time 
forward, falla -, to fall off. 

Ifver, m, ardour, zeal, eagerness. 

IfOl, a, with foal. 

Igel, m. leech, bloodsucker. — kott« 
m, hedgehog, urchin. 

Igeh, ad, again, anew; on the other 
hand; back, left, gifva en så godt 
— , to give one like for like, to fit one. 
der är icke mer — , there is no more 
left, stänga — dörren, to shut the 

Igenom, prp, through, by. [door. 

Ihjäl, ad. dead, ligga -, to overlay. 

lliOp, IllOpa^ ad, together. 




Ihåglcomma, v, a, to rememlj^r, to 

recollect. (hollowness, cavity. 

Ihålig", a. hoHow, fistulous, -het, f. 

Ihållande, a. constant, continual. 

Ihängsen, a, obstinate, persevering. 

Ihärdig, a. perseverant. -het, f. 

iJOTQS, ad. lately, recently, of late. 

Ikläda, v, a, to vest with. — sig, v, 
r, to put on, to vest one's sslf with. 

Il||a, V. a. to hurry, to haste. -, V. 
imp, det ilar, it thrills, "it pains. 
—ande, a. hasty, speedy, pressing. 
—hud, W. express, courier. — maxSCh, 
m. forced march, —tåg, n. express- 

Ill||a, ad. ill, bad; badly, göra en 
— , to hurt one. hli — vid, to be 
startled, taga - Upp, to take ill. 
-amående, a. indisposed, not in 
good health. — asinnad, a, malicious, 
malignant, -asmakande, a. unsa- 
voury, unpalatable, -bragd, m. ma- 
lice , trick. ^^ -f nndlg , a. knavish, 
shrewd, -fägnas, V. d. to be eager 
upon, to be impatient. — gorning, 
f, villanous action, -listlg, -parig, 
-pliktig, a. crafty, cunning, -listig* 
het, f. craft, cunning. -Tilja, f, 
iirwill, spite, grudge, rancour, —vil- 
lig, a. spiteful, m-'ilignant. 

Illaminera, v. a. to illuminate, to en- 
lighten; to colour, to enluminat©, 

Illusion, f. illusion, deception. 

Ilsk, Ilsken, a. spiteful, malicious. 
— tjur, a butting bull, — hund, a 
mad dog. —a, f. malice, spite. 

Jmhad^ W, vapour-bath. 

Immlla, f. steam, vapour. — , v. n. to 
steam, to vapour, -ig, O. damp, 

linmerfort, ad. continually, without 

Tmot, S. Emot. [interruption. 

Imponera, v. n. to impress, ro strike, 
to excite respect. — nde, a. imposing. 

In, part. in. -alles, ad. in all. 

Inandas, v. d, to inhala, to breathe. 

Inhegriplla, v. a. to comprehend, to 
include. -Ca, a, comprehended, deeply 
engnged about. 

Inberglla, v. a. to house, -ning, f. 

housing of corn, hay etc. 

Inberäkna, t?, a. to include. 

Inberätta, v. a. to report. 

Inhiljlla, v. a. to make believe. - sig, 
V. r. to imagine, to fancy. — sig för 
mycket, to think too well of one's 
self. — Iftd, a. imaginary, vain, idle. 
— Inlng, f. imagination, chimera; pre- 
judice, prepossession. -Inlngskraft, 
f, imagination, power of imagination. 
— Sk, a. conceited, presumptuous. 

Inbindya, v. a. to bind in. -ning, 

/. binding ; cover. 

Inbiten, a. inveterate. 

Inbjiid||a, v. a. to bid, to invite to 
enter, -ning, f. invitation. 

Inbland[|a, v. a. to intermingle, to mix 
with, -ning, f. intermixture; inter- 
ference; implication. 

Inblåsa, v. a. to blow in, to inspire. 

Inborn, a. innate*, inborn. 

Inbringa, v» a. to bring in; to yields 
to profit. 

Inbrott, n. irruption, invasion, inroad ; 
housebreaking, -stold, m, houserob- 
bing, burglary. 

Inbränna, v. a. to burn in. 

Inbunden, a. bound; implicit, ticklish, 
mysterious; reserved, close, cautious. 

, inbundet namn, cipher. 

Inbyggare, m. inhabitant. 

In böj a, V. a. to bend inwards. 

Inbördes, a. mutual, reciprocal. — 

krig, civil war. -, nd. mutually, reci- 
procally, one another. 

Indel|[a, v. a. to divide, to share, to 
classify, -ning, /*. division, compar- 
tition, classification, -ningsverk, 
n. appointment of lands and rents 
for the national army. 

Indigo, m. indigo, anil. 

In dika, v, a. to surround with ditches, 

Indragjia, v. a. to draw in; to re- 
trench; to suppress, to discontinue. 
-en, a. retired, solitary, -ning, f, 
retrenchment, suppression, redaction; 

lndrif?a, v. a. to drive in ; to collect 
to levy; to call in; to gst cashed. 

108 Indrypa 

IndrypIIa, v. a, é n, to instil, -ningr, 

f, instillation. 
Indrägtj m, revenues, income, rent. 

—1^5 a, lucrative, gainful, profitable. 
Industri 9 f. industry. -Ol, a. in. 

dustrial. -Idkare, m. artificer, -rld- 

dare^ m, adventurer, swindler. — lit- 

Stäilningj f. industrial exhibition. 
Indämma^ v, a, to embank. 
Inelfvor, fo !pl, entrails; intestinw; 

Inemot) ad. almost, nearly. 
Infall, W. invasion; sally; fancy, —a, 

V, n. to fall in; to invade; to hap. 

pen. —on J a. shrunken; hollow. 
Infalsa^ v. a. to mortise; to join be- 

tween. [soldier. 

Infanteri, f. infantry, -st, w, foot. 
Infart) m. entrance; avenue. 
Infattllay v. a» to set, to enchase. 

—ning, f, frame, enchasing, border. 
Infinna sig, v, r. to appear. 
Intlicka^ V, a. to interpolate, to insert. 
Inliytjla, v. n, to flov/ into ; to be in- 

eerted. -else, f. influence, hafva 

— på, to influence upon. 
Inflyttning, f, settlement, migration 

into a land. [twist. 

Infläta, V. a. to interlace, to inter. 
InfOg-a, V, a, to join between, to fit 

into, -ning, /• fitting into, mor» 

Infordra, v. a. to call in; to demand. 
Informatör, m, informer, instructor, 

Infria, v, a. to redeem, to deliver; to 

pay; to get in. 
Infrasen, a, frozen fast; icebound. 
Infl'ysa, V, n, to freeze in, to freeze fast. 

Infödd, a. Inföding, w. native, in- 
born. — srätt, m. right of native. 

Inför, prp, before, in presence of. 

InfÖrlla, v, a» to import , to bring in ; 
to introduce; to establish, to bring 
up ; to install ; to insert, —ande, n. 
introducing, installation, —ning, /. 
insertion. — sel, m, importation. — 
,i egendom, mortgage. 

Införlifva, v, a. to incorporate. 

Inför&krifva, v. a. to write for. 


Ingaledes, aiX, by no means. 
Ingalunda, nd, in no wise, not in 
the least. 

Ingefära, f. ginger. 

Ingen, a. none, nobody, no one. —dera, 
a. neither. — städes, ad, no-where. 
-ting, 71. & prpc nothing. 

Ingifva, V, a, to give in; to inspire. 
-velse, f. inspiration, impulse. 

Ingjuta, V, a, to pour in, to instill, 
to infuse. 

Ingrepp, n, encroachment, usurpation. 
göra — i, to encroach upon. 

Ingripa, v, W. to lay hold, to catch 
in; to encroach upon. 

Ingräfva, v, a. to dig into, to engrave. 

In gröpt, a, concave, excavated. 

Ingå, V. n. to enter, to go in. ingå- 
ende tull, custom for goods imported. 
— ng, m. entry, passage, entrance; 
Evenue; introduction. 

Ingälder, m, pL revenues. 

Ingärdlja, v. a. to enclose, to fence in, 
—ning, f, enclosure. 

Inhala, v. a, to haul home. 

Inhemsk 9 a. native, national, .indl* 

Inhemta, v. a. to gather ; to gain ; to 
collect. *- någons råd, to ask some- 
body's advice. 

Inhugga, v; a. to hew in, to cut in. 

Inhyslla, v. a. to lodge, -eshjon, n. 

a person living gratis at somebody's 
house, cottager. 

Inhäfta, v. a, to stitch in, to sew into. 

Inhägna, v, a. to enclose. 

Inhäkta, v. a. to hook in. 

Inhändiga, v. a. to hand to, to de- 
liver. — nde, 71. delivery, consignation. 

Inhösta, v. a. to gather what is reaped. 

Inifrån, av, é prp, from within. 

Injaga, v, a. to drive into. 

Inkall||a, t;. a. to call in, to summon 
to appear, -else, /. calling in, cita- 
tion, summons. 

Inkassera, v, a, to get in, to encash. 

Inkast, n. objection. 

Inkomst, W. income, revenue. 

Inkrom, n, stuff, stuffing ; pulp ; crum ; 


iBkraktJla^ v» a, to conquer, to sub* 
due, to usurp, -are 5 m, coriqueror, 
usurper. — niug^ f. usurpation, en- 

InkÖp^TI^ purchase, -a, V. a. to purchase. 
-are, m. purveyor.^ -Spris, n. prime 
cost, cost-price, -sräkllillg, f. invoice. 

Inkörsport, m. gateway. 

lulaglla, f. bill, request. -Sfä, «. de- 
posit, trust, bailment. 

Iiilastjla, V. a. to load, to ship, -iiing', 

f, lading in, shipping. 
Inledlja, V, a. to introduce, to usher 
in; to lead into, -ning, f, intro- 
duction; seäuclion. 

Inlefvererlla, v, a, to deliver in, to 

make over, — ing", f, delivery» 

Inlemna, V, a, to give in; to present; 
to deliver in. 

Inlinda, v, a, to envelop, to wrap up. 

Inlopp, n, inlet, mouth, entrance. 

Inlåta, V, a. to let in; to admit. - 
sig, V. r, to engage in. - sig med, 
to concern one's self with one. 

luliigglla, V, a, to put into. - heröjn, 
to acquire honour or praise, — nilig, 
f, laying in, folding up; inlaying; 

Inländsk, a. native. 

Inläsa, V. a, to lock up. 

Inlöpjia, V, n, to run in; to arrive; 
to enter, -niug, f, entrance, put- 
ting in. 

Inlöslja, V. a* to redeem, -en, m. 

redemption. Uo imprison. 

Inmana, v, a, to call in. - i häkte, 
Inmura, v, a, to immure « to enclose 

within walls. 
Inmate, n. intestines, entrails» 
Inn an, prp, & c. before. -, ad, 

within. -> Tcort, In a short time. 

-del, wi. -dome, n. the inner part. 

-för, prp. -före, ad, within. 

-läsning, f, reading, -på, ad. 

within, inside, -rede, — verfc, n, 

apparatus of the inside, —till 5. ad. 
within, in the inner part. 
Inne, ad, within; at home, sitta — , 
to be in prison, skuld som star -, 
a debt not ;et paid. -I)0ende9 a. 



intrinsic, -bränna, V* a. to close 
up and burn, -bära, V. a, to im- 
ply, to import, to signify, —fatta, 
V, a. to comprehend, to comprise, to 
include. — liafva, v. a. to possess, 

to hold, to occupy, -hafvare, m, 

possessor, occupier, proprietor; bearer. 
—håll, n, contents, argument, tenor; 
substance; purpose, —a, V. a. to con- 
tain, to hold; to stop, —hållning, 
f, retention, -lagd, -liggande, 

-lykt, a. enclosed, -rlig, a. af- 
feclionate; hearty; ardent, -rligen, 
ad. heartily. — rst, a, innermost, 
inmost. — , ad. most inward. — sluta, 
V. a, to include, to enclose; to con- 
fine, to shut up. - sig uti någons 
ynnest, to recommend one's self to 
the favour of, — stå, V. n, to re* 
main, inncstdende skuld, debt not 
yet paid, arrears. —Stänga, V. a, 

to shut up. -varande, a, instant, 

present, den första — , the first in. 

Inolja, v. a, to anoint, to grease. 
Inom, prp, within. - sig, within 

one's self, secretly, closely, — bords, 

ad, aboard, within the ship. 
Inpacka, v, a. to pack up, to embalc. 
Inpassa, v, a. to fit to, to frame in. 
Inpassera, v. n, to pass in, to enter. 
Inplanta, v, a, to implant, to instill. 
Inprägla, t;, a. to imprint, to engrave. 
lapå, ;prp, upon, until to, långt — 

natten, deep into the night. 
Inqvarterila, v, a, to quarter. - 51^, 

to take up one's quarter somc-where. 

—ing, f, quartering of soldiers. -illgS» 

sedel, m, quartering-ticket. 
Inre, a. inner, interior, intrinsic. 
Inredlja, v. a, to order, to arrange. 

—ning, f, disposition, arrangement. 
Inregistrera, v, a, to register, to enter. 
Inrid||a, 1>. a. to break a horse, to ma. 

nage a horco. -, v, n, to lida in. 

—en, a, trained, managed. 
Inrif?a, v, a. to mb in, to scrape, to 

rasp in. 
Inrikes, a, inland, internal. -, ad, 

within the land. 



Inrikta^ v. a. to pat in order, to re* 

gulate, to adjust. 
Inringa, t>. a, to ring in; to surround. 
Inllrita sig, -rota sig, v. r. to gain 

ground, to take root, to spread. — rO- 

tad, a. inveterate. 
Inrop, w. (pä auktion) the last offer 

or price bid. — ft, V, a, to call in; 

to call in at an auction. 
Inrycka, t?, n. to march into. — , V, 

a. to ii^ert. 
Inrymm||a, V, a, to contain, to hold; 

to yield, to grant. —0, n, room, space. 
Inråda, v, a. to counsel, to put in 

one's bead* — n, f» — ndo, 71.; mo- 
tion, impulsion. 
Inräkna, v, a, to reckon in. to com* 

prise in an account. 
Ihrättija, v, a. to institute, to establish ; 

to order, to regulate, to adjust, —ning, 

f. inatitution, establishment, regulation, 

order, ooustruction. structure ; machine, 

Insalta, v, a. to salt, to cure. 
Insamijla, v. a, to gather, to eolleot. 

-ling, f. collection, gathering. 
Insats, m. stake. 
Inse, U. G. to look in; to conceive, to 

understand. — Ondo, n. inspection, 

direction; penetration. 

Insegel, n. seal. 

Insekt, m, insect, -lära, f. ento- 
Insida, /". inside» [mt)logy. 

Insigt, m. insight. -Sftlll, a. in. 


Insjukna, v, n. to fall sick. 

InSijanken, a. sunk, sunken; shrunken. 

Insjö, m. lake, inland water. 

Inskepplla, v, a. to ship, to embark; 
to import, -ning, f, shipping, load- 
ing, embarkment; importation. 

Ib skick a, v, a. to send in; to remit. 

Inskrlf lining, /. entering, matricula- 
tion. — t, f. inscription. — Ya, V. a, 
to inscribe, to enter, to enrol. 

Iliskränkl|a, v, a. to limit, to confine, 
to restrain, to reduce, to terminate. 
lefva inskränkt, to live close, -an- 
de, a. restrictive, —ning, f. limi- 
tatioo, restriction, restraint, reduction. 


Inskanka, v. a. to pour in. 
Inskäiila, v. a. to cut, to earve. -ingy 

f. incision, carving. 
Inskärpa, v. a, to inculcmte. 
Inslag, n, woof, weft. 
Insluka^ v, a, to swallow, to gulp 

Inslumra, v, n, to fall asleep. 
Insnärja, v, a. to insnare, to entangle, 
Insnöra, v, a. to lacs. Ito hamper. 
InsOCkne, a. situate in the parish. 
Insomna, v, n. to fall asleep. 
Inspektor 3 m. inspector, i^tendant; 

Insprnta, V, a. to syringe, to inject. 
Inspränga, v, a. to besprinkle. 
In stam pa, t;. a. to stamp in, to beat 

in, to ram. 
Insteg, n. entry; influence, levfina - 

at, to give way to, to yield to. fä 

— , to gain influence, to prevail, fd 

— 7l08 någon, to get interest with one. 
Insticka, v» a. to thrust in, to put 

in, to pocket. 

Iastift||a, V. a, to institute, -are, m, 

institutor. —else, f, institution. 
Instiga, V. n, to mount into, to get in, 
Institut, W. institution, boarding-school. 
Instrument, n. tool, instrument; do- 
cument, act, deed, —mak are, m. in- 
strument' maker. 
Inströ, V. a. to strew, to scatter into, 
to intersperse. [duity. 

Instudera, v, a. to learn with assi- 
Instufva, V, a. T. to stow in. 

Instunda, v. n, to approach, to draw 
on. — nde, a. approaching, near, en- 

Inställjla, V. a, to put off, to defer. 
alldeles — , to leave oif, to cease from, 
to inhibit. — sig för domaren, to 
appear before the judge, —else, /*". 
appearance, — nifig, /. defering, leav- 
ing off, inhibition. 

Instämma, v. n, to agree with; to 
intone, to join.. — , V, a. to summon 
to appear, —nde, n. accord ; citation. 

Instan gija, v, a. to enclose, -ning, 

/. enclosure. [ruin. 

Instörta» t^. n» to fail in suddenly, to 


Tnsngft) v, a, to sucl^ in, to absorb. 
Insunken^ a. sunk, sunken. 
Insupa 9 v. a, to imbibe, to drick in. 
Insvepa^ v* a, to wrap up, to wrap in. 
Insy, v, a. to sew in. 
Insyltfö, V. a, to preserve, to pickle. 
Insänd a, v, a. to send in. 
Insänkjja^ v. a. to sink into, -ning', 

f, sinking in; cavity. 

iBSättlJay V, a. to put in ; to imprison ; 
to appoint, to constitute. — ning", f, 
setting in; imprisoning; making an 
heir, investiture, installation. 

InsofTa, t;. a, to lull, to lay asleep, 
to sooth up. 

Illtagila, V» CL to receive into, to ad- 
mit into; to take; to take possession 
of; to charra , to seize, to captivate; 
to gather, -ande, a, taking; en- 
gaging, —en, a. smitten with, struck 
with , fond of. — af sig sjelf, cap- 
tlrated with one's self, -ning^f. 
reception, admission, taking, seizing. 

Intala, v, a, to persuade, -n, f, per- 

In tappa, v, a, to mortise. 

intecknila, v, a. to note, to inscribe, 
to register, låta - ens egendom, 
to take a mortgage upon the estate 
of another. — ing^ f» mortgage. 

Interfoliera, t;, a, to interleave. 

Intet, n. nothing, nought, göra om 
— , to annihilate, to undo, göra ens 
anslag om — , to frustrate one's de« 
sign, gd om — , hli om ~, to come to 
nothing, veta - med sig, to be 
conscious of no ill action. 

Intill, prp, till, until to, up to, to, 
close up. — dess, till then. 

Intinga, v. a. to engage. 

Intorkas, v. d, to dry in, to dry up. 

Intrasslad, a. intricate, confused. 

IntressIIant, a. interesting, attractive. 
— e, n, interest, concern, use. — ent, 
m. partner, party concerned, —era, 
V. a. to interest. - sig for, to take 
interest in. 

Intryck, ?z. trace, impression, sensation. 
—ft, V. a. to inct'lcate, to imprint, to 
Jmpresa. -ning, f, impression. 



Intrång, n. prejudice, injury; intrusion. 
Inträd||a, v. n. to enter, to go in. 

~e^ n. entrance, entry, ingression. 
Inträffa, v. n, to happen, to arrive. 
Intränglla, v. a, to intrude, to thrust 

in; to pierce in. -ning, /. intrusion. 

Intvåla, V. a. to soap. 

Intyg, n, testimony, witness, certific'ate, 

evidence, —a, v, a. to depose, to 

testify, to attest. 
Intåg, n, entrance, entry. «-% V. n. 

to march in. 
Intägt, f, receipt, income. 
Inunder, p^y- & ad. underneath, un- 

der. detta förstås -, it implies thia. 
Inuti, ad, within. 
Invandra, v. n. to immigrate. 

Invenijtariuin, n, inventory, -tor», 
V. a, to inventory, to keep an in- 

Inverka, v, n, to influence, to operate 
upon. — n , f, influence , cooperation. 

Invexia, v, a, to obtain by change, 
to change. 

Invid, prp. nigh, by. 

InVJglla, V, a, to consecrate, to Inau» 
gurate, to initiate ; to ordain. — ningp, 
f, consecration ; ordination. 

In virka, v. a, to inweave, to inlace, 

Invislla, v, a, to assign, -nlng, /. 


Invånare, m. inhabitant. 

In välva, v, a, to interweave. 

Invändllä, v, a. to object, to remon» 
stråte, to plead, -ning, f, objection, 
pretext, reply, -ig, a. interior, in- 

Invärtes, a. inward, intestine, inter- 
nal, intrinsic. — , ad, inwardly. 

Inympa, v. a. to ingraft, to inoculate. 

Inåt, ad, & pr, within, inwardly, tow- 
ard the inside. (to train up. 

InotVa, V. a, to exercise, to practice,' 

Inögd, a. hollow-eyed. 

Ironi, f. irony, -sk, a. ironical. 

Irra, v, n, to go astray, to stray. — 
sig, V, r, to err, to mistake. 

IrrjjbloSS, n. false light, jack in a lan- 
tern, -^kin^^ m. maze, labyrinth. 
-il^, Ö. erroneovis, false, -ing, f. 



error, mistake, -lära, f, false doc- 
trine, heresy, -lärare, w. heretic. 
-lärigr, a. heterodox. -Yag, 7». 
wrong way, erroneous way. 
Is, w. ice. -a, v. a. é n. to ice. 
-bark, m. sleet, -benet, n, T, 

sharebone. -berg, 71. mountain of 
ice. —bila, f, iron to cut ^ the ice. 
-bit, m. flake of ice. -björn, m, 
polarbear. -brodd, m, icespur, frost, 
nail. -bräcliare, m, icebreaker. 
-fågel, m, kingfisher, halcyon, -grå, 
a. hoary, -gång, W. floating of ice. 
-hafret, n, the frozen sea. -häl- 
lar, w. 2?L frostnails, ice-spurs, -igj 
-klädd, a. icy, glacial, -kail, a. 
cold as ice. -källare, m, icehouse. 
-lossning, f, breaking up of the 
ice. -lupen, a» covered with ice. 
-pigg, m, icicle, -skorpa, /. crust 
of ice. -stycke, n, piece of ice, 
flako of ice. -tapp, Wl. icicle. 

Isabellfarg, m. -ad, a, isabeiia. 
Iskänka, v. a. to pour into, to fill. 

Isop, 92}. hyssop. 

Isprängd, a, stained with äifferent co» 

lours, variegated. 
Istadig, a, resty, restiff. 
Ister, n, lard, seam. — buk, m. big 

paunch, gorbelly. —hinna, f. caul. 

-haka, /". double chin. 
Itända, V« a. to set on fir», to kindle. 



J, |W. ye, yon. 

Ja, ad, yes, yea, nay, — eä, indeed, 
so nay, — wew, — vdly ay, yes in» 
deed, certainly ; tolerably. — , S. n. aye, 

consent, promise, -feroder, -herrc, 

fn. yea-and-nay-man , compiler, ayer. 

-OTd, s. Jakord. 

Jack, m,- elops (a kind of fieh). 
Jacka, f. jacket. 
Jag, pr. I. - sjelf, I myself. 
Jaga, V. a. to hunt, to course, to chose. 


to pursue. — ett sicepp, to give cbasa 
upon a ship. — hort, to drive away. 
— :på, to hurry on, —ro, m. 2!» 
flying gib. 
Jagt, m, chase, hunting, gä på — , 
to go a hunting, -bossa, f, hunt* 
ing.piece, — horn, n, hunting-horn. 
-hund, m. hound, hunting-dog. -has, 
n, hunting-house. — knif, W. hanger. 

-mark, f. -park, m. hunting- 

ground, park. — rop, n. hunting-cry. 

— rntt, 77». privilege of the chase. 

-tyg, n. hunting-equipage. -yäska, 

f. game-bag, sportman's pouch. 
Jakjja, V, a, to consent, to agree. 

-ande, a, affirmative. — , e, n. as. 

sent, affirmation. -Ord» n. consent, 

promise, affirmation. 
Jakt, f. yacht, sloop. 
Jama, v. W. to mew, to caterwaul, 
Janitschar, m, janizary, -musik^ 

f, turkish musik. 
Januari, m, January. 
Jasmin, /. jasmine, jessamin» 
Jaspis, m, jasper. 
Jemförjla, v. 0. to compare, to confer, 

to collate, -ande, n, -else, f, 

collation, comparison, -lig, a. com» 

Jemk{{n, V, a. to adjust, to proportion, 
to mediate. — ihop, to adapt, -nillg, 
f. proportioning, adjustoing, mediation. 

Jemn, a, even, level, plaiji, smooth; 
equal, uniform, continual; steady; 
middling, moderate, tolerable. -», v, 
a. to even, to level. — , 8, f. hålla 
jemn, to observe an uniform conduct. 
—bred, a» of an equal breadth, -fot- 
tes, ad. the feet held together. -gOd, 
a. equivalent. -gOdhet, /. equality, 
equivalency, —gående, a. parallel. 
—het, f. evenness, levelness, unifor. 
mity, equality of surface, -hög, a. 
of an equal height; T. fastigiate. -Hk, 
a, equal to an other, coequal, —like, 
771. equal, -likhet, f. equality, -t, 
ad. equally, even, constantly, conti- 
nually ; just, exactly, -vigt, f. equi- 
poise, equilibrium, balance, —åldrig^ 
-årjg, a, of the sume age. 


Jcmna^ f, a kind of earth-mo80. 
Jenite, prp. near, by, beside; at the 

same time, at once. 
Jcmväl, ad, also, likewise. 
Jeru, n. iron, -aktig, a. irony. 

-baiia, /. railroad, railway, -band^ 

n. ironhoop. -banegård, W. ter- 
minus, railway • station. —banOTäk- 
tare, W. line -keeper, watchman. 

-banståg, n. train, -beslag, n. 

mounting of iron, -beslagen, a. 
ironbound. — bleck , 72. sheet -iron. 
-bref, n. privilege , letter of respite. 
— brO , f, bridge of iron ; ironwharf. 

-bruk, n, forge, ironwork, -byrd, 

-börd, m. ordeal by red-hot iron. 
-Ck , f. barren scarlet oak. -gal- 
ler, n. irongrate. -gjuterl, n. 
ironfoundery. -glimmer, 77. iron- 
mica, -grufva, f. ironmine. -grå, 
a. irongray. -haltlg, a. ferrugi- 
nous, -handel, m. trade with iron- 
wares, -liytta, f. ironwork, forge. 
-hård, a. as hard as iron, -kon- 
tor, n. office for irontrade. —kram, 
71. iron-wares, —malm, 771. iron-ore. 
-ockra, f. ironochre. -plåt, 771. 
ironplate. -rodskap, 71. irontools. 
-skodd, a. ironshod. ' -skräp, 72. 
old iron, -slagg, 771. dross of iron. 
-smide, n. iron manufacture, iron- 
work, -sten, 771. ironstone, side- 
rites, -stång, 771. ironbar. -Stor, 
7/i. ironlever. -väg, f. scales to 
weigh iron; ironwharf. — väg, 772. 
railway, railroad. -vägSSkena, f. 
ironrail. -YägSStation, f. terminus. 
-Tägståg, 72. train, -ålder, 771. 
iron age. -Ört, f. vervain. 
Jo, ad, yes, ay. — 77zen, yes, tolerably. 

Johannes, m. John, -bröd, n. ca- 

rob. -Ört, /". St. John's wort. 
Jollyer, 71. chat, tattle, idle talk, -ra, 

V. 71. to chat, to tattle. 
Jolster, 771. sweet-willow. 
Jord, /. earth; soil, ground; land, 

estate, —a, V. a. to bury, to inter. 

-aktig, a. earthy, -art, f. soil, 

earth, -beck , n. bitumen, asphal- 

Swedish-English JPicU 



turn, -beskrifnlng, f. geography. 
-bok, il, groundrent-book. -brandy 
m, subterraneous fire, -bruk, 71. 
agriculture, -brokare, m, husband, 
man. -bryn, 77. sward, surface of 
the ground, -bäfning, f, earth, 
quake, -egare, 771. landed proprietor, 
landlord, -fall, n. sinking of the earth. 
-fast, a, fixed in the earth, .-frukt, 
771. root- fruit, -fästa, V, a, to bury. 
-fästning, f. interring, burial, -gal- 
la, f. water-hyssop, -glob, 771. ter- 
restrial globe. -gOds, n. estate, ma- 
nor. -gubbar, m. pi. strawberry. 

-gamma, f, midwife, -halfva, 

f. hemisphere, -haltlg, a. earthy. 
-h?arf, n. couch of earth, stratum 
of earth, -isk, a. earthly, sublunary, 
terrestrial. -klimp, 771. lump of 
earth, -klot, 7i. terrestrial globe. 
-konst, f. midwifery. -kretS, 771. 
orb, the world, -kula, f. den, cave, 
cavern, -loppa, f. earth-fiea. -mask, 
771. earth-worm. — Uierg, m. marl. 
-mån, 771. soil, -päron, n, potato, 
potatoes, -ras, n, sinking of the 
earth, -ref, f. ale-hoof, ground-ivy. 

-refning, f. gcodesia. -mm, 7i. 

room on the ground -floor, -ränta, 
f, groundrent, landtax. -rök, m, 
vapour of the earth ; fumitory. — torf- 

va, f, turf, sod. -Tåning, f, 

ground-floor. -yta, f, the surface 

of the earth, -äple, 71. truffle; Irish 

Jn, ad, why sure, the more; but. ju 

förr ju hellre, the sooner the better. 

han är ju längesedan gift, why 

sure was not he married long since. 
Jubel, 72. jubilation, -fest, 772. jubU 

lee. —år, 72. jubilee, year of jubilee. 
Jubilera, v. n, to jubilate, to exult. 

Jnd|[e, 772. Jew. -ebeck, 72. Jew's- 

pitch, asfalt. -Gndoni, 772. Judaism. 

-inn a, f. Jewess, -isk, a. Jewish. 
Juft, m. juffs, Russian leather. 
Jufver, Jur, 72. udder. 
Jugås, f. shieldrake. 
Jul, 772. Christmas, i julas^ last ohrist 



mas. —a 9 V. n. to pass the chrlst- 
iDftS. -afton , 771. Christmas eve. 
-dag, m. chri?tmas-day. -Iiels^, f. 
christuias. -klapp, m. christxnas- 
bos. -kuse, 77i. christmas-bread. 

Juli, m. July. 

Julie, 771. yawl, cockboat. 

Jungfro, f. virgin, maid, -block, 
n. T. dead-eye. -dom, 771. maiden- 
head, virginity. -Hg"? ö. virginal, 
raaidealy. — lighet, f. fiiaidenliness. 
-liu, n. cuilk-wort. -pilt, m. gal- 
lant, coxcomb. -tvål, 771. water- 

Juag'Ilian, m. youngster, (pepper. 

luill, m. June. 

Junker, 771, young nobleman, »park. 

Juridik, f jurisprudence, science of law. 

Jurist, in barrister, lawyer 

JumI, ad. just, precisely, exactly. - 
rtit, but just now. - densamme, 
the very same. 

Jastera, V, a, to regulate, to adjust; 
to rectify, to adjust, to correct. — rC, 
m. gauger. 

JU8titil|arie, tti. deputy burgomaster, 
justiciary, -eiåd, n. counsellor of 

JutvagUy m. wicker-carriage. 

Juvel, 771. jewel, gem. -erarö , m. 

jeweller. -handel, 771. jeweller's 
trade. -Skrln, n. jewelbox. 
Jäf, 71. challenge, exception. -Va, V. 
a. to challenge, ^vig , a. liable to 


Ja^llare, 771. hunter, huntsman, -are* 

horn, 71. huntinghorn, bugle. -Cfi, 
7i. huntmanship, venery. -Oribetjent, 
m. hunting. officer , huntsman, -mä- 
stare, 77*. master of the chase. 

Jämmer, 77*. lamentation; calamity, 
iqisery. -dal, 771. vale of misery. 
-full, a. full of misery, woeful, 
lamentable. -l^g? «• lamentable, 
wretched, -rop, n. lamentation, la- 

, njentable cry. 

Jäblla, V. n. to ferment, to effervesce, 
to work, Com dtgj to rise; ^07^1 
dricka J to work, blodet jäser i 
mig , the blood boils within me. — 
af högmod, to swell with pri4e. 


-deg , 771. leaven, -jord ,. -lera, 

/*. fermenting clay, -mjolk, f. lo- 
pered milk, -nlng, f. effervescence, 
fermentation. -uingSproCesS, 7rt. 
fermentative process. 

Jäst, 771. yest, yeast. 

Jätt!|e, 771. giant, -elik, a. gigantic, 
gigantlike. -eOrXH^ W. bo», -iniiaj 
f. giantess. 


Kabal, m, cabal. 

Kabel, 771. cable. -gatt, n. cable. 

tier, -tåg, 71. -tross, m. hawser, 

Kabiljo, m. cod, codfish, cabiliau. 
Kabinett, n. cabinst, closet. -SSS* 

kreterare, TTI. private secretary. 

Kabriolett, 7n. gig cab. 
Kaby-a, f galJy, caboose. 

Rack||el, n. cackle, -la, v. n, to 

cackle, to gaggle. 

Kadett, m. cadet. - 077i bord på 
skepp, njidshipinan. 

Kaffe, n. coffee, -bord, n. coffee- 
tray, -bräunare, m. colfeeroaster ; 
cofTeedrum. —böna, f. bean or seed 
of coffee, -has, 71. coffeehouse, -kopp, 
77Z. coffeecup. -QVam, 771^ coffeennll. 
-sump, 771. coffeegrounds. 

Kafl-a, V. a. to calender. - dcg, to 
flat dough. — e, m. roller, cylinder; 
roller of a mangle , hilt, layga - i 
munnen pä nägon, to gag one. 

Kaftan, m. caftan. 

Kagge, 77i. cag, rundlet, runlet. 

Kaj, 771. kay, wharf, -penningar, 

Kaja, f. jackdaw. [m, pi. kayage. 

Kajman, m. namesake, 

Kajutlla, f. cabin, great cabin, -vaktji 
m. cabinboy. 

Raklla, f. cake, -spade, tti. peei, 

Kakadu, f. cackatoo. (oven peel. 

Kakao, W. cacao, -bonil, f. cacaonut. 
Kakel, n, saucer tile. -Ugn, VL. stove 

of earthen panes. -UgU«niakare, 

771, potter. 




Kakerlak, m, albino; white moor; 

Kal, a, bald, bare. 

KaiaS) n. banquet, feast, regal, —ft, 
V. 71, to banquet, to feast. 

Kalebass, m. calabash. 

Kalender, m. calender, almanac. 

Kalesch, m. calash. 

Kalf, 77». calf, -dans, m. dish pre. 
pared from the biestings. -fjärdin^, 
771. quarter of veal, — krås, n. sweet- 
bread, -kött, 71. veal, -lår, 71. 
leg of veal, -stek, f, roasted veal. 
-ya, V. 71. to calve. 

Kalfatra, v, a, to calk. (kind. 

Kaliber, 77i. size of a bullet, caliber; 

Kalk, m. lime, osläckt -, quick lime. 
— att dricka ur, chalice, cup; T. 
calix. ^— a, 17. a. to plaster; to soak 
in lime-water, —band, 71. the crust 
of raortar covering walls. — brott, 
n» limepit, chalkpit. — bruk, 7i. mor 
tar of lime, -bräiinare, 771. lime- 
burner, -bränning, /". calcination. 
-haltig", a. calclferous, limy. ~ig, 
a, chalky. — jord, f, calcareous earth. 
-slå, u. a. to plaster, -sten , m. 
limestone. -Ugn, m. limekiln, -vat- 
ten, 72. lime-water. 

Kalkon, m. turkey, -tnpp, 77». tur- 

Kalkyl, m. calculation. [key-cock. 

Kail, n. calling, vocation, -a, V. a. 
to call, to name, to style; to invite, 
to Buramon. —else, f. vocation, call- 
Ing; invitation; summons. 

Kail, a. cold, chill, frigid, -blodig, 
a. coldblooded, cool, -brand, m, 
gangrene; mortification, —bräckt, a. 
cold-short, -gräs, 7i. marsh-cinque- 

foil, -hamra, v. a, to coidbeat. 
-kök, n. cold meat, -na, V. n. to 

grow cold. -piss, 771. strangury. 

— sinnig, a. cold," indifferent, cool. 

— sinnighet, f, coldness, unconcern, 

indifference. — skål, 771, dish made 

of small beer or wine and water. 

-svett, 771. chilly sweat. -SVUlst, 

m. phlegmatic tumour. 
Kalrnink, m, calamanco. 
Kal mus, tti. acorus, sweet smelling fla«^. 

KalOpS, 771. scotch collops, 
KalOSCh, 771, galoshe. 
Kalott, 771. calotte. 

Kani , 771. comb ; crest, sk'dra alia 
of ver en — , to pass the same judg- 
ment upon all, to serve all alike. 

-borste, 771. comb-brush, -foder, 

n, comb-case, —ma, V. (X, to comb. 

-niakare, m. comb-maker, -mare, 

Kamé, m. cameo. [m, comber. 

Kamel, 77Z. camel, -eont, va. cha- 
meleon, —garn, n, mohair -yarn, 
-hår, 71, camel's hair. -Opard, 771. 
giraffe, camelopard. 

Kameral, a, cameralistic, belonging to 
the finances. — verk, n. finances. 

Kamfer, 771. camphire, camphor. 

Kamillblomma, f. camomil, camomile. 

Kamlott, n. camelot, camlet, mohair. 

Kammare, m. chamber. 

Kammarliduk, m. cambrick. -frn, f. 

waiting gentlewoman to a queen or 
princess, -fröken, f, lady of the 
bedchamber, maid of honour, —herre, 
771. chamberlain, -jungfru, /". wait- 
ing maid, -junkare, m. gentleman 
of the bedchamber, —kamrat, 77i. 
chamber, fellow. -kollegium, 7Z. 
exchequer-college, —lakej, 77». cham. 
ber-servant. — musik , 77Z. chamber- 
muf^ic. —piga, f, chamber-maid. 
—råd, 71. counsellor, of the exchequer. 
-tjenare, m. valet de chamber, 
waiting gentleman. — verk, 71. finan- 
ces, -vetenskap, f, science of 

Kamp, 77Z. conflict, combat; contest, 
contention; jade. 

Kampera, v. TI. to camp, to encamp. 

Kamrat, nn, comrade, companion, part- 
ner, — skap, 7Z. companionship, fel- 

Kamrerare, 77*. chamberlain. 

Kana, f. slå -, to slide on tha ice. 

Kanal, m. channel, canal. 

Kanalje, m. villain, rascal. 

Kanarifågel, m, canary-bird. 

Kandelaber, m. chandelier. 
Kandera, v, a, to candy. 




Kandidat, tn. candidate. 
Kanel, -bark, m. cinnaraon. 
Kan lass, m. buckram, canvas. 
Kanhända, ad. perhaps, raay be. 

Kanik, m. canon. 

Kanin, m. rabbit, cony, -gård, m. 

warren, -hane, m. buck-cony. 

Rannlja, f. can, tankard, -stöpare, 

W,, pewterer ; would-be-poiitician, state- 
tinker, -tals, ad. by tankards. 

Kanon, m. cannon, gun. -ad, m. 
cannonade, —båt, -slep, m. gun 
boat. -gJTlterj, n. gunfoundery. -ler, 
7/J. cannonier, gunner. — isera, V. a. 
to canonize. — isk, a. canonical, ku 
noniska lagen, canon-law. -kula. 
f. cannon-ball. 

Kanske, ad. perhaps, peradventure. 

Kausiyer, m. chancellor, -i, n. chan- 
cery. -ist, 77i. chancery-clerk, secretary. 

Kant, m. border, edge, corner; way, 
part, frän alla kanter , from all 
parts, vara pä sin — , to give ono'a 
self airs. -a, V. a. to border, to 
edge, -hugga, V. a, to bevel. -Ig, 
a. cornered , edged, —nål , m. pipe, 

Rantiljsträng, m. gold- or silverwne. 

Kantin, w. bottlecase, cantine. 

KautOnera, v. n. to be in cantonment, 
to canton. 

Kantor, m. chanter. 

Kantra, v. n. to overset, to capsize. 

Kap, 71. catch , capture, -a, V. a. to 
seize , to catch , to make price of. 
—are, 7n. privateer, corsair. — are- 

toref, n. letter of marque. ~eri, n. 

piracy, privateering. 
Kapell , n. chapel ; T. test ,,^ coppel. 

, — an, m. chaplain, curate, -mästare, 

771, director of a musical chapel. 
Kapital, n. capital, stock, -ist, in. 

capitalist, rich man. 
Kapitel, n. chapter. 
Kapiten, m. captain. [letter. 

Kapital, n. capital. "—, m. capital 
Kapitalljation, /". capitulation, surren 

der. —era, V. n. to capitulate. 
Kapott, 71. capote. — , a. lost, ruined. 

Kapp, i kapp, ad. for a wager, -löp- 

ning, f. race, running, -ridning, 

f. horse-race. -släde, fa. running 

Kappa, V. a. to out, to loop. 

Kapplja, f. cloak, mantle; quarter; 
gown; coping; flounce, vdnda kap- 
pan tfter vädret , to temporize. 
draga kappan pä båda axlarna, 
to carry it fair with two parties. 
-rock, 7/i. great coat, riding -coat. 
—sack, m. cloakbag, portmanteau. 

Kappe, 7n, peck (measure for corn). 

Kapplake, m. hatmoney. 

Kapprak, a. bolt upright. 

Kapriol, m. caper. 

Kapris, m. caper. 
Kapris^ ^. whim, caprice, freal:. 
Kapsel, m. capsule. 
Kapson, m. cavesson. 
Kapun, m. capon. 

Kar, 71. a large tub, vat, 

Kara, f. oven-rake. -, V. a. to rake. 

Karaiin, m. cruet, decanter. 

Karakter, m. character; title, -isera, 

V. n. to characterize , to describe. 

-istisk, a. characteristical. -slOSj 

a. characterless, unprincipled. 
Karaniel, m. brown sugar-candy. 
Karantän, m. quarantine. 
Karat, m. carat. 
Karhas, m. whip. 
Karbln, m. carabine, carbine. 
Karbunkel, m. carbuncle. 
Kardjia , f. card. - , v. a. to card. 

-re , m. carder, -borre , m. bur. 

burdock, -niakare, in. cardmaker. 

-tistel, m. fuller's thistle. 

Kardbenedikt, m. holy thistle. 

Kardel, m. T, gear, jeer. 

Kardemumma, f. cardamom. 
Kardinal, m. cardinal, -värdighet, 

f. cardinalship. 

Kardnan, n. cordovan. 

Kardas, m. cani-ster of tobacco; car- 

tiidge. —tobak, m. cut tobacco. 
Karfstock, m. tally. 
Karfva, v. a. to cut, to jag. 

Karg, a. niggardly, scanty, -het, f, 

niggardness, sordid parsimony. 
Karl, w. man. stå -, to stand to 


one's promise, -aktigj a, manly. 

»aktlgliet; f, manliness, stoutness. 

^Tagnen, m. Charles's • wain , the 
, bear. -VUlen, a. manly. 
Earm, m, frame; back; car. -jstol, 

m. chair. 
Karmin, m, carmine. 
Kanieol} m. camelian, carneol. 
Karnis, m, cornice. 
Karp, m, carp, -dam^ m, oarppond. 

—sump, m, stewpond for carp. 
Karpns^ m, riding-cap, jockey-cap. 
Kariet, m, coach, vagn, chariot. 
Karriol, m. cariole, calash. 
Karsk 9 a. healthy, hearty, vigorous. 

-het, f. health, vigour. 
Rart, 771. green fruit. -Igf d» green, 

unripe, -nagel, m, a rough uneven 

Kart[[a, f, map, chart, draught ; stamped 

paper, —erftj V. a. to stamp paper, 

to belay with stamped paper. 

Kartesch, m, cartouch. 

Kartong, m, cartoon. 
Karusell, m, carousal, tilt. 

Kasern, m. casern. 

Kasimir, n. casimire. 
Kask, W. helmet, casque. 

Kassa, f. cash, -behållning, f. 

cash- balance, -brist, f, defect of 
cash, -stöld, m. depeculation. -tjuf, 
m. depeculator. 

Kasse, m. cabbage-net. 

Kassedun, m, cat's-tail, mace-reed. 

KaSSlJera, v. a. to cashier-, to annul. 
-ering, f. cassation. -Or, 771. ca. 
shier, cashkeeper. 

Kast, W. throw, cast, fling; the number 
of four. — , in, letlercase; caste, stå 
sitt — , to take one's chance, -a, v. 
CL. to cast, to throw, to fling, to toss ; 
to fan. — ankar, to cast anchor, to drop 
anchor. - boll, to pJay at ball. - 
sitt vatten, to make one's water. — 
lodet, to heave the lead. ~ af, to 
cast off, to slip off; to shake oö; to 
yield. — hort , to throw away. — 
fram, to throw forth ; to hint. - om, 
to throw about; to turn; to throw 
over again. omkull, to overthrow. 

Kedjekula 117 

to throw down. - upp, to toss ni^^ 
to throw, up; to cast up, to vomit. 
- W^, to cast out, to turn out of 
doors; to sketch. - 'of ver ända, to 
overthrow. — sig, V. r. to cast one's 
self, to Chang:©, to shift. — hy, W. 
puff of wind, -maskin, m, win- 

nowing machine ; catapult. — skofvelj 
m. fan. -Spjut, n. javelin, dart. 

— ved, m. cord -wood. <»vind^ n, 

puff of wind. 

Kastanje, m. chesnut. 

Kastell, 7t. castle, -an^ m, castellan. 

Kastr|!at, m. castrate, -era, t;. a. 

to castrate, to unman, to geld. 
Kastrull, m. stew-pan. 
Kasnar, m. cassowary. 

Katafalk, m, catafaico. 

Katalog, m. catalogue. 

Kateder, W. & n. lecturlng-desk. pul- 
pit, cathedra. 

Katekes, m. catechism, -förhör, n, 
hålla — , to catechise. 

Kateket, m, catechist. 

Kateter, m, catheter. 

Katig, a. lustig, bold, -het, /. bold- 

Katolllik, 7». catholic. -Sk, a. catolic. 

Katsa, f, trap for fish. 

Katt, m. cat. -a, f. femal cat. -dre- 
jare, m, T. a littlo vessel without 
scuttel. -flinta, f. dry quartz, -föt- 
ter, fori) cotton-weed, -guld, 
71. yellow glimmer. — lo, 772. lynx. 
-niynta, f. cat's mint. -OSt, 771. 
mallow, -runipa, f. mullein, -silf- 
yer, n, white glimmer. -Spår, 71. 
T. riders. -ungO, 771. chit, kittling. 

Katta upp, V. a. J\ to cat. to back 
the anchor. 

Kattun, 71. cotton, calico, -tryckare, 

771. calico-printer. 
Eaus, 771. T. thimble. 
Kautschuk, n, caoutchouc. 
KavaliJer, m. cavalier, gentleman. 

-leri, 71. cavalry. -lerist, 771. 
Kaviar, 771. caviare. (horse-soldier. 

Kaxe, m. lusty fellow, braggart, 
lied, Kedja, f. chain; series, -jebom, 

77i. lace-cbain. -jekula, f. chainahot. 

118 Kedjeräkning 
-Jeräkniiig, f. chain-ruie. -JesÖm, 

«J. chain-gtJtch. 

Keg!a, 8. Kägla. 

Kejsiiiile, 7rt. emperor, -dome, n. 

empire. — ililia, f. emperess. — krOIia, 
f, imperial crown; crowa imperial 

Kejserlig", a. imperial. L(plant). 

Ke]^ u. fondness, foolish tenderness, in- 
dulgence, —a, V. a. to cocker, to 
fondle, to indulge. 

Keini, f. chemistry, -sk, tt. chemical. 

Kersing", in. kersey. 

Kesa, V. n. to scamper off. 

Kesmage, m. runnet for making cheese. 

Kette, m. pen, pinfold. 

Kldllja, V. n. to kid. -ing, w. 'nd. 

Kif, n. etrife, wrangle, quarrel. — ?as, 
V. d. to wrangle. 

Kika, V. n. to view an object with a 
telescop, to gaze, -re, w. telescope, 
small perspective glass. 

Kikhosta, f. chincough. 

Kiklia, V. 11. to pant, to gasp. 

Kikärt, f. chiches, chick- pease. 

Kil, Wi. wedge , goar , clock ; cod ; slice. 
—a, 0. a. to wedge, to drive. — fOf* 
mig, a. cuneiform. 

Kila, V. n. to run swiftly. bdUn hi- 
lar, the boat makes a fresh way. 

Killing, f. kid. 

Kim, m. chimb, stave. 
Kimma, v. n, to ring (the alarm-bell). 
lOmrÖk, m. lampblack, pinesoot. 
Kiua, f. Peruvian bark. -i'Ot, /. 

Kind, f. -ben, «. cheek, -båge, m. 

jawbone, cheekbone. — pOSt, w. box 
on the ear. -pusta, V. a. to box 
on the ear. 
Kllik, n. plaintiveuess, niceness, nicety, 
squeamishness; foolish tenderness; effe- 
minate softness. -, in. (i ett tag), kink. 
-a, V. n. i9 wail ; to be scrupulously 
cautious, lo be too nice. -Ig? «• 
querulous, plaintive; nice, squeamish, 
delicate, effeminate; hard to please, 
censorious, -ighet, f. querulousness, 
Kipa, V. a. T. - ankaret, to fish the 
BjpblOOk^ n» snateh-bioclu Uuchor. 


KIppIla, V. a. - skorna, to slip the 

shoes, —skodd, a. slipshod. 
Kirurg', m, surgeon, chirurgeon. — i, f, 

surgeri. — Isk, a. surgical. 
Kis, m. firestone, pyrite. -Iialtlg, a, 

pyritiferous, pyritaceous. 
Ki»el, -sten, m. flint, pebble, pebble- 

stone, -jord, f. fiilicious earth. 
Kista, f. chest. 

KisO^Jld, a. pink-eyed. -On, it. pi. ogles. 
KitiS^ig, a. querulous, petulant, saucy» 
Kitt, 7J. putty, cement, —a, V. O. to 

putiy, to cement. 

Kittel, m. kettle, -flickare, m. 

tinker, -sten, m, tuff. 

Kittiya, V. a. to tickle, -are, m. 
clitoris, -ig, a. ticklish, -igliet, 
f. ticklishness. 

Kjortel, m. petticoat. 

Klabajar, jjL T. battens nailed under 

Klabb, m. log. (the beam^. 

Klack, rft, heel, -lapp, m. hoel piece. 

Kladd , VL. wastebook , memorandum- 
book, —a, V. n. to tamper, to dabble, 
to daub. — eri, n. bungling work. 

Klafben, W. coUar-bone, clavicle. 

Klaff, 771. flap; cuff; top; lapel. 

Klatl'are, W. backbiter, slanderer. 

Klafve , m. an iron or wooden collar 
to fasten cows and oxen to the crib. 

Klaglla, V. a. to complain, to lament,. 
to bewail, to bemoan, -an, f, com- 
plaint, lamentation, —ande, in. plain- 
tiff, —lig J «• mournful, lamentable. 
-Odag, m. lamentation-day. -odikt, 
m. elegy, -oljud, -orop, -Ohkri, 
71. lamentation, wailmg. — Omäl, n. 
complaint, grievance. — OSkrit't , f. 
bill of complaint. -Osåug, m. mourn- 
ful song, elegy. 

Klammeri, W. quarrel, contest. 

Klamp, OT. block; r. cleet. -fot, 7/t. 
cioom-foot. — ig, a. clumsy. 

Klandjjer, n. censure, blame; complaint, 

-eriri, a. irreproachable, -ersjuk, 

a. censorious, — ra, V. a. to ,censure, 
to reprehend, — ett köp, lo object 
to a bargain. 
Klang, m. clang, sound, -fui , a, 
sonoroiu). Ȍr^ n* jubileQ. 


KI&PP5 wi. clap, flap, smack; knoclcer 
(at a door). ~a, V, a. to clap, to 
knock ; to pat ; to drub , to beat. 
hjertat klappar, the heart throbs. 

— pd dörren, to knock at the door. 

— Ut, to beat out. -holts, n. clap- 
board, -trä, n. batlet, battril. 

Klar, a. plain, manifest, bright, clear; 
ready, —ft, V. a. to clear, to defe- 
cate, to fine, to refine, -an, f. T. 
the wind's eye. -era, V. a. to clear, 
to acquit, to settle. — liet, f. clear- 
ness, brightness; perspicuity. — na, 
V. n. to clear up , to grow bright. 
— SyDt, a. clearsighted; judicious, 
discerning. -Ögd, a. clearsighted. 

Klarinett, m. clarinet. 

Klase, m. cluster. 

Klass, m. class, -iflcera, v, a. to 

cla^=:ify. -isk, a. classic. 

Klatsch, 771. clash, smack, -a, V. a. 
to flap, to clash. 

Kla?, m. clef; key. -er, W. harpsi- 
cord, -iatur, f. keyboard. 

Klem, n. cockering , faddling. —ft, V, 
n. to cocker, to fondle, -ig", a. effe- 
minate, womanish; too much indul- 
gent. -Ighet, f. effeminacy.' 

Klen, a. weak, crazy, thin; slender, 
Blight, -het, f. craziness, littleness. 
-niodig, a. pusillanimous. -mO- 
dlghet, f. cowardice. -SDied , m. 
locksmith, -t, ad. weakly, thinly, 
slightly, -trogen, a. incredulous. 

Klena, v. a. to smear, to glue, to 
paste; to stop up. 

Klenod, m. jewel; a precious thing. 

Kleresi, n. clergy. 

Klerk, m. clergyman. 

Kli, n. bran. 

Klia, V. n. to itch, 

lUibblla, V. a. - fast, to glue, to paste, 
to stick, - sig, V. r. to stick to, to 
adhere. — lg« a. glutinous, viscous, 

Klick, m. clot, bit; slur, blemish. 

Klicka, V. n. to miss flre. dtt klickar 
icke, It can't fail. 

Klifs, n. dainties. Iget up. 

Klifva, V. Or to climb, to mount, to 

Klosterbroder 119 

Klimat) 71. climate, clime, zone. 
Klimp, m. lump, clod; dumpling, —a 

sig, V. r, to clod, to concrete, to 

coagulate. — IfiTj Ö. cloddy, curded, 

Klinga, f, blade. [tinkle. 

Klinga, v. a. to ring, to clink, to 
Klink , m. clinchwork. -a, v. a. T^ 

to clinch, -bult, m. clinchbolt. 
Klinka, f, latch, gigger. 
Klinkert, m. flemish or yellow bricks. 
Klint, m. cockle; top of a hill; blue 

, bottle. 
Klipplla, f. rock, -flsk, 771. haber. 

dine, lubfish. — Ig, a. rocky. 
Klipplja, V. a. to cut; to shear; to clip, 

to pare; to prune. — med ögonen, 

to twinkle, —are, 771. shearer; wag; 

ginnet; haberdine. —Ing, 771. kid- 

skin ; a small copper-coin of a square 

Klipsk) o. wa?gi?h, cunning, captions, 

ensnaring, —het, f. cunning, wag- 


Klistljer, n. paste, -ra, r. a. to 

paste, to size. [clyster-pipe. 

Klistir, 71. clyster, glister. -Spruta,/'. 

Klo, 771. claw, clutch, talon, fang, 

Klockija, f. bell; watch; hour, clock; 
bellflower. hvad är klockan? what 
o' clock is it?, klockan är sju, It is 
seven o'clock, -aro, 771. sacristan, 
sexton, —foder, 72. case to a watch. 

-gjutare, m. beiifounder. -gods, 

71. bellmetal. -kläpp, m. bellclap. 
per. -slag, 71. stroke of bell, -spel, 
n. chime, -stapel, m. belifry. -torn, 
71. steeple. 

Klofve, f. clew; vice. 

Klok, a. judicious, wise, prudent, oun* 
ning. han är icke -, he is not in 
bis senses, ingen llir - dtrpå, 
nobody knows what to make of that 
affair, -het, f, prudence, discretion. 
— t, ad. prudently, wisely* 

Klossa, f. toad, paddock. 

Kloster, n. monastery, convent; cloi- 
ster, friary, nunnery. — ftga, f. vao* 
oasal discipline. -l>roder« m» lay* 

120 Klostergång 

brother, —gång, m. passage tn the 
cloister, -kammare, m. cell, -kyr- 

Jl&j f. raoaastery-church. — lefnad, 
m. moaastio life, —lig, a. cloisteral, 
monastical. — löftö, n, monastical 
vow. —orden, m. religious order. 
Klot, n. bowl, globe, litet -, globule. 
-formig, a. globular, -mask, m. 

ephemeron worm. — riind, ö. sphe- 

rlcal, globular. ^ 

Klots, m. block, stub, stock. 
Klubb, 771. club. 
Klubba, f. club, föra Jcluhhan, to 

lead the discourse. 
Kludd, n. daubing, -a, V. n. to blur, 
to manage clum55ily, to daub, —are, 
m. scrawler, dauber. — Jg, CL. blotted. 

Klamp, m. lump. ciod. -ig, a. lum- 
py ; clumsy, shapeless. 

Klunga, f. cluster, crowd. 

Klunk, nt. gulp, draught, -a 9 V. n. 
to gulp. 

Kluns, rn. dot, knob, -ig, a. sha- 
pelesa; clotted. f bungler. 

Klut, m. clout; T. sail, -are, m. 

Klyft, Klyfta, f. cave, den, hole. 
- af lök, clove. 

Klyftig, a. cunning, subtle, -het, 
f. cunningness, subtility. 

Klyfvlla, V. a. to cleave, to split. - 
ordf to be too nice in words, to split 
hairs, -are, -ert, m. T. jib, gib. 

Klys, -gatt, n. T. hawse, ankaret 
är för klys, the anchor is a- peck. 

-band, n. hawse - hooks, -propp, 
m. hawse-plug. 
Klå, v. a. to claw, to scratch, —da, 
f. Itch, -dig, a. itchy, -mask, 

W. handworm. 

Klåpija, v. n. to bungle, -are, m. 

bungler. — Grl, n. bungling work. 

Kläcka, V. a. to batch. 

Kläda ^ V. a. to dress, to clothe; to 
cover; to become, to suit, — skott, 
to be exposed to be shot, del klä' 
der honom illa, it does not suit 
him. — sig, to dress one's self. — 
afsig, to undress one's self, to strip 
one's self. — om sig, to change one's 
dress. — pd sig , to put on. — ui\ 


Sig, to disguise one's self. • ankaV' 
tåget, to serve the cable. 
Kläde, n. cloth; linen towel; neck- 
cloth; handkerchief, kläder, pi. clo- 
thes, raiment, attire, garment. -dräi?t, 
m, dress, clothes, garb, fashion of 
dress, —fåll, m. plait of a garment. 
-Sborste, m, clothes-brush. -S- 
fabrik, m. cloth- manufactory -S- 

f argare, m. cloth -dyer -shand- 
lare, m. draper, -skladning, f. 

dress of cloth. — sllst, m. selvage of 

cloth, -smal, m. tiny, -sväfvare, 

m. cloth-weaver. 
Klädljhängare, m. clothes-stand, rack. 

-kammare, m. wardrobe, -mäk- 
lare, m. fripperer. -nad, -niug, 

f, suit; garment, clothing, apparel. 

— sel , m. dres'sing , suit, apparel. 

klädsel på ett tåg , T service. 

-skåp, n. press for clothes -Ståud, 

n. frippery. 
EIäm||ma, f. press, strait, diföculty. 

sitta i — , to be in great straits. -, 

V. a. to squeeze , to pinch , to wring. 

—ning, f. pressure, squeezing. 
Klämta, v. n. to chime, to toll; to 

ring the alarmbell. 

Klänga, v, n. to climb. 

Klänge, ru tendril, clasper. 
Kläpp, m. clapper, bell-clapper. 
Klättra, V. n. to climp, to clamber. 
KlÖf, m. hoof; dorsel, dorser. -Sadel, 

m. pauksaddle. 
Klofver, W. clover, buok-bean; club. 
Klösa , 1^. a. to scratch , to tear with 

the nails. (to pat. 

Knacka, v. n. to knocic gently, to tap, 
Knagg, m. knag, knot, -lig, a, 

knotty, knaggy, rough, rugged. 

Knaka, v. n, to crack, -nde, n, 
cracking, clapping. 

Knall, m. report, loud noise, crack. 
- och fall, all of a sudden, -a^ 
V. n. to make a noise, to thunder* 
-guld, n. fulminating gold. 

Knalle, f. bisket. 

Knape, 7n. shield-bearer, squire. 
Knapp, 772. head; pommel; top, but> 
ton; chapiter (of a pillar): anther. 

-häl, n. buttonhole, -makare, m, 

button-raaker. -nål, m. pin. 

Knapp, a. scanty, scarce ; feeble ; nar» 
row; sparing, —ft, V. a, to pinch, 
to stint, -het, f, scarcity. — t, ad. 

Knapra, v. n, to gnaw, to knab. 

Knai'ka, v. n, to creak, to streak. 

Knarr, m. a peevish fellow, grumbler; 
land-rail, corn* crake, -a, v. n, to 
oreak, to streak; to grumble. -Ig", 
a, peevish, -ighet, /. morosenes?, 

Knaster, m. canister-tobacco. 

Knastra, v. n, to crash, to grit. 

Kneka, v. n. to fail upon one's knees. 
Kneken, m. komma pä -, to go down 

the wind; to be in a low condition. 
Knekt, m. soldier; (i kort J knave. 

-lön, f. pay. 
Knep, n. trick, artifice. 
Knif, w. knife, -blad, n. the blade 

of a knife, -skaft, n. handle of a 

knife, -slida, f, sheath for a knife. 

-smed, m. cutler, -ras, v. a. to 

fight with knives. 

Knlp, n. pinch. - i magen, gripes, 
colic, —a, V. a, to pinch, to squeeze ; 
to catch, to gripe. — ihop, in, tilly 
åt, to squeeze together, det kniper 
ihop, it shuts, it closes, -slllg, a. 
shrewd, cunning, —tång, f. pincers. 

Knipplla, /. -e, n. bundle, fardel, 

Knoga, V. n. to act tardily. [truss. 

Knoge, m, knuckle. 

Knop, m. T. knot. 

Knopp, m. bud. -as, v, d. to bud. 

Knorllja, f. curl, ringlet. -, V. a. to 
curl. — ig, a. curled, curly. 

Knorr, n, murmur, —a, V. n. to mur- 
mur, to grumble, to growl, —hane, 
m, gurnard. — Isk, a. morose. 

Knoster, n. mail, beetle. 

Knostra, v. a. to pound. 

Knot, n. muttering, grumbling, -a, 
V. n. to grumble, to growl. 

Knota, f. bone, vertebra. 

Kuoltrig, a, rough. 

Knubbig, a. plump, full and smooth. 

KnufT, m. push, shove, -a, v. a. to 

Kobrygga 121 

elbow, to justle, to pommel. -aSj 

V. d. to be pushing one another. 
Knuss||el, n. niggardliness, -la, V. 

n, to be churlish, to stint. — laro* 

m, niggard, churl. 
Knut, m. knot; knout; corner, stå 

i — , not to grow. — IgT, a» knotty, 

full of knots, —sten, w. comer-stone. 
Kny, n. hvarken knäpp eller kny, 

not the least stir. 

Knylhafre, w. tall oat. 
Knyppla, v. a. to make lace. 
Knysta, v. n. to mutter, to stir. 
Knytjla, u. a. to knit, to tie; to clinch. 

— sig, to cabbage. — af, to separate 
by a knot. — fast, to tie fast. — 
igen, to tie together. — in, to en* 
close, to inwrap. — till, — åt , to 
tie to. — upp, to loosen; to tie up. 
-e, n. bundle, fardel, -ning, f, 
knotting; knitting, lace, —nål, f, 
knitting-needle, -näfve, m, fist. 

Knåda, v. a. to knead. 

Knåpa, v, a. to do leisurely. 

Knä , n. knee, falla på -^t to kneel 
down. -byxor, f. pL breeches. 
-böja, V. n. to kneel, to bend the 
knee, -böjning, f. -fall, n. kneel* 
ing, genuflection, —falla, V. n. to 
fall down on one's knees. — hund, 
m. lapdog. —rem, m. shoemaker's 
stirrup, -skål, f kneepan. — veck« 
n. hock, hough. 

Knäck, m. crack; a little ball, pellet. 
-a, V. a, to break ; to bruise, -ebrod, 
n. rusk. 

Knäfvel, m, rogue, knave. 

Knäpp, m, crack, fillip; snap; kniok. 
—a, V» n. & a, to snap the fingers, 
to fillip ; to crack; to strike (strings). 

- igen, - ihop, to button. - ihop 
händerna, to fold one's hands. - 
upp, to unbotton. 

Knöl, m, bump, knob, bunch, knot; 

scirrhus. -Ig, a. knobby, -påk, 

m. cudgel. 
Knoppla, V, a. to make lace. 
Knös, m. fellow, lad. en Hk -, a 

rich cob. 

Ko, f. cow. -brygga, f. T. booms, 




orlop, -fot, m. crow, -koppor, 

f. pl. cow-pox. -stall, n. cow. stall. 

Kobolt, m. cobalt. 

Kock, m. cook, -mat, m. T. coo'ks 
shifter. -pOJke, m. scullion. 

Kofferdiyfartyg, -skepp, n, mer- 

Kofferuagel, m, belaying.pia. 

Kofifort, m. coffer, trunk. 

Kofta, f. a woman's short jacket. 

Koger, n. quiver. 

Koj, m. cabin, -te, m. bed in the 

Koja, f. cottage. [cabin. 

Kok, n. potfull , as much as may be 
boiled at once, —a, V. a. & n. to 
boil. — bok , f. book of cookery. 
— Orska, f. woman cook, cook-maid, 
cook, -het, f. boiling hot. -koiist, 
f, cookery, -kiirl, n. cooking-vessel, 
boiler, —salt, n. common salt. 

Koka, f. clod, clot. 

Kokard, m. cockade. 

Kokosnöt, /*. cocoa-nut. 

Kol, n. coal, charcoal, —a, V. a. to char, 
to make charcoal, kola sig , to coal. 
-are, m. charcoal-bumer. — ax, 71. 
blighted ear. — bod , f. coal - house. 

-dam, -mjöl, n. coal-dust, -flo, 

m. horizontal layer of coals, —hand- 
lare, W. crimp, -mlla, f. coalery. 
—OS, n. steam of coals. — OXld, m. 
carbonic oxid. — rj'SS. ^. coal - cait. 

-skepp, n. -skrinda, f. collier. 
-stybbé, n, coal-dust, stack, -svart, 

a. coal-black. -Syra, f. carbonic 
acid, -trast, w. black-bird, -ämne, 
n. carbon. 

Kolf, m. buttend, bolt, dart; retort. 

Kolik, m. colic, gripes. 

Kolja, f. haddock, cod. 

Kollationera, v. a. to collate. 
KoUoglla, m. colieage. -iam, n. col- 

lege, lectures; board. 
Kollekt, rn. collection, collect. -6r, 

w. collector. 
Kolljler, m. staggers, frenzy, -ra, V. 

n. to be seized with a frenzy, to have 

the staggers, -rig, a. having the 

staggers ; frenetic. 
Kollet, m. jerkin. 

Kolm, fn. Bovey coal. 

Kolna, v. n. to coal. 

Kolon, n. colon. 

Koloni, f. colony, settlement, -fil, O. 

colonial- — SCra, v. a. to colonize. 
Kolonn, m. column, -ad, m. colon 

Koloqvint, f. coloquint, bitter-apple. 

Kolor(|atur, f. coiorature. -era, v. 
a. to color. — ist, m, colorist. —It, 
771. colouring. 

Koloss, m. colossus. — al, a. colos- 

sean, gigantic. (newsvend<iro 

Kolportor, m. pedlar, bookhawkero 

Kolt, m. gown of a boy, jam, coat. 

Kolumn, m. column, page. 

Kombinera, v. a. to combine. 

Komedi, f. comedy, play, -ant, m^ 
comedian, player. — antska, f. ac- 

Komet, 771. comet, blazing star» 

Komma, n. comma. 

Komma, v. n. to come, to arrive, to 
draw near. — af^ to descend from ; 
to come ofif, out of. — af sig, to go 
to decay, to decline. — af sig i tal, 
to be at a nonplus. — an på, to 
depend upon. — att, to make, to set» 
to prevail. — hort , to be lost. — 
efter, to come after; to succeed; to 
be efter. — efter något , to come 
about a thing. - emellan, to inter- 
vene. — emot, to come to meet. — 
fort, to come forth. — fram, to ar- 
rive; to come forward. — fram med, 
to produce, to exhibit, to start, to ad- 
vance. — före , to outrun ; to come 
before. — ifrån , to come from , to 
come off. — igen, to corao back. — 
igenom, to come through. — ihop, 
to aasemble , to meet. — sig ihop, 
to fall in with another. — ihåg , to 
remember. — in, to come in , to en- 
ter. - in med, to give in. — med, 
to come along; to bring along with. 
— ned, to come down ; to be brought 
to bed. — ofoanpd, to come on tho 
top, to come above. — omkring, to 
turn about. — på, to get ui-on, to 
mount ; to hit; to turn upon; to catch, 


Konstmakare 123 

to surprise; to cost, det kommer pd 
ett utf it is all one. — till, to come 
lo ; to tum to ; to pass , to happen ; 
lo become. — till sig , to recover 
one's senses. — tillhaka, to return. 

— undan, to come off, to slip away^ 

— upp, to come up, to mount; to 
rise. - upp emot någon, to match 
one. — upp med, to propose, to in- 
vent, to introduce. — ut, to be pu- 
blished : to spread , to take air. — 
utur, — ur, to come out. - ur con- 
cepterna, to be nonplused. — vid, 
to touch. " åt, to come near; to 
catch at, to be able ; to reach, to come 
to. — äter, to return, to come again. 

— öfver, to come over, to come by; 
to meet with; to seize. 

^0111 ma, V. a. to make, to set, to 
prevail. - någon att skratta, to 
make one laugh. — sig-, to recover; 
to happen. — sig före, to recover; 
to mend; to come to. 

Komm||and0 9 n. command; detach- 
ment, —endera, v, a. to command, 
to order. 

Kommers, m. commerce, trade. 

Kommissljarie, w.commissary. -bröd, 

n, ammunition-bread. — ioil, m, com- 
mission, committee, -ionär, m, com- 
missioner, agent. 

Kommod, m. chest of drawers. 

Kommun, m, commune, parish. ->al, 
a. communal, ^icera, v. a. to com- 
municate. — , V, n, to receive. the 
Lord's supper. 

Kompani, m, company, partnership. 

Kompass, ?». compass, -ros, -skif- 
Ta, f, the fly of the compass. -Strek, 
n. rumb. 

Komplett, a. complete, -era, t;. a. 

to complete, to supply, -ering", f, 

completion. (cate. 

Komplicerad, a, complicated, compli- 

Kompliment, m, compliment, cour» 

tesy. -era, t^. a. to compliment. 

Kompojlnera, v, a. to compose, -nist, 

m. con)po3er. 

Komproymottera, v. a. to compro- 
ipit. -miss, m. compromise, award. 

Kon, m. cone. — fsk, a. conic. 

Kona, f, strumpet. 

Koncept, n. concept, sketcli. förlora 

conceptema, .to foe at a nonplus. 

-papper, n. copy-paper. 
Koncert, m. concert. 
Kondensator, m. condenser. 
Kondition, f, condition; situation, 

place, -era, V» n. to serve, to hold 

a situation* —erad, a. conditioned. 
Konditor, m. confectioner, -i, n, con»^ 

Konfekt, m, confect, sw^eetmeat, comfit. 
Konferens, m. conference, parley. 

Konflskjlation, f, seizure, -era, v. 

a, to confiscate, to seize. 

Konfrontera, v. a. to confront. 
Konfas, a. confused, confounded. 
Kongress, m. congress. 
Konjak, m. cogniac, french brandy. 

Konjug||ation, /". conjugation, -era^ 

V, a. to conjugate. 
Konjunktur, W. conjuncture, crisis. 
Konkav, a. concave, -itet, f, coo* 

Konkordans, /".concordance. 
Konkurr||ens, f» concurrence, corapco 

tition. -ent, m. competitor, -era^ 

V. n, to compete with. 
Konkurs, m. concourse of creditors, 
bankruptcy. — massa, f. bankruptcy- 

Konnossement, n. bill of lading. 
Konservera, v, a. to conserve, to pro* 

Konsignation, f. conslgment. 
Konsistllens, f, consistency. -oriuHi, 

n. consistory. 
Konsol, m. console ; pier- table. -Idera» 

V. a. to consolidate. 
Konsonant, m. consonant. 
Konst, /■. art ; artifice; trick, -gjord^ 

a. artificial.» -grepp, 71. knack; 

trick, artifice, -handlare, m. dealer 

in works of art; print-seller. — igj Ö» 

artful, skilful, artificial; odd, strange. 

—kabinett, n. cabinet for curiosities. 

—la, V, n, to use tricks, to practise 

indirect methods^ —lad , a. affected. 

I -lös, a. artless, -makaro*, m., 

124 Konstmästare 


juggler ; intriguer. -mästare ^ m. 

engineer, —när 5 m. artist, artisan. 

-ord, n. technical term. -rik, a. 

ingenioug, artful, skilful. 
Konstapel, W. constable; gunner. 
Konstellation, m. constellation, aster- 
Konstitution, m. constitution, fisra. 
Konsul, m. consul, —at, n. consulship. 
Kousnment, m. consumer. 
Kontant, a. ready, lo ready money. 
Konto, n. account. 
Kontor, n. counting-roonit office. — Ist, 

m. clerk. 
Kontra||band , m. contraband goods. 

—bas, m. thorough-bass; (instr.) 

double baas. — dans, tn. contra-dance. 

-lient, m. contractor, -hera, v. a. 

to contract, to stipulate, -märke, 

fl. (på teatern' etc.) check, -order, 

fln. countermand, -punkt, m. coun- 

Kontrakt, a. paralytic, palsical. -, 

n. contract, convenant. 

Kontrast^ w»» contrast, -era, v. n. 

I to contrast, to set off. 

Kontroll, m. control, -ör, m. con- 

Kontur, m. outline. [tro! ler. 

Konung, Kung, m. king; T. re^ulus. 
-ahus, n. royal family, -am akt, 
f, royal authority, -amord, n. re- 
gicide, -amördare, m. regicide. 
-arike, n. kingdom, -spira, f. 

lousewort. — slig, a. royal, kingly. 

Kopi||a, f. copy, -era, v. a. to copy. 

—st, 7W. copier, transcriber. 
Kopp, m. cup. -a, v. a. to cup, to 
scarify. — glas , n. cupping - glass. 

-horn, n. cupping-horn. -jern, n. 

Kopplla, f. pock, pustule, "koppor t 

pl. smallpox, -ympniug, f. inocu. 

latioD of the smallpox. — urr , n. 

pockhole. -ärrig, a. pitted with the 

Koppar, m. copper, -äktig, a. cop. 

perish, bra^^ssy. —erg, m. verdigrise. 

-grufva, f. copper-mine. -haltig, 

a. coppery, -kärl, n. copper-vessel. 

-malm, m. copper-ore. -myut, n. 
copper- coin; -Orm y m, blindworio ; 

the serpent of brass. -press, W. 
rolling-press, -rök, m. ashes con- 
taining copper, -slagare, m. cop. 
persmith, brazier. -Stlck , n en- 
graving on copper, print, -stickare, 
«2. engraver, -tryckare, m. copper- 
plate-printer, -tråd, m. copper-wire. 

Koppel, n. couple, -bräde, -spel, n 


Koppl||a, V. a. to couple. -, v. n. to 
pimp, to pander, to bawd, —are, m. 
pander , procurer. — eri , n. bawdry. 
-erska, f. procuress. 

Koppskatt, m. head-pence, capitation. 

Kor, n. chorus, choir, quire; chancel, 
choir. — al, 771. choral-song. 

Korall, m. coral, -fiske, n. fishing 
of corals. — mOSSa, f coralmoss, 

Korf, m. pudding, sausage." -horn, 
n. funnel used in stuffing puddings. 

Korg, ra. basket, få korgen, to get 
the basket, to meet vith a refusal. 
-pil, m. osier, -stol , m. wicker- 
chair, -säng, /. wicker-bed. 

Korinter, pi. currants. 

Kork, m. cork; stopple of a bottle. 
—a, V. a. to cork, to stop with a kork, 
-ad, a. dull, stupid, -skruf, m. 
corkscrew. — skärare, m. corkoutter. 
-sula, f. corksole. -träd,w. corktree. 

Korn , n. barley ; corn ; grain . sight. 

-blick,-blixt, n. lightning, -blom- 
ma, f. cornflower, blue bottle, -bod, 
f, granary. — bräuvin, n. cornbrandy. 
-bröd, n. barley-bread, -gryn, n. 
barley -groats. — ig> 0. granulary. 

-jude, m. cornjew. -knarr, m. 

corncrake, -lärka, /".bunting.-mask, 
771. cornworra, mite, —mjöl, n. barley- 
flower, -skrika, /. jay. 

Korp, 771. raven. 

Korrektur, n. correction ; proof, läsa 
— , to. correct the preaa. —ark , n. 
proof. sheet, —läsare, 771. corrector. 

Korrespondllens, /. correspondence. 
-era, v. n, to correspond. 

Korridor, m. corridor, gallery. 

Kors-, n. cross; crossbar; loin, reins; 
orois, Afflieti«o, calamity. -, i. grant 




me m«roy! bless me! -band 5 n. 
crossband. -båge, m. ogive, -bä- 
rare, m, cros3bearer; sufferer, -fa- 
lare, m, crusader. — fisk, m. ruddy 
purple sea-star. — formig", a. cruci- 
form , orosöwise. — f iista , V. a, to 
crucify. — fästning* ^ f, crucifixion. 

-gång, m, crosswalk, -kål, m. 
burwort, pilewort. — messa, f. holy- 
rood - day. —näbb , m. crossbeak. 
-riddare, m. knight of the cross. 
—snitt, n. crucial incision. —Spin- 
del, m. hazelspider. -tecken , n, 
sign of the cross, —tag, n. crusade. 

-verksbyggnad, f. house built with 

timber and bricks. — vis, ad. cross- 
wise, across. — väg, m. cross way. 

Korsa, v. a. to cross, to sign with the 
cross. - ofver, to cross out. — sig, 
V. r. to cross one's self; to bless one's 
self; to take care and pay one's self, 
to right one's self. 

Korsar, m. corsair. 

Korsett, m. corset, jumps, bodice. 

Kort, a. short, brief, concise. — om 
hufvudety hotheaded. Vinan -, ere 
long, komma till korta, to come 
short. -buk,7?i. marmotfish. -eligen, 
ad. shortly, briefly, in a few words. 
—hot, f. shortness, brevity, concise- 
ness. -Synt, a. shortsighted, -synt- 
het, f. shortsightedness. 

Kort, n. card, spela -, to play at 
cards, —blad, n. single card, leaf. 
-fabrikör, m. cardmaker. -lek, 
m. a pack of cards, -papper , n. 
paste-board. -Spel, n. card-playing, 
game of cards. -Spelare, m. player 
at cards. 

KOS, f. way. gä sin — , to go away. 
—a, f. course, way. 

Kost, m. fare, board, -föraktare, 

m. despiser of common fare, dainty 
feeder. -gängarc,77l. boarder, -håll, 
n. board, table, —lag, 71. company 
at table, -penningar, m. pL board- 
K0St|[a, V. a. to cost. - p^, to be- 
stow cost upon. — Ut y to expend. 
—bar, a. costly, precious. — fti, a. 

cost-fi-ee. -lig, .a. costly; rich, dainty; 
sumptuous. — nad, f. charge, expense. 

-nads förslag, n. estimate, -sam, 

a. chargeable, expensive, costly. 

Kostyra, m. costume, -era, v. a. to 


Kotlett, m. roasted rib: cutlet, chop. 

Kotte, m. cone. 

Koxa, v. n. to look, to gaze. 

Krabat, m, devil of a fellow. 

Krabba, f. crab. 

Kraf, n. pretension, claim, demand.^ 

Krafla, v. n. to crawl, to grope. 

Krafs, 71. trifles, things of no moment. 
-a, V. ,d. to scratch. - åt sig , to 
draw to one's self. 

Kraft, 771. vigour, force, strength, power. 
laga — , legal sanction, i — af, by 
virtue of. -full, -!g, a. powerful, 
energetical, efficacious. -1ÖS, a. pow. 
erless , ineffectual, -lösliet , f. ira» 
potence , invalidity , ineffectual ness. 
-Ord, n. energetic word. -SOppa, 
f. gravy soup. -Vnnnen , a. legal 

Krage, m. collar, cape; top. 

Kragilsten, m. corbel, -stöfvel, m. 

top-boot. [wretch. 

Krake, m. lumber; bad horse; poor 
Krakel, n. brawl, quarrel. 
Krakmandel, m. cracking almond. 
Kram, a. bailing, sticking. — snö, 

wet snow. 
Kram, n. goods, merchandise, det 

tjenar i hans -, tiiat will serve his 

turn, -bod, f. shop, -handel, m, 

mercery, -handlare, m. mercer. 

Krama, v. a. to squeeze, to press, to 

Kramp, m. cramp. -a, f. cramp, 
crampiron, staple, -aktig, a. spas- 
modical, -flsk, m. cramp-fish, tor. 
pedo. —hosta, f. convulsive cough. 
-åder, f. varix. [m. T. cat-head. 

Kran, m, crane, lock -cock, -balk, 

Krank, a. sick. 

Krans , fn. garland , wreath ; cornice. 

—a, V. a. to wreath, to crown. 
Krapp, m. madder. 
Kras, ad. asunder, in pieces, —ft, t? 

71. to crackle. 




SrasljJA^ V. n. to labour under some 
difficulty. - sig fram, to make a 
pc^or shift to live, —are, OT. .valetu- 
dicarian, — i^j a. feeble, decrepit. 
— ighetj /. weakness. 

Krasse^ m, eresa, dittander. 

KratSy m. scraper; wad-hook, worm; 
gunworm. —a , v, a. to scour with 
6 worm. — kläde, to nap. — ull, 

- to card. — ut , to pull out with a 
worm, —borst©, m. acratohor. 

KratS, n. waste, rubbish (of metal). 

Krattftj f. rake, —j V. a. to rake, to 
scrape, to scratch. 

Kravel, n. carvel-work, caravel. 

Kraxa, v. n. to crow, to caw. 

Kreatur, n. creature, animal. 
Kredit, tti.. credit, pä — , upon credit. 

—era, v. a. to credit; to give on 

credit, — iv , n, credentials , letter of 

Krets, m. circle, sphere, orbit, -lopp, 

n, circular course, ciroulation. 

Krevera, v. n. to burst. 

Kri, n. T. gripe. 

Krig", n. war. -a, V. n. to war, to 

make war. * -aiide y a. belligerent. 

-are, m. warrior,, -isk, a. warlike, 


Kri^silaga, f. military discipline, -ar- 
tiklar, 77». yl. martial law. -folkj 
71. soldiery, troops, forces, -fot, 771. 
state of war. -fållge, m. prisoner 
of war. -förklaring, f. declaration 
of war= -förnödenhet, f. anomu- 
nition. — g^ud, vi. god of war, Qlars. 
-gärd, -hjelp, r/l. contribution of 
war. -hjelte, m. hero, -här, 771. 
arruy, host, '-kamrat, VL, fellow- 
soldier, -kassa, f, military cusli. 

-knekt, 771. soldier, -kollegium, 

n, war-olfice. -konst, f. military 
art. -kostnad, f. expenc&s of war. 
—lag , 77i. law of war , martial law. 
-lycka, f. chance of war. -niakt, 
m. array, -man, m. warrior. -putS, 
n. stratagem. -rUStning, f, military 
preparation, -råd, n. council of war; 
counsellor of war. — rättj n. court- 

martial, -skepp, /*. man of war, 
ship of war -skola, f. military 
school, -ståndet, n. tho military 
state, -tid, 7/1. time of war. -tjeiist, 
f. service, military expedition, -tåg, 
71. campain. —vetenskap, f. science 
of war. -väsende, fi. military affairs. 
-Öfning, f. military exercise. 
Krikon, 71. bullace. 

Kring, pron. about, -bjuda, v. a. 

to hand round, -bygga, v. a. to 
build round about, —bära, v a. to 
carry about, -böjd, a. spiral, -fa- 
rande, a. itinerant, rambling, -flu- 
ten, a. surrounded by water. -hvärf« 
Ta, 17. a. to surround, to beset, -lig- 
gande, a. lying round about, -räu- 
na, V. a. to invest, to beset, -segla, 
V. n, to sail round, -segling, f. 
circumnavigation, -sjllka, f. turn- 
sickness, -skansa, v a. to intrench 
all around, -skansuiug, f circum. 
vallation. -Skodd, a. shod on four 
feet , encompassed . edged ail around. 
—skära, V a. to round, to restrain, 
to limit, -sprida, v. a, to spread 
abroad. -Spridning, f dispersion. 

-strykande, a. va^dbond. -stänga, 
V. a. to enclose. -VHudrande, a. 
travelling about, itinerant. 

Kringla, f. cracknel. 

Krisk, a. somewhat sour or sharp. 

Kristall, m. crystal, -glas, ti cry. 
ötal-glass; crystal drinking-glass -isk, 
a. crystalline. -Isera, V. a. to 
crystallize. -isering, f. crystalli- 

Kristllen, if. & a. christian, -endoni, 

771. Christianity, christianism. -eilhet, 
f. Christendom. -Hg, ö. christian. 
— na, V. a. to christen. 
Krita, f. chalk. -, v a tu chaiu. 

Kriti||k, f, critic, -kast, 771. fault- 
finder, -ker, -kus, m. criticiser, re- 
viewer, -sera, v. a. to criticise, to 

censure. — sk , a. critical , captious, 
Krittil, 771. tumour arising on the neck 
Krog, 771. alehouse. [and throat. 

Krok, 77». hook; angle, Asking -book; 




CTOolcedness, curvature, compass, bend. 
-foent, a. crooklegged. -Igj «• 
crooked , bent , curve. — i^t 9 ad. 
crookedly. ~llniO, f, curve, curve 
line, -na, V. n, to grow crooked, 
to crook, to bend, -näbb, m. ja. 
biru. -näsA) f, acquiline nose, hook- 
nose. — ryggig", a. crookbaoked, 
hunchbacked, -rygglghet, f. gib- 
bosity. — vägj m. crooked way, round- 
about way. 

Krokodil, m. crocodile. 

Kroll-lilja, /". Turk's cap. 

Kronlla, f. crown ; corona, -blad, n. 
petal, -gnld, n. base gold, -hjort, 
m, hart. — prins, Wl. prince royal. 
-ptinsessa, f. princess royal, -ält- 
Skocka, f. artichoke. 

Eronoljbefallningsman, m. bailiff. 

-betjent, m. constable. -gOds, n. 

the king's domain, -hemmall, n. 

crownland. — märkO, n, crownmark. 

-tjuf, m. peculator, -tjufuad, f. 

depeoulation. -utskylder, m. pi. 

taxes paid to the government. — värdi, 

n. a prico fixed by public authority. 
Kronisk, a. cronic, cronical. 

Kropp, m. body, -sbyggnad, /". 

complexion, -sdel, m. a part of the 
body, member, -skraft, f. bodily 
strength. — sllg, a. bodily, corporeal. 
-Splikt, m. -SStraff, n. corporal 
punishment. — ås , m. the top of a 

Kroppdufva, f. cropper. 

KrOSSlla, v. a. to bruise, to crack, to 
crush, to fracture, to crash, —ning, 
f. bruise, contusion. 

Krabb||a, f. manger, crib, -bitare, 

m. crib-biter. 
Kruk||a, f. pitcher, pot, jar, urn ; cow- 
ard; creeper, wood-pecker. — makaro, 

m. potter, -makarelera, f. potter's 

clay, -russin, n. jar-raisins. 

Krull, m. very bad tobacco. 

KruUig, a, crisp. 

Krum , a, crooked ; T, compassing. 
—cirkel, m. callipers, spherical com- 
passes, —holts, —hult, n. compass- 
timber, -språsig, * . curvet, caper. 

Krnmpen, a. shrunken, contracted. 

Krus, n. mug"; ruffle; flounce, compli- 
ments, utan — , without ceremony. 
-a, V. a, to curl. — , V. n. to use 
too much compliments, -bräde, n. 
graining-board. -bär, n. gooseberry. 
— erlig, a. ceremonious, -flor, n. 
crape, -hufvud, n. curly head ; odd 
fellow, -ig, a. curled, -jern, n. 
curling-iron, —kål, w. crisped cole- 
wo/t. -mynta, f^ balm-mint, raackrel- 
mint, —sablad, m. succory. 

Krnt, n, gunpowder, -bruk, n. pow. 

dermill. — durk, m. powder-room. 

-fräsare, m, squib, -horn, n, 

powder-horn. — hus , n. powder- 
magazine, —kammare , m, room 
for powder, —mått, n. shot-charger. 
— Slanga, f. train of gun -powder. 
-torn, n. powder-magazine. — Yagn^ 
m, gunpowder-cart. 

Kry, a. lively, brisk, pert. 

Krycka, f, crutch. 

KryddIJa, f. spice, condiment. — , V. a. 
to spice, to season, -aktig, a. spicy, 
aromatic. — bod , f. grocer's shop. 
-gård, m. kitchen-garden, -kram- 

handel, m. spicery. -krämare, 
m. grocer, —låda, f. spicebox. —nej- 
lika, f, clove, -peppar, m. au- 
spice, -påse, m. sweetbag. -qvast, 
m. nosegay, -té, n. herb-tea. 

KrympJIa, v. a. to sponge. -, v. n. 
to shrink, to crimple. —ling, m. 
cripple, -ning, f, sponging; shrink- 
ing, contraction. 

Kryp) n. vermino, little reptile or In- 
sect, —a, V. n, to creep; to crawl; 
to cringe, -böna, f. french bean. 
-djur, n. reptile, -hål, W. creep, 
hole, shift, -skytt, m. poacher. 

Krysslla, v. n. to cruise, -are, m. 

cruiser, —rå, f. mizzen-topyard. -se- 
gel, n. mizzen-topsail. -stång, m. 
Krystija, V, a, to squeeze, to press. 
- sig, to strain one's self, -nilig, 
f, squeeze, pressure. 

Kråklja, f, crow, -fötter, m. ^?. 
pothooks, scxavvl. -lls.» «. crake- 




berry, black orowberry. —ÅYt^ m. 
tnfted vetch. 

Kråma sig", v. r. to bridle, to look big. 

Krångljel, n. trouble, trick, shift, -la, 
V.n. to play tricks- —lare, ra. cheater, 
shifter, —lig 9 CL. trickish , intricate. 

Krås, n. frill, ruffle; tripes. 

Kräftilft) f. crab, crawfish , T. cancer. 
— ftktig^ —artad, a. cancrine ; can- 
cerous, —gång", W. retrograde move- 
ment. gå kräftgången, to miscarry. 
-klo, m. cla-w of a crawfish. — skada, 
f. cancerous affection . inveterated vice. 
-smör, n, crabs butter. -steD, 
m. crab's eye. — sår , n. cancerous 

Kräfdstinn , a. high in the instep, 
haughty, arrogant. -va, f. craw, 
Icrop , gizzard. -, V, CL. to demand, 
to require. 

Kräk, n. little creature, reptile. 

Kräkljas, v. d. to vomit, -niedol, 

n, vomit, emetic, -pulver, tl. emetic 
powder. -rOt, /. ipecacuanha. —Salt, 
n. emetic tartar. 

Kräk la, /. twirling-stick. 

Kräla, v. n. to crawl, to creep. 

Kxamallre , m. shopkeeper, retrailer. 
— eri, n. shopkeeping, mercery. 

Krämplla, f. complaint, ailment, in- 
disposition, -ig 5 a. sickly , indis- 

Kranglla, v. a. to heel, to heare down. 
-, V. n, to heel, to leefall. —ning, 
f, careening; heeling. 

Kranklja, v. a. to violate, to mortify, 
to infringe; to defiour, to debauch; 
to corrupt, to invade, to derogate 
from, —ning, f. violation, infringe- 
ment; debauching, stupration. 

Kraslllig, a. delicate, dainty. — llghet, 
f. delicacy, daintiness- -magad, a. 
dainty ; squeamish. 

Krogljave, m. alehousekeeper. -eri, 
W. alehousekeeping. 

Krok'ila, v. a. to bend, to make crooked. 
— sig. to wind, -ning, f, winding, 
turning*; curve, eurrity. 

Krön, n. crest. 

Kran'ja, u. a. to crown; fmdtt, mdl 

ocji vig t J, to gauge ; (trm), to mark. 
-ing, f. coronation; gauging. 

Krönika, f. chronicle, -skrifvare, 

rti.. chronicler. 
KrÖS, n. mesentery and intestines of a 
calf, tripe. — Saft, m. gastric juice. 

Knb, m. cube, -ikniått, n. cubic 
measure. — ikrot, f. cubic • root. 
— isk, a. cubic. 

Knbb, m. block, -hvete, n. duck- 

Knbeber, m. cubeb. (bill-wheat. 

Kudde, m. cushion, pillow. 

Knfr^, V, a. to check, to curb, to -sup- 
press, to subdue. 

Kngellack, n. round lac. 

Kugglla, V, a. to cog, to cheat; to 
pluck. — e, m. cog. -bjul, n. cog- 
wheel, (cow, to annoy. 

Knjon, m. coward, ^era, v. a. to 

Knl, m. T. fair wind. 
Knljja, fojien, cave, cavern; ball, globe, 
sphere; bullet, shot; ballot; bump. 

-back, m. T. shotiocker. -form, 

171. buUetmould. -formig, a. glo- 
bular, —spruta, f. mitrailleuse. 

Knlen, a. chiU, chilly, bleak. 

Kuliss, m. side-scene, slip, wing. 

Knll, m. brood, hatch, barn af förste 
kullen, children by the first marriage. 

Knll, ad. down, -bytta, f. somer- 
set, flying top over tail. 

Knlle, m. crown, top; hillock. 

Kullerstenar^ m, pL roller», bowlder- 

Kullfallande, n. falling down. 

KuU^lla, V. Ö. to fell, to cut down. 

KuUig, a. hilly, hilled; hornless. 

Kullkasta, v. a. to overthrow, to 
overturn , to subvert ; lo disannul , to 

Kullopp, n. T. barrel. [defeat. 

Kullrjla, t;. a, & n, to roll, -ig, 
a. round, convex, »ighet, f, round- 
ness, convexity. 

KultiTCra, v. a. to cultivate. 

Kultje, m. breeze, a gentle gale. 

Kultur, f. culture, civilization. 

Kummel, n. a mark to direct naviga 
tors, -tunna, f, T. canbuoy. 

Kummin, w. cumin, caraway. 

Kuubar^ a. cotoriQos, kiKm-n. 


Knnd^ m, customer. 

Kundvaktare, m. T. waistrope, boat's. 

Knngr etc., s. Konnngr etc. fguy. 

KungÖrjja, v. a. to make known, to 
notify, to declare, to publish, to ad- 
vertise, —else, f, publication, notifl* 

Kuinilia, v. n. & a, to can, to be able, 
to have power; to know, to under« 
stand. ~ig, Ö8. known, notorious; 
intelligent, skilled, cunning, 

Kunskap, f, skill, knowledge; notice, 
information, intelligence. — ftj V. Ct. 
to spy, to scout, —are, m. spy, scout. 

Kup||a, f. a round protuberance, boss ; 
case, box. -, V. a. to mould. — 
växter, to lay earth round the stem 
of a plant, -ig', a. bossed, bellied; 

Knpong", m. coupon, dividend-warrant. 

Knr, m. cure; centry-box; coverture, 
tilt, -släde, m. a covered sledge. 

Enra, v. n. to juke. 

Kurant, a. current. 

Kura||tel, n. guardianship, -tor, m. 
curator, guardian, trustee; assignee of 
a bankrupoy. 

Kuybits, m. gourd. 

Kurfurste, m. elector, -ndome, n. 

Kurir, m. courier. [electorate. 

Kurra, f. dungeon. 
Kurra, v. n. to rumble, to croak. 
Kurs, m, course i exchange, course of 

Kursivstil, m, T, italic letters. 
KurtagO, n. brokerage. 

Kurtis, m. caressing, -era, V. a, to 

flatter, to coax. 

Kusa, kuscha, v, n. to crouch, to 

Kusin, m. & f. cousin. [lie down. 

Kusk, m. coachman, —ft, v. a. to 
coach, to drive a coa'ch. — omkring, 
to post about, -bock, 771. coachbox. 

Kuslig, a. gloomy. 

Kussa, f, blenny. 

Kust, m, coast, shore, -bevarar©, 

771. guardship. -fftrare, m. coaster. 
Kustod, m. T. catchword. 
Kutryggig, a. humpbacked. [cutter. 

Kutter, w. cutter, -brigg, m. brig- 
Swedish'English DicU 



Knttra, v. n. to croo, to ooo. 

Kuvert, n. cover, envelope; knifd and 
fork, -era, v. a. to envelop. 

Kyckling, m. chick, chicken, -^hona» 
f. clucking-hen. 

Kyffe, n. hut, hovel. 

Kyl|la, f, coolness, ohillness. —, V. CI. 
to cool, to chill, -fat, n. keel-fkt, 
cooler, -ig, a. chilly, -slä, v. a. 
to take the chill off. »sår^ n, chil- 
blain, kibe. 

Kyller, m. buff waistcoat, -färg, m, 
martial ochre, yellow ochre. 

Kylsa, f. cluster, bunch. 

Kyndel, m. savory, summer-savory» 
-smessa, f. candlemas. 

Kynne, n. temper of mind, disposition. 

Kyp, m. coop ; dier's tub, boiler, -are, 
771. wine-cooper, cooper ; waiter. — 6rtj 

m. twills, -ra, v. a. to twill. 
Kyrassier, m. cuirassier, troop«r. 
Kyrka, f. church. 
Kyrkoljbetjent, m. clergyman, -bok, 

/". churcli-book. -bänk, m. church. 
bench, pew. — bÖn, f. common prayer, 
-falk, m, kestrel, -fäder, m. pi, 
fathers, -föreståndare, m. church. 

warden, -författning, f, church, 
ship, —gods, 11. ohurohiand, income. 
—gång, m. going to church ; church- 
ing. Jungfru Marie -, the purifi. 
cation of Saint Mary, -gård, m. 
church-yard; cemetery, -herde, m, 
parson, rector, -llistorle, f. eccle. 
siastio history, -lag , m. canonlaw. 
-möte, n. council, synod, -ord» 
ning, f. agenda, ritual, chucch-dis. 
oipline. -plikt, m. penance; church, 
fine, -rån, n. sacrilege, -skrud. 
m. church-attire. -Stadgft, f. church- 
ordinance, canon. —Staten» W. tho 
pope's dominion. — stol, m. pew. 
-tagning, f. churching, -tjufnad, 

f. sacrilege. — tOrn, n. churchsteeple. 

-väktare, m. sexton, beadie. -vard, 

m. church- warden, -väscnde, W. 
ecclesiastical giffairs. —år, 7i, eccle- 
siastical year. 
Kysk, a. chaste. -Iiet, f, chastity. 

Kyss, m, kiss, buss, -a, v, a. i« 




kiss, t« bn». -as 9 V. d, ta kisi 
etich other. 

Kådlla, f. resin, gum. -aktig, ~Ig, 

a. guramy, resinous. 

Kåk, m. whipping.poit. -stryKa, v. 
a. to fustigate, -strykning, f. 

lashing, fustigation. 

Kål, ra, cabbage, -blad, n. cabbagtt. 
leaf, -frö, 71. cabbage-seed. -gårii, 
n. cabbage. garden. -liufvud, 71. 
cabbage -head. -rabS, m. turnip- 
cabbage. — rot, »Ti. turnip - rooted 
cabbage. -StOCk, 7W. cabbage-stalk. 

Kåpa, f, cope, a short cloak. 

Kåpllgräs, w. -ört, f. lionpaw. 

Kår, 771. corps, body. 

Kåre, m. breeze. ^ 

Kåt, a. libidinous, lewd, lasoivous, goat* 
ish. —het, /. lewdness. 

Käbbjjel, n. squabble, petty quarrel. 
—la, V. .71. to squabble, to quarrel. 

Käck, a. brave, brisk; able, -het, 
f. bravery, stoutness, alacrity. 

Käfling , ' 771. small roundish billet of 

Käft, m, jaw, chap, chop. 

Kägelljbana, f, bowling-green, skittle- 
ground. — formig, a. conical, coni- 
form, -klot, 71. bowl, -lek, m. 
a set of ninepins. — Spel, n. nine- 
pins, play at skittles. 

Kägla, f, cone; piij, skittle, spela 
käglor, to play at ninepins. 

Käk, 771. jaw. -ben, n, cheekbone. 

Källja, V. n, to freeze, to congeal. 
-drag, n. the thawing of the earth 
in spring, -e, 771. frost, -ning, f, 

Kälkborgare, 771. cit, mMn citizen. 
Kälke, m. sledge. 

Käll||a, /. fountain, spring, source. 
-frö, n. common frog, -krasse, 

771. water- cresi. -salt, n. pit -salt. 
-språng, 71. fountain-head, well- 
spring. — yatten, n, spring • water, 
Källar||6, tti. cellar; tavern, -hal 8, 
771. raezereon, spurge-laurel. — lucka, 
f. cellar-door, -mästare, 771. tavern- 
keeper, butlar. -Stoga^ /. room for 

gtttsti. -svale, m. penthensa of a 
cellar. -SVen, m. tapster, drawer. 

Kalt, n. botheration, -a, v, n, to 

Kältring, 771. wretch, rascal, scoundrel, 

Kämplia, v, n. to contend , to contest, 
to vie, to struggle, -ande, n. con. 
tention, struggle. -6, 771, champion, 

Kängor, f. pL buskins, half-boots. 

Känguru, tti. kangaroo. 

Kiinn|!a, v. a. to know, to discern; t© 
understand ; to f«el ; to try ; to handlt. 
— en skyldig, to find one guilty. — 
efter, to try ; to search after, to look 
after, det känner efter, it puts one 
hard to it. — för sig , - sig före, 
to grope oneV way. — igen, to know 
again. — miste, to mistake. — på, 
to feel; to try, to taste; to discern 
by. — till, to feel. — dt sig, to 
appropriate to one's self, kännas vid, 
V, d, to own. —are, m. connoisseur, 
knower. -bar, a. sensible, -edom, 

771. knowledge. -emärke,-etecken, 

n. mark, token, sign, character, -ing, 
f. feeling. — Spak, a. quick of knowing. 

Känsel, tti. feeling, touch, draga - 
på någon, to recollect one. 

Känsl|{a, /. feeling, sensation, sense, 
sensibility., -ig, a. sensible. -Ighet, 
f, sensibility, -ofull, a. sensible. 
-Ofuilhet, f. sensibility. -0IÖS, a, 
insensible. — olöshet, f. insensibility. 
-OSam, a. sensible, tender. -OÖlU- 
het, f. sensibility, tenderness. 

Käpp, m, stick, staff, cane, -band, 

n. cane-ribbon, —knapp, 771. cane» 
head, -rapp, n. -släng, 771. stroke 
with a stick. 

Kär, a. dear, beloved, agreeable, sweet, 
pleasant ; enamoured, smitten with love. 
vara - t, to be in love with, hdlla 

' -, to cherish, to be fond of. det är 
mig kärt, I am glad of it. -aste, 
?7i. lover, sweetheart, -esta, f. sweet- 
heart, mistress, love, -koninien, 
ad. welkome. -ligj a. amorous; 
amiable, kind, -lighet, f. kindness, 


Karlla, v. n. to sua another at law, to 
indict, -an, -ande, n. action ente- 
red. -ailde, m. & a. plaintiff, in- 
dicter. -OniåJ, n. action, indictment, 
cause, impeachment. 

Karf, a. rough, harsh, -liet, f. harsh- 

Iviirfre, in, sheaf. [ness, roughness. 

Käring, f, old woman, hag; balistes. 
^aktig*, a. womanish, effeminate. 

-krok, m, foil, trip, -saga, f. 

tale of a tub. -tänder, birds. 

Kärl, n. vessel. foot-trefoil. 

Kärlek, m. love, affection. 

Kärleksllbref, n. love-ietter. -dryck, 
m. philtre, love-potion, -full, a. amo- 
rous , full of love; kind, charitable. 
-förklaring, f, declaration of love. 
-gudinna, f. goddess of love, Venus. 
-Iiandel, m." amour, intrigue, -hi- 

fitoria, /. love-tale, -händelser, 

m. j)l. loves. -1ÖSJ, a. uncharitable, 
loveless^ inhumane, -losliet, f, lo- 
Telessness. -tankar, 7^. ^Z. amorous 
reveries, -verk, n. work of charity. 

-visa, /. love-sonsr. -äfventyr, n. 


Karnlia, /". kernel; pith; marrow, flower, 
quintessence. — frukt, m. kcrnelfruit. 
-full, a. full of kernels, pithy; ener- 
getic, solid, -has, n. core. -1ÖS, 
a. without a kernel ; without energy. 
-språk, n. apophtegra; pithy Ian- 

Kärnlla, f. churn. -, v. a. to churn, 
to raak» butter, -farsk , a. fresh 
froro the churn, -mjölk, f. butter- 
milk, -stång, f. churn-staff. 

Kärr • n. fen, marsh , morass , moor, 
-aktlg, a. marshy, boggy, fenny. 
-hö, n. hard hay. 

Kärra, f. cart. 

Kattjlare, m, heretic, -eri, n. heresy. 
^-ersk, a. heretical. 

Kattja, f. lechery^ wantonness, lewd* 
ness. -S, V. d, to be libidinous. 

Käx a, V. n, u bother. 

Kök, n. kitchen. 

Kök8|,bord, n. kitchen-table. -gOSSe, 
fn, scullion, -knif, m. cook's knife. 
-kryddor, /. pi. kitchen . herbs. 



-kärl, n. kitohcn-fumiture. »latiu, 
m. dog's latin, -mästare, m. ma- 
stercook. —piga, f. kitchen - mcwd. 
-skåp, n. meat-safe, pantry, larder. 

-slef, 771. pot-ladle, -trädgård, 

m. kitchen-garden, olitory. 

Köl, w. keel; careen, lös—, false keel, 
-hala, V, a, to careen, to dock; to 
keelhaul, —herre, m. master of a 
merchant-ship, -runi, n, hold. -SVin, 
71, keelson, -vatten, n. wake, dead, 

Köld, m. cold, fi'ost; coldness. 

Kölna, /. idln. 

Kön, 71. sex; gender. 

Köp, n. purchase, bargain; price; tak- 
ing in. slå upp köpet, to break tho 
bargain, för godt — , at a low rate. 
taga pä öppet -, to take upon trial. 
gifva -, to abate of one's price, till 
köps, to be sold, -a, V, a. to buy, 
to purchase; to take in. -arO, Til» 
buyer, purchaser, -ebref, n. con- 
tract, bill of emption. — enska]||>, m. 
trade, buying and selling. — Ing, m, 
borough, -man, m. merchant. -Skil- 
ling, m. purchase-money, ^sla, V. 
n. to bargain, to merchandise. -Stad, 
m, market-town. 

KÖrila, V, a. é n. to drive; to carry. 
kör på, drive on. — vilse, to drive 
the wrong way. - af, to break off. 

— hort, to carry away ; to drive away, 
to turn oflf. - efter vatten, to bring 
water. — eTilot, to drive against. - 
fast, to be entangled. - i åkem^ 
to plough. - ifråji, to turn out of. 

— ill, to thrust in; to carry in. — 
in hos någon, to call upon one. — 
omkull, to overset. -^ på, to drive 
on; to hurry on. -r Upp, to start; 
to make one get up. — ut , to rido 
out; to turn out. — öfver , to pass 
over , to driv« over. —ande , n, 
-ning, /*. driving, riding, carriage, 
course. —are, m, carrier, driver. 

-fågel, m. goosander, -redskap^ 

n. carriage, vehicle. -Sel, m. carri» 
age. -SYen , 771. driver, coachmail» 
-väg, m. road, common way. 




Körfvel, n, chervil. 

Körii.'), v, a. to gvanulat«. - malm, 
to pound ore. 

Körsbär, n. cherry. 

Körsnär, m, furrier, skinner. 

Körtel, m. glandule: nodule, -aktig, 
a. glandulous. 

Kött, n. flesh, meat; pulp; •concu- 
piscence. 6ii/*ya —, to incarn. —aktig", 
a, like flesh; pulpous. -1)0(1^ f. 
shambles, -full, a. plump, -färg, 
m. carnation. -Jg, a. fleshy, -kllif, 
in. chopping . knife. — korf, in, sau- 
sage. -Ill at, m. fleshmeat. -mail- 
glare, m. fleshmonger. -SlJg, a. 
carnal, lustful, fleshy. köttsliga 
.syskon f brothers and sisters by the 
same father and mother. -SOppfi, 
f. ,beofsoup. -spad, 11. broth, -sår, 
n. flesh-wound. -tråd, 7n. fibre. 
-växt, m. fleshy excrescence, -ätau- 
d©, a. carnivorous. -ätftTO, m. 
carnivorous animal. 

Labb, 77Z. paw. 

Labbo, m. a kind of sea-gull, mew. 

Labor[|atorluni, n, laboratory, -era, 

V. n. to suffer, to drudge; to virork 

in chemistry. 
Labyrint, m, labyrint, maze. 
Lack , n. sealing-wax. -a , V. a, to 

seal, —era, v. a. to lacker, to jap^an. 

-erare, m. vamisher. -ering, f. 

varnish. — fernissa, f, lacker, lac» 
varnish, -mus, W. litmus. 

Ladlla, f. bam. -ngolf, n, thrashing, 
floor, barn-floor. -ngård, m, dairy, 
farm ; fjvm - yard ; stock of cattle. 
-ngiirdspiga, f, maid for the cattle. 
-USVala, f, chimney-swallow. 

Laddlja, V, a. to charge; to load. 
— ning, f. charging; charge; cargo, 
lading, -skyflel, m. gun-stick, ladle. 
-stake, -stock, m, r»m-rod, gun- 

Laf, m, lichen, (stick. 

Lafve, m. couch. 

Lag, n, layer, bed, stratum; course; 
tire ; broadside. 

Lag, n. order; custom, mannej; satis» 
faction, contentment; company: enter- 

Lag, ad, about, vid -, about, hvar 
vid — ? whereabout? sä vid -, there- 

La^, m, di^eootion; lie, buck, pickle. 

Lag, m. law; statute, -bok, f. law. 
book, code. —a, a, lawful, legal. 
-brott, n. violation of the law. 
-bry tare, m, one who breaks the 
law. -bunden, a. bound by law; 
convicted, -enlig, a. legal, -fara, 

V. a. to proceed according to law. 
-faren, a. skilled in the law. -fa- 
renhet, f. jurisprudence. -fart, 
m. lawsuit, legalization, -fråga, f. 
question of law. -fången, a. law- 
fully acquired, -fästa, V. a. to con- 
firm by law. -föra, V. a. to sue 

at law. -förslag, n. bill, -gill, 
-giltig, a. good in law, enacted. 
—grann, a. nice, minutely cautious. 
— grannhet, f, niceness, minute 
exactness, —karl, on. learned in the 
law. —krönt, a. legally crowned. 
—lig, a. legal, lawful, conformable to 
the law. -ligliet, f. legality, lawful* 
ness. -likinätig^ a. conformable to 
law. -lydig, a. obedient to the 
law. -lydnad, /*. obedience to the 
law. -lös, a. lawless, -lösliet, f, 
lawlessness, illegality. —man, w. 
superiour judge in the country. -inanS" 
rätt, 7n. superiour court in the coun- 
try, -saga, f, jurisdiction, district. 
-Skipning, f. administration of ju- 
stice, -stadd, a. lawfully hired. 
-stiftande, a. lawgiving, legislative. 

-Stiftare, m. legislator, -stiftning, 

f. legislation. -stll, TU. juridical 
style, -stridig, a. contrary to law. 
-IStridigbet, f. unlawfulness, ille- 
gality, -sökning, /'. lawsuit, -tima, 

a. ordinary, -vadd, a. moved to 
another court, -verk, n. legislation. 

-vridare, -vrängare, m. petti- 


fogger, chicaner. -VUnneU) a, cast 
in law, legally acquired. 

Lagila, V. a, to prepare, to dress, to 
take care; to mend, to repair. — så 
att, to take care that. - om elden, 
to mend the fire. - om en sjuk, to 
tend a sick person. — om sig, to 
make much of one's self. — till , to 
make preparation. — sig till, to pre- 
pare one's self to. - upp, to fit up, 
— sig undan, to get one's self pack- 
ing, -ning, f, mending, reparation; 

Lagd, a. having a disposition for. 

Lager, m. laurel, -blad, n. bay-leaf. 

-bär, n. bay. berry, -bärsträd, 

n, laurel-tree. -krans« W. laurel- 

Lager, n. stock, store; lager, stratum. 

Lagg, m. the border of a cask, -a, 
V. a. to hoop, -trä, n. staff, staves. 

LagOlH, ad. just enough, moderately. 
— , a. just, moderate, reasonable; fit, 
right, due. % — tidt in the very nick 
of time. 

Laka, v. n. to leak, to fall by drops, 

Lakan, n. sheet. [to gjve sap. 

Lake, w. burbot; pickle; juice; sap. 

Lakej, m. lackey, footman. 

Lakrits, W. licorice, lickerish. 

Laktuk, f. lettuce, garden-lettuce. 

Lall, -ande, n* stammering. 

Lam, a. lame; reckless; remiss; shal- 
low, —het, f, lameness: remissness; 
■want of elasticy. 

Lam, Lamm, n. iamb, -diger, a. 

with lamb. -Qärding, m, loin of a 
lamb, -kött, n. lamb's meat, -ma, 
V. n. to lamb, to ewe. -stek, m» 
roasted lamb's meat. -un8:6« m. 

Lampjja, f. lamp, -pntsare, m. 

lamp-lighter. -SOt, n. -STälta, f. 
lamp-black. -Yoke, 771. lamp-wick. 

Lampret, m. lamprey. 

Laua, f, kiddle. 

Laud, n. land ; county ; ground. Ian- 
dH , the country, gå i -, to go 
ashore, till lands, by land, gå i 
— med en sak, to cun-y one's point. 

Land tm an 


segla under landet, to sail along 
the coast, -a, V. n, to land, to go 
ashore, . -adel , m. country - gentry. 
-amäro, n, boundary, landmark. 
—gång, m. landing; gangboard, lan- 
diiig. bridge. -liafVe, m. bearded oat. 

-karta, f, map. -känning, /*. 

landfall, -rygg, m. ridge of a land. 
-skap, n. province, region, -skaps- 

målning, f, -skapsstycke, n. 
landscape. -Spole, m. (fågel) king- 
fisher, halcyon, -stiga, V. n. to 
land, to disembark. -Stigning, f. 
landing, descent, -storm, m. general 
levy. -Strykare, m. vagabond. 
-ständer, n. pi. the states of a 
province, -satta, V. a, to set ashore, 
10 land, -sättning, f. setting ashore. 
-vind, m. landturn, breeze of the 
land, -väg, m. way by land. 

LandsIJbygd, f. country, -flykt, m. 

banishment. -flyktig, a. exiled. 
-fred, m. the king's peace, -for» 
rädare, m. traitor to the country. 

-förvisning, f. banishment. -Iiorre, 

m^ sovereign, prince, lord. — lierrligj 
a. seigneurial, regal. -IlÖfding, m. 
governour of a province. -IlÖfding- 
döme, n. government, -lag, m. 
provincial law. -man , m. country- 
man, compatriote. -plåga, f. publip 
distress. — SOd, m. custom of a coun- 
try, -väg, m. highway, highroad. 
LandtybO, m. countryn)an, husband- 
man, —bruk, n. agriculture, hus- 
bandry, -brukare, m. husbandman, 
farmer, —dag, m. diet of a province. 

-egendom, m. landestate. -doma- 
re, -fogde, m. sheriff, -fllcka, /. 

country. girl. -folk, n. country- 
people, -gods, w. country-seat, ma- 
nor, -grefskap, n. landgravlate. 
-grefve, m. landgrave, -gård, 771. 
manor. -hUS, n. country-house, cot- 
tage, -hushållare, 711. husband- 
man, -hushållning, f. husbandry. 
-jnnkare, m. coantrysquire. -lef- 
nad, f. rural life, -lik, a. country- 
iike. -makt, /. land-forces; conti- 
nental powtr. -man, m. husband» 

134 Ländtmarstalk 


man, peasant. — luarslialK, m. spea- 
ker of the nobility at a diet. —Ilia- 
tare, m. geometer, -matei'l, n. 
measuring of land. -prest , m, 
country-parson, —råd, m, provincial 
counsellor. —Yarn, n. rarapart for a 
country; country-milice. 
LaBS, m. lance, -ett, 771. lancet. 

Lanterna, /". lantern. 

Lapp, 7n. piece, patch, botch, shred. 

-a, V. a. to patch, to botch, to cobble. 

—are, m. patcher, botcher. — i©, «. 

full of botches, -ri, n. trifle. 
Larf, m. mask ; caterpillar, larve. 
Larni, n, alarm, bustle, noise, —a, V. 

n. to make bustle. -klocka, f, 

alarm belL 
Lasarett, n. lazaretto, hospital. 
Lask, m. scarf, -a, v. a. to scarf; 

to. stitch. 
Lass, n. load, cartload, -a, V. n. to 

load. — aft to unload. 
Last, f. burden ; charge ; lading. ~a^ 

v. a. to load, to lade, -dragare, 
m. transport, storeship. -dryg, a. 
of great burden. -gammal, a. 
over-old. -penningar, w. jpL ton- 
nage-dues, —port, m. raftport. 

Last, 771. vice, -a, V. a. to blame. 
-are, m. slanderer, -bar, a. vi- 
cious, wicked. — barhet, f. vicious- 
ness. -full, a. full of vice, -värd, 
a. blaraable. 

Lat, a, lazy, idle: -^as , V. d. to be 
lazy. —het, f. laziness, idleness. 
-hund, m. a lazy fellow. 

Latin, n. latin, -are, m. latinist. 

Latverge, m. electuary. 

Lava, f, lava. 

Lavendel, m. lavender. 

Lavera, v. W. io tack, to laveer. 

Lavett, 771. carriage, gun-carriage. 

Lavin, tti. avalanch. 

Lax, m. salmon, -kar, n. -kista, 

f. salmon-pipe. -Öring, 77i. trout. 
Laxera, v. a. to purge. 
Lazur, -sten, m. azure-stone. 
Le, v. 71. to smile, to laugh. 
Led, a. odious, detestable, abominable, 

offensive, cross. I'dra sig ledt ät, 

to behave indecently. t Ijuft och 
ledt, in prosperity and adversity, —a, 
f. loathing, disgust, aversion. — as, 
V, d. ,Xo grow sad. — vid, to loathe 
a thing. -sam , a. tedious, dull; 
tiresome. -Samhet, /. irksomeness, 
trouble, -sen , a. weary. - vid, 
sick for. - ofver, angry for. -SUä, 
V, n. to grow weary. -SUad, f. 

Led, n, gate; file, rank; degree, order 
of lineage, generation, descent, sl'dgt- 
skaps — , degree of consanguinity. 

Led, m, joint; link, -band, n. lead- 
ing-strings; ligament, -brott, -n, 
luxation, dislocation, -gång, m. ar- 
ticulation, -knytning, /", rickets. 
-Snut, m, autumnfly. -vatten, 71. 
synovia. -^Vridning, f. luxation, 
disjointing, -värk, m. pain in the 
joints, gout. 

Led, f. way, course. 

Ledya, r. a. to lead, to conduct, to 
convey ; to deduce. — af, to carry 
off. — ifran, to lead from, to derive 
from. — ifrån sig, to clear one's 
self of. -are, m. leader, guide. 
—ning, f, way, direction, canal. 
-saga, V. a, to conduct, to guide. 
—sägande, n, conducting, guiding. 
— §;agare, m, conductor, leader, guide. 
-stjärna, f. guiding-star, -stång, 
771. rail. —tråd, 771. leading. line; 

Ledamot, m. member. . (guide. 

Ledig, «. vacant; at leisure, disen- 
gaged; easy, flexible, agile, free, —het, 
f.^ vacancy ; leisure ; unconstraint free» 
dom; easiness; flexibility, agility. 

Lefnad, f. life, -slopp, n. couta© 

■^f life. -SSätt, n. way of lif^ 

Lofra sig, v. r. to clot. 

Lefvlla, V, n. to live. - af, to live 
upon, to live of. — eficr ndgon, to 
outlive. — upp, to consume, to eat up. — 
lipp igen, to revive, to return to life. 
lef väl; farewell I lefve konungen f 
God save the King! -ande, a. living, 
alive, lively; T. shivering. — hock, 
quickset hedge. ^ vittne, eye-witnesa. 
-erne, n. life, course of life, behaviourJ 


Bfver, w. liver, -brun, a. liver- 

co loured, -fläck, m.llverspot, freckle. 
~korf, m. liver-sausage. -SJuka, f, 
hepalical disease. -Sten, m. hepa- 

tite. -tran, m. cod-oil. 

3g||a, v. a. to hire. - ut, to let out. 
-, 8. f. hire. -Ofolk , n. hired 
people. -Olijon, n. hired servant. 
Sgat, n. legacy. -, m. legate, envoy. 

-ion , f. embassy. -lonssekrete- 

rarOj m. secretary of an embassy. 

egera, v. a. to alloy. 

egitim, a. legitimate, -era, v, o. 

to legitimate, -itet, f. legitimacy, 
ejd, m. safeconduct. 
ejon, n. lion, -inna, f. lionness. 
-UUge, W. lion's whelp. 
ekj m. sport, pUy, fun, game; spaw» 
ning; copulation, -a^ V. a. <fe n. to 
play, to sport, to toy; to spawn. 
-ball, 771. playball, sport, -don, 

n. toys, -kamrat, m. playfellow. 

-saker, f. pL playthings, toys. 
-syster, f. playfellow, -tid, m. 
playtime; spawning - time ; coupling- 

ekamljen, m, body; corpse, -lig, 

a. bodily, corporeal. 
ekatt, m. weasel. 
leknian, m. layman, lalo. lekmän, 

pi. laity. [reader. 

iekt||ion, f. lesson, -or, m. lecturer, 
lem, m. limb, member, -lytt, -1Ö9, 

a. mutilated. 
<eniel, m- lemming, lemmus. 
<emn]|a, v. a. to leave, to deliver, to 

afford ; to relinquish ; to resign, —ing, 

f, residue, remnant. Umningar, pi. 

leavings, ruins. 

jen, a. soft, -a, v. a. to moiHfy, to 

soften, to thaw. — , V. 71. to thaw. 
-het, f. softness, lenity, -plåstor, 
n, mollifying plaster, -väder, 71. 
Leopard, m. leopard. 

[jer, n. ~a, f, clay, -aktig, a. 

clayey. -art, 771. species of clay. 
-bruk, n. mortar of clay, -grop, 
f. elay.pit. -ig, a. clayey, loamy. 
-JOrd, /. day.eoil. -kruka, {. 



earthen pot. -pipa, f, clay- pipe, 

earthen tobacco-pipe. 
Lerka, v. n. to proceed gently. - sig 

fram, to work one's way. - ur, to 

draw out of. 
Leta, V. a. to seek, to search, to look 

after. - igenom, to overhale. - upp, 

to search out. -» ut , to select from 

others; to sift; to sound; to pump; 

to trace out. 
Leyerilans, m. deliverance, consign. 

ment, purveyance. -era, V. a. to 

deliver, to purvey, to supply. — ha- 

talj, to give battle. 
Levkoja, f. gilliflower. 

Lexa, f. lesson. ~, v. a. fuppj to up. 

braid, to reprimand. 
Lexikon, n. dictionary. 

Libsticka, f. lovage. 

Licent, m. custom, duty. 

Lidlla, V. a. to suffer, to undergo, vara 

väl liden, to be well looked upon. 

-ande, a. suffering, passive. -, S. 

n. passion, suffering, loss, damage. 

-elig, a. tolerable, supportable, -el* 

se, /. passion. 
Lida, V» n. to go on, to pass. - till 

slut, to draw to an issue, - åt, to 

grow towards, det lider för honom, 

be Is a man of quick hands. 

Lider, n. shed. 

Lideriig, a. dissolute, loose, -het, 
f. debauchery, dissoluteness. 

Lie, 77». sithe. -Orf, n. handle of a 

Lif, n. life; body, waist, smal i lif- 
vet, small in the waist, slender, skep- 
pets -, latitude of a ship, -aktig, 
a. lively, -aktighet, f, liveliness, 
vivacity. -dragOn, w, dragoon of the 
body-guard. -Ogen, a. bond. -, S. 
m. bondman. -Cgcnskap, f. bond, 
age. -färg, 771. favourite colour; 
carnation, -färgad, a. incarnatine. 

-försäkring, f. life-insurance, -gar- 
de, 71. body-guards, life-guards. -gO- 

ding, 71. jointure, -gifvaiule, ex. 

lifegiving, vivifying. — hussurp 771. 
husar of the bodytjaard. -kusk, VI. 



chief coachman to a prince, -ll^» Ä. 
lively, sprightly, brisk, -lighet, f. 
vivacity, liveliness, sprightliness. —loyj 
a. lifeless. -lUedikuS, m. physician 
in ordinary, -moder, f. womb, -nära 
si J? 5 V. r. to get one's livelihood. 

-|)ftge, m. page in ordinary, -rege- 
mente 9 n. regiment of the body- 
guard, -rockj m. close coat, -ränta, 
f, life-annuity. -rätt, TTl. favourite 
meat, -sandar, m. pi, vital spi- 
rits. -Sfara, f. danger of life. 
-sfarlig, a. dangerous, mortal. 
-sfrilkt, f. fruit of the womb , foe- 
tus. -Skraft, /*. vital power, -sluft, 
m. vital air. -Smedel, n. provision, 
victuals. -Ssakj f. capital crime. 
-SStraff, n. pain of death, capital 
punishment, -stecken, n. sign of 
life. -Stid, m. lifetime, -styckc, 
72. corset, bodice. -SOppehälle, n. 
livelihood. — va, V. a. to animate, to 
enliven, to vivify, -vakt, m. life- 
guard. -Tas, V. d. to quicken. 

Liga^ f. league, covenant. 

I^i&olla^ V» '»• to lie; to lie abed; to 
sit; to be situated; T. to be frozen. 
-/"or ankar, to (lie) ride at anchor. 

— ihjäl , to overlay. — af sig , to 
pail. - hit to lie to. - efler nå- 
gon, to importune one. — for, to 
lie before; to occur. — hos någon, 
to lie with one. — l, to lie in. — 
inne, to keep within. — inne med, 
to be in with. — intill, to join to. 

— på, to lie upon, to rest upon; to 
push on. - qvar ofver natten, to 
stay night over. — ut ägg, to hatch. 

— ute, to lie abroad, —åt, to im- 
portune; to lead to. — ande, a. 
lying, situated. — ar©, m. hog's-head, 
tun, cask. -dagS, ad. bedtime. 
-edag, m. laying-day. -Ilöua, f. 
bvoodhen. -kärl, n. stilling- cask. 
—ställe, n. place of resf, place of re- 

LlgUSter, m. privet (plant). (pose. 

Lik, n. T. bolt- rope, rålik, head- 
rope, undra liket, foot-rope, stående 
liken, the leeches. 

liik, n. corpse, dead body. Stå -, to 


lie dead, to lie in state. -Ijegangelsö, 
f. exequies, -b.judare, m. inviter 
to a funeral, -bår, f. bier, hearse. 

-färg, m. death-colour, -kista, f, 
coffin, -lukt, f, death-scent, -mask, 
w. creeping ulcer, -predikan, f. 
faaeral sermon. -proce<?8, m. fune» 
ral procession. — Sten, m. gravestone» 
-StDd, -stol, m. mortuary, -sång, 
m. fqneral song. -tOrn , m. corn, 
angnaii. -torns-operator, m. corn- 
cutter, -vagn, m. hearse. 
Lik, a. like, equal, vara sig alltid -, to 
be always the same, —are, vn. gauge. — , 
a. more proper.-ar tad , a, homogeneous. 

-artighot, f, homogeneity, -bent, 

a. equicrural. —6, m. equal , match, 
fellow. -formig, a. conformable, 
congruous, -forniigliet, f. confor- 
mity, congruity. -giltig, a. indif- 
ferent, careless, cool, -giltighet, 
f. indifference, apathy. — godt, ad, 
all one. -het, f, likeness, resem- 
blance, conformity, equality. — hor* 
nig, a. equiangular, —lig, a, pro- 
per, fit. — mätig, a. conformable, 
according to. — mätighot, f, con- 
formity. — na, V. a. & n, to com- 
pave, to resemble, to liken. — na sig, 
V. r, det liknar sig, it seems, it 
looks as if. — sig vdl , to be likely 
to turn out well. -nelS8, f, com- 
parison, allegory; appearance, prospect. 
-nelseVJS, ad. by way of corapari- 
son, parabolically. —nöjd, a, indif» 
ferent. -nÖJdhet, f, indifference. 

-sidig, a. equilateral, -sinnad-, 
— sinnig, a, evenminded, equanitnous, 
of the same mind. -SOni, ad. as, 
as like, even as, just as. — ställig, 
a, conform, analogical. -Stämmig, 
a, harraonical, unisonous. — tldig, a. 
synchronical. —tidighet, f. isochro- 
nism, synchronism. — tydig, a. syn- 
onymous, -tydighet, f, synonymy. 
-Vinklig, a. equiangular, -vlsst, 
-väl, ad. yet, nevertheless, however» 
TJkft, ad. alike. - mycket, all one, 
ull a matter; no matter, i matters not. 
»''an, a. like, the same, -fullt, ad. 


nevertheless , notwithstanding, -le» 

des, ad. likewise, also, -lydande, 

a. confcfmable, correspondent , of the 
same tenor, -så, ad. so, as, likewise. 

Likta, V. a. - ett skepp, to lighten 
a ship, —re, m, lighter. 

Likör, m. liquor, strong water. 

Lilj a, f, lily, -ekonvalje, w. may. 

lily, lily of the valley. 

Lilllja, a. little, -finger, n. earfinger. 
-tå, m. little toe. 

Lim , n. glue, -aktig , a. gluish. 
-dränka, v. a. to size, -färg, m. 
liraewater-colour. —ma, v. a. to glue, 
to lirae, to agglutinate. — niig, a. 
gluy, glutinous, limy, -panna, f, 
gluepan, limepot. -SpO, n. -Stång, 
m. lime. twig, -vatten, n. lime- 

Limon, m. lemon. ->ade, m. lemo- 

Limpa, f. loaf. [nade. 

Liu, n. flax, -beredare, m. flax. 

dresser, -blår, f. pi. hards of flax. 

-bråka, (. brake, -dodra, /". cam. 
line, -frö, n. linseed, -garn, n. 

liuen-yarn. —kläde, n. linen • cloth. 
-knopp, m. flaxbud. -odling, f. 
cultivation of- flax, -olja, f, lin. 
seed-oil. -Skäkta, f, flaxbeater, 
swingle, -totte, m, flax put np to 
be spun, -väfvare, m. linen-weaver. 

Lina, f. line, rope. 

Lind, f. linden, lime-tree. 

Lindli'a, f. bandage, ligga i -^ (om 

jordj, to lie down, -ebarn, n. babe, 
-ekläder , 71. pi. swaddling-clothes. 
—orm, 7)1. ampbijbaena, dragon. 

Linda, v. a. to swaddle; to wrap, to 
wind. - ihopf to roll together. - 
om, päf of ver , to wrap round. — 
^l^Pi to unroll, to wind up. 

Lindansare, m. ropedancer. 

Lindare, m. tench. 

Liudrjia, v. a. to soften, to ease, to 
assuage, to mitigate, to alleviate, -ig, 
a. soft, gentle, mild, -iug, f. ease, 
alleviation, relief. 

Lineali, m. ruler, -menter, n. pi. 

lineaments, features. Iberry. 

^ingOD^ n. red whortleberry, red bil. 



Linie, f. line, stå i -, to stand in 

a row. -ra, V. a. to rule, -skepp, 

n. ship of the line. 
Li 11 k a, V. n. to limp, to halt. 
Linne, n. linen, -baud, n. tape. 

-fabrik , m. linen - manufactory. 

-klut, m. linen-clout, -kläde, n, 

linen-cloth. -kläder, n. Jpl. linen. 

-skaf, n. lint, pledget. 
Linn ing, m. wrist-band, hem. 
Lins, m. lentil; lens. 
Lip, m. blobber-lip. hänga lipen, to 

pout, -a, V. n. to pout, to weep. 

Liqvid, m. settling of accounts, -era, 

V, n. & a. to settle accounts, to pay. 
Lira, f. lyre. 

Lisa, f, ease, soothing. — , V. a. to ease. 
Lismjla, v. n, to flatter, to fawn, to 

praise falsely. ~ med, to fawn upon. 

-are, m. flatterer, -eri, n, flattery, 

Lispund, n. weight of twenty pounds. 
List, m. craft, artifice, fraud, stratagem. 

— ig, a. crafty, cunning, artful. — ig» 

het, f, craftiness. 
List, 771. list; moulding; cornice; plat* 

band, border. — hyfvel, m, ogee» 

plane. — verk, n. beading, entabla. 
Lista, /". list, catalogue. (ture. 

Lit, m. trust, -a, v. n. (på) to de- 

pend upon, to rely on. 

Litania, f. litany. 

Litejjn, a. little, small, short, -het^ 

f. littleness, smallness. — t, n. ind, 
& ad. a little, något litet, a little. 
helt litet, very little. 

Literat, m. man of letters, -ur, f, 
literature, learning, -urtiduing, f, 
critical review. —Or, 7n. literary man, 

LltS. ra. round lace. (man of letters. 

Livré, n. livery, -befjent, m. lackey. 

Ijad, n. sound, noise, iiska — , to 
command silence, —a, V. n. to sound. 
-botten, m. sounding-board. -1ÖS, 
a. soundless, mute, —pinne, vi. 
soundpost. -Spricka, f. glottis. 
-tecken, n. sign of the accent. 

Ljuf, -lig, a. sweet, delightful, plea- 
sant. — maka, darling, spouse, i 
ljuf t och ledt , in prosperity and 



adversity, —het, f, sweetness, plea- 

Ljuga, V. n. to lie. -ktig, a. lying, 
false, untrue, -ktighöt, f, lying- 
disposition, falsehood, — r©, 7». liar. 
göra någon till •, to give one 
the lie. 

Ljum, a. lukewarm. -Let, f. luke- 
warmness; Indifference. — nia, V. a. 
to warm. 

IJamske, w. groin, -bråck, n, ba- 

bonoccle. Ibroora. 

Ljung*, m. common heath, ling, sweet- 
Ljunglja, v. n. to lighten, to flash. 
-eld, m, lightening, flash of light- 
Ljus, a. light, bright, clear, luminous, 
lightsome, om ljusa dagen, at broad 
daylight, tli Ijust , to grow light. 

-blå, a. brightbiue. -brun , a. 
lightbrown. -grå, a. lightgray. 
-ockra, f, pale ochre. 
Lljns, n. light; candle; taper, föra 
bakom ljusett to deceive, to cheat. 
— arm, on. branch for a candle, —bit, 
m. candle-end. -brand, m. candle- 
snuff. —form , m. dipping - mould. 

-liandlare, vi. chandler, -knekt, 

771. save-all. — krona, f. chandelier. 
—kärna, f* tub to dip candies in. 
— na, V. n, to grow light, to dawn. 
-pipa, f. socket, -putsar e, m, 

snuffer. -SaX, f. snuffers, -slackare, 
m, candle-extinguisher. -Stake, m. 
candlestick. — sken , n, candlelight. 
-skärm, m. candle-screen. -Stråle, 
W. ray of light. -Stopare , W. 
chandler. — Stopnlng, f. castning 
of candles. — tjuf, m. candle-waster. 
—veke, m, candle-wick. 

IJust||er, n, gig. -ra, v. a, to catch 

fish with a gig. 
Ljuta, v. n. - döden, to suffer death. 
Lo, m. lynx. 

Lo, 77i. nap. -sliten, a. threadbare. 
Lock, w. lid. I'dgga locket ^d, to 

clap the lid on. [curled. 

Lock, 77i. lock, curl; ringlet, -ig, a. 
Lock, n, alluring, baiting, -a^ V. a. 

to allure, to entice, to draw w; to 


bait, to call. — ^n , to decoy in , to 
draw in. — en till ndgot, to entice 
one to a thing. -^ ut , to Induce to 

go out. -betta, f. -bit, m., bait. 
-fågel, 771. caii-bird. -mat, m, 

bait, lure, -plpa, f. bird-call. 
Lod, n. weight, plumb; plummet; hea- 
ter ; ballet ; half an ounce, -ft, v. 71. 
to sound, to cast the lead. — bes* 
man, n, steelyard for light weights. 

-bössa, f. rifled gun. -kista, / 

mould made of sand. -Una, f. lead» 
line, stor — , the deep sea-line, lilla 
— , the hand-line, -ning, f, sound- 
ing, -rät, a. perpendicular, -skott, 
71. sounding. 
Lof, m. turn, bent; board, hafva 
lofven af ett skepp ^ to have the 
wind of a ship. — vart, ad. wind- 
ward, -yera, v. n. to ply to wind- 


Lof, n. leave, permission, -glfven, 
a. allowed, granted. -Hg, O,, law 
ful, allowed. — va, V. a. to promise. 
-Yen, f. promise, word. 

Lof, n. praise, commendation, gud 
vare -/ god be praised! -SJunga, 
V, a. to praise in song, -sång, m. 
hymn, praise, -tal, 71. elogy, pane- 
gyric, -talare, m. panegyrist, -ra, 
V. a. to praise. — värd, a. praise 

Loft, 71. loft, garret. [worthy 

Logarfvare, m, tanner. 

Loge, 771. bam, trashing-floor. 
Loge, m. lodge; (lasch) box. 
Logg, w. T. log. -a, V. n. to heave 
the log. -glas,,«. loggiass. -lina, 

f, logline. 
Loggig, a. nappy, shaggy. 
Logik, f. logic, -er, m. logician. 
Loka, f. collar. [place 

Lokal, a. local. -, s. m. locality 
Lokomotiv, n. locomotive, engine 

-förare, m. engine-driver. 
Lolla, f. fool, madwoman. 
Lom, m. black-throated diver. 
Lombard, m. public pawning - house 
Lom ber, n. hombre. [lombard. 

Lomhord, a. thick of hearing. 
Lopp, n. covurstj career; barrel; bore. 


Lopplla , f, flea, -a^ v, a, to flea, to 
take away the fleas, -bettj W. fleabite. 
-masky m. springtall. 

Lort; m, dirt, turd, -a, r. a. - ne<?, 
to dirty, to dirt, to soil, -ig, a. dirty. 

LOSSlJa^ V, a. to loose, to loosen, to 
slacken J to discharge; to unload; to 
cast off. -Da^ V, n. to come loose; 
to loosen, -ning, /". loosening, re« 

Losta, f, fleld-bromegrass. 

Lots, m. pilot, -a, v. a, to pilot. 
-ning,/, piloting, -penningar, 

m, pi, pilotage. 
liOtt, W. lot ; share, portion, -a, V. n. 

to draw lots, -eri, w. lotteri, -kast- 
ning, f, drawing of lots. -1ÖS, a. 
shareless. -sedel, m. lottery-ticket. 

Lucern, m, lucern, medic, svensk -, 

yellow medic. 

Lucka, /'.shutter, wicket; slider; hatch; 
chasm, breach; gap. 

Lucker, a. loose, slack; light. 

Ludd, m, nap, down, -a, V. a. to 
nap. — sig t to grow downy, -ig, 
a. nappy, downy. 

Luden, a. hairy, shaggy, rough. — 
mössa, fur.cap. 

Lud||er, n. carrion; strumpet, -ra, 
V. n. to lure, to bait. 

Luf, m. forelock, hugga någon i 
lufven, to take one by the hair. 

Luf, -ver, m. a cunning fellow. 

Luila, V. n. to jog, to scamper, to trot. 

Luft, m. air. t fria luften, in the 
open air. taga — , to take the air. 
gifva — åt en safe, to give vent to 
a thing, -artad, a, airy, aeriform. 
-ballong, W. air-balloon, -blåsa, 
-bläddra, f. airbladder. -drag, 
n. current of air. -hål, n. airhole, 
vent, breathing hole. ~ig, a. airy, 
aerial; chimerical, -krets, m. at- 
mosphere, —kula, f. air-balloon. 
—mätare, m, aerometer; anemometer. 
-pump, m. air-pump, -rör, n. wind- 
pipe, weasand. — Seglare, m. aeronaute. 
-segling, f. aerostation, -slott, 
W. castle in the air. -SpringarO, 
«l. tumbler, -språng, n. gambon, 



caper, -streck, n. climate, -strupe, 

m, weasand. -Syra, f. aerial acid. 
-torn, a. void of air. -tät, a. air. 
proof, hermetical. 

Lufva, f. cap. 

Lugg, m. forelock, -a, V. a. to pull 

by the hair, -as, V» d, to be at 

Lugn, a. calm, quiet, serene. -, W. 

'calm, quiet, rest, shelter, —a, V, 72. 

to become calm, to abate. 
Lukt, m. smell, scent, -a, V, a, & «. 

to smell, -flaska, f. smelling-bottle. 

-lös, a. scentless, without smell. 

-salt, ti. volatile salts, -vatten, 

n. smelling water. 

Lulla, v. n. to hum, to lull. - till 
sömns, to lull asleep. 

Lummig, a. thick of leaves ; spreading. 

Lunipllen, a. paltry, -or, f,pl. rags, 
-samlare, 'm. ragman. 

Lund, m. grove. 

Lunglla, f. lung; light, -bold, m 
abscess in (he lungs. — mos, M. calfs 
or sheep's chaldron minced and dres» 
sed. -mossa, f, lungmoss. -siktig, 
a, phthisical, lungsick. -SOt, m, 
phthisic, consumption. — våt, a. wet 
to the skin. -Ö'rt,>f. lungwort. 

Lt\nk, 771. jog-trot, -a, v. n. to jog. 

Luns, m. lubber, -a, /. slut, slattern. 
-ig, a. lubberly. 

Lunt||a, f. match; an old bad book. 
-stake, m. linstock, fleldstafif. 

Lupp, m. loop. 

Lur, tn» speaking-trumpet ; lurking-place, 
ambush; nap, doze, taga sig en — , 
to take a nap. ligga på — , to lid 
lurking, -a, V, n, & a. to lurk; to 

outwit. - ut, to spy out. -endräga, 

V, a. & n, to smuggle ; to run. -€n- 

drägare, w. smuggler, -endrä- 

geri, n, smuggling, -ig, a. drowsy. 
Lurf , m. shaggy tuft of hair, -vig, 

a. shaggy. 
Lurk, m. lubber, churl. 
Lus, f, louse; pi. löss, lice, -a, V, €U 

to louse, -^ig^ CL. lousig. — kam^ 

m. dendrlff-coinb. -SJukft, f. lousy 
disease, phtiriasls. -Ört, f» louseworU 




Xust) tW. mind, fancy, appetite, sto- 
mach ; lust, inclination ; sport, -a^ /". 
concupiscence, carnal desire. —baVj a. 
pleasant, merry, -barliet, f. diver- 
tisenient. -eld, m. bonfire, -gfird, 
W. pleasure-garden. — llUSj n, summer- 
bouse. — ig? CL' merry, pleasant, co- 
mical. — ighetj f, mirth, merriness. 
—resa J f. trip, journey for recrea- 
tion. —slott 9 71. country • palace. 
-spel, n. comedy. 

Lilt) Vl, lie, lye, buck, —a, v. a. to buck, 
to soak in lie. -aktig", a. alcaline. 
-balja 5 f. bucking-tub. «fisk, m. 
dried lish soaked in lie. —Salt 9 n, 
liesalt, alkali. 

Lutllaj f, lute, -enist, wT lutist. 

Lutljäy V. 71. & a. to lean, to stoop; 
to recline; to tilt; to hang down. 
muren lutar, the wall leans. - till 
'Undergång, to go to decay, -a, ad. 
stoopingly. gä luta, to walk stooping. 
^-ande, n. -ning, f, inclination, 
tilting, stooping. 

Lutter, a. mere, nothing but. 

Luttra, V. a. to refine, to purify. 

Lycklja^ f. noose; small enclosure. 

Lyckya, f, fortune, chance; luck, hap- 
piness, success; run. önska — , to 
wish joy. — till! good luck! —as, 
V. d, to succeed, —ligj a, happy, 
lucky , fortunate , successful! ; safe. 

-ligen, -ligt, ad, happily, -ligt- 
Vis, ad. luckily, happily, -salig, 
a. blessed, blissful, happy, -salig- 
hed, f, felicity, happiness, bliss. 

-skott, 71. chance, -sökare, m. 

adventurer. -Önska, v, a. to con- 
gratulate, -Önskan, f. congratu- 
lation. (within doors. 

Lyckt, a. shut, inom lydkta dörrar, 
Lydlla, v, n. to sound, to run. -else, 

/*. sense, tenor. 
Lydya, v, a, to obey, to comply with; 
to follow. — rodret, to answer the 
helm. - till, - under, to belong to. 
-aktighet, f. obedience, -blskop, 
771. suffragan, -ig, a. obedient, ob- 
sequious, -kyrka, f. pariochial cha- 
pel, -nad, f. obedience. 

Lyft||a, V, a. to lift. - penningar, 
to take money. — ankar, to weigh 
anchor. — hort, "Uyidan, to put away. 
— hatten, to pull of one's hat. — 
ur sadeln, to dismount, -ning, f, 

Lykta, v. a. to finish, to end, to con- 
clude, to do. [in a lantern. 

Lykt||a, f, lantern, -gubbe, W, Jack 

Lymmel, m. lubber, clown. 

Lynga, f, wreath. 

Lynne, n. humour, temper, disposition 
of mind; genious. 

Lyrlla, f. lyre, -isk, a. lyric. 

Lyrbleck, m, a kind of haddock. 

Lyslla,-?;. a. to light. — , v. n. to 
shine, to sparkle. — efter, to look 
for with a light. - efter något för- 
loradty to make inquiry by publi- 
cation for something lost. — efter, 
en rymmare, to mako hue and cry 
after a run-away, - för brudfolk, 
to bid the bans. - ut en riksdag, 
to proclaim a diet, —ande, a. shin- 
ing, bright, splendid. -are, m, 
moth, nocturnal butterfly, —mask, 
7/1. glow-worm, —ning, f, lighting; 
public notice given, ban, hidding the 

Lyssna, v, n. to listen, to hearken. 

Lystya, V. n. to choose, to list, mig 
lyster veta, I should like to know. 
—en, a. desirous, longing for. —en- 
het, f. longing, -mate, 71. fill. 
-;-nad, /. vehement desire. 

Lystra, v. n, to listen, to obey. 

Lyte, n. defect, blemish, fGult, defor» 

Lytt, a, maimed, difformed. [mity. 

Låda, V. 71. fvidj, to adhere, to cleave, 
to stick to. 

Låda, f, drawer, till. 

Låg, a. low; humble; mean, base, ab- 
ject, -bent, a. short-legged, -bait, 
a. halt, —het, f. lownesj!, meanness. 

-länd, a. low in situation, -sin- 
nad, a. low minded, -t, ad. lowly, 
meanly, basely. 

Låga, f. flame. -, V. n. to flame. 

Lån, 71. loan, lend, -a, V. a. to bor* 
row ; to lend. — sitt öra ät, to give 


car to. -ebank, m. loan-office, bank 
for loans. -gifvare, m. lender. 
-tagare, m. borrower. 
Laiis', a. long; tall; far. draga ut 
jpä läng bänken, to put off, to 
protract, to delay, -bent, a, long- 
legged, -finger, n, middle finger. 

-fredag, m, good friday. -grund, 

a. sloping gently, -lutrig, a. long- 
haired, -lagd, a, longish, somewhat 
long, -lifvad, a. longlived. -llg, 
a. långliga tider, many years,' many 
a day, longtime, -niodig, a. long- 
suffering, -niodiglict, /*. longani. 
raity, forbearance, -mål , n. pd —, 
in time, at length. — ruud, a, oval, 
—sain, a. slow, tardy, dilatory, long, 
lingering, en — var, a late spring. 

•^samhet, f. slowness, -sint, a. 

rancorous. — Skepps, ad, from stern 
to stem. -Slutt, a. of easy de- 
scents. -Synt, a. farsighted. -t, ad. 
long, much; far. så ~, so far, to 
this. — större , by far the greater. 

- tort, far off. - förut, long be- 
fore. - i frän, frora^afor. på - när, 
by a good deal, nothing near. — tO" 

bak, m. spun tobacco, -varig, a, 

long, of long duration, longlasting. 
-varighet^^ f. long continuance, du- 
ration. — VJigÄ, a. from abroad. 

Långa, f. ling. 

Lår, m, large chest, bin. 

Lår, n. thigh; buttock, leg. -ben, n. 

thighbone. -foder, W. a pair of 

Lås, n. lock, ej hälla -, not to keep 
shut, det gar aldrig i -, it will 
never do. -gäng, m. ward of a 
lock, -kolf, -rigel, m. bolt. 
-smed, m. locksmith, -tapp, m. 

Låt , m. sound , noise, —ft § V, n. to 

Låta, V, a. to let, to allow, to suffer; 
to permit; to cause, to make; to omit, 
not to do. - hit, to forbear. - hlifva 
dervid , to give up. det later sig 
icke göra, that is not practicable. 

— igen, to shut. — Ujojp, to open. 



det låter höra sig, that Is some» 

thing like. 
Låtsa, V. n, to make as if, to feisrn. 
Lä, n, lee. i lä, alee, to lee. -bord, 

n. larboard, -segel, 71. studdingsail. 

j-Sida, f. leeside. 
Läck, a, leaky, -a, f, leak, -a, V, 

n. to leak, to run. -ago, n, leakage. 
Läcker, a. delicate; dainty, -bit, m, 

titbit, -liet, f. delicacy, daintiness. 

-mun, m. sweet-tooth. 
Läckt, ?«. lath. 
Läder, n. leather, -beredare, m, 

leatherdresser. —handel, m. leather» 
trade, -lapp , ra. patch of leather , 
bat, flittirmouse. —rem, m. leather- 

Läge, 72. situation, position; lodge. 

Lägel, m. barrel. 

Lägenhet, f. opportunity; living; he» 
nefice; apartment, dwelling. 

Läger, n. bed, repose, couch; lodging; 
harbour; camp, sld -, to encamp. 

Lägerljsman, m. adulterer, fornicator. 
-Smål, n. adultery. -Tall^ n. lee- 
shore; decay. 

Lägg, m. leg, shinbone. 

Lägga, V. a. to lay, to put, to place. 

- en höna, to set a hen on e^^s. 

- sig emellan, to interpose, to inter- 
vene. - efter sig, to leave behind 
one. — emot, to put against. — sig 
emot, to oppose, — före, to serve 
with. - z, to put in. — sig i cn 
sak, to meddle with. — igen, to 
close; to fallow, to lay up. — ihop, 
to join, to gather, to add; to close 
up, to make up; to lay up, to save. 

- in, to lay in, to put In; to pack 
up; to preserve in sugar, to pickle; 
to inlay; to take in; to damask. — 
am cession, to take out a statute of 
bankrupcy. — ned, to lay down, -r 
om, - omkring, to put about. - pa, 
to lay upon, to apply; to impose; to 
rear; to imprint on; to lay, to take 
to. — till, to land, to come on shore. 

- sig till, to get. - under, to put 
under; to adjudicate to. — tcpp , to 
lay up; to publish; to curl; to serve 



up ; to lay out. - ut, v. a, S n. to 
lay out; to let out; to push off. — 
sig ut för, to interest, one's self for. 

— sig, V. r. to lay one's solf'down; 
to cease, to subside; to fall by de- 
grees ; to turn ; to bo lodged ; to freeze 
up, to freeze over, 

Liiglig^ «. seasonable, proper, conve» 
nient, fit, opportune. — lietj f. oppor* 
tunity. — t, ad, seasonably. 

liägra, V, a, to debauch, to dcflour. 

Lägre, a. (comp, af låg) lower. 

Lägst, a, (superi, af låg) lowest. 

Läklla, V. a. to heal, to cure, -as, 

V. d. to heal up, to close up. -are, 
m, physician, -arekonst, f, ra«- 

dical art, physic. ~edom, W. -e* 
medel, n. medicine, remedy, -plå- 
ster, ?l. healing plaster. 

Läktare, m, church-gallery, loft. 

Lämpila, f. gentleness, fair uieans. -, 
V, a, to adapt, to fit, to suit; to ap. 
ply.^ - efter, to fit to, to adapt to. 

— sig efter, to comply with. - pä 
Hg, to apply to one's self, -llg, a, 
applicable, fit, proper, -ligeii, ad. 
properly, suitably, -lighet, f. agree- 
ableness, suitableness; application. 

Län, n, fee ; fief; shire, province, -godsj^ 
n. fee, feod. -sbref , n, bill of fe- 
offment. -Slierre, m. liege-lord, fe- 
offer. -Snian, m, sergeant in a di- 
strict, -srätt, m. feudal right, -ta- 
gare, m. feodary, feudatory. 

Läna, v. CS. to lend; to borrow, 

Lälia sig, V. n to lean against; to 

Laud, w. loin, thigh; quarters, croup. 
— yärk, tn, pain of the loins. 

Lända,* V, n» to redound; to serve. 

Län dig, a. arable. 

Länga, f, T, slings. [itude. 

Längd, w. length; height; li§t; long- 

Länglle, a, long. — sedan, long ago, 
long since. — rOj comp, longer. — 
och -, atill further. 

Langljs, längs efter, längs utmed, 
prp. along, lengthwise, -st, superi. 
longest; längst för det I a, a long time 


Ägo. i det längsta, Z9 long a» 

Längta, v, n, to long, to desire. - 

• efter, to long for, to long after, -n, 
f. longing, desire. 

Länk, m. link, -a, v, a, to bend, 
to direct, to manage ; to chain. - sig 
efter, to comply with, -kula, f, 

Läns, a, dry, empty, void, pumyen 
dr — , the pump sucks, —a, v, a, 
to empty, to void, to drain. -, v. n, 
to scud. 

Länstol, m, elbow-chair, easy-chair. 

Läpp, m. lip; T, snatch, -ja. V, n. 
to tlap. - på, tö lap of. 

Lära, v, n, def, jag lär, l shall, I 
am like to, I seera tOv 

Lär||a, v, a, to teach, to instruct. - 
sig, v, r, to learn. -. utantill , to 
get by heart. — ut, to serve out one's 
time, -, f, doctrine, dogma; religion; 
tenet; apprenticeship. — aktig, a, 
docile, docible. -aktighet, f. do- 
cility, -are, W. teacher, master. 
— bref, n. apprentice's indenture. 
-byggnad, f. system, -d, a. & s. 
learned, literary; scholar, -dom, m. 
learning, erudition, scholarship, in- 
struction, -domsidkare, m. scholar. 
— girig, a. eager after knowledge. 
-gosse, m. apprentice, -ling, 7». 
apprentice, prentice. — mästrarC, m, 
teacher, master, -mästariuna , f, 
mistress. * — Obok , /. olassbook, ma- 
nual, -oembete, n. ministry, -orik, 
a, instructive. — OSal, W. auditory. 
— osats, m, principle, dogma, maxim, 
thesis, -ospråk, n, sentence. -0- 
Spån, m, rudiment. -OStoI, m, 
pulpit. -oståndet, n. ministerial 
state. -OSate, n. university. -Osätt, 
n. method. -Otld, m. apprenticeship. 
—oar, n. year of apprenticeship; pU 
apprenticeship. -Oämne, n. subject 
of instruction, -penningar, m, pi, 
apprentice's pay. hetala — , to buy 
wit. -styrman, m. under -pilot, 

Lärft, n. linen, -sbod, f. linendrapw's 


ehep. -shandel, m, linentradt. 
-skrämare, m, linendraper. 

Larkl'a, f. lark. -svamps m, sgario. 
-träd, n. larchtree. 

Läslla, v. a. to read, to peruse; to de- 
claim; to study; to say; to pray. - 
lortt to exorcise. - för harn, to 
teach children. - till (frän) hords, 
to say grace before (after) meat. - 
öfver en vetenskap, to read lectures 
in a science, —ar©, m. reader, -bar, 
a, readable, -ebibliotek, n. cir- 
culating library, -girig, a. eager 
to learn, covetous of lecture, —kam- 
rat, m. school.fellow. -lig, a. le- 
gible. -ning, f, reading, lecture. 
-sällskap, n. readingclub. -vurm, 
m. bookworm; reading-rage. -Yard, 
a, worth reading. 

Läsa, V. CU to lock, ro shut, to close. 
— in, — undan, to lock up. — 5?^ 
inne, to shut up one'» self. - upp, 
to unlock, to open. - ndgon ute, 
to lock one out of doors. 

Läsk||a^ V. a, to refresh, to cool; to 

scale, —ande, a. oooiing. -balja, 

f. quenching tub. -dryck, m. re- 
freshing drink, cooling draught, —me- 
del, n. cooling medicine, -papper, 
n. blotting-paper. 

Liisplla, V. n. to lisp, -ning, f, lisp, 

Läst, w. last, tun. (lisping. 

Läst, m. (skomakares) last. 

Läte, n. cry, voice, note, noise. 

Lätt, a. light, easy. -, ad, easily, 
light, —a, V, a. to lighten; to ease, 
to give^ ease, -fotad, a, lightfooted. 
-färdig, a, libidinous, wanton. 
-färdighet, f, wantonness, -het, 
f, lightness, facility, case, -händ, 
a. light-handed, -ing, m. sluggard, 
idler, lazy fellow. -na, V. n, to 
grow light; to clear up. -nad, f, 
ease, lightening, relief, -rörd, a. 
senrible. -rordhet, f, sensibility. 
-Sinnig, a. lightminded, frivolous. 
-Sinnighet, f. levity, frivolousness. 
-smält, a. digestible; fosible.-SKlält- 
het, f. digestibleness; fusibility. -trO- 

gen, a. criduious. -trogen het, f. 

Lönntrappa 143 

crtdulity. -Tistj Of. ready to go on 

Lättllja, f. laziness, idleness, -jas, 

V. d. tb Ve lazy, -jefull, a. lazy, idle. 
Löd||a, V» a, to solder, -bult, m, 

soldering-iron. — korilj 71. link to 

solder with. 
Löddller, n. lather; suds, -ra SJg, 

V, r. to lather. 
Lodig, a. standard, pure, unalloyed, 
Lodra, f, T, cringle. 
LÖf, n. leaf, -fall, n. fall of the 

leaves, -groda, f. treefrog. -hydda, 

f, tabernacle. -hyddohÖgtid , /". 

feast of the tabernacles, -rik, a. 

leafy. —sal, m. arbour, bower. 

-skogs m. leaved wood, -ya, V, 

a, to adorn with boughs or leaves, 

-verk, n. foliage. 

LoCIa, f, sloth. [bail, mainpernor. 

Löfte, n. vow; promise, -sman, m. 
Löga, v. a. to bathe. 
Lögn, f, lie. -aktig, a. lying. -ak« 
tigt, ad falsely, -aktighet, f. 

falsehood, -are, m. lier. 

Löja, /. bleak, blay. 

Löjlle, n. laughter, -lig, C5. ridiculous. 
— lighet, f. ridiculousness. 

Löjtnant, m. lieutenant. 

Lök, 771. onion, garlic, lägga - pa 
laxen, to mend the story, -aktig, 
a. bulbous, -växt, m. bulb. 

Lömsk, a. cunning, insidious. 

Lön, f. salary ; pay, wages, reward, re* 
compense. —a, v. a. to pay; to re- 
ward; to remunerate; to be worth. 
-gifvare, m. employer, -ing, f, 
pay, payment. — 1ÖS, a. without sa. 
lary, without reward, -tagare, m» 
one who receives salary. 

Lönn, f. Lönnträd, n, maple, map- 

Lönn, ad. (i lönn, i lönndom) clan- 
def7tinely, secretly, by stealth, priva» 
tely. -dörr, f. private door. -gt^Ug, 
m. private passage, —lig, a. clan- 
destine, secret, hidden, -mord, n, 
assassination, -niöl dare, m. assassin. 
-port, m. private gate, -rum, n. 
private room, -trappa, f, backstairs. 



liöplla, v. n, to run; to rut, lo be at 
heat. • af aiaple7l, to be launched. 

— an, T. to put in at, — emot, to 
run against; to meet "^ith check. - 
forbh to run by. - ifrän, to aban- , 
don, to desert, to leave. - ihop, to 
run together; to curdle, to run; to 
clot. - tned sqvalle7\ to play the 
telltale. - miste, to run astray. — 
miste om, to miss. - om, to outrun. 

— pä, to run in, to run against; to 
encounter; to undertake; to be the 
share of. - pä grund, to run aground. 

— upp, to run up ; to slip. - öfcer, 
to leap over ; to go over ; to overpower. 
-andc, a. running, -are, w. run- 
ning footman; bishop; muUar, grind- 
lestone; grampus, -eld, m. running 
fire ; train of gunpowder, -graf, W. 
trench, -knut, m. running knot. 
-tid 9 m. copulation- season of some 

LÖplJe, n, cheese - runnet, -na, V. n, 

LÖpsk, a. proud, hot. [to curdle. 

Lördag, m, Saturday. 

LÖS J a, loose; mould; soft, slack; 
asunder; untied, free; false; broke 
out; flying, groundless; slight, skott 
med löst krut , shot without a ball. 

— mat, food easy of digestion, fast 
och — egendovi, real and personal 
estate, löst mynt, small money, gä 
löst pä, to attack, -a, V. a. to 
loose, to untie. - af vakten, to re- 
lieve the guard. - sig i frän, to 
redeem one's self from, -aktlg, a. 
libidinous, -llktlgliet, f. wanton- 
ness, -ande, a. loosening, resolvent. 
-block, m. T, block • sheave, pully. 

-drifvare, m. vagabond, -en, m. 

redemtion, ransom; fee, watchword. 

-epenning, m. ransom, ^-gifva, 

V. a, to set at liberty, -gora, V. a. 
to untie; to disengage, —hakar, m. 
pL T. canhooks. -hår, n. false 
hair, -kokt, a, soft boiled. -Ijf- 
Tad, a. loose in body, lax. -lig) 
a. slight. -ligen, ad. slightly. 
-penningar, w. pi. small money. 
•ritVa, -slita, v. a. to tear off, 


to break loosfe^ -SÖfd, a, easily 

waked, -taud, f, false tootb. -ören, 

n, pi. moveables. [ground. 

Löt, m. felly» CSalloe.,^»^ /. pasture. 


Madrass, m, mattress, quilt. 

Magasin, n. magazine, storehouse. 
-era, v. a. to warehouse, to store. 

Maglle, m. stomach; maw; belly. 
-droppar, m. pi. -elixir, n. cordial 
drops. -grop, m. mouth of the 
stomach, -hof, n. measure in eating. 
-kramp, m. spasm in the stomach. 
—plåga, f, pains of the stomach. 

-ref, w. gripes, colic, -saft, /'. 
gastric juice; pepsin, -sjnk, a. sick 
in the stomach, -stark, a. nauseous. 
— Stjelpa, V. a. to turn upside down. 

-styrJiande, a, stomachic, -syra, 

f, acidity in the stomach, heartburn. 

Mager, a. lean, thin; barren; poor. 
-het, f. leanness, -lagd, a. mea- 
ger, lank, -man, W. 1\ foretop. 

Magi, f. soTcerj, magic, -sk, a. magi- 
cal, magic. 

Magistller, w. master of arts, -rat, 

m. magistracy, magistrate. 
Magnat, m. grandee, magnate. 

Magnet, m. magnet, loadstone. -Isera, 

V. a. to touch with a loadstone. — isk, 

a. magnetic. -iSHl , m. magnetism. 

— isör, m. magnetizer. 
Magra, v. n. to grow lean, 
MahOgniträ, n. mahogany. 
Milj, 7n. May. -bagge, on. may -fly, 

cock -chafer, -blomster, n. may. 

flower, bird's-eye. 
Majestät, W. majesty, -isk , -lig, 

a. majestic, majestical. 
Major, m. major, -at, n. primogeni.- 

ture. -itet, f. majority» 
Maj ram, m. marjoram. 
Majs, m. maize. 
Mak, n. ease, i sakta — , leisuiely. 


-lig 5 a. easy, -ligliet) f, ease, 

Maka, v, a. to move. - fram, to 
move forward. — undan, to remove. 
— åt sig, to make room* 

Maka, f, spouse, wife. 

Makalös, a. matchless, incomparable. 

Make, m, fellow, match ; mate, spouse. 

Makrill, m. mackerel. 

Makron, m, macaroon. 

Makt, f. might, power, authority, in- 
fluence; credit; strength; ascendent; 
moment; reach, hälla vid — , to 
keep up; to keep in repair; to sup- 
port, -egande, a. who is in po> 
wer. -fullkomligliet, f, sover- 
eignity, -hugg, n, orbuse of power. 
-lös, a. weak, feeble, faint. -1ÖS- 
het, f, weakness, faintness. —på- 
liggande, a, of great moment, im- 
portant. -Språk, n. decisive sen- 
tence, word of command. 

Maknlatur, n. maculature, waste-paper. 

Mai, m. sheat-fish; moth, -äten, a. 

moth-eaten. —Ört, f, wormwood. 
Mala, V, a. to grind. 
Mall, m. T. mould. 
Malle, m. crum, crumb. 

Malm, m, suburb, -gård, m. house 

of the suburb. 
Malm, m, ore; bellmetal. -art, m, 
kind of ore. -artad, a. metallic. 

-brott, n. mine, -bry tare, m. 
miner, -brytning, f. digging of 
ore. —färg, m. bronze-colour. — gruf- 
Ta, f, mine-pit. -gång, W. vein of 
ore. — letare, m. one who searches 

Malt, n. malt. [for ore. 

Malvasir, n. malmsey-wine. 

Mamma, f, mamma, mam. 

Mammon, m. mammon, pelf, riches. 

Mamsell, /". miss, young lady. 

Man, m. mane. 

Man, pr. they, we, you, men, one, a 
man, somebody, people. 

Man, 77). man; husband; men. man 
för man, man by man. god — , cu- 
rator, trustee, menige -, the whole 
public, vara - för, to be respon- 
sible for. -bar, a. fullgrown. -^bar» 

Swedish-English Diet, 



het, f. manhood, virility, adaltnesSé 
—dom, m, manhood; manliness, coa* 
rage, mandoms-annammelse, f. in» 
caroation. —dråp, n, murder. — drå» 
pare, W. murderer, -folk, n. men. 
-grant, ad, to a man. -gärd, 
m. dwelling-house, court. — liaf'tlgy 
a. vaHant, brave, -häftighet, f. 
valour, -kön, «. male sex. -lig, 
a. male; manly, manful, -ligen, 
ad, manfully, bravely, -llghet, f. 
manliness, -namiune, n. (within) 
the memory of man. -namån, m. 
respect of persons, -sblod, n. St. 
Peter's wort, -skap, n. men; T. 
crew. -SpersOU, m. male, man. 

-spillan, f. loss of men. -ssida, 

f, male line. -Stark, a. numerous. 
— sålder, W, man's age» generation, 
-Tnxen, a. marriageable. 

Mana, v, a. to exhort, to put one in 
mind. - sig sjelf, to do a thing of 
one's own motion. — godt för en, 
to plead one's cause, —på, to put 
on, to forward. -^ ut , to challenge. 
— nde, n, exhortation. 

Mandat, n. mandate, order. 

Mandel, m. almond; kernel, -bröd, 
n. almond -biscuit, —kli, n. bran of 
almonds. -mJÖlk, f, almonds-milk, 

Mandolin, m, mandore, mandolin. 

Maner, n. manner, way, fashion, ^lig, 
a, mannerly. 

Manet, m. yelly-fish, medusa. 

Mangljel, m. calender, -kafle, -stock, 

m, calender-roll. 

Mangla, v. a. to calender, to mangle. 

Manke, m. dew-lap; withers. 

Manna, n. manna. 

Manschett, m. ruffle, cuff. 

Mantal, n. taxation of farms, -skom* 
missarie, m. gatherer of taxes. -S- 
längd, m. list of contribution. -S« 
penningar, m. pL poll-money, -s- 
skrifning, f, assessment, -sskrlf* 

ven, a, contributary, taxable. 
Mantel, w. mantle; T. runner. 
Mantilj, m. mantiUa. 


146 ManufaktUT 

llSanafl&ktur, f. manufactur». -TftTft, 

f, manufactured goods. 
MarllRj f, nightmare, ephialtes. -björk, 

m. dwarfbirch. -buske , m. dwarf- 

busth. -tofva, f. elf-lock, plica, 

-vatten, n. eddy. 
MargfaJdig, a. manifold, various. 
Marginal, m. margin. 

Margrefve, m. margrave. 
Marieni^las, n. isinglass-stone. 

Marionett, m. puppet, -spel, n. 

Mark, f. ground, field. 
Mark, f. pound; mark. 
Markatta, f. monkey. 
Markegång, w. market-price. 
Markera, v. a. to mark. 
Marketentare, m. sutler. 
Marknad, f. fair, market, -gdag, m. 

fair-day. -sfolk , 71. market-folks. 

-SgOds, n. market-goods. -Sgåfva, 

/". fairing. -SplatS, m, fair -place. 

-SStånd, n. shop, stall. jfeines. 

Markschl'ider, m, surveyor of the 
Marmor, m. marble, -brott, n, 

marblepit. -era, V. a. to marble. 
-skifva, f. marbleplate. 
Marodljera, v, n, to go a marauding. 
—Or, 771. marauder, 

Marokäng, n. morocco. 

Mars, m. March; T, top, scuttle. 

Marsch, m. march, -era, v. n. to 

march, -färdig, a. ready to march. 

-rnta, f. route. 

Marscliland, n. marsh-Iand. 
Marsk, m. Lord Earl Marslial. -ftlk, 

771. marshal, 
Marstrand, w. stony, rocky sea-shore. 
Marsvin, n. porpoise; Guinea-pig. 
Marter , n, torture ; torment, -ft j V. 

a. to torture, to torment. 
Martyr, m. martyr. 
Masa sig, v, r, to enjoy one's self. 

— { solen, to bask in the sun. 
Mask, m. mask; masker. — era, V. a. 

to mask. — erad, w. masquerade. 
Mask, m. worm, caterpillar. -frO, n. 
worm-seed. —Ilk, a. vermicular. 
-mjöl, n. worra-eating. -Stungen, 
^ftten^ a. worm-eatca. 


Maska, n. mesh; loop. 

Maskin, vi, machine, engine. «*6rf) 

n. raachinery. — ist, m, engine-man, 
engineer, -messig, a, mechanical, 

Masllmästare, m. foreman at an iron 
foundry. -Ugn, m, blasi-furnace. 

Massa, f. mass. 

Massiv, a. massive, solid. 

Mast, m. mast, -a, v. a. to mast. 
-korg, m. bowl, bowel. -1Ö8, a, 
dismasted. -Salning, f. cap of the 
mast, -stång, m. top-mast, -trädy 
n. mast. 

Mastlx, m. mastich. 

Masur, m. mazer, -era, v, a. to 

speckle, to marble. 
Mat, m. victuals, food, meat, -ft, V. a. 
to feed, -bord, n, dining -table. 

->dags, ad. dining -time, -grann, 

a. 'dainty, -jord, f. mould, -lag, 
n. family; mess, -lagning, f, dres- 
sing of victuals, -lust, m. appetite. 

-moder, f. mistress, -nyttig, a. 
eatable, -redningskonst , f. art 

of cookery. — sal , m. dining-room. 

-sedel, ?7i. bill of fare, -sked, f. 

spoon. — skAp, n. cupboard, buffet. 

-smältning, /".digestion, -strupe, 

m. gullet. -säck, m. knapsack; 
provision. — varor, f. pi. eatables, 
provisions. — vin, n. tablewine. 

Mat, m. mate. 

Matematillk, f. mathematics. -kBS, 
m. mathematician, -sk , a. mathe- 

Materia, f. matter; pus. -1, n. ma- 
terial, '—list, m. materialist; druggist. 

Matrikel, m. list of names, register. 

Matrona, f. matron. 

Matros, m. sailor. 

Matt, a. weak, faint, feeble; mate. 
-a, V. a. to fatigue, to weaken. — ig- 
het, f. faintness, weakness, debility. 

Matta, f. mat. 

Med, prp. with ; by means of, by. — 
det vilkor ^ on that condition. — 
mtray and so further. - mindre, 
unless ; except. (coiner. 

Medalj) m. medal, -dr^ m. medalc 


Medan^ c. while; whilst. 
Medarbeta, v. a. to cooperate. -tO^ 

tn. fellow-labourer. 
MedarfYiiig, w. & f. coheir. 
Medborgare, m, feiiow-dtizen. 
Med bringa, v. a. to bring along with. 
Medbroder, m, brother, colleague. 

Medbrotts||lig, a. -Ung, m, accom. 


Meddel{|a, v. a, to communicate, -an- 
de, n. -ning, /". cobomunicatijon. 
-bar, a. communicable. — sani, a. 

Mede, w. foot of a sledge. 

Medegare, m. copartner. 

Medel, n, means, expedient, way, in- 
strument; fortune, money; middle, 
midst; medium, —art, m. middle 

kind, -bar, a. mediate, -barlig^n, 

ad, mediately, -liafyet, n. the Me- 
diterranean, —lös, a, moneyless. 
-löshet, f, want of money, -måtta, 
f. mean, medium, mediocrity, —mat- 
tig, a. middling; indifferent, —mat" 
tighet, f, mediocrity. -priS, n. 
n, average-price. — punkt, fn. cen* 
tre. -salt, w. neutral salt, -stånd, 
n. middle state, —tid, m, middle 
Ume; middle age. —ting, n, middle 
thing, -väg, m, middle course, me- 
dium, -åldern, m. the middle age. 

Medelst, ad, by means of, by. 

Medfara, v. a. to use; to treat. 

Medfart, m, treatment. 

Medfånge, m, fellow-prisoner. 

Medfödd, a. innate, born with. 

MedfÖljlja, v. a. to follow along with. 
— e, n. attendance, attendants. 

Medföra, v, a. to bring along with, 
to occasion. 

Medgifllt, f. dowry, marriage - portion. 
— va, V. a. to admit, to grant, to per- 
mit; to allow, to yield; to serve. 

-Tande, n. allowing. 

Medgång, m. prosperity. 
MedgÖrlig, a. peaceably. 
MedhjolparC, m. assistant, associate. 
Medliåll, 71. countenance, -are, m. 
partisan. [size. 

Medianpappor, n. paper o? a mif.a!3 

Mellanstycke 147 

Medicin, f, medicine, physic, -era, tt. 
71. to take physic. — sl£, <z. medical. 

Media, v. «. - emellan, to mediate 
between, -re, m. mediator. 

Medlem, m. member. 

Medlerst, a, middle, middlemost. 

Medlidjlande, n. compassion, pity, 
commiseration^ af —, in pity of. 
—sani, a, compassionate. 

Med ljud a, v. n, to sound with. 

Medlärjunge, m, school-fellow. 

Medmennisl£a,/'.fellow-oreatar6, neigh- 

Medregent, m. co regent, coadjutor. 

Medspelare, m. fellow- player. 

Medsända, v. a,, to send along with. 

Medsökande, m. rival, competitor. 

Medtagila, v. a. to take along with; 
to enfeeble, —en, a, weakened. 

Medtäfla||n, f, rivalry, emulation, com- 
petition, —re, m. rival, emulator. 

Medverka, v. n. to cooperate, to con- 
tribute. — n, /. cooperation. 

Medvetande, a, knowing of, conscious. 
— , s. n. knowledge, consciousness. 

Medvind, m. Med väder, n, fair wind. 

Medälskallre, m. -rinna, f. rival.- 

Medömkan, f. compassion, pity. 

Mejram, m. marjoram. 

Mejsel, m. chisel. 

MekanilJk, f. mechanics, -kns, m. 

mechanician. -sk, a. me^'anical. 

— Sm, m. mechanism. 
Melankoli, f, melancholy, gloom, -sk, 

a. melancholic, gloomy. 
Melerad, a, variously coloured. 
Mellan, JT. between, -akt, m. in- 

termediate. —balk, m, partion-beam. 

-däck, n, middle- deck, -finger, 

n. middle-finger, —gift, 7M. addition, 
advantage. — liandcl, m, carrying- 
trade, -komma, v. n. to intervene. 

-komst, m. intervention, -lig- 
gande, a. interjacent, -måltid, 
m, collation, -pjes, W. interlude. 
-radig, a. interlinear, -mm, n, 
interval. -Skof, n. interval. -SOrt, 
w. middling sort, -spel, n. inter- 
lude, -stand, m, interval; leisure- 
hour, -stycke, n. middle piece. 


148 Mellanvaniag 

-Tåning, f, middle story, -vägg, 
W. partitionwall. —åt, ad. mean- 
while, sometimes. 

Melodi 9 f. melody, tune, -sk, a. 

Melon, m. niGlon. {melodious. 

Men, c. but. 

Men 9 W. hurt, injury. -Cd, m. per- 
jury, -edare, m, perjurer, -för, 
a. maimed. — Hg", «. disadvantageous. 
-1Ö8, a. harmless, -loshet, f. in- 

Menlla, v. a. to mean, to think, -ing", 
f. opinion, mind; design: sense; mean- 
ing, sentence. 

Menig, a, common, vulgar, menige 
man, the people, the vulgar, -het, 
f, common people. 

Menniska, f, man, body, ingen -, 

MenniskOilblod, n. human blood. 

-fiende, m. misanthrope, -för- 
stånd, n, common sense, -hat, n. 
misanthropy. — hatare, m. manhater, 
misanthrope, -käunedons, m. know- 
ledge of mankind, —kär, a. phil- 
anthropic, humane. -kärlek, m. 
philanthropy. -natur, f, human 
nature — skapnad, f. human shape. 
-Slägte, n. mankind. -Yei'k , n. 
work of man. —Tan, m. philanthro- 
pist. — ätaro, 171. man-eater, canibal. 

Mensklig, a. human, -het, f, hu- 

Menta, v. a. to dress, to work. 

Mennett, m. menuet. 

Mer, Mera, a. & ad. more, above. 
icice mer, but. med mera, and so 
forth, ött mycket mer, so much the 
more, -bemält, a, aforesaid, -en- 
dels, ad. for the most part. 

Mcrg, m. marrow. 

Mergel, m. marl, -aktig, a. marly. 
—jord, f. marly earth. 

Merla, f. staple. 

Mes, m. milksop; titmouse. — Ektlg, 

-ig, a. coward. 
Mesan, m. mizen. -mast , f. mizen- 
MesOSt, m. cheese of whey. [mast. 

]^e8S|ja, f. mass. -, V. n. to mass, to 

say mass, -hokj f. missal, — fall^ 


W. omission of a divine service. — hfl.» 

ke, m. chasuble, -skjorta, f. sur. 

MeSSias, m. Messiah» [plice. 

Messing, m. yellow brass, -bruk, 
n. brasswork. -slagare, m. brazier. 
—träd, m. brasswire. 

Messling, m. measles. 

Mest, a. & ad. most, t det mesta, 
mostly; almost, -adels, ad. mostly, 
commonly, -bjadande, a. the high- 

Mestis, m. mestizo. (est bidder. 

Met||a, V. a. to angle. -6, n. angling, 
bait. -krok , 771. angling • hook. 
-mask, m. earthworm, -ref, n. 
angling-line. — SpO , n. angling • rod. 

Metall, m. metal; brass, -isk , a. 

Metvurst, m. sausage dried and smoked. 

Michelsmessa, f. Michaelmas. 

Middag, m. noon, noonday, midday. 
om middagen, at noon, spisa -, 
to dine, sofva -, to take a nap after 
dinner. — shYlla, f. nooning. — S- 

krets, m. meridian, -slinie, f. 

meridian line. -Smål, n. -småltid, 
m. dinner, -sstund , -stid , m, 
-Stimme, f. noonhour. -ssomDi 
n. nooning, nap after dinner. 

Midfastan, f. midieut. 

Midja, f. waist, middle. 

Midnatt, f. midnight. 

Midskepps, ad. midship. 

Midsommar, m. midsommer. 

Midt, m. middle, midst. — , ad. — af, 
right in two. — emellan , in the 
middle , in the midst. — emot , over 
against. - framför, right before. 
- i, in the middle of. - igenom, 
through the middle of. - i synen, 
full in the face. - i tu , right in 
two. - pä, in the middle of. 

Mig, pr. me. 

Mikroskop, n. microscope. 

Mil, f. mile, -stolpe, m. milepost. 
-tal, n. the number of the miles. 

Mila, f. oharcoal-kiln. 

Mild, a. mild, kind, gentle, soft, -het, 
f. clemency, gentleness, mildness, -ra, 
V, a. to mitigate, to soften, -ring, 
f, mitigation* 


HilillSy fri. militia, -tar 9 m, militia, 
army. — tärisk^ a. military. 

ffliliion, m. million, -är, m. mlllio*. 
nary. (family. 

Min, pron, my, mine, de mina, my 

Min, m. look, countenance, face, mien. 
hälla god — med en, to carry it 
fair with one. göra - a/H to make 
a show of. 

Min[|a, f. mine, -era, v. a. to mine, 
to dig mines. — Or, M, miner» 

Millder|{haltig, a. belojv the standard. 
-årig, a. under age. -årighet, /". 

Mindre , a, less , smaller. ^ än, less 
than. — , ad, less. ju —, the less. 

Mineral, W. mineral, -blå, a. moun- 
tain-blue. -iesamling, /. collection 
of minerals. — Og", m. mineralogist. 
-Ogi, f. mineralogy, -rike, n. mi- 
neral kingdom, —vatten, n. mineral- 

Minister, m. minister of State. 

Ministär, m. ministry. 

Minnas, v. d, to remember. - Utan- 
till, to know by heart. 

Minne, n. memory, mind; memorial of 
honour; consent. — Sbeta, f. remem- 
brance. -Sbok, f, memorandum-book. 
— Sgod, a. having a good memory. 
—slös, a. having no memory, — slÖS- 
het, f. want of memory. -Sniärke, 
n, monument. -Spanning, m. me- 
dal. -sspråk,«. sentence, -steckcn, 
W. memorial, -svård, m. monument. 
-svärd, a. memorable. 

Minsanif, ad, forsooth, indeed. 

Minsklla, v. a, to lessen, to diminish; 
to retrench; to relieve. — segel, to 
shorten sails. — as, V. d. to diminish, 
to lessen, to abate, to grow less. 
—ning, f, diminution; drawback. 

Minst, a. least, smallest ; minutest.' — , 
ad. least, -bjudande, a. the lowest 
bidder. Inute-pointer. 

Minut, m. minute, -vlsare, m. mi- 

Minut, ad. sälja i -, to sell by re- 
tail, -era, v. a. to rotau. -handel, 
m. mermtTj, retail, -liandlare) 77». 



Mlschmasch , n, hodge-podge, gaUi- 

Miskund, m. pity, compassion, -a 
sig, v. r. (öfver), to take com- 
passion on. -sam, a. compassionate. 

MissllaktiU v. a. to disregard, -akt* 
ninsr, /v disregard, -belåten, a. 

disaffected, discontented. — jildad, a. 
deformed, -bildning, f. deformity. 
-billiga, V. a. to disapprove, -bju» 
da, V. a. to underbid, -bruk, n., 

abuse, profanation. — bruka, V. ÖS, 
to abuse, -bud, n. l iderbidding. 
-dådare, m. criminal, malefactor. 
-fall, n. miscarriage; abortion, få 
— , to miscarry. — flmia, V. a. to 
abuse, to offend, to profane. — flrni- 
ande, n. injury, offence, profanation. 

—foster, n. monster, abortive, -för- 
hållande, n. disproportion, -för- 
stå, V. jä. to misunderstand, -för- 
stånd, n. misunderstanding, miscon- 
ception. -gerniug, f. crime, -ger- 
ningsman, on. criminal, malefactor; 

felon, -gunst, m. envy, -gynna, 

V. a. to disfavour, to discountenance. 
—hag , 71. displeasure , aversion , dis- 
gust, dislike, -liaga, v. n. to dis- 
please. — haglig, a. unpleasant, dis- 
gusting; odious, -handla, v. a. & 

n» to treat ill; to offend, to sin.. 

-handling, f. injury, -hugg, n. 

blow amiss. — humÖr, 71. ill humour. 
—hushålla, v. n. to husband ill. 
— hällig, a. discordant, disunite^, being 
ftt variance, -hällighet, f. discord, 
dissension, variance. — hora sig, V. 
r. to hear wrong, -kläda, v. a. 
not to become, to suit bad. — kredit,- 
m. discredit, -känna, V. a. to mis- 
take, -ieda, V. a. ta mi3le*ä,„ to 



n, dissonance. 

-lyckas, v. d. to miscarry, not to 
succeed. — lynt, a. discountenanced. 

-lynthet, f. ill humour, -modig, 

a. dejected, ill-humoured, —nöjd, a. 
discontent. — nÖjC- n, discontent, dis- 
pleasure. — pickel, m. white arsenic- 
oro, whit? pebble, -räkna- SJ gg 'o . r. 

150 Missräkning 

to misreckon, to reckon wrong. -rSk» 
ning, f. misreckoning. -skrifning, 

f, error in writing. -Skrlffa sig, 
V, T, to commit a mistake in writ- 
ing, -sämja, f. discord, dissen- 
sion* -tag, n. mistake, error, -tagft, 
V. a. to mistake. - sig, V, r, to 
be mistaken, to mistake one's self. 
- sig på en sak, to be mistaken in 
an affair. —tanke, m, suspicion. 
— tro, V. a. to mistrust, to distrust. 
-troende, n. distrust, diffidence. 
-trogen, a, diffident, distrustful. 
-trOgennet, f. distrust, suspicion. 
-trösta, V. 71. to despair of. -trÖ- 
8tan, /". despair, -tycka, V. a. to take 
amiss, to dislike, -tjcke, n. dis- 
pleasure, —tyda, v. a. to misinter- 
pret, to misconstrue, -tydning, f, 
wrong interpretation, -tänka, V. n. 
to suspect, -tänksam^ a. suspicious. 
— tanksainliet, f. suspiciousness. 

-täiiikt, a. suspected, -nnna, v. 
a. td envy, to grudge. — nnsam, a. 

envious, -nnsamliet, f. envy. -Ti- 
Sa, V. a. to show wrong, to vary. 
— Yisning, f. wrong indication; va- 
riation, -vårda, V. a. to neglect, 
to flight, -växt , m. bad growth ; 
dearth» scarcity. — växt-år, W. year 
of dearth. —Öde, n. misfortune, mis- 

Missionär, m, missionary. 

Mist, rn. mist, fog> 

Mistya, 17. o. to lose. - tänder, to 
oast teeth, —ning, f. loss. 

Miste, ad. wrong, falsely, gä ~ om, 
to miss a thing, stiga ~, to make 

Mistel, m, missel toe. [ft false step. 

Mitt, pron. my, mine. 

MJogg, i -, ad. clandestinely, 

MJnk, a. soft ; plicble, flexible ; supple. 
—het, f. softness ; pliantness ; raallea- 
bleness. -na^ V. n. to grow soft, 
to soften. 

ffljall, 7Z. scab on the head, dandrafp. 

M,|äll, a. soft, tender. 

Mjält[|e, m, spleen, milt. -fi^Jnk, o. 
splenetic, hypochondriac, -sjaka, 
f, spleen. 


Mjärde, m. junket to catch fish Uu 

Mjod, n. mead. 

Mjöl, n, meal, flour. . -a, V. a. fc 
strew with flour, -aktig, a. mealy, 
farinaceous. -bär, n. bearberry. 
-dagg, 77J. mildew, blast, -dam, 
n. mealdust. -dryga, f. spur, ergot. 

-gröt, m. hasty.pudding. -hand- 
lare, m. mealraan. -ig, a. mealy. 
-klimp, m. dumpling, -lår, a, 
meal-bin. -mask, m. meal-worm. 

-mat, m. meaimeat. -nare, m. 

miller. -sikt, m, flour - sieve, 
-välling, f. gruel. 
Mjölk, /•. milk, -a, 17. a. to milk. 
~, t;. n, to give milk, -aktig, a. 
milky, -banke, m. raiikbowi. -byt- 
ta, f. miikpaii. -e, m. milt, -feber, 

m, milkfever. -fisk, m. milter, -hår, 
n. down of the check, -kalf , m. 
sucking calf, -kammare, m. dairy, 
lactary. -ko, f. milky cow. -kärl, 
n. milkvessel ; T. chylifere vessel. 
-saft, 771. chyle, -skorf, m. achor. 

-tand, f. miiktooth. -vassla, /". 

whey. -välling, f. milkpotage. 
-åder, f. lacteal vessel, milkvessel. 

MjÖlon, n. bearberry, white hawthorn. 

Mo, m. sandy field. 

Mocka, V. a. to throw the dung out 
of a stable. 

Mod, n. courage, heart, spirit; humour. 
fälla modet, to lose one's courage. 
repa mod, to pluck up one's spirits. 
-fälld, -lös, -stulen, a. low- 
spirited , cast down. — ig « a. coura= 
geous, valiant, stout, bold, -ighet, 
f. boldness, bravery. -löshet, f, 

Mod, n. mode, fashion., -eliandel, m. 

fancy-trade. -eliandlare, m. man- 

milliner, -ehandlerska, f. milliner. 

— ern, a. modern, fashionable. 
Modd, m. muddy snow. 
Modell, m. model, pattern, -era, V, 

a. to model. 

Moder, Mor, f. mother; dam. -bror, 

771. uncle by the mother's side, —far, 
72. grandfather by the mother's side. 
ojord, f, native country, »^knpft^ /l 


xnotber-beehive. -kyrka^ //mothw- 
church. — lit» «. womb, matrice. 
-lig, a. motherly. -mOr, /. grand- 
mother, -mord, n. matricide, -mål, 

n. mother - tongue. . -mördare, w. 

matricide. — Sgris, m. darling, 
Hoder, Modren, f, matrice, womb. 

-band, n, ligament of the womb. 

-fall, n. hysteroceie. -hornen, n. 

pL the corners of the womb, -kaka, 

/. placenta, afterbirth. — krans, m. 

pessary. — mun , m, the mouth of 

the womb, -sjuka, f, mother -fit, 

hystericalneas , hysterics. — sllda, f. 

«heath.of the womb, -trumpeter, 

W,. pL fallopian tubes. 
MoglJen, a. ripe, mature, -enhet, 

f. maturity, ripeness. — na, V, n, to 

ripen. — nad, f» maturity, ripeness. 
Holla, f. orach, arach. 
Moln , n. cloud, -bädd , m, large 

thick cloud in th« horizon, -flack, 

-'^'Å^^^ m. a little cloud, -frl, a. 

without clouds. — full^ a, cloudy. 

— ig, a. cloudy. 
Moment,^ n. moment, instant* 
Monopol, n. monopoly. 
Montera, r. a. to mount. 
Mops, m. pug, pug-dog. 
Mor, s. Moder* 
Moral, m, morality, morals, -isk, a. 

moral. [a. marshy, moorish. 

Moras } n. marsh, morass, fen. — Ig, 

Mord, n. murder, -brännare, m. 

incendiary. — geyär, n, murderous 
weapon. — isk, a. murderous, -käl- 
lare, m, casemate, -ängel, m. 

Morell, f, morel-cherry. [destroyer. 

Morenkopp, m. moorhead. 

Morgon, m. morning; morrow. % — , 
to morrow, t morse ^ this morning. 
god — , good morrow, tn — , on a 
morning, —bön, /". morning -prayer. 

-dag, m. morrow, -drägt* m. 

morning-dress, deshabille, -gåfva, f. 
dower. — rodnad, f, aurora, dawn. 
-skymning, f, morning -twilight. 
-stjärna, f, moming-star. -stiind, 
vi. morning-hour. — vardj 7». break- 

Modvei'kan 151 

'Morian, m, negro, blackmoon 
MorkuUa, f, woodcock. 

Morla, V. n. to prick, to crawL 

Mormessa, f. nativity of Mary. 

Morna sig, v, r. to shake off sleep. 

Morot, f, carrot. 

Morra, v. n. to growl, to grumble. 

Morsell, m. morsel, lozenge. 

Mortel, w. mortar. -stÖt, m. pestle^ 

MOS, n. mash, inarmelade; eleotuary. 

"Mosaik, m. mosaic-work. 

Mossjja, f, moss, lichen, -ig, a. mossy. 

Mosse, m. fen, bog, quag-mire. 

Moster, f. aunt, mother's sister. 

Mot, prp, against; towards; for; to; 
with, —a, V. a. to atop, to hinder, 
to cross, to thwart, —arbeta, V. a, 
to counteract. — besÖk , n, visit re- 
turned, -bjudande, a. disgustful, 
nauseous, —gift, n. antidote, coun- 
terpoison. — gnidnlng, f. attrition. 
—gång, 771. adversity, cross, disap- 
pointment, —liggande, a. opposite. 
-part, w. counterpart, -parti, n, 

counterparty, — påffO , m. antipope. 
—räkning , f, counter - reckoning, 
check-account. — sats, 971. opposition, 
antithesis. — satt, a. opposite, con- 
trary, -skrift, f, reply, refut-tion. 
—skäl, 71. counter-argument. -Spän- 
stig, a. obstinate, -stridande, 
—stridig, a. repugnant, adverse, op- 
posite. -stridighet^ f. contradiction. 

-straf vande, -strafvig, a. repu- 
gnant, adverse, -sträf vighet, f. 
reluctance, repugnance. — stå, V. a. 
to resist, to withstand, to oppose. 

-stående, a. opposed, -stånd, n. 

resistance, —ståndare, m. adversary, 
antagonist, opponent. — StÖt, 77J. re- 
buff, check, -svara, v, n, to corre. 
spond with, to suit, to become, -sva- 
rande, -SVarig, a. corresponding. 
— SVarigliet, f, correspondence, ana- 
logy. -säga, V. a. to contradict. 
-sägare, m. gainsayer. -sägolso, 
f. contradiction, -sätta, V. a. to 
opoose. —sättning, f. opposition. 

-verkai v. a. to count«ract. -v«rkan. 

152 Motvigt 

f, reaction, opposition, -vigtj /. 
counterpoise, -vilja, f. repugnance, 
reluctance, dislike. — Viliigj a. re* 
luctant. -vind, m. foul wind, ligga 
för — , to lie windbound. -vliga, 
V. a, to counterbalance. — vändj a. 
turned against. —Yarn ^ n, defence, 
Mucka, v. n. to mutter, to mumble. 

Muddjler, n, mud. -eriiiaskin, w. 

dredging - machine. -erpråm , m. 
mudlighter. -ra, V. a. to dredge. 

Mulf, m. muff. I-rig, a. muddy. 

Mng-^, m, raug. 

Mn^g'a^ v. n. to chew slowly, to mumble. 

Mulatt, W. mulatto. 

Mulbete, n. pasture. 

Mnlbär, n. mulberry. 

Mule, m. mouth, muzzle. 

Mulllen, a. cloudy, gloomy; sad. -HR, 
V. n. to grow cloudy, to cloud. 

Mull, f, mould, earth , dust, -bänk, 
m, seat of grass, -hög, m. heap of 
earth. -SOrk, -Tad, 77». mole. 
-vadshOg, W. molehill. 

Mullra, V. n. to rumble. 

Multna, V, n. to moulder, to rot. 

Mulåsna, f. mule, ginnet. 

Mumio, 771. <fe f, mummy. 

Mum|{la, V, n. to mumble, to mutter; 
to whisper about, —mel, 71. murmur, 
mumbling. — sa, V. n. to munch. 

Hnn, m. mouth, en - full, a mouth- 
ful, hålla sin — , to bold one's ton- 
gue, hrulca - på en, to scold at 
one. -art, 77i. dialect, -giga, f. 
Jew's-harp, -gipa, f» corner of the 
mouth, -huggas, V. d. to wrangle. 
-lack, n. sealing-wafer. -lag, 71. 
bridle -bit. -läder, 71. well hung 
tongue, -shit, m. morsel, -skolla, 
f, sore mouth, -skänk, m. cup- 
bearer. — Spärril, /*. locked jaw, trias- 
mus. -stycke, n. mouth-plece; bit 
of a bridle. -Styf, a. hardmouthed. 
— tlig, a. by word of mouth, verbal. 
-Tig, a. voluble. -Tighet, f, vo- 
lubility of tongue. 

Mnnderjla, V, a. to accoutre, to clothe 
in uniform. — Ing, /*. mundur, uniform. 

Munk, 771, friar, monk; fritter, -aktlg, 


a, monastic, -drägt, m» habit of 
a monk, -kloster, n. monk's con* 
vent, monastery, -kåpa, f. cowl, 
capouch. -lefynad, m. monastic life, 

-stil, 771. black letters, -väsende, 

71. monkish habits, monachism. 

Munt||er, a. cheerful, aiacrious. -crhet, 

f. cheerfulness. — va, V. a. to cheer up. 

Mur, 771. wall, -a, V. a. to wall. 
mura igen, to wall up. 772U7'a in, 
to immure, mura upp, to raise. 
-are, m. bricklayer, mason, -hruk, 
n. mortar. ^^ -bräcka, f. battering- 
ram, -grön, 771. ivy. -mästare, 
771. master-mason. — niug, f. mason- 
ry, -ruta, f. stone- fern, -slef, m, 
trowel, -sten, W. -tegel, n, brick. 

Mnrkllen, a. rotten, -enhet, f, rot- 
tenness. -na, V. 71. to rot. -nande, 

n. putrefaction. 
Murmeldjur, n. marmot, mountain rat, 
Murrhår, n, whiskers. 
Mns, f. mouse; {pi. mosS, mice). 

-black, a, mousegray. -ftat, 71. 

pillage by mice, —fälla, /. mouse* 

trap. — lort, m. mousedung^ —törne, 

72. butcher's broom , double - tongue 
(plant), -ärter, 772. pL tufted vetch. 
—Öron, 71. pi. mouse-ear (plant), 

Musch, ra, patch. 

Musicera, v. n, to make music. 

Musik, f. music, -alisk, a, musical, 

—ant, 771. musician. 
Mnskat, 771, muscadine, muscadel. 
Muskedunder, 771. blunderbuss, muske» 


Muskel, 771. muscle, -kraft, /". mus. 

cular strength, 

Muskjleterare^ m, musketeer, -öt, 

771. musket. 

Muskot, n, -nöt, f, nutmeg, -blom- 
ma, f, mace. (cat. 

Muskus, m. musk, -djur, n. musk- 

Mussla, f. muscle, shell; chafe, anchor. 
Must, m. juice, moisture; sap; sub- 

stance; quintessence, -ig, O. juicy, 

Mustasch, m. whiskers, mustache. 
Mut||a, V. a. to bribe, to corrupt, -kolf, 

771. mercenary. —Or, f. pi. bribes. 


Matsedel, m. license for digging a mine. 
Myckeiln, a. much, great, huru mycket ? 

how much? -nliet, f. multitude, 

crowd, number, abundance, -rt, ad» 

much, far, very. 
Mygff) ^' -Ä> /• g°at» midge, -bett, 

-sting, 71. sting of a gnat, -dans, 

m. swarm of gnats. [mould over. 

Mylia;, f. mould. -, V. a. to cast 
Myndilig, a. mighty, powerful; per- 

emptory; magisterial, authoritative; of 

age. hit — , to come to full age. 

— ighet , f, haughtiness ; authority ; 

full age. —ling, m. pupil, ward. 

Mynning, m. muzzle, mouth, -stag, 

w. T, cord of the* yards. 
Mynt, n, money, coin, myntet ^ the 

mint, -a, V, a. to coin, -are, m. 

coiner, minter. — betjening, f» mint- 
officers, -fot, m. standard, -for- 
falskare, m. false coiner, -lins, 
n. mint. « -kunskap, f. numisma- 
tics, -mästare, m, master of the 
mint, -proberare, m. assayer of 
coin, -rättighet, f, right of coin- 
age, -slag, n. -sort, m. kind of 
coin, -tecken, n, mark of coin. 
»Yasen, n. coinage. 

Mynta, f. mint (plant). 

Myr||a, f, ant, emmet, pismirCo få 
myror i hufvudet, to b© perplexed. 
—bad, 72. hot bath prepared with ants. 
-björn, m. aat-bear. -lejon, n. 
ant-lion, lion -ant. — slok, m, ant* 
bear, -stack, 771. ant-hill. 

Myrlla, f, bog, marsh. -Jord, f, mar- 
shy ground. — kotte,-?». armadillo. 
—länd, a. muddy, boggy, marshy. 
—malm, m, bog-iron-ore. 

Myrrha, f, myrrh. 

Myrten, m. myrtle. 

Mysa, v. n» to smile, to simper. 

Mysk, m, musk, -djur, n, musk-deer, 
-madra, f. woodroof. 

Myteri, ti. mutiny, conspiracy. 

Må, V. n. to fare. - väl , to be well. 

- v'dl I farewell ! huru mar ni ? 
how do you do? 

Må, V. n. to may, to can; to dare. 

- göra, done, pd må få, at random. 

Mangstafvig 153 

, m. son-in-law. 
Make, 71. sea-gull. 

Måkare, m, T, mall. 

Mål, 71. speech, language, tongue; case, 
business, afTair, head; mark, white, 
butt ; measure ; due size ; meal. — brott, 
71. breaking of the voice. — fore, n. 
delivery. — 1ÖS, a. speechless, dumb. 

-losliet, f, dumbness, -segare, 
m. plaintiff, -skjutning, f, shoot- 
ing at the mark, -snian, 7n. guar- 
dian, sponsor. — stimme, 77t. din- 
ner- or supper»time. — tld, 771. meal, 
Mål|{a, V, a, to paint, -re, ia, pain- 
ter; court-card, -arekonst, f, the 
art of painting. -arestäUning, /. 

easel. — erl, n, painture, painting. 

-ning, f. picture; painting. 
Mån, m, proportion, en liten - större, 

a little bit greater. 
Mån, a. careful, anxious about. 

Månad, m, month, -sfoster, n. 

moon-calf. — srasande, ä. lunatic 
-sraseri, n, lunacy, -srening, f. 

woman's monthly courses , terms , flo- 
wers. — srOS, f, damask rose, -tlig, 
a. monthly. [monday. 

Måndag, m, monday. fri -, saint 
Mån||e, m. moon, -beskrifniug, f. 

selenography. -Cirkel, on, cycle of 
the moon, -förmörkelse, f. eclipse 
of the moon. — IJUS, a. moonlight. 
—skon, 71. moonshine. 

Måugelska, f. basket-woman. 

MångJIe, -en, a. many. - som, many 
a one who. — gäng, many a time. 

-ahanda, a. manifold, -bladig, 

a. polypetalous, — faldlg, a. mani- 
fold, various. -faldiga, v. a. to 
multiply, -faldighct, /. multipli. 
citv, variety. — fota, f. scolopendra. 
-färgad, a. manycoloured. -gifte, 
71. polygamy. -guderi, 71. poly- 
theism. -Iiornig, -kantig, a, 
polygonal, —horning, 771- polygon. 
-kunnig, a. knowing much, -Or* 
dig, a, talkative, -ordighet, f, 
verbosity, loquacity, -sidig, a. multi- 
lateral. -Stafvigr, a. polysyllabical. 

154 'Mångtydig 
— tydlg, a. ambiguous, -tydighet, 

f. ambiguity, -välde, n. polygarchy. 
Mangllla, V> n. to hawk*. to deal il). 

-lare, m, hawker, -lerska, -elska, 

/. huckatcr. 
Manne, ad. perhaps. -> det är sant ? 

do you tlänk it is so? 
Måra, /. lady^-Jbcdatraw (plant). 
Mård, m, marten, martern. — BkinU) 

n. fur of marten. 

Mårtensljdag, m. -messa, f. Martie. 

mas. (have to. 

Måste ) v. n. def, to be obliged, to 

Mått, m. mite. 

Mått, n. measure, taga — af någon, 
to take one's measure, efter —, by 
measure. — och steg, measures, cour- 
ses, —a, f. measure, moderation, conj- 
pass, i sä måtto, in3omuch. -a, 
V. a. to aiiu. -Hg, a. moderate; 
middling, -ligliet, f. temperance, 
mediocrity. — stOCk, m. measure, 
rule, standard. 

Mäkljja, V, a. to mediate, to negotiate. 
-are, m. mediator, arbiter; broker. 

-are-arfvode, n. brokage. -erl, n. 

Mäktjja, ad, very. «, v. n. to can, 

to be able. — Ig, a. powerful, mighty ; 
potent, puissant ; rich ; thick , cloying, 
luscious, han är sig sjeif ej -, he 
bas no command of himself. vara 
ett språk -, to be master of a Ian- 
guage. -ighet, f. strength, force, 
greatness; thickness, deepness. 

Maid, m. grift. 

Mältjla, t;, a. to malt. -, v. n. to 
shoot, to sprout. -llUS, n. malthouse. 
-ning, f, making of malt. 

Mängd, f, multitude. 

Människa, s. Menniska. 

Mänta, v. a. to prepare, to dress. 

Markjla, V, a. to mark: to measure; 
to notice , to perceive , to observe ; to 
try* -bar, a. perceptible, -bläck, 
n, marking-ink. -gam, W. marking- 
thread, -värdig, a. remarkable, 
memorable, -värdighet, f» remark- 
ableness; curiosity. 

MaiTf /. mar©, jade.' 


Mars, m. top, round top. -gast, m. 

topman. -segel, n. topsail, -stång, 

f. topmast. 
Miisk, m. grains, -a, V. n. to mash. 
•^iijstllare, m. master -arinna, f, 

miitress. -Crbref, n, patent o? 
mastership. -eriig , a. masterly. 

-erman, m. executioner, -erskap, 

71. mastership. -ei'Stycke, n. ma- 
sterpiece, -ersven, m. head -your- 
neyman, foreman. -ra, v. a. to 

MJit, m. taga i -, to distrain, -a, 
V. a. to measure, to gage, to found. 
-are, m. meter, measurer. -Isman, 
m. arbiter, umpire. -lig, a. mea- 
surable, -stång, 771. rod, perch, poldi 

Mätress, f, concubine, mistress. 

Mätt, a. satiate, eatiated. satisfied, -a, 
V. a. to satisfy , to fill , to feed ; to 
satiate; T. to saturate. -het, /. 
satiety, -ning, f. filling . T. aatu- 

Mo , f. maid, maiden . virgin — doni^ 
m. ^ maidenhead , virginity, -doni- 
Qväll, m. nuptials-erc. 

Möbel, m. furniture, -handl&re, m. 


Möblera, v, a. to furnish. 

Mödya, f, pain, trouble, toil, ado. det 
lönar ej mödan, it is not worth 
while, med möda, narrowly. -, v. a. 
to fatigue. -dryg, a. inofficious, 
-OSam , a. painful . tiresome , trou- 

Möderne, w. the mothers side, -arf, 

n. estate left by the mother 

Mögllel, n. mould, -elsklnn, n. 
pellicle of mould. -!la, V. n. -las, 
V. d, to mould, to grow mouldy. — iig, 
O. mouldy 

Möjlig, a. possible, -en, ad, possi* 
bly. -het, f possibility. 

Möka, V. a. to soften, to humble. 

MÖ1, m. mill, spinning-mill« 

MÖlja, f. huddle; moU. 

Mönja, f. minium, redleaid. 

MÖnst||er, w. pattern, model, -er- 
herre, m. muster-mwiter. -erplats, 
m. wuBtermg pUcc. -orrulla« f. 


muster • roll, i-erskola^ f, normal 
8C00I. -ra, v. a. to muster, to re- 
view; to censure, — ring^j f, muster, 

MÖr, a. tender; crisp, -het, f. ten- 
derness, —nil, V. n. to grow tender. 

Mörda, v. a. to murder, to assassinate. 
— nde, a. murderous. — , 71, murder, 
man • slaughter. — r6, vn» murderer, 

MÖrja, f, embers. -, v, n, to lurk 
under the ashes. 

MÖrkj^a. obscure, dark, -blå, a. 
darkblue. — brun , a. darkbrown. 
-er, n. obscurity, darkness, -lagd, 
a. darkish, dusky, brownish. —11 a, 
V. W. to darken, to grow dark, —röd, 
a. darkred. 

Mo'rsare, m. mortar. 

Mört, 7». roach. 

Mössa, f, cap, bonnet. 

MÖt|[a, v. a. to encounter, to meet; to 
go to meet. — as, V. d. to meet. -6, 
fi. meeting, encounter; congress. — GS- 
plats, m, meeting-place, rendezvous. 


KabO, W. neighbour, -lag', tl. neigh- 
bourhood. — llg, a. neighbourly. 

Nachdel, Nackdel, m, disadvantage, 


Nakjje, m. neck, the back of the neck, 
nape. — bei5, n. neckbone. -grop, 
7n, nape. — Styf, a. stiffnecked. 

Naf, n. nave. 

Nafle, m. navel, -bråck, n. ompha- 
locele, -sträng, 771. navelstring. 

Nafvare, m. auger. 

Nafver, m, mapletree. 

Nagel, c?i. nail; T, trundle; T. haw. 
-bänk, 71. T. five rails rack, -böld, 
m. agnail, -fara, V, a. to sift, to 
scrutinize. — rot, f. root of the nail. 

Nagg, 71. prick, pricking, -a, V. n. to 
nibble, to peck. — hröd, to prick 

Nagla, V, a, to nail. 

Nattläger 155 

NaiT, a, natural, not affected, naive. 
— itet, f» naivety, ingenuousness. 

Naken, a. naked. -Iiet, f. nakedTiesa. 

Nakterhns, n. T, bittacle, binnacle- 

r^alkas, V, d. to approach. - sitt 
slut, to draw to an end. 

Namn, n. name, vid — , by name, 
-e, m. namesake, -gifva, V, a. to 
name, to nominate. — kris^ten, a, 
false christian. — kannig, a. renow- 
ned, -kunnighet, /*. renown, ce. 
lebrity. — lista, f. list of names. 
— 1Ö8, a, nameless, anonymous. — S» 
dag, 7n. anniversary, name's day. 

Nam nam, n, tid-bit, dainties. 

Nankin, 71. nankeen. 

Napp, ra. sucking-bottle. 

Napp[|a, V. a. to catch, to snatch, to 
bite; to lay hold on. -as, V. d, to 
contend, to struggle, —tag, 71. struggle. 

Narciss, /". daffodil, narcissus. 

Nardus, m. nard, spikenard. 

Narf, m. grain, -gräs, 71. chickweed. 
-läder, n. black-grained leather. 

Narhval, m. uarwhale. 

Narr , m, fool ; buffoon, göra — af 
någon, to banter one. —a, v, a. to 
delude, to deceive, to impose on, to 
entice, -aktig, a. foolish, comical. 
-aktighet, f. foolishness, folly, -as, 
v. a. to trifle, to tell stories. —1, 71. 
joke, trifle, jest. — spel, 71. foolery. 
-verk, 71. raillery, trifle. 

Nate, m, pondweed. 

Nation, f, nation, -al, a. national. 
-alisera, v. a. to nationalize, -all- 
tet, f. nationality. 

Natron, m. natron. 

Natt, f. night, om natten, by night. 
i — , this night; last night; to night. 

-arbete, n, lucubration, -bäcken, 

n. chamber-pot. — dllksbord, 71. 
nightstand, toilet. — etid, f, night- 
time, -fly, 71. phalaena. -frOSt, 
m- nightfrost. -fågel, TTl. bird of 

night, -hufva, f. nightcup. -kappa, 

f, halfshirt. -kläder, 772. 2^1' night, 
dress, -lanipa, f. nightlamp. -llg, 
a. nightly, nocturnal, -läger, n, 
nightquartera , nightiodging ; bivouac 




-music, m. serenade. >ln0SSa, f. 
nightcap. -rO, fti. nightly rest. 

-rock, m. nightgown, -skräfva, 

f. goatsucker. — stolj m. close-stool, 

-stycke, f, nightpiece. -stfindcn, 
a. dead, vapid, -svärniare , m. 

nlghttraveller. -säck, w. travelling. 
bag, carpet-bag. — tl'OJa , f. night* 
jacket, -tyg, 71. undress, -llgla, 
f, 8creetch-owl. —vak, n. waking all 

night. -Takt, f. nightwatch. -van- 
drare, m. nightwalker. -Yard, m. 
supper, den heliga Nattvarden, 
the Lord's supper. -Tardsgång, m, 
communion, -vardsgäst, m. com. 
municant, — viol, f. rocket. — vakt, 
f, nightwatch, -viiktare, m. watch. 
Natnr, f. nature, temper, complexion. 
-alier, n.pL natural products, -ali- 

sera, v. a. to naturalize, -alster, 

n» natural product, —drift, f, in. 
stinct. —el, n. nature, disposition, 
tempero — enllg, a. agreeable to na- 
ture, -forskare, m» naturalist. 
-gåfva, f.^ gift of nature, -kllimig, 
a. physician. -kUDnig^het, f. na- 
tural philosophy, -llg, a. natural, 
physical; full, -ligen, ad. natur- 
ally, -lighet, /".naturalness, -ligt- 
—vis, ad. of course, -lära, f. phy. 
slcs. -vetenskap, f. physical science. 

Ned, ad, down. 

Nedan, n. decrease of the moon. 

Nedan, ad. below, beneath, ^-fof, 
-om, ad. & pr. belew. -pamnd, 
a. mentioned here below. ~på, -till, 
ad. underneath. 

Nedbryta, v. a. to break down. 

Nedbädda, v. a, to bed down, to couch, 

to stratify. 

Neder, ad. down, -börd, m. rain, 
3now or hail, -del, m. inferior part. 
— gora, V. a. to put to the sword, 
—lag, 71, defeat, overthrow; warehouse, 
■tore, -lagsft-ihet, f, »taple-right. 
-slag, n. precipitate. 

Nederst, a. lowest, lowermost, neder- 
sta väningen, the grouadfioor. — , 
adp lowest, at tho bottom. 

Nedfalla, v. n, to fail down. -andOi 

n. prosternation. 
Nedfartj m. descent. 
Nedföre, ad. downwards. 
Nedgång, m. going down, descent 

solens — , sunset. 
Nedhugga, v. a. to hew dowE&. 
Nedi, Neduti, ad, & pr, nodemeath, 

undermost, at the bottom of. 
Nedift'an, ad. & pr, from below. 
Nedkasta, v. a, to throw down. 
Nedkomst, m, coming dovsm ; delivery. 
Nedlåt||a sig, v, r, to condescend. 

-en, a. condescensive. —enhet, /. 

Nedlägga, v. a. to lay down ; to abo- 
lish ; to abdicate ; to bestow. 

Nedmylla, v. a. - säd, to harrow 

down the seed. 

Nedom, Nedonikring, ad. & pr, 

on the lower side of, below. 
Nedre, ad, below. ~, a. lower, nether. 
NedritJIva, v. a, co pull down, -ning, 

f. demolition. 
Nedrig, a. low, mean, base, -het^ 
f, baseness, abjection. 

Nedsitta, v. n, to sit down. 
Nedsjunka, v. qi, to sink down. 
Nedskjuta, v. a, to shoot down. 

Nedslagen, a. dejected, lowspirited. 

—bet, f. dejection. 
Nedslå, V. a. to beat down; T. to 

Nedslappa, v. a, to drop, to let down. 
Nedstiga, v. n, to descend, to step 


Nedstörta, v, n, to fall down. 

Nedstöta, V. a, to thrust down. 

Nedsvälja, v. a, to swallow down. 
Nedsänka, v. n, to sink. 
Nedsätta, v. a. to deposite; to lower. 
Nedsöla, v. a, to soil, to dirt. 
Nedtrycka, v, a, to oppress, to deject. 
Nedtynga, v. a, to load, to weigh 

Nedtysta, v, a. to sljence, to suppress. 
Neduti, s, Nedi. 

Ned vid, pi'. & ad. at tha lowest place. 
Nedåt, ad. downwards. 

Negller^ m. negro. »erhaudeL^ 9»^; 


negro • trade. «-rinna ^ f, negro- 

Neglika, f, gilliflower; cloves, -rot^ 
f. hert-bennet, avens. [a denial. 

Kejj ad. no, nay. få — , to meet with 

NejOUÖga, f, lamprey. 

Neka, V. a. to deny, to refuse, -nde^ 
a. negative. —, n. deni^. 

NerVj m. nerve. — föver, m, nervous 
fever, -lära, f. neurology. -Syok, 
a. nervous. -SJnka, f, distemper of 
the nerves, -styrkaude, a. nervine. 

-svag, a. nervous. -System, n. 

system of the nerves. 
Nesl[a, f. dishonour, ignominy, disgrace. 
— llg, a. ignominious, shameful, in* 

Ketto, a. & ad, net. -belopp, n, 

clear amount. — Vlgt, f. net weight. 
Central, a, neuter, neutral, -itet, f, 
Ni, pr, you. [neutrality. 

Nia, f, nine, novenary, [beckon. 

Nick, 7/1. nod. -a, V. n. to nod; to 
Nick[|a, f, -hake, m, swivel. 

Nickel, m. nickel. 

Niding, m, coward, wretch; miser. 
— SVerk, n» infamous work, felony. 

Nidsk , a. niggardly , sordid , scanty. 
—het, f, niggardness. 

Niglla, V, n. to courtesy, - för nå- 
gon, to make one a courtesy, -ning, 
f, courtesy. 

Nio, num, nine, -faldlg, a. nine- 
fold, -lianda, a. nine different. 
-nde, a, ninth, -ndedel, m. ninth 
part, —tal, n, novenary. — årlg, a. 
nine years old. 

Nipp, w. trinket, toy, -erhandlare, 

m. milliner, toyman^ 
Nisch, m, niche. 
Nit, n. zeal, -isk, a. zealons. -älska, 

V. n. to be zealous, -älskare, w. 

Nit, m, blank, blank-ticket. [zealot. 
Nita, t7. a. to clinch, to rivet. 
Nittio, num. ninety, -nde, a. nine- 
^tieth, lUenth. 

Nitton, num, nineteen, -de, a. nine- 
Nivellera, v. a. to level. 

Njugg, a. niggard, scanty, -a, V, n. 
to be niggard, - ihojp, to scrape up. 

Notpapper 157 

Njnpa, V, a, to pinch, to twea^* 

Njupon, Nypon, n. hip, dog-rose. 
-buske, m, wildbriar, hiptree. 

Njurile, m. kidney, rein, -grus, n, 
gravel, -stek, m. loin, -steu, m. 
stone in the kidneys; jade, -viirk, 
m. nephritic pains, nephralgy. 

Njntlla, V. a, to enjoy, to possess, 
—ning, f» enjoyment, profit, use. 

Nocka, V. a. to beat into flocks. 

Nog, ad. enough. 

^<>§iil^9 ^* esact, accurate, punctual, 
strict, close, nice. -, ad. exactly; 
hardly, -grann, a. accurate, nice, 
strict. — grannhet, f. exactness, ac- 
curacy, -räknad, a. accurate, nice, 
strict, -samt, ad. sufficiently, well. 

Nojs, n. jest, joke. 

Noll, Null, n. Nolla, f. zero, cipher. 
förklara för -, to annul. 

NoUkrysS, m, T. the broadest part 
of the ship. 

Noppa, v. a. to nap. 

Nord, m. north, -an, w. the north, 
-anifrån, ad. from the north, -an- 
yind, m. -anTäder, n. northvind. 
-isk, a. northern, -kapare, m. 

grampus, ice-whale, —lig, a. northerly. 
-nordvest, m. north -north -west. 
-OSt, m. north-east. -OStlig^ a. 
north-eastern. — polen, W. the north- 
pole, -sjön, f. the Northsea. -stjär- 
na, f, the northstar. -vest, m. 

northwest. -Tcstlig, -vestra, a. 

Norr, m. north, -bagge, m. horse 
from Norway. -Qvint, m. brarabling. 

-sken, n. northiight. -ut, -yarts, 

—åt, ad, north, towards the north. 
Nors, in. smelt, groveling. 
NOS, m. snout, nose, -a, V. a. to 

smell, to snuff, -horning, m. rhi. 

noceros, —mask, m. sheepnoaeworm. 
Not, f. drag, drag-net, seine, -kil, m. 

cod of a net. -yak , f. hole in the 

ice at which the net is let down. 

-yarp, n. draught of a net. 
Not, f. note; comment. -bok, f. 

music -book, -papper ^ n. music* 





Notas f. note» epccifiCÄtion , invoica. 

-rio, 771. notary. 
Notis, f. notice. 
Novell, m. novel, tale. 
November, m. November. 
Na, ad. now. - för tiden, now a 

days. Tätt — , soon, instantly. - väl, 

well, well now, come on. -varando^ 

a. present, now existing. 
Nubb, m. tack, small nail. 
Namnier^ m. number. 
Numrerlja, v. a. to number, to mark 

with ciphers. -Ih^, f. numeration. 

NoBiiJIa, /. nuQ. -ekloster, f. nun. 


Njj a- new, fresh, nytt, news, avad 
nytt? what news? pä nytt, anew, 
over again. -Sre, a. newer. ~ast©, 
a, newest, -bakad, a. newbaked. 
-begyESare^ m. beginner. -burCD, 
a. newborn, -byggare, m. colonist, 
settler, planter, -bygge, n. colony, 
settlement, plantation, -flken , a, 
curious, inquisitive, -fåkenhöt, f. 
inquisitivenoss. — foddj a. newborn. 
—gift, Ö. newmarried. —het, f. no. 
▼•Ity; news: innovation. — kläckt, 
a. newhatched. -koniling, m. new- 
comer, stranger, -ligen, ad. lately, 
of late. -lariHg, m. novice. -niO» 
dig, a, fashionable. -Klålne, m, 
new moon. —0 , G>d. a nyo , anew. 
-plog, m. land first| broken up for 
tillage. -tändniDg, /, new moon. 
-år, n. new year. -år8da..g, m, 
new-year's-day -årsgåfva, /. new. 
year's -gift -årSÖMSkan , f- new- 
year's-wish. (whimsical. 

Nyck, m. caprice, whim, -full, a. 

Nyckel, o*, key. -ax, W. keybit. 
-ben, n. clavicular bone. -bÖSSa, 
f shooting, key. —hål, n. keyhole. 
-kn!|>pa, f, bunch of keys, -pip^j 
f. shank of a key. -ring, m. key. 

Nykter, a, sober, fasting; temperate, 
frugal, på - mage, fasting. -Irot, 
f, sobriety, soberness. 

Nyjnf, f, nymph. 

Nypa, V, a, to pincu, to tweak. 

Nys||a, V, n. to sneeze, -gräs, n, 

sneezewort. -model, n. sternuta 

tory. -pulver, n. sternutative pow. 
Nyss, ad, just now, just. [der. 

Nystjia, V. O. to wind, to glomerate. 

-an, W. ball, clew of thread, -fot, 

Wl. yarnwindle 
Nyter, a. merry, gay. 

Nytt, 8. Ny. 

Nyttya, f. utility, use, good, benefit, 
emolument, advantage. — ig, O. nse- 
ful, good, -ighet, f. nsefulnesg. 
-ja, V, a. to use, to make use of. 
nyttjande rätt, usufruct, -jande. 

Nå, ri> well. [n» use, usufruct. 

Nå, V, a. (S) n. to reach: to attain 

Nåck, m. T. yard-arm. 

Nåd, n. rivet, -a, v. a. to rivet- 
Nad, f, grace; favour; pardon, mercy. 
lefva på nåder, to live at another's 
discretion, med Guds - . by the 
grace of God. Eders -, your grace, 
your honour, -a, v, n. to be gra. 
cious. Gud ndde mig, God help 
me. — astol, m. mercy. scat. —6» 
bevisning, f. mark of favour, -e- 
bröd, W. bread of charity, pension. 
-efull, a. merciful, -ehjon, n. 
almsman, one who lives upon charity. 
-elig, a. gracious, merciful. -elOite, 
n, promise of grace. — erlk, a. gra^ 
cious. -erike, n. tho kingdom of 
grace, -estånd, n, state of grace. 
-estot, m, finisbiag blow. --CtecköOj 
n. mark of favour. -©Yal, n. qUc- 
tion of grac« ; predestination. — %, iS,, 
gracious, mercifaL — 111", n, year of grace. 

Någon , a. somebody, any, ej — , no* 
body. -der% pr. cither. -sIn, ad, 
at aay time, ever. 

NågOrllledes , ad. somehcTV, om way 
or other. -Icuda, ad. sometliing, 
— Städes, ad. gomewhero, in some 
place. [rather, a little. 

Något, n, somewhat, something. — , av, 

Någre, a, pi. some, ssveral, any. 

Nåkas, V. d, to approach. 

Nål, f. needle; pin, — f^ref, W. a pn» 
per of pins, -dyna, f, pin-oushloa* 

-foder, n, pjn-case. -hufvud, n» 


Nödställd 159 

head of a pin. »bu^S^ 7U needlecase. 
^isakare^ m. needier, -penningar, 
m, pL pinmoney. -Sudd, m, tho 
point of a pin. -SOga, n, the eye 
of a needle. 

Kåt, n. joint, board, seam. 

liiäbb, m. bill, beak, -gädda, /". gar- 
pike. — maS) f» shrewmouse. 

Käck, m. seagod, Neptune, -blad, 
n.-r08, m. yellow waterlily. -bröd, 
n, stone-marle. 

Näf, n, beak. 

Näfljve, m, fist, hand, en - full, a 
handfull, -rätt, m. clublaw. 

Kafver, m. bark of the birch. 

Näktergal," ttj. nightingale. 

Mmd, 77». jury, -eman, m. jury- 
man, [that is to say. 

Nämligen, ad, namely, to wit, viz, 

Nämna, v. a. to call, to name, to 
mention. — nde, 71. nomination, —re, 
m. denominator. 

Nan n as, v. d, to have the heart to. 
han nännes ej äta sig mätt, he 
pinches his own belly. 

Näpen, a, pretty, neat, bonny. 

Näppeligen, ^i, hardly, scarcely. 

Näps||a, V. a. to chastise, to check, to 
rebuke. — St, 771. correction, chastise- 

När, C. when; if. — , ad. near, nigh. 
pa långt — , by far. göra någon 
för — , to do one some wrong, så 
— , well nigh, så — som ^ within, 
except, -a, a. near, —gränsande, 
a. bordering upon, —gången , a. 

importunate^, too daring, —ma, V. a. 
to approach. —mare, a. nearer, 
-mast, a. nearest, next, -skyld, 
a, near of kin. -stående, a. pre- 
sent, being at hand. — Synt, a, 
shortsighted. -Syntliet, f. short- 
sightedness. —Tärande, a, present. 
-varelse, -varo, /I presence, i hans 

— , before himj 
Nära, v. a. to nourish, to feed. 
Näring, f. nourishraent; allowance; 

trade, hålla — , to keep an alehouse. 

-Sdrift, m. industry, -sfiihetj f, 

freetrade. -sfång, 7i. trade, -slos, 

a, destitute of nourishment. —Sme- 
del, n, livelihood, victuals. -SSaft, 
m. chyle. — SSOrg, m. care for sus- 
tensince. — SStällO, n. alehouse, ta. 
vern. Itory. 

Näs, n. point, headland, cap, promon- 
Nasjla, f, nose, fä lång -, to catch 
a tartar, draga en vid näsan, to 
lead one by the nose, sticka sin — 
I, to thrust one's nose into, —ben, 
n. the bone of the nose. — blod, m, 
bleeding at the nose. -borr, m. 
nostril, -brosk, 7i. cartilage of the 
nose, —bränna, f, få — , to pay 

through the nose. — dok, 77». hand- 
kerchief, —horning, m. rhinoceros. 

-Ijnd, n. nasal sound, -perla, f. 
saucebox. -Styfver, 771. fillip, -tipp, 
771. tip of the nose. — lis, a, imper- 
tinent, saucy, insolent. — Ylshet, f. 
impertinence, sauciness, 

Nässjlelfeber, m. nettlefever. -la, f, 

Näst, ad, <fe prp. next; after; but; 
save, —a, 771, neighbour, —an, ad, 
almost, well nigh, -liden, ÖB- last past. 

Näste, 71. nest. 

Nät, 71. net; caul, -brack, n. epi- 
plocele. -formig, -lig, a. reticu- 
lar. -hinna, f, retina. 

Nätt, a. neat, tight; saving, sparing. 
—het, f. neatness, accuracy, succinct- 

Nätteldnk, tti. muslin. (ness. 

Nöd, f. necessity, need, want, distress ; 
calamity, det har ingen -, there is 
no danger, lida — , to be in want. 
hafua af noden, to have occasion 
for. vara af nöden, to be need. 
-ankar, ti. sheet-anchor, -dop, 71. 
private baptism, —fall, n, pinch, 
case of necessity. — ga, V, a. to 
oblige, to compel. — hjelp, m, shift, 
-ig, 71. necessary, requisite, -lidande, 
a, needing, wanting, —lögn, f. shift, 
tib. —penning, m, sparemoney. 
-rOp, n. cry of distress, -saka, 
V, a. to compel, to force. —Signal, 
m. signal of distress. -Skott, 71. 
shot for help. -Spilta, f, travise, 
travel. -Ställd « a. distressed, desti- 




tute. — torft, m. want, exigence, 
demand, call. . -torftig, a. needful, 
necessary, -trängd, -tviiögen, a. 

necessitated, -tvållg, 7i. constraint. 
-?ändig, a. necessary, needful, -viin- 
dighet, f. necessity, exigence, -val'll, 
n. defence in case of necessity. 

Nöjda sig, V. r. -as, v. d. to be con- 
tented, -aktig, a. satisfactory, sa- 
tisfactive. -d , a content, cheerful. 
— ©, n. delight; contentment; pleasure. 
vara till nöjes, to pleaae. -sain, 
a. pleasant, delightful, agreeable; fa- 
cetious, -samhet, f. pleasantness, 

Nöt, n. neat, black cattle, beeves; 
dunce, -aktig, a. dull, sluggish. 
-aktighet, f. dullness. 

Nöt, f. nut. filbert, tn hård -, a 
tough business, -knäppa, f. nut- 
cracker, -kraka, f. nutpecker -kär- 
na, f. nutkernel. -Oija, J. nutoil. 

-sKal, n. nutshell. -Tacka, f. 

NÖtjja, V a. to wear -as, V. d. to 
be worn. ~ning, f» wear , nibbing, 


01 1. o! oh! 

Oaf(|brat^n , a. unbroken ; aninter- 
rupted. — delt, a. undivided, un* 
parted, -gjord , a. undecided , not 
determined, -händelig, a. inalien- 
able, -hängig, a. independent. 
-hängighet, f. independency, -kor- 
tad, a. undiminished, cot shortened. 
— låtlig, a. incessant, unceasing. 

Oakt||adt, ad. notwithstanding, -sam, 

a. eareless, heedless, -saiuliet, f. 
Oanijfaktad, a. undisturbed, unmo- 
iested. -genäni , a, disagreeable, 
unpleasant, -griplig, a. una.ssail- 
able, — sedt, ad. notwithstanding. 
-seillig, a. inconsiderable, unseemly. 
-senliirhet, f. iceannsss, littleness. 

-ständig, a. indecent, unbecoming^ 
-Ständigliet, /. indecency. -StÖt- 
lig, a. inoffensive, -tnglig, a. un. 
acceptable, inadmissible. -tastad^ 
a. untouched, unattacked. -valid* 
bar, a. inapplicable. 

Oaptitlig, a. loathsome, disgustful. 

Oarbetad, a. unwrought. 

Cart, f. want of good breeding, ill !ia. 
bit, bad trick, -ig, a. naughty, ill- 
bred, Improper. -Igliet, f. naught- 

Ons, m. oasis. liness. 

Obanad, a. unpathcd. untraced. un- 

Obarmhertig, a. uncharitable, un- 
merciful. -hot, f. unmercifulnesa« 

Obcjjbodd, a. uninhabitated. -bOClig, 
a. uninhabitable, -fläckad, a. im« 
maculate, -fogad , a. incompetent. 
-folkad, a. unpeopled, -fäst, a. 
unfortified, open. -Cfriplig, a. in- 
coraprhensible. -gnplighet, f. In- 
comprehensibility, -gråten, a. un- 
deplored, -liaglig, a. unpleasant, 
disagreeable, unpleasing, unentertain- 
ing. -haglighot, f. disagreeable- 
ncss. -hindrad, a. uninterrupted, 
unopposed. — llörig, a. improper, 
incompetent, —kant, a. unknown, 
unacquainted; strange. -kynirad, 
a. unconcerned , careless, -lofvad, 
a. unmannerly, unpolite. — lefven» 
hot, f, unmannerliness. -mailllild^ 
a. unmanned, without a crew. — nied» 
lad, a. unpossesaing, poor, -malty 
a. unmentioned. — mangd, a. un- 
mixed, —märkt, a. unobserved, uQ' 
noticed. -nägOD , a. disinclined, 
unwilling, averse. -nägenhot, f» 
disinclination, unwillingness. — IKluid^ 
a. unnamed , nameless, —prydd, CU 
unadorned, -pröfvad, a. unproved. 
-qyäm , a. inconvenient, incommo- 
dious, -qvämlighet, f. unfitness; 
inconvenience, incoramodity. —redd, 
a. undressed; unprepared, -rest, 0. 
untravalled. -rldcn, a. unbackedi, 
uubroke; dismounted, -rocndc, a. 
independer.t. -räkliad, a. uncounted. 


-räknelig, a. invaloable. -satt, 
a, unoccupied, vaeant. — S6(ld, a. un- 
teen , not seen. — SCgrftU , ci. not 
overcome. — skedHg*, a. bad, naughty. 
— Skriltig, a. inexpressible; unac- 
countable. -skrifTen, a. not w.i* 
ten on. -slagen, a. unshod, -blu- 
tcn , a. unresolved, undetermined. 
-slutsara, a. irresolute. -slut- 
baiuhet, f. irreaolution. -Smittad, 
a. not infected , unpolluted , uncor- 
rupted. -Sticklig, a. uncorruptible. 
-Stiirlig', a. Inaccossible , usurraoun- 
tahlr. -stridd, a. uncontested. 
-stand, 11. decadency, ruin, decay. 
-Stäld , a. unperformed, undone. 
-stämd, a. indetermined, indefinite. 
— Stii:ildliet, f. indeterminatlon, want 
of precision, irresolution. -Stair'.ig, 
a. inconstant. -StälldigllOt, f. in- 
constancy, unsteadiness. -SVarad, a. 
unanswered. -SVärad, a. unmolested. 
-tail^On, a. undcprivcd , at liberty. 
-talt, a. unpaid, -tydlig, a. in- 
considerable, insignificant, -tydlig- 
Iiot, f. insignificancy, -täckt, a. 
uncovered. — tänlfsail), a. iuconsi- 
derate, rash. -täuksaiullCt, f. in- 
con.^ideration , want of consideration. 
-tänkt, a. inconsiderate, -vakad, 
a. unprotected, unguarded. -Yandrftd, 
a. unversed, unskilled. -veklipT, a. 
immoveable, inexorable. -VCklighet, 
f, iiiflexibility, iramoveablcness. -Yekt, 
a. unmoved, unaffected, -visllg, a. 
underaonstrable. — vlttuad, a. un- 
witnessed, -väpnad , a. unaroied. 

Obillig, a. unreasonable, unjust. 

Ol)landad, a. unmixed, unmingled. 

Oblat, n. wafer, host, consecrated wa- 

Ohlokt, a. unbleached. (fer. 

Oblid, a. unkind, ungentle, -kelig, 
a. implacable. 

Oblyg, a. unbashful; bold, -hct, f. 
indecency r boldness, barefacedness. 

Obraan, m. arbiter. 

Oboe, m. hautboy. 

Oboist, m, hautbolat. 

Oborstad, a. not brashed-, rough, un- 
nolished, uncivili^d. 

Swedish-English DicU 

Odräglig 161 

Obotfärdig, a. impenitent, imrepent» 
in?, -het, /". impeniteacy. 

Obotlig, a. incurable, irremediable; 
irreparable, -liet, f, incurableneaa. 

Obrottslig, a. inviolable, -het, fr 

Obrukjjad, a. unused, unworn; uncul- 
tivated, -bar, a. not fit for use, 
unserviceable, past use; uncultivablo. 
— barllftt, f. unserviceableness, inuti- 
lity, -lig, a. not used, obsolete, rn- 
fashionable. [freeb dun;?, 

Obrunnen, a. not burnt. - gödsel, 

ObscrvailtiOD, f. observation, remark. 
—tor, m. observer ; astronomer. -tO» 
-rium, n. observatory. 

Obscen, a. obscene. 

Obstinat, a. obstinate, stubborn. 

Oboden, a. uninvited, unbidden. 

Obunden, a. unbound, untied. - stil, 

Obygd, f, wilderness. (prose. 

Obytt, a. not changed, undivided; un- 
settiid. intet - med, no dealings 
with. (made. 

Obiiddad , a. - säng , bed not yet 

Obiiklig, a. bulky, unwieldy. 

Obändig, a. stubborn, obstinate, -llGt, 
f. stubborness. 

ObÖjlld, a. unbent, -llg, a. inflexible. 
-lighet, f, inflexibility, obstinacy. 

Och, C. and. 

Ochra, f. ochre. 

Ock, c. also, too, likewise. 

Ock||er) n, uaury. -ra, v. n. to 
practise usury, -raröj tn. usurer. 

Också, c. also, likewise. 

October, m. October. 

Odal, a. allodial, -bonde, m. yeo- 
man, freeholder, -gods, n -jord, 
f. allodium, free land. -luan, m, 

Odeli;ad, a. undivided, -bar, a. in- 

divisible, -barhet, f. indivisibility. 
Odjur, n. monster, wild beast. 
Odllla, V. a. to cultivate. -Ing, f. 

cultivation, culture; civilization, 
Odoga, m. & f. good for nothing. 
Ot!on, n. crackberry. 
Odryg, a. soon spent, soon gone. 
Odräglig 9 a. intolerable, insufferable. 


162 Oduglig 

Oduglig', a. disqualified, unfit; useless* 
— Ufctj f, unfitness, uaelessness. 

Odygd, /". vice, naughtiness, -ig, a. 
vicious, wicked, narughty. 

Odäckad, a. without deck. 

Odödlig, a. immortal, -het, f. im» 

Odömd, a. unjudged, uncondemned. 

Oi^Öpt, a, not baptized. 

OdÖrt, f. hemlock. 

Oefterdgrflsg, a. indispensable, -gör- 
lig, -liiärmiig, a. inimitable. -rJitt- 
Ifg, a. incorrigible, -tällksam, Q. 
inconsiderate, heedless. 

Oegennyttjia, f, disinterestedness. -Ig, 
a. disinterested. (propriety. 

Oegeiltlig, a. improper, -het, f, im. 

OeiUlOt II Ståndlig, a. irresistible. 
-Ståndlighet, f. irresistibility.-säg- 
1ig, a. indisputable, incontestable. 

OeiUg, Ocns, a. at variance, at discord. 
vara — , to disagree, to be at variance. 
hlifva oens, to fall out (with). 

Oenighet, f. variance, discord, dis- 

Oe I'll faren, a, inexperienced, -far en- 
het, f. inexperience. -hörd, a. 
unheard of. -käsisam , a. ungrate- 
ful, -gättlig, a. irreparable, -sätt- 
lighet, /". irr^arableness. 

Ofall , n. ruin, disaster, mischance; 
misfortune. [f. enormity; excess. 

Ofant!ig^ Cf._ enormous, excessive, —het, 

Ofarbar, a. impassable, impracticable. 

Ofatt, Ö. awkward, illproportioned. 

Ofelbar, a. infallible, -het, f, in. 

Offentlig, a. public, -het, f. publi- 
city, notoriousness. 

Offer, W. sacrifice, offering, oblation. 
-altar, -n. pfl'ering-altar. -bön, f, 

offertory, -djur, n, victim, -kaka, 

/. oblation - bread, —kärl, n. sacri- 
ficial vessel. — prest, m. sacrificer. 
—redskap, .n. »acrificial vessels. 
-skål, f. oifering-cup. -tjenst, f. 

Officer, m. officer. {offering. 

Officin, f, printing-office. 

Offra, V. a. to sacrifice, to offer, -ro, 
m, sacrificer. 


Of|ädrad, a. unfledged. 

Ofjättrad, a. without fetters. 

Ofog, n. mischief. [formity. 

Oformlig, a. shapeless, -het, /. da. 

Ofred, m. discord, dissension, quarrel. 
-a, V. a. to disturb, -lig, a. tur. 
bulent, un peaceable. -lighet ^ /. 
trouble, disturbance. 

Ofrestnd, a. untempted. 

Ofrivillig, a. involuntary. 

Ofrnktjlbar, a. ur^fertile, barren, steril, 
unfruitful, -fearhet, f. barrenness, 
sterility. -Sam, a. barren. 

Of raise, a, not noble. - jord, taxa- 
ble land. — man, coramonei*. 

Ofrödd, a. infecund. 

Ofta, ad. often, frequently, oftentimes, 
oft. -re, ad. more often. -St, ad, 
most often, scm — , very often. 

Ofullybordad, a. unfinished, -gån- 
get foster, n. child born before its 
time, embryo. — komllg, a. imper- 
fect, incomplete, defective. — kOKllig- 
het, f. imperfection, incompleteness. 
-ständig, a. incomplete, -ständig- 
het, f. incompleteness, -ändad, a. 

Ofvan , ad. above. -, prp. over. — 
och nedan, above and below, -efter, 
ad, from above. — nänid, a. above- 
mentioned, -omkring, ad. & pr^. 
round about above, —på, ad. & prp. 
above, on the top. —till, ad. above. 

Ofärd, W. ruin, destruction. 

Ofärdig, a. unfinished; lame, cripp!ed, 
disabled; —het, f. lameness. 

färgad, a. undied, uncolourc^. 

Ofödd, a. unborn. 

OfÖr, a. lame, disabled, impotent. 

Öförljargelig, a, inoffensive, -brän- 
nelig, a. incombustible, -delaktig, 

a, disadvantageous, prejudicial. — dold, 
a. unconcealed, free, open. — drag- 
Sam « a. incompatible , quarrelsome. 
-dröjligen , ad. instantly, without 
delay. -därfvad, a. . uncorrupted. 
—enad, a. not united, unreconciled. 

-en lig, a. incompatible, -enlig- 
het, f. incoropatibleness. -falskad, 
a, uufalsified, uncounterfeit. . -faron^ 


a. unexperienced, unskilful. -fat6n» 
het, f. want of experience, anskilful* 
ness. -farad, a. undaunted, -grip- 
lig, a. unpresumlng, without pre- 
scribing. -gylld,a.ungDded. -gäng» 
lig, a. unperishable. -gänglighet, 
f, everlastingness. — gaten , (X, un- 
forgotten. -gätlig, a. not to be 
forgotten, ever memorable, —klarad, 
a. not declared, unproclaimed. — klar- 

lig, a. inexplicable, -klenad, a. 

undiminished, -kränkt, a. invio- 
lated, uncorrupted. -llknelig, a. 
incomparable. — llkt, a, unreconciled. 
-lofvad, a, not promised in mar- 
riage. — låtlig, a. unpardonable. 
— modad, a, unexpected, unlooked 
for, inopinate. -modligen, a^. in- 
opinately, unexpectedly, -måga, f. 
inability, irapotency. —märkt, a. 
imperceptible. — , ad, by degrees, by 
little and little,- insensibly, -inögen, 
a. impotent, unable, incapable; insol- 
vent, -mogenhet, f. impotency, 
incapacity, insolvency. — neklig, a. 
undeniable, incontestable. — nuft, W. 
irrationality, unreasonableness, absur- 
dity. — nilftig, a. irrational, unrea- 
sonable, brute, -nöjd, a. discontent. 
-nöjsam, a. not do be satisfied. 
-nöjsam het, f. uncontentedness, in- 
satiableness. —pantad, a. unpawned, 
unmortgaged, --ruttnellg, a. ira- 
putrescible. -ryckt, a. firm, fixed. 
—rätta, V. a, to overreach, to de- 
fraud. -rättad , O. unperformed. 
-sagd, a. undaunted, intrepid, -sagd- 
het, /. intrepid. oy -sedd , a. un- 

ppvided. -sedt, -scondes, ad. 

unforeseen. -seglad , a. unsealed. 
— Sigtig, a. imprudent, indiscreet, 
improvident, -sigtlgliet, f. impru- 
dence, -Skräckt, a. »intrepid, un- 
daunted , stout. — skylld , a. unme- 
rited, undeserved. — skämd , a. im- 
pudent , shameless. -Skämdhet, f. 
Impudence. -SOnlig, a. implacable, 
irreconcilable. -SOnlighet, f. ira- 
placability. -Stånd, n. folly, in- 
discretion, »ståndigt 9 a. foolish, 

Ogudaktighet 163 

indlsCTMt. -stolid, a. nndlssembled, 
undisguised, artless. -STarlig, a. 
unwarrantable. — syiltt a. presomp- 
tuous, insolent, pert, saucy. ~såtlig, 
a. unintentional, undesigned, -säkrad, 
a. uninsured. -SÖkt, a. unexperien- 
ced ; unattempted. — SOFJd , a. un- 
provided, not provided. — tegad, a. 
not concealed, n»t kept secret. — tjent, 
a. undeserved, unmerited. — truten, 
a. indefatigable, assiduous, active. 
-trutenhet, f activity, alacrity, 
assiduity. — tullad , a. uncostumed, 
paid no duty for. -täckt, a. not 
concealed, open, free. — tofvadt, ad, 
instantly, immediately -utscdd, a. 
unforeseen, -vansklig, a. unfading, 
undecaying. -varftd, Ö. unguarded, 
unsecured. - varan des, ad, una. 
wares. — VlSSnellg, a. immarcesS' 
ible. -vitlig, a. irrepfbarhable. 
-vunnen, a. not convicted. '-'v'eL^^bW^ 
a. rash, foolhardy, -vägenhet, f. 
temerity, rashness, -väutad, a. un- 
expected, unlooked for. —yttrad, a. 
unsold, -änderllg, a. unchangeable, 

Ogagnelig, a. useless, without profit. 

Ogarfvad, a. untanned. 

Ogemen, a. uncommon. 

Ogen, Ogin, a. unkind, unwilling. 

Ogenerad, a, unconstrained, easy. 

OgenomlJvSkinlig, a. not transparent. 
-tränglig, a. impenetrable. 

Ogerna, ad. unwillingly, reluctantly, 

Ogerning, f, foul action, outrage. 

Ogift, a. unmarried, single. 

Ogild, Ogill, a. unpunished. 

Ogilla, V. a. to disapprove. -ndO^ 
n. disapprobation. 

Ogiltig, a. invalid, void, of no forco^ 
not allowable, -het, f, invalidity. 

Ogln, 8. Ogen. 

Ogjord, a. undone. (deb^, 

graverad, a. without debts, not in 
Ogrundad, a, ungrounded, groundless 
Ogräs, n, weed. 

Ogudaktig, a, ungodly, wicked, im» 
pious, -het) f, irreligion, impiety. 

104 Ogimst 

Og:anst, W. disfavour, diggraca. -ig", 
a. unkind, un favourable, unpropitious. 

Ogångbar, Ogäsgse^ o» cot current, 

Ogödd, a, anin&niired; not fattened. 
Ogörlig 9 a. impracticable, impossible. 
Ohandterllg^ a. unmanageable. 

Oharmonisk, a, dissonant. 
Ohejdad) a, unrestrained. 
Ohelllga^ V» a, to profan§, to unhal- 

low. -gare, m, profaner, violator. 

— gelsO; /. profanation. — ig» ^. 

unholy, profane. [a. unwholesome. 
Ohelslja, f. unhealthiness. -Osaill, 
Obemaly a, unjust, illegal, unlawful. 
Ohindrad) a. not hindered. 
Ohjelplllig) a, irremediable, -sam, 

a. unassisting, unfriendly, -samhct^ 

f. unwillingness to help. 
Ohuggen^ a, uncut, unhewn. 
Ohagnellg} a. disagreeable, sad. 
OlmlpOllf a. unsupported. 
Oliyfsad) a. untrlmmed; unpolished. 

Ohygglig, a. foul, hideous, -het, f, 

foulness, horribility. 

Ohyra, f. verminl. 

Ollägad, a. disinclined. 

Ohållbar, a. untenable, unsustainable. 

Ohägn, n. breaking of the cattle 
through an enclosure, —ad, a. un* 

Ohämmad, a. unchecked, unrestrained. 

Ohämnad, a. unrevenged. 

OhÖflad, a. not planed; unpolished, 

Ohöfljlig, a. uncivil, uncourteous. -lig- 
het, /. incivility, -visk, a. ob- 
scene, immodest. 

Ohöljd, a, uncovered. 

OhÖrjjbar, a. inaudible, -d, a. un. 
heard, -gam, a. disobedient. -Sam- 
het, f. disobedience. 

Oinbanden, a. unbound, untied. 

Oinskränkt, a. unbounded, boundless. 

Ointaglig, a. impregnable, inexpugn- 

Ojemn, a. uneven; unequal; odd, un- 
even; at variance, —förlig, a. in- 
comparable, matchless, •-'hety J, in* 
equality, unevenness. 


Ojäfaktlg^ G» unexceptionable; irre* 
futable. —het, f. legitimacy* 

Ojäst, a. unfermented. 

Ok, n, yoke. (vited. 

Okallad, a, uncalled, unbidden, unln- 

Oklanderlig, a. irreprovable. 

Oklar, a, not clear, muddy, dark; in- 
tricate; not settled; foul. — hct, f. 
darkness, dimness. 

Oklok, a. unwise, imprudent. 

Oklufven, a. uncieft. 

Oklädd, a. undressed, unclothed. 

Okokt, a. unboiled, unsodden. 

Okonstlad, a. artless. [cord. 

Okrafd, a. uncompelled, of one's ac- 

Okristjjen, a. unchristian, infidel, -lig, 
a. unchristian. — nad, a. unchriste- 
ned. [octavo-volume. 

Oktav, m. octave ; octavo, -band, 11, 

Oktroj, m. charter. 

Okulera, v. a. to inoculate. 

Okunnig, a. ignorant, unknowing. 
-bet, f, ignorance, unskilfulness. 

Okynn||e, n. naughtiness, bad inclina- 
tion. — esfä, n. noxious animal. — Ig, 
a. naughty, bad, vicious. 

Okysk, a. unchaste, -het, f. un- 

Okänjld, a. unknown, -bar, -uelig, 

a, unknowable, indiscernible. 

Okänslig, a. insensible, unfeeling. 

Okar, a. disagreeable. — llg, a. un- 
friendly, unkind. 

OkÖp, 71. bad bargain, -andes, ad. 
without buying it. — t, a. unbought. 

Olag, n. disorder, huddle, trick, -a, 
—lig, a. unlawfull, illegal, iUipit* 
-lighet, f. illegality. 

Olidlig, a. insupportable, intolerable. 

Olik, a. unlike; improbable, —a, (Z. 
unequal; different, unlike, —a, ad, 
unequally, unlikely, —artad, a, dis- 
similar, heterogeneous. — formig, a. 
irregular, —het, f. difference; in- 
equality, disparity, —lig, «. impro- 
bable; improper, -sldlg, «. with 
unequal sides. 

Oli?, w. olive, -färg, m. olive-colour. 

Oljlla, f. oil. - , V, a. to oil. -aktig, 

a. oily, -efärg, f. oilcolour; oil 




varnish, -emålnlug, f. painting in 
oil. -eslagare, m. oilmiller. -e- 
QYarn, f -^slagori, n, oilmiil. 
-etrrd, n. oiive-tree. -oberg, wi. 

mount of olives. 

Ollon, 7J. acora. -bete, ti. oak-mast. 
-borre, m. cock-chafer, 

Olofligr, «. illicit, unlawful. 

Olustig', a. out of huraour, low-spirited. 

Olvon, 71. elder, ople-tree, guelder-roso. 

Olycklla, f. llI luck, misfortune, dis- 
aster, mischance, till all — , unhap- 
pily. —as, V. d. to miscarry. -Hg, 
a. unlucky, unhappy, -ligen, -ligt, 
ad. unluckily, unfortunately. -Sfall, 
ft. mishap. -Sallg, a. unfeiicitous. 
— Sbändelse, f. mischance, mishap. 

Olydljig, a. disobedient. -Ighet, fo 
— nad, W. disobedience. 

Olat, 771. noise, clamour, grumbling. 
-ig, a. noisy. 

Olägljenhet, f. inconvenience, trouble, 
hurt. -lig> O" unseasonable, -lig" 
het, f. incominodity, inconvenience, 

Oläklig, a. incurable. 

Olämplige, a. inapplicable, unfit, -en, 
ad. improperly . inapplicably. -het, 
f. unfitness. 

Oländig, a. inarable, rough, sterile. 
-!iet, f, sterility. 

Oläraktig, a. indocile, unteachable. 
-het, f. indocility. 

Olärd, a. illiterate, unlearned. 

Oläslig, a. illegible. 

Oläst, a. unlocked. 

Olönt, a. unpaid, unrewarded. 

Oni, ad. again, anew, over, over again. 
- igen, over again. -, prp. of, upon, 
in, within, about, for, concerning. 
norr — r, northward. — dagen , by 
day, a' day vara - sig, to be 
thrifty. — , C. if, whether. 

Omak, 71. trouble, pains, —a, v. a. to 
molest, to trouble. 

Omaka, a. not fellow, odd. 

Omanlig, a. unmanly. 

Omant, ad. of one's o\rn accord. 

Omarbeta, V. a. to make aguin, to 

maskerad, a. without mask. 

Ombedd, a. desired. 
Ombryta, v. a. T, to overrun. 
Ombud, n. attorney, -sman, m, 

commissioner, attorney, delegate. 
Ombunden, a. bound round, tied about.i 
Ombygga, v. a. to rebuild. 

Ombytlllla, v a. to change, -e, n. 
change; variation, variety, -lig,, a. 
vfiiiable, changeable, alterable, -lig» 
het^ f. mutability, inconstancy. 

Omdöme, n. judgment, opinion; dis- 
cernment, fälla - of ver, to pass 
censure upon. (anabaptist. 

Omdöpa, v. a. to rebaptize. -re, 771. 

Omedelbar, a. immediate. 

Omening, f. nonsense. 

Omensklig, a. inhuman, cruel, -het, 
f. inhumanity, cruelty. 

Omfamna, v. a. to embrace, to bug. 

Omfattlla, v. a. to embrace- to com- 
prehend, to comprise; to enchase. 
—ande J n, embracing, spanning. 
-ning, f. enchasing, encompassing, 
frame. [sition. 

Omflyttning, f, removing, transpo- 

Omforma, v. a. to transform. 

Omfå-ng, n. circuit, compass. 

Om färga, v. n. to die anew. 

Omgift, a. married again. 

OmgilJIva, v. a. to environ, lo sur- 
round, to circle, to encompass, to en- 
close, to compass about. — ulng, f, 
environs, surrounding country. 

Omgjorda, t;. a. to gird. 

Omgjuta, V. a. to refound, to cast 
over again. 

Omgå, v. a. - med, to have a mind, 
to contrive, to design. ^ med svek, 
to Qse fraud, -ende, a. going about; 
by return (of post), —ng, m. going 
round, circuit, turn, compass; change. 

Omgärda, v. a. to hedge, to enoxose. 

Omhalsa, v. a. to embrace. 

Omhugllsam, -sen, a. circumspect. 
Omhyälfuing, f. turning over, revo- 

mil's* 15 ge, n. curtain. 
Omild, a. unkind, cruel, severe, —het, 
f* unkindness, severity, cruelty. 

166 Omistlig 

Omistlig, a, needful, necessary. 
Omkastj W'. change, vicissitude; a se. 

cond throw. -niDg, f, overthrc»w. 

ing, transposition. 
Omkiädllingj^ f. shifting of clothes. 
OmkOIElHia. v, n, to perish. 
OmkOStliaci, f charge, expense, cost. 
Omkrausa, v. a. to wreathe. 
Omkrets, m. circumference, periphery, 

circuit, compass, orb. 
OinkriDg, prp. & ad, about, round 

about; almost, near, about. 
Omkull, ad, down. 
Omladdning, f, recharge. 
Omlaga, v. a. to repair anew, to mend 

anew. [wise. 

Omlasllsa, -ta, v, a. to .load other- 
Omliggande, a. circumjacent. 
Omlindnlng, f. winding about. 
Omlopp, n. circuit, circulation, rota- 

tion. -Sbana, f, orbit. 
Omnibus, W. omnibus, buss. 
Omnämna, v. a, to make mention of. 
Omogen, a, immature, unripe, green, 

raw. — liet, f. unripeness, immaturity. 
Omoralisk, a. immoral. 
Omornad, a. not well awake. 
Ompackning, f, repacking. 

Omplantera, v. a. to plant &new, to 


Omprägla, v. a. io recoin. 

Omqvartering , f. changing of quar. 

ters. (ron, to beset. 

Omringa, v, a. 'to surround, to envi- 

Område, n» territory, district, dominion. 

Omrorllande, n, mention, -ning, f. 

stirring about. [lar, to ballot. 

Omrösta, v. n. to vote. — med leu- 

Omsider, ad, at last, lastly, at length. 

Omskapa, v, a, to transform, to create 

Omskift|{a, v.. a. to shift, to vary, to 
change. -^6, n. vicissitude, change, 
variation. — ellg, a. changeable, in- 
Constant, (limit. 

Omskranka, v. a, to circumscribe, to 

Omskrifljt, /. inscription, legend, -va, 
V. a, to circumscribe. 

Omskär||a, v. a, to circumcise, -else, 
f, circumcisloDé 


Omslag, n. cover, envelop; T. cata* 

Omsorg, m, care, charge. 

Omspänna, v, a, to span, to fathom. 

Omstjelpaj v, a, to overturn. -, V, n, 
to fall down. [round ; to manage» 

Omställa, v, a, to transpose, to sur- 

Omständjlighet, f, circumstance, state, 
condition; case, accident^ occasion. 
-lig, a. circumstantial, -llgiiet, f, 
circumstantialness, particulars. 

Omstöpning, f, refounding, reform. 

Omstörtlja, v, a. to overset, to over, 
turn, -ning, f. overthrow. 

Omsvep, n. circumlocution, preamble. 

Omsättlja, v. a. to shift, to change. 
-ning, f, transposition; exchange, 
renewing a Iloan; setting again. 

Omtala, v. a, to speak of, to mention. 

Omtanke, m, caution, consideration. 

Omtrent, ad, almost, about. 

Om tränga, v. n. to be need of. 

Omtvistad, a. contested, in dispute. 

Omtyckt, a. beloved, in favour. 

Omtänksam, a. considerate, prudent, 
cautious, —bet, f. circumspection. 

Omyexling, /*. altematiou, change, vi- 

Omvårdnad, f. care; protection. 

Omväg, m, roundabout way. genom 
omvägar, indirectly, using shifts. 

Om vältra, v. a. to revolve. 

Omvändlla, v. a. to turn, to turn 

about ; to convert. — sig , v. r. to 
be converted, —are, m, converter. 
—else, f. conversion. 
Omyndig, a. under age. minor, -liet^ 
f. minority. 

Omyntad, a. uncoined. 

Omåttlig, a. immoderate. Intemperate. 
—bet, f, intemperance, immoderation, 

Omängd, a, unmixed. [insensible. 

Omärkjibar, -lig, a. impeiceptibje. 

Omätlig, a. immense, immeasurable. 
—bet, f, immensity. 

Oniätt, a, unmeasured. 

Omättljad, a. not satisfied, not sati- 
ated, -lig, a. insatiable. -Uglietj 
/• insatiableness. 


OmoJligT) a. impossible, <-Iiet, f. im* 

possibility. (naturalness. 

OiiatGriig, a. nnnatnral. -het, f, un- 

Ond, a. bad, iil; angry, ett ondt, 
an evil, hin onde, the devil, göra 
ondt, to smart, det gör mig ondt 
om, I am sorry for. hafva ondt 
till någon , to bear one ill-will. 
hafva ondt i kufvudet, to have the 
headache, fd ondt, to grow sick. 
ond för att fatta, dull of appre- 
hension. ondt efter penningar, 
want of money, med ondo, by force ; 
in wrath, onda hetet , whitlow. 
'Ska, f. iniquity, malice ; anger, pas. 
sion. -Skefull, a. wicked, mali- 
cious, -skorf, m. scaldhead. -^sår^ 
a. evil ulcer. 

On ek lig, a. undeniable. 

Onkel, 771. uncle. 

Onosllg, a. awkward, ungain, ungainly. 

Onsdag, m. Wednesday. 

Onyttig, a, useless, unprofitable. 

Onåd, f. disgrace, displeasure, —ig, ö. 
unfavourable, disgracious, unkind. 

Onämnd, a. unnamed, uhmentioned. 

Onäpst, o. unpunished. 

Onödig, a. needlees. -het, f. need- 
lessness; impertinence. — tvis, ad, 
without need. 

Oombedd, a. unasked, uninvited. 

OomilkullstÖtlig, a. irrefutable, in- 
contestable, —skuren , a. incircum- 
'cised. -tänksam, a. inconsiderate. 
-tänksamhet, f. inconsideratlon. 

Oordllentlig, a. confused, irregular. 
-entlighet, f. irregularity, confusion, 
debauchery, —ning, f. disorder, con- 

Opartisk, a. impartial, -het, f. im- 
partiality. (disposition. 

Opasslig, a. indisposed, -het, f. in- 

Opera, f. opera, -hus, n. operaheuse, 

Operment, n. orpiment, orpin. 

Opersonlig, a. not personal, imper- 

Oplockad, a. ungathered; unpicked. 

O plöjd, a. ur.ploughed. 

O^Oloraä^ a. unpolished. 

Ordensband 167 

Opp, 8. Upp. 

Opponera, v. n. to oppose to, to con« 

O pris, n. too high price, [tradict. 

Optlljk, f, optics. -knS] rru optician. 
—sk, CL optical. 

Opålitlig, a. unsure, not to be de. 
pended uponT* -het, f, uncertainty. 

Opåmint, ad, of one's own accord, 
not reminded. 

Ocivald, a. unmolested, nncensored. 

Oqvädinsord, n. abusive words, bad 

Orakad, a. unshaved. 

Orangeri, n. orangery, greenhouse. 

Ord, n. word. - från -, word for 
word, med ett — , in a word, med 
fd — , in few words, efter ordet, 
literally, föra ordet, to lead the 
discourse, taga till orda, to begin 
to speak, —a, V. n. to speak, —abo» 

tydelse, f, -aförstånd, n. literal 
sense, -agrann, n. verbal, -nlag, 

W. diction, expression. -alydelsO, 
f. literal expression. — asätt, W. 
manner of expressing one's self. — bok, 
f. dictionary, -fattig, a. poor in 
words, -fogning, f. syntax, -for* 

skare, m. etymologist, -forskning, 

f. etymology, —förande, s. spokes- 
man, speaker, prolocutor, president. 
-hittig, a. easy of expression, -hål- 
len , — hållig , a. as good as one's 
word, -kastas, v. d, to dispute. 
-klyfvare, m. verbal critic, hair. 
splitter, logomachist. — klyfverl, n, 
hairsplitting, logomachy, -ledning, 
f. etymology, —lek, m, quibble, pun. 
-lista, f. vocabulary. -prål, 
-prång, n. bombast, -rik, a. co- 
pious ia words, verbose. — rikhot, 
f. copiousness in words, -språk, n. 
proverb, adage, saying. -SpråkSTlS, 
ad. proverbially. -Strid, m. con- 
tention about words. -Stäfve, 7i. 
burden, refrane. -SVall, -Svammel, 
n. fustian, bombast. -träta, f, 

-tvist, m. logomachy. -Yexlas, 
V» d. to dispute, -vexling, f. con- 
troversy, debate, altercation. 

Or den^ m. order of knighthood, -sbaud^ 

168 Ordensbroder 

n. riband. -sbrocler^ 97». friar. 
-sdrägt, m. habit, -ssyster, f. 

sister of an order, nun. -stecken^ 
n. badge of an order. 

Ordentlig, a. regular, orderly, -het, 
f. regularity, orderliness. 

Order, m. order. 

Ordinera, v. a. to prescribe, to order; 
to ordain, to confer holy orders on. 

Ordnlla, v. a. to put in order, to ar- 
range, to regulate. -lUg, f. order, 
discipline, law. -ingsman, m. or- 
dainer; who loves order. — ingstal, 
n. ordinal number. llitary, 

Ordonans, m. attendance, waiting mU 

Ored[|a, f. confusion, disorder, huddle. 
-ig, a. confused, entangled, -ighet, 
f. confusion, —lig, €t. iinfair, dis- 
honest, -lighet, f, dishonesty. 

Oregelbnnden , a. Irregular, -het, 

f, irregularity. (untractableness. 

Oregerllg, a. ungovernable, -het, f. 
OreB) a, foul, dirty, unclean, impure. 

— ft) V, a. to dirt, to sully; to pro- 

fanate. —het, f. impurity, unclean- 

liness. —lig, ö. uncleanly, foul, dirty. 

— llghet, f. uncleanliness , impurity; 
Orf, n, the handle of a sithe. [filth. 
Organ, m. & n. orgaa; voice, -isa- 

tion, -isering, f, organization. 

-isera, v. a. to organize. -Isk, a. 

organic, organical. » 

Orgllel, m, (orgor, pi.) organs, -byg- 
gare, m. organmaker. -spelare, 
-anist, 971. organist. -Stämma, f. 
row of organpipes. — tranipare, m. 

bellows-treader. -TCrk, n. organ. 

Orient, m. Orient, East, -alisk, a. 

oriental, -era slg, V. r. to find 
^ one's position, to set one's self right. 

Oriktig, a. uxuust, -yrrong, erroneous, 
false, -het, f. blunder, decoitfalness. 

Orimlig, a, absurd, nonsensical, ex- 
travagant; irrational, —het, /. ab- 
surdity, [blank verse. 

Orlmmadj C. not rhymed. - vers, 

Ork||a, V. n. to can, to be able, -los, 
a. weak, feeble, infirm ; indolent, dull. 
— loshety f, weakness, infirmity; ia« 


Orkan, m. hurricane. 

Orlof, n. dismission, disoharg». 

Orm, m. serpent, viper^ adder; farcin. 
-å sig, V. r, to serpentize. -bett, 
W. bite of a viper. — bunke, m. femj 
brakes. -Slå, m. blind-worm. -Sten, 
m. adder-stone. — tjusare, m. char- 
mer of serpents. -Ödla, f. lizard. 

Orna, v. a. to grow musty. 

Orna Tid, t;, n. to recover. 

OrO^ f. disquiet, anxiety ,• uneasiness, 
t£0ubl0, disturbance; balance, —a, V. 
H, to disquiet, to trouble, to disturb, 
to fret, to haunt. — llg, ö. uneasy, 
unquiet, restless, troublesome, turbu- 
lent, -lighet^ f, disquietude; tur< 
bulency. (hen. 

Orrjie, m. blackcock, -hona, f. wood- 

Orsak, f. cause, reason, occasion 

Orsllelj, -ilja, f. archU, canary- weed. 

Orsten^ m, swinestone. 

Ort, m, country, region, place: soil; 
CvigtJ ort. -beskrifuing, /. topo- 

Orubbad, a. unmoved, undisturbed^ 
unaltered, unmolested. 

Orygglig, a. immoveable, inviolable, 
inflexible, irrevocable, —het, f. in. 
violableness, firmness. 

Oråd, n. wrong counsel; desperate ex* 
pedient, wrong course; foul play. 

Orädd, a. intrepid, feerless. 

Oräkn]|ad, a. untold, not numbered. 
— nelig, a, innumerable, numberless. 

Orät, a. not straight, crooked, obliquia. 

Orätt 5 971. injustice, wrong. -, a. 
wrong, unlawful. -, ad, wrong, iiO« 
justly, —färdig, O. unrighteous, un- 
just, -färdighet, f, unrisrhteous» 
ness, iniquity, injustice. — mätig, a, 
unlawful, illegal. -mätigtiet, f. 
illegitimacy, -rådig, -vIs, a. un- 
righteous, unjust. -Tisa, f. injustice, 

Orodd, a. not broken up for tillage. 

Oröjd, a. undiscovered. 

Orörljd, a. untouched; unmoved, -lig, 
a. unmoveable, unshaken. — llglict, 
f. unmoveableness . firmness; stead* 


OSj n» damp, smoke, steam, -ftj V. n. to 
steara, to etink, to smell of something 
burnt, (damnation. 

Osalig, a. unblest, nnbappy. -het, f. 

Osaltad, a. unsalted. 

Osammanhängande, a, incoherent, 

' inconsequent. 
Osams, a. discording. 
Osann, a. untrue, false, -färdig, a. 

onveritable, fallacious, unfaithful, —fär- 
dighet, /. falsehood, -ing, /". un- 
truth, fib, falsehood. -Olik , a. im- 
probable, not likely. 

Osed, m, bad custom, trick. -ig, 
-lig, a, naughty, immoral, vicious. 
-ighet, -lighet, f, immorality. 

Osegelbar, a. unnavigable, innaviga- 

Oskadd, a. unhurt, safe. Ible. 

Oskapijad, a. uncreated, -lig, a, de- 
formed, ugly, shapeless. 

Oskattbar, a. inestimable, -liet, f, 

Oskick, n. bad custom, vice; disorder, 
depravity. — llg, «. unfit; unable; 
awkward; improper, —lighet, f. un- 
fitness ; awkwardness ; impropriety ; in- 

Oskift, -ad, a. undivided. 

Oskiljaktig, a. inseparable indisso- 
luble, —het, f, inseparableness. 

Oskrymtad, a. unfeigned. 

Osknld, f, innocence, harraiessness. 

Oskliren, a. uncut, not reaped. 

Oskyld, a. uncovered, bare, naked; 
not akin, alien. 

Oskyldig, a.'' innocent, harmless, guilt- 
less, [tional; brute. 

Oskälig, a. unreasonable, unjust; irra- 

Oskämd, a. uncorrupted, untainted. 

Oskär, a, unclean, unpurified. -a, 
V, a. to pollute, to profane, to vio- 
late, [mown. 

Oslagen, a. — äng, meadow not yet 

Oslickad, a, not licked. 

Oslipad, a. not ground. Hot sharpened ; 

Oslng, a, silly, foolisb. [rough. 

sluten, a, undetermined, unsettled. 

Osläckt, a. unquenched; quick, un- 
Osmak) m, distaste, disgust, -lig, a. 



insipid, disgustful, -lighet, f, dis- 

gustfulness, insipidness. 
Osminkad, a. unpainted, undisguised. 
Osmord, a, not greased, unanointed. 
Osmyokad, a. unadorned. 
Osmält, a. undissolved, aximelted; in* 

digested, —lig, O. undissolv^ible ; in- 
Osnygg, a, slovenly, dirty, nasty, 

-het, f, slovenliness. 
Osnöpt, a. not gelded, not castrated. 
Osnörd, a. not laced. 
Ospard, a. unspared. hafva all möda 

— , to spare no pains. 
Oss, pr, us. 

Ost, m. east -TartS, ad. eastward. 
Ost, m. cheese, curd, -a sig, v. r, 

to curd, to coagulate, -aktig, a. 

caseous.— kar, n.cheesemould. — korg, 

m. cheesecage. — lope, n, runnet for 

making cheese. -Diask, m. mite. 

-vassla, f. whey of cheese. 
Ostadd, a. not hired. 
Ostadig, a. inconstant, unsteady, chan» 

geable,' fickle, unsettled, -het, f. 

inconstance, unsteadiness, fickleness. 
Ostra, f, oyster. 

Ostraffllad, a. unpunished, -lig, a. 

irreprehensible. -ligiiet, f, iiino» 

cence, blamelessness. 
Ostrldig, a. incontestable, evident, 

-het, /", evidence. 
Ostrnken, a, not ironed, not struck. 
Ostnderad, a. unstudied, illiterate. 
Ostympad, a. not mutilated, not cur- 
Ostyrig, a, ungovernable, unrulyo 

-het, f. ungovernableness. 
Ostäda, V, a. to disorder, -d, a« 

disordered; unpolished. [cited. 

Ostämd, a. not tuned, absonous; not 
Ostängd, a. unshut; unfenced. 
Ostörd, a. undisturbed. 
Osnnd, a. unwholesome, unhealthyi 

—bet, f, unwholesomeness. 
Osvensk, a. bad Swedish, gibberish. 
OsTlklig, a. undeceivablo, infallible. 

-liet, /. infallibility. 

Osynren^ a, unsworn» 

170 Osymmetrisk 

Osymmetrisk , a. asymmetral , asym- 

Osynlig 9 a. invisible, imperceptible. 
—het, /. invisibility^* 

Osyrad, a. unleavened. 

Osådd, a. imsovirn. 

Osåld, a. unsold. 

Osäker, a# unsure, uncertain, unsafe; 
unsecure , precarious , doubtful ; bad. 
—het, f. uncertainty, danger. 

Osäljbar, a. unsaleable. 

Osäll, a. unhappy. 

Osämja, f, variance, difference. 

Osökt, a. unsought, simple, plaijs. 

OsÖmmad, a. not sewed. 

Otack, m. ingratitude, ill-wilK -sam, 
a. ungrateful, -sax^het, /. ingra- 

Otadlig, a. irrepi'oachable. 

Otailg, a. innumerable. 

Otalt, a.jäp har intet - med henne, 
I have nothing to do with her, I have 
ja^ concern with her. 

Otam, a. untamed, unbroke. 

Otid, /". wrong time, i — , untimely, 
unseasonably. *-ig, CS. unseasonable ; 
untimely; indiscreet, impetuous, exag- 
gerated, en - hörd, j§.bpjtion« — ighet, 
f. inseasonablenesa.' 

Otill||bÖrllg, U. improper, unbecoming. 
-h^t^ f. indecency. -fVedsställd, 
p. (Unsatisfied, uncontented, -gäng- 
lig , a. inaccessible, -räckllg, a, 
insufficient.^ -räckllghet, /. insuffi- 
ciency. «^atlig, a. not iallowed, un- 

Oting, n. nonentity, nothing; monster. 

Otjeulig, a. unfit, improper, unsuita- 
ble; inconvenier t ; inexpedient, —het, 
f. inexpedience, impropriety. 

Otjenst, m. ill office, -aktig, a. 
disobliging, inofficious. 

Otreflig, a. uncomfortable ; unsociable. 

Otro, f. unbelief, incredulity, -gen, 
ÖJ. incredulous ; faithless, false, infidel. 
—het, /. infidelity, unfaithfulness. 
-lig, a. incredible, -lighet) f, in- 

Otrygg, a. unsafe, unsure; timorous. 

Oträngd^ a. needlessi imseiisonable. 


OtrOStl!^, a. inconsolable^ 

Ottjla, f, moraiiig . hour, -emål, tl. 
-evard, m. the first meal in the 
morning, -esångj m. matins, morn- 

Otukt, m. uncfeastity, fornication. -Ig, 
a. unchaste,» whorish. 

Otvagen, a. unwashed. 

Otvifvelaktlg, a. undoubted, -het, 

f. certainty. 

Oiv ungen, a. unconstrained, uncom- 
pelled; easy, unaflfected; unforced. 
—het, f. unconstraint, unaffectedness. 

Otydlig, a. obscure, dark, inaudible. 
— het, /. obscurity, want of perspi- 

Otyglad, a. unrestrained, licentious. 

Otymplig, a. awkward. 

Otålig, a. impatient; angry, indignant. 

Otäck, a. loathsome; illfavoured. -a, 
f, nasty wench, slut, -het, f. filthi- 
fiess ; obscenity. 

Otäckt, a, not covered, not roofed. 

Otänkbar, a. unconceivable, impossible. 

Otät, a. not tight, leaky, full of clefts. 
-het. f, state of being leaky. 

Oambarlig, a. indispensable, -het, 
f. necessity. 

Ounigängsam^ a. unsociable. 

Oundgänglig, Oundyiklig, a. in- 
evitable, unavoidable, —het, /". un« 

OuppllhÖrlig, a. continual, incessant. 
— löslig, CL. indissoluble ; inexplicable. 

-märksam, a. inattentive, -odlad, 

a. not cultivated. — rättlig, a. irre- 
parable.- — såtllg, a. unpremeditated. 

Oorsäktlig, a. unaccountable. 


lig, a, indelible, -ransakllg , a. 
inscrutable, impenetrable. — slitlig, 
a. not to be worn out. -släcklig, 
a, unquenchable. — fiäglig, a. un- 
speakable, ineffable. — trottllg, d. 
indefatigable. — Ödllg, a. undestroy- 
able, unconsumable. — OSllg , a. in- 

Ovaibar, a. ineligible. 

Ovan, a. unaccustomed. •*&, f, bad 
custom; waiit of custom, "lig, A- 


uncoraraon , unusual ; odd ; abstruse. 
— ligliet, f. uncommonness , strange- 

Ovaraktig, a. perishable, transitory. 

Ovarsam^ a. incautious, heedless, un« 
wary, careless. — hot, f. carelessness, 
unwariness. (testabii'. 

Oyedersäglig, a. indisputable, incou- 

Overk|!sani, a. inactive-, inefficacious. 
-ställbar^ o. impracticable. -Stäl- 
iighet) f, inipracticableness. 

OvetlJande, -andes, ad. unknowingly. 

unconsciously. — eiihetj f, ignorance. 
—erligj a. unknown. 

Ovett, 7J. abuse, rude language, scur- 
rility, abusiveness. — igj fl. abusive, 

Ovig, a. heavy, clurasy; awkward. 
— liet, f. ungainliness , awkwardness. 

Ovillija, f. ill will, malevolence, -llg, 
a. unwilling, loath. 

Ovilkorlig, a. unconditional, absolute. 
en - sedel, a bill payable to the 

Ovis, a. unwise. (bearer. 

Oviss, O. uncertain, doubtful, -liet, 
f. uncertainty, suspense. 

Oväder, n. foul weather, tempest. 

Oviigad, a. unpathed, invious. 

Ovilgörligen, ad. without refusal. 

Ovän, m. enemy, -llg, a. unfriendly. 
-ligliet, f. unkindness. -skap, /", 

Oväntad, a. unexpected. lenmity. 

Ovärderlig, a. inestimable, -liet, f. 

Ovärdig, a. unworthy. 

Oväsend||e, n. bustle, stir, nois©, dis- 
turbance, -tlig, a. unessential, im- 
material, unimportant. 

Oxye, m. ox. Oxen, T. the Bull. 
-drift, m. a herd of oxen, -drif- 
Vare, m. ox-driver, -hufvud, n. hogs- 
head. -ItÖtt, 7i. beef, -lilgga, f. 
primrose , cowslip. — Stek, 'ffi. roast- 
beef, -tunga, f, a neat's tongue, 
oxtongue, bugloss (plant). 

Oxel, w. Cumberland hawthorn. 

Oxeltaud, m. grinder, axel-tooth, mill- 
tooth, (vest. 

Oar, n. bad year, steril year, bad har- 

Oåter||bålham, a. mcentment, in- 

Palmsöndag 171 

temperate. -kallölig, a. irrevo- 
cable. lunseparable. 

Oåtskillld, a. unseparated. -jelig, a, 

Oiitspord, a, not consulted. 

Oädel, a. ignoble, base. 

OätVen, a. silly, bad. 

Oäkta, a. bastard, spurious. — guld, 
base gold. — stenar, counterfeit dia- 

Oändlig, a. infinite, -het, f. infinity. 

Oärlig, a. dishonest, infamous. — het, 
f. dishonesty, infamy. 

OÖfvad, a. unexercised, unpractlced. 

OÖfverylagd, a. inconsiderate. -Stig- 
lig, a. unsurraountable. -vinneligj 
a. invincible, unconquerable. 

Oöm, a. untender, wanting affection; 
regardless of. 


Pack, n. pack, mob , baggage, luggage. 
-a, f. pack, packet, -, V. a. to com- 
press; to pack. - dig bort, get you 
gone. - af, to unpack. - ihop, to 
pack up. - in, to pack up one'a 
things. - om, to repacu. — på, to 
load on. - upp, - ur, -^ ut, to un- 
pack, -are, m. packer, -bod, f. 
warehouse. -duk, m. packcloth. 
—bus, n. warehouse, customhouse. 
-kista, f. packing - chest, -nål, f. 
packneedle. -papper, n. packing- 
paper, -snöre, n. packing • strap. 
-vagn, TO. luggage- waggon, -vaf^ 
on. packcloth. 

Paddlja, f. toad, -bar, n. herb.christo- 

Paduband, n. ferret-ribbon. Ipher, 

Page, TO. page. 

Paginlla, f. page. side. . -era, v. a. 

to page, to mark the sides with num» 
Pajas, TO. buffoon. Ibers. 

Paket, w. packet, parcel, —hat, 7». 

packet-boat, packet. 
Palats, 71. palace. 
Pall, TO. footstool, stool. 
Palm, f. palm, -söndag, m. palm* 


172. Palsternacka 


Palsternacka, f. parsnep. 

Fait, wi. blood-durapling. 

Palta, jT. Paltor, p^. rags. 

Pamp, m, backsword. 

Panclj]a, v. a. to wainscot, -iiing, 

f. wainscot, pannel. 
Pank, a. moneyless, out of money. 
Pannlla, f. forehead, brow ; pan. -ben, 

ii. coronal bone, —kaka, f, pancake, 

-socker, n. molosses. 

Pansar, w. -skjorta, f. coat of mail. 

Pant, Wi. pawn, pledge, —a, v. a. to 
pawn, to pledge. — bref, n. mort» 
gage. — hafvare, W. pawner, mort- 
gagee, -lek, m, forfeits, -lånare, 

771. pawnbroker, -sätta, V, a, to 


Panter, m, -djur, n. panther. 

Papegoja, f. parrot. 

Papiljot, m. curling- paper. 

Papp, n. pasteboard. 

Pappa, m. papa. 

Papper, w. paper, -sark, n. sheet. 

— Sbrnk, n. paper.manufactory. — S- 

drake, m. paperkite. -shandlare, 

W. stationer. — slapp, m, slip of 
paper. — Smynt, a. paper-money. 

-sqvarn, f, paper-miii. -ssax, /. 

Par, n. pair, couple, brace; few. — 

om — ,y two by two. -a, v o a. to 

couple, to match, to pair, -a slg, 

V. r, to couple, -ningstid, m. 

rutting . time, -tals, -Tis, ctd. by 

twos, in pairs. 
Parad, m. parade, show, -era, V. n, 

to parade, -häst, m. palfrey, -plats, 

m, parade. -SUIlg, f. bed of state. 
Parai'ls, W. paradise, -fågel, m. bird 

of paradise. -Isk, a. paradisiacal. 

-äple, W. John apple. 
Paradox, a. paradoxical. 
Paragraf, m, paragraph. 
Paraply, m. umbrella. 
Pardon, w. pardon, quarter, -plakat, 

;i. amnesty. 
Parentes, m. parenthesis, bracket» 
Parera, v, a, to parry, to isard off; 

to bet. Ifumer. 

Parfym, w. perfume, -or^ m. per- 

Park, m. park ; warren. 

Parkuni, w. fustian. 

Parlament, n. parliament. 

Parni, m. a frame of boards for mea- 
suring of hay. -a, V, a, — hö, to 
measure hay. 

Paroll, m. parole, watchword. 

Part, m. part^y^ 

Parterr, m. pit. 

Parti, n, faction, party; parcel; game; 
match; bulk, taga sitt -, to take 
one's choice, göra ett godt — , to 
marry a fortune. ~agg, n, party - 
hatred, —anda, f, spirit of party. 
-gängare, W. partisan. 

Partikel, m. particle. 

Partisk, a. partial, -het, f. partial- 

Partitur, n, partition. (ity. 

Paskill, n, pasquil , lampoon, —ant, 

Pasman, n, ley. [m. lampooner. 

Pass, n» pass, passage; defile; pass, 
passport. — , i, pass. — , ad, till 
— , opportunely, seasonably, vid — , 

Passa, V, a. to fit, to suit, to frame, 
to adapt; to try. — , V. n. to suit, 
to be fit, to become, to be proper; to 
pass. — pd, to watch, to observe, to 
keep an eye upon. — upp , to wait; 
to watch. - sig , V. r. to be fit, to 
become. — nde, a. fit, proper, con* 
venient, becoming. 

Passad, -vind, m. tradewind, mon- 

Passagerare, m. passenger. 

Passera, v. n. to pass. 

Passgång, m, ambling -pace, -are, 
wi. pacer, ambler. 

Passion^ f. passion, affection. -erniT, 
a. passionate. 

Passlig, a. passable, indifferent 

Pastej, m. pie. -bagare, m. pastry* 

cook. If. pastil -paintinf. 

Pastell, w. cEsyon, pastil, -målning, 

Past0r<, m. parson, curate, pastor. 

— alier, n, pi, a parson's income. 

—at, n, benefice, parish. 
Patent, n, patent, charter 
Patetisk, a, pathetical. 
Patrask, n,, trash, rabble. 
Patricier, m, patrician. 


Patron 9 m. patron, protector, master, 
cartridge. — at, n. patronage. — essa, 
f. patroness. — kök, n. cartridge-box. 

Patrull, 7». patrol, round*, -era^ v, 

n. to patrol. 
Patt, m, pap; dug, teat. 
Paulun, m. bed-courtains ; tent. 
Paus, m, pause, stop. 
Pausera, v, n. to pause. 
Pedal, m. pedal. 

Pedant, n. pedant. -Isk) a, pedan- 
Pedoll, m. beadle. [tical. 

Pejllla, v. a. T. to sound, to gauge. 

-stock, m. sounding rod. 
Pekjja, v. n, fpä, ät) to point at; 

•to aim at. -finger, n. forefinger. 

-pinne, m. -sticka, /". fescue. 
Pelare, w. pillar, -fot, m, pedestal. 
-gång, m, portico, -rad, w. co- 

lonnade. -Skaft, W. shaft. 
Pelikan, m. pelican, spoonbill. 
Pell, n. canopy. 
PelllS, m. pelt, fur; furcoat. -sliand- 

lare, m. furrier. -svork,-teri, n, fur. 

Pen, a. prudish. 

Pendel ^ m. pendulum, -rorelso, f. 

oscillation. — ur, f, pendulum • clock. 
Penna, f. pen, quill. 
Penning, m. a piece of money ; penny. 

penningar, pi, money, -brist, w. 

want of money, —böter, ?7i. pi. fine, 

mulct, -dryg, a. purse-proud. -gräs, 
n. buckweed. -hjelp, m. subsidy. 
-kista, f. strong-box. -pung, m. 
purse, —påse, ra. money-bag. -rö- 
relse, f circulation of money, -sak, 
f, money-matter. -StOCk , m. fund, 
stock, -utgift, m, expence, dis- 
bursement, —värde, n. value in 
money. la pencil. 

Pensel, m, pencil, -drag, n. touch of 
Pension, m. pension ; board, -erad, 

a. superannuated, -är, m. boarder; 
Peppllar, m, pepper, spansk -, Gui- 
nea, pepper, -arkaka, f. ginger- 
bread.^^ -armynta, f peppermint. 
-arnotter, f. pL gingerbread-nuts. 
-arrot, f. horse-radish, -ra, v. a. 
to pepper. 

Pimpinella 173 
Pergament, n, parchment. 

Perllla, f, pearl; bead, -frö, W. seed. 
pearl, -gryn, W. pearlbarley. -hÖns, 
n. Guinea -hen. -nior, n, & m, 
mother of pearl, -mussla, f, pearl- 
oystee. -Stll, m. pearl-type. 

Perm, m, cover, -bref, n. old do. 


Perniiljssion, m. furlough, -ttera, 

V. a. to furlough. 

PerslJa, v. a. to smooth, to iron. -Jern, 

n. goose, smoothing iron. 

Persedel, m. thing, article. 

Persikfia, f. peach. -O, n, peach. 

Persilja, /. parsley. [brandy. 

Person, m. person, personage, för 
min -, for my part, —lig, a. per- 
sonal. -llgliet, f. personality. 

Pert, m. T, footrope, horse. 

Peruk, m. periwig, wig. -makare, 

W. wigmaker. -StOCk, m. wigstock. 
Pese, m, seaslug, holothuria. 
Pest, m. plague, pestilence, -aktig, 

-artad, a. pestilential -böld, m. 

carbuncle, anthrax, -ilons, m. pesti- 

Peta, V. a. to pick, to poke. 
Picka, V. a. & n, to pick; to beat, 

to throb. [Andrew. 

Pickelhäring, m. Jack-pudding, merry 
Pickhågad, a, desirous of. 
Piga, f, maid, maidservant. 
Pigg 5 Q" lively, quick. -, 8. prick. 

spike, -svin, n. porcupine, -var, 

m. turbot. 
Pik, w, pike, pique; pico. -a, v. a. 

to pique, -ant, a. piquant. — CUC« 

rare, m. pikeman. 
Pike, n, quilting. (picket. 

Piket, -spel, n. piquet, -valit, m. 

Pil, m. arrow, ^bolt, shaft, -koger, 
n, quiver. -Ört, f. common arrow- 
head. [plot. 

Pil, f. willow, -skog, w. willow- 
Pilgrim, m. pilgrim, palmer, -sfärd, 
771. pilgrimage. — SStaf, W. palmer's 

Piller, n. pill. [staff.. 

Pjllra, V, a, to pick. 

Pilt, 771. boy, lad. 

Pimpinella, f. burnet., 

174 Pimpla 

Pliiiplaj V, w. to carouse, to tipple. 

Pillisteilj fn, pumice-stone, pumice. 

Piwila, f. torment, torture, pain, agony. 
— , v. a. to torment, to extort, -ll^, 
a. painful; criminal, pinligt för- 
hör , trial by torture. -Orum 5 n, 
place *of torment , hell. — SälU • a. 
painful, tormenting. * 

Pingla, t;. n. to tinkle. 

Pingst, m. whitsun-tide. -helg, m. 
the feast of pentecost. 

Pink; m. pink ; piss, urine, ^ft» V. n. 
to make water. 

Pinnlla, v, a, to peg. -e, m, peg 

Pinjjsback, m, tombao. pinchback. 

Pion, W. peony. 

Pip, w. pipe, spout. 

Pip, n. whining, cry; whistling, -a, 
V, n, to pipe, to whine, to cry, to 
squeak; to whistle. —ft, f. pipe, 
tube, channel ; cell ; pipe, whistle, fife ; 
barrel; pipe; socket; pipefish." sticka 
pipan i säcken ^ to pull in one's 
horns, -ar©, ???. piper. — hwfvad, 
n. bowl of a pipe, — ig, a. hollow, 
spungy, porous^ puffy, -krage, m. 
ruff. -Icra, /. pipe-clay. -skaft, 
n. pipe-tube, -skägg, n, chinbeard. 

Pipp, 'm pip. 

Pimm, a. tipsy, drunk. 

FIsang, m. banana. 

PIsk, a. blows, stripes. — Ä, f» whip; 
tail. -aj.V. a. to whip, to lash, 
-skaft, 72. handle of a whip, -släng, 
W. cut of a whip. -Small, m. clap 
with a whip. — snärt, W. whipcord. 

Piss, Wi. piss, urine. 

Pistacie, m, pistachio. 

Pistol, m. pistol; pistole. -llolstOT- 
n, holster. fseal-engraver. 

Pitscher, n, seal, -stickare^ m. 

PjoUer, «. silliness, dotage. 

Pjoskig, a, crack-brained. 

PJank, n. whimpering, -ft, 9. n. to 

Pladask, i. bounce 1 smash! slap! 
Pladdiler, n. prattle, -eraktig, a. 

talkative, -ra, V. w. to prattle, to 
chat, -rare, m. prattler, 
3?lagg5 n. garment. 


Plagga, V. a, to thrash, to beat. 

Plagiat, 71. plagiarism. 

Plakat, 71. placard. 

Plan, u. plain. -, B. m. plane, plan; 
scheme, -era, v, a, to plain, to 
level, to smooth; to size; to concert 
schemes, -ritning, f, groundplot. 

Planet, m, planet, -system, n, pia- 

netary system. (-a, f. plank. 

Plank, n. palling, fence with planks. 

Plantlja, f. plant, -era, v. a. to 

plant, to set, to place, -©rare, -ÖFj, 

771. planter. — erlng, f, plantation. 
—skola, f. nursery, seminary. 

Plants, 771. ingot. 

Plaska, v. n. to dabble. 

Plats, m. place, spot. 

Piatt, a. flat, plain, depressed. — in» 
tet, nothing at all. —ft, V, a. to 
flat, to plate, -het, f. flatness; in- 
sipidness. — hufvud, n, soupper-nail. 
-kort, 71. T, plane chart, -tysk^ 
a. -tyska, f. low German. 

Platting, 7?J T, sennit. 

Plebejisk, a, plebeian. 

Pllggj^TTi. peg. -a, V, a. 'to peg. 

Plikt, 771. duty, obligation; mulct, fine. 
-a, V, a. & n. to pay a fine; to suf- 
fer punishment, —ankare, 72. sheet- 
anchor. — enllg, a. conformable to 

duty, -fälla, V. a, to fine, -för- 
gäten, a. disloyal, -ig, a. ^ound, 
obliged, -trogen, a. dutiful, loyal; 

Plira, V. n, to blink. 

Plit, 772. sword. 

Plock, n. trifles, -a, V^ a. to gather, 
to pluck; to pick; to glean. — sig, 
V, r. to pick the feathers, -skolder, 
m, pL driblets at different places. 
-stek, 771. hashed meat^ -tals, 
-vis, ad, piecemeal, by parcels. 

Plog, 772. plough, -bar, a. tillable. 
-bill, 772. plough. share, -hyfvel, 771. 
plough, —land, 72. acre, ploughland. 
-rist, 772. ploughcoulter. -Stjärt, 

772. ploughtail. 

Plombera, v. a. to seal with lead. 

— en (and, to plug a tooth, 
Plommon, 72. plum 
PlottlJer, n» corawi. -erpapper» «. 

waste.paper. -erpenniiigar, m. pl. 

pocketmoney, -ra, v. n. to scribble. 
— hort, to squander away. — pd en 
något, to palm a thing to ene. 

Plugg, 771. plug, -a, v. a. to peg, 

to plug. 
Plump, m, blot, blot with ink. -a, 

V. n, to blot with ink ; to plump ; to 

fall, -ig, a, blotted with ink. 
Plump, a, clownish, coarse, -het, f, 


Plundllerskruf, m. waddhook. -ra, 
V. a, to plunder; f^en kanon), to 
search, to worm, -rare, m, plun- 

Plural, m. plural, -itot, f, plurality. 

Pluton, m. platoon. 

Plym, m. feather, plumes 

Plys, n. plush. 

Plåglla, f, plague, pain, affliction. -, 
V, a. to torment, to trouble, to 
vex. —are , m. plaguer , tormenter. 

-oande, m, imp. -oris, n. scourge. 

»sara, a. painful. 
Plan, W. oiled vellupa, -bok, f. 

pocketbook, notebook. 
Plåstller, m. piaster, emplaster. -er- 

duk, -erlapp, m, scarcioth. -er- 

spade, m. spatula, -ra, v. a, to 

plaster; to quack. 

Plåt, W. plate; guard; imaginary mo- 
ney nearly of twenty pence english. 

Pläglla, V. a. to entertain, to treat, to 
converse, to cultivate. — , v. n. to 
use, to be wont. — sed, m, custom. 

Pläter, m. Britannia metal. [way. 

Plätt, m. plate; spot; tap. -a till, 
V. n. to tap. 

Plöja, V. a, to plough. 
P1ÖS, m. the top of a shoe, flap. 
Plötslig, n, sudden, unexpected. 
Pock, n. rude demand, insolence, —a, 

V. n. to presume, to demand with in« 

PockenholtS, n. guaiacum. 
Podager, m. podagra, gout in the feet. 
Poelisi, f. poetry, -t, 77». poet, -tlsk^ 

a. poetical. — tisSft, f. poetess. 
Pojkjle, m. boy. -aktlg, a. boyish. 

-Strek;, n. boyish trick. 

Postvagn 175 

Pokllal, m. drinking- cup, -ulera, V. 

n. to cup. 

Pol, 771. pole. -cirkel, m, polar- 
circle. -Iböjd, m. altitude of the 
pole, -stjärna, f. pole-star. 

Poleja, f, penny. royal, oalamint, 

Polerlja, v, a. to polish, to burnish, 
to furbish, -are, m. polisher, -^l^ 
m. polishing-file* — iug, f. polishing 
polish. -Skifva, f. polisher, -stål^ 
W. burnishing steel, -tand) m. bur» 

Polis, 77i. Politf, f, police; policy. 

Politiljk, f, politics; political science. 

-ker, m. politician, -sera, v, n, 

to discuss politics. — sk, a. political. 
Politur, 771. politure, gloss. 
PoUet, 771. ticket. 
Pomada, f. pomatum, pomade. 
Poiaerans, m. orange, bitter orange. 
Pomp, 771. pomp, splendour, show. 
Ponera, v. a. to suppose. 
Pont ack, m. pontac, claret. 
Ponton, 771. pontoon. 

Poppel, 771. -träd, a. poplar, -pil, 

771. black poplar. 

Por, m. pore. , -OS, Ct. porous. 

Porfyr, m. porphyre. 

Porla, V. 71. to purl, to bubble. 

Pors, 77^. sweet willow, dutch myrtle. 

Porslin, n. china, porcelain. 

Port, 771. gate, door, port, köra en 
pä porten, to turn one out of doors. 
-gång, 77i. gateway, -klapp, m. 
knocker, -när, -vaktare, m, gate- 
keeper, -åder, 771. T» port-vein, 

Portion, 77i. portion, share. 

Portlak, 771. purslain. 

Porto^ n, postage, -fri, a. postpaid. 

Porträtt, n. portrait, picture. 

Positiv, n. positive, chamber-organ. 

Post, 771. post, mail; notice, news; 
post, sentinel; employment, place; a 
sum of money; parcel, -bud, 11, 
postman, ' footpost. —förare, 771. post, 
postillion. — llUS, n. posthouse, post- 
office, -kontor, n. postoff-ce. -ma- 
stare, 772. postmaster, -plipper, n. 
postpaper. -peniiiugar, m, ph 
postage. -vagn, w, atage • coach* 

176 Postverket 

post-chaise. — YCrketj fl, regulation 
of the post. [mous. 

Postilla, f. postil, collection of ser- 
Potatis, Potäter, n, pi. potatoes. 

Pott||a, f. pot. -aska, f, potashes. 

-fisk, m. cachalot. 
Prack) W. trifle, trash, shift, -a, v. 

n. to go begging. — sig fram, to 

live with difficulty, -are, m. paltry 

Prakt, m, magnificence, pomp. -fUll, 

a. pompous, sumptuous. 

Praktijlk, m. practice, -sera, v. a. 

to practise. — Sk, a. practical. 

Prassjlel, n, sprawling, rustling, -la, 
V, n, to sprawl, to rustle. 

Prat, n, prattle, chat, nonsense, —a, 
v. Cf. & n. to prate, to tattle, to chat- 
ter, -makare, m. tattler, prattler. 
— sam , a. talkative , loquacious. 

-samhet, f, loquacity, -sjuk, a. 

Precis, a. precise, punctual, exact. 
Predik|{a, v. a. to preach; to hold 

forth, -an, f. sermon, -ant, m. 

preacher, -are, m. preacher. -Oeni- 

bete, n, preaohershlp, ministry. — stol, 

m. pulpit. 
Prejila, v. a. to extort, to press, to 

exact. — , V, n, T. to hail, -are, 

m, extorter, exactor. — Cri, n. extor- 
tion, exaction; T* hailing. 

Prennmer|Iant,w. subscriber, -ation, 

f, paying before hand, —era, V. n. 
to pay before hand; to subscribe. 

Presenning, m. T. tarpawiings. 
Presenterna, v. a, to present, to offer. 
-tallrik, m. waiter, tray. 

Preses, President, m. chair-man. 

Presidera, v. n. to preside. 

Press, m. press, -a, V. a. to press; 
to oppress, to exact. — boni, m. 
presslever, -bäögel, -vef, m. T. 
rounce, bar! — fl'liiet, f, liberty of 
the press, -jorn, n. goose, -tvång, 
w. censure. 

Prest, m. priest, parson, minister, cler- 
gyman. — adÖUie, n. priesthood. 
-bol, n, glebe, -embete, W. mi- 
nistry, -erlig, a, prieilly, £acei> 


dotal, -erskap, w. clergy, -g&rd, 
jm. parsonage. -gäll, n. parish. 

-inna, f. priestess, -krage, m. 

frill, bands; great daisy, -lagcn» 
het, f. benefice of a parson, -man, 
m, clergyman. —möte, n. synod. 
-stånd, 72. priesthood, clergy. -Ylga, 
V, a. to ordain, to invest with holy 
orders, -väldo, n. hierarchy. 

Prestaf, m. mourning- staff. 

Prestera, v. a. to render, to furnish. 

Prick, m, point, dot, prick, tittle. ^7/ 
pricka, punctually, -a, v. a, to 
point; T. to mark with pricks. -Ig, 
a. dotted. 

Prim, tn, prima ; prime, —a, V. W., to 
boast, to talk nonsense. — an\, m, 
scholar of the upper-class, -»as, W. 
primate, -avexel, m. first of ex- 
change, —tal , n. prime • number. 
-visare, m. minute-hand. 

Princip, m. principle, .-al, m, prin- 
cipal; head, master. 

Prins, m, prince, -essa, f, princess. 

Pris, fi. price; prize; praise; pinch. 
för godt -, at a low rate, -a, v» 
a, to praise. — domare, m, juror. 
-knrant, m. price-current, -fråga, 
f. prize- question, —penning, w. me« 
dal, prize, -skrift, f, prize •essay. 
—värd, a. praise-worthy. 

Privat, a. private, home. 

Privet, n. privy. 

Privilegi||era, v, a, to privilege, tö 
charter. — nm, n, privilege, immu- 
nity, license, charter. 

Proba, f. proof, trial. 

Prober||a, v, a. to assay, to try; to 
gauge, to adjust, —are, m. assay- 
master, assayer. -degel, m. copple, 
test, -konst, f. docimacy. -Sten, 
m. touchstone. -Ugn, m, copple, 
assay -oven. — våg, f, assay-balance. 

Problematisk, a. problematical, questi- 
onable, [rer. 

Procent, in. per cent, -are, m. usu- 

PrOCess, m. lawsuit, process, cause, 
law, litigation ; procedure, —a, V, n. 
to be at law, to plead, »iou^ f, 



Frodnkt) m. produce; product. 
Prof j 71. trial, essay, experiment; spe. 
cimen, proof, mark; pattern, sample. 
hälla — , to stand trial, till -» ^or 
trial, as proof, taga något pä -, 
to take a thing upon liking. — ftrk, 
n. proof-sheet, proof, -bit, m. pat- 
tern. — haltigj a. proof, standard. 
-predika», /". trial-sermon. -skjutft, 
V. a, to try (a gun), -stycke, n. pat- 
tern, sample, specimen (of one's skill'). 
-vft, V, a, to try. -vare, m. as- 
sayer; standard; test, —år, n, year 
of probation. [profane. 

Profan, a. profane, -era, v, ä. to 

Professyion, m. trade, profession, cal- 

ling, -or, m. professor. -Oraty W. 

— ur, m. professorship. 
Profet, m. prophet, -era, v. a. to 

prophesy, -ia, f, prophecy. — issa, 

f. prophetess, divineress. 
Profll, m, profile, sideface. 
Profit, m, profit, gain. 
Profoss, m. provost, executioner. 

Proklamera, v. a. to proclaim, to pro- 


Promenad, w. promenade, walk. 

Propp, m, stopper, stopple, tamkin. 
—a, V, a, to stop, to cork; to cram. 

Prost, m. provost, subdean, dean. 

Protest, m. protest. -aUt, Trt. pro. 
testant. -era, V. a. to protest. 

Protokoll, 11. protocol, minutes, re- 
cord. — ist, rti. recorder. 

Proviant, m. provision, victuals, -era, 

V, a, & n. to victual ; to purvey vic- 
tuals, -erill^, f. victualling, pur- 
veyance. -lUiistare, m. commissary 
of the stores, victualler. — Skepp^ n. 

Provins, m. province, district. 

Provisor, m. dispenser. 

Prunk, m. show, parade, -a, V, n, 
to make a show, -ande, a. showy, 

Prustlla, V. n. to snort; to sneeze. 
—rot, f. sneezcwort, hellebore. 

Prut, n. objection, difficulties, -a, V. 
n. to haggle, to higgle. — a/*, "to 
abate. — cviot , to object against. 

Swedish-English Diet» 

Pumpnicka 177 

—gås, f, brent-goose, barrTacIe. — S&Ql, 
a. haggling, hard in buying. 

Prutta, V, n, to fart. 

Pryd, a. prude, -a, v. a. to adorn, 
to decorate. — lie"? öt. elegant, —lik- 
het, /; elegance. — nad, f, ornament. 

Prygilel, m. pL cudgel, bl6w, bang. 
-la, V, a. to cudgel. 

Pryl, W. puncher punch; fid. 

Piål, n, gaudines», showiness. —ft, V. 
72. to boast, -i^, a, showy. 

Pråm, m, flat boat, lighter. 

Prång", 72. trave, travisé, travel. 

Prångla, v, n. to chaffer, to barter; 
to hawk, -re, m. barterer. 

Prägllel, m, die; stamp; coinage, mark. 
—la, V, a. to coin, -ling, f. coinage. 

Präktig, a. magnificent, splendid. 

Pränt^ n. T, fractured letters. 

PrÖfllning, f, examination, experiment, 
trial; test. -va. V, ö. to try, to 
examine; to take cognizance of. 

Psalm, f, psalm, -bok, f, hymh-book. 

Psaltare, m. psaiter. • 

Publiken, m. the publico 

Puckel, m, bunch, hump, -ryggig, 

a. hunchbacked. 
Pudel, -hund, on. poodle, waterdog. 
Puder, n. powder, hair-powder, -kap- 
pa, f. powdering-gown, corabing-cloth. 

-qvast, m. powderpuff. 
Pudra, v. a, to powder. 
Pwif, 771. push, box, blow; detonatioAi 

-a, V. a. - till, to push, to cuflP. 

-, V. n, to crack, -as, V. d. to 
Pliffert, 771. pocket-pistol. [cuflT, 

Puki|a, f. kettledrum. -, V. 71. to beat 

the kettledrum, -pinne, 771. kettle» 

drum-stick. -slagaro, ra. kettle- 
Pulla, f. hen; darling. [drummer. 

Pulpet, 771. desk. 
Puis, 771. pulse; a pole to beat fish 'into 

the net. -era, V, n. to pulsate. 

-slag, r. the beat of the pulse. 

-åder, f. artery. 
Pliltl'On, m. poltroon, coward. 
Pulver, n. powder, -isera, v. a. to 

, pulverize. 
Pump, m. pump, -a, V. a. to pump. 
-Igorta, /. sucker, -nicka, f. 


178 Pumpske 

purapbraka. — sko^ tn. the upper box 
of a pump, pumpskor, pL channelleJ 
pumps, —sot, n, pumpwell. — stOCk, 
m. pumpbarre!. — stfillg", f. pump- 
spear. — stiifvel 5 m. chamber of a 
pump. — S^äsigel, m. pump-handle. 
— Vrick, T7i. the gallows of the pump. 

Fund, 71. pound; "talent, ability, en- 
dowment. -lluf'Tlld, n. blockhead. 
—tals, ad, by pounds. 

FuiSg', la, purse, bag. -a Ut, V. n. 
to lay out money. — djor, n. opos- 
sum, -peruk, m. baj^wig, -råtta, 
f, opossum, didelph. — slå, V. a. to 
rid one of his money. — sten • m. 
stone, testicle. 

Pnnkt, m, stop, point, pä punkten, 
punctually. —era, 17. a. to point, 
to punctuate; to mark. -öFiire, m. 
geomancer. — lig"^ CL' punctual. — ur, 
W. T. points, -vis, ad. point by 

Pnnsa, v. a. to prick a design and rub 
it over with coal-dust. Ibowl. 

Punsch, m. punch, —bål, m, punch- 

Punsel, m. puncheon, puncher. 

Pupill, 771. & f. pupil, ward; pupil. 

puppa, /". chrysalis, nymph ; doll, baby. 

Purgerlla, v. a. & n. to purge, -me- 
del, 77. purgative. 
Purjolök, m. porret. 

Purpur, m. purple. 

Puss, m. puddle, plash; smack, kiss. 

Pussera, v, a, to model, to emboss. 
—re, m. embosser. 

Pusserlig", a. comical, ludicrous. 

Pussig", a. puSfy, swollen, -het, f. 

Pust, m. breath of wind; groan; bel- 
lows, —a, V, a. to blow. — , V. n, 
to take breath. -rÖr, 71. blowing- 

Puta^ f. cushion; pad. Ipipe. 

Puts, n. trick, jugg:le, stratagem. — lu- 

stig-, a. comical, ludicrous. -luakaro, 

m, wag, droll, -makeri, 7L. drol- 
lery, jest. 
Putsa, V. a. to scour, to dress up; to 
rub; to snuff fljusj; to prune, to 
trim up. — sig , to trim one's self. 
-rO^ m, cleanser, sCourer. 


PuttlngsIIjorn, n. T, chain». »TRll^ 
71. futtock-shrowds. 

Puttra, V, n, to mutter, 

Pyndare, m. steelyard. 

Pynta, V. a. to dress, to trim. 

P^'Ssla, V, 71. to meddle, to handle. — 
om någon, to cherish one. 

PyssllFäg, 7n. pigmy, bantling; lemur. 

Pyts, m. T. bucket. 

Pytt, i. pish! pshaw! pool 

På , prp. on , upon , in , at , about. 
— Svenska, in or into Swedish. — 
narri, in jest. - ätta dagar, in a 
sennight. — det, — det att, that, 
in order that. — det högsta, at the 
most, det har ingenting - sig, 
that signifies nothing. 

Pålyuda, v, a. to order; to call, to 

Påbrå, V. n. to resemble, to take after. 

Påbud, n. edict, proclamation, ordinance. 

PåbÖrda, v. a. to charge with, to lay 
a biamc upon. — ude, n. imputation, 
accusation. la, thin;?. 

Pådikta, v. a. to charge one falsely with 

Pådrlft, 771. impulse. 

PådrilVa,' v. a. to push on. -re, m, 

hurrier, overseer. 

Påfallande, a. striking, remarkable. 

Piilinsm, v. a. to find out, to contrive. 

Pä flugen, a. saucy, arrogant. 

Påfordra, v. a. to require, to demand. 
* — n, f, demand, request. 

Påfund, n. invention, device, disco- 
very; trick. 

PåtVjje, m. pope, -dome, 7/. pope- 

douj, papacy. — ellg", a. pcipai. — isk, 
a. popish. 
Påfåg-el, m. peacock ; (honanj peahen, 

Påföljilande, a. next following, -d, 

77». consequence, sequal. 
Påföra, V. a. to charge upon. 
Pjlgå, V, n. to insist upon, to crave. 
Påheisning-, f. visit. 

Fak, m. cudgel. 

PåkJiSla, V. a. to call upon; to re« 
Få k låda, v. a. to dress. (quire. 

Påkoninsa, v. n. to come upon, to be- 
fall, to happen. 
Påkosta, V. a. to bestow cost upon. 


Fåkänna, v. a. to touch, to f«©l, to try. 

Pål||Ä, v. a. to ram down piles. -6, 

un, pile, post; whipping -post, pillory. 

-klubba, /. rammer, -verk , n, 

Pålaga, f, impost, tax; duty. 

Pålassa, Pålasta, t;, a. to load upon ; 

to charge. 

Pålitlig, a. trustworthy, to be depen- 
ded upon, —höt, /*. trustworthiness, 
reliance, trust. (/*. proclamation. 

PalysL'a, v, a. to proclaim, -ning^ 

Pålägga, V, a. to impose, to enjoin, 
to charge. - någon ed, to^put on© 
to oath. 

Påiniun{|a, v. a. to remind of, to ad- 
monish. — vid, to make objection to. 
— sig något, to recollect a thing. 
— ©IsO, f. remembrance : warning, anim- 

Pånyttfödelse, f. regeneration. 

Påpasslig, a. attentiv. 

Påräkua, V, a, to add to the account ; 

Påse, m. bag. [to depend upon. 

Påseende, n, look, view, sight. 

Påsk, m. caster; passover. -afton, 

W. caster »even, -helg, m. easter. 

•»lam, W. paschal -lamb, passover. 

-lilja, f, common daffodil, -'i^^^ 

n, easter-egg. 
Påskina, v. n, (låta -) to show, 

to manifest. [scription. 

Påskrift, f, superscription, address; in- 
Påskynda, v. a. to hasten, to forward. 
Påslag, n. T, allay. 
Påstå, V. n. to last, to continue. -, 

V. a. to insist upon, to maintain; to 

hold, to argue; to claim, -ende, n» 

assertion, demand. 
Påsyfta, V. a, to aim at. 
Påsättning, f. apposition. 
Påta, V. a, to poke; to dig. 
Påtaglla, V. a, to put on, to set on- 

to acknowledge, —lig, öt. palpfti^jg' 
Påteckna, v. a. to sign. [evident] 

Påtruga sig, v. r. to force upon, to 

Påträfifa, v. a. to meet with , to find. 
Påtränga, v. a. to press on, to pursue 

close; to urge. 



Påtvinga, r. a. to force upon. 

Påtända, v. a. to set fire on; to fire. 

Påverka, v, a, to work upon, to in- 

Påökning, f. augmentation. 

Päroii, n, pear, -must, m. perry. 

Pobel, W. mob, rabble, -aktig, a. 
vulgar, low. — Ord, n. vulgarism. 

Pol, m, pillow; puddle. 

PÖlsa, f. sausage. 

Porte, n, kiln, fumigating-rum. 

Poslja, V, n, to swell, to rise. -Ig, 
a.'swoln, swollen. 


Qvabb||a, f, quabb, conyflsh, angler. 

—lig, a. squeamish. 
Qvacksalfylla, v. W. to use quackery. 

-are, m, quack, charlatan, -eri, n. 

Qvadersten, m» freestone, squarestone, 
(Jvadrjlant, m. quadrant, -at, m, 

square, quadrate. — atfot, m, square- 
foot, -atrot, /*. square-root. -atur, 
m. quadrature, —era, V, a. to square, 
to quadrate. 

Qyaf , a. suffocating , choky, — , n. 
pursiness, shortness of breath, suffo- 
cation, gå i -, to miscarry; T. to 
founder, * 

Qval, n. pang, anguish, agony; pursi- 
ness, \f, quality. 

Qvaliilflcera, v. a. to qualify, -tet, 

Qvalm, n, sultriness, -ig, a. sultry. 
Q y alster, n. mite, tick, tyke. 

Qyantitet, f, quantity. 

Qyar, a. left, behind, remaining, vara 
-, to stay, -blifya, V. n. to stay, 
to stay behind; to remain, -hålla, 
V, a. to keep, to retain, -lefva, f. 
residue, remainder. Måtenskap^ f, 
the effects of a person defunct. -8 tad, 
rr^, distress, sequestration. lelägga 
jned qvarstad, to sequester, to dis- 
tress. -Stadna, V, n. to stay behind. 

Oyarka, f, strangles, glanders. 



Qvarn, f, mill, -damn tn. mill-dam.! 
-ränna, f. leat. -sikt, m. bolter. 
-ska, W,. mill-clack, -skrof, 771. 
hopper, —spel, n, nine men's morris, 
game of the mill. — tl'Ut, w. the 
mouth of the mill-hopper. — tnll, m. 
toll for grist, -vinge, m. fen of a 

Q vart, 7W. fourth, fourth part; quarter; 
quarto, quarto - book ; quart, —ft, /". 
fourth class, -al, 7l. quarter of a 
year. -alvJS, ad. quarterly, -an, 
W. quartan-ague, —band, n. volume 
in quarto, —blad, n. quarter of a 
sheet, -er, n. half a foot; pint; 
lodging; quarter; square, —era, V. 
n, to quarter. - om , to shift lod- 
gings, — Ctt, 7n. quartetto. 

QvartSj m. quartz, -ig, a. quartzous 



broom, -bindare, m. 

broom- maker, -käpp, m. broom 
Qved, f, womb. [stick. 

QveSYed, m, dwale, bitter-sweet. 
Q Tick, a. witty, quick, ingenious; li- 
vely, pert ; .mettlesome ; fresh, -drag, 
n. foundering in the chest, -het, f. 
wit; liveliness, briskness, vivacity; 
fusibility, -llVCte, n, dog's grass, 
— na, V. n, to quicken; to recover. 

-sand, m. quick- sand, — silfver, 

n. quicksilver, mercury, -stjärt, m. 

wagtail, -tionde J 71. tithes paid of 

cattle, -ratten, n. T. copperas. 
Qvicke, f. the quick. 
Qyidya, v. n. to whine, to wail, to 

lament. —11, f. whining, lamentation. 

-fågel, m. boxzard. 
Qviglla, f. heifer, -kalf, 771. cow-calf. 
Qyillra, v. n. to chirp. 

Qyinnlla, f. woman, female, -folk, 
n. woman, -lig, «. female; effe- 
minate, -lighet, /*. feminality ; effe- 
minacy. -Okärlek , m. women's 
loving. — Okon, n. female sex; wo- 
mankind. -Olinie, f. female line. 
-Oregering, f. pelticoat-government. 
— OSidan , ad. by the mother's side. 
-Sperson, m, woman, femal. 


Qyint, m, quinte; (i musik) fifth. 
Q yintillera, v.n, to cantiilate, to quaver» 
Qyintin, n, drachm. 
Qvisljla, f, pimple, push, -lig, a. 

Qylst, m, twig, sprig, komma på 

grön — , to prosper , to thrive, —ft, 

V. d, to lop off branches. — , V. 71. 

to run. — ig, a. twiggy; knotty. 
Qyitt, a, & ad. quit, free, rid. -a, 

V, a. to quit, —ens, n* aquittance. 

—era, v. a. to give a receipt, [tree. 
Qvitten, 71. quince, -träd, n, quince- 

Q vittra, v. n. to chirp. 

Qvot, m, quotient. [poem, 

Qvädlla, V, a, to sing, -e, n. song, 

Qväfvlja, V, a. to suffocate, "to stifle, 
to smother; to depress; to damp. -6, 
71. jT. azot. [kerisra. 

Qyäk||are, 77*. quaker. -eri, n. qua- 

Qyäljila^ v. a. to torment, to wrack, to 
fret, to torture; to invade; to maks 
the stomach wamble. — €71 doMj to 
cavil at the sentence of a judge. —8, 
V.,d. to suffer; to have qualm, -ning, 
f. qualm. 

(J väll, 771. evening, t — , this evening, 
to night, om qv'dllen, in the even- 
ing, -as, V. d. to grow night, -ning, 
f. twilight, crepuscule. -smål, n, 

Qväsila, V. a. to squash, to bruise. 
-ningjf. contusion, cruise; abasement. 


Rabarber, m, rhubarb. 

Eabatt, 77?.. abatement, discount; plat- 
band. -era, V. a. to deduct, to 

Rabbla, v. n. to rabble. [reabate. 

Rabulist, 7/1. pettifogger. 

Rack, 771. great sledge; arrack; run- 
ning in vain; T. parrel, -klamp, m, 
rolling-chock, -klot, 71. parrel-truck 
-tal jo, f. truss. 

Racka, f, bitch. if. flayer's cart. 

Rackare, m, executioner's man, -Karra» 




BaeklA) v.n, to hawk. 

Bad) f. line, row, range; turn, -band, 
n. rosary, chaplet. -tals, ad. in 

Radera^ v. a. to scratch out, to era*e. 

Radius, m, radius, semidiameter. 

Raftllel, w. raffle, -la, V, n. to^lay 
at raffle, to raffle. 

Raflnera, v. a, to refine. 

Rafs, n. confusion, hurry, —a, V, a. 
to huddle, to perform carelessly. 

Ragg, n. rough hair, -ig, a. shaggy, 
rough, hairy. 

Raggen, m. the devil. [ter. 

Ragla, V. W. to reel, to stagger, to tot- 

Rak^ a. straight, upright, erect, — Iietj 
f, straightness. -na, V. n. to become 
straight, to give way. -t» ad, straight. 

Raka, /". oven-rake. 

Rak||a, v, a, to shave. -, V. n, to 
run, to rove about, -don, n. bar- 
ber's case, -duk, m. barber's towel. 
-fat, n, barber's bason, -knif, m, 
razor, -rem, /. razor-strap. 

Raket, m, rocket. 

Ralla^ V. ;i.'to chatter, to roll. 
Ram, 7». paw; frame; tenter. 
Rama, v. a. to paw. - tillfället, to 

lay hold of an opportunity. 
Ramljla, v. n, to rattle; to tumble 

down. -mel, n. rattle, rattling, 

noise, -pris, n. dead bargain. -Sa, 

f, string. -slÖk, 7U. bear-garlick. 

-SYart, a. coal-black, black as a 

Rand, f, border, edge; stripe, streak; 

grain, —a, V, a. to stripe, to streak. 

-ig, a. striped, streaky. — not , f. 

marginal note. 
Rang, m. rank, place, dignity; rate. 

-ordning, f. order of precedency. 

-^uk, a. ambitious, -sjuka, f. 

ambition, -skepp, W. ship of the 
Ranglig,' a. lank. [line. 

Rank, a. long and thin; wavering. 

-ig, a. waggling; rickety. 

Ranka, f. tendril, twig. 

Ransakjja^ t?. a, to examine, to Eoruti- 
nize. -are, m, searcher, -niug, 
f, search, scrutiny, trial, cognizance. 

Ranson, m. ransom; T. allowance. 

—era, v. a. to ransom. 
Rauunkel, m, ranunculus, crow-foot- 

RapIIa, v. n. to belch, -ning, f. 

belch, eructation. 
Rapp, a. swift, brisk. -, S. ft» stroke, 

blow, -a, V. a» to beat; to white- 

wash, to plaster. 
Rappa, v. a. fät sig J to snatch, to 

pilfer. [setting-dog. 

Rapplio'ns, w. partridge, -liund, n. 

Rapport, m. report, -era, v, a. t«» 

report, to relate. 

Rapsat, Til, naphew, rape. 

Rapunsel, m. rampion. 

Rar, a. rare; exquisite, -itet, f. rarity. 

Ras, W. romp, dalliance; falling down. 
—a, V.n. to romp, to sport; to rave, to 
rage, to ravage; to tumble, to fall 
down, -ande, a. furious, outrageous, 
mad. -bytta, f. madcap, -erl, n. 
fury, madness, -ig, a. giddy, wild 
-ighet, f. giddiness. 

Ras, W. race, gender. 

Rask, n. rash. -Yafvare, m. rash- 

weaver. [ness, courage. 

Rask, a. brisk, stout, -het, /*. brisk. 
Rasp, m. rasp, -a, v. a. to rasp. 

-are, m. rasper. -llUS, n. rasp 

house, bridewell. 
Rassla, v. n. to clank, to clatter. 
Rast, m. rest, repose. ~a, V. n. to 

rest, to make a halt, -dag, m, day 

of rest, —lös, a. restless. 
Rat||a, V, a, to reject, to refuse, to 

slight, to find fault with. -gOdS, 71. 

refuse of goods, 
Katin, n, rateen. 
Ratt, m. T, wheel. 
RaUi>3llgeH), n. realgar, red orpimeot. 
Realisera, y. a. to realize, to perform , 

to cash. 
Rebell, m. rebel, -isk, a. rebellious. 
Recensent, yn. critic, reviewer. 
Recept, 7W. receipt, prescription. 
Recess, m. treaty, compact. 
Recidiy, n, relapse, recidivation. 
Redjia, f. order, -, a. - penningar, 

ready money. — , V, a. to disenungle. 

- lillt to piok wool, - af, to thicken. 

182 Eedning 

- ut, to fit oiat. - sig, V, r, to clear 

one's self. 
Kedan, ad» already. 
Eedjlare, m. freighter, owner of a ship. 

— eri, n. owners of a ship. 

Redbar, a. valuable, solid. -Iiet, f, 

intrinsic value, -lieterj f,!pl. valuable 
Bedd J m, road, ligga pa redden, to 

ride at anchor in the road. 

RedebOgen, a. ready, willing. 

Redig, a, plain, evident, clear, -het, 
f. order, distinctness, clearness, per- 

Redlig, a. true, honest, ingenuous, 
sincere, upright, -het, f, integrity, 

Redlös, a. dismasted. 

Redo, ad, ready, done, in order, —for- 
drande, a. calling to an account. 

-gorelse, f. account, -yisa, v. a. 

to give account for. [nient. 

Redskap, n. instrument, tool, imple- 
Reduliceva, v. a. to reduce, to restrain. 

-ktiOD, f. reduction; restraining. 
Ref, f. fishing-line, angling-line. 
Ref, n. gripes, colic; T. reef, -beil, 

n. rib. -beilS|)jäll, n. baldrip. 

-Orni, ra. ringworm, tetter. -VCl, 771. 

sandbank, -vig, a. sarmentous. 
Referllat, n. report, statement, -ent, 

m. r«^porter. -era , V. a. to report. 
Refi*||elbÖSSa, /. rifled gun. -la, V. 

a. to rifle. 

Reflektera, v. a. to reflect (on). 

Reflex, m. reflection, -lon, f. re- 

Reform, f. reform, -atlon, f. refor- 
mation, -era, v. a. to reform, -ert, 
Ö. reformed. — , s. m. calvinist, protestant. 

Refva, f. strip; cleft, breach, gap. -, 
V. a. T. to reef (the sails). 

Regal , a. rogal , royal. — , W. regal ; 
trestle. — ier, m. j)l. ensigns of royalty ; 
regalia, —papper, 71, royal paper. 

Kegel, f. rule, precept, f runt im mer s 
reglor, monthly courses, -buildeil, 
a. regular, -foöndeilhet, f, regu- 
larity, -lös, a. irregular. 

Regel, W. bar, bolt. 


Regementlle, n. regiment. -sfSranå- 
ring, f. revolution, -släkaro, m, 

surgeon - major. — SStab , m. field- 
officers of a regiment. — Stromslft- 
gare, m. drum-major. 

Regent, m, regent, interrex, admini- 
strator, —inn a, f, queen, regent, go- 
verness. — Skap, n. regency. 

Reger||a, V, a. to govern, to rule, to 
manage, to reign, —ing, f. reign, 
government; administration. — ingS- 
1ÖS, a, anarchical, -ingsloshet, 
f. anarchy. — ingsråd, n. counsellor 
of the regency. 

Regist||er, n. register, record, table, 
catalogue. — rator, m. register, re- 
corder, -ratur, n, registry, -rera, 
V, a. to register, to record. 

Regle|[mente, n. regulation, -ra, v. 

a. to regulate. 
Regn, n. rain. -a, V, n. to rain. 

-aktig, a. pluvious, rainy, -båge, 

m. rain -bow. — droppe , m. rain- 
drop. ~ig, a. rainy, -kappa, f, 

rain-cloak, —mask, m. earth-worm. 

-skur, m. shower, -skämi , m. 

umbrella. -Stanka, v. n. to drizzle. 
—tack, n. eaves. —tat, 05. water- 
proof. — Yind , TU. pluvious wind- 
— Vtider, n, rainy weather. 
Reklamera, v. a. to reclaim. 

RukognOSCera, v. a. to reconnoitre. 

Rekryt, m. recruit, -era, v. a. & n. 

to recruit, to raise soldiers. 

Religion, m. religion, -sbespottare, 

W. derider of religion, libertine. — S» 
frihet, f. liberty of faith. -Stvång, 
71. constraint in the exercise of reli- 
gion. — SOfnillg, f, exercise of reli- 

Reli^iÖs, a. religious. fgion. 

Reling, m. T. gunnel, gunwale. 

Relink, m. relic. 

ReiVl, f. thong, strap of leather; belt 
-snidare, W. strap-cutter, saddler. 

ReinijISS, tii. remittance; remitment. 
-ttera, v. a. to remit. 

Remmare, tu. rummer; T, buoy fast- 
ened to an anchor. 

Remna, f. cleft, chap, gap. -. V. 71^ 
to crack, to chap, to chink. 


BoniSII) f, slip, strip, shred. 
Beu, /. unploughed border of a corn- 
field, -laua, /. tansy, -rcpe, m. 

Reil) m, raindeer. [raygrass. 

Ben^ a. clean, pure ; net; fair; correct; 
honest, —a, v. a. to clean, to purge, 
to purify, -göra, V, a. to clean. 
-het, f. cleanness, purity. -Iljertad, 
C. righteous, candid, ingenuous. — llåll- 
Bing*, f, cleaning, -ing", /. clean- 
ing, purification; menstruation. — lef- 
»ad, f. chastity, -llg, a. cleanly. 
-lif^het, /". cleanliness, -lärig", a. 
orthodox, -lärighet, /. orthodoxy. 
-Sa, V. a. to cleanse, to purge, to 
purify; to weed; to gut and scale. 

— hortt - ut, to pick out. -skrifva, 
V. a. to transcribe, to copy. — skrif- 
Tftre, m, transcriber, copist. -SUillg, 
f, cleansing; purgation. — t, ad. clean- 
ly, purely, distinctly, plainly, openly ; 
fairly, ingenuously. — af , utterly. 

— ti/,* roundly. [state. 
Bone^at, m. renegade, renegado, apo- 
Benett, m. rennet. 

Bep, 71. rope, cord, -slagare, m. 

roper, cordmaker. -Slagarebana, f, 
rope-walk, rope-yard, -slageri, n. 
rope-house, ropery. -stegO, W. rope- 
Bepa, f. scratch. -, V, a, to scratch, 
to strip. — lin, to ripple flax. — 
mod J to take courage. — Ujpp f to 
jip up , to ravel out. — sig , V, T* 
to recover one'a self. « 

Beparera, v, a. to repair. 

Bepe, m. darnel. 

Bepeterlla, v. a, to repeat, -cir, n. 

repeating-watch, repeater. 

Bepresentera, v, a. to represent. 
Bepressalier, f. pi, reprisals. 

Repablik, /. republic, commonwealth. 

BCblla, f, journey, travel, passage, road ; 
voyage. — , V. n. to travel, to go. — 
hortf to depart, -ande^ m. tra- 
Teller, passenger, -beskrifnmg, f, 
account of journey, -färdjg, a. ready 
to set out. -handbook, f, itine- 
rary, guide for travellers, -kamrat, 
7n. f»U»w-trav»lUr. -klädnlögr» /. 



travelling-dress, -pass, n, passport. 

-väslia, f, travelling-pouch. 
Beslja, V, a, - upp, to raise, to raise 

up. — sig, V. r, to raise one's self; 

to rear; to work; to rise; to riso up 

in arms. —11 ing j f. raising; insur- 
Kese, 771. giant. [r«ction. 

lieseda, f, mignonette. 
Resen, a, lean, thin, poor. 
Resenär, m, horseman. 
Residens, n. capital, residence. 
Reslig, a. tall, -het, f. tallness. 
Resou , m. reason, sense, -abel, a. 

rational. — eniang, 71. reasoning. 

—era, t;. n. to reason; to deliberate. 

Resonans, m. resound, -botten, m. 

resoundingboard. [authority. 

Respekt, m, respect, regard; awe. 

Rest, 771. rest, remainder, -antler, 
pi. arrears, -längd, f, arrearage. 

Restaurat||ion, f. restoration; tavern. 
—or, 771. restorer; tavernkeeper. 

Resultat, W. result, end, effect. 

Ret||a, V, a. to irritate, to provoke, to 
stir up. -as, V. d. (med J to an- 
ger, to tease, -bar, -llg, a. irrita- 
ble, -barhet, /". irritability, -else, 
-ning, f, provocation, irritation, 

Retirera, v. n. to retreat. 

Retur, 771. return, -biljet, m, re- 
turn ticket, -liera, v, c to return. 
-yexel, 771. redraft. 

Revers, tn. bond, note. 

Revijldera, v. a, to revise, -ders- 

ark, n. revise, clean proof. — slon* 
f, revision, review. 

Ria, f, kiln to dry com. — , V. a. to 
dry in a kiln. 

Ribba, f, lath, slip of wood. 

Ridlja, V. a. é n. to ride, to go on 
horseback. — in tn häst, to break 
a horse. - för ankar, to ride at 
anchor, —ande, a. on horseback. 

-bana, f. manage, -byxor, n.pL 

riding-breeches. -hast, m riding- 
horse, -sadel, 771. riding -gaddit, 
-skola, f, riding . school , mapage. 
-t, f. ridf, ridijag. -tyg, n, riding- 



mddaiile, m. Knight, -jgoås, n, 

knigbt'8 fee. -Orden j W. order of 
Jjnights. -slag, W. dubbing. -Spel, 
«1. tilt, tournament. -spOirre^ m, lark- 
ipv (plant). -Tärdigliet, f. l^night- 

Bidder!] lig $ a. knightly, Taliant. 
— skapy n, knighthood, chivalry. -S- 
man, m. knight. 

HifllTay V. a, to scratch, to tear, to 
claw; to grate; to grind. — af, to 
{qU off, to strip off. — sönder f to 
tear to pieces, rifvas, V. d, to be scratch- 
ing, -jern, n. grater, -sten, m. 

KJgijel, w. bolt. ~la, V. a, to ^olt. 

Iliky a. rich, wealthy, opulent; fruit- 
ful, -edom, W. wealth, riches, -rlial- 
tig, a. rich, -haltigliet^ -het, 

/, richness, —lig, cl- rich, plentiful, 
sufficient. — ta, v. a. to enrich. 

Bilie, n. realm, kingdom, empire. 

Biksljadel, m. nobility of the empire. 
-aiit, W, ban of the empire, r-årf- 
Tiug; m. heir apparent, -dag, m. 
diet, -dagsman, m» dsputy at a 
diet, -dalér, m. riksdollar. -drots, 
vn, great chancellor of justice, -fnrste, 
m, prince of the empire. — försam- 
ling, f. imperial diet, -gäld, m. 
the debt of the etate. -Imshåll- 

ning, f. economy of state, -kam- 
marrätt, m. imperial chamber. 
-kansler, m. chancellor of the em- 
pire, -marskalk, m. marshal of 
the empire, -möte, n. diet, -råd, 
n. senator, -skattmästare , m. 
great treasurer of the realm. — stad, 
m. imperial city, freetown. —stånd, 
n» estate of the realm. — vapeii, n. 
arms of the kingdom. — äplc, n. im- 
perial globe, -ärende, n, affair of 

Biktiia, v. a. to point, to direct, -ning, 

f. pointing, direction. 
Biktig, a. just,. right, true, -liet, f\ 

justness, truth. 
Bim, n. -frost, m, rime, hoarfrost. 

-ma, V» n, to rime, -salta, v, a. 
Ii ipowder with salt. 


Bim^ n. rhyme, det går pä -, it 
rhymes. — klåpare^ m. versifier. 
-Ijg, a. reasonable. -lighet, f. 
reasonableness, —ma, V. a, & n, to 
rhyme. — sig, to agree, to square. 
-slut, n. rhyme, -snidare^ m, 
sonnetteer, rhymer, poetaster. —Tig, 
nd, in rhymes. 

Bing, m. ring, circle, -blonima, f, 

marigold, -foult, m. ringbolt. -danS, 
m. dance in a ring, -^dllfva, f. ring- 
dove, -finger, w. geidfinger. -for- 
mig, I», annular, -krage, m. gor- 
get. — mnr, m. wall round about. 
— Orni, m. amphisbaena, annulated 
snake. -SJISka, f, shesp • giddiness. 
-syala, f. swift, church - martin. 
-trast, m. ring-ousel. 

Kinglja , a. small , little, slight , mean, 
humble, low, trifling. — , ad. little, 
jneanly. — akta^ a. to make no ac- 
count of. —are, a. <fe ad. smaller, 
lower, less. — ESt, ä. & ad. smal- 
lest, lowest, least, -lialtig, a. ol 
little worth. — het« /. littleness, 

Binga, v. a. & n. tö ring, det ringer 
för öronen, my ears tingle, -re, m. 

Binna, v. a. to run, to flow, dtt 
rinner mig i sinnet, it comes into 

Bis, 01. ream. (my mind. 

Bis, n. rice, -gryn, n. rice. 

Bis, n. twig, rod, sprig, spray, scion. 

-bastu, f. whipping, -knippa, f, 
bundle of brushwood, -qvlst, m. 
twig. [to hazard. 

Bisk, m. risk, -era, v. a. to risk, 

Bispa, f. scratch, fissure. •>, t;. a. to 
scratch. - upp, to unravel. 

Bissel, n. coarse sieve. 

Bist, m. coulter. 

Bista, V. a. to slash, to ilit, to scratch, 
to cut; to carve, to engrave. 

Bit|{a, V. a, to draw, to design, to de- 
lineate, to sketch, —are, 7ii. drawer. 
-bly, W. blacklead. -bok,./. draw- 
ing-book. — ][)räde, n. drawing-board. 
f« drawics, fketch, design. 




tlitsa, v, a. to scratch. 

llOj /". amusement, pleasure, sport ; quiet. 
sätta sig i — , to retire from business. 
— aj V. a. to divert, to amuse, to en- 
tertain. -11^5 «• pleasant, merry; 
quiet, oahn. -lighet^ f» diversion, 
sport, fun. 

KO5 f. liip; haunch. 

Ko, \3. a. & n. to row, to oar. 

Kock, w. coat; govm, robe; distaff. 

Rocka, f. thornback, ray. [rock. 

Ilockera, v. n. to rock, to castle. 

Kodd, m. rowing, -arbåt, W. row- 
ing-boat, -arbänk, w. rower's bank. 
—are, 7n. rower, boatman. 

iloder, Ror, W. rudder, helm, oar. 

-hake, m. pintle, -kiilt, -pinne, 

W. tiller, -talja, f. tiller-rope. 

Rodna, v, «. to blush, to colour; to 
turn red, to redden, -d, f. blush, 
blushing, redness. 

Rof, n. prey, spoil, booty, pillage, plun- 
der. — ftktig, a. rapacious, ravenovis, 
voracious, -djui*, in,, beast of prey. 
-fa, V. a. to rob , to strip, -fiirc, 
tTl. robber, -fågej, m. bird of prey. 
-girighet, /. ,fapacity. 

Bofjjva,./'. turnip. -ho'jSa, f. pop- 
gun, -frö, n. turnip-seed, -olja. 

Rolig, a. S. IJO, [f, rape-oil. 

Roll, m, part, falla ur rollen, to 
act out of character. 

RoUl, m, rum ; roe, spawn, -flsk, m. 
spawner. -sättning, f, spawning 
time, —sill, m. hardrowed herring. 
—sten, 771. roestone. 

Roman, m. romance, novel, tale, -esk, 
a. romantio. -S, m. ballad. -Skrlf- 
vare, m. novelist, -tisk, a. ro- 

mantle, romantical. 

Romh, rn> rhomb; lozeoge. 

Rop, n, cry, shriek, shout, scream ; call ; 
rumour, fame, vara i — , to be jn 
vogue, -a , v. w. <fe a. to cry ; to 
call; to cry tho hours. — i gevär ^ 
to call to arma. —ut, to hawk. 
-are, m. T» speaking-trumpet. 

Ror^ 8. Boden 

Ros, n, praise, commendation, -ft^ V, 
<s. to prftUt, to «ommtnd. 

ROS, f. rose, flower; erysipelas, -ett, 
W. rosette. — Ig, a. rosy, bloomy. 
-marin, W. rosemary. 

Rosesiljbuske, m. rosebush, rosier. 

-färgad, a. rosy, -gård, n. rose- 
garden, -krans , W. garland of ro- 
sea; rosary, chaplet. — Olja, f, rose- 
oil. -rot, f, rose-wort. -sten, m, 
rose-diamond, -träd, n, rose-laurel, 

Rossljla, V, 71. to rattle, to hawk, -ig, 
a, full of slime in the throat. 

Rost, n, grate, roasting-oven. -a, v. 
a. to roast; to calcine: to toast. 
-biif, f. roastbeef. 

Rost, W. rust ; blasting, -a, i). n. to 
rust, to gather rust, -fläck, W. 
iron-mould. -!g, a, rusty. 

Rot, f, root, sld rötter, to take root. 
ryclca upp med rötterna, to root 
up. -a, V. a. to root, -a sig, v. 

n to take root, to roote. -fast, a. 
rooted, fixed, -fästa Sig, v. r. to 
take root, -hugga, v. a. to root 
up. —kål, m. turnip-rooted-cabbage. 
-stungen, a. eaten in tho root. 

Rote, m. file, set. -bonde, -hål- 
lare, m. farmer who is bound to 
furnish a footsoldier or sailor. — ma- 
stare, m. chief of fije; quarcerraaster. 
-vis, ad, by files. 

Rotgel, m. redbreast, ruddock, robin. 

Rots, m. glanders. 

Rotting, m. ratan. 

Rotvelska, f. cant, broken language. 

Rubb och stubb 5 ad. taga -, to 

clean, to remove. 

Rubb||a, v. a. to move, to remove, to 
trouble, —ho, to remove from. — 
ett testamente, to cancel a wilJ. 
—ning 9 f, removal, putting out ol 
order; madness. 

Rubel, w. rouble, rubej. 

Rubin, m. ruby. 

Rubriljcera, v. a. tor titla, to give ru- 
bric of. -k, m. rubric, title. 

Rucka, V. a. to regulate. 

Ruckla, t;. n, to banquet, to revel. 
-nde,. w. revelling, debauch, -re, 
w^. banqueter. 



Kåda, f, crucian (fish). 

Ruelse, /". contrition, repentance, 

Eufva, f. scab, scurf. 

Kuggj n, rough entangled hair, —ft, 
i;. a. to raise the nap upon cloth , to 
teazle. - Big, V. r. to grow rugged , 
to moult, -ig", CD. rugged, rough, 
shaggy, -karda, f teazle. 

Bullya, V. a. & n. tö roll. -, s, f, 
roll. -l)ly, n. sheet-lead. -6, 771. 
roll; roller, spindle, -gardin, m- 
rolling -curtain. —Stol , 771. wheel- 
chair, -tobak, m. tobacco in roils. 

Kullera, v. n. to circulate. 

Kulta, V. n. to waddle. 

Rum, 771. rum. 

Rum, n, room, place; cell; room, 
apartment ; passage , T. the hold, for- 
sta rummet, the upper hand. — , a. 
vaste, large. 

Rumor, n. alarm, tumult. 

Runiplja, f. buttock, tail, rump. -, 
V. a. T, 10 wear, —tång, tti, coccyx. 

Ran||a, f, rune, runic character. — Stftf, 
971. runic calendar. 

Rand, m, round, gd runden, to walk 
the rounds. — , a. round, circular; 
large, liberal, -ft, V. a. to round. 
-aktig, a. roundish, -el, 771. round, 
circle, -elsgen, ad. largely,- plenti- 
fully, —het, f, roundness, circularity. 
—holts, —halt, 71. masts, topmasts 
and yards belonging to a ship, -nlng, 
f. rounding, roundness, -st^cke, n. 
the third oj a farthing. -t , ad, 
round ; largely, -tom, -tOIttkrlng, 
ad. round about. 

Runk|]a, v, a. to shake, to wag. -, 
v. 71. to be loose, —nlng, f. shake, 

Rus, 71. inebriation, drunkenness, taga 
sig ett — , to get drunk, —a, V. n. 
to fuddle, -^if vande, a. intoxicat- 
ing. — ig) a, gone in drink, half seas 

Rusa, V. n. to rush. [a, chill. 

Rusk, -väder, n. chilly weather, -ig, 

Ruska, f. a green branch. 

Ruska, V, a. to shake. -. v, n. to 

^-(assln, n, rai»ia Itrtmblt. 


Rustlla, V, n. - sig, v. r. to arm, td 
prepare for, to prepare. —håll, TL 
lands bound to furnish a trooper, 
-hållare, 77i. owner of a land which 
is bound to furnish troopers, —kam- 
mare, 771. armory, -mästare, 771. 
master at arms. — ulng, /". arms and 
furniture, -ningstjcnst , 771. escu- 
age, fitting out of troopers. — vagn, 
771. munition-waggon. 

Rusta, y. n. to stir, to make a riot; 
to banquet; to squander, —re, 771. 
dissolute fellow, rake, roisterer. 

Rutlja, f. rue (plant); pane; checker. 
-Ig, a. checkered. 

Ruter, 771. diamond. 

Kutt[|en, a. rotten, putrid, -na, V. n, 

to grow rotten, to rot. 

Rya, f. rug, a coarse nappy coverlet. 

Ryck, 71. pull, pluck, jerk, start, -a, 
V. n. to march. — in, to invade. — , 
V. a. to pull, to pluck, to snatch. — 
af, to snatch from. — fram, to ad- 
vance. — på, to pull on. — fd sig, 
to start. — Sönder, to pull in pieces, 
— till sig, — dt sig, to usurp. — 
undan, to pull out, to draw, -as, 
V. d. to scramble for a thing.- — nlng^ 
f, pulling; convulsion. 

RySTo? wi. back, -a, V. n. to give 
way, to back, to retrooede , to retire. 
— , V. a. to alter, to change, —ad, 
a. violated; vaulted, arched. — bast, 
71. spinal marrow, —ben , 71. back- 
bone. — merg, 77Z. spinal marrow, 

-rad, f. chine, spine, -stj'cke, n. 

backpiece; chine; ridgeband. -Stod, 
71. support of the back ; back of a 
chair. — värk, 772. pain in tha back. 
— värn, 71. stay, support. 

Rykt, 77». care, attendance. — a, V. €L 
to cleanse; to cultivate; to dross. 

Ryktljbar, a. renowned, famous; no- 
torious, public. — barhet, f, renov/n, 
fame. —0, 7i. renown, name, fame; 
report, löst — , flying report. 

Ryniljd, 77i. space; contents, ute pd 
T^jmden, in the open ground , on the 
main sea. — llg , a. spacious , widt, 
estOQsive. '-lighet, /. •apatiousnes^. 




capacity, extent, —ma, V. a. to con- 
tain, to hold, -mas, v. d. to find 
room. — rao, 72. cell, hole. 
Rymllma, v* a» to remove, to clear. 
- fältet, to retire. ~, v, n. to run 

away ; to desert, -mande, n. -uing, 

f, desertion, running away, —mare, 
m, deserter, runaway. — Ilål, f. prim- 
ing wire. 

Bynklla, f, plait, fold, gather; wrinkle. 
— , V. a, to gather. — pä, to turn up. 
-band, n, drawband; T, sphincter. 
— ig, a. gathered, rumpled, wrinkled. 
—ning, f. gathering; frowning. 

Byslla, v. n. to shudder, to shiver. 
—lig, a. horrid, dreadful, horrible. 
-lig het, f. horror, -nlug, f. shud- 
dering, shivering. 

BySS, m. cart-load of charcoals, -ja, 

f. junket, -läder, n. juffs. -olja, 

f. birch-oil. 

Byta, V, n. to roar, to huff. 

Bytt||are, m, horseman, trooper. -Cri, 
n. cavalry, horsemen , horse, —mä- 
stare, m. captain of horse. 

Bå, a. raw ; green, —het, f. rawness ; 
rudene33. — koppar, m. raw copper. 

-mjölk, f, biestings. -na, p. n. 
to grow moist, -väder, n. wet 
weather, -ämne, n, raw stuiT, 
Bå, f. T. yard, -band, n. rope-band. 

-bandshål, n. eyetid-hoie. -nock, 

An, yard-arm. — SCgel, n. square-sail. 

Bu, U, landmark, bound-stone. — för» 
ning, f. displacing of the bound- 
stones, -gång, m. boundary, -mär- 
ke, W. landmark. -skilnad, f. 
boundary. -Sten, m. boundary-stone. 

Bå, /". roe. -bock, m. roebuck, -djur, 
ru roe. -get, f. deer; doe. -kaW*, 
W. roe-calf, -stek, 7a, haunch of 

Bå, n. thin waffle. 

Bå, V, a. to can, to may, to be able. 
jag rår icke, I can't help it. - 
icke med, not to be - om, 
to own. — om sig sjelf, to be one's 
own master. ^ pd, to gat the bet- 
ter ef. 

Båd, m, fortune, power, faculty, jag 
liar icke — att, I cannot afford to. 

Bad, 7Z. counsel, advice; expedient, shift; 
resolution; course; senate; senator, 
counsellor, —a, V. a, to counsel , to 
advise. -fråga, V. a, to consult. 

-frågning, f, consultation, -föra 
sig, v, r. - med en, to advise with 
one. -gifvare, m. counsellor, -göra, 

V, n, to consult, to enter into consul- 
tation. — hus , n. townhouse , city- 
hall, -igj a. resolute, never at a 
loss. — ighel, f. inventiveness; pre- 
sence of mind. — llg, a. advisable. 
-lös, a. at a loss, -löshet, f. 
icresoluticn, helplessness, —man, m, 
alderman. -plägnlng, f. consul- 
tation, —rum , n, time to consider. 
-sal, m. room of the senate. -S- 
beslut, n. decree of the senate. -S- 
herre, m. senator, counsellor. — slå, 
V, a. to consult. -Stuga, /*. town- 
house; council of a town. — stugU- 
rätt, 771. town-court. 

Bådbråka, v, a. to spoil words in 
pronouncing. — Engelskd, to clip 

Bag, m. rye. (English. 

Bågija, v. a. to measure up. rag ad t 
mål , heaped measure. — G, m. over- 

Baka, f. rook. 

Bltka, V, a. é n. to hit, to find; to 
meet; to chance; to come into, to fall 
into. — emot, to hit against. — emel- 
lan , to fall between. — fast, to 
stick. — på, to hit, to happen upon. 
— ut för, to encounter, to fall into. 
-8, V. d. to meet. 

Bake, m, guts of fish. 

Kama, v. n. to low. [robbe 

Ban, n, felony, robbery, -are, 

Bått||a, f, rat. liten -, mouse, -fån» 
gare, m. ratcatcher, -gift, -pul- 
ver, n, ratsbane. 

Bäckjja, V. a. to stretch. — , V. n, to 
reach ; to last, to continue. — fram, 
to atr^toh forth. — till, to reach to; 
to be auffleient. — upp till, to reach 
up to. - ut, to stretch out. — dC, 
to reach. - sig, v. r. to stretcii o»«)*s 

188 RäckMrd 

self, -fåirdj in, chafery. -nillg^ f. 
stret'ubing, reaching. 

Backa, /. series. 

Badas, v, d. to fear, to be afraid. 

Bädd, a. afraid, fearful; careful, cow- 
ardly, -håga, Kädsla, f. fright, 
fearfulness, tiraorousness, fear, dread. 

Bädda, v. a, to rescue, to save. 

Bädduing, /". saving, rescue, deliver- 
ance. ^Sbåt, m. safety •boat, life» 
boat. -SStege, m. escape-ladder. 

Bädisa, f, radish. 

Bäf, m. fox. -aktigr, O. fozlike; 
crafty, -hona, f, shefox. -kaka, 

f, vomit-nut. — klo, Wi. wound«wort. 
-krokar, w. jpl, cunning shifts. 

-kula, f. fox's den. -rampa, f. 

fox's tail ; corn-horse-tail (plant), -sax, 

f» foxskin. 
Bafsa, /. rake. -, v. a, to rake. 
Bäfst, W. perquisition, strict inquiry. 
Baka, f, shrimp. 

Bäkenskap, m. account. 
Bäkulja, V, a, to count, to reckon, to 
calculate, to cast accounts ; to account. 

— efter, to consider. — fram, to tell. 

— ihopt to 8um up. — om, to reckon 
over again. — på t to depend upon. 

— på en något , to charge one's ac- 
count with a thing. - upp , to tell. 

— ut, to tell. — öfver, to count over, 
to calculate. — r6, m. reckoner, cal- 
culator, accountant, —©fel, W. miscalcu- 
lation, -ekonst,/". arithmetic, -emä- 
stare, m. arithmetician, -epenning, 
7/1. counter.-etafla,/'. slate. -eviirdo, 

n. numerary worth. — ing^, f. account, 
reckoning, score, till, sätta upp en 
-, to make out a bill, taga på --, 
to take on account, to go upon score. 

BänkJJer, f. pi. practices, intrigues, ca- 
bals, -full, a. full of tricks, artful. 
— makare, w. intriguer, caballer- 

Baiina, f. gutter, spout, drain. 

BäiiBila, V. 71. & a. to run. - fingret 
i, to thrust the finger into. — arc- 
Jbana, f. Ultyard. -ing, f warp. 

BänBJjIl, 771. a little channel. -Sten, 
m, kennel, gutter. 

Bäosel, 77). knapsuck 


Bäntlla, v. a. to yield profit or rente 
— , S, f. interest, as© ; revenue, income ; 
bowels, entrails. — på — , compound 
interest. — ©gifrare, m. payer of In- 
terest. — ekaMware, m. exchequer, 
treasury. — ©persedlar, m. pi. rent 
In kind, -»eri, n, exchequer in a 
iJrovince. »mästar©^ m, receiver 

Bät, a. right, straight, -a, v, a. txi 
straighten. -an, f. the right side. 
-het, f, Btraightness. -linlg, CK 
rectilinear. — Tlnklig, a. rectangu. 
lar. -t, ad, straight. - fram, 
straight along; freely. — ned, per- 
pendicularly. — öfver, directly over. 

Bätt, m. justice, right, due; court, bar. 
med rätta, by right, hafva -, to 
be right, slcaffa sig -, to right one's 
self, stå till rätta, to stand at tlie 
bar. få — på , to find, to catch. 
— , a. right, just, due, true. — , 
av, rightly, duly, exactly; very; just. 
- så väl som, full as well as. -a, 
V, Ö. to mend , to correct , to rectify, 
to direct, to regulate, —are, 77». over* 
seer, foreman. -egållg, m, suit, 
lawsuit, action, -egångsdag, m, 
court-day. -egångskostnad , m, 
cost of litigation, -eligen, ad. justly, 
properly, —else, f. correction, emen- 
dation. -esnöre, n. rule, precept, 
standard. —fram , ad. downright, 
free. —färdig, a, just, righteous. 
— färdighet^ f, righteousness, justice. 

-färdiga, v. a. to justify, -fär- 
digande, 71. justification, -färdig- 
gÖra, V. a. to justify, -hafferi, 
n. dogmaticalness, positiveness. —het, 
f. justness, exactness. — ighot, f. 
immunity, privilege. — 1Ö8, a. lawless ; 
outlawed. — mätig, a. just, lawful, 
right. — mätlghet, f. lawfulness, 
legitimacy, -nu , ad. by and by. 
—rådighet, f. justice, righteousness. 
-sanspråk, n. legal claim, -men- 
lig, a.^ legal, -sfråga, f. law. 

question. — Sllllllg, a. just, honest, 
fair, equitable, -siuuigliet, /".just 
nesa, justice, equity. -sKaflTenhet, / 


Integrity, probity, honesty, -skaffens, 
a. true , right , jast, impartial, uncor- 
rupted. -Skrffnmg, f. orthography. 
-Skänsla, f, sense of justice. -Släld, 
m. jurist, jurisconsult. —SOlSj ad. 
with the son. -sökande, in. plead- 
ing party. -trOgen , a. faithful, 
orthodox, -trogen het, f, orthodoxy. 
-TIS, a. just, righteous, -visa, f, 
justice, equity. — , V, ä, to justify. 
-TJst, ad. justly. 

Riitt, m. dish, mes8. 

Rätt J k a, f. radish. 

RÖ, f. reed. 

Röd, a. red. -aktig, a. reddish. 
-beta, /". red beet, -black, a, 
fallow, -brusig, 05. blowzy, -bräckt, 

a. redsbort. — fnasig", a. red pimpled. 
-färgr, 7^. red ochre, -het, f. red- 
ness, -hårig*, a. red-haired, -krlta, 
f. red chalk, -lett, a. ruddy, -lök, 
7n. onion. —sot, 77». dysentery. 
-stjärt, 7>i. redstart. 

Röding, 771. charr. 

Rödja, V. a. to clear, to more out of 
the way, to break up. 

RÖf?a, V. a. to rob, to ravish. -T- 
band, n. gang of robbers, -re, 77i. 
robber, highwayman. — rfartyg, n. 
pirate-vessei. -rkula, f, -rnäste, 

n, den of robbers, -rköp, n. dog- 
cheap price, dead bargain. 

Rofveri, n. robbery. 

Röja, V. a. to discover, to betray. 

Rök, 771. smoke, fume, gd Upp i -, 
to vanish into smoke, —ft, V. n. & a. 
to smoke, to fumigate; to smoke with 
perfume, —altare, n. altar to bum in- 
cense upon, -are, tti. smoker (of tobac 
co).-else, f, frankincense.-elsekaka, 
f. pastil, -elsekar, n. censer, -flat, 
n. censer, -fång, n, chimney, flue. 
—hål , n. vent-hole for the smoke. 
-ig, a, smokig. -offer, n, incense. 
—panna, f, perfuming -pan, ceneer. 
— pnlver , n. perfuming • powder. 
-mm, n, stnga, f. smoking-room. 
-salt, n. volatile aJcali. -SVamp, 
771. puffball. -t0l)ak, m. tobacco 
for smoking. — verk, 71. incense. 

Sadelknapp 189 

I Rollek a, /. milfoil, yarrow. 

I RÖn^ 71. experiment, obssrvati-on , trial, 
e?say. —a, V, a. to experience, to feel. 

Rönn, /*. quicken«tree, mountain ash. 

Rör , n, reed , cane ; pipe , barrel , ca- 
nal, passage; boundstone. spanskt 
— , cane. —ft, f. meddle, confu- 
sion. — , V. a. to move, to stir; to 
touch; to concern; to trouble, to of- 
fend, rörd af slag, apoplexed. - i, 
to stir. - ihop, to mix together. — 
in, to mix into. — otti, to stir. — 
pä, to touch on. -ande, a. pathetic, 
aiSfecting. -drum, m. bittern, -else, 
f. motion, exercise ; emotion, affection ; 
trade, business; circulation, -ig, a. 
nimble, brisk; luscious. — Hg , a, 
moveable. -lighet, f. mobility. 
-lägga, V. a. to mark out the bor- 
ders with boundstones. —pipa, f, 

Röst, f, voice; vote, suffrage. — , n 
T. chains, -a, V. 71. to vote. 

Rotl|a, V. a. to putrify, to rot ; to steep, 
to soak. — , /*. rottenness, putrefaction» 

-aktig, a. putrid, -bolde, m. im- 

posthume. —feber, m. putrid fever, 
-månad, 771. the dogdays. -uing, 
f, steeping. -Simpa, /*. sea-scorpion, 
-sår, 71. rotten sore, -agg, n. rot- 
ten egg. 


Sabadill, f. aabadilla. -fro, «. seed 
of sabadilla. [sabbath-breaker. 

Sabbat, m. sabbath, -ytare, 771. 

Sabel, m. sabre, -balja, f, scymelar- 
sheath. -hngg, n, cut of sabre. 
-klinga, f. blade of a sabre. -luas» 
f, lemmus, lemming. 

Sabla, t;, a. to sabre. 

Sacka, v. n. to settle, to cast. - ak- 
ter uty T, to drop astenx. 

Sadel, 771. saddle, -bom, m, saddJe- 
bow. -brott, 71. saddle-gall. -brn- 
ten, a. saddle- galled, -gjord, f. 
saddle-girth, -knapp, m. the pommel 

190 Sadelm åkare 


of ft saddle. -Iliakare, m. saddler. 

-pnta, f. »addle-pad. -täcke, n, 

caparison, horsinp. 
Sadln, V, a, to saddle. - af , to un. 

saddle. — OTJly to saddle over again; 

• to change party. 
Safflimj n. morocco-leather, morocco. 
Safflor, m. safflower, bastard saffron; 
Safiran, m, saffron. [zaffer. 

Safir, m. sapp^hire. 
Saft, m. juice, sap, humour, —fall, 

-ig, a, juicy^, sappy, -grönt, n. 

sapgreen. — 1ÖS, a, juiceless, sapless. 

Safvlla, f. sap. -, V. a. - trän, to 

strip off the sappy substance of trees. 
-, V. n. to be in sap. -etid, m. 
spring-time. — igTj Ci' sappy. 
Saglia, f. tale, story; chronicle, -es- 
man, m. deponent, witness. — Otid, 
f. mythic age. 

Sago, -gryn, n. sago. 

Sak, f, thing, affair, case, business, 
matter; cause, suit. söka — med 
någon, to want to piek a quarrel 
with one. det är - samma, that 
is the same thing, det gör ingenting 
till saken^ that is nothing to the 
purpose, stor — , no matter, saker 
(kläder o. d.J, pL things, -fälla, 
Vt- a, to find guilty, to condemn, to 

cast, -fälld, a. cast, -förare, 
— föryaltare, m. attorney, advocate. 
—kunnig, a. acquainted with, versed. 
-kännedom, /". intimate knowledge. 
—lig, a. real; involuntary. — 1ÖS, 
a. innocent, guiltless; exempt from 
punishment. — lÖShöt, f. innocence, 
impunity. — Or©, VI. fine, mulct. 

Saker, a. guilty. 

Sakna, v, a. to miss; to need, to be 
deprived^ of; to regret. — allt ände- 
mät, to be quite useless. — d, f. loss, 
regret, want. 

Sakrament, n, sacrament, -erlig, 

a. sacramental. — skad^ a. execra- 
ble, cursed. 

Sakristia, f. sacristy, vestry. 

Sakiija, a. gentle, soft; low; slow. -, 
ad. gently, softly, slowly, gä — , to 
go with a soft pace. — , V. a. to 

abatt, to lay, to moderate, to retard. 

— sig, to abate, to subside, -mod, 
n. softness, moderation. — modig, 
a» soft, mild. 

Sal, m. saloon, drawing-room, parlour. 
Salad, Sallat, m. salad, sallet; lettuce. 
Salband, «. T. border, edge of the 

minerals; a kind of horn-slate. 
Saldflera, v. a» - en räkning, to ba» 

lance an account. —0 , n. balance. 

- min fordran, balance in my fa- 
vour. — min skuld, balance against mco 

Salig, a. blessed, hli — , to be saved. 
min - far, my late father, -göra^ 
V. a. to save, to beatify, -gorande, 

a, & s, n, sanctifying, beatifying. 
-görare, m, sanctifier, saver, -het, 
f. blessedness, salvation. 

SaliTera, v. n, to salivate. 

Salmiak, m. salt ammoniac, »almiac. 
Saining, f, T. cross-trees. 

Salpeter, m. saltpetre, nitre, -haltig, 

a. nitrous. — jord , f, nitrous earth. 

-lada, f. saitpetre-house. -sjudare, 

m. saltpetre-maker. -SJuderi,-verk, 
71. saitpetre-house. — Syra, f. acid 

Salsofi, m. goats-beard. [of saltpetre. 

Salt, n. salt, engelskt -, bitter purging 
salt. -, a. salt, saltish, -a, V. a. to 
salt, to corn, det skall hli honom 
saltadt, it shall cost him sauce. 

-aktig, a. saltish, -brnk, n. salt- 

work, saltern, -brnun ^ m. salt- 
spring, -grnfvs, f. salt-pit. -gur- 
ka, f, gherkin. -llCt, f, saltishness. 
-kar, 71. salt -cellar, -korn, n, 

grain of salt, —källa, f. brine »pit, 
salt-spring, -lake, m. brine, -pan- 
na, f, salt-pan. -fJKdare, m. salt, 
boiler. — sjuderij n. saltern, salt- 
making, -sjö, m, salt-sea. -SJÖn, 
71. the salt cea, the sea, -SJÖtisk, 
m. sea -fish, -sleke, m, T, place 
where salt in given to animals to lick. 

-spiritus, m. spirit of salt, -sten, 

m. rock-salt. -Syra, /. muriatic acid. 
-toll, m. gabel paid from salt, salt- 
duty, -vatten, n, salt-water, brins. 
-verk, 71. salt-work, -{irt, /'. eait* 


Sammansätta 191 

Sala, n. wle. ljuda ut till -, to 
offer to sale, to expose to sale. — l)Odj 
/". iBcrchant's shop, 

S^-l'tit, m. saltite. -era, V. a. to salute. 

Salyft) f* salve, ointnient; volley, dis- 
charge, af skjut a en -, to fire a 
volley, —garde, n. safe-guard. 

Salvelse, f, unction. 

Salvia, f, sage, svensk -, costmary. 

Samarfra, a. joint heirs, coheirs. 

Samband, n. band, junction, connexion, 
union; coherence. 

Sambroder, m. brother-german. 

Samdrägt, ra, concord, unanimity, 
—ig, a. unanimous, living in harmony. 

Samfund, n. society, de heligas -, 
the communion of the saints. 

Sarafält, a. common, i samf'dlta 
8Ju år, seven years together. — , ad. 
in Common, jointly. 

Samhalljle, n. society; common-wealth, 
community, -ig, a, unanimous, of 
one mind. — Ighet^ f, concord, un- 

Samka, v. a. to gather, to bring to- 
gether; to save. 

Samklang, m. consonance, harmony. 

Samkonnng, m, coregent. 

Samkullejibarn, n. -syskon, n. pi. 

children by the same father and mother. 

Samljla, v. a. to gather, to collect, to 
amass, to pick up, to assemble. — in, 
to gather, to collect, to draw in. — . 
sig, to assemble, to meet, —are, m. 
collector, gatherer, —ing, f, collec- 
tion, gathering ; assembly, congregation. 
-ingSStalle, n. place of meeting. 

Samlag, n. concubinage , cohabitation. 

Samlefnad, f. living together. 

Samljud , n. accord, harmony, conso- 
nance, -a, V. n. to be consonant. 

Samma, a. same, det är det -, it 
is the same, i det — , at the same 
time, -ledes, -lunda, ad. likewise. 

Samman, ad. together, -binda, v, a. 

to bind together, to connect, to join, 
to fasten, to knit together, -blanda, 
V. a. to mingle or mix together , to 
commix, -blandning, f. commixion, 
commixture, -drag, 71. compendium. 

abridgment, contraction, —draga, v. 
a, to contract; to abridge, -drag» 
ning, f, contraction, contracting, 
abridging, shrinking, —fatta, v. a, 
to comprise, to comprehend, -flyta, 
t7. n. to run together- -flytning, f, 
confluence. — foga, v. a. to join to- 
gether, to conjoin, to associate, to 
unite. — fogning, f, joining, con- 
junction, -gadda sig, v, r. to con- 
spire. — gaddning, f, conspiration, 
conspiracy, -gjuta, V, O. to found 
together. — gyttring, f. concretion. 
—hang, 71. coherence, connexion. 

-hopa, V. a. to amass, -hängande, 

a. hanging together, coherent, con- 
sistent, —kalla, V. a. to convoke, 
to convene, to call together, -kal- 
lande, n, convocation, -kedja, V. 
a. to concatenate. — komma, V. 71. 
to come together, to meet, to assem- 
ble. — komst, f, meeting, convention, 
assembly, —lag, n. cohabitation, con- 
nexion, conversation. — lefnad, f. 
living together ; society ; union. — lopp, 
n. concourse, confluence. — malen, 
a. — mjöl, coarse meal, —rafsa, V. 
a, to scrape together, -ringning, 
f, the third and last ringing to church. 
—räkning, f. addition, summing up. 
— satt, a, composite, compound. 
-skjuta, V. a. to contribute, to give 
to some oommon stock, —skott, n. 
contribution, subscription. — skrapa, 
V, a. to scrape together. — skrif?a, 
V. a. to compose, to compile. — Smida, 
V, a, to contrive, to devise, to trump, 
to forge, -stämma, v. a. to sum- 
mon or call together. — , v. 71. to 
sound together, to be consonant, to 
agrte. -Stämning, f. convocation, 
summoning together, harmony, con- 
cord, consonance. — StÖta, V. a. to 
beat or knock together. — , V, 71. to 
hit together; to join, to meet, to con- 
cur, -stötning, f, collision, -svu- 
ren, m. conspirator. -SVärja Sig, 
V. r. to conspire, -svärjning, f. 
conspiracy, conjuration. — satta, V. a. 
to put together, to join, to compose 

192 Srimmarisätta 

-sätta sig, v. r. to assodWe^ to 
conspire; to join, to agree. -Satt* 
ning 9 f, composition; combination; 
Eg::ooiation , league, confederacy; con- 
epiracy-o -ta^en, a. altogether, jointly, 
— trycka, v, a. to squeeze or press 
together, to compress; to print to- 
gether in a volume, —träda, V, n. 
to assemble, to meet, to convene. 
-träcS© , W. assembly , meeting , con- 
gress, convention, —träffa. V, n. to 
meet, to coincide, to fall in with. 

-varande^ a. .coexistent. -Tarelse, 

f, coexistence. — TarO, f. staying or 
continuing together, interview. 

Bammastädes, ad, in the same place. 

Bainme, s. Samma* 

Sammelllplsts, rn. meeting-place, -sn- 
riant, n. roȊley^ mingle-mangle, 

Sammet, n, velvet. -bloMma, f. 

african or freiich marigold. 

Samnad, a. united. 

Samqveåa, a. bom of tKe saiUd mother. 

Sarnqvam, n. compa^iy, society. 

Samråd, ti, consultation, concert, -a, 
V. n; to consult, to delibck-ate. 

Sams, ad» agreeing, hlifva -, to 
agre« together, lefva — , to live in 

Samskyld, a. related by blood. 

Samspråk, n. conversation, discourse. 

Samsyllskon , n. pi, brothers and si- 
sters by the father'e and mother's side. 
— Ster, f. sister-germaö. 

Samt, c. atid, and also. — och syn- 
nerligen, all and every one in par- 

Samtal,^ n. conversation, discourse, dia- 
logue, conference, parle^. —a, V. n. 

, to converse. 

Samtid, m. the present time, our age, 
our contemporaries, —a, — ig, a, con- 
temporary, living in the same age. 
— igh©t, f, oonteraporarineas. 

Samtlig, a. all, altogether -en, ad, 
jointly, to a man. 

^amtyckila, V, n, to consent, to agree, 
to yield. — ©, Ui, consent, assent, 

Samvete, w, conscience, med godt -, 


with A 8af« conscience, på «•. In oon. 

Samvetsjiaggj n. remorse of conscience. 
—frihet, f, liberty of conscience. 
— firåga, f. question of congcience. 
-grann, a. conscientious, scrupulous. 
— grannhet, f. conscientiousness. 
— lllgB, n. quietness of conscience, 
—lös, d, cnconscionable. —mål, n, 
case of conscience. — Qval, n, re- 
morse of conscience, -sak, f. matter 
of conscience, -tvång, n, restraint 
of conscience. —Öm, a, conscionable, 

Samägare, m. joint proprietor. 

Sand, m. sand, grof -, gravel, large 
sand, fin — , fine or small sand, —ft, 
V. a, to grave, to strew with sand. 

-aktig', a, sandy, -backé, m. 

sand-hill, —bank, Vfl. eandbankjShelf. 
-bordsplanka,- f, T. limber-board. 
-bord«iplankor, f. pi, T, garboard- 
streak. -bÖSSa, -dOSa, f, sand- 
box» -grop, f, sandpit, -hafre,, 
«». sea • limegrass. -kög,- m, sand- 
hill. -!g, a, sandy, gravelly, -jord, 
/.sand -land. — kom, ^. grain of 
sand, —mo, m. sand -land, barren 
country covered with sands, -nlylla, 
f» very fine sand, -rof, f. sand- 
bank, shelf, -ryttare, m, rider 
dismounted by his horse, -rör, a. 
marram, sea-reed. — sten, m. sand- 
stone. — ur, n. hour-glass, -ål, m. 
eandeel. — Ökcn, w, sandy desert. 
—Ört, f. sandwort. [wood. 

Sandel, m, -trä, n, sandal, sandal- 

Sandrak. m. sandarach, pounce, 

Sangvlnisk, a. sanguine. 

Sank, n, flat, shelves, gå i -, to 
founder, skjuta i — , so sink. — ^ a, 
low, marshy, fenny, ligga sankt. 
to lie low, 

Sann, a. true, real, —a, V. a, to prove 
true* lian sannar ordspråket , he 
makes good the proverb, -erligfCM, 
ad, ti'uly, indeed, verily. — fiil'dlg*, 
a, veracious, true, -färdighet, f, 
truth, veracity. — Iiet, f. truth, rea- 
lity, s!n:3r;ty. -4ng-, f. trut!:^ 


i sanning, in truth, indeed» -ings» 
iman, w. a man of truth. -Olik, 
a. likely, probable. -Olikhet, f. 

probability, likelihood. -Saga^ /. 
a true tale. -skyldig, a. true, 
actual, real, —trogen, a. true. 

Sans, f. sense, vara alldeles utan -, 
to be quite senseles?, —a Slg, v, r. to 
recover one's self; to recollect one's 
self, to recollect one's mind. — 1ÖS, 
a. senseless, void of perception. — 1ÖS- 
het, f. senselessness, —ning, f. 
consciousness, sense. 

Sard 1 11, ?iV-. pi 1 Cher, sard el. 

Sarder, m. ssrdius (stone). 

Sarf, m. red-eye, rochet, rudd. 

Sarfving, m. T. cabums, sarve. lägga 
— pä ett tåg, to sarve a cable. 

Sarga, v. a. to tear, to lacerate. 

Bars, ;i, serge. 

Sassaflfrastrad, n. aguetree. -parill, 

in, sarsapariUa. IboHcal. 

Satan, n. satan, -isk, a. satanic, dia- 

Satir, m. satire, lampoon. -Jker,'w>. 

satirist. — isk, a, satirical. 
Sats, m. thesis, position, opinion, tenet ; 

set, dose ; stake ; spring, start. 
Satt, a. thickset, square»built. 
Satunge, m, devilkln. 
Satarnus, m. Satura. 
Satyr, m. satyr. 

Savojkål, m. savoy. [shears. 

Sax, f. scissors, a pair of scissors; 
Seen, f, scene. — eri, f. scenery. 
Schabrack, n, saddle-cloth, caparison. 
Scliack, n. chess; check, göra en-, 

to give check, -a, V, a. to give check. 

-bräde, n. chessboard, -matt, a. 

check mate; * languid, faint, -pjes, 

m, man^ at chess. — spel, n. play at 

chess, -spelare, m, chess-player. 
Schakt, n. descent into a mine, shaft. 
Schagg^ n. shag. 
Séhakai, m. jackal. 
Schaiottenlök, m. sallion, escalot. 
Schnmplun, m. pattern, model, form, 

shape, -era, V. a. to form, to raoulJ. 

Schattera, v. a. to shadovr. 
Schavott, m. scaffold, -era, v, n. 

S:v c dish' English DicU 



to stand in the pillory, -ering, f, 

Schonert, m, schooner. 

Schäferl, W. sheepfold. 

Se, V, a. to see, to look, to behold, to 
view, to perceive, jag s'dge gema 
att, I should like best that. - der, 
lo, — Mr, here, låta -, to mal<e 
appear, få -, vi få -, we shall cee. 

— tort t to turn away the eyes. — 
efter, to look after; to look to, to 
take care of. — framför sig, to look 
feei^re one's self. — sig for^, to look 
about one's self, —igenom, to see 
through J to overlook, to review, to 
examine. — tn, — in i, to look in, 
to penetrate. — ned, to look down. 

— om, to take care of; to behold or 
to look over again. — sig om, to 
look about one. — sig om efter, to 
look out for. - jpå, to look at, to 
consider, to stand upon, to look to. 

— till, to see; to consider, to take 
care. — upp , to look up. — upp! 
look you! - ut, V. n. to look out, 
to look at, to look like, to seem. -- 
väl ut, to look well, det ser så ut, 
it seems so. - åt, to look to, — 
öfver, to look over; to examine. — 
en öfver axel, to overlook one. 

Sed, m. custom, fashion, manner; way, 
-ebild, m. character, -esam , a, 
decent. -eslÖS, a. immoral, -!g, 
a. modest, gentle, -ighet, /". mo- 
desty; gentleness. —Hg, a. moral. 

-lighet, f, morality, -olära, f, 

ethics, morality. -Olärande, a, mo- 
ralizing , moral. —Olärare , m, mo- 
ralist. -Oregel, f, moral precept, 
sentence, -vana, /".custom, -van- 
lig, a. customary, usual, wonted. 

Sedan, ad.,prp. & c» afterwards, ago, 
since, late, för några år -, some 
years ago. allt — , ever since. 

Sedel, m. billet, note, bill, bond. 
-bank, m. bank of issue, -haf- 
vare, w. bearer of a bill, -mynt, 
n. paper- money, — stOCk, m. stoc! 
of circulating bank-notes. (ovr- 

Sedermera, ad, afterward, then; m^ 




Sedés, m, lixteens. 

Bednallie, a. & ad, later, slower, 
newer, latter, -St^ O. & ad. latest, 

S©g*j a. tough, clammy, ropy, viscous, 
— lietj f, toughness, clamn)!nes3, vis- 
cosity, glutiuousness. »lifvad, a. 
tenacious of life, hardlived. -na, V. 
n, to totighen, to grow tough. -Sli- 
ten j a. strong, lasting, not easily 
worn out. 

Segel, n. sail, gd till -, to set sail. 
sätta till alia — , to crowd on all 
the sails. hissa — , to hoist sail. 
-bar, a. navigable, -båt, m. sail- 
boat, -duk, m. sail-cloth, -fai't, 
771. navigation, -färdig, -^klar, a. 
ready to set sail, —gam, 91. twine, 
packthread, —led, f. fair-way. — ma» 

kare, -sömniare, m. saiimaker. 

—rå, f. sail-yard. 
Seger, m. victory, conquest, hehalla 
segern, to carry the day. -herre, 
— lljelte, m. victor, triumpher, con- 
queror, —krans, W. triumphal crown. 

-rik, -sam, a. victorious, -ståt, 
m. triumphal pomp, -tecken , n. 

'^la, V. n. to sail. - ut tilt sjös, 
10 sail into the main, —re, m. ship, 
sail ; sailer ; nautilus (shell). 
Segra, v, n. to triumph, to get the 

victory. — nde, a. victorious, —re, 

771. victor. 

Segijerhytta, f. finery, -ra, v. a» 

to make eliquation of. —ring, /l eli- 

Sejlare, m. cord-maker, 

Sejsija, V. a. T. to furl the sails, to 
nip. -ing, m. T, point, nipper. 

Sekel, n. century. 

Sekret, a. secret, privy. -, n. privy, 
ieal. -erare, m. secretary. 

Sekt, f. sect, -erisk, a. schismatical. 

Sekt, n. sack, Canary wine. 

Sekund, m. second, -ant, m. se- 
cond, -avexel, 771. second of ex- 
change, -era, v. a. to second, -vi- 
sare, 771. second-hand. — är, a. se- 


Sellla, V. a. - på, to harness. - af^ 
to unharness. -6, m. -don, -tyg, 

71. harness, -pinue^ 771. -sticka, 

Seller!, n. celery. [f. peg. 

Semla, f, wheat-bread, manchet-loaf. 
Senipel, m. T, loom to make figured 

stuflfs on. 
Sen, a. late, slow, long, backward, ej 

vara - att göra, to do quickly or 

soon, -are, m. & ad, later ; slower ; 

latter. — ast, a. latest; slowest; last. 

-fotad, a. slow. footed, -färdig, 

a. slow of motion, dull, tardy, dila- 
tory, -färdighet, f. slowness, tar- 
diness, dulness, sluggishness. — m Ogen , 
a. late ripe. — t, ad. late. — jod 
aftonen, late in the evening. — på 
natten, late at night. - omsider, 
at last, lastly. 
Senila, f. sinew, tendon, nerve, —drag, 
W. cramp. -full, -ig, a. sinewy, 
nervous. -Sträng, 771. gut-string. 

Senap, 771. mustard, -sfrö, -skorn, 

n. mustard-seed, grain of mustard. 
Sender, ad. en -, one by one, by 

Sennetsblad, n. senna, leaves of senna. 
September, m. September. 
Seqvester, ??i. sequestration, sequestring. 

Seraf, Seraph, m. seraphim. 

Seralj, m. seraglio. 

Serpentin, m. serpentine-marble. 

Sevenbom, m. savine. 

SeXy num. six. -a, f. a six; supper. 
-dubbel, a. sixfold, -faldig, a, 
sixfold, of six sorts, -kant, m. hexa- 
gon, -kantig, a. hexagonal. -Slllf- 
Vig, a. having six syllables, -årig, 
a. six years old. —tern , m. six 
written sheets. — tio^ num. sixty. 

-tioårig, o. sixty years old. -tion- 
de, a. sixtieth, -ton, num. sixteen. 
-tonde, a. sixteenth. 

SI, i. lo, behold. 

Siare, m. seer, prophet. 

Sibyllinsk, a. sibylline. 

Sicksack, vi. zigzag. 

Sid, a. training: wide, flowing. 
Sid||a, f. side, flank, party, ca"u?e. tacja 
fienden i sid^n, to chargg the ene mi j 


hl the flank, ^å sidan, on the side. 
å miny—, for my part, åt den si- 
dan , to this side, vara pa ens -, 
to stand for one, to be one's party. 
bring a någon å sin — , to draw one 
over to his party, — i en hole, side, 
page. -Oafsigt, f, secondai-y view. 
-oarf, n, collateral inheritance. -0- 
arfving', m, collateral heir. -0« 
byg'gnad^ m, side-piece, wing. -0" 
dörr, m. side- door. -Ogevär, m. 

side-arm. — Ollllie, f. collateral line. 
-OStyng, n. pleurisy. -OStot, m. 
thrust in the flank. -Otal, n. num. 
ber of a page. -Oväg, m, side-way, 
by-way. -vördnad, f. want of re- 
spect, Contempt. 
Siden, n, siikstuff, silk, -fabrik, 
m. silk-manufactory. "-fabrikör, m. 
silk- manufacturer, -färgare, m. dier 

of silk-stuff, -handel, m, -kram, 

W^éilk-mércery. — sars, W. silk-serge, 
satin, -svans, m. bohemian chatte- 
rerj wax. wing, -ty^g, n, silk -stuff. 
-varor, f.pL silk-ware, silks, -väf- 

, Tare, m. silk, we aver. 

Sid||länd, a. low; marshy, fenny.' 
-vail, m» marshy ground, -valls- 
äng, w. marshy meadow. 

Sifl'erkarl, m. accounter, reckoner, 

Siffra, f, cipher. [computer. 

Slg, pr. one's self, himself, herself Ac. 

Sigill, n. seal, signet, -bevarare, 
m. keeper of the great seal, -jord, 
^lera, f, scaled earth, -lack, -71. 
flealingwax. -ring, m. seal. ring, 
signet, —vax, n. sealingwax. 

Sign||a, V. a, to bless; to exorcise, to 
conjure. — sig , to- cross one's self. 
-are, m. conjurer, exorciser. — erl, 
n, charms, -erska, f. sorceress. 

Signal, m, signal, -era, v, a/^& n. 

to signalize, to give signal. 

Signet, n. signet, seal. 

Sigt, m. sight, att hetala pä -, 
payable at sight. — a • v. n. to aim, 
-e , n, sight. — pa gev'dr , sight 
on the barrel of a gun, aim. få i — , 
to get sight of. förlora ur -, to 
lose sight of. 



Sik, m. guiniad (fish). 

Sikböna, '/. horse-bean, wolfs bean. 

Sikt, n. sieve, —a, v. a. to sift. 

Sll, 7n. strainer, colander, filter, —a, 
V. a, to strain, to filter. — beH, 71. 
ethmoid. — duk, 7n, straining • cloth. 
-kärl, -rör, n. gland, glandule. 
-påse, m. filtering-cloth. -Sten,^?i. 
filtering stone. 

Silfver, m. silver; plate, wrought sil- 
ver, -arbetare, m. silver- smith. 

-beslag, n. silver-mounting, -blick, 
m. fulguration. -brÖllOp, n. the 
twenty fifth anniversary of nuptials. 
-glas, n. glass silver-ore. -^glltt, 
n, litharge. —Ian, m. clinquant of 
silver, —mynt, n, silver-money, sil- 
ver-coin, —penning, m. silver-coin. 
-servis, m, service of plate, -skåp, 
n. buffet for silver, -slagg, n. dross 
of silver. -Stång, -tacka, f, bar 
of silver, —tråd, m, silver- wire. 
—verk, 71. silver-mine. 
Silke, n. silk, han lär icke spinna 
— vid den sdkeny he vron'i reap much 
benefit from that affair, -sdocka, 
f, skain of silk. — SllUS, W. cocoon. 

-smask, m, silk-worm, -splanta^ 

f. silk-weed. — SVadd, 7». wadding- 
flock of silk, floss-silk. 

Sill, f, herring, -flske, --llsker!^ n, 

-fångst, TU. herring-flshery, draught 
of herrings. — grums, 7i. dregs of 
herring-oil. — salad, 772. salmagundi. 
-tran, m. herring-oil. 
Simljma, v. n, to swim, to float. - 
hästar, to wash horses, —blåsa, f, 
swim, sound, -byxor, f.pL bath- 
ing-trowsers. -bälte, n, cork for 
swimming, —fena, f. fin. -fot, m. 
web-foot, —fågel, Tti. swimming bird.. 

r-gördel, m. swimraing-girdei. -ma- 
re, 771. swimmer. -Skola, f, swim- 

Simpa, f. bull-head. Iming-scool, 

Simpel, a, simple, plain, common. 

Sims, 771. cornice. 

Sin, sitt^ pr, his, l^er, one's, i sinom 
tid, in due time, sins emellan. 
between or among themselves. gf« 
hem till sitt, to go home, "^ " 



Sill J a. not giving milk, kon står i 
— , the cow dries. — ft, V. n. to dry. 

Sinder, m. slag, dross. 

Sink, n. retardation, -a, V. a. to re- 
tard, to hinder, to stop. — sig, to 
stay, to tarry. -Sam 5 a. tardy, di- 

Sinka^ f, clasp, cramp, dovetail. — , V. 
a. to clasp, to rivet; to dovetail. 

Siislig) Ct. sensitive, sensual, carnal. 
-het, /. sensuality. 

Sinnjlad^ a. minded, disposed, affected. 
ill(i — , ill affected , malicious, ill na- 
tured. vara — att, to have a mind 
to. — ®-, /". sense ; temper, mind ; an- 
ger, passion, de fem sinnen y the 
five e!?ternal senses. ha7i fick det i 
sinr^et, it came into his mind, lägga 
på sinnet, to take to heart, föra 
till sinnes, to put one in mind of a 
thing, gå till sinnes, to disquiet 
one's diet, ifrån sina sinnen, out 
of senses. — eblld, m. emhlem. —©• 
bildllg, a. emblematical, symbolical. 

-elag, n. -esart, m. -esforfatt- 

nlng, f. humour, temper, disposition 
of mind, -esgåfva, /". gift of mind. 
— SOrOj /. perturbation of mind, -es- 
rörels©, f. emotion, affection, passion. 
-essjukdom, m. mental disease. 
-esstyrka, f. power of the mind. 
-esSTag, a. crackbrained , crazy. 

-cssyaghet, f. silliness, -rlk, a. 

ingenious. — rikhet, /. ingenuity, 
eubtility, ingeniousness. 

Sipp, a. finical, prim, prudish. 

Sippa, f. anemone. 

Sippra, V. n. to trickle, to drop. 

Sirj|a, V. a. to adom, to decorate, to 
embellish, -at, m. ornament, deco- 
ration; moulding, -lig, a. elegant, 
ornamental, nice; trim, neat, spruce; 
finical, ceremonious.* -llgliet, f. 

Sirap, m. sirup, treacle. 

Siren, f. siren, mermaid; lilae. 

Siska, f. siskin, aberdawine. 

Siskon, n. -korf, m, sausage. 

Sist, a. last, furthest. -, ad. last, at 
the last, till dei sista i mor o on. 


to morrow at furthest, i sista stor» 
men, in the late storm, till det 
sista, to the last, at the last, -llden, 
a. last past, —nämnd, a. last, last 
mentioned. — OnC, på — , at last, 

Sitfärsrot, f. setwaii. 
Sits, n. chints. — , m. chairbottom, 
Sittjla, V. n. to sit, to be seated, to 
perch; to fit, to suit. — till hords, 
to sit at - table, kladningen sitter 
vul, the suit sits well. - domare, 
to be judge, ratten sitter ännu, 
the court is still sitting, — af, to 
alight from a horse, to dismount. — 
fast, to sit fast, to stick. — i, to 
sit fast, den färgen sitter lange 
i, that colour stands well. — ihop, 
to sit or to stick together. — i7ine, 
to be at home; to be confined, to be 
in prison. - med stora inkomster, 
to have great revenue. — ned, to sit 
down. - på ett hemman,, to hold 
s farm. — pd fästning, to be con» 
fined in a fortress. — stilla, to sit 
still. — sönder, to crush by sitting. 

— upp, to mount a horse. — vid 
sitt arbete, to sit close at work. — 
tätt åt, to sit close to the body. — 
öfver någon, to sit above one. - 
ujppe, to sit up; to watch, .-ande, 

n. —ning, f, sitting; session. — , a, 
sitting ; perched, -syssla, f. business 
that may bo done sitting. 
Sjelf, a. & pr, self; very, hari -, 
he himself, kon — , she herself, sig 
-, one's self, himself, sig sjelfva, 
them selves, af sig — , of himself, 
of itself, of one's self; of one's own. 

— tredje , he and two with him , I 
and two with me. för sig — , by 
one's self, for himself, to himself. 

-bedrägeri, w. seifdeception. -be- 

Hackelse, /*. self- abuse, onanism. 
-bohag, n, self-conceitedness. -be- 
-liagllg, a, self, pleasing. -be- 

herskning, f. seifcommand. -be- 
låten, a. sel fcon tented, -beröni, 
n, seifpraise. -forgudning, /. self, 
worship. -förnedring, f. self. 

\ Sjelfförnojd 

himiliation. -fomöjd^ a, eelfcon* 
tented, -försakelse, f, selfresigns- 

tion. -försYar, n. seifdefence. -för- 
troende, w. -förtröstan, f. self- 
coDfidence. — gjord, a. of one's, own 
making. -gOd, -klok, a» self- 
conceited, -kännedom, m, self, 
knowledge, -känsla^ f, conscious- 
ness; selfesteem. -kar, a. selfish. 
-kärlek, m. eelflove, selfishness. 
-ljud, n. vowel, -mant, a, of 
one's own accord or motion, -mord, 
n, self-murder, suicide, -myndig, 
—rådig, a. independent, arbitrarious. 
-mördare, -spilling, m. self- 
murderer, suicide, -rådande, a, 
absolute, self-dependent. -Ständig, 
a. independent, -ständighet, /. 
independence. -SYåld, n, license, 
dissoluteness, anarchy. — svåldig, a. 
licentious, dissolute, -tagen, a. self- 
chosen, arrogated; conceited, -visk, 
a. selfish, egoistic. -^Tiskbet, f, sel- 
fishneas, egotism. 

Sjette, a. num, sixth, för det -, 
sixthly, in the sixth place, —del, m, 
a sixth, a sixth part. 

Sju, num, seven, -dubbel, -faldig, 
a. sevenfold, -bauda, a. of seven 

different sorts, -horning, -kaut, 

7n, heptagon. — nde, a. seventh. 
-rygg, m. lumpsuckcr, lumpflsh. -SOf- 

Tare, m. reiimouse ; sluggard. -Stjär- 
norna, f. pL the seven stars, Pleia- 
des, -ttio, num. seventy, -ttioårig, 
a. seventy years old. -ttioude, a, 
seventieth. — tton, num, seventeen. 
-ttonde, a. seventeenth, -årig, a. 
seven years old. 

Sjodlla^ V, a. & n, to seeth, to boll; 
to cook, -are, m, boiler, -bet, 
a. seething-hot. 

Sjnk, a. sick, ill; diseasedfdisordered. 
ilia — , very sick, dangerously ill. hli 
— , to fall sick, to sicken, ligga -, 
to lie sick. -bOSÖk , 72, visit to a 
patient. — dom, on. —a, f. sickness, 
distemper, disease, illness. — hus, n. 
inflrmary, hospital, —lig, ct. sickly. 
-iig .Uetj /". sickliness, -ling, m. sickly 

SjölägenlLeÉr' 197 

person, -lista, f. sick-list, -mat, 
m. food for a sick. — na, V. n, to 
sicken, to fall sick. -Stuga, f. sick- 

room, -sang, /. sick-bed. -väk- 
tare, m. attendant on a sick. -.-Tak- 
terska, f, sick-nurse, tender. -Yard, 
7». car© of the slcka. 

Sjunga, Vo n. to sing. - ut, to -de- 
Clare one's mind openly* 

Sjunka, i;. n. ta sink, to fall. 

Sjupp, m, rackooa. 

Själ, f. aoul, mind, min — .' upon my 
soul I -amessa, f. requiem, -a- 

ringning, f. passing-bell, -aro, f. 

peace of the soul. — as, V. d, to ex- 
pire, -atröst, f. consolation, -a- 
Yandring, f. metempsychosis, -a» 

Yard, m. care of the souls, -skraft, 

f. strength of mind. -snärvarO, f. 
presence of mind^. -SStorbet, f, 
magnanimity, —tåg, n. agony. — Yå- 
da, f. danger of the sonl. , 
Sjö, w. sea; lake; water, öppna 8Jön, 
the main sea. gä till sjös, to go to 
sea. till sjös, by sea, at sea. —björn, 
m, ursine seal, -blad, n, white* 
water-lily, -boll, -borre, m, sea- 
hedgehog, -botten , TO. bottom of 
the sea. -djefvul, m. sea -devil 

(fish), -drabbning,, f. sea-fight. 
-fart, m. navigation, -fenkål, n, 
sea- fennel, —folk, n. seamen, sailors, 
mariners, -fågel, m, sea-fowl, wa- 
ter-fowl. -gräs, n. sea-grass, -grön, 
a. sea-green, -gud, W. sea -god. 
-gudinna, f. sea-goddess. "gåufSi 
m. swelling of the sea, sea- gates. 

-hamn, m. sea-port, -handel, m. 

maritime commerce, — Isjelte, w. 
naval hero, -hors, m. sea-horse. 
-bäst, m, walrus, morse, -kadett, 
m. midshipman. — kalf,, m.- seal. 
-kant, m. sea-coasL -kapten, m. 

sea-captain, -kompass, m. mariner's 
compass, -kort, n. sea-map. —krig, 
72. naval war. — kust, rn. sea-ccast, 
shore, —lag, w. maritime law. —led, 
m. navigable track of a reii. — ledes, 
ad. by ses, by water , seaward. — le- 

jon, n, sea -lion, -lägenhet, f. 

19S Sjömakt 

med första -, -with the first ship. 
»-makt) /. maritime power, sea-forces. 

-malm, 772. lake -ore. -man , m. 

seaman, mariner, sailor. — mftHS- 

konst, /. navigation, -manshus, 

n, navigation-office, -mil, m. league. 
-monk, m. scate, sole-fish, angelet. 

-mussla, f. sea- shell, -mörker, 

n. foggy and hazy weather at sea. 
-nöt, f. water-calthrop. -Offlcor, 
VI, sea-officer, officer in the navy. 
-pass, n. ship's passport, -rå, n. 
fiea-nymph. —rätt, m. admiralty, 
jury at sea. -röfvare , m. pirate. 

-rofyerl, n. piracy, -skada, f, 

damage at sea. — skola, f. naviga- 
tion-school. — skum, n. spray, sea- 
foam; merescum, turkish tobacco-pipe- 
clay, -slag, n. sea-fight. -8 tad, 
m. sea »town. — stat, W. maritime 

state, -stjärna, f. sea-star, -tjenst, 
f. naval service, -transport, m. 
conveyance by water. — tull , m. 
costums. -tåg, n. naval expedition. 
-van , a. accustomed to the sea. 
—vind, m. sea-wind, sea-tum. — vag, 

w. way by water, -vasende, n, 

maritime affairs, marine, navy. 

Skabb, m. scab, itch, -a ned, v. a. 

to infect with scab, -ig, a. scabby. 
— ighet, f. scabbiness. 

Skackra, v. n. to chaffer, to barter. 
-r6, m. barterer, usurer. 

Skadjja, v. a. to hurt, to damage to 
prejudice. — , 8. f, damage, mischief, 
loss, detriment , harm ; hurt, det är 
-, it is a pity, till sin — , to his 
hurt, to his loss, göra — , to do 
damage, to damage, to hurt, ersätta 
skadan, to repair a loss, — ©djur, 
n. noxious animal, -eersättning, 
f. indemnification. — ©glädJG, f. ma- 
licious pleasure. — 6SlÖS, Ö. indemni- 
fied, hålla en — , to indemnify one. 
—ostånd, 71. damages, indemnity. 
—lig, a. hurtful, bad, noxious, detri- 
mental, mischievous, pei-nicious. — lig- 
lici, f. noxiousness, miachievousness, 

Skaf, n. fall, rubbing of the skin; 


shavings. — bOCk, n. hidedressor's 
horse, trestle, -gräs, n. shave grass. 
-jern, n, iron to scrape with, -ull, 
f. skinner's wool, -va, v. a, to 

Skaifija, v. a. to get, to procure, to 
provide. — igen, - ratt pä, to get 
ba'ck. — hort, — undan, to get out of 
the way, to rid one's self of. — sig, 
V. r. to get. -are, m. purveyor, 
steward. — ©ri, n. pantry, larder. 

SkaflTotteS, ad. heads and tails. 

Skaft, n. handle, haft, helve; lara. 
sätta - jpd, to helve, -tionde, m. 
tithe of corn unthreshed. 

Skaka, v. a, to shake, to jolt, to agi- 
tate. [trace. 

Skakel, m, shaft of a carriage, thill. 

Skal, n. shell, scale; peel, rind, husk, 
paring, —a, v. a, to 'Shell ; to peel, 
to pare; to strip off, to bark; to 
scamper, to scour, —bagge, m. beetle. 
-djor, n. testaceous animal, -fisk, 
W» shellfish, -ig, a. shelly, husky. 
-mask, m. spoil, -vinge, m. wing- 
shell, sheath-wing. 

Skald, m. scald, poet, bard, -ekonst, 
f, poesy, poetry. — ©(jväde, n. poem. 

-eslag, n. kind of poesy, -esång, 

771. song, poem. 
Skalf, n. earthquake, concussion. 
Skalk, n. rogue, knave, -aktig, a. 

roguish, sly. -aktigliet, f. waggish- 

ness. -stycke, n. trick. 
Skall, n. sound; barking, cry; general 

hunt, public chase, -ft , V. W. to re« 

sound, to ring, to echo. 
Skall||0, 771. skull; pate, noddle, -ig, 

a. bald, bare. — Ighet, f. baldness. 
Skallorllgräs, n. cock's- comb, yellow 

rattle, hen-pe^ny. — Orm, m, rattle- 
Skallra, f. rattle. -, v. n. to rattle 

to chatter. 
Skall meja, f, shalm, shawm. 
Skall nacke, m. dandelion (plant). 
Skalm, m. shaft; blade. 
Skam, 771. shame; modesty; infamy, 

ignominy; the privy parts, gd Ifort 

med -, to come »habbily off. aid 




fntd — , Icomma pä -, to be put to 

flhame. fy — / for shame I fy upon'tl 
för — skull, to save, appearances. 
— fila^ v. a. to blame with hard \7ords, 
to abuse, -flat, a. ashamed. — fläck, 
m. stain, disgrace, blur, slui. sätta 
tn — på någon, to blemish a per- 
son's reputation, —fall , — los j a, 
impudent, shameless, —föra, V. a. 
to use one ill. — lie?» ^- ignominious, 
shameful, foul, disgraceful, mean. 
—löshet 5 f, impudence, effrontery, 
shamelessness , assurance, —märke, 
n, mark of infamy. -pålOj m. pillory. 

Skandera, v. a. to scan. 

Skank, m, shank, leg. 

Skans 9 m. fort, sconce; T. steerage, 
quarter-deck, fore-castle, —a, V. a, 
to entrench, to fortify. -gräfTare, 
971. pioneer. —kläde, n. quarter- 
cloth, -korg, m. gabion. -Yarn, 
71. barrier, fence. 

Skap, n. privities of greater animals. 
—a, V. a, to create, to make, to shape. 
-are, m. creator, maker, -else, f. 
creation, —lig, a. shapely, well for- 
med, -lynne, n, genius, fashion. 
— nad, f. shape, form, make, fashion. 

Skara, f. crowd, troop, multitude. 

Skarjje, m. the outer hard crust of 
snow, —snö, m. frozen snow. 

Skarf, 771. scarf, seam, joint; a piece 
sewed to another. — va, v. a, to sew 
unto, to join together, to piece out. 
-yxa, f. chip- axe. 

Skarlakan, n. scarlet, -sek, f. holm- 

oak. -Sfeber, m. scarlet- fever. 

Skarn, n. ordure, filth, dirth, nastiness. 

Skarp, a. sharp, keen, piercing, sour, 
tart, severe, acrid, acute, acid, skarpt 
skott, shot with ball, skarpt bröd, 
hard bread. — blick, m. piercing eye, 
penetration, -het, f. sharpness, keen- 
ness, acuteness. -ladda, v. a, to 
charge with ball. — na, V. 71. to 
grow sharp, to grow hard, —rättare, 
Wi. executioner, hangman. — Sinnig, 
«. sagacious, acute, ingenious. — sin- 
yjighet, f. penetration, sagacity, sub- 
tllity. -skodd, a. sharp shoed. 

-Synt, a, sharpsighted, quicksighted, 
sagacious, -tänd, a, sh&rptoothed. 

Skata, f, magpie, pie. 

Skate, 771. top of a tree. 

Skatt, m, tax, tribute; rate, rent; 
treasure, store, pålägga — , to im- 
pose taxes, -a, V, a. to pay taxes 
or rent; to contribute; to estimate; 
to reckon, to think ; to value, to rate. 
- en bistock, to rob a hive, -bar, 
a. valuable, estimable; taxable. — dra» 
gare , m. one who pays taxes. — 6» 
bonde, m. farmer that pays rent to 
the crown or to a nobleman. — C* 

hemman, n. -ejord, f. ground for 

which rent is paid. -erätt , m. 
-erättighet, f right to posses land 
against the payment of a certain rent; 
right to take rent of a land, -fri, 
a. rent-free, -frihet, f. exemption 
from taxes, -kammare, m. trea. 
sury. -kista, /". strong-box. -lägga, 
V. a. to rate, to tax. -läggning, 
f. assessment, -mästare, m. trea. 
surer, -skyldig, a. tributary. -Skyl» 
dighet, f. obligation to pay taxes, 

Skatull, 72. cabinet, chest for money. 
-makare, m. cabinet-maker. 

Ske, V. n. to happen, to fall out, to 
come to pass, to take place. — alltså f 
be it so I kan — , perhaps, perchance, 
— dd, a. made, done. 

Sked, f. spoon; reed, -blad, 71. the 
bowl of a spoon, ett — , a spoon- 
full, —gås, f. spoon-bill, shoveler. 
-skaft, 71. handle of a spoon. -Ört, 
71. scurvy -grass. 

Sked|;a, v. a. to separate, to depart. 
-ning, f. separation, -vatten, n. 

aqua-fortis, nitric acid. 

Skede, n. interval, stage, i ett -. 
without intermission. 

Skef, a. oblique, wry; awry. — va, 
V, n. - med Ögonen, to squint, to 
look asquint. 

Skeka, v. n. to stride, to straddle. 

Skellla, V. n. to squint, to look obli- 
quely. -Ogd, a. squint-eyed. 

Skelett, 71. skeleton, carcass. 

Sken I n, shine, glory c liglit, lustre; 



pretext, -bar^ a. seeming, spedoue, 
plausible. -barUg^ a. plain, evident, 
clear, -död j m. aspnyxla; feigned 
death. — död^ a. seeiningiy death. 
-dygd , f. feigned virtue, -fager, 
a. plausible, -gmnd 5 WJi seeming 
reason, -hellgj a. hypocritical, —he- 
lighet; f, hypocrisy. 
Skenljay f» iron band; plate, splint; 
shin; rail, -ben^ n. shinbone. 

Skenlla, v. n. to run away, -galeiij 

— igj a, apt or wont to mn away. 
Skepyolse, -nad, f. shape, form, 

figure, appearance; phantom. 
Skepp, n. ship, bottom, »are, m. 

^låipper; master of a ship. 

Skep^6]|bord, n, shipboard, -bro, f. 

key, quay. — brott, n. shipwreck. 
Jida —, to suffer shipwreck. ~byg- 

geri, n. ship • building, -bygg- 
mästare, m. ship.wright. -fart, 

f, navigation, shipping. -gOSSe, Tn. 

cabin-boy. -klarerare, m. ship. 

broker, -laddning, f. the lading 
of a ship, cargo, -lag , W. district. 
-led, f, passage for ships, -lucka, 
f. hatchway. -redare, m. ship, 
owner, ship-broker, -skorpa, f. bis. 

euit. -timmerman, m. ship- car- 
penter. -varf, n. dock, ship-wright's 
yard. -Tirke, W. ship-timber. -Trak, 
n. wreck, 

Skeppund, n, weight of four hundred 
Swedish pounds, ett — jerrif two 
tons of Iron. 

Skick, n. order, etatfr, manner; oondi. 
tion. eätta i — , to put in order. 
—a, V. a, to send ; to ordain, to dis» 
pose. — hort, to send away, to dis- 
miss. — efter, to send for, to call. 
— sig, to behave, to conduct one's 
self; to become, to be lit; to comply 
■with, -else , f» disposal , direction ; 
providence, -lig, o. able, skilled, 
capable, fit, qualiiled, proper. — llg- 
het, f. ability, capacity, skill, ad- 
dress, qualification ; breeding, manners, 

Skid, n. acate. löpa på -, to ecate. 

Skida, f, husk, pod, shell; sbtatli. 


Skiffer, m. slate; -brott, n. slale. 

pit. -lager, n. stratified slate, -rök, 

m. burnt slate, -tak^ n. slated roof. 
-taktackare^ m, slater, helller. 

Skifi'lla, w. n. - sig, v. r. to exfo. 
liate, to scale; to shiver, --ig» <t» 
slaty, shistous. 

Skiftlia, t;. a. to change ; to divide, to 
distribute, to »hare, to parcel. — , v. 
n. to shad© upon. -6, W. change, 
variation ; period, turn, sharing, distri- 
bution; division, till skiftes, by 
turns. -12 in g, f. changing, variation; 
sharing; shifting of colours. 

Sklfva, f. shive; dial; shwf. - sig, 
V. r. to scale off. 

Skild||er!, n, picture; painting, -ra, 
V, a. to paint ; to delineate, to figure. 

Skild tTakt, m. sentry, sentinel. 

SkllJda, V. a. to separate, to part, to 
divide, to sever, to disjoin ; to put an 
end to. - ifrån, to separate, to part 
from. — sig ifrån, to divorce. - en 
vid något, to deprive one of a thing. 
— sig vid något, to part with, skil 
jaSt V, d, to divorce. — åt, to part. 
-aktig, a. different, -aktighet, 

f. difference, diversity; dissension, dis- 
agreement. -Obref, n. bill of divorce. 
-eman, m. arbiter, arbitrator, -e- 
mur, m. partition • wall, -©mynt, 
n. change, small money, -emärke, 
n. mark, sign, character, -etecken, 
n. mark of distinction, -eräg, m. 

Skiljinad, f. separation; distance; dif- 
ference, distinction ; divorce, -smessa, 
f, separation, parting. 

Skilling, m. shilling. 

Skim mel, m. gray horse. 

Skimilmer, m. glitter, glimmer; mica. 
-ra, v. n. to glitter, to state, to glare. 
-rande, n, glitter, glimmer, glare. 

Skina, V, n. to shine, to light, to glit- 
ter, to gleam. 

Skingrjja, v. a, to rout, to disperse, 
to dissipate. -ing, f, dispersion; 
dissipation; disunion, schism. 

Skinka, f, ham, gammon. 

Sldnkmärr, f. iwry jade. 


Skinn, n. sldn, hide, fell, fleece, gyl- 
lene skinnet, the golden fleece, han 
har - 2^^ näsan, he is not to be 
trifled with, -a^ V, a. to fleece, to 
extort, to exact, -are, m. extortio. 
ner; furrier, skinner; carrion • beetle. 
-bagge 5 on. hemiptera. -eri, n. 
extortion, oppression. — Yftror, f. pi. 
furs, skins. 

Skipa) V, a. to administer, to distri- 
bute, to dispense, — laff, to dispense 

•Skir^ a. thin, transparent. — flj V. a. 
to melt, to oil. — ägg, to try eggs. 
-duk) in. muslin, fine thin linen 

Skiss, m. sketch. [cloth. 

Skjorta, f. shirt. 

Skjul, 72. shed, shelter. 

SKjuta, V, a. to push, to shove, to 
thrust. — i frän sig , to remove , to 
thrust from one's self. — fram om 
en sak, to give a sly hint of an af- 
fair, to break the matter to. —ifrån 
stängeln, to unbar. - skulden ifrån 
sig , to clear one's self. — igen , to 
shut. — ihop, to approach. — om- 
kuU , to overthrow. — skulden på, 
to cast the blame on. — till, to push ; 
to close. — undan, to thrust out of 
the way. — upp, to push up, to shove 
up ; to thrust open ; to cook. —, v. n. 
to shoot, to grow. — upp, to shoot 
up. en udde som skjuter ut i sjön, 
a cape jutting into the sea. 

Skjutna, V. a. & n. to shoot, to fire. 
~ med kanoner, to fire guns. -- upp, 
to shoot away, -geväl*, n. fire-arm, 
gun. —väska, f. hawking-bag. 

Skjuts, m. post, post-horse, -a, V. a. 
& n. to drive; to let post-horses. 
-bonde, m. driver, postillion. -Illist, 
m. post-horse, -penningar, m. pi. 
fare, money paid for carriage. 

Sko, m. shoe, hästen star i -, the 
horse overreaches. — , V. a. to shoe; 
to put on the streaks, —band, n. 
shoe-string. — borste, m, shoe-brush. 

-ilickare, m. cobbler, -horn, n. 

shoeing-horn. -klack, m, heel, -lag- 
ning, f. mending of shoes, -ma- 

Skolgräl 201 

kare, m. shoemaker; tench (fish). 
-ning, f, shoeing, -port. m. ma- 
gazine of shoes, -putsar e, m. shoe- 
boy, -skaf, n. gall by walking. 
-smörja, f. shoe-blacking, shoe-ma- 
ker's ink. -spik, m. hob-nail. -Stall, 
n. brake, -spilta, f. travise. -Smär- 
ta, f. shoe-blacking. -syl, m. awl. 
-söm, m. welt of a shoe, -tråd, 
m. shoemaker's thread ; pitched thread. 

Skock, m. crowd, heap; sculk; flight; 
herd; threescore, -a sig, V. r. to 
flock together, ^nlng, f.. crowd, heap. 
—tals, ad. by companies, in flocks; 
by threescores. 

Skof, n. interval, -tals, ad. by In- 
tervals, by turns. 

Skofljla, V. a. to shovel, -vel, m. 

shovel. -YOr, f. pi» scrapings. 

Skog, m. forest, wood, -ig, -rik, 

a. woody. 
Skogs||apel, m. crab-tree. -backe, 

m. a hill covered with wood. — be- 
tjenin^, /. officers of wood, -bi, w. 
wood-bee. -bryn, n. the border of 
a wood, -bygd, f. woody country. 
-dnfva, f, woodoulver, stockdove. 
-dunge, m. grove, -fång, n, 
gathering of wood, -gttd, m. satyr, 
sylvan, —gudinna, f, woodgoddess, 
dryade. -bygge, n. felling of wood. 
-honing, m. wild honey, -land, 
m. grove. — lupen, a. overgrown 
with wood, —mark, W. woodland. 

-menniska, f. orang-outang, -mns, 

/. dormouse, -nymf, f. woodnymph, 
dryade. —rå, n. fairy of the woods. 
— Taktare, W. woodward, forester; 
gamekeeper. — väg, m. wood- way. 
-äple, n. crab, wilding. 

Skoja, V. n. to ramble ; to cheat -re, 
m. vagabond; sharper, swindler. 

Skola, V. n. to owe, to bo obliged. 
jag skallf I shall, I am to. 

Skollja,/". school, /i^iia-, to keep school. 
—aga, f. school-discipllne. -bok, f. 
school-book, -bänk, w. school-bench, 
form, -fax, m. pedant. -fuxerS, 
n. pedantry. -gOSSe, m. school- 
boy, -gräl, n. acholeatlo subtilities. 

202 Skolgång 

-gång, m. going to F-iiool. -hus, 

n. school-house, -lläbi/, m. managed 
horse, -kamrat, m» schoolfellow. 
»karl, m. schoolman, -lärare, m, 
teacher at a school, -lärd O Kl , m. 
scholastic knowledge. ^^ -mästare, 
m. schoolmaster, -mästarinna, f, 
schoolmistress. -Ordning, f. school- 
reguiation3.-penningar,m.pi. school. 
Ing-money. -ränsel, S» satchel, knap- 
sack, -stat, m. school-establishtnent. 
—syssla, f. employment at a school. 
-tid, f, school, time. — tukt, f. 
school . discipline. -ungdom , m. 
scholars. — Täsende, 71. school-affairs, 
concern of schools, -ofring, f. exer- 
cise of schools. 

Skolka, V. n. to shirk, to truant. 

Skolljla, V. a, to scald, -het, a. 

Skolla, f. thin plate; plaice, sole ffish). 
Skonlla, v. a, to spare, to save, -ings- 

lös, a. unsparing, merciless. —Sam, 

a. merciful, indulgent. -SamllOt, f. 

mercifulness, willingness to spare. 

— smäl, n. mercy, indulgence. 
Skonert, m, schooner. 

Skopa, f, scoop. 

Scorf, m. scurf, -lufva, f, pitch- 
cap. -Vig, a. scurfy. 

Skorplla, /. crust; tops and bottoms; 
biscuit, biskets ; scale, scurf. — Ig, a. 
crusty, -na, V. n. to crust, to ga- 
ther or contract a crust. — Sten, m. 

Skorpion, ?«. scorpion. 

Skorr||a, v. n. to grate, to make a 
harsh noise, -ig, a. harsh. 

Skorsten, w. chimney, -sfejare, m. 

ehinmey-sweeper. — Spipa, f. tunnel 

of a chimney. [a sail. 

Skot, n. T. sheet, -hörn, n. clew of 

Skott, n. shot ; report of a gun ; shoot ; 
partition; honey-comb; T, bulk- heads. 
-bom, m. a sliding bar. -dag, W. 
intercalary day. — tVi, a. out of the 
reach of the cannon or guns ; musket- 
proof, -fönster, n. sash-window. 
-glugg, ni, loop-ho:?, port-hole, em- 
Uratiure. -håll, H. reach, -hälld, 


c slopo, declivouc. — ia.olf, in* dart; 
bolt. -kärra, f. wheel • barrow. 
-nät, n, ca-ting-net. -spole, m, 
shuttle, -ställa, v. a. to make a 
piece shoot right. — sår, 7». shot- 
wound, -tafia, f, mark, white. — år, 
n. leap-year. 

Skotta, V. a, to shovel. 

Skrabba, f, aea-scorplon. 

Skrafla, v, n. to rustle. 

Skral, a. scanty; weak. 

Skralna, v. n. vinden skralnar, the 
wind veera ahead. 

Skramljla, f, rattle. -, v. n. to rattle, 

-mel, n. rattling, rattle. 

Skranglig, a. lank, scraggy. 

Skrank , n. bar, partition, wainscot. 
-or, f. pL bounds, limits. 

SkrapJIa, v. d. to scrape; to curry. 
— af, — bort, to scrape off, to rid 
away. — U^, to scratch out. — , f. 
scraper; curry-comb; check, reprimand, 
scrape. — jem, n. scraper. 

Skratt, n. laughter, laugh, -ft, V. n, 
to laugh. — högt, to laugh aloud, 
to giggle. — dt, to laugh at. 

Skref, n, stride. -Va, v. n. to stride, 
to divaricate. — , f. chasm, precipice. 

Skri, Skrik, n. cry, vociferation, cla- 
mour, outcry, bawling, -a, -ka, V. 
n. to cry, to bawl, to shriek, to scream, 
to hoot. — till, to scream out. — 
ut en, to cry one down. — ut en 
ting, to cry a thing about, -kare, 
m. bawler. -kuggla, f. screech-owl. 

Skribent, m. author, writer. 

Skridija, v. n. to advance, to proceed, 
to glide, to slide, to slip. — af, to 
slide off, to slip down. — förM, to 
pass by. —ande, a. proceeding, pro- 
gressive, —fä, 71. reptile. — Sko, 771. 
scale, gd pd — , to scate. 

Skrif||art, m. style, manner of writing, 
-bok, f. writing-book, -bord, n. 

secretary. — dOn, n. inkstand, —fel, 
n. fault in writing, -klåda, f. pas- 
sion for writing. — konst, f. cnlli- 
graphy, art of writing, -niäbtarc, 
771. writing-master, -penna, f pen, 
quill, -pulpet, m. writing . uesk. 


-Hktig, a. orthographical, -rik- 
tighet ^ f, orthography, -sätt, 71, 
style of writing. — tafla, f. slate, 
table-book, tablet. -Velse, f. letter. 
-veri, n. writing. 
Skrift) f. writing, book, pamphlet, in- 
strument, writ, deed; composition. 
Skriften^ the Scripture, the Holy Writ. 
— lig", a. written, scriptory, in writing* 
-ligt, ad, in writing; by letter. 
-lärd, a. & s. scribe, -stiillurc, 

m. author, -vexla, V» n. to corre- 
spond, -vexlillg, f. correspondence, 
exchange of writings. 

Skrift, f, (hikt) confession, gå till 
— , to go to confess, —a, V. a. to 
confess. — sig för någon t to con- 
fess one's self to one. —©barn , n. 
penitent. -Cfjlder, m. father con- 
fessor, -ermål, n. -ning, f, con- 

Skrifva, v. a. to write. - om, to write 
about, to write of; to write over again. 

— påf to write on, to endorse, to sub- 
scribe. — till någon t to write one. 

— W^ , to write out , to write to the 
end. - ut en gård, to impose a 
tax by mandate, -re, m, writer; 

Skrik etc, s. Skri. [clerk. 

Skrika, f, jay, nut-pecker. 
Skrilla, v. n. to slide (on the ice). 
Skrin, n. box, little chest, shrine. 

-lägga, V. a. to shrine. 
Skrinda, f. carriage or sledge with a 

bottom of basket-work. 
Skrock, n. superstition, -full, a. 

superstitious, -saga, f. nursery-tale. 
Skrock||a, v. n.^ to cluck, to cackle, 

to chuck, -höna, /*. clucking-hcn. 
Skrof, n. T. hull; carcass. 
Skroflljer, m. pi. scrofula, king's-evil. 

-ig, a. rough, craggy, rugged, -ig- 

het, f, roughness, asperity. 
Skrot, n. case -shoot. - och korn, 

standard, stamp, -kappa, f, car- 

touch, cartridge. 
Skrubb, m, a small dark room; check, 

reprimand. -ft, V. a. to rub, to 

scrub. — upp nagon, to rub one up. 

-ftl, m, rubb«r, coarse filt. -hyfvel, 



ra. roughplane. -liyfia, v. a. to 
rough plane. — Skott, m. grazing shot. 

Skrud, 7/1. array, attire, garb. 

Skruf, m, screw j peg. hafva 'en - 
lös, not to be right in ones senses. 
ställa sitt tal på skrufvar, to give 
an artful turr?. to one's discourse. 
-borr, m. screw -auger, -båt, m. 
screw-steanier. — formig, a. spiral* 
—gång, m, worm of a screw. -niOr, 
f, female screw, -nyckel, m. turn- 
screw, -städ, n. vice. -va, v. a. 
to screw. 

Skrumpjjen^ a, shrivelled; wrinkled, 
—na, v. n. to shrivel, to wrinkle. 

Skrupel, m. scruple; doubt. 

Skrymma, v. n. to take up a great 
•deal of room ; to appear large. 

Skrymsle, nt hiding-place, recess, lurk- 
ing place. 

Skrym t|ja, v. n. to dissemble, to feign. 
— aktig, a. dissembling, hypocritical. 
-are, m. hypocrite, canter. -Ori, n. 
hypocrisy, dissimulation. 

Skrynk||a, f. wrinkle, rumple, crease. 
—la, v. a. to wrinkle, to rumple. 
—lig, a. furrowed, wrinkled. 

Skryt, n, boast. 2^å -, by way of 
boast, -a, V. n. to boast, to brag. 
-aktig , -sam , a, boastful , osten- 
tatious. -aktigliet, f. ostentation, 
boasting, —are, m. boaster, bragger, 

Skra, n. corporation, guild, -andc, 

f, spirit of caste, -kappa, f. ca- 
nister-shot, —låda, f. cliest of a 
guild", corporation -box. -miistaro, 
m. master of a guild. -OldniUg, f, 
rules of a guild. -tvång, n. re- 
straint imposed by the laws of ft cor- 

Skrål, n. bawl, noise, -a, v. n, to 

Skråma, f. scratch, slit. [bawl. 

Skråpuk, m. mask, larva, caterpillar. 

Skräck, m. dread, fear, fright, awe. 
—bild, n. frightful hnage, scare-crow. 
-välde, n, terrorism. [the sails. 

Skräcka, v. a. T,. -seglen, to let down 
Skräda, t», a, to bolt, to sift. - ord, 
to b§ nice iu. om's wordi. 




!<5krädd||are, m, tailor, -eri, w. tai. 

lor'3 trade. 

Skräd e, n. refuse. 

SkräilHj f. claw of a sea-dog; ranter. 
— , V. n. to rant, to brag. 

Skräll) m» noise, clash, oraok. —^^ V. 
n, to crack, to rattle; to shrill. -6, 
n, shard, cracked earthen vessel; 
wretch. — Igj ct. cracked ; weak, faint, 
sickly, feeble, debilitated. 

Skrämjlnia^ v. n. to fright, to terrify, 
to frighten, to affright, to intimidate, 
to scare, to daunt. — SClj W, fright. 
— skottj W. alarm-shot. 

Skräll,. n. scream, -a, i), n. to whim- 
per, to whine. — luåsGj TW. sea-raew. 

Skräp, n, lumber, trash, -a, V. n. to 
be in disorder. — runij n, lumber- 
room, -samlare, m. rag-man. 

Skräppa, f, scrip. -, v. n. to boast, 
to brag. 

Skröplig, a. weak, feeble, infirm. 
— ]i©t, f. weakness, Feebleness. 

Skubblla, v. a. to rubb, to scnib. 
—ning, f. rubbing, scrubbing. 

Skudda, v. a, to shake off. - ifrdn 

sig, to clear one's self of. 
Sknffa, V, a. to push, to jog, to shove. 

skuffas, V. d. to be pushing. - fram, 

to thrust forward, 
Sknflåda, f. drawer. 
Skufva sig, v. r. to fray. 
Skiiggila, f. shade, shadow, kasia - 

pä ens goda namn, to reflect upon 

one's character. — , V. a. to shadow. 

—bild, m. shade, outline. — ig, a. 

shady. -målning, /. silhouet. 

-ning, f, shade, shadowing, -rik, 

a. shady, -rädd, a. fairful, timorous. 
Skald, m. debt, obligation, liability; 

fault, trespass, sätta sig i -, to 

contract debts, -enär, m. debtor. 

-fordran, /. demand, debt, -fri, 

,a. free from debt? -OlFer, 71. tres- 

pass-offering, -sedel, w. bond, bill 

of debt. 
Sknlder, -ben, n, shoulder • bone. 

—blad, n. omoplate, shoulder-blade. 
Skuldi-a, f. shouléor. 
Skull, ind&cl. för er -, for your sake, 

on your account, för Guds — , for 

God's sake. 

Skulle, m. loft. (ofifai. 

Skul|)or, f, pi, -vatten, w. w&sh. 
Skum, a, dim, dusky, -raskct, n. 

crepuscule. — Ögd , f, dimsighted. 

-Ogdiiet, f, dimness of sight. 
Skum, n, froth, spume, scum, foam. 

-ma, V. a. to skim. — mjölk, to 

fleet milk, to skim milk. — sig , to 

gather cream. —mig, a. frothy. 

— slef, f, skimmer, scummer. 
Skumpa, v, n, to scamper, to jog» 
Skunk, m. pole-cat. 
Skur, m. shower. 
Skurjla, v. a. to scour, to clear, -gras, 

71. shavegrass. — trasa, /". rubber, 

clout. (villany. 

Skurk, m, rasoal, wretch, -eri, n. 
Skuta, f» boat, barge, skute, sloop. 
Skutt, n, leap, -a, v, n. to leap. 
Sky, V. a. to shun, to avoid. — , m, 

aversion, utan — , without shame. 
Sky, 771. cloud, -drag, n. waterspout, 

—fall, w. gush, rainspout; nostock. 

-hög, a. aerial. 
Skydd, 71. protection; patronage, -a, 

V. a. to protect, to guard, to shelter, 

to shield, to secure. 

Skydds|)ande, m. tutelar genius. -bref, 

71. bill of protection, -gud , m. tu- 
telar god. -gudinna, /. tutelar 
goddess, -helgon, n. tutelar saint. 

-herre, m. protector, -koppor, 

f, pi. cow»pos, vaccinae. — tull, m, 
protective duty. — yakt, f. safeguard, 
escort, -ängel , m. guardian angel. 

Skyffflel, m. iron-shovei. -la, v. a. 

to shovel. 
Skyfye, n. brim (of a hat). 
Skygd, 71. shade, shelter, i - af, un- 

der the shade of, unc\er protection of. 
Skygg, a. shy, coy, timorous; skittish, 

starting. —0, V. 71. to shy, to startle. 

— , V. a, to sliade, to screen, to guard. 

—het, /*. shyness, skittishness. -lapp, 

m. eye-flap, blinder. 
Skyl, 771. rick, -a, V. a. to riok. 
Skyla, V. a. to cover, to cloak, ta 

hide, to palliate. 




Skyld, a. kin. -eman, m. kinsman. 

-skåp, n. kindred. 
Skyldig, a, indebted; bound, obliged; 

guilty, faulty, criminal. — IlOt^ f. 

duty, liability. 
Skyllil, V. a. to charge, to blame. - 
en för, to charge one with. — pä, 
en, to lay the fault on one. - i frän 
sig, to deny the charge. 

Skyll||crkar, m, sentry-box. -ra, v. 

n. to present arras. 

Skylt, m, sign; plate of a keyhole. 
—vakt,- m. sentry, gentinel. 

Skymf, 7)1, outrage, insult, affront, ig- 
nominy, —a , V. a. to disgrace , to 
outrage, —and 6, w. affronting, -lig, 
a, opprobrious, ignominious. -Ord, 
n. opprobrious term, abusive word. 

Skyml||a, v. n. to glimmer, -ig, a. 
grizzly; dusky, cloudy. 

Skymljma^ v. a. to intercept the light, 
to stand in the light. •«-, v, n. to 
grow dusky, —ning, f. crepuscule, 
twilight after sunset, shutting in of 
the day. 

Sky mm el, m. white or gray hofse. 

Skymt, m, glimpse, peep, ^-a, V^ n. 
to glimpse. — för ögonen, to have 
a sligt sight of. — förbi, to go ha- 
stily by. 

Skyndlla, v. n. to haste, to hurry, to 
speed , to hasten , to make baste , to 
be in a hurry. — sig, to make haste, 
to speed. — sig tort ifrdn, undan, 
ut, to speed away, —gam, a. hasty^ 
quick, speedy, instant. -samliCt, f, 
despatch, haste, speed, celerity. 

Skytt, m. shooter; archer; T. sagittary. 

Skyttel, m, shuttle. 

Skåd(|a, V, a.^ to behold, to view. 

-ebrod, n, show -bread, -ömynt*, 
n. -epenning, m. medal, -eplats, 

m, theatre, stage. — eratt, m. show, 
dish. — espel, n. show, play, drama. 

-©spelare, m. actor, player, -espe- 

lerska, f, actress. 

Skaf, s. Skof. 

Skål, 7». basin, bowl; scale; health, 
toast, dricka eiis -, to drink one's 
health, to toast one. -ig> a. con* 

cave, fiollpw. -ighet, f, concavity, 
hollownesda concaveness. — pnnd, n. 

Skåp, 71. press, cup-board, safe. 

Skårlla, -sa,,/", notch, score; slash, cut. 

SitJick, m. pied horse, -^i^ ^ a, pied. 

SkäftO, n. shave-grass. 

SkäfVor, f, pL shivers in flax or hemp. 

Skägg, n, beard, -bmsk, n. rough 
chin, -igj Ct. bearded. -lOS, a. 
beardless, -ninssla, f, centre-fish. 

Skakta, f» scutcher, swingleband; ar- 
row. — , V. a. to swingle , to scutch. 

Skäl, n. reason, ground, motive, göra 

— för sig, to do one's part, taga 

— för en vara, to ask a high price 
for a commodity, -ig, a. reasonable, 
moderate, just, -rlghetj f. reason* 
ableness, justness. 

Skäl, 771. seal, sea-dog, 
Skälfva, f. shivering. — , V. n, to 
shake, to quake, to totter, to shiver. 
Skäll, a. dashed, watery, thin, washy. 

Skälllja, f. bell, -gnmse, m, bell- 


Skälllja, v. n, to bark ; to scold. -S« 
ord, n. abusive word, nickname. 

Skälm, m. rogue, knave, villain; wag. 
-aktig, a. waggish, roguish, knavish. 
— Sk, a. wicked, villanous. — Styck©, 
n, roguery, trick. 

Skämma, v. a. to mar, to corrupt, to 
spoil, to blast; to deprave; to de- 
bauch, to deflo'ur. ^ ut någon för 
eU sale, to scandalize one for a thing. 

— ut sig, to behave ill. - sig, v. r. 
sJcämmas, v, d, to be ashamed (of); 
to bd spoiled. 

Skämt 5 n. joko, jest, pleasantry, fun. 
jp4.-, in jest, -a, v. n, to joke, to 
jest, to fun. -are, m, joker, jester. 
—ord , 7». jocose word. — sani , a. 
jocose, merry, burlesque, familiar. 
-samhet , f, jocoseness , waggery, 
mirth. -yIs, ad, by way of joke. 

Skänd||a, v. a. to dishonour, to vio- 
late, to profane, -are, 7». blasphe- 
mer, profaner. -lig, a. infamous, 
•jse; scandalous, shameful. 

Sk nk, 771. -bord, -skåp, n. buffet, 

206 Skänkkanna 

sideboard, -kanna^ f. flagon. -STÖH, 
m. drawer. 

Skänk, m. present, gift; bribe, fä 
till skänks, to get as a present, —a, 
V, a. to bestow, to confer upon, to 
present. — i, to fill, to pour out. 

Skäppa^ f, bushel, barrel ; bark-basket. 

Skär, n. rock. -en, -gård, m. the 

rocks and Islands on the coasts of 
Sweden, —karl, 77». inhabitant of 
the rocks or islands of a coast. 

Skär, a. clear, fair, pure; serene. 

Skära, f. sickle, reaping hook. 

Skäiila, V. a. to purge, -seld, m. 

purgatory, -torsdag, m. maundy- 

Skärjja, v. a. to cut, to carve. - s'dd, 
to reap the com. — tandeVf to grind 
the teeth. — hort, to cut off. - 
före, to carve. — i trä, to carve in 
wood. — in ett tag, T. to reeve a 
rope. — upp en sag, to file a saw. 
— ut fett kreatur J, to castrate, to 
geld. - sig fom mjölk J, w. r. to 
turn; to break, -bräde, n. cutting- 
board, —bank, W. chopping. form. 
—dike, n. ditch marking the bound- 
ary, -hyfvel, m. plough - knife. 
-kista, f, ohopplngboard. -knif, 
m. cutting-knife, -slipare, m. scis- 
Bors-grinder. -stOCk , W. T. coam- 
ing, -tänder, m, pi. incisors, -ull, 
f, shearings. — verk, 71. cutting- 
engine; alitting-mill. 

Skärf, m. farthing, mite. 

Skärfvlla, f. shiver, splinter. - 8ig, 
V. r. to splint, -ig, a. full of splin- 
ters, [shelter. 

Skärm, m. screen, -tak, n. penthouse, 

Skärmytsllel, m. skirmish, -la, v. 

Skärp, n, sash. It», to skirmish. 

Skärpa, f. sharpness, acrimony. — , v. 
a. to sharpen, to whet; to aggravate; 
T. to open. 

Skärskåda, v. a. to examine, to scru- 
tinize , to consider. — n , f. conside- 

Skofllla, v. a, to plunder, to pillare, 
to ransack, to ravage. — ing, /** de- 
predation, ravage. 


Sköka, f. harlot, Btmmpet. 

Skol, Skolgång, m. hollowway; cleft. 

Sköld, 771. shield, buckler, targot; 
scutcheon, coat of arms, föra i sköU 
den, to go big with, -ebref , n, 

patent of nobility. — niO, /. amazon. 

-padd, m, tortoise-shell, -padda, 

f. tortoise. 

Sköljlla, V, a. to rinse, to wash. ,- 
of ver, to overflow. -Yatten, f. 

Skön, n, liking, option, opinion. 

Skön, a. beautiful, handsome, charm- 
ing, fine, pretty, -färgare, m. dier 
in fine and genuine colours, —het, 
f. beauty, fairness, -hetsplåster, 
7J. patch, courtplaster. -hetsvatten, 
n. cosmetic water, -skrifnlng, f» 

Skönja, v. a, to discern, to distinguish, 
to perceive, to see. ff. brittleness. 

Skör, a. brittle, frail, fragile, -het, 

Skörllaktig, a. libidinous, lewd, -ak- 
ti ghet, f. lustfulness, libidinousness. 
-lefnad, f. adultery, fornfcatioo, 

Skörbjugg, m. scurvy, -sgras, n. 

scurvy. grass, scurvy-cress. 

Skörd, 77». harvest, -a, V. a. & n, 
to reap. — eand, f. harvest - time. 
— eman, 77». reaper, hatvest-man. 
-eniånad, m. harvest-month, August. 

SkÖrllaskj 77». tinderbox. -e, n. tin- 
der, [oockle-spar. 

Skörl, 77». shirl, cockle. -Spat, 77». 

Skört, 7». skirt, -a npp, v. a. to 

gird up, to truss up. 
SkÖtj[a, V. a, to tend, to nurse, to take 
care of; to mp^age; to cultivate, —are, 
77». waiter, keeper, tender. — erska, 
f. nurse. — Sel, 77». nursing, care. 

Sköte, r*. bosom, lap. -barn, 7». 

boson-child. -iTTef , a. T. bill of 
emptlon. -synd, f. favourite sin. 

SlP*bbning, f. T. rounding. 

Sladd^ 77». drag, roller; T. the end of 
a rope, -a, V. n. to drag. 

Sladdiler, 7». fiam, stories, idle tales. 

-ertaska, f. chatterbox, -ra^ v, n. 

to chatter, to gossip. 


Slafj fn. slave, thrall, drudge, —han» 
del, 771. slave-trade, -Ta 5 V. a. to 
slave, to dfudge, to toil, -verj* n, 
slavery. — Vinna, f. slave, woman- 
slave, —visk, a, slavish, servile. 

Slafsa, t;. n. 10 lap. 

iSlag*, n. blow, stroke, knock, slap; 
battle; swath; beating; warbling, trill- 
ing; turn, circnit; kind, sort, breed; 
apopoplexy, palsy; T, board. — pd 
kläder, facing, -a, f, flail. -I)Om, 
m. boom to fell down ; bar. -bord, 71. 
flap-table, -bur, m. trapcage. -dan- 
ga, f. ballad, -fluss, m, apoplexy. 
-fält, n. field of battle, -färdig, 
a. ready for battle^ -hok, m. ho- 
ney-buzzard, —kämpe, tti» bully, 
hector, •-lod, n, solder, soder; strik- 
ing weight, -ordning, f. order of 
battle, battle-array, —regn, 72. storm 
of rain, gush. — rota, f, divinatory 
wand, -sida, f. T. heel, -smål, 
n. fray. — skatt, m. mintage, coi- 
nage-duty. — ur, n, striking clock. 
—åder, f, artery. 

Slagg, n. dross, slag, slacken, —a, 
V, a. to turn into slags. — hog, 
— yarp, n. dross-heap. 

Slagt, m, killing of cattle. -8, V. a, 
to kill, to butcher, -are, m, but- 
cher, -boskap, m. cattle that is to 
be killed, -bänk, m. butchery, but- 
cher's board. — hus, 71. slaughter- 
house, -månad, 771. October, -ning, 
f. killing, slaughter; battle. -Oifer, 
n. victim. 

Slak, a. slack, loose, -het, f. slack- 
ness, looseness. — na, v. n. to slack, 
to slacken, to flag, -sida, f. the 
thin flank. 

Slam, 771. mud, slime, -ma, V. a, 

to separate by washing. 
Slam[|roer, 7Z. clank, clatter, noise; 

flam, -mertaska, f, prating gossip. 

— ra, r. n. to glngle; to chatter. 
Slanipig, a, shabby, sluttish. (gent. 
Slams, n. negligence. -Ig, a. negli- 
Slang, 771. long pipe of leather. 
Slänga, f, culverin; T\ hose; spout, 




Slank |[a, v, n. to saunter, -ig, a. 

lank, loose. 
Slant, 772. stiver, farthing. 
Slapp, a, slaclc, lax. — ftj V» O, to 

loosen, to mollify, —liety /. laxity, 

Slarf, -Ter, m. careless fellow, -akti g, 

a. negligent, careless, -aktlghet, 

f. negligence. — Ta, f. rag. — , V. n, 

to slubber. — i talet , to blunder 

when one speaks. —Tig, cr. ragged. 
Slask, 77, wet, filth, -a, V, n. to dash 

with water, det slasJcaVf it rains. 

-ig, a. wet, dirty; rainy. -TädÖr, 

72. wet weather. 
Slef, f. ladle, -gås, f. spoonbill.; 
Slejf, 772. knot of ribband. 

Slek{|a, V. a, to lick, -e, Tir saitcat. 
Slem, 72. slime, phlegm, -drifvande, 

a. carrying off slime, —körtel, 771. 

pituitous glandule. —ma, V. 72. to 

cause slime, —mig, a. slimy. — mig- 

het, f, sliminess. fscene. 

Slem, a. bad, vile, i51thy; dirty; ob- 
Slentr|[a, v. 72. to saunter, to loiter. 

-ian, 772. common course, old custom. 
Slicka, V. a. to lick. — sig in hos 

någon, to creep into one's favour. 

-re, 772. lick-dish, smell-feast. 
Slida, f. scabbard, sheath, case. 

Sliddersladder, 72. tittle-tattle, non- 

Slik, a. such, the like. (sense. 

Slim mask, 77?. snail without house. 

Slimsa, f. lump, clod. 

Slinga, f, noose, running knot. — , 
V. a, to twist. 

Slingr||a, v. a. & n. to roll. - sig, 
V. r. to wind. - sig omkring , to 
curl round, to twist itself. — sig 
ifrån, — undan, - utur, to disen- 
tangle, to disengage, to rid one's self 
from, to slip away. -Ing, a. ser- 
pentine, sinuous. 

Slink, 72. dangling; clandestine prac- 
tices, tricks, —a, V. 72. to dangle, to 
hang loose; to slip out, to slip away, 
to pass. 

Slinka, f. jilt, tit; conferva Ca plant). 

Slinker, 772. rover. 

Slinkföre, 7?. smo^tb sledge-roa^, 




Slinta 9 v, n, to slip, to slid, to miss 

one's step; to glance. 
Slipllftj V. a. to sh^Fpen, to grind. 

-are, m. grinder, -går, n, grind. 

ing-mud. — IljuljiW. pohsbing wheel. 

-qvaril, f. grinding • mill^ -Steil, 

m. grindstone. 
Slippa, V. a. to escape, to come off. 

-, V. n. to get rid of, to get from. 

- af, to slip off. - fram, to get 
forward. - förbi, to pass. — ifrån, 
to get from, to come from. — in, to 
get in. - lös, to get loose. - un- 
dan, to escape, to come off safe. — 
upp, to get up ; to get outi - öfver, 
to get over. 

Slipprig, a. slippery; obscene. -Iiet, 
f. slipperiness ; obscenity. 

Slira, V. n, T, tåget slirar, the cable 
surges. (sweet. 

Slisk, n, sweetmeat. -Igj 0. too 

Slitfja, V. a, to tear; to pull; to wear; 
do deeermine, to decide. — spö, to 
be whipped with rods. — ondt , to 
suffer. - något ifrån en, to snatch 
a thing from one. — sig lös, to dis- 
entangle one's self. — pa^ to wear. 

- sönder, to tear in pieces. — ut, to 
wear out. -ag"©, n. T. wear and tear. 
-as, V, d. (om någotj, to scramble 
for a thing. — uillg', f. tearing, wear- 
ing; gripes, belly-ache. 

Slockna, v. n, to go out. - ut, to die. 

Slokjja, V. n, to hang down, to droop. 

- vingarna, to be crest-fallen, gå 
och — , to loiter. — IgTj 0. hanging, 
slouching. -Öra, n. long-ear. 

Slom, m, smelt (fish). 

Slopa, V. a. jT. to break up. 

Slott, n. castle, palace. -fogdO, m. 

Slag, a. sly, cunning, crafty, sharp, 

shrewed, artful, -het, f. slyness, 

Slnka, V. a. to swallow, to devour, to 

glut, -re, m, devourer, glutton. 
Slummer, m. slumber, nap. -aktig, 

a. sleepy, negligent, drowsy, -aktig- 

l^et, f, carelessness; drowsiness. 

Slamr{{a, y. n. to slumber. - öfver 

en ting, to »pass over a thing slightly. 

-rig, a. slumbery, drowsy; careless,^ 

Slump, m. chance, accident, casualty, 

hap; remainder, rest, residue, af en 

— , by chance, -a, V. n. to cantel, 

to bargain for the lump, -kop, n. 

bargain for the lump, -lycka, f. 

lucky chance. 
Slunglla, /". sling. -, V. a. to sliug. 
Slunk, 771. gulp. I-orm, m. boa. 

Slunt, m. lubber, la2y sturdy fellow. 

-a, V. n. to loiter, to idle. 
Slup, m, pinnace, sloop, barge. — rOd» 

dare, m. cockswain. 
Slurfvlla, V. n. to slubber. -Jg, a. 

heedless, careless. 
Slusk, m, sloven. -Ig, «. slovenly. 

-ighet, f. slovenliness. 

Sluss, m. sluice, floodgate, -pennin- 
gar, m. pL sluice-toll, -port, m, 

Slut, n, end, close, issue, conclusion. 
till -, to the end. göra -^ på, to 
put an end to. taga — , to finish, to 
end. "komma till — med någon, 
to come to a settlement with one. 
-a, V. a. to end , to finish ; to con- 
clude, to contract; to shut, to close; 
to conclude, to infer, to gather. — , 
V. n. to terminate, to cease; to shut. 
- räkning, to settle accounts. — för- 
hund, to make an alliance. — van- 
skap, to contract friendship. — köp, 
to strike up a bargain. — en afhand- 
ling, to transact. — i bojor, to put 
in irons. — igen, to shut. — ihop, 
to shut close. — med arbete, to end 
one's task. — till, to infer. — från 
det ena till det andra, to infer one 
thing from another. — upp, to break 
up, to end. — sig, to end. —en, a. 
•reserved. slutet sällskap, dub. 
slutna led close ranks, -följd, vi. 
syllogism. -kOnst, f. logic. ~lig, 
a. final , ultimate, -ligen , ad. at 
last, finally, after all, ultimatrly. 

-påstående, n. conclusion, -räk- 
ning, f. final account, -sats, **, 


conclusioD, Inference. -StafvelsO, f, 
last syllable, -sten, w. keystone. 
Sluta, f, T. flood-board. 

Sluttija, v. n. to slope, -ande, a, 

eloping, declivous, aslope, -ning, f, 
descent, glacis, declivity, bending; 
shelving. [naughty. 

Slyngel, w. scoundrel, -aktig^ a. 

Slå, m, key, cross-piece. 

Slå, V. a.&n. to beat, to strike, to knock, 
to dash. — cn äng f to mow. — 
mynt f to coin money. — tegel, tö 
make bricks. — en Jcnut, to cast a 
knot. — takten, to beat the time. 

— af, to cast; to abate; to strike of. 

— af med skämt, to put off with a 
jest. — an, to tax; to produce effect. 

— bakut, to kick. - bort, to throw 
away, to cast away. — efter en 
rymmare, to go in pursuit of a run- 
away. — efter något, to search for 
something. — fram, to drop. — för, 
to clap on. — i, to fill, to pour out, 
to fill out, to drive, to put in; to 
affect. — i vadaret, to make light of. 

— ifrån, to knock away, — ifrån 
sig, to throw back; to ireturn the 
blows. — ig^n, to return the blows; 
to shut. — igenom, to beat through, 
to drive through; to sink, to sink 
through. - ihjäl, to beat to death. 

— ihjäl sig, to fall to death. — 
ihop, to make up; to dash together; 
to shut. — in, to succeed; to come 
to pass, to fall out. — ned, to beat 
down; to ram down; to cast down; 
to lay; to strike down; to powder 
down upon. — om, — omkring , to 
wind about; to lay about. — om, to 
turn, to change; to beat again. — 
omkring , to use indirect expressions. 

— omkull, to throw down. — på 
porten, to knock at the gate. - stort 
på, to live high, to make a great figure, 

— sönder, to break in pieces. — till, 
to strike ; to set up. - till riddare, 
to dub one a knight. — tillhaka, 
to reflect, to cast back ; to start back, 
to reflect. — undan, to knock away. 

— under sig, to throw under one's 

Swedish-English Did, 

Slägtskap 209 

self; to» engross, to usurp. — Upp, 
to affix; to fasten, to put up; to 
pitch, to set up; to ope^, to list; to 
broach, to pierce; to open; to find 
out; to turn ; to break loose; to break. 

- ur, to pour out, to put out of. — 
lit, to throw out; to knock out; to 
break; to extend; to stretch, to ham. 
mer out; to flower, to blossom, to put 
forth; to break out; to fall out, to 
turn. — öfver, to throw over; to 
lay over; to estimate. — sig , v. r. 
to hurt one's self; to moisten, to yield, 

- sig baklänges,' to fall backward. 

- sig för bröstet, \o beat one's 
breast. — sig (krokna som träj, 
to warp. — sig igenom, to press or 
to got through, to fight one's way 
through. — sig ihop, to associate 
one's self with another. — sig lös, 
to unbend one's self. — sig till, 
to apply one's self to ; to addict one's 
self to. — sig till ett parti, to 
take a party. — sig på ens sida, 
to side with one. [w. sloe-bush. 

Slån, n, sloe, black-thorn, -baske^ 
Slås, V. d. to fight; to beat, to strike. 

- med någon, to fight with one. - 
om något, to fight for something. 

Slåtter, m. moving, -bloiuster, n, 

grass of Parnassus, —karl, m, mower. 
—tid, 771. mowing • season. —01, W. 
harvest-feast, riptowel. 

Släcklja, V, a. to quench; to put out; 
to allay; to slack, to kill. - sin 
harm på en, to wreak one's harm 
upon one. -re, m. extinguisher. 
-ning, f, quenching, extinction. 

SlädllO, m. sledge, åka på -, to ride 
in a sledge, -fart, m, -parti, n, 
sledge • race. —före , W. sledging. 
-trafvare, m, sledge-horse. 

Slägga, f, forehammer, sledge. — , V, 
a. to hammer, to strike with a sledge. 

Slägt, f. family; kindred, relations; 
tribe, -as, v. d. to take after, -e, 
?i. generation, genus, —ing, m. re- 
lation, kinsman, kinswoman. —re* 
gistcr, n, genealogy, predigre*. 
-(>kap^ f. relation, affinity, 




Slanda^ /. distaff; balance-fly. 

Släng) 7n. blow , stroke ; draught with 
the pan. hafva — af, to have a 
little of, to be inclined to. -a, v. a. 
to throw, to fling, to toss. — , V. n. 
to sling, slänga sig som en mask, 
to twist one's self like a worm, -kap- 
pa, f, Spanish cloak. 

Släpj n.Uain; toil, drudgery. -8, f, 
dray, sledge, —a, V. iT, to drag. ~, 
V. n, to trail J to toil , to drudge. — 
ihop, to amass with toil. — ut sig, 
to waste one's strength. — as 9 V, d. 
— mtdf to labour under. — ig" 5 «. 
drawling ; toilsom , laborious, —tåg', 
n. taga i släptåg, T. to take in tow. 

Srippila, V. a, to let go, to let loose, 
to quit, to unhand, to let fall; to 
shed, släpp mig, let me go. - af, 
to let off. — h07't, to let go, to part 
with, to dismiss. — efter, to slacken, 
to remit. — efter sig", to drop, - 
fram, - förhi, - igenom, to let one 
come forward. — in, to let in. — lös, 
to let loose, — ned, to drop , to let 
fall, to let down. — till, to find; to 
put to. — Upp, to let up. - wr, - 
ut, to letaout, to releave. -hälld, 
a. apt to let slip out of one's hands 
what ho holds; yielding. 

Slät, a. smooth, sleek, plain, level, 
even ; flat ; wretched, worthless, göra 
sig — , to cringe, to fawn, -a, V, a. 
to smooth, -hammare, W. smooth- 
ing hammer, —het, f, smoothness. 
-hyfvel, m, smoothing plane. — SOm, 
m, plain -sowing. — t, ad. smooth, 
plainly; ill, pcorly, wretchedly, rätt 
och -, plainly, fairly, openly. — , f, 
plain. — tbygd, f. plain country. 

Slö, a. blunt; dead; dull, addle, weak. 
-het, /". bluntness, dulness. -Skodd, 
a, shlipshod. — säd, f. refuse of corn, 

Slödder, W. trash, worthless people. 

Slog, a. handy, dexterous. 

Slöja, f. veil. 

Slöjd, m, industry, mechanical art, 
manufacture; work in wood, —a, vj 
a. to cut in wood, to cut; to manu. 


facture. -id&aro, 7rt. manufacturer. 
-Ord, W. technical word. -Skol&« 
f, school of industry. 

Slor, n, carsincle. 

SlÖS|!a, V, a, to lavish, to squander. 
- hort, to squander away. - i mat, 
to be profuse in victuals, -akttg", 
a. prodigal, lavish, profuse, -kik- 
tighet, /*. prodigality, profusion. 
-are, m. prodigal, spendthrift, la. 
visher. -eri, n. prodigality. 

Smack, f, T. smr^ck. -a, v. n. to 

' sraack; to Croat. 

Smak, 771. taste, savour, gust, relish; 
flavour, efter min -, according <o 
ray taste, fatta - för något, to 
take a fancy to a thing, -a, th a. 
to taste. -, v. 71. to savour, to taste. 
det smackar mig icke, I don't like 
it. -fall, a, tasteful, tasty, -lig, 
a. savoury, well tasted, palatable, 
toothsome, -lighet, f. savouriness 
— los, a, tasteless, unsavoury, insipid. 
-löshet 5 /. unsavourjness , tasteless- 

Smal, a. slender, narrow, small, thin, 
slim, -ben, n. the small of the leg. 
-bent, a. spindleshanked. -het, /". 
slenderness, narrowness. — na, V, 71. 
to grow slender or thin, to taper, to 
grow smaller. 

Smalts, 771. smalt, blue-glass. 

Smaragd, 771. emerald, -moder, /*. 


Smaska, r. n, to smack. 

Smattra, i\ n. to clatter, to crackle. 

Smed, 771. smith. — ja, f. forge, a smith's 
shop, -jehammare, 771. sledge-ham- 
mer, sledge, -jehärd, 771. hearth of 
a forge, -jestäd, n. anvil. 

Smek, 71. caresses, fawning, —ft, V. a, 
to caress, to sooth; to coax. — sig 
in hos en, to wriggle one's self into 
one's favour. — er, 77». fawner, fond- 
ler. —full, a. caressing, fawning. 
71. fondling -name. -Ord, -tal, n. 
flattering word, -unge, 771. darling. 

Smorgel, 771. emery, emeril. 

Smct, m, dough, paste, glue, — , n. 




grease, filth, -ft, v. a, to smear, to 
glue, to paste, to daub, to besmear, 
to bedawb. 

Smickycr, n. flattery, adulation, fawn- 
in?. — ra, V, a» to flatter, to wheedle. 
—rar©, m, flatterer, wheedler. 

Stmidija, v. a. to forge, to hammer. 
-. iJiopf to weld together. — ihop 
en lögn t to trump up a lie. —0, n. 
iroH'tools, iron-work, iron-ware. — iffj 
a, malleable; ductile; limber, supple, 
soft, flexible, pliable, pliant; nimble, 
— iglict 9 f, malleableness , ductility ; 
flexibility, suppleness, limberness , agi- 
lity, softness, pliantness. 

Sillily n, sraerk, simper. — ftj V. a. to 
smerk, to fawn, to simper. -ar6j 
—61*5 '^* fawner, coaxer. 

Siuiiik, n. paint, -a, r. a. to paint. 

Smisk , n. cut, lash, -a, v. a. to 

whip, to lash, to beat. 
SBlittlja^ f. contagion, infection, catch- 
ing disease. — , v, a. to infect, to 
taint, -sam, a. infectious, conta- 
gious, infective. 

Smolk, s, dust, mote, filth, -a, r. n. 

to dust; to part with the threads. 

SKlUgglli'a, V, a. & n. to smuggle, to 
run, to contraband, — ai'©, m. smugg- 
ler, contrabandist. — ©rl, n. smuggling. 

Sniullla^ f, crum, crumb, mote, little 
bit. — , V, a. to crumble, ~ sig, to 
fall into crumbs, to crumb, —gråtj 
m, niggard, miser. — igj Ö. crumbled, 
—pärOXlj n. meltingpear, beurree-pear. 

Sinult, a. T, smooth. - vatten, 
smooth water. 

Smultron, W. strawberry. 

Smusla, V. a. to shuffle (out of the 
way), gä och — , to go sneaking 

Smuts, m. dirt, filth, smut, soil, -a, 
V, a. to dirt, to sully, -ig", fl, dirty, 
foul, smutty, filthy» -IgljL^t^ f, djr- 
tiness, nastiness. 

Smutta, v. 71. to tipple. 

Srayck!|a, v. a. to adorn, -e, n. 

Siuygr, W. liiding- place, lurking-place. 
—a, V, a. & n. to smuggle, to steal in; 

to slink, to sneak. — fram, to bring 
a thing, forward with sonie artifice. 

— sig IfOrt^ to steal away. — sig 
frarrif to steal forward. — sig ige- 
nom, to sneak through, — in, to 
smuggle, tö steal into, -©r, m. snea- 
ker, -ha n<I©I,m. smuggling, -hand- 
lare, TO. smuggler, -hål, n. loop- 
hole, -skola, f. hedge-school, -vrå, 
m. lurking-place, -väg, TO. by-way. 

Små^ a. small, little, petty, de smd, the 
little one's. -aktig, a, illiberal, 
mean, punctilious, -barnsskola, f. 
infant-school, — falsk , a. cunning, 
subtle, aly. -flsk , m. small fishes, 

cudio. -folk, n. low people, -horre, 
TO. coxcomb, -klok, a. prematurely 
wise, -le, V. n. to smile, -niynt, 
n. -penningar, to. pi. small nro- 
ney. —nätt, a. neat, nice, pretty. 
-randig, a. with narrow stripes. 

-rede, ?t, sjnaii utensils, -rotsar©, 

TO, parasite, -Saker, f. pi. trifles, 
small wares, — skog, TO. underwood, 

copse, -skratt, n, smiling, -stad, 
m. a little town, -stadslik, a, 
boroughlike. — sten, to. small stones. 

-svcn, to. footboy. -torsk, to, 
whiting pout, -träu , W. pi. under- 
wood, brushwood. 

Småningom, ad. by little and little, 
by degrees. 

Smått, ad. a little, scarce, dst dr 

— för honom, 'tis very scarce with 
him, regno, -, to drizzle, handla 
i — , to carry on a small trade, to 

Smäcker, a. slender. [retctl, 

Smädjla, v. a. to rail, to calumuiat®. 
—ande, a. blasphemouS| iujurious, — , 
n. railing, blasphemy, -are, TO. rai. 
ler. — ©ftlll, a. blasphemous, oppro- 
brious, ignominious, scurrilous, —else, 
f. blasphemy. -Olysten, a. slande- 
rous, -elystnad, f. medisance, slan- 
derousness. — eord, n. opprobrious 
word, blasphemy. — eskrift, f. lam- 
poon, —lek , TO, ignominy, disgrace. 
—lig, a. opprobrious, 

Smäkta, v. n. to languish, to long for. 

Smäll, TO. clap, report, explosion, noi?e. 




crack; lasb. -^&5 V. fl, to crack; to 
make a report. - Ctf, to pop off. 
-flkon, n, box on the car. -kyss, 
n, smack, smacking buss. — pulyeij 
n. fulminating powder. 
Smältila, f, sow, pig, fusion. -, V, a, 

to melt, to smelt, to fuse, to liquefy ; 
to digest; to put up, to pocket an 
affront. — ihop , to melt together. 
— , V, n. to melt; to dissolve; ~ tort, 
to melt away. — i tårar, to melt 
into tears. — ar6j W. smelter. — fear^ 
a. fusible, dissolvable; digestible. 

-barhet^ f, fusibility, -degel, m, 

crucible, -glas, 71. enamel, smalt. 

—hytta J f. furnace, smelting • hut. 

-härd, m, forge, -ning, f, fusion, 

melting; digestion, -ngn, m. furnace. 
Smärre, a. compar, less, smaller. 
Smärst, a, superi, least, smallest. , 
Smärt, a, slender, 
SmartlJa, f, smart, affliction, grief, pain. 

— , V. a, to pain, to afflict, to grieve. 

-Itlll, -Sam, a. painful, afflicting, 

tormenting, grievous, —stillande, a, 

anodyne, lenitive. 
Smarting, m, T, service. 

Smoja, V. a, to ply, to thread (a needle). 

Smör, n. butter, -bytta, f, butter, 
tub. -gås, m, buttered bread, slice 
of bread and butter. 

Smörja, v, a, to anoint, to grease, to 
daub, to smear ; * to bribe. — xhop, 
to trump up. — ntd, to soil, to de- 
file, to dirty, to daub. — tn till 
konung, to anoint one a king, smordt 
vin, adultered wine. — , f, ointment, 
grease; bribe. 

Smorjelse, fe ointment, unction. 

Snabb, a, swift, quick, active, speedy, 
fleet, able, -fotad, a. swift of foot. 
-het, f, swiftness, speed. 

Snabel, m. trunk, spout, proboscis; 
great bill. 

Snack, m, chat, parley, talk, -a, V, 
n, to chat; to talk nonsense, [slip. 

Snafva, V, n. to trip, to stumble, to 

Snapp{|a, v. a, to snatch, to snap. - 
upp href, to intercept letters, -hano, 
m. robber, freebooter, -händ, a. 

light- fingered, thievish» -säok, m. 
snapsack, knapsack. 

Snar, n. thicket. 

Snar, a, ready, quick, prompt. Var -, be 
quick, -are, a, sooner ; rather, -ast, 
a. soonest, som — , in a little while. 
-ft'ndig, a, inventive, -het, f. 
swiftness, speed, -ligen, ad. shortly, 
ere long, speedily, quickly, -mogen, 
a, premature, soon ripe. — sint, a, 
hotheaded, coleric. — sticken, a. 
touchy, captious. — trogen , a. cre- 
dulous, easy. — trogenhet, f. ere» 

Snar||a, f. snare, gin. -Mnda, f. 

small bind-weed. 
Snarka, V. n, to snore. 
Snarrverk, n, trumpetlike organpipes. 
Snart, ac?. soon, quickly; easily; shortly. 

så — som, as soon as. 
Snask, n, sweetmeat, -a^ V, n, to 

smack, to eat dainties. — er, m. 

dainty person, sweet-tooth. 

Snatt||a, v. a, to pilfer, to filch, -eri, 

n, theft, pilfery. [ter. 

Snatt||er, n, chatter, -ra, v.n, to chat- 

Sned, a, oblique, wry, crooked, trans- 
verse, sideways, aslant, overthwart, 
sideling, -a, V, a, to plough athwart, 
to twifallow. -het, f, obliquity, 
—segel, n, stay-sail, triangular sail. 
-språng, n, side-leap, start, slip. 
— t, ad, pä — , obliquely, awry, a 
bias, asquaint. se — , to look awry. 
se — pä någon, to look askew upon 
one. ho — öfver, to live over the 
way. -Ogd, a. squint-eyed. 

Snedd, m. obliquity, bias, pd sncd» 
den, a bias, a swing. 

Snegla, v. n, to look askew, to eyo 

Snibb, m. tip, lappet. 

SnicklJare, m, joiner, -argesäll, m^ 

journeyman-joiner. — ra, V. n. to do 
joiner's work. 

Snid{{a, v, a, to cut, to carve. -York, 

n, carved work, carving. 
Snifsa, V, a. to cut figures, to carve. 
Snigel, m, flug, leech. 
Snik[|as, v. d, to be covetous, -eo^ 


a. covetous, eager, desirous, greedy. 
-enlietj /". gieediness, avidity. 

Snilla, V, a. to steal privily, to pur- 
loin, to embezzle. 

Snille, n. genius, wit. -flygt, m. 
turn of mind. -fOSter, n, product 
of wit. -gåfva, f. talent, -rik, 
a, ingenious, spirited. 

Snipa, f. pickerel (fish); boat, wherry. 

Snitt, m, cut, incision. 

SnO, f, string, twist. -, V, a. to 
twist, to twine. - upp^ to untwist. 
— 52^, to twist itself. 

Snok, m. snake. 

Snoka, v, n. to search. - upp » to 
trace out. —r©, m. searcher, spy. 

Snopen, a. digountenanced, ashamed. 

Snoppa, V. oT to top, to snuff (the 

Snor, 771. snot -ig, a. snotty. 

Snubl)|ja, v. a. to snub, to huff, to 
check, —or, f. pi, reproof, reprehen- 
sion, [graze, to attinge. 

Snudda, v. n. to touch slightly, to 

Snufva, f, cold, catarrh. 
Snugglja, V, W. to play the parasite, 
to spunge. -gäst, m. parasite. 

Snurra, f, top, gig. -, v. n. to turn, 

to whirl, to spin round. 

Snus, n. snuff, -a, v, n. & a. to take 
enuff; to snuff. - till en, to snub 
one. -are, m. anufftaker. -dosa, 
f. snuffbox, -hane, m, beau, cox. 

Snusk, n. nastiness, filth, dirth. -Cr, 
m, sloven. — ig, a. slovenly , nasty, 
squalid, -igliet, f. slovenliness. 

Snut, m. snout, muzzle; lappet; end, 
point; roll of butter. — tft, V. a. to 

Snyfta, v. W. to sob. fsuckle. 

Snygg, a. neat, genteel, cleanly, clean. 
-a, V. a. to clean, to dress, -hot, 
f, cleanliness, neatness. 

Snyta, v. a. to blow, to snite; to 

Snyte, W. ^nout, proboscis. {snuff. 

Snäl, a, covetous, avaricious, greedy. 
-as, V. d, to play the parasite. — 
efte)\ to be covetous of. -h©t, f, co- 
vetousness, avarice, greediness, avidity. 

SnöpUg 213 

Snår, «. thicket. 

Snack ji», f. cockle, periwinkle; snail, 
snäckan i örat, cochlea, -fcrinsg, 
a. spiral, -hus, W. snailahell. -iiulo, 
f. spiral line, conchoid. 

Snäf, a. scanty, -het, f. scantiness. 

Snäll, a, swift, fleet, quick; sweet. 

-fotad, a. swiftfootc::. -het, f. 

speed, swiftness, rapidity;, quickness, 
velocity; ability, capacit/. — pOSt, 
m. diligence, -press , m, fly -press, 
steara. press. -SeglarO, m, quick- 
sailing vessel, -tåg, 7». fast train, 
-våg, f, steel-yard. 

Snäppa, f, snipe; common sandpiper. 

Snäpparo, m. spring-lancet. 

Snärjlia, v. a. to snare, to entangle, 
to catch in a snare, lata — 5lflf, to 
give into the snare, -ailde, a. cap- 
tious. -gräs, n. goose-grass, clivers. 

Snärt, m, whipcord, -a, v. n. - till 
en, to tap one. — förbi en, to brush 
by one. — , f, lass, a smart or a snap- 
pish girl. 

Snäslja, v. a, to huff, to snub, -or, 

f. pi. offensive words. 

Snö, m. snow, -a, -ga, v. n. to 

snow, -blind, a. dazzled by the 
snow. -blomma, f, snow -drop. 

-boll, m, snow-ball. -dritVa, f. 

drift of snow, -fall, m. downfall 
of snow, -flaga, -flinga, f. flake 
of snow. — glopp , n. snow .mixed 
with rain, sleet. — livit, a. snow-white. 
-ig, a. snowy, -klocka, f. snow- 

drop, -loppa, f. snow-fly. -lärka, 

f. snow-bird. — mOS, 71. whlpt cream. 
-jplog, m. plough for snow, -ras, 
n. mass of snow rolling down a moun- 
tain, -ripa, f. ptarmigan, -skata, 

f, field-fare. -sparf , m, snow-bird, 
cherry • chirper. —väder, n. snowy 
weather, —yra, f. sprinkling of snow. 

Snöd, a. vile, trifling. 

Snö 11 a, V, n. to snuffle. 

Snöga, s. Snöa* 

SnÖpI|a, v» a. to geld, to castrate. 
-are, m, gelder. -ing, m. castrate, 
eunuch. [contemptible, vile. 

SnÖX^lig, a. shameful, ignominious, 



Snöiila^ v. a, to laco. - af, ^ U2)p, 
to trnlaoc. - fast, - igen, - ihop, 
to iace tight or close. — l)ftnd 9 n. 
lace. ~65 n, string, line; twist, —hål, 
n, lacehole, eyelet, -lifj 7^. stays, 
bodice. — m&kard 5 m, lace • maker. 

-nål, /. tag. -rem, f, lace. -rät, 

a. straight by line, -slå, V. a. to 
mark with a chalked string. 

Snörpa, v, a, to stitch up, to draw 
up, to «ew together. — ihöp TnuU' 
nen, to contract the mouth. 

So, f sow. 

Sobel, m. sable, -skinn, W. sable- 

Societet, f society. [back, sable. 

Socka, f, sock. 

Sockel, tn. socle, socket, footing. 

Socken, f. parish, -bo, m. parishio- 
ner. — bnd , m. a parson's going to 
administer the holy sacrament to a 
sick. . —gång", m. collection of alms 
in the parishes, -prest, m. parish- 
priest, -skola, f. district -school, 
parish-school. -SKl'lfvare, m. vestry 
clerk, -stuga, f. house where the 
church . wardens and parishioners hold 
their meetings. -Stämma, f, meet- 
ing of the parishioners ; vestry. 

Socker, «. sugar, -ask, m. sugar- 
box, sugar-dish, -bagarc, m» con- 
fectioner, —bageri, n, confectionary. 

-bakelse, f. confect, comfits, -bruk, 

71. sugar -house. — brod , n, sugar- 
bread, biscuit, —dosa, f. sugarcaster. 
-rot, /". sklrret. -rör, n. sugar- 
cane, -slrap , 7». raelasses. — SJU- 
(dare, m. sugarboJler, refiner of sugar. 
*-SJuka, f. diabetes. -tOpp , m. 
sugarloaf. — tåug, f. sugartongs. 

-vatten, n. sugared water, -ärter, 

m, pi, garden-pease. 
Sockra, v. a. to sugar. 
Soda, f. soda, -ratten 9 n. soda- 

Soifa, f. sofa. (water. 

Sofllkammare, w. -mm, rt. bed- 
chamber, dormitory. — va, V. n, to 
sleep. — på en sdk, to consult one's 
pillow. — W^, to take one's fill of 
sleeping. — middag, to take a nap 
Qfter dinner, viin hand sof, my 


hand was asleep, -vande, #1. sleep- 
ing, sleep, -rare, m. sleeper. 

Sof?cl, «. bymeat, sool, sowcl , any 
victuals eaten with bread, -sam, 
a. feeding, nutritious. 

Soja, f. soy. 

Sol, f sun; glory, -a, V. a. to sun, 
to dry in the sun. — sig , to bask 
in the sun. -badd, n. heat of the 
sun, apricity. -bcrgning, f, sun- 
set, -blind, a. dazzled by the sun. 
—blomma, f. sun- flower, turn -sol. 

-bränd, a. sunburnt, -bränna,, f, 

sunburning. -cirkcl, W. solar circle. 
-fjäder, tw. fan. -fläck, m. solar 
spot, -förmörkelse, f. solar eclipse. 

-glas, n. burning-glass, -grand, 
71, atom, mote, mite, -gång, on, 
sunrise; sunset, -hetta, f. heat of 
the sun. -llTarf, n. solar circle. 
-ig, a. sunny, -klar, a. sunbright, 
evident, clear, -månad, m. solar 
month. -rOS, f. sun-flower, turn-sol. 

-skärm, m. parasol, -strålo, m. 
sun-beam. — Styng, n. sunstroke, 
siriasis. -stand, n, solstice, -sy- 
stem, n. solar system. -tOrka, 
V, a. to dry in the sun. -uppgång, 
m, sunrise. — Ur, n, sun-dial. — Yind, 
a. warped, cast. — yisare, m. gno- 
mon, cook of a sundial, -år^ n. 
solar year. 

Sola, f. salt-water, brine; a kind of 
plaice, sole (fish); sole of a shoe. 

Solayexel, m. sole bill, single bill. 

Sold, m, pay. (tary life. 

Soldat, 771. soldier, -lefnad, f, miU- 

Solf, 71. lam, warp. 

Solk, n, soil, dust. 

Som, pr, who, which, that, den -, 
he that, det — , that which. — , C, 
as, like. - 07», as if. -llgO, a, 
pL some. 

Sommar, m. summer, om soTmaarerir 
in the summer, t — , this summer.. 
i somras, last summer. — afton,. 
171. summer-evening, —dag, m. sum-] 
merday. -fågel, W. butterfly, -må- 
nad, m. summeimonth, June, —tidy 
w. summerseason. 


Somna, v. n. to fail asleep. 

Somt, a. 71, some, i -, in some par- 

Son, m, son. -dotter, f, grand, 
daughter, -dottersdottcr, f, great 
granddaughter. — hustrU, f, daughter 
in law. -lig^, a. filial. -SOIl, m. 
grandson. — SOOSSOll, tn. great grand- 
son. Iprobe, to sound. 

Sond, m. probe, sound, -ora^ V, a. to 

Sopjja, f, whisk, oven-besom. — , V, a. 
to sweep. — r©, TTl. sweeper. — llög, 
771. heap of sweepings. ~0r, f. pl. 
sweepings. — QVftSt, m. broom, be- 
som, -skyffel, m. dustpan. 

Soppila, f, soup, broth. -fat, n. 
soup -dish. —skål, m. porringer. 
— slef, m. soup-spoon. 

Sorg, m. sorrow, grief, woe, wo, affliction, 
trouble, regret *, care, concern ; mourn- 
ing, -betygelse, f. condolence. 
-bunden, a. sorrowful, afflicted. 
-drag t , m. mourning, -fri, a. 
free from cares. — frihot, f» tran- 
quillity. — fallig, a. solicitous, care- 
ful, jealous, industrious, -fttllighet, 
f. care, solicitude, carefulness. — hUS, 
91. family or house where somebody is 
dead. — kliidd, a. dressed in mourn- 
ing, —lig, Cl. mournful, sad, sorrow- 
ful, doleful, dismal, melancholy, af- 
flicted, —lös, a. careless, unconcer- 
ned, heedless , unmindful, -rlosliot, 
f, carelessness, negligence, inattention, 
heedlessness. — niusik, f. mourning- 
music, -qväde, f, elegy, -sen, a. 

sorrowful, sorry, sad. -SCnliet, f, 
sadness, melancholy. — Spel, 71. tra- 
gedy, -ställe, 71. gä i sorgstäUe, 
to follow a funeral, —tid, tn. mourn- 
J ing-time. 

Ork, m. field-mouse. 

Orl, 71. noise; rattling, -a, V. n. to 
make a noise j to rattle; to murmur. 
rt, 771. sort, sortment , kind, —era, 
V. n. to belong to. — , V, a. to sort, 
to assort. — Bring., f, sortment. 
-imont, 71. assortment. 
t, 71. soot; blast, blight, -a, V. 
O. to sweep. — ned, to daub with 



soot, -aktig, a. fuliginous, -are, 

m, chimney-sweeper. — llöna, f. water- 
hen. — ig, a. sooty, fuliginous ; blasty. 

Sot, f. sickness, disease, —död, W, 
natural death. — , a, naturally dead. 
-säng, /■. death-bed. 

Spad, 71. broth. 

Spade, 771. spade; spatula, slice. — Fj 

Spak, 771. coltstaff, lever. [m. spade. 

Spak, -färdig, a. tame, gentle, quiet, 
tractable, -färdighet, f. gentle, 
ness, tractableness. 

Spalior, 771. espalier. 

Spalt, m, T. column. 

Span||a, v. a. to pry, to spy : to trace. 
—ing, f. tracing, investigation; in. 
telligence. få — J?å, to get intelli- 
gence of. 

Spann, 77i. corn »measure containing 
about two bushels ; span, slå väl i 
— , to yields well. — , 71. teamage, set 
of coach • horses ; span. — lläst , 771, 
coach-horse, -mål, 771. corn, -luåls- 

bod, f. granary, -niålshandel, 
771. corn-trade, -niåls handlare, tti. 
corn-merchant, —rem, f. shoemaker's 
stirrup. -rldarO, 771. jockey, postillion. 

Spansk, a. Spanish. — fluga, Spanish 
fly, cantharide; blister. — gröna, 
verdigriso. — rÖr, 71. cane, bengal-cene. 

Sparjlu*, V. a. to spare, to save, to hus- 
band. — till en annan tid, to re- 
serve till another time. — sig , V. r. 
to spare one's self. -bank^ TTi» 
-kassa, f, savings-bank, -bossa, 
f, thrift-box. -Sam, a. sparing, sav- 
ing, thrifty, -samhct, /f. saving- 
ness, sparingness, frugality. 

Sparf, 771. sparrow, -llök. Til. sparrow- 

Spark, 771. kick, -a, v., a. to kick. 
- halcut, to kick behind. - upp en 
dörr, to kick a door open. 

Sparr, m. broom. 

Sparrlle, 7n, rafter; spar, -lag, n. 
the rafters of a roof, -lakan, 71. 
bed;curtain. -^lakansloxa, f, cur- 

SpJirriS, m, asparagus. 

Spat, m. spar. 

216 Spatsera 

Spatserlfa, v, n. to walk* -gång, 

771. walk. 

Spätt, 771. spavin, scratches. 

Spe, 71. raook, göra — af, to make a 
mock of. på — , by way of mockery. 
—full, a. sarcastic. -fågol, m, 
mocker, scoffer, fleerer, jeerer. -glosa, 
f. gibe, sneer, scoff. — Ord, n. taunt. 

Specerl, n, spice, -handel, m. gro. 

eery, -handlar©, m, grocer, spicer. 

Specillalltet, f, speciality, -el, a. 

special, especial, pa»'*Icular. -Cll, ad, 
especially, particularly. ~flcera, V. 

■ a. to specify, to particularise. 

Spedit||ion, f, conveyance, dispatching. 
-ionshandel, m, carrylng^. trade, 
transmission-business. -Of, m. dis' 

Spegel, 7». looking-glass, mirror; panel; 
T, stern, -fabrik, m, lookingglass- 
manufacture, -folium , n. tin -foil. 
-fäkteri, n, mock-fight, sham-fight, 
deception, -glas, 71. mirror-glass. 

Spegla sig, v. r. to view one's self 
in a glass. — i någons exempel, 
to take an example by one. 

Speja, V, a. to spy. -re, tti. spy. 

Spektakel, n, spectacle, show; play. 

Spektll||ant, w. speculator, enterpriser. 
— ation, f. speculation, enterprise. 
-era, V, n, to speculate. 

Spel, n, game, play ; music ; play, exe- 
cution ; trick, s'dtta jp<£ — , to hazard 
at play ; to hazard, lo venture, vara 
med i spelet, to be engaged at play ; 
to have finger in the pie. hafva 
fritt -, to have free scope, röra pä 
spelet, to beat the drum, -a, v. a. 
to play on, — Öfver, to rehearse. — 
kort, to play at cards. - högt y to 
play at great game. — W^, to have 
the forehand; to play a card. -- en 
komedi, to act a play. - en eit 
puts, to play one a trick. - under 
ett täcke med någon, to have un- 
derhand dealings with one. -are, m, 
gamester. ~?J0?B1 , m. bar of the 
capstan. — borcl, '^*: gaming-table. 
-dosa, f m' Yr\. -hUS , 71. 


gaming-house, -kluhb, m. garaing< 
club, -kort, 71. play-card, -man, 

771. musician, fiddler, -penning, 771. 
counter. -penningar, pL pay- 
money. — rum, n, play-room; elbow- 
rum, scope, -sjuka, f, gaming- 
disposition. -Hr, 7J. musical clock. 
-verk, 71. play-things; rareeshow. 

Spelt, 771. spelt. 

Spenat, tti. spinage. 

Spendera, v, a. to spend. 

Spenlle, m. udder, teat, dug. -bftm, 
?l. suckling, babe. — hom, 71. sucking- 
bottle, -varm, a. miikwarm. -vårta, 
f. nipple. 

Spenslig, a. slender, slims gracile, 
—het, f. slenderness , thinness, graci- 

S per gel, m, spurry. [lity,. 

Speta, V. a. to distend, to stretch out. 

Spets, m. point; pinnacle, point, sum- 
mit, top; head, front; lace, hjuda 
en spetsen, to bid defiance to one. 
knöppla spetsar, to make lace, -a, 
V. a. to point, to sharpen; to empale, 
— öronen , • to prick up one's ears, 
-bof, 771. sharper, -fundig, a, 
sharp, crafty, acute, subtile, smart, 
sly, subtle, shrewd. -fundigh«t, f. 
sharpness, smartness. — glans, 771, 
antimony, stibium. — glas, 71. wine- 
glass. -Imnd, 771. pomeranian dog, 
— ig, a. pointed, acute; sharp, smart, 
biting. -krämare, m. laceman. 

-manschett, ra, laced ruffle. -vink« 

lig, a, acutangular, oxygoual. 

Spett, 71. spit, -a, V, a, to spit. 

Spiauter, m, spelter, zlnk, pewter. 

Spickeljn, a, salted, dried in the sun 
or in smoke, -kött, 71. hungbeef, 
-sill, 77Z. pickled or salt herring. 

Spigg, m, stickleback. 

Spik, m, nail, -a, V, a, to nail. — 
igen, to nail up. - upp, to nail on, 
to nail at, to affix, -borr, 771. pier- 
cer, gimlet, -böld, m. small boil, 
-hammare, m, nail- manufactory. 
-hufvud, n. head of nail, -klubba, 
f, clubb armed with nails; thorn- 
apple, -olja, f, oil of spike. -SJuk^ 


a. T, ironsick. -smed, m, nail- 
smith, -tång, w. nail-nippers. 
SpllkaiU, m. basin, sneaker. 

Spilllla, v, a. to spill, to shed, -ning, 

f. waste, spilling. 

Spilleiii'nakcn, a, stark-naked, -ny, 

a. brand new, quite new. 
Spillo, ad, gifva till -, to deliver up 

at discretion, to give to be plundered. 
Spillra, f, splinter. -, V, a. to eplin- 

ter, to split, to exfoliate. 
Spilta^ f. stall. 

Spiltra, n. barrel. 
Spindel, m, mandrel, spindle. 
Spinett, n, spinet, virginals. 
Spinkig, a, slender, slim, spare. 
Spinn||a, v. a. to spin. — upp^ to 

spin up; 'to devise, to trump up, to 

forge, -are, m. spinner, -cri, n. 

spinning-house. — erska, f. spinster. 

-hus, n. house of correction. -rOCk, 

W.. spinning-wheel. 

Spion, m. spy. -era, v, n. to spy. 

Spira, f. sceptre; spar; pistil. ^^56- 
gel8 spira, studding-sail-boom. 

Spiritus, m. spirit. 

Spis, m. chimney, -häll, 
m. fire-hearth. 

Spfs, Wl. food, meat, diet, victuals, 
nourishment, —a, V. a, to feed; to 
eat. — , V. n. to be eating, to dine, 
to sup; to suffice, to be enough, to 
be sufficient, det spisar icke läng t, 
this won't go a great way. — brod, 
W. household-bread, -gäst, m. boar- 
der, -kammare, W. larder, gard- 
manger, -kumin,?». cumin, -ning, 
/". eating, feeding, boarding. — Ott'er, 
n. meat-offering. -Qvartcr^^ n. or- 
dinary, boarding-house. — värd, 77i. 
master of an ordinary. — Ölj n. 

Spjut, n, lance, spear. 

Spjiillja. V, a. to splint, -e, m. splint; 
pale, -ka, V, a. to split, to splinter, 
to cleave lengthwise. — sig, to splin- 
ter. — kig, a. easily split, splintery. 

Spjall, n, damper, register, shutter; 
giisset. (kick at. 

Spjärna, v, n. to strive against, to 



Splint, m, splint; T, forelock, -a^ 
V. a. & n. to splint, to splinter. 

Spliss, m, T, splice, -a, v, a, to 

Split, n. strife, contention, discord. 

Splittra, V, a, to separate, to splinter. 

Spof, m. curlew. 

Spol, n, fin on th^ back of a fish; 
tail of a beaver. 

Spol||a, v. a. to spool, to wind the 
woof on the quill; T. to wash. — e, 
W. quill ; round, step ; spoke. -Biask, 
W. round-worm, belly-worm. 

Sporrjja, v. a. to spur. - upp, to 

spur on. — e, m. spur; jagging-iron. 
-lljul, n. rowel of a spur, -hng^ga, 
V. a. to spur, to spurgaii. -läder, 
n, spurleather. -mak are, m, spur- 
rier. -S track, n. .full gallop, full 

Sportlar, m. pi. perquisites, fees. 

Spotsk, a. insolent, haughty, arrogant, 
contemptuous. -het, /. insolence, 

Spott, m. spittle, slaver, saliva; mockery, 
derision, —a, V. a, & n. to spit. 
-gång, W. salivary conduit, -kopp, 
M. spitting-cup. — knr, W, salivation. 
";-låda, f. spitting-box. 

Spraka, v. n. to crackle. 

Spratt, W. trick, prank, -la, V. n. 

Spri, n, T, yard. [to sprawl. 

Spricka, v. n. to break, to burst, to 
split, to crack; to chap. — , f. crack, 
chap, slit. 

Sprida, v. a. to spread, to extend. - 
sig, V. r, -S, v. d. to spread. 

Spring, n. run, running; T, spring. 
—a, V. tl. to run ; to burst, to fly, to 
blow up. lata en mina -, to spring 
a mine, vinden har sprungit om, 
the wind has sliifted. — af, to snap; 
to leap from. — bort, to run away. 
— fatt, to overtake, to outrun. — 
pä, to rush upon, to run upon. — 
sönder, to fly in pieces. - till, to 
run forth; to start. — tillhaka, to 
run back; to start back, to rebound, 
to retire. — Upp , to blow up; to 
start up ; to fly open ; to rise, to spring: 

218 Springa 

oöL ^a, r. a. to leap upon, tojsover. 
— arOjWi. courser-, grampus. — fJa^lGl'j 
m. spring, -källa, f. spring, foun- 
tain, source. — lliaskj «l. ascarid. 
-pojke, m, cnand-boy. -tid, rfi, 
spring-tide, —åder, f. fountain -liead, 
source of a spring. 

Springa, f, chink, cranny. T, glottis. 

Sprint, 7W. forelock. [spirituous. 

Sprit, m, spirit; scab. -Iialtlg, a. 

Sprit||a, V, a, to shell, to unhusk. — 
fjäder, to pick feathers, -ärter, m, 
pi, shelled pease. 

Spritsegel, n, T, spritsaii. 

Spritt, 771. raalanders, grapeo. (play. 

Spritta, V. n. to start, to startle, to 

Sprnnd, W, bung, bunghole. -a, V. 
a. to bung. -"llål, n. bunghole. 
—tapp, m, stopple, bung. 

Sprutjia, v. a. to squirt, to syringe, 
to sprinkle. -; v. n, to spout, to 
spatter. -, e. f, squirt, syringe; fire- 
engine; T. bridle, -are, m. ascldla. 

-hus, n, house of engines, -kanna, 

/. sprinkling • pot. -mästare, 771. 
engineer, -slaug, m. leather - pipe, 
Språk, n» language, tongue; discourse, 
conference, conversation, speech, talk, 
parley; sentence; text, -a, V. n, to 
discourse, to talk, -foruk, ??. usage 
of language, -fel, n, grammatical 
fault, blunder, -forskare, m, philo- 
loger, linguist, -kunnig, a, skilled 
in languages, linguist, -kunnigliet, 
f, philology; grammatical learning. 
-lynne, n, the genius of Ä language. 

-lära, f. grammar, -lärare, m, 

grammarian, teacher of a language. 

-lärd, 8. -kunnig. -mästare, 

m, master of languages, —regel, f, 

rule of grammar, —mm, W. parlour. 

-rör, n. speaking-trumpet. — sam, 

a. talkative, loquacious. 
Språng, tl. leap, jump, bound, i fullt 

-, in full speed, stå pd -— , lo be 

upon the start, —rem, f, martingal, 
Spl*&te, Wl. stick, sprig. Ibricole. 

Spräcka, v, a, to cracky to break into 



Spräcklig, a. motley, speckled. 
Sprängda, v, a, to spring, to blow up. 

— en häst, to override a horse.. 
-kista, f. powder.chest, -lärd, a, 
full of learning. -Ört, /. water* 

Spränkla, f. springle.- 

Sprätt, m. beau, coxcomb, fop. 

Sprattija, V, a. to spread. - W^, to 
rip up. — , V. n. to scratch; to spat- 
ter, -båge, m. fietch-bow. 

Sprod, a, brittle, -liet, f. brittleness. 

Sprot, n. feeler. 

Spanning, m, T, rabbet. 

Spy, V. a. to spew, to vomit, -flugft, 
f. blowing. fiy. — gatt, n. scupper. 

Spå, t;, a. to divine; to foretell, to 
presage, to predict. — t kort, to tell 
fortunes upon cards. — dom, Wl. pre- 
diction, prognostic, presage, divination, 
-doms -konst, f, art of divining, 

-käring, -qvinna, f, fortune-teller, 
witch, —man, m. fortune-teller, sooth- 

Spån, m. chip , shaving ; shingle, splints. 
-bräde, n, T. hummer, -slå, V. a. 
to cover with shingles. — , v, n, to 
saunter. -tak , n, shingle - roof. 
-tackare, w. slater, shingler. 

Spanad, f, spinning; yarn. 

Sj)ång5 f, a little bridge. 

Spant, Tn., groove, -a, v, a, to lop, 
to rabbet, to bung. 

Spår, n, trace, track, prick; fusee; foot- 
step ; rail, följa på sjjåren, to trace. 
-a, V, a, to trace, to track. — liund, 
m, liraer, drawing-hound. — 1ÖS, a, 

Spack, n. lard, bacon: blubber, -a, 
V, a, to lard, -böld, f. steatoma. 
-llask, n, bacon for larding, —nål, 
f, -pankaka, S. froise, 
-sten, 771. soapstone. 

Späd, a. tender, soft; effeminate. -hOt, 
f. tenderness, softness, —a, V, a. to 
dilute, to make thin or weak, to thin. 

— i, to mix with. — pd, to pour to. 
—ning, f, thinning, dilution. 

Späka, V, a. to subdue, to tame; tQ 




Spaiin||a) v. a. to stretch, to strain, 
to draw, to extend. — €71 bössa, to 
cock a gun. — af, to unbend; to 
unbuckle. — emot , to resist, to op- 
pose. — föret to put tho horses to. 

— i ram, to stretch out on the tenter. 
~ ifrdn, to take the horses from the 
coach; to unbuckle. — igen, to buckle. 

— ihop, to put together. — Tied, to 
unbend. — 0772, to stretch round; to 
draw again, to put to again. — jpä, 
to strain on; to gird. — upp , to 
stretch; to unbuckle; to prick up. — 
ut, to stretch out. "ät, to tie, to 
draw. — ftrOj ni, spanner, tenter. —0, 
«, buckle. -halsduk, 771. stock. 
-Ing, f. stretching, tension, -kedja, 
f, chain extended over. — kraft , f, 
elasticity. -rClU, f, latchet. -StoVj 
m. weaver's stick. — toril, 77i. tongue 
of a buckle, -tåg, n. tether. 

Spänstig, a. springy, elastic, -het, 

f. elasticity. 
Spiinta, v. a. to cleave, to split. 
Spiirra, v. a. to bar, to stop ; to straddle ; 

to extend; T. to widen (the lines). 
SpÖj n, rod, whip, switch ; lashes, slita 

-, to be whipped. -Slitning, f. 

lashes, fustigation. 
Spöka, V. n. to haunt. 
Spöke, n, ghost, spectre, apparition. 

— Ise, f. — ri, n. apparition of ghosts. 
Spörja, V a, to ask, to enquire, to 

perceive, to hear. 
Spörsmål, n. question. 
Sqvabblig, a. squeamish, foul.i 
Sqvadron, m. squadron, troop. 
Sqval , n. impetuous running of water. 

-a, V. n. to stream, to gush, -regn, 

n. violent shower of rain. 
Sqyaller, n. tales, idle stories, -aktig, 

a. talkative, gossiping, -bytta, f. 

telltale, —kål, 77i. goutwort, ashweed. 
Sqvallra , V, n. to tell tales , to chat, 

to slander, to backbite. — ur skolan, 

to betray the secret. 
Skvalpa, V. a. to shake, to flash. -, 

V. n. to dash ; to fluctuate. — öfver, 

to dash over. 

Sqvalt||a , -qvarn , f. knockingmili. 

Sqvattller, n, chattering, -ra, V. n, 

to^ chatter, -ram, f. marsh-rosemary. 
Sqvaka, v. n. to croak. 
Sqvatt, m. squirt, a little. -8, V. a, 

to squirt. (officer. 

Stab, m, stafit -sofflcer, m. stait'- 

Stabbo, m. stump, stub. 

Stabrak, n. solstice. 

Stack, m. rick, heap/stack. -a, V. a, 
to stack, to pile up in ricks. 

Stackar||e, m. wretch, poor fellow, 
poor. -S, a. - karl, poor fellow. 

Stackig, a. short, too short. 

Stad, m. (ställe) place, stead; abode. 
— , /*. list, border. 

Stad, m. city, town, -sbo, ra. citi- 
zen, townsman. — shus,^7i. town- 
house, cityhall. -skunn fg, a. pu- 
blic, notorious, -slag, m. city-law. 
-smajor, m. town -major. -SOni- 
råde, n. territory of a town. -Stjc- 
nare, m. town - sergeant. -SVakt, 
m. city-guard. 

Stadd ^ a. stead, being in any place. 

— pa resa, being on journey, vara 

- i fara, to be in danger. 
Stadljeligen, acZ. constantly, stand- 

fastly, firmly, -fästa, r. a. to con- 
firm, to corroborate, to ratify. -fiU 
StelsO, f. confirmation, ratification. 
-ga, V. a. to ordaiw, to enact, to 
direct; to strengthen, to settle, to fix, 
to make firm. — sitt sinne, to settle 
one's mind. - sig, to strengthen, to 
becj)me firm-, to thicken; to settle one's 
mind. — , f. ordinance, prescription; 
firmness, years of discretion, -ig, a, 
steady, firm, solid, stable, fixed, sett- 
led, constant, -igliot, f, firmness, 
steadiness, constancy, -igvaraude, 
a. perpetual , perennial , continual. 
-ium, n. stage, -na, v. n. & a. to 
stop, to stagnate, to lodge ; to thicken ; 
to stop. 

Staf, 771. staff, -jern, n. iron in bars. 
-karl, m. beggar, -rum, n. wood- 

Stafett, 771. express, courier. 

Staffli, 72. easel. 

Stafjjning, /. spelling, -va, v. a. 




to spell. -velsG, f, syllable. -Yelse- 
niått, n» syllabic quantity, metre, 
Stfl^, n. T. stay, -a, v. a, to stay. 

-lodra, f, T, grommet. -stropp, 

n. T. collar. -SOgel, n» stay. sail. 

-vända, v. n, to tack. 

Staka^ V. a. to pole. — Sig, to stake 
one's self; to miscarry for. — Ut, 
V. a. to mark out, to stake out. 

Stake^ m, pole, stake, stick; candlestick. 

Siakernat, w. T. burton. 

Staket^ n. palisade, stockade. 

Stall 9 n. stable, -a, v. a, to stall; 

to sta 11 feed. -, V, n, to stale, to piss. 

-broder, m. comrade, companion. 

-dräng, m. stableman, -mästare, 

m. riding-master. -nlng, f, stall- 
feeding. -OXe, m. stallfed bullock. 

Stalp, n, rush. 

stam, m. trunk, stock, body; stock, 
race, stem, lineage, original; tribe. 
— bok, f, remembrance-book. — fadcr, 
m, the first ancestor. -gOds, n. 
family-estate, -hus, n. the house a 
family is descended from, —län, n. 
fee simple. — Ord, W. primitive word. 
-taila, f, pedigree, -träd, n, tree 
of genealogy, pedigree. 

Stamma, v, n. to stammer, to stutter, 
to falter. — r©, W. stutterer. 

Stamp, m. stamp, pestle, pounder. 
—a, t;. W. to stamp ; T, to pitch. — , 
V, a. to stamp, to pound, to beat. 
— qvarn, f. stamping-mill. 

Stan dar, n. standard. 

Stank, m. stink, stench. 

stanna, v, n, to stay, to rest ; to stop, 
to pause, to cease, to stagnate. — , 
V. a, to stop, to check. 

Stanniol, m. tinfoil. 

Stapljel, m. pile, heap ; belfry ; stocks ; 
staple, emporium, lata gå af — , to 
launch. -elfriliet, f. liberty of 
trading to foreign parts. -elstad, 
m, staple-town, -la, V. a. to pile, 
to heap, to pile up [falter. 

Stappla, V. W. to stumble, to trip, to 

Stare, m. stare, starling. 

Stark, a. strong, robust, vigorous, 

hard, hearty, -het, f. strength, vJ. 
gour, firmness, -lemmad, a. strong, 

Starr, m. cataract; fhvitj albugo; 
f9'^<^J glaucoma; (svartj amaurosis, 
gutta-serene. sticka starren, to couch 
the eye. -blind, a. quite blind. 
—nål, 771. T. couching needle. 

Starr, m. -gräs, n. carex, sedge. 
-hö, n. watermeadow • hay, — vall, 
w. watermeadow. 

Stat, W. state; establishment; atten« 
dance; portion, allowance; state, pomp, 
show, figure, jpd — , ordinary, in or- 
dinary, gifva upp staten» to give 
in one's schedule, to turn bankrupt. 
föra stor — , to make a great figure. 

Statsllafsigt, f. politic view, -ange- 
lägenhet, f. affair of state, -brlst, 
Qn. deficit, -drägt, m. habit of state. 
-fru, f. lady of honour, -fånge, 

m. prisoner of state, -förbrytare, 

m. state criminal, -förbrytelse, f, 
crime against the state, -författ- 
ning, f. constitution. -förvaltning, 

f, government, -hushållning, f. 
economy of state, -hvälfning, f. 
revolution. — intresse, 71. interest 
of state, -kassa, f, public exchequer. 

-klok, a. political, -klokhet, f. 

politics, —konst, f, politics, policy. 
-kontor, n, exchequer, -man, m. 

statesman, politician, —medel, 71. 
pi. finances, -minister, 771. minister 
of state, -papper, n. state -paper; 

public funds, -regleringsförslag, 

n. budget, —råd, n. counsellor of 
state; council of state, -sak, f. 
state-affair. -Sekreterare, m. se- 

cretary of stato, -skuld, f. national 
debt, pjiblic debt, -vagn, m, coach 
of state. 

Station, f. station, terminus, -©ra, 
V. a. to station, to place. -SfÖre- 
Ståndare, ttz. station-master, -är, 
a. stationary, conservative. 

Statyist, 771. statist, -istik^ f. sta- 

stativ, 71. foot, Btand. (tistics, 

Statur, 771. size. 

Statu t^ 72. statute, regulation. 




Stearin, m, stearine. -IjUS, n. stea- 

Steg 5 n. pace, step; rundla; footstep; 
• course, measure ; T, reglet, printer's 
furniture, taga länga — , to take 
large strides. — för — , step by step. 
-bogel, m, stirrup; staple, -lljul, 
n, T, balance-wheel. 

Stege, w. ladder; rack. 

Stegliel, w. wheel. -la, v.' a. to 

crush by a wheel. 

Steglitsa, f, goldfinch, thistlefinch. 

Stegra, v, a, to enhance, to raise. — 
sig, to rear op. 

Stek, /", roast meat, roast, —a, V. a, 
to roast; to boll; to toast; to fry; to 
broil; to bake, -fett, -flott, n. 
dripping, -nål, f, skewer, -panna, 
/• frying pan. -rofva, f. roasted 

turnip, -spett, n. spit, -vändare, 

m. turn-spit, jack. (pump. 

Stek, n. r. hitch, -pninp, m. hand- 
stel, a. stiff, hard, -bent, a. stiff. 

legged, -het, f, stif&ess. -na, V. 
n. to grow stiff; to harden; to congeal. 
Sten, m. stone, af -, earfhen. ste- 
7',arne, pL T. testicles, -a, v. a. to 
etone, to lapidate, to kill with stone?. 
•-aktig, a. stonelike, stony, -bit, 
m. suck -stone (fish); stone - sraickle 
(bird), -bock, m, chamois-goat; T. 
Capricorn. — brott, n. stonepit, quarry. 

-brytare, m, quarryman. -bräcka, 

f, saxifrage. -bunden, a. stony. 
— ek, /*. holly, evergreen oak. —fat, 
n, earthen diih. -ftrnkt, m. stone- 
fruit, -galle, m. wind-gaii. -gata, 

f. paved street, —get, f. chamois- 
goat, -golf, n, stone-floor, -grufva, 
f. quarry, -grug, n. gravel. -Iial- 
lon, n. stone- bramble, —hop, m. 
heap of stones or ruins, -hnggare, 
m. stonecutter, lapicide. — hus, n. 
brick-house. — hlill, m. plate of stone. 
-ig, 'a. stony, -kast, n. stonecast. 

-kista, f. pier, -kitt, -Mm, n. 

lithocolla. -knok, W. suck -stone 
(fish), -knäck, m, stone- smickle. 

-kol, w. pit-coal, -kolsgrnfva, f. 
éoal>mine. -kolstjära^ /v coal-tar. 

-krnka, f, earthen pot. -kännare, 

771. lithologue. -kärl, n. earthen 
vessel; earthen ware, -lägga, -sät- 
taj V, a. to pave, to floor with stone. 

-laggare, m. paver, -niossa, /". 

greyblue pitted lichen. -lUUr, m, 
brickwall, -Olja, f, petrolsura. -pas- 
Sion, m. stone-evil. -rlk, a. mighty 
rich, -riket, n, the mineral king- 
dom, —ristning, f, engraving upon 
stones, —rose, n, heap of stones. 

-salt, n. rock- salt, -simpa, f, 

river - bullhead. -Skäfte , n. isis. 
•-Skärfva, f. splinter of a stone. 

-skärning, f. lithotomy, -sliparc, 

m. polisher of gems, lapidary, -sprän- 
gare, m. stone-breaker. -Stll, m. 
lapidary style. -SÖta, f, wall-fern. 

-tryck, n. lithography, -tryckare, 

771. lithographer. -tryckcri, 71. 
lithographical establishment, —tålig, 
/. pincers. -Uggla, f, church-owl. 

-yandlad, a. petrified, -van dl ing, 

f. petrification. —Or, 71. gravelly and 
stony ground. —Örn, 77J. royal eagle, 
— Ort, f. groundsel, (stenography. 

Stenograf, m, stenographer. -1, f, 
Stepp, f. steppe, heath, desert. 
Sterbhos, n. house or family of a de- 

Stereotyp, m, stereotype, -era, v. a, 

to stereotype. -Upplaga, f, stereo- 

Stia, f. cabbin to keep geese in. 

Sticky 71. stab, stitch, sting, thmst, 
prick; trick, lemna i sticket ^ to 
leave at random, hålla — , to hold 
good, -a, f. splinter, spill. ~a, V, 
a. & 71. to stab, to stitch, to sting, 
to prick , to stick ; to take , to beaL 
solen sticker starkt , the sun shines 
hot. — af, to point, to prick, to set 
off. - fram t v. a. & n, to reach 
forth , to produce ; to stick out , to 
shoot forward, to appear. — hos si(f, 
to pocket. — I, — in i, to put into, to 
thrust into; to slip into. — i skidan, 
to sheath. — thj'dl, to stab do death. 
— undan, to abscond, to conceal. — 
upp, to hoist; to pierce, to broach,^ 



to prick ; to start up, to rise; to shoot> 
to com© up. " Ut , to engravo; to 
pitch, to mark out; to put out; to 
supplant. — , V. a. to knit; to quilt; 
to embroider. — as, v. d» to sting, to 
bite. -Mad, n, guard, -bloss, n, 
torch of wood. — bå^e, w,. embroi- 
dering frame, -©rska, /. embroiderer. 
-flaSS^ m. choaking rheum. -llOSt% 
f, choaking cough. —IliKg", f, stitch- 
,ing; knitting, embroidery. —Old, n. 
' catch-word ; taunting ♦ word. — Silke^ 
^n, sewing-silk. -strumpa, f, knit- 
stocking, -såg", f, handsaw, -söm, 
TO. knitting. 

Stickel^ m, graving-tool, burin, -bar, 
01. goo33-berry. 

Stlckilen, a. pettish, touchy, irritable, 
peevish. — Iias , V. d. to take pet, 
to be nettled, to be piqued. 

Stift, n. diocess, bishoprick; charitable 
institution, —a, V, a. to found, to 
establish, to institute; to occasion, to 
raise. — €71 lO'Q » to enact a law. 
-are, to. founder, author, -else, 
—ning, f, foundation, establishment, 
institution, settlement, — sdam, TO. 

Stift, f. pin; tag; crayon, pencil, rul- 
ing-pen; tongue; T, style. 

Stig", to, path, footpath; coal -measure 
of twelve barrels, —a, V, n, to step, 
to tread; to rise, to mount, to flow; 
to increase, to improve, stig hitf 
come hither. — af, tp dismount from, 
to get off. — fram, to step forth or 
forward, — t, to step into, to mount 
up. — in, to step in. — ned, to 
step down, to descend. — pä, to 
tread on; to mount; to lean on; to 
step on, to mend one's pace, — till, 
to visit; to amount to. — tillbaka, 
to step back, — undan, to retire, 
to make room. — upp, to rise, to 
get up, to stand up; to climb up; to 
mount, '- Ut , to step out, to retire, 
- utur, to step out of. - ofver, to 
step over, to surpass, to exceed, to go 
beyond; to run over. ' -arOj TOc^ sur- 
veyor, leader. 

Stikta, 8. Stifta. 

Stil, TO. style; hand, handwriting; T, 
type, letter, en vacker — , a good 
hand, -gjutare, TO, letter -foutidef. 
-gjuteri, n, letter-foundery, -isera, 
V, a. to correct the style, -kast, 

TO, -låda, f. letter-case, -massa, 

f. type-metal. 

Still lla^ a, quiet, calm, still, hush, pla- 
cid, tranquil, gentle, peaceable. -. ad, 
still, quietly, stilla! be quiet I hälla 
-, to stop, hälla sig -, to be stil!. 
tiga—, to be silent, to keep counsel. 
var -, bo quiet. -, v. a, to quiet, 
to calm, to mitigate, to still, to ap- 
pease, to pacify, to compose, to allay, 
to quench, to quell; to stanch, to 
stop; to moderate, -aståendo, a. 
standing still ; stagnant, -atigande^ 
a, silent, — , n, silence, gä med 
förhi, to pass over in silence, -a» 
stånd, n. stop, cessation, -liet, f, 
quietness, calmness, silence, tranquil- 
lity, serenity, lefva i — , to live pri- 

Stiltje, TO, calm, [vately. 

Stim, 7Z. noise ; a shcal of fish. — nia, 
V, n, to make noise. 

Sting, n, sting; stab, thrust, wound; 
stitch; pleurisy; breeze, -ft, V, a. to 
sting, to prick. 

Stink, n. dribbling, -a, V. W. to stink, 
-djur, n, stinkard, skunk. -Spiri* 
tus, TO. spirit of salt ammoniac. 

Stinn, a, stuffed, swelled, full, cranio 
mtå, med stinna segel, with swelK ' 
ing sails. 

Stint, ad. se - pä, to stare at. se ^ 
ut, to look as bold as brass. 

Stipendium, n, stipend, allowance. 

Stirra, v, n. to stare, to gape. 

Stjelk, Stjälk, to. stalk, stem, 

§tl®il>^> ^» <^' ^ W» to overturn. 

Stjorna, s. Stjärna. 

Stjafbarn etc, s. Stjfbarn etc. 

Stjäla, v. a. to steal. - sig i fr än, 
to steal away from, to give a slip to. 

Sijämjla, f, star; asterisk; chanfrin, 
•>an!8, «, indian anise, —bild, m, 
constellation, -blomma, f. stitch- 
wort, -fall, n utarshoot. -himmelf. 





vt, the firmament of stars. — hvftlfj 
?io starry vault. — ig'j a. starry, —ki- 
kare, m, astronomer, -kikeri, n. 
observatory. —klaFj a, starlight. 

-korall, m. astroites. -kniini^- 

het, f. astronomy, -SkJlDS, m. 
star-redoubt. — skottj 71. star-shoot. 

-tydare, m. astrologer, -tydning", 

f. astrology, —år, n. sideral year. 
—Ört, f. starwort. 
, m, tail. 

StO, n. mare. -fSl, n. filly-fole. 

Stock, m. timber, beam, stock, —a, 
V. a. to stock; to put on the form. 
- upp en hatt, to dress a hat. - 
sig, to stop, to stop up, to coagulate ; 
to clod, -ficl, w. small-fiddle, re- 
beck, -fisk, m. stockfish, -hns, n. 
block -house, —lat. Of. extremely 
lazy, -mörk, a. pitch-dark. -rOS, 
f. rosemallow, -Straff, 7U stock. 
-virke, ?l. timber. 

StOil, r/i. statue; pillar. 

Stolf, n, stuff; matter, substance, -era, 
V. a. to trim, -erare, m. garnisher. 

-erblomma, f. borage. 

Stoft, n. dust, clod. Jians — , his a?hes. 
Stofter, pL stuffs. 

Stoj, n. noise, bustle, -a, V. 1U to 
bustle, to make a noise. 

Stol, 77», chair, den pdfliga stolen, 
the apostolical see. gå till stols, to 
go to stool, —gång, m. stool , eva- 
cuation of the bowels, -iiiakare, 
m, chairmaker, -tränga, f. -tvång, 
71. obstruction, tenesmus. 

jStola, V. a. to underprop. -, V. n. to 
thrust to. 

StoU, -gång, m. stoim. 
Stolpe, 771. post, stay, supporter, prop, 
jStolsteg, n, a wisp in the eye, sty. 
i'lStolt, a. proud, lofty, haughty, stately. 
— llOt, f. pride, loftiness, haughtiness. 
Stoni, Stomme, TTJ. shell, carcass, 
' skeleton, framing. 

('Stop, n, stoop; a liquid measure con- 
I taining about three pints. 
fet0l)p, 771. stopple; darn, -gam, 71. 
darning, yarn, -nål, f, darning- 
needle, -ull, /. wool used in quilting. 


Stoppa, V. a. to quilt, to staff; to 
darn; to fill; to cram; to stop, to 
glue up; to occasion costiveness. — 
hos sig, "på i.ig, to pocket. — igen, 
to stop up; to darn. — iTi, — ned, 
to tuck in, to thrust down, —re, 
771. T, stopper. 

Stor, a. great, big, vaste, large, grand, 
tall. - hoJcstaf, capital letter, de 
store, the grandees, göra sig ~, to 
take state upon one. vara — pd sig 
of ver något, to value one's self upon 
a thing. - saJc, no matter, stöi^e 
elL största delen, the most part, 
stort, greatly, lefva stort, to make 
a figure; prata stort, to talk big. ej 
stort, not much, -amiral, 771. lord 
high admiral, -bofvenbramscgel, 

n. main top-gallant royal sail. — brani- 
läsegel, 71. main top -gallant stud- 
ding-sail, —finger, n. middlefinger. 

-fnrste, f, grand-duke, -fursten- 
dome, 71, greatdutchy, -farstlnna, 

/". grand • dutchess, — gOd, a. self- 
conceited, —het, f. greatness , gran- 
deur ; quantity. -Iiundradc, n, 

hundred twenty, six scores. — lok, 771. 
greatness, bigness, size, magnitude, 
bulk, pitch; enormity, ~lig8U, ad, 
greatly, vastly, largely, to a great de- 
gree, -låtig, a. ostentatious, boast- 
ful. -makt, /*. great power, -miist, 
m. mainmast. — niOdJg, a. haughty, 
arrogant. -modigJiet, /". haughti- 
ness, arrogance, —mäktig, a. high, 
potent, most potent, -miirssegel, 
n, main topsail, —mästare, tti. grand- 
master, — pratarO , 771, swaggerer. 
—rå, f. main-yard. — segel, n, main- 
sail, — sint, a. high-minded, magna- 
nimous, generous. — sinthet, f, n^agn- 
animity, generosity. -skifte, n, 
separation of common grounds into 
distinct possessions, —skratta, v. 7i. 
to laugh outright, -skrika, v. n. to 
cry with all might, -Skrytare, 771. 
boaster, -slägtad, a. illustrious, 
kindred. — talig, a. grandiloquent, 
vainglorious, swaggering. — tftligliot, 
f. grandiloquence, braggardiim. -tarm j 



m. the great gut, colon. — trnt, m. 
bigfnouth, braggart, -turken , m. 
tho grand-turk. —tänkt, a. magna- 
nimous, generous, -verk, n, great 
achievement, -vinge, tn. forewing 
of insects, -virke, w. timber, -visir, 
W. grand -vizier, -ända, f, the big 

end. -ätare, ra. glutton, -ättad, 

a. of an illustrious family. -Ögd, a. 


Stork, m. stork, -uäf, m. & n. 

crane's-bill (plant). 

Storknila, v. n, to be choked, -ing, 
f. suffocation. 

Storm, 771. storm, assault, tempest, foul 
weather, —ft, V, a, to storm ; to as- 
sault. — , V. W. to storm , to blow 
hard; to roar; to rage, to make a 
noise. — aktig, a. stormy, tem- 
pestuous. —ande, a. storming, tur- 
bulent. -fOCk, m. T. forestay-sail. 
-galen, a. arrant fool. -gik- 
segel, n. T, trysail. -Iiatt, m. mo- 
rion, steal-cap, helmet; aconite (plant), 
-ig, a. stormy, tempestuous, -klocka, 
f, alarm-bell, -lucka, f. T. dead- 
light, -segel, n. lug-saii. --steg, 
n. double quick pace. — stege, m. 
scaling-ladder; fire-ladder. — vlnd, m. 
tempestuous wind, strong gale, —väder, 
n. stormy weather. -Yädersfågel, 
m. petrel, gourder. 

Straff, W. punishment, punition, pe- 
nalty, -a, V. «. to punish; to re- 
prove, to chide, to reprehend. — till 
lifvet , to punish with death, —an- 
stalt, m. penitentiary, —arbete, n. 
penal servitude, penitential labour. 
—are, m. punlsher, chastiser. —bar, 
a. punishable, blamable. — barhet, f. 
punishableness. —lag, m. penal law. 
-lös, a. unpunished, -lösliet, f. 
impunity, —predikan, f. censure, 
admonition; severe lecture. 

Stramm, a. tight, strait, close, —a, 
V. n. to be too tight. 

Strand, m. shore, strand, bank, coast. 

-a, V. n. to strand, -blomster, n. 
thrift, sea - gilliflower. -bro, f. kay, 
wharf, -gata, f. creek. -gOds, n. 


flotson. —kål, m, sea-colewort. -niol- 
la, f. white giasswort. -pipare, m. 
collar plover. — ridare , m. coast- 
officer, -rätt, m. shorage. -SVala, 
f. sandmartin. -sälta, V. a. to 
disappoint. — vakt, ni. shor0watch. 

-vrak, n. flotson. 
Strapats, m. fatigue, hardship, -era, 

V. a, to harass, to fatigate. 

Strax, Straxt, ad. instantly, imme» 
diately, directly. 

Streck , n, cord , string , line ; dash, 
stroke, line; touch; direction; point; 
flight; trick, stroke. [flounder. 

Streta, v. ?l. to strive, to struggle, to 

Strid, a. rapid, strida tårar, a tor- 
rent of tears. — säd^ rich corn. 

Strid, m. combat, battle, fight, engage- 
ment, encounter; contention, dispute, 
controversy, contest, conflict, strife. 
—a, V. n. to fight, to combat ; to contest, 
to contend, to struggle, to strive, —an- 
de, a. fighting ; repugnant , contrary. 
—bar, a. warlike, fighting, fit for war, 
martial], military. — ig, a. contrary, 
opposite; contending, -ighet, f. con» 
troversy , dispute , difference ; contra, 
riety, repugnance. — sfråga, f. que» 

stion for discussion, -shammare, m. 

pole-axe. -sklnbba, f. whirlbat. 

— Sman, m. warriour, combatant, sol* 

dier. — Skrift, f. polemic treatise, 

controversy. — svagn, m. charriot of 

war. -Syxa, f. battle-ax. 
Strigel, m. razor-strap. 
Strinini[|a, /". streak, stripe ; beam, en 

- af ljus, a ray of light, -ig , a. 

striped, streaky. 
Stripmalm, m. lead and antimony. 
Strit, m. harvest-fly, flea-locust. 
Strof, m. strophe. 
Stropp, w. strap. 
Strnfva, f. spout-cake, fritter. 
Strumplja, f. stocking, -band, n. 

garter. — sticka, f, knitting-needle. 
-Slickerska, f. stocking - knitter. 
-stol, m. stocking-Ioora. -välVare, 
W. frame-knitter, stockfng-weaver , ho- 
sier, -väfveri, n. stocking • maim 


Strösocker 225 

Strnnt) m. trash, refuse, -pr&t^ n. 

idle talk, nonsense. 

Strnplle, m, throat, -huffnd, n. 
head of the wind«pipe, larynx. — Ijlld^ 
n. guttural sound, -mynning, f. 

swallow, throat, -åder, m. jugular 

Strut, m, eornet, paper*oohin« (vein. 

Struts, 771. ostrich. 

Strutta, v. 71. to slide, to slip. 

Stryk, n» blows, stripes, beating. -B, 
V. a. & n. to stroke, to rub gently; 
to iron; to strike; to play upon, to 
: trike ; to sharpen, to whet ; to stroll 
about, to ramble. — med åroi^na, 
to stop water. — af, to rub off, to 
ivipe off; to slip. — efter, to hunt 
after. — fram, to pass along, to run. 
— i, to put into. — igenotn, to pass 
through, to cross, to run through. — 
med, to back ; to waste, to be spent ; 
to go off; to go to pot, to die. — ned, 
to draw down. — om munnen , to 
wipe the mouth. — smör pd bröd, 
to spread bread with butter. — pd 
någon, to beat one, to thrash one. — 
till, to strike, to hit. — upp , to 
draw ; to tuck up, to turn up. — ut, 
to strike out, to dash out, to cross 
out; to spread; to smooth. — and6, 
o. en strykande vind, a fair wind, 
a smacking breeze. -, s. 71. strolling 
about, rambling, —band, n. head- 
band, —bräde, n. ironing • board. 
— jem , 71. box-iron , smoothing - iron. 
—ning, f, stroking; ironing, -rem, 
f. razor .• strap. — Stlcka, f. match. 
— tra, 71. strickle, strike. 

Stryplla, v. a. to strangle, to throttle. 
-ning, /. strangulation. -8{juka, f, 

Strå, n. straw ; stalk, stefti. draga — 
för någon, to impose upon one. 
-blomma, f. dryrot. -perla, f, 

glassy pearl, bugle. 
Stråk, 71. stroke, cut; passage. 
Stråka, f. ripple. -, v. a. to ripple. 
' -, V, 71. to pass by in crowds , to 

Stråke, m. fiddle-stick. 
Stråljja, u. n. to beam, to ray, to rö" 

S IV edish- English DicU 

diftte. -brytning, f. refraction, -e, 
m, beam, ray. -ig, a. ra{3iant, ra« 

diate. -krans, m. -krona, f. 

aureola, glory, —sten, m, actinolite. 
Stråt, 771. road, highway, route. — rof» 

vare, m, highwayman , pad. — röf- 

veri, 71. highway-robbery. 
Sträck, 71. gallop. I fulU -, with 

full speed. 
Sträckjla, f. extension, reach, stretch; 

chain, range, ridge ; T. stretcher, i en 

— , in one career. — , V. a. to stretch, 

to extend, to reach, to strain, to sprain. 

— gevär, to lay down» arms, —bar, 
a, extensible. — barhet, f, extensi- 
bility, -bänk, 771. rack, -fågel, 
m. bird of passage t migratory bird. 
-muskel, tti. extensor, -nlng, f. 
stretching, extension ; direction, —sen a, 
f. tendon. 

Sträf, a. harsh; rough, coarse; •diffi- 
cult, austere, —het), f, harshness, 
roughness; austerity, —pelare, 771. 
buttress. — va, f, stay, prop. -, V, 
n. to strive, to struggle, to endeavour. 

— emot, to stiive against. — till ett 
mål, to pursue an object. 

Sträng, m. string; swath; fibre; fila- 
ment, —a, V. a, to string, to furnish 
with strings, -bro, f. -bräde, n, 
touch-board. -instrument, n. string- 
instrument, —spel, n, music of a 

Sträng, a. severe, strict, rigorous, 
austere, hard; rigid, harsh; violent. 
—a, V. a. to press, to press hard 
upon, to dun, to straighten. — eligcn, 
— t, ad. severely, rigorously, strictly. 
sitta strängt, to sit tight, -bet,/. 
severity, rigour, austerity, strictness, 

Strö, V, a. to strew, to scatter, to 
spread. strödda anmärkningar^ 
sundry remarks. — , 71. litter; bed of 
straw, -bössa, -dosa, f. dredger; 
sugarcaster; sandbox, —halm, 71. 
litterstraw. — moln, 71. scattered 
clouds. —sand, 771. writing • sand. 
—skrift, f. pamphlet, periodical writ- 
ing, -socker^ 72. powder -sugar. 



•»tlff^ ad» scatteriogly, here and there, 

Ströfilkår, m. flying party, -tåff, 

— YOri 9 n. ezcursion , inroad. — va, 

V. n, to rove, to ramble, to roam. — 

omkring, to rove about. 
StrÖIilj m, river; atreara, current ; tor* 

rent. — dra|fi> n, current, midstream. 

-fall 9 n. fall of a river; waterfall, 

cataract, -fåra 9 f, bed of a river. 

-hTirfvel, tw. whiri.pooi. -ma, v, 

n» to stream, to flow. — till, to run 
in crowds, to concur. — of ver , to 
overrun, to overstream. —ming^ m. 
a kind of small herring, Swedish an- 
chovy, —vatten, W. river-water. 
'Stubb, m, a quilted petticoat ; stubble ; 
stump of a tail, —a, V. a. to dock. 
-e, m. stump, stub, -gärde, n. 
-åker, m, mowed field, -ig, a. 
curtailed, docked, bobtailed. -SVaiES^? 
m. dock; docked horse or dog; bob» 
tail. -SVansig, a. curtailed, docked. 

Stuck, Stuckatur, m, stuck. 
Stad|!eiit, m, student. -ent4if, n. 

college-life. -ent-rOS, f. scarlet lych- 
nis, Bristol nonesuch. — era^ V. a, & 
n» to study, to prosecute one's studies. 
— på, to meditate upon. -Crad, a. 

learned, scholar, -erkammare, m, 

study, -ium, «. study, studier, 

pi. studies, literature. 
Studs, m. bound , rebound, -a, i?. n. 

to bound, to rebound , to start back ; 

to hesitate, —are, m, rifled gun; 

table-elook; beau, cozoomb. 
Stuf, m. remnant. 
Stuit, m. piece of oro. 
Stuf va, V, a, to stew ; T, to stow. — 

upp, to stow ; to trim up, to dress up. 
Stuga, Stufra, f, room, apartment; 

hut, cottage. Iblade. 

Stukat, m. poniard with a triangular 
Stulta, V. n. to hobble. 
Stum, a. dumb, mute, speechless, silent. 

stumma synder, unnatural ains. 

—het, f, dumbnessj muteness. 
Stump, m. stump, end, bit. —ft, f, 

chicken, -ig, a. short, ttnbby. 
Stnndj m, hour; while, moment. €T^ 


liten -, a little while, pä stunden, 
nu pä stunden, this moment, lediga 
stunder, pl. leisure, -ligen, ad. 
every moment. -OKI, ad. someti- 
mes. —tals, ad. at times, now and 
Stup, ad, pä -, tilted, -a, v. n, to 
fall. — , V. a. to tilt ; to scourge with 

rods, -ad, ad. sloping, -niug, f, 
falling, -stok, m. block. 

Stursk , a. haughty, saucy, refractory, 
untractable. —het, f. haughtiness, 
obstinacy, stubbornness. 

Stuss, m. prosteriors; buttocks. — beilj 
Ql. coccyx. [the buttocks. 

Stut, m. bullock; bang with a rod on 

Stuteri, n. stud. 

Stybb, m. Stybbe, n. coal-dust. 

Stycka, v. a. to cut in pieces; to se- 
ver, to dismember. 

Stycklle, n. piece, part; lump; frag- 
meut; section; picture, piece, plane; 
piece, air? lace; piece of ordnance, 
cannon, gun. ett — härifrån, a 
little distance from hence, i många 
stycken, in many respects. — ebl'Uk, 
n. gun-foundery. — CgodS, n. piece- 
goods. — ekula, f. cannon-ball, bullet. 

-eport, m. port-hole, -tpropp, m. 
tampion, tampkin. — CSkott, n. can- 
non-shot, -gjutare, m. cannon- 
founder. — junkare, m. cannonier. 
— rensare, m. maulkin, drag, spungo. 
—tals, —vis, ad. piecemeal, piece by 
piece, -vagn, 771. gun-carriage. 
Styf, a. stiff, inflexible ; strong, -bent, 
a. stifcl egged, —bet, f. stiffness ; in- 
flexibility , obstinacy. — munt, a. 
hard-mouthed. — ua, V. n. to grow 
stiff, to stiffen, -slnt, a. stubborn. 
— stnthet, f. stubbornness. — t, ad. 
stllfly, strongly ; hard. 

Styfiibarn, w. step- child, -broder, 

m. step . brother, -moder, f. step- 
mother, —morsviol, f. pansy. , 

Styfver, ?n. stiver. 

Stygg, a. ugly; bad, wicked, foul; 
waggish; dirty, filthy, naughty. — aS 
vid, V, d. to abominate, -else, f. 
abhorrence , aversion , abomination. 




— het^ f. ugUuess; wickedness ; naught* 

6tylta, f. stiic. 

StymtnclsO) /. indication, incitement. 

Stympa^ v. a, to mutilate, to curtail, 
to aborten, -re, m. a good for noth- 
ing fellow, fimbler. 

Styng, s. Stkng. 

Styr, hålla - på, to restrain, to check, 
to keep within bounds, hålla sig i — , 
to be quiet. — ftj V. tto to steer; to 
govern, to direct, to guide, to manage ; 
to rule, to control, to reign, to sway ; 
to moderate. — våld med våld, to 
repel force by force. — eig , to go- 
vern one's self. — bord, n. star-board. 
-bordSYakt, m. starboard - watch. 
— e, n. helm, rudder, -else, f. go- 
vernment, direction, management, guid- 
ance, administration. — esm&n, 772. 
chief, ruler, commander, governor, lea- 
der, manager, guide, director, —mail, 
m. mate, -manskonst, f, pilotage, 
navigation, -pinne, m. tiller, -sel, 
m. government, command, awe. 

Styrk||a, f. vigour, strength, might, 
energy; support, comfort; force. — , 
V, a, to strengthen, to enforce, to con- 
firm, to invigorate, to abet, to com- 
fort, styrkande medel, restorativ*;. 
-dryck, m, refreshing drink, cordial. 

Slå, V, n. to stand, to stay ; to be stiff, 
to be straight; to stand, to last; to 
become, to suit; to suffer, to endure. 
låta — , to let alone,, to leave, det 
står ej att undvika, there is no 
avoiding it. — puff en , to stand the 
shock. — af sig , to pall , to grow 
insipid. — &i, to stand, to last; to 
assist. — efter, to compass, to covet; 
to be inferior; to be set aside, lata 

— efter, to postpone. — emot, to 
lean against, to be against, to be op- 
posite to; to resist, to oppose; to 
witlistand. — fast, to stand fast, to 
persist, to persevere; to hold good. 

— fram, to jut, to stand out. — för, 
to answer for, to stand to; to camp 
before; to fill up the place. — hos, 
to stand by, to be about, to be in 

one's power. - väl hos någon, to 
be in one's favour. — igen, to be 
shut, to keep shut. — ihop, to stand 
together, to be joined. — inne, to 
stand within. — på, to stand on, 
upon ; to point to ; to insist upon. — 
på sig, to stand one's ground. — till, 
to stand, to be. huru står det till ? 
how do you do? - under, to stand 
under; to be under the command of. 
— "^PP f to stand up, to rise. — ur, 
to rise from. — ut, to jut, to stand 
out, to swell ; to hold out, to bear. — 
ute, to be put out. — vid, to stand by, 
to stand at; to stand to. — öfver, 
to be over; to overflow. — sig bra, 
to be in good circumstances. — sig 
trött, to stand till one is tired, -eude, 
n. standing; erection. 
Stål, w. steel, -arbete, n. steelwork. 

-bakad, a. doughbaked. -^äder, 

771. Steel-spring, -handske, m. gf>unt- 
let. -kula, f, steel, martial ball. 
-penna, /". steel -pen. -stick, 71- 
steel-engraving, -stickare, 771. steel- 
engraver, -sätta, V. a. to steel. 
-tråd, 771. iron-wire. -Yatten, n, 
chalybeate- water. 
Stånd, 71. stand, station; state, stalk; 
condition, situation; state, quality, 
class, rank; order, state; booth, stall. 
hålla — , to make a stand , to post 
one's self, vara i — att, to be able 
to. sätta i — , to put in order, af 
— , of high rank, få laga — på, to 
legalize a po?session. —a, V. n. to 
stand. — aktig", a. steadfast, con^ 
stant, firm ; resolute, -aktighct, f, 
steadfastness, constancy, firmness, re- 
solution, perseverance. — andC, a. 
standing, firm, stable, constant, —are, 

771. T, stamen, -drabant, m, hal- 
berdeer. -man , tti. a cut mane. 
-penningar, w. pi. stall -money, 

stallage, -qvartcr, n. camp pitched, 
quarters, -punkt, m. station; point 
of view, -rätt, m. martial court. 
-SperSOn, m, person of quality. 
-SSkilnad, m. difference of rank. 
Stång, 77J. pole, staff, stake, bar, pearcl»; 

16 • 

228 Stångbedsel 

T. topmast; bar; thill, beam; pearch; 
pole. Jialla en stången, to be a 
match for one. »bQtsel^ 71. curb- 
bridle. — bönft^ ft climbing bean. 
-häst 9 m, thill-horse. -Jem, n. 
bar-iron. -jernshstmmare^ m. forge. 

hammer. — kulu^ f, crossbar - shot. 

-piska, /*. stiff hair-taii. -vindare, 
m, T. stop-rope. 

Stånga, V. o. -s, v. dé to gore. 

Stänka, v. n, to pant, to puff and 
blow. — , f. tankard. 

Ståt, 97). state, pomp» show, magnifi- 
cence, splendour, -hållare, m. go- 
vernor; stadtholder. -hållarskap, 
«. government, prefecture. -lio> ^t* 
pompous, splendid, stately, magnificent, 

Stäcka, V, a. to clip, ta out. 

Städ, n. anvil. 

Städ||a, V. a. to put in order, to fit 
up , to clear , to sweep. — sig , to 
trim one's self. — d , a. neat , clean, 
cultivated. — erska, f. chamber-maid, 
sweeper. — i^f a. orderly, put in or- 
der, neat, -ja, v. a, to farm; to 
hire, to engage. — , 8, f. farm. — J6» 
penning, —sel, m. earnest, instal- 
ment, handsel. 

Städse, ad, ever, always, continually. 

Stäf« w. stem. — , V, a. to stem. 

Stäfva, f. milkpail; T. grating. 

Stake, n. ferry. 

Stäkra, f. water-hemlook; hipshot. 

Ställ, 72. a suit of ?ails. 

Ställ[|a, V. a, to place, to set, to put, 
to post, to plant , to station ; to con- 
ceive; to deliver, to furnish; to ad- 
dress. — ett UTf to set a watch. — 
försätt to lay an ambush, to waylay. 
— I ens liehag , to leave to one's 
discretion. — till, to manage, to re- 
gulate. — tillbaka, to put back. — 
sig, to place one's self; to behave; 
to feign, to affect. — sig emot, to 
place one's self over against; to lean 
against. — sig in hos en, to endear 
one's self to one. -clrkel, m. wing- 
compasses, — e, 7i. place, stead, room, 
spot; passage. ]på stället g directly, 


immediately, i - för, instead of. 
vara i - för en annan, to supply 
one's place, -företrädare, m. re- 
presentetive, proxy, -ning, f, po- 
Sture, position, situation, attitude; 
scaffold, stage; easel. — Sten, m, 
rockstone, furnace- ston 3. 
Stäm|{ma, f, voice, tune, song; part; 
key; voice, vote; family, stock ; meet- 
ing; strangury. -, v. a, to tune; to 
convoke ; to summon, to cite, to call ; 
to appoint ; to dam, to stop, to stanch. 
— , V. n, to tune, to be accordant. 

-mare, m, tuner, -gaffel « m. 

tuning-fork, -hammare, m, tuning- 
hammer, tuning. key. —ning, jf. ci- 
tation, summons; warrant; tuning. 
Stämpllel, 771. stamp, die; stamp, mark, 
coinage, -elafgift, m, stamp-duty. 

-elmästare, m. stamper, -elpap- 

per, n. stamped paper, —la, V, a. 
& 74. to Stamp, to mark; to plot, to 
contrive, -lare, m, stamper; con- 
triver, conspirator, -ling, f. stamp, 
ing, marking; machination, plot, cabal. 

Ständer, pi, af Stånd, estates, st». 
tas. rikets — , tho states of th^ realip. 

Ständig, a« continual, perpetual, con- 
stant, incessant. 

Stänglla, V, a. to shut, to close, to 
enclose, to hedge in, to fence, to hem 
in, to block up; to stop. — för, to 
shut up, to bolt before. — igen, to 
shut, to stop. — sig inne, to shut 
one's self up. -^ omkring, to fence 
round. — S©1, n, bap, bolt, hedge, 
fence; obstacle, gate. 

Stängel, m, stalk, stem; bar. 

Stänk, n. sprinkle, plash, -a, v, a, 
& n, to sprinkle, to scatter. — borste, 
m, sprinkling * brush, -elsekar, 71. 

Stärkjja, v, a, to strengthen, to corro- 
borate, to comfort; to confirm, to for- 
tify ; to encourage ; to starch, —else, 
f. starch, hid — , blue glaso. 

Stätta, f, stile. 

stöd , 71. prop ; stay , support , suppor- 
ter, post, i — deraf, by virtue there- 
of, —a, — Ja^ V. Ö. to prop, to support, 


to stay, to lean. - 8ig emot , to 
lean againsl.. -> sig pd, to lean on; 
to rest upon. - sig vid, to rely 

St of vare, m. beagle, fleet-hound. 

Stöfvel, m. boot, -block, w. ^boot- 
trees, -kuekt, m. jack, -krok, 
Wi. boot-hook, -skaft , n. leg of a 
boot, -stropp, m. boot-strap. 

Stok, n. rummage, bustle, —ft, V. a. 
to rummage, to stir. 

Stold, m. theft. 

Stöna, v.n. to groan. 

Stöp, n. snow and ioe mixed with 
water, sludge. 

StÖplIa, V. a. to to oast , to found ; to 
steep. -, V. n. to soak, to sink. — 
s'ddf to steep corn. — IJUS, n. dipt 
candle, -slef, f, casting-ladle. 

Stör, m. stake ; sturgeon (fish), -a, V. 
a. to pole. 

Störa, V, a, to disturb, to InteiTupt. 

StÖrtlJa, V. a. to precipitate, to oast 
down; to ruin one. — , v. n, to fall 
down, —sjö , m. heavy sea , poop- 
ing sea. 

Stöt, m. thrust, push, knock, shock, 
concussion, blow, —a, v, a. & n. to 
thrust, to push, to shook; to pound, 
to beat, to hit , to jolt ; to recoil ; to 
strike back ; * to shock , to offend , to 
affront, to disgust. - i trumpet, to 
sound the trumpet. — ned, to push 
down, to ram down, to batter down. 

- om, to beat again. - omkull, to 
push down. — pd , to push on , to 
hit against; to jog; to fall in with; 
to strike upon; to incline to; to be 
somewhat; to savour of. — till, to 
join : to border upon, to confine upon, 
to join ; to push, to jog. — tillbaka, 
to push back. — upp, to push open. 

- Ut, to thrust out, to push out. — 
sig, V. r. to hurt one's self. — sig pd, 

- sig vid, - sig öfver, to take offence 
at, to be shocked at. —ande, a, shock» 
ing, offending, disgusting. -as, V, 
d. to be thrusting; to be butting at 
one another, —el, m. pestle, laramer, 
pounder, beater, -esten, m. hill of 

Supvisa 229 

scandal, -skålar, m, pi, T, battens. 

-t, a. offended, nettled (at), -taija, 

f. rolling tackle. 
Stötta, f. shore, prop, stay, stancheon. 
Subilaltern, m. inferior. -Ordinera, 

V. a. to subordinate, -skribera, V. 

a. to subscribe, -stituera, V. a. 

to substitute, —til, a. subtle, fine. 

-trail era, v. a. to subtract. 
Suck, m. sigh, groan, —a, v. n, to 

sigh, to groan, —an, f. —ande, n, 

sighs, sighing. 
Sudd, m. clout, rubber, -a, v. a. to 
daub, to stain, to soil. - ut, — of- 

ver, to blot out, to efface, -are, m, 

dauber. -Qrl, n, soiling, sluttery. 
-igj a. dauby, sluggish. 

Suinör, m. prompter, blower. 

Sng, m. sucker, -a, v. a. to suck, 
to soak. —are, m. remora, sea> 
lamprey, -papper, W. blotting pa- 
per, —pump, m. aspiring pump. 
-rör, n. absorbent vessel, -ympa, 
V. a. T, to ablactate, to inarch. 

Sugga, f, sow. 

Sula, f. sole. -, V. a. to sole. 

Sumak, m. sumach. 

Summjla, f. sum. i en -, to sum up 
all, shortly, -arlsk , a. summary. 

-era, v. a. to sum. 
Sump, m. pool, slough, swamp ; grounds 

basin; cauf. — ig", «. marshy, moo 

rish, swampy, oozy, wet. -fghet, f. 

ooziness, moistness. (Sound, 

Sund, n. strait, sound. Sundet, the 
Sund, a. wholesome, healthful; sound, 

healthy. —het, f. wholesomeness ; 

soundness , healthfulness. — hetsbc- 

tyg, n. certificate of health. -hetS- 

lära, f. dietetics. 

Sunnan, ad, from the south, -vä- 
der, n. south-wind. 

Sup, m. dram, draught, -a, V. a. to 
drink; to sup. — anmat, m. spoon» 
meat, —are, — ut, m. drunkard, 
fuddle-cap. -broder, m. pot -com- 
panion. — Ig, a. bibacious. —lag, 
-sällskap, n. drinking-match. -lul- 
la, f. di inking. gossip, -yisa^ f, 
armkiu^'sous, catch. 



Snpp^ m. agaric. 

SupplIIeaBt, m, substitute, -icera, 

V. n. to petition, —iky 972. petition, 

Supponera^ v. cu to suppose. 

Sur^ a. acid, sour ; sour, sullen. — vtd, 
green wood, dterci hen, sore legs. 
tura ögon, running eyes, sore eyes. 
-bent; a. having core legs, -ferniun, 
7». weU, mineral-water, -deg, W. 
leaven. -jäs6!lly a. leavened, soured 
by fermentation, —kålj w». sourkrout. 
-mnlen, a. sullen, crabby. •-HB, 
V. n, to turn sour. — stek, m. beef 
steeped in vinegar and roasted. — äpld^ 
fl. crab. -Ögd} a, blear-eyed. 

Snrr, n. humming, whistling, —ft, V, 
71. ék CL, to hum, to bur, to murmur; 
T» to lash, -are, m, reveller, rioter. 
-ing, A T. lashing. 

SaS, n, rustling, whistling, buzzing, —a, 
V. 71. to whistle, to rustld, to purl, to 

Sutare, m. tench. [to swab. 

Svabb, m. swab, firebrasb. -1©, v, a. 

Svalla, V. a. to match, to smoke with 

Svaf?el, n. brimstone, sulphur, -aktig, 
a. sulphureous, -biommä, f. flowers 
of sulphur, —forott, n. briraatoae- 
plt. —bruk, 71. sulphur-work, -bllll- 
den, a. sulphuric, sulphurate. — jord, 
f, sulphureous earth. — kis, m, pyrites. 

-sticka, f. match, -syra , f, sui- 

phurio acid. — Syrad , a. sulphated. 
—ånga, f. sulphureous vapour. 
Svag, a. weak, infirm, feeble, frail; 
slender. SVagt vin, small wine. 
-dricka^. 72. small beer, -ket, f. 
weakness, iniirmity, feeblenesa, frailty, 
frailness, imbecility, -lietssynd, f, 
venial sin. — slnt, d. weak of mind. 

^synt, a. dim-sighted, -syntliet, 
f, myopy. 

Svaja, V. n» to tend ; to float. 

Sval, a. cool, fresh, -a, V. a. to 
cool, to allay. — ka, v. a. to cool, 
to refresh, to allay. — ka , f, cool- 
Hess, coorU -kedryck, m. refreshing 
drink, -na, V, n, to cool, to grow cool. 


Svallla, f. swallow. -1^0, 71. swallow*» 
nest, -stjärt, no T, dovetail. -Ört, 
f, celandine. 

SvalO, m, €nti7 to a cellar. Itony. 

Svalg, 7». swallow, thp)at; gulf; glut- 

Svall, 71. swell of the s^a, overflowing ; 
agitation, flush, -a, V, 71. to swell; 
to flush, —is, 7W. ice congealed by 
the swelling of the water, —kött, n. 
proudflesh. -våg, f. surge, a swell» 
ing sea. 

Svamp, m, mushroom, toadstool ; sponge, 
epunge. —a sig, V. r. to grow spongy. 
-aktig, a. spongy, -ig, a. spongy. 
-ighet, fr sponginess. -korali, m, 
alcyonium. -steckel^ m, cynips, 

Svan, m. swan, -dnn, n, awandown. 
— esårag, m, swan's sonj, death-song, 
dying strains. — hals, m» swan/s neck ; 
crane-neck (of a coach). 

Svang, ad. yd i -, to be in vogue. 

Svank, m, bend; incurvation, -rem, 
f. girdle-leather, -ryggig, a. dale- 

Sv£ns, m, tail, -rem, f. crupper. 
— skriaf, 771. breechpln, flange. 

Svar, 71, answer, reply, plea, std till 
svars, to be accountable, —a, v. n. 
to answer, to reply. — för rätta, to 
plead. — €7not, to answer to; to be 
opposite to '^ to be equal to. —ande, 
m. defendant. -Omål, 72. defence, 
plea, the defendant's reply. -SgOd, 
a. warranted good. -slÖS, a, at a 
loss for an answer, nonplussed. — S* 
skrift, f. plea, the defendant's an- 

S?arf|jva, v. a, to turn, -vare, m, 

turner. -jern, 71. turner's chisel. 
-konst, f. art of turning. -Skifva, 
f, potter's wheel, -stol, 772. lathe; 
Svart, a. black, visa - på hvitt, 
to show it under black and white. 
-a, f. mackerel, black waterhen. 

-aktig, a, blackish, -bagge, tt». 

hister. -bleck, 72. beaten iron-plate. 
-brnn, a. black-brown, -grå, a. 
dark-gray, -gul, a. tawny, -hafre* 


Svårbrukad 231 

f, black -oats. -hot^ f. blackness. 
—konst) f. the black art; mezzo- 
tinto. —konstnär, in. necromancer. 

-krita, f. black chaik. -kummin, 

m. gith. -lagd, a. swarthy, dusky. 
-lasse, 7W. dung.hunter. -lett, a. 
swarthy, dark of complexion, blackish. 

-mylla, f, biack-mouid. -myra, f, 

ant, pismire. — na, V. n, to blacken, 
to grow black, -nacke, m, redstart 

(bird), -sjnk, a. jealous, -sjuka, 

f, jealousy. — smide, n. blacksmith's 
work, -soppa, f, -sad, n, broth 
made of the blood of geese, —trä, 
n. ebony. 

Svassa, v. n. to vaunt, to boast, to 
swagger. — nd©, a. bombastic, fustian. 

Sveda, f, pain, smart. 

Sveda, v, a, to singe, to scorch. 

Svedlija, v. a. to set a tract of a fo- 
rest on fire in order to sow in the 
ashes. -, 8. f. -jeland, n. wood- 
land cleared of trees by setting them 
on fire. — jorn, n. burning-iron. 

Svek, n. guile, deceit, cheat. 

Sven, m. swain, youth : page. —barn. 

n. a man child. — doni, m. chastity, 
pudicity. — klftSS, m. the third class 
of the Swedish noblemen, gentry. 
Sveplla, V, a. to wrap, to shroud. - lik, 

to shroud a corps, -duk, m. -kläde, 

71, shroud. — e, n. envelop, cover ; in- 
volucre. — sak, f. pretext to quarrel. 

Svessa, svetsa, v, a. to weld. 

Svett, m. sweat, perspiration, transpi- 
ration; moisture, sweat, —as, V. d. 
to sweat, to perspire, —bad, n. va- 
pour-bath, hot bath; sweating -house. 
taga sig ett -, to take a sweating. 
-badd, n. sweat, sweating, -drif- 
vande, a. sudorific, -dryck, m. 
sudorific potion, -duki, m. pocket- 
handkerchief, —hål, -rör, n. pore. 
-ig", a. sweaty, -ning, f. sweat- 
ing, sweat. (-hål, n. spigot-hole. 

Svicklia, f. spigot, -borr, m, gimlet. 
Svickla, f. clock (of a stocking). 
Svida, V. 92. to smart, to pain. 
Sviga, ad. gifva -, to yield, to give 
way, to flincho 

Svigt, m. vibration, balancing; flexl. 
bility, suppleness, gifva — , to swag. 
—a, V. n. to shake, to totter; to bend. 
— , V. a, to balance; T. to swifter» 
svigtad mesan, T. balanced mizen. 
-ning, f. bending, yielding; SP. cat- 

Svika, V. a. to disappoint, to deceive, 
to balk. -, V. n. to fail, to flinch from. 

Svim[|ma, v. n. to swoon, to faint. 
—ning, f, swoon, swooning. 

Svin, W. swine, hog, sow. — afvcl, 771. 
breed of hogs, -aktlg, a. swinish, 

hoggish, -aktlghet, f. -eri, n. 

swinishness, filthiness. — borstj, 771, 
bristle, -herde, m. swine-herd. -hOj 
m. hog's trough, -hund, m, rascal. 
-has, n. piejsty. -ister, n, hog's 
seam, -molla, f. goosefoot. -»-rOt, 
f. viper's grass, -rygg, m. griskin^ 
chine of pork. -Stek, f» roast pork. 

-stia, f, pigsty, -sylta ^ /. pick. 

led pork. 
Svindel, m. swimming of the hta^ 

giddiness, dizziness. 
Svindla, v. n, to be dizzy. 
Svinga, v. a, to swing, to toss. — 8ig 

upp , to soar up ; to raise one's self, 
Svingel, m. fescue-grass, wild oats. 
Svinka, v. n. to wriggle, to waver, to 

wa ve. 
Svinna, v. n. to disappear, to vanish. 
Svirra, v, n. to revel, to rake. 
Sviskon, n. dried plum, pnme. 
Svit, m. suit. 

Svordom, m. swearing,^ cursing, 
Svull||en, a. swelled, -na, v. n. to 


Svnlst, m. Svullnad, f. tumour, 

swelling. — ig, a, bombastio, fustian.' 
-ighet, f, bombast. 

Svåger, m, brother in !aw. -lag, 
-Skap, 71. affinity, relation by mar- 

Svål, m. sward. [riage. 

Svår, a. difficult, hard, arduous; big, 
great; heavy, weighty; severe, ha 
svart för att fatta, to be dull of 
comprehension, svdrt om tid, scarce 
of time, —a, cul'. very, vehemently; 
bitterly. - n'A, vastly rich. -t»rn?£ad^ 




a, hard to till, -hetj f, heaviness, 
greatness, enormity, hardness. — ighet, 
f. difficulty, distress, hardship, göra 
svårigheter t to start or to make 
difficulties, med svårigheter, nar- 
rowly. -ligen, ad, difficultly, hardly, 
sorely. — modigj a, raelanoholic, sad. 
-modighet; f, melancholy, anxiety, 

Svai'va, V. n, to hover, to float, to 
fluctuate, to flutter, to soar. — i fara, 
to be in danger. — på målet, to 
speak vrith- a faltering accent, det 
sväfvar mig på tungan, I have it 
at my tongue's end. 

Svägerska, f. sister in law. 

Svälj!|a, v. a. to swallow, to gorge. 
-fisk, m. fish of prey. 

Svälla, V. n, to swell, to rise, to bloat, 
to grow turgid. 

Svält, m. hunger , want of food, -a, 
V. n, & a. to starve, to abstain from 
food, — ihjäl, to starve to death. 

Sväng, m, vibration; wheeling, -a, 
V. a, to brandish, to wave, to wheel, 
to swing. — sig om, to turn about. 
— , V, n, to play to and fro, to vi- 
brate; to turn; T. to wheel about, 
to Kiake evolutions, —are, w. 8%ving. 
wheel; pendulum. . — bro, f. turn, 
bridge, —el, W. lever; swing, bar. 
-bjul, n. swing. wheel, -ning, f, 
brandishing, vibration, waving; wheel» 
ing, turn; turning about. 

Svärljdotter, f, daughter in law. -fa- 
der, m. father in law. -föräldrar, 
pi, father and mother in law. -mO- 
der, f, mother in law. -SOn, m, 
aon in law. 

Svärd, n. sword; T, leeboard, sword. 
-fejare, äI. sword -cutler, ^flsk, 
m. sword-fish, -lilja, f. flag-flower. 
-ssida, f. the male line, -sägg, 
m. edge of the sword. 

Svärja, v. a, <fe n. to swear. - falskt, 
to forswear, to mainswear. — sig men, 
to forswear one's self. 

Svärm, m. »warm, flight; crowd, '-a, 
V. W. to swarm; to riot; to fancy, to 
extravagata. — omkring, to rove about. 

—are, m, fanatic, visionary; revelleff 
rover; rioter; cracker, squib. -6rl, 
n» fanatism, revery. -^Isk, a, enthu- 
siastic, romantic, dreaming. 

Svärta, f. blackness, blacking; T. ink; 
black-duck. — , v. a. to blacken. -Ilde, 
n, blackening; •defamation. 

Sy, V. a, to sew. " slätsöm, to do 
plainwork. —arbete, n. needlework. 
-båge, m. sewing-frame, -don, n, 
sewing - implements, —dyna, f, pin- 
cushion, — flicka, f. seamstress. — nia» 
skin, m, sewing-machine, —nål, f, 
needle. -|«ing, m. work-bag. -ring, 
m, thimble, sewing-ring. 

Syd, 7». south, -frukt, f. fruit of 
the south, —lig, a. southerly, sou 
them. -OSt, m, south-east. -VCSt, 
m, south-west, -vind, m. south 

Syft||a, V, n. to aim. ■* pd, to aim 
at; to refer to. -6, -ekorn, n 
sight. — emål, n» aim. 

Syl, m. awl. -ört, f. awlwort. 

Sylf, f. sylph, 

Syll, m. sill, gronndseli ground-plate. 

Sylt, fl. (-saker, pi,) preserves, fruitÉ 
preserved in sugar, -a, v. a. tc 
pickle, to preserve» — , f, tripe ; brawn 

•^fötter, m. peuitoes. -^mångelska, 

f. tripe-woman. 

Sympati, f, sympathy, fellow • feeling» 
-sera, V, n. to sympathize. 

Syn, f, eyesight, vision; face; vision, 
apparition ; sight j survey, för syns 
skull, to save appearances, —ft, Vé a. 
to survey, to view, to examine, —åndö, 
n. —ing, f, visitation, view* -as, 
V» d, to appear, to seeiq. vilja -j, 
to want to appear, —axel, m, optie 
axis., —bar, a. visible, appar£int, 
conspicuous, evident. — barhety f.. 
visibleness. -edom, 772. declaration 
of surveyor, -emän,i>2. m^ surveyors. 
— erätt, n. surveying-court, committee 
of surveyors, -glas ,• «. spy,, glass, 
optic glass, -lerets, m, »horizon. 
-lig, a. visible, apparent, -llghet, 
f, visibility, visibleness. -nerf, m, 
optio n«rve. -pnokt, m. point ofi 


view. -Tillä, f, false show; optic 
illusion, -vinkel, f, optic angle. 
Sj'nagOga, f. synagogue. 

Synd, f. Bin. -a, v. n, to sin, to 
trespass, -abekännelse, f. confes- 
sion. — abOCk, m. scapegoat. — abt)t, 
f. penance, -afall, w. the fall of 
the first man. -aflod, W. deluge, 
flood, -apenning, m. ni earned 

pelf, -are, m. sinner. -4iregister, 

n. register of sins. -CFSka, f. sin- 
ner, -fri, -lös, a. sinless, -ig", a. 
sinful, wicked, -offer, n, sinoffering. 

Synnerljhet, f. particularity, i -, par- 
ticularly, especially, -llg, 0>. singu- 
lar, particular, special, —ligen, dd. 
particularly, especially. 

Syrj|a, f. acid, acidity, sourness, sharp- 
ness; molstness; crudity; sorrel. — , 
V. a. to sovir, to leaven, —ande, W. 
acid fermentation. — e, W. acid, —lig, 
a. acetous, sourish. — llghet, /. sour- 
ness, acetousness. 

Syren, f. liiach. 

Syrsa, f, cricket. 

Syskon, n. brothers and sisters, -bam, 
n. cousin -germ an. 

Sysling, s. c. second-cousin. 

Syss!|el, -la , f. business , task , occu- 
pation; employment, function, office, 
place, —la, V. n, to be busy, hafva 
att -, to have to do. -lolos, a. 
unemployed, idle, not busy. -lolOS» 
het, f. leisure, idleness. — loman, 
'm. proctor, attorney, manager. — lo- 
sätta, V. a. to occupy, to busy. — 
sig med, to employ one self about. 
— en, to keep one busy, -to employ 
one. — losättning, f. occupation, 

Syster, f. sister, -barn, n. the sister's 
child, -dotter, f, niece, -llg, a. 
sisterly. — SOn, m. nephew. 

Så, ad, & c. so, thus, as; then. — att, 
insomuch that, so that. — det, midd- 
ling, tolerably. — här, thus. — icJce, 
not so. — är det, so it is. 

S&, V. a. to sow. -ende, n. -'dd, 
wi. sowing. — ningsman, m. sower. 
-nin^smaskin, m, driii-piougb. 



Så, m. tul;. 

Sad, n. broth. 

Sådan, a. such, the like. 

Sådlllg, a. chaffy, -or, f, pi. chaff. 

Såg, f. saw. -a, t; a. to saw. -are, 

W. sawer, sawyer, —arm, m. check 
of a saw. -blad, n. blade of a saw. 
-bock, m. Sawins-jack. -fisk, m. 
saw-fish, —for mig, a. aawlike, ser- 
rated, -qvarn , f. sawing - mill. 

-snitt, m. saw-dust, -stekel, m. 
saw-fly. -stock, m. a piece of tim- 
ber to be sawn into boards. —Ställ- 
ning, f. frame of a saw. 

Sala, V. a. to sole. 

Såljledes, -Innda, ad. thus, in thi? 

mahner; consequently. 

Sån, n. sieve, riddle, -fty v. a. to 
riddle, to sift. 

Såmedelst, ad. by that means. 

Sång, 771. song, singing; hymn, —are, 
m. singer, chanter, —bar, a. cant- 
able, -bok, f. psalmbook. -erska, 
f. singer, songstress. —fågel, m. 
singing-bird, -lärare, m. singing- 
master, -skola, f. singing - school. 
— spel, W. lyric piece, melodrama, opera. 
-stycke, n. air. 

Såplla, f. soft soap, -aktig, a. soapy. 

-bruk, n. soap-house, -bubbla, f. 
soap - bubble. — gräs, 71. soap - wort. 
-SJudare, m. soap-boiler. 
Sår, n. wound; sore. — , a. sore, -ft, 

V. a. to wound, to hurt. — ebot, m. 

fine imposed upon one for an assault 
and battery. — eniål, n. accusation 
of assault and battery, -feber, m. 
wound-fever, -ig, a. sore, -läkande, 
a. vulnerary. — ua, v. n. to grow 
sore, —vatten, n. arquebusade-water. 

Sås, 7n, 8auce> 

Såsom, c. as ; in quality of. 

Sat, a. intimate, dear. 

Sat, n. T. joint. 

Sate, m. hay-cock. 

Säck, m. sack, bag. —a, V. a. to put Into 
a sack, to sack, —band, m. bag. 
string. -bärare, m. sack -bearer, 
-nål, m. packing-needle, -pipa, f. 
bag-pipe. -Täf, m. s^ck-cioth. 



Säd) f. com? seed, sperrfl. -•©) n, 
sowing, seed. 

Sädes||and, /„ sowing-time. -ax, n. 

ear of corn. — fcasid, n, garbe, sheaf. 

-bergning, f. com-harvest. -blåsa, 

f, spermatio vessel, -bod, f, granary. 
-brällTin, W. corn-brandy. -djur, 
n, spermatic animalcule. — flytnillgj 
/. pollution, gonorrhoea. — kråka, f, 
rooko —kärl, W. spermatio vessel. 
-mail^ m. sower, -mask, m. weevil, 
calender - mite. —mått, n. com- 
measure, -vind, m, loft, granary. 
—Tätska, f. spermatio liquor, -åker, 
m, cornfield, -arla, f, wagtail. 

Säf, f, rush, clubrush. -Sparf, m. 
reed-bunting. -starr, m. small carex. 

Säflig, a. slow, mild, tame, alack. 

Säfvenbom, m. savin. 

SägiJa, v, a. to say, to toll, to speak ; 
to signify, vare sagdt^ it may be, 
let 80 be. pd sagdan dag, on the 
day appointed. - sig vara, to pre- 
tend to be. — sig sjelftf to follow 
of course, låta — sig, to take ad- 
vice, sä till sägande, as one may 
say. det sages att, it is said that. 
— efter, to speak after, to tell, to re- 
peat. — för, to tell one. - förut, 
to foretell, to predict. — om, to say 
to , to say of; to say over again , to 
repeat. — upp, to give warning. 
—en, — B, 7?l. tradition, hearsay, story. 

Säjare, m. hand (of a clock), -knäpp, 
m. beat (of a clock or watch), -taila, 
f. dial-plate. 

Säker, a, sure, secure, certain; safe. 
af - hand, from good hands, -het, 
f. security, surety, assurance, safety. 
ställa — , to give bail or security. 
-hetslampa, f, safety-lamp, -hels- 
yentil, m, safety-valve, -ligen, 
—t, ad, surely, certainly, assuredly. 

Sal, m. seal, seadog. -skiun , n. 
sealskin. — Späck, n, sealblubber. 
-tran, m. seai-oii. 

Salg, Sälj, f, sallow, willow. 

Säljiia, V. a, to sell, to vend, -re, 
m. seller, -bar, a, vendible; venal, 
to be sold, -ning, f. selling, sal^. 


Sail, a. blessed, happy, -het, f. bUsS,! 

happiness, felicity, blessedness. 
Sälla sig, V. r. to associate, to join.* 
Sällskap, n. company, society, party. 
hälla nägon — , to bear or to keep 
one company, g&ra nägon -, to ac- 
company one. -skarl, m, compa- 
nion, god —f. good company. — slik, 
a. conversable, sociable, -slikhet, jf. 
sociableness. -Stealer, m. private 

Sälljlan, a. seldom, rarely, -sam, a. 

strange, odd, singular, rare. — sann- 

het, f, singularity, oddness , novelty. 

— Synt, a. rare, seldom, extraordinary. 

— synthet, f. rarity, seldomness. 
Sälta, /. saltness. 

Sältra, /. Sal trä, W. racket, bandy. 
Sämja, f, concord, harmony, agreement, 

union. — S, V, d. to agree. 
Sämjjre, a. worse, poorer, meaner. — , 

ad, worse. — st, a. worst, meanest, 

— , ad, worst. 
Sämsk, m. shammy, ohamois-leathor. 

-a, V. a. to dress chamois, -makaro, 

fMo chamois-dresser. — sklnDjW. sham- 
my leather. 

Sandija, v, a, to send, to dispatch, to 
depute, -ebref, n. letter, epistlo. 
—©bud, 71. envoy, ambassador? mesJ- 
senger. -ning, jf. sending, message-. 

Säng, f. bed ; bedstead, gä till s'dngs, 
to go to bed. -bolster, W. feather- 
bed, -bräde, n. bedside, -dags, 
ad, bedtime, —halm, m. bedstraw. 
-kappa, f, valance, -lag, n. lying 
with one. -lagare, m. bedfellow* 
— leda, V, a. to accompany to bed. 
—liggande, a. confined to one's bed, 
bedrid. —mm, n. bedplace; bed- 
chamber, -stolpe, m. bedpost. 

-ställe, n, bedstead, -täcke, f. 

bedcover, coverlet; counterpane, quilt. 
-varmare, m. warming-pan. 
Sänkjja, v, a. to sink, to plunge, to 
immerge, to immerse ; to lower, — sig, 
to sink, to slope down, -bly, -lod, 
W, plummet, plumb, -ning, f, sink- 
ing, sloping; shaft, -nät, «. Döt set 
in water. 


Sar, i -, s. sönder, åtskild, -de- 
les 9 ad. especially , particularly. 
—skild) a, separate, sundry, different, 
another. — Skildt^ ad, separately, 
by itself. 

Sark, m. siuock, shift. 

Säte, n. seat; residence; backside, fun- 
dament; place; see. hafva - och 
st'dmma^ to have seat and vote, -ri, 
71. freehold, frankfee, absolute estate; 
manor. — Sgård, m. country-seat, 
manor-house, mansion. 

Sätt) 71. manner, fashion, method, way, 
wise, på — och vis, på visst -, 
in a manner, in some measure, pd 
alii — , every way. på intet — , 
nowise, på bästa -, to the best. 
pd samma — , in like manner, pd 
något -, any way. 

Siittlja, V. a, to set , to put , to place ; 
to fix, to appoint. - bort, to put 
away ; to spend. — efter , to place 
after; to neglect; to pursue, to go in 
pursuit of. — emellan, to put be- 
tween, to insert, to interpose; to sus- 
tain a loss. — emot, to put against, 
to oppose. — sig emot, to oppose. 

— fram, to set forth, to present, to 
propose. — ifrån sig , to set down. 

— igen, to close, to shut. — ihopy 
to set a quarrelling. — 171, to put in, 
to put up ; to insert. - in penningar 
i en kassa, to lodge money in a cash. 

— ned, to set down. — sig ned, to 
sit down ; to settle in a place. — om, 
to set otherwise, to change; to trans- 
plant; to set again. — till, to ap- 
point, to put one to ; to bind one to ; 
to spend ; to lose. — till alia segel, 
to crowd on all the sails. — till- 
baka , to put in its place again. — 
under, to set under ; to sign. — upp, 
to raise, to erect; to levy; to raise, 
to draw up; to stake. — sig, to sit 
down, to seat one's self, to place one's 
self; to settle. - sig upp, to sit up. 

— sig upp emot, to be refractory to, 
to revolt. — Ut, to set out, to hang 
out ; to express ; to hoist out ; to put 
In pawn; to lodge; to fix, to appoint. 

Sömn sjuk 235 

- sig ut, to expose one's self. - 
Öfuer, to put above, to set one over, 
to place on« above. — sig öfoer, to 
cross ov^yt; to scorn, not to mind, 

-andc, n. -ning", f. setting, plant- 

ing, disposition; composing, settling. 
-arC<, m. compositor; T. rammer. 

-bord, n. T. washboard, -bräde, 
n. composing-board. — kolf, m. gun- 
stick, -planta, f. plant to be trans- 

Sockendag, m. working-day, week-day. 

Söder, m. & ad. south, i -, toward 
the south, -hafvet, n. the South- 
sea, -länder, w. pi. the south 
countries. — polen, m. the South- 

Sodlig", Södra, a. southern. [pole. 

SÖfva, V. a. to bring asleep, to lull 
asleep. — nde, a. soporific, narcotic. 

Söka, V. a. to seek, to search; to go 
to see ; to sue for , to sue upon ; to 
quest, sökt, far-fetched, maten söker 
mig, the meat rises in my stomach. 
— att, to endeavour to. - ihop, to 
seek together. — sig om, to shift for 
one's self. — upp, to find out, to 
seek out. — ndo, m. seeker, candidate, 
supplicant. — , n. seeking, quest, suing. 
—re, m. seeker; probe. 

SÖ1, n. lingering; sluttery; gluttony. 
—a, V. n. to linger, to loiter; to gor- 
mandise. — aktig", -ig", a. lingering, 
dilatory, -are, — er, m. lingerer. 

SÖl|la, V. a. - ned, to dirty, to soil, 
to stain, —are , 771. a dirty fellow. 
-ig, a. dirty, unclean, soiled. 

SÖlja, f. buckle, harness-buckle. 

Söm, m. seam, suture; sewing, —ma, 
V. a. to sew. -merska, f. seam- 
stress. (prick in the shoeing. 

Söm, n. horse-naii. -sticka, V. a. to 
Sömn, m. sleep, nap. gd i sömnen, 
to walk in one's sleep. — aktlg", a. 
sleepy, dull, drowsy, sluggish. — ak« 
tigliet, f. sleepiness, -dryck, m, 
sleepy potion. — gifyande, a. so- 
poriferous, somniferous. — gångare, 
771. somnamlDulist. — Ig, a, sleepy, 
drowsy. — lÖS, a. sleepless, restless. 
-löshet, f. want of sleep. -SJllk, a. 

236 Sömsjuka 

lethargic. -SJnka, f. lethargy, som- 
nolence. —vandrare, m. somnam- 
bulist. — yandring, f, somnambulism. 

Söndag* 9 m. sunday. -bokstaf, m. 

dominical letter. 
Sönder, ad, asunder, in pieces, broke, 
torn, tattered, i —, om — , separately, 
at a time, ett i — , one at a time. 
litet i — , a little at a time. — bru- 
Sten, a. burst asunder, -brutcn, 
a. broke, -brytning, f, breaking, 
rupture, fracture, -dela, V. a, to 
sever, to part, to anatomize, to divide. 
—delning, /*. severing, division. 

-gnida, -gnngga, v, a. to grind 

small, to triturate, -klämma, V, 
a. to squeeze in pieces, -slitning, 
f. tearing , dilaceration. -sty€ka, 
V. a. to cut in pieces , to dismember. 
—taga, V. a, to take asunder, to dis- 
join, to separate, to cut up. 

SÖndr||a, v. a. to separate, to detach; 
to disunite. — sig ifraUj to separate 
fronr, to retire from, -ig", a. broken, 
tattered, torn, -igbet, f, broken 
state, tattered condition. -ing, f. 
separation; disunion, schism. 

Sörja, /. dirth, filth ; tutty (a. mineral). 

Sörja, V. a. <& n, to mourn for, to be- 
-wail, to regret; to wear mourning for 
one; to grieve, to mourn. - för, to 
take care of. 

Sorpa, f, provender for the cattl» mixed 
with water. 

Sörpla, V. a. & n. to sup, to sip. 

Söt, a. sweet; agreeable, fair; dear. 
— sömn, sound sleep, -aktig, a. 
sweetish, -aktighet, f, sweetish- 
ness. -blomster, n. camomil. -6- 
bröd, n, unleavened bread. -Iiet, 
f, sweetness, -ig, a. unsound, -ma, 
f. sweet, sweetness, delightfulness, plea- 
santness, -na, V. n. to grow sweet. 
-saker, f, pL sweet things, sweet- 
meat. -SUr, a. sweet and sour. 
-UUgOy m. & f. darling, sweet. 



Ta, s. Taga. 

Tabell, f. table, -arisk^ a. tabuhr, 

-verk, n. collection of statisticil 
Tablatur, m. tablature. [tables. 

Taburett, n. stol, taboret. 

Tack, W. thank, thanks, -a, V, CU 

to thank, ha en att — för något, 

to owo a thing to one. — lÖS, ö. 

thankless. -nämllg, a. grateful, 

acceptable, pleasing. — Ofifer, n, thank. 

offering, -sam, a. thankful, grateful. 

-samhet, f. thankfulness, gratitude. 

-sägelse, f. thanks-giving, thank. 
Tackija, f, ewe; pig, ingot, block. 

-bly, n. lead in pigs, -jern, n. 

cast iron. 
Tackllel, w. T. tackle. - och tag, 

rigging, -la, V. a. to rig. -rlagO^ 

n, -ling, f» rigging. 
Tadel, n, censure, blame, reproof, re* 

prehension, -fri, a. blameless, irre- 

prehensible. -sam, -sjuk, a. cen- 
sorious, —sjuka, f. censoriousness. 

-värd, a. blamable. 
Tadla, V» a. to blame, to find fault 

with, to censure, —re, TTl, censurer, 

Tafatt, a. unhandy, awkward, clumsy. 
Taffel, m, table, -bly, W. sheet-lead. 

-glas, n. plate-glass. -gOds, W. 

boardland. -musik, m. table-music. 

-penningar, m. pi. table- rent. 

-sten, m. tabie-diamond. -täckare, 

m. butler. 
Tafla, f. table; slate; print, picture; 

dial; target, mark. 
Taflett, 771. corner-shelf. 
Tafs, m. tuft; fishing-line. 

Taft, n. taffety, lustring, -band, «. 


T!lg, n. grasp, stroke, hold, pull, draw- 
ing, touch, vara i taget Com fisk), 
to bite, to swallow. 

Tagp, Ta, v, a. to take, to seize, to 
capture. - i försvar, to stand up 
for. tag hit det, bring it here, this 




way. — sig mat, to take food. — af, 
V, a. to take off, to clear ; to pluck ; 
to cut off; to draw one's picture. — 
efter t to strive, to seize; to imitate. 

— evwtf to resist, to oppose; to de- 
fend one's self. — fast, to seize, to 
catch, to fetch. — fatt, to overtake, 
to outrun. — fram , to set forth, to 
produce, to present, to bring forth. 

— för, to take for ; to ask for. - för 
sig, to take to one's self; to help 
one's self. — i, to lay hold, to take. 

— ifrån , to take from , to take off. 

— igen , to take back again ; to find 
out; to recall, to retract, to recant. 

— ihop med en, to fall foul on one. 

— in, to take in ; to take ; to put up. 

— med sig, to take or to bring along 
with. — ned, to take down, to reach 
down. -^ om, -^ omkring, to era- 
brace, to span, to take about ; to pass 
over. — på, to toUch, to lay one's 
hand on, to feel ; to take. — på att, 
to begin. — på sig, to put on; to 
take upon one's self. — till, to lay 
hold of, to betake one's self to, — 
till att, to begin. - undan, to re- 
move, to put away, to take away ; to ex- 
cept. — upp, to take up, to pick up ; 
to raise; to take up (money); to un- 
tie; to unfold; to open, to pick. — 
upp till dans, to invite to a dance. 

— sig upp, to recover, to improve. 

— ur, to take out of. — ut, to take 
eut. — ut si7i rätt, to take one's 
due. — vid, to begin. — ilia vid 
sig, to be alarmed, to take on. — åt 
sig, to take to one's self. — öfver, 
to take over. — sig, v. r. to recover, 
to improve. —89 tas^ v. d» to con* 
tend, to struggle, to quarrel. 

Tagbnlt, m. T, ragbolt, springbolL 
Tage), n. horse-hair, -lik, a, bristly. 

—mask, m. hairworm, horse-worm. 
Tagg, m. prickle, point ; tooth, taggar, 

pi. emeroids, piles. — fisk, m. sun-fish. 

-ig, a. prickly, full of sharp points. 
Tagrätt, m. right to choose. 
Tak, 71. roof ; ceiling; hip-roof, under 

-, under cover, under shelter, -bjälke^ , 

m, beam, -dropp, n. dropping from 
the roof; dropping from the ceiling. 
-fot, m. eaves. -Iialm, m, thatch. 
-lag, n. roof, roofing, -list, m. 
cornice, -losta, f. wallbroniegrass. 

-lägga, V, a, to roof, -panua, f. 
tile, -resning, f, roofing, gable. 
-ränna, f. gutter, -skiffer, w. 
slate, -sparre, m. rafter, spar of a 
roof, -spån, m. shingle, -sten, 

m. slate, tile. -Stol, m. ridgelead. 

-tegel, n. tile, -täckare, m. 

tiler; slater; shingler; thatcher. 

Taka, a. ind. - händer, depositary, 
garnishee, sätta i - händer, to con- 
sign, to deposit a thing with one. 

Takt, m. time, measure, komma ur 
takten, to break time, hålla -, to 
keep time, -ik, f, tactics. -1ÖS, a. 
having no tact, indiscreet, -loshet, 
f. want of tact, -pinne, m, batoon. 
-streck, w. bar. 

Tal, n. speech, discourse, conversation, 
talk; report; number, hålla ett -, 
to make a speech, -a, v. a. & n. to 
speak, to talk, to discourse; to make 
a speech; to pload. — i en sak, to 
plead a cause. - i vädret, to talk 
in vain. - om, to tell, to relate, to talk 
oyer, -på, to find fault with. - 
till en, to speak to one. lagligen 
tilltala — en, to inform against, to go 
to law with. — öfver, to speak of, 
to talk upon, —an, f, action at law. 
förlora sin -, to be nonsuited, föra 
— emot en, to plead against one. 
-are, m. speaker, talker, -as vid, 
V, d, to discourse together, -esätt, 
n. way of speaking ; phrase, expression. 
-för, a. eloquent, -gåfva, f, fa- 
culty of speaking ; eloquence, -konst, 
f» oratory, rhetoric.^ -1ÖS, a. innu- 
merable, numberless, -man, 772. spea- 
ker. — rik, a. numerous, large. — rik- 
het^ /". number, numerosity, abun- 
dance.^ -trängdhet, /. talkativeness. 
— Öfning, f, exercise of speaking. 

Talang, Talent, tw; talent, faculty. 

Talar, m, robe. 

Talg^ m. tallow, -a^ V» a« to taUoir. 

238 Talghacka 

-hacka^ f, titmouse, -ig, a, greasy. 
-ljus, n. tallow-candle. — Oxe, w. 
great titmouse, coal-mouse. 

Taljlla, f, T, tackle, -elöpare, m. 

tacklefall. »erep, W. laniards. 

Talk, m, talc, -jord, /. magnesia. 

Tall^ f. pine; deal, red or yellow deal. 
-barr, n. pine- leaves, -bit, m. 
pine-grossbeak. — kott, r«. fir-apple, 
pine-cone.s — strnnt, m. young shoots 
of pine, -trast, W. throstle. -YCd, 
771. deal, firwood. 

Tallrik, m, plate, -slickare, m. 

parasite. (tameness. 

Tarn, a, tame, domestic, -het, f. 

Tambur, m. antiroom, lobby; tambour, 
embroidering - frame. —major, m. 
drum-major, —nål, f. embroidering, 
needle. — SODl, m. embroidery. 

Tamp, m, block, mass; rope-end. 

Tand, f, tooth, få tänder , to breed 
teeth, skära tänder ^ to grind the 
teeth, fälla tänder, to shed one's 
teeth, rycka ut en -, to draw a 
tooth, —a , V. a, to jag , to dent. 
-ad, a. toothed, dentated. -borste, 
m. toothbrush, -feber, m, dentition- 
feber. -fällning, f. shedding of 
teeth. -gnislan, f, gnashing of 
teeth, -grop, w. -hylsa, f. tooth- 
hole, -gård, m. jaw-bone, -kött, 
n. gum, jaw. — llikaro, W. dentist. 
-lös, a. toothless, -ning, f. den- 
tition, -petare, m, toothpicker. 
-pulver, w. toothpowdfir. -sprjck- 

ming, /. dentition, teething, -värk, 
m. tooth-ache. 

Tangljent, m, tangent; key. -era, 
V. a. to touch. 

Tank||e^ m. thought; opinion, mind. 
hafva tankame tillsammana, to 
have one's thoughts about one. i tan- 
kame , without thought, efter min 
— , in my opinion, — eblld, W, idea, 
fancy. -OfÖljd, m. train of thoughts. 
— ekraft, m. cogitative power, -full, 
a. thoughtful, pensive , contemplative. 
-fuUhet, f, pensiveness. -1ÖS, a. 
thoughtless, unthinking, inconsiderate, 
careless, -löshet, f, thougtlcssness. 


-rik, a. rich in ideas, -slut, «. 
syllogism. -Spridd, a. distracted, 
absent, -spriddhct, f. distraction. 
-spöke, 71. fancy, whim, fantom. 
-streck, TZ. break, dash, mark of 

Tant, f. aunt. [suspension. 

Tapet, 771. tapestry, hanging, carpet. 
-fabrik, f, tapestry • manufactory. 
-sera, v. a, to hang with tapestry, 
to paper; to carpet, -serare, 771. 
paperhanger, upholsterer. 

Tapp, 771. faucet; tap; tenon; handful, 
bottle, wisp, -a, V, a. to draw, to 
take from a cask. - hlod af ndgon, 
to let one blood, to bleed one. — af, 
to draw off, to bottle off. - t, — 
på, to fill up, to decant. — på bu- 
teljer, to bottle, -hål, 71. faucet- 
hole; mortise, -tals, -Yis, ad. by 

Tappa, V, a, to lose; to mortise, to 
join with a mortise, gifva tappt', 
to give out, to yield. 

Tapper, a. valiant, brave, bold, cou- 
rageous, -het, f, valour, bravery, 

TaptO, 771. tattoo, taptow, retreat. 

Tara, f, tare. 

Tarantel, ??i. tarantula, 

Tarf, n. behoof, want, göra sitt -, 
to ease nature , to do one's needs. 
—lig, a. frugal, sparing, thrifty; or- 
dinary , middling ; competent, -llg" 
het, f. frugality, thriftiness, thrift. 
-va, V. n, to want. -YOr, f. ph 
wants, necessities, demands, necessaries. 

Tatlif, 771. tariff. 

Tarm, 77i. gut. -bråck, n. rupture 
of the guts, hernia, —gikt, ra. gout 
in the bowels, -hinna, f. perito- 
neum, —käx, n. mesentery. — nuisk, 
771. intestinal worm, —nät, n. caul. 
-länna, f. dysentery, -sträng, 771^ 
gut-string, catgut. — säck, 7?l, peri- 
toneum. — Yred, n, iliac passion, 

Tasklja, f. small bag, mail, pouch, 
pocket, -bok, f. pccket-book. -kräf- 
ta, f. punger. -Spelarc, 771. juggler. 

-speleri, n. jugglery. 




Tass, m. paw. 

Tassla, v. n, to whisper, -re, to. 

whisperer, tell-tale. 
Tattare, m, gipsy. [yew. 

Tax , m, baggerdog , terrier ; yewtree, 
Taxlla, f, tax. -era, v. a. to assess, 

to tax. — ering", f. taxation, assess- 
Te, v. a, to show. Iment. 

Té, n. tea. -bräde, n. tea-tray. -bu, 

n. bohea. — dOSa , f. tea • canister. 

-fat, n. saucer, -kanna, f. tea. 

pot. -kopp, m. tea-cup. -sked, f. 

tea.spoon. — Tatteil, n. tea-water. 
Teater, m, theater, playhouse; stage. 
-biljett, m, ticket, -direktör, m. 

manager of a playhouse. — pjes, m. 
-stycke, n. play, piece for the 

Teckllen, n, sign, mark; sign, töcken, 
hint, appearance, -entydare, m. 
sooth-sayer, diviner, augur, —na, V, a, 
to mark, to sign; to draw, to design, 
to delineate; to sign. — Ut, to point 
out, to distinguish by marks. — nare, 
771. drawer, —ning, f. drawing , de« 

Teg", 771. a distinct part of a cornfield 
or meadow. — skyfte, n. abuttal. 

Tegel, n. brick; tile, -bruk, 7i. 
brick-kiln, tile-yard, -briinnare, m. 
brickmaker, tiler. — forill, m. brick- 
Sould, tileraould. -färg, m. tile- 
colour. -jord, ^.brick-earth, -lada, f. 
drying-house for bricks or tiles, —pan- 
na, f. tile. -Slagare, m. briok- 
moulder , tiler. — Sten , 771. brick. 

-tak, n. tiled roof, -täckare, 771. 

tiler, -ngn, 771. brick-kiln, tile-kiln. 

Teknisk, a. technical. 

Teleljfon, n. telephon. -graf, m, tele- 
graph. — grafera, v. a, to telegraph, 
to wire, —gram, 71. telegraphic dis- 
patch, telegram, -skop, n. telescope. 

Telning, f, shoot, young twig. 

Temlig, temmelig, a. pretty, well 

enough, tolerable. — en^ ad. pretty, 
tolerably. — stor, pretty big. - väl, 
well enough. 
Tempel, ti, temple; 7. loom to make 

figured stuffs on. -herre, m. knight 
of the temple, templar. 

Temperjlament, n. temper, constitu- 
tion, temperament. — atur, 7?l. tem- 
perature, —era, v. a. to temper. 

Tempo, n. time, measure; movement. 

Ten, 771. spindle; iron rod. 

Teuakel, m. T. vi^orium. 

Tendens, m. tendency. 

Tenlika, f. stud, brass-nail. 

Tenn, n. tin, pewter, -aska, f. tin. 
ashes, calx of tin. -blad, -löf, 
n. tin-leaf, -gjutare, 771. pewterer. 
-gruf?a, f, stannary. 

Tenor, 77i. tenor, -ist, 771. tenor-singer. 

Teolog, 771. theologian, theologer. -i, 
f. theology, divinity. 

Teorlji, f, theory, -etlsk, Ö. theo. 
retic, theoretical. 

Teriac, m. theriaca, treacle. 

Term, 77i. term, -in, 77i. term, stated 
time, -inologi, /*. terminology. 

Terpentin, 77i. turpentine. 

Terrass, m. terrace. 

Terrin, m. soup-dish, terrine, tureen. 

Ters, 77i. tierce; tercet, third. -Ott, 

Tes, 771. thesis. (771. trio. 

Test, m. test; tuft of hair. 

Testa||mente, 77. testament, legacy, will. 
dö utan att göra -, to die intestate. 
-mentariäk, a. testamentary. -men- 
tera , v. a. to give by will , to be- 
queath. — tOr, ttj. testator, divisor. 

Testikel, 771. testicle, cod. 

Text, 771. text, context ; words. 

Thron, s. Tron. 

Thy, c. because, i - fall, in such case. 

Tia, f. a tenth; a ten. 

T i bast, 771. raezereon, spurge-olive. 

Tlcka, f. boletus. 

Tid, 771. time, season, while, space, lei- 
sure; monthly terms; age; T. tide. 
med tiden, in timp. - efter annan, 
from time to time." under tiden, mean- 
while, meantime, i rattan — , in due 
time, i — , i god — , betimes, t si- 
nom — , at a convenient time, nu 
föl tiden, now a days, gå ur ti- 
den, to die. huru tids? at what 
time? tids Tiog, early enough, -ebok. 



f. chronicle, -ehvarf, n. period, aera, 
epoch. — Clag", n. buggery, beastliness. 
-ender, pi. tidings, news, -ig, c. 
early, timely, soon; early, forward. 

— död, premature death. — Igt, ad. 
soon, early. — losa, f. meadow-saffron. 
-mätare, m. chronometer, -niiig, 
f, news, account; newspaper, gazette. 

-ninsrsskrifvare, m, gazetteer. 
-punkt, m. epoch, -rymd, m. 

space of time, —räkning, f. chro- 
nology. — sfoljd, f, succession of 
time. — Sfordrif, n. pastime, diver- 
sion, —skrift, f. periodical writing, 
journal, —slängd, /". space of time, 
duration. -SOrd, n. verb. -SplUan, 
f. loss of time. — tals, ad, by inter- 
vals, sometimes. 

Tidt, ad. - och ofta, frequently, often. 

Tiga, V. n. to be silent, to keep silence. 

— med något, to conceal, to suppress 
(a thing), -nde, a. silent. -, n. 
silence, taciturnity. 

Tigller, m. tiger, -rera, v. a. to 

speckle, —rinna, f. tigress. 
Tlgga, V. a. to beg, to ask alms» to 
mendicate. gä och — , to go a-begging. 

— om, to beg for. — sig till, to get 
by begging. — raktig, a. beggarly. 
-re, m. beggar, -rfogde, m. catch- 
pole. — rkäring, f. beggar-woman. 

-rmuuk, m. mendicant, -rordeu, 
m. order of mendicant friars. — rpack, 
n, beggarly crew. — rskrift, f, sup- 
plication for alms. — rstaf, TW. beg- 
gar's-staflf. 'bringa till -, to reduce 
to beggary. 

Tiggeri, n. beggary. 

Tik, f. bitch. 

TUJa, f. board, deal; golf; stag»? 

Till, prp, & ad. to; tUl, untlU, at, 
by ; more ; in regard of. — och med, 
even, vara — , to exist, kröna en 

— konung, to crown one king, som 
han är — , as h^ deserves. — sjös, 
by .ses. — fots, on foot. - s'dngs, 
abedj inbetj. ' -bftka, ad. back, in 
returo. — Ibiedja, V. a. to adore, to 
worship. -bed.iande, n. adoration, 

worship, -bedgausvard, a. ador- 


able, -bedgare, m. adorer, admirer. 
— behor, n. apparatus , appertenance. 

-bjuda, V. a. to offer, -blanda, 

V. a. to mix; to intermingle. — bom« 
ma, V. a. to barricade, to ram up. 
-bringa, v, a. to bring to, to get; 
to spend, to pass. — tiden med nå' 
got, to pass away time with, —bud, 
n. offer, proposal; attempt, —bygga, 
V. a. to build next, -byggnad, f. 
additional building, -byta, - sig, 
V. r. to get by barter, -böra, V. n. 
to be fit, to become. — borlig, a. 
due, proper. — borllgen, ad. duly, 
properly, fitly, -dana, V. a. to form. 
-daning, f, formation, fashion, -de- 
la, V. a, to give one a share, to be- 
stow; to distribute to. -delning,/". 
bestowing, distribution, -draga Sig, 
f. r. to happen, to come to pass, 
-dragelse, f. event, occurrence. 
—döma, V. a. to adjudge, to decree. 
—ögna, V. a. to appropriate, to at- 
tribute, to assign. — någon en bok, 
to dedicate a book to one. — sig, 
to claim, to arrogate to one's self, to 

assume, -egnan, f. -egnande, n, 

-Ognelse, f. claim, challenge, appro 
priation; dedication, -erkänna, V. 
a. to adjudge, -falla, t;, n. to de- 
volve, to fall to. -flykt, m. refuge, 
shelter, recourse, taga sin — till, 
to have recourse to, to tak« shelter or 
refuge in. -flyta, V. W. to flow to. 

-fly tn ing, f. affluency. -foga^ V. 
a. to add, to adjoin. — ondt , — 
skada, to do one wrong or d^i^^ge. 
—freds, ad. satisfied, content, easy, 
quiet, ge sig — , to quiet one's self, 
to acquiesce ; to have patience. — fced^» 
ställa, V. a. to satisfy, to content, 
to appease, -fredsställelse, f. con- 
tentment, satisfaction, -frlskha,* V. 
n. to recover, to mend, to grow better. 

-frysa, v. n. to freeze, tillfrusen^ 
frozen up, frozen over, —fråga, v. a. to 
interrogate, to ask. —frågan, f. in- 
terrogation, inquiry , question, —fyl- 
lest, ad. enough, sufficiently, fully, 

completely, -fyllestgöra, V. a. to 


satisfy, -fyllestgörelse, f, satis- 

faction, atonement, expiation. —flillOj 
n. occasion, opportunity, season, time, 
leisure; acciilent. vid — , upon occa- 
sion, nyttja — , to lay hold of an 
opportunity, gt — till , to give an 
opportunity to. — fälligT, a. casual, 
accidental, fortuitous, occasional, ad- 
ventitious, — fiillighet, f. accident, 
chance, casualty, -fällif^tvis , ad. 
accidentally, by accident, -föra, V. a, 
to carry,» to bring, to conduce. — for- 
©ne, ad, formerly, erenove, whilom, 
before this, -forlitllg, a. to be 
depended upon, true, trusty. — for- 
litligren, ad. truly, faithfully, -for- 
litli^'het, f. certainty, truth, -för- 
ordna, v. a. to constitute, to ap- 
point; to adjoin. -forSG Slg, V. T. 
to trust to, to depend upon, -för- 
Sigt, m. trust, reliance, -försel, 
W. supply of provisions , conveyance. 
—gift, m. pardon ; forgiveness, -gi f ra, 
V. a, to forgive one, to pardon one a 
thing, -gifyen, a. forgiven; affec- 
tionate, attached. -gif veil het, f, 
attachment, affection. -gjoi'd, a. 
affected. -gOdogOra, V. a. to make 
use of, to make useful, -grepp, n. 
usurpation, seizure, attempt; encroach- 
ment, -gripa, v. a. to seize, to 
embezzle, -gå, V, n. to happen, to 
come to pass, to be brought about. 
ha att — , to have resource of. -gång, 
771. access, avenue, passage ; stock, re- 
source, expedient. -gänglig, a. 
accessible, accostable. —görande, 
n. aid, assistance, help. — Iiauda, 
-hands, ad. at hand, ready, -hand- 
la sig, V. r, to buy. -hjelp, m. 

aid, assistance, help. — hopa, ad, 
together, jointly, -hugga, V, a, to 
rough-hew, to form, -håll, W. haunt, 
abode, dwelling-place, ha sitt — , to 
dwell, to stay, ha sitt -på, to 
frequent. -llåUa, V. a. to keep one 
to, to constrain. — en alt göra nd- 
got, to make one do a thing, ^höra, 
v. n, to belong to , to appertain to ; 
to concern. — hÖrig, a. belonging to, 

Swedish-English Diet, 



relating to. -liorighct, f, property, 
depyidency , appurtenance. —Kalla, 

V, a, tpcaii, to summon, -kallande, 

n. call, summons, -klippa, V. a. to 

cut out. -klippning, f. cut, cut. 

ting, -knyta, v. a. to tie, to knot. 
-knäppa, v. a. to clasp up, to but- 
ton up. -komma, v, n. to come 
to ; to belong to , to be due , to be 

owing to. -kommande, a. future, 

to come, to be. — tider, time to 
come, futurity, -kommelse, f. com^ 
ing. —kommen, a, come to; risen, 
born, -komst, m. coming to, ac- 
cession; origin, birth. — konstla, V. 
a. to complicate, to embroil, to sub- 
tilize, —kråka, f. greatest black wood- 
pecker, -krångla, v. a. to entangle, to 
perplex, -kännagifva, v. a. to mako 
understand, to make known, to declare. 

-känuagifvaudo, n, notification, 

advice, declaration, —laga, V. a, to 
prepare , to make ready , to dress , to 
cook, -lika, ad. together, added to. 
—lit, m, trust , reliance ; application, 
recourse; dependence, —lita, V. a. to 
apply to, to have recourse to. — lopp, 
n. affluence; concourse, crowd, -ly» 
danade, a. belonging to, appertaining 
to. —låta, V. a. to permit, to allow, 
to admit, to suffer, to let, to indulge. 
— låtelse, f. permission, leave, license, 
allowance. — låtlig, a. allowable; 
allowed, permitted; lawful, —lägg, 
n, addition, supplement, appendix. 
—lägga, V. a. to add, to adjoin, to put 
to. -läggning, f. addition, adjoin- 
ing; exaggeration, —lämpa, V. a. 
to apply. — lämpning, f. application. 
-lämplig, a. applicable, -lämp- 
li^^het, f. applicableness. -male, 
n. charge, reproach, imputation. — ma- 

ska, v.a. to mash, -mäskiiing, f. 

mashing; mash,. malt-ground, —mäta, 
V, a, to measure out to. -naniD, n, 
surname.' -packa, v. a. to com- 
press, to condense. — proppa, V. a, 
to cork, —pynta, v. a. to adorn; 
to dirty, to Boil , to put into a sad 
condition. — ra , V. n. to roll, tQj 




tricWe. -reda, v, a. to prepare. 
-redelse, -redlliUg, f. preparation, 
preparative, -reds, ad. ready, done, 
in order, -rustning', f. preparation; 
equipping, -r J gj5-alägga , V. a. to 
lay aside, -råda, V, a. to advise, 
to counsel, -räcklig, a. sufficient. 

-räkna 9 v, a, to impute, -räk- 
nande^ n. imputation. -Sj ad. till, 
until, -samnians, ad, together, 
jointly, -sats, W. allay; adjection, 
appendice; addition, insertion, supple- 
ment, corollary; ingredient. — se. V, a. 
to look after, to take care, -skansa, 
V. a. — sig nägot, to usurp a thing, 
to possess one's self of a thing, —ska- 
pa, V. a. to form, to fashion, to shape. 
-skapniug, f. formation, fashioning. 
-skjuta, V. a, to contribute, to add. 
—skott, n, contribution, addition; 
2\ epiphysis. — skrift, f. address; 
dedication. -Skrifva, V, a. to write 
to one; to add, to insert; to ascribe, 

to impute to. -skrufva, V. a. to 

Hcrew up. -skynda, v, a, to occa- 
sion, to cause, to create, to procure, 

to bring on. -skyndan, -skyn- 

delse, f, impulse, imitation , instiga- 
tion, -skära, v, a. to cut out. 
-skärning, /. cutting out, cut. 
-sluta, V. a. to ahut, to close, -slå, v.a. 
to close by striking; to assign, -släppa, 
V. a. to furnish, to bestow. -Spetsa, 

V, a, to point, -spärra, v, a. to 

barricade, to stop. -Stoppa, V, a, 

to stop up. -stunda, v. n. to ap- 

proach, to draw near, to draw on, to 
be at hand. -Stundande, a, next. 
-styrka, v. a. to persuade to, to 
advise, to move. -Styrkan, f. per- 
suasion, suggestion. — sta, V. a. to own, 
to confess, to acknowledge; to admit. 
—stående, n. acknowledgment, con- 
fession, —stånd, 71, state, condition, 
case, »ituation; permission, leava, li- 
cense, —slädes, ad. present, at hand, 
by. vara — vid, to be present at, 
to assist at. -Städja, v. a. to per- 
mit, to allow, -ställa, V, a. to 
d^Iivefi to rfmit; U Arrange, to bring 

about, to raise; to plot, to contrlTO. 
— en nägot, to deliver a thing to 
one. — ställare, m. ordainer; ma« 
chinrtor, plotter, author, instigator. 
—ställning, f. disposition, prepara- 
tives ; ordinatioD , order ; machination, 
contrivance, intrigue. —Ständig, a, 
due, belonging to. -Stänga, V, a, 
to shut up, to atop up. — StÖt, Wl. 
accident, accession. — Stota, V. 71. to 
occur, to concur; to arrive, to happen ; 
to join to, to border upon. -Svärja, 
V. a. to swear to. — Syn, f. inspec- 
tion, superintendence, oversight, -säga, 
V. a. to give notice , to announce , to 
tell , to notify , to bid , to enjoin ; to 
promise; to allow. -sägelsö, /l 
advertisement, notification, order, sum- 
mons; iixjunction. — säuda, V. a. to 
send to. -sätta, V, d. to constitute, 
to create, to appoint, to nominate; to 
adjoin, to insert; to spend, to loee, 
to invest, to set up. -sättning, f. 
adjoining, addition, adjection; consti- 
tuting, investing, nomination ; creation. 
-tag, n. attempt ; offer, -taga, v, 
72. & a. to increase, to improve, to 
advance, —tagande , 71. increasing, 
improvement. — tagsen, a. enter- 
prising, bold, daring; impudent. — tag- 
senhet, /". enterprising spirit, assu* 
ranee, confidence, impudence, boldness. 
—tal, 71. reprimand ; accusation, —ta- 
la, V, a, to reprimand, to accost, to 
address, lagligen — , to sue at law, 
-trO, V. a. to suppose, to suspect 
one of, to give one credit for. — sig 
att, to think one's self capable of. 
—träda, v. a. to enter upon, to 
mount to. -trade, 71. entering upon, 
accession to ; access, liberty of approa«« 
ching, -tyga, V. a, to dirty, to 

foul; to use ill. -varclse, -varo, 
f, existence, being, -verka, V. a. 
to manufacture, —verkning, f, ma- 
nufacturing ; manufacture. — Yinna, 
V, a. to gain, to acquire. — Tltft, V, 
a. to charge upon , to impute , to re- 
proach. -Viteise , f.^ charge , impu» 
tatioa, reproach, -Tftllllf V* Um «• 


sig något, to usurp a thing, -vänja, 

v. a. to inure, to accustom, to use to 
a thing, -växa. V, 71, to increase. 
-växt, m. increase, -ämna, -är na, 
17. a. to intend, to design. -Öka, v. 
a. to augment. -Önska, v. a. to 
wish; to congratulate. 

Tima, v. n. to happen, to come to pass. 

Timjan, m. thyme. 

Tim i [me, m, hour, pä timmen, at the 
hour, -glas, n, hour-glass, -liif, 
temporal, earthly, worldly. — slag\ n. 
hour-stroke. — Stcn, m. sundial. — tals, 
-vis, ad. hourly, by houra. -visare, 
w. hour-hand, pin of a dial; style. 

Timmer, n, timber, -arbete, n. 

carpenter's work, -flotta, f. float 
of timber, -gesäll, m. yourneyman- 
carpenter, —man, m, carpenter* 
musk-beetle. -manskOöSt, f. car- 
pentery. -mästare, m. master car- 
penter, -skog, 771. wood of timber- 
trees. — StOCk, m, a piece of timber. 
«-verk, n, carpenter's work, timber- 

Timra, v. a. to timber, to build with 

Tina, f. tub. (timber. 

Tina, v. a. & n, to thaw. 

Tindra, v. n. to glimmer, to twinkle. 

Ting, 71. thing; general meeting; court, 

"^ assize, hålla — , to hold the assizes. 
-stag, m. court-day. 

Tinga, v, a. to agree; to bespeak, to 
engage. — pd något, to bid the price 
for a thing. — upp, to agree for the 
price of. 

Tingest, m, thing, little thing. 

Tin kal, m. crude borax. 

Tin k tur, .a. tincture. 

Tinne, m. pinnacle, battlement; tooth 
(of harrow or rake). 

Tinning, m. temple. 

Tio, 71W77*. ten. -dubbel, -faldig, 
a. tenfold, -fait, ad, ten times, 
tenfold. -llörnig, a. decagonal. 

-horning, m. decagon, -männin- 
gar, m, pi. decandria. -nde, a. 
tenth. — del, the tenth part. — , w. 
tithe, -tal, n. number ten. -årig, 
a. decennial, ten years old. 

Ijockiek 243 

Tipp, m. tip, end, point, extremity» 

-en, m. the pip. 
Tiraljör, m. skirmisher. 
Tisdag, m. Tuesday. 
Tissdel, n. whispering. - och tassel, 

chitchat. -Ift, V. 71. to whisper. 
Tistel, m. coach-pole, halchet; thistle. 
" -bult, m. thill-bolt, thill-pin. -flnk, 

m. thistle-finch, gold-finch. 
Titel, m. title, -blad, n. title-page, 

title, -sjuka, /. mania for titles. 
Titt||a, V. 71. to peep. — en i Jcorten» 

to pry into one's secrets, -llål, Tio 

Titulllera, y. a. to title, to call, to 

entitle, -är, a. titular; nominal. 

Tjenlla, v. a. &n. to serve; to be fit, 
to be good. — sitt dr, to serve out 
one's years. •<- för, to serve as; to 
be good for. — till exempel, to servo 
as an example, —are, 771. servant, 
— ariuna, f. servant; maid • servant. 
—lig, a. proper, fit, convenient; suit- 
able, becoming, -ligliet, f, fitness, 
properness, utility. 

Tjenst, f. service; place, office; service, 
turn, gd i — , to go to service, -ak- 
ti g, a. officious, ready to serve, obli- 
ging, serviceable, -aktigliet, f. offi- 
ciousness. —bar, a. obliged to serve; 
administrating. — eande, m. familiar 
ghost, -efolk, 71. servants, -ebjon, 
m. servant. — eman, 7». officer, func- 
tionary. — enit, m. zeal in the ser- 
vice, officiousness. -epiga, -flicka, 
f, maid- servant, —fri, a. exempt 
from serving, -frihet, f. furlough, 

vacancy, -färdig, s. -akti g. -gos- 
se, 771. footboy. -goring, f. service. 
-lös, a. without service, out of ser- 
vice, -skyldig, a. liable to service. 
—sökande, a. é a. soliciting for a 
place, candidate, -villig, S. -aktig. 
Tjock, a. thick, dense, gross, large, 
big; corpulent, stout, —a, f, fog, 
mist, haze, foggy wheather. —ben, n, 
the calf of the leg. -het, f. thick- 
ness , density , grossness , stoutness. 
-hufvud, n. blockhead, -lek, tti, 


244 Tjockna 

thickness, bigness. — na, V. n, to grow 
thick,, to thicken, to inspissate. 

T.jOgr, n. score. 

Tjudcr, n. tether, tedder. 

Tjuf, rn. thief, -aktlg, a. thievish. 

-aktighet, f. tiiievishness. -band, 
n, gang of thieves. — gods, n. stolen 
goods. —lykta, f, dark lantern. 

-nad, /. theft, -nyckel, m. pick- 

lock, -pojke, m. black.guard. -Sak, 
m, theft. -skytt, m. poacher. 
-streck, n. thievish trick. -Stry- 
ker, W. gallows- clapper. — veri, n. 
theft, thievery. (leaves. 

Tjufva, V. a» to unlcave, to strip off 

Tjuga, /*. pitchfork. 

Tjuglle, tjugu, 7mm, twenty, -onde, 

a. twentieth. -Ondedel, m. the twen- 

tieth part. 
Tjur, m. bull, -a, V. n, to look surly. 

-fäktning, f, bullfighting, -huf- 

TUd, n. headstrong fellow, —pes, m. 

Tjuslla, V. a. to enchant; to fascinate. 

—ning, f. enchantment; fascination. 
Tjut, n, howl, yell; rumbling (of the 

guts), "-a, V. n to howl, to yelL 

Tjäder, m, wood-grouse, -höna, f. 

heath-pout, wild hen. 
Tjäll, n, tent; hut, cottage. 
Tjär||a , /. tar , liquid pitch. -, V. a. 

to tar. -blomster, W. catch- fly. 

-brännare, ??Z. tar -manufacturer. 

-llOf , n, tar-wharf, -ig, a, tarry. 

-pyts, m, tar-bucket. -qvast, m, 

Tjärn 9 n, pool, standing water, -ft, 

V. a, to churn; to butter, to make 

butter, -mjölk, f. buttermilk. 
Tobak, m. tobacco. -Sblad, n, to- 
bacco-leave, -sliandlare, m. to. 

bacconist. -spipa, f, tobacco-pipe. 
Tobis, W. lannce (fish). 
Tof, m. felt. 
Toffel, m. slipper. 
Tofs, m. tuft, -lärka, f. tufted lark. 

-mes, -tita, f, crested or Juniper tit. 
Tof?!|a, f. matted hair. -, V, a. - 

ihop, to mat. - sig, to grow matted. 

~lg^, a, matted. 


tog, W. iron-wort. 

Tok, m, fool, droll, idiot, -a, f, 
foolish woman. — as, V. d. to joke, 
to play the fool. -Cri, n. foolery, 
drollery, folly, -ig, a, foolish, simple, 
silly, -ighet, f. foolishness. -Ord, 
n. foolish word, —prat, n, nonsense. 
-rolig, a. ridiculous, droll, -rolig- 
het, f, drollery 

Tolag, m. town-dues, 

Tolf, num, twelve, -dubbel, a. 
twelve-fold, -homing, -kant, m. 
dodecagon, -männingar, m. pi, 
dodecandria. — t, m. dozen. — te, a. 
twelfth, till det tolfte f twelfthly. 

-tedel, m« the twelfth part, -tums- 
tarmen, m, duodenum, -va, f. 

a twelfth. 

Tolk, m, interpreter, —a, V, a. to in- 
terprete, to explicate; to translate. 
-are, m. interpreter, -ning, /. in- 
terpretation, explication, traduction. 

Tom, m, tome, volume. 

Tom, a, empty, void, vacant, vacuous. 
-het, f, emptiness, vacuity, —handy 
a, empty-handed. 

Tomback, m, tombac, plncKbeck. 

Tomling, m, wren, hedge-sparrow. 

Tomt, m. ground, place, site, -a, v. 
a, to build upon, to cultivate. — gubbe, 
m, hobgoblin. — Orm, m. water-snake. 
-Ören, m. pi. ground-rent. 

Ton, m, tone, sound; tjune; ton, fa- 
shion, hälla — , to play in tune. 
tala ur en hög -, to talk in a lofty 
strain, —a, V, n. to sound, -art, m, 
key; tune, —fall, 71. cadence; accent. 
—konst, f, musical art. -1ÖS, a. tune- 
less ; unaccented. -sättarO, m. com- 
poser, musical composer. — tecken^ 
n. -vigt, m. accent. 

Topas, 771. topaz. 

Topp, i, done I agreed! well! 

Topp, 771. pinnacle, top, summit, frän 
— till tä, from top to toe. en — 
socker, a loaf sugar. -8, V.JOL, to 
top; to square by the lifts. — lanta, 
f, lift. ~rep, n, pendant, -rida, 
V, a. to ride, to domineer. — S6g€l, 

n, topsail, -socker, n, loaf-sugai, 


Toiijbagg-e, m. earth- beetle, -dyfvel, 

m. dungbeetle, muck-vvorin. 
Tordön, n, thunder. 
Tort, m, gazon, turf, peat, -aska, f, 

peat, ashes. —bänk, m. tuifseat. 

-jord, f, tmfsoil. -va, f. turf, sod. 
Torftig", a. poor, needy, indigent. 

—het, f, want, need, necessity, indi* 

Torg, n, market, market-place, -dag", 

m. market-day. -marfcnad, /*. fair. 

—pris, n. market-price, rate. 
Tork||a, f. drought, dry weather. —, 

v. a, 'io dry ; to wipe. -, V. n. -S, 

V. d. to dry, to grow dry. — af, to 

wl^e off. — hort , to evaporate, to 

c'/y up. — ihop, to shrink, to shrivel. 

— in ovett f to swallow an affront. 

-duk, m. -kläde, n. wiping-ciout, 

mop. —lada, f. drying-barn. — lling", 
jf. drying, wiping, -plats, m. drying. 
yard, -trasa, f. clout. -Ugl!, m. 
kiln, -vind, m. drying-loft. 

Torn, 7/i. tong of a buckle, prickle. 

Torn, 71. tower, turret; spire, steeple; 
rook, castle, —a, V, a. to heap up, 
to pile up , to tower, —falk , m, 
kestrel, hawk. -Spets, m. -spira, f, 
spire. — Ur, 71. church-clock, —väk- 
tare, 7/1. warden of a steeple. 

Torner(|a, v. n. to tilt, to just, to 
joust. —Ing, f. turnament, tilt, just, 

Tornister, m. knapsack. 

Torp, n. cottage, little farra, hamlet. 
—are, m, cottager, peasant. 

Torr, a. dry; withered, sear; arid, 
sterile, torra sanningen, the naked 
truth, torra stil, insipid style, -am- 
ma, f, drynurse. -bulta, V. a. to 
drub, to bang, -fisk, m. dried fish. 
-het, f. dryness, -het, a. hot and 
dry. -hosta, Z'. dry cough, -qvarts, 
771. iron-ore with quartz. — skodd, a. 
dryshod. -ved, m. dry and resinous 
fir- wood. —värk, m. gout, rheu- 

Torraka, f. moth, beetle, tiny. 

Torsdag, m, Thursday. 

Torsk, m. codling; thrush. 


Torta, f, tart. 

Tost, m. toast, -a, y. n. to toast. 

Tota, V. n, - efter, to endeavour to 

Totte, Til. flax put up to be spun, distaff. 
Traf, 71. trot, komma en pä trafoen. 

to bring one upon the track. — Va, v. 

71. to trot, -vare, m, trotier. -var- 

lapp, m. skipkennel. 

Trafv||a, v. a. to pile up (wood), -e, 
m. pile (of wood). 

Traglledi, f. tragedy. -Isk, a, tra- 
gical, tragic. 

Trakassera, v. a, to won", to harrass. 

Trakt, 7n. 'tract, region. 

Trakta, v. n. - efter, to aspire at, to 
covet, to pursue. — n, f. study, desire. 

Traktyamente, n. board-wages; treat- 
ment, entertainment, —era, V, a, to 
treat, to entertain. — Oring, f. treat- 
ment, entertainment, —or, va. publi- 

Traktat, m. treaty. (can. 

Trail, m. tune, melody, efter gamla 
trallen, according to the old tabkture. 
—a, V. a. & 11. to hum a tune. 

Trail, m. -verk, n. gratings. 

Tramp, m. -a, /. treadle, -a, v. a. 

to tread, to trample. — ned (skor), 

to tread down, -gräs, 71. knot-grass. 

—hjul, n. crane-wheel. [tiainy. 

Tran, m. train-oil; blubber, -ig, a. 
Tran||a, f, crane. -bär, n. crane- 

Transport^ 7/1. transport, conveyance; 

(amount) carried over, brought over; 

endorsement, -abel, a. transportable. 

—era, v. Ö. to transport , to convey ; 

to bring over; to endorse. — sedel, 7/1, 

deposit-note. — skepp, n, transport- 

ship. —Or, 771. protractor. 
Trapp, -gås, f. bustard. -, m. trapp. 
Trapp|]a, f. stair, a pair of stairs. 

-luckor, f, pi, T. ladder. way8. 

—steg, n. step of a staircase. — vis, 

ad. step by step [tattered. 

TrasIIa, /". rag, tatter, -ig, a. ragged. 
Traska, v. n. to trot, to trudge. 
Trassllel, n. entangling, ravelling, -la, 

v. a. - ihop, to entangle, to ravel. 



-lig, ö. entangled, -ligliet, f, 

entanglement. :• 

Trassljent, m, drawer, -era, y. a, 

Trastj m, throstle, thrush. [to draw. 

Tratt, ?n. funnel, -a, V, a. to pour 
through a funnel, to decant, —blllfll^, 
f. arbour -vine. —Ilk, a. infundi- 

Trätta, f. draft, draught, check. 

Tre, num, three. - ganger, three 
times, thrice, -a, f. number three; 
three (at cards), -bcilt, a. three- 
footed, tripedal. -Madig, a, tri- 
foliate; tripetalous. — delt, a. tri* 
partite, -disig, m. third part, third. 
-dubbel, a. triple, threefold, treble. 

-dubbla, V. a. to triple, -dubb- 
li«g, f, triplication. -däcLare, w. 

three-decker. -CUIg, a, triune, -enig- 
het, f. triunity. -fill dig, a. tliree- 
fold, triple, -faldigliet, f, tripli- 
city; trinity. — fot, tn. trevet, tri- 
pod ; trestle, -färgad, a. tricolorale. 

-lianda, a. threefold, -liufvad^ 
a. three . headed, -bundra, num. 
three hundred. -hÖrnig, a. three- 
cornered, triangular, -homing, n. 
triangle, -klufveu, a. trifid. -llias- 

tad, a, with three masts, -man- 
ning, m, T, triandrian. -sldlg, a. 
trilateral, — sklft©, n, division in 
three parts. -Stafvig, a. trisylla- 
bical. -Udd, m, trident, -uddlg, 
a. three . forked, -väpiing, m, tre- 
foil, -äggad, a. three-edged. 

Tredje, a. third, för det -, thirdly. 
— dag Påsk, caster tuesday. - dag 
Jul, St. John Evangelist. - dag 
Pingst, whittuesday. -dagsfrossa, 
f. quartan ague, —del, m. a third 
part, a third. 

Tredsk, a. obstinate, refractory, per- 
verse, —a, -het, f. obstinacy, stub- 
bornness, -as, V. d. to be obstinate. 

Trefljlig, a, healthy, thriving; indu- 
strious, thrifty; agreeable, comfortable, 
— nad, f. prosperity, success. — va, 
v. n, to grope, -vare, m, feeler, 

Tregge, Trenne^ s. Tre. 


Trons, m. loop; snaffle-Wt. 

Tress, m, tress, a lock of hair, ^y 

V. a, to weave (hair). 
Trettio, num. thirty, -nde, a. thir. 

tieth. -ndedel, m. a thirtieth. 

Tretton, num. thirteen. -dagj-Tw. 

twelfth-day, twelfth-tide* Epiphany. 

-de, a. thirteenth. 
Triangel, m. triangle. 
Tribut, m, tribute. 
Trifvas, v, d. to thrive. 
Trilla, f, gig, roller. -, V. W. to roll, 
Trilsk, a. obstinate, stubborn. 
Trind, a. round; cylindrical, -het, f, 

roundness, -lagd, a. full-faced. 
Trippa, v. n. to. trip, to toddle. 
Triss, m. T, spritsail-brace. 
Trissa, f. sheave; •pulley, truckle. 

Triunsf, m. triumph, -båge, m. 

triumphal arch. -era, V. 71. to 
triumph. -tåg, n, triumphal pro- 
Tro, V. a. to believe ; to trust. - J)^ 
Gud, to believe in God. - på nå- 
gon, to trust to one. — , 5. f. faith, 
belief; fidelity, troth, s'dita — tillt 
to give credit to. apostolska tron, 
the apostles creed , the belief, hryta 
sin -, to violate one's faith, på god 
— , upon trust, —fast, a. faithful, 

-fasthet, f. faithfulness, -gen, a. 

faithful, loyal, true, trusty, de trogne, 
the faithful. -3iet, f. fidelity, faith- 
fulness, -hetsed, m. oath of alle- 
giance. —lig 5 0. credible, likely, 
probable, like. —ligen, ad. pro- 
bably, likely; faithfully. -ligllCt, 
f. probability, likelihood, -lofuiug, 
/". espousals, -lofva, V. a. to con- 
tract, to desponsate, to affiance. — 
sig med någon, to betroth one's self 
to one. — lofvad , a, contracted, 
—lös, a. faithless, perfidious, unfaith- 
ful. -lÖSliet, f, faithlessness, perfi- 
dity. —man, m. a title belonging to 
superiour officers. — sartikel, m, 
article of faith, -sbekännelsc, /". 
creed , contession of faith. — sfor»» 
Tandt, W. fellow religionist, one of 
the same religion, -slära^ f, doctrine 




of faith, dogma. -Slllålj 1U matter 
of faith. -Stvång, n/ religious 're- 
straint. -Tärdig", a. credible, true, 
veracious, faithful, genuine, —värdig- 
het, f. crediblenes3 , faithfulness, ve« 

Trofé, 771. trophy. [racity. 

Troll 5 n. goblin, hobgoblin, monster. 
—a, V. n. to witch, to conjure, to 
charm. — bäfj n. oneberry, herb Paris. 
— dom, m. sorcery, witchcraft, magic, 
enchantment, charm, spell, —dryck, 
m. philter. — ©rl, m. sorcery, witch- 
craft, -form©!, 971. spell, -gubbe, 

m. corktumbler. —karl, m. sorcerer, 
wizard, enchanter. — kODSt, f, magic 
art, the black art. —lykta, f. magic 
lantern. — packa, f, witch, hag, sor- 
ceress. — sk, a. magic, —skott, n, 
elf-shot. -Slända, f, libella, adder- 
fly, -spegel, m. magic mirror, -staf, 
m, magic wand. 

Tron, m. throne, -arfving, m. prince 
hereditary, —följd , f. succession to 
the throne, —himmel, m. canopy, 
baldachin, —tal, n, speech from the 

Tropisk, a. tropic, tropical. 

Tropp, 771. troop ; company, set, crowd. 
—a, V, a. to troop. — ar, pL troops, 
forces. — Tis, ad. in troops. 

Tross, m. rope, coil; baggage, -bot- 
ten, 771. ceiling, -dräng, m. driver 
of a baggage - waggon. — pojke, 77i. 
black- guard, — Yagn, tti. baggage- 

Trots, n. spite, defiance. -, på -, 
till -, in spite, -a, V. a. to defy, 
to brave, to dare. — , V, 71. to brave. 
— ig, a. bold, daring, audacious, in- 
solent. — iglict, f. insolence. 

Trottoir, n, foot-path. 

Trottsten, m. rich copper regulus. 

Trubblla, v. a. to blunt, -ig, a. 
disedged, blunt, obtuse, trubhat suar, 
blunt answer. — ighet, f. bluntne^is, 
obtuseness. — laf, in. dier's lichen. 

-näsa, f. pug-nose. -Tinkel, 771. 

obtuse angle, -vlnkllg, a. obtas- 

Trug, n. force, constraint, threat, com- 

pulsion, menace, -a, v. a, to force, 
to press. ~— af en något ^ to extort 
a thing from one. — ndgot pä en, 
to press a thing upon one. — 8mpJ« 
n. compulsion. 

Tromf, m. trump, -a, v. n. to tmmp. 

Trumjlla, -ma, t;.n. to beat the drum, 
to beat, to drum. — , *. f. drum; 
sewer; conduit, culvert. — dafva, f, 
rough-footed dove, —hinna, f, tym* 
pan (of the ear), -pinne, m. drum, 
stick, —skinn, n. drum-skin, calfs» 
skin, -slag, n. beat of drum, -sla- 
gar©, 771. drummer. 

Trumpen, a. sullen, surly, sulky, sour. 
—het, f. sullenness, sourness. 

Trampet, m. trumpet ; T. sheep-shank. 
-a, V. n. & a. to sound the trumpet ; 
to trumpet. — uf , to trumpet forth, 
to divulge. —are, tti. trumpeter. 
-fAgel, m. hornbill. -skall, 71. 
sound of the trumpet. — täck©, 71. 

Trupp, 771. troop, company, en - 
komedianter, a set of players. 

Trut, 771. jaw, mouth, snout. 

Try, 71. fly-honeysuckle. 

Tryck, n. press , print, gifva ut pa 
trycket, to publish by the press, —a, 
V. a. to press, to squeeze, to print. 
— efter, to print after, to pirate. — 
in, to squeeze in. — ned, to press 
down, to depress, —and©, a. press- 
ing, galling. — ar©, 771. pressman; 
printer. —©, 71. trigger, tricker; latch. 
-eri, n. printing-office, -fel, 71. 
fault of the printer; erratum, —frihet, 
f. liberty of the press, —färg, 771. 
printing-ink. —ning, f. squeeze, pres- 
sure, weight; printing, —papper, 71. 
printing-paper. — presS, 771. printing- 
press, -svärta, f. printing-ink. 

Tryffel, 77i. truffle. 

Trygg, a. secure, safe, sure; calm, —ft 
hig, V. r. (till ell. vid) to trust to, 
to depend upon, -eligen, tryggtj 
ad. safely, securely. — h©t, /. secu- 
rity, safety, tranquillity; ••rioasoess 

Tryne, n. snout. 



Tr ta, v. n. to want, to fail. 

Trå, v. n, s. Län j; ta. ! 

Tråckla, v. a. to bäste, to taclc 

Tradj m. thread ; filament, fibre, -band, 
7i. tape, thread-tape, —bar, a. thread- 
bare. — (IragarGj m. wire- drawer. 
— clrag^eri, n. wire-drawing. —1^, a. 
thready, fibrous, -nystail, n. clew 
of thread, -rät, a. straight by the 
thread, -sliten, a. threadbare, is- 
ande, /". end of thread. 

Tråda, v. a. to tread; to trample. 

Tnlgr, ^- trough. 

Tråk, n. troublesome tas^, painfulness, 
tiresomeness, —a, V. n, to rub on, 
to tug, to drudge. -Igj a, tedious, 
tiresome, troublesome, wearisome. 

Trånlja, v, n. to consume. — hort, to 
dwindle away, to waste away, —dj f. 
languishment. — f©b©r, m. lingering 
fever; consumption. — sjnk, a. con- 
sumptive, —sjuka J f, consumption, 

Trål1^9 a. tight, narrow, small, close; 
crowded. — boddj a. cramped for room. 
-bröstad, a. shortbreathed. -bro- 
Stigket, f. asthma, -het, f. tight, 
hess, narrowness, closeness, straitness. 
— hofvad, a. hoof- bound, incastellaled. 
— mål^fl. strait, distress, difficulty, shift. 
— t, ad. tight, tightly, close, closely. 

Trä , n. wood , timber, -aktig , a. 

woodlike, wooden, -beläte, n. image 
of wood; •block-head, —ben, n, 
wooden leg. -bOCk, m» jack, sawing 
tressel. — handei^ m, timber > trade. 
— ig« a, woody. — kol^ n. charcoal. 
—kärl 9 n. wooden utensils; wooden 
vessel, —mask, W. timber-sow, wood- 
fretter. -inassa,/". wood-pulp, -pin- 
116j m, wooden peg. — skOj ^. woo» 
den shoe, clog, -snidare, 771. wood, 
•ngraver, xylographer. — snideri, n, 
xylography. — snittj W. wood. cat, 
wood . engraving. — Spade^ m, T» 
spattle, spatula, -syra, f. T, lig. 
neous acid. — tallrik^ m. trencher. 
-virke, n, timber, -vagg, f, timber- 
wall, -ättika, f, vegeuble acid. 
Track) 772. turd, dung, excrement, -ft^ 


V. W. to void excrements. — ig) O. 

Träd, n, tree, -frukt, m, fruit of 

trees, -skola, /. nurse-garden, -såg^ 
f. tree-saw. 
Trädlla, v. n. to tread, to step. - 
emellan, to interpose, to intervene. 

— fram, to advance. - till ett för- 
hund, to accede to a treaty. — , V. a, 
to introduce, to thrust, to file, 

— nålen pä träden, to thread a 
needle. - upp perlor, to string pearls, 

- en åker, to fallow, to plough up 
& fallow, -e, 72. fallow, ligga i -, 

to lie fallow. 
Trädgård, m. garden, orchard. -S- 

arbete, 72. gardening, -sbäuk, m. 

garden-seat. — SJOrd, f. garden-mould. 

-skanna, f. watering-pot. -skuif, 

772. pruning-knife. -SkOUSt, f. horti- 
culture. -Smolla, /*. butterleaves, 
goldenherb. -Smästaro, m. gardener. 
-SSax, f, garden-shears. -SSkotsel^ 
772. gardening. — SSpÖke, 72. Fcare- 
crow. -ssällg, /". bed, layer. -SVäxt, 
772. cultivated plant; greens, vegetables. 

Träff, 772. random, hit, chance, —a, V. a. 
to meet, to find, to fall in with, to hit ; 
to draw to the life; to come home. — 
ihop, io encounter, to meet with. — 
pä, to hit on, to light on. ^ sig, to 
happen. -aS, V, d. to meet, -lliug, 
f, action, engagement, conflict. 

Trägen, a, assiduous, busy, earnest; 
pressing, instant; urgent, close, ar- 
duous. — het^ /. assiduity, application, 

Trajan^ 772. burfiag, burreed, reedgrass. 

Träjon, f, fern. 

Träl^ 772. slave, bondman, thralL — fti 
V, 72. to slave, to drudge, to toil. 
-aktig, a. slavish, servile, -aktig- 
liet, f, servility, -doin, 772. slavery, 
servitude, thraldom. — sam^ a. toil- 
some, laborious, tiresome. 

Tralla^ f. spring-wheel. 

Träng||a, V. a. to throng, to press, to urge, 
to pinch; to crowd. — 52^ e772C?ia72, 
to press between, to press amongst. 

- igenom, - sig igenom, to get 




through, to peneirate, to press through. 
~ ihop, to press together. - sig in, 
to throng into, to penetrate. -ai\de, 
a. pressing, urging. -aSj V. d. to 
be pressing, -ning', f. thronging, 
pressing. -Sel, m. throng, crowd, 
press . strait , narrow pass , defile. 
bringa ndgon t -, to bring one to 
, great straits. 

Trängt a, v. n. - efter , to long for, 
to lust after. — D, f, ^eat desire. 

Träsk, n. bog, fen, marsh, moor. 

TrätJla, v. n. to quarrel, to wrangle, 
to scold. — pd en, to scold one. -, 
8, f. quarrel, contention, dispute, dif. 
ference, wrangle, fray, brangle. — drygj 

-girig', a. quarrelsome, -girighet, 

f. quarrelsomeness. -Obroder, w. 
adversary. -Ofro, n. seed of dissen- 
sion. —sain, a. quarrelsom. 

Trög, a. slow, tardy, heavy, dull, loath, 
sorry, —het, f. slowness, tardiness, 
dulness, inertness, -körd, — YUlen, 
a. somewhat slow, sluggish, —last, 
a. tedious, tiresome, -smält, a. in- 

Tröja, f, jacket. (digestible. 

JTrÖsk 9 m. thrashing ; thrashed corn. 
-8, V. a. to thrash, -are, m. thra- 
sher, —loge , m, barn , thrashing, 
floor, -maskin, m, thrashing-machine. 
-Slaga, f, flail. -vagn,77i. thrashing- 

Tröskel, m. threshold. (wheel. 

Tröst, m. comfort, consolation, -a, 
V, a. to comfort, to console, -are, 
m. comforter, consoler. — ebref , n. 
consolatory letter. — ftill, a. conso- 
latory, comfortable. -ligen, ad. 
comfortably ; confidently, trustly. -1ÖS, 
a, inconsolable, comfortless, — 1ÖS- 
het J f, uncomfortableness , sadness, 
despair, -rik, a. full of comfort. 

Trött, a. weary, tired, fatigued, spent. 
-as, V. d. -nä, v. n, - upp, to 
tire, to grow weary, -het, f. wear- 
iness, lassitude. — Sasn, a. wearisome, 
tiresome, tedious, dull. — samhet, f, 
tiresomeness ; tediousraess. 

Ta, num, two. deia i -, to divide 
into two equal parts. gd I — , to 
break in tv.'O, to break asunder. 

Tub, m. tube, telescope. 

Tubba, V. a. to entice, to inveigle, to 

Tuff, ml tophus, tufa, tuff. [decoy. 

Tnfvl{a, f. molehill, little hillock, -ig, 
a. full of moiebills. 

Tugglla, f. chew. -, V, a. to chew. 
— pd, to bite on. — buss, m. chew 
of tobacco, quid. -muskel, W. 
masseter. — tobak, m, pigtail-tobacco. 

Tokan, m. toucan (bird). 

Tukt, m. discipline, correction, chasti* 
sement ; bashfulness, decency, modesty 
—a, V. a. to correct , to discipline, to 
chastise, -an, f. discipline, chastise- 
ment, correction, -hus, n. house of 
correction. — ig? a. bashful , modest, 
chaste, pure, -ighet, f, chastity. 
-Oraästare, m. corrector, chastiser. 

TulkÖrt, f. officinal swallow- wort. 

Tull , m, custom , duty , toll , impost ; 
custom-house, city-gate, lägga — på 
varor f to lay an impost or a duty 
on goods, —a, V. n, to pay duty. 
-, t;. a. to levy a duty; to pilfer. 
-afgift, m. duty, -arrende, n. 

farm of the customs, —bar, a. due 
to pay custom, -betjent, TO. cu- 
stom-ofBcer. -fri, a. dutyfree, toll- 
free, —frihet, f, exemption from 
paying duty. - for pak tare, m. far- 
mer of the custome. -förvaltare, 

m. toll-gatherer. — hus , n, custom- 
house, -luspektor, m. surveyor of 
the customs, -kammare, m. custom, 
office, -kappe, m. multure, toll- 
dish, -när, m. toll. gatherer. -Se^ 

del, m, cocket. -skrifvare, m. 

customhouse -clerk, -taxa, /". tariff. 
-Umgälder, Wl. pi, duties, customs. 

-verk, -väsende, n. the customs. 
Tulle, m. T. thole, thowl. 
Tulpan, m. tulip. 
Tuita, t*. n. 10 waddle, to doddle. 
Tulubb, 7n. furred cloak. 
Turn, m. inch. -StOCk, TO. ruler 

divided by inches, measure, rule. — talSj 

ad, by inches. 
Tumilja, V. n, & a. to tumble, to reek 

- aig, V. r. to roll one's self, -are, TO? 

tumbler; porpoise, -ett, TO. tumbler. 




Tamllma^ v. a. to tbnmb; to set 
~me, m, thumb, hålla tivmmen 
pä ögat på en, to keep a check 
upon one. — SkTHf^ m. thumb's* 

Tnmmel, n. tumbling. ^platS) m, [roar. 

Tiiuiult, m. tumult, bustle, aoise, np- 

Tunder, n. tinder. 

Tung", a. heavy, ponderous, dull, weighty; 
profound, sound. — ft, f, burden; im- 
post, tax. —fotad 9 a, unwieldy, 
heavy. — haild, a, heavy-handed. 
-jord, f, baryte calk. -Spat, m. 

Tunglja, f. tongue; f fisk J sole, -band, 
n. the ligament of the tongue. — bok- 
8taf, m. lingual letter, -häfta, /". 
ancyloglossum. — Omål, n, tongue, 
language, speech. — Spets, m, end of 
the tongue. 

Tun gel, m. moon, -skifte, n. change 
of the moon, lunation. 

Tnnn, a. thin, -bet, f. thinness. 
—sådd, a. thin sown. 

Tunnlla, f, barrel , cask. Ctl - guld, 
a sum of 4166 L. 12 sh. — »^V- a. to 

tun. -band, n, hoop, -bindare, 
m. hooper, cooper, -drank, -drägg, 

771. grounds, dregs, lees, —land, n. 
Swedish acre, -tals, ad, by barrels, 
by casks, by tuns. -tratt, W. 

Tupp, w. cock; weather-cock, -fäkt- 
ning, f. cockfight, -gäll, m, cock- 
crowing. — kani, m, cock's -comb, 
crest, -krås, -skägg, n. cock's 
wattles. -kyckling, m, cockrel. 
-sporre, w. cock's spur. 

Tur, m. turn, trip, tour, excursion; 
chance, success; round; figure; false 
hair, -a, V. n. to alternate. 

Turban, m, turban, turband. 

Ture, m, fellow, en lustig -, a merry 

Turkos, TO. turkois. (fellow. 

Turmalin, m. tourmaline. 

Turnare, m. gymnastic 

Turning, f. alternation, change. 

'?:irsk, a. turkisb. turcica Mnor, 
kidneybeaas, i 

Turturdnffa, f. turtledove. 

Tusch, n, china-ink, indian ink. -41, 

V. a. to shade with china -ink» to 


Tusen, mim, thousand, -de, a. thou- 

sandth. — , -de, n. thousand, —del, 
m, thousandth part, -fald, -faldig, 
a. -faldt, ad, thousand-fold, -fot, 
m. millepede, scolopendra. —gyllen, 
n, lesser centaury, -konstnär, m, 
cunning fellow» Jack of all trades. 
—skön, f, common daisy, —tal, n. 
thousand, the number thousand. — tals, 
ad, by thousand» — årig, a. mill- 

Tusk a, V. n. to barter, to truck. 

Tussa, V, a, to chase, to hunt, to set. 
— hundar på en, to set dogs on one. 

Tut, m, point; muzzle; pipe; speaking- 
tube, {a sore finger. 

Tuta, f, thumbstall, rag lapped about 

Tuta, t;, n. to blow upon a bom. 

Tutia, f. tutty. 

Tutt, m. heap, hela tutten, altogether. 

T?ag||a, V. a. to wash, to bathe, -ning, 

f. washing, absolution. 
Twe||bett, n, two horses harnessed 
abreaet. -bettsvagn , m, coach 
drawn by two horses, — dragt, m, 
discord, dissension, variance. — filld, 

-faldig, a. twofold, -ggehanda, 

a, twofold, double, —gift, a, biga- 
mist, -gifte, n, bigamy. — hågsen, 
a. doubtful, hesitating, scrupulous. 
vara — , to be in suspense. — håg« 
senhet, f, irresolution, hesitation. 
—händ, a, two-handed, both-handed, 
ambidextrous. — klufven, a. two- 
cleft, bifurcate, -klöfvad , ö. bi- 
sulcous , cloven-hoofed. — könad, a. 
hermaphroditical. — ko'ning, 7Ji. herm. 
aphrodite. — skifte , n. bipartition. 
-språk, n. ambilogy. -Stjärt, m. 
earwig. —talan, f, contradiction. 
-talig, a, double-tongued, -tydig, 
a, equivocal, ambiguous, double-mean* 
ing. -tydighet, f, double-meaning, 
equivocation, ambiguity, ambiguousnesa. 
-äj;ged, a. two-edged. 

Tveklla, v. n. to hesitate, to be in 


suspense, to be in doubt. ^fLlif f. 
hesitation, suspense, scruple, uncer- 
tainty, -aiide, -sam, c. doubtful, 

scrupulous, uncertain, hesitating. 

Tvi, i. pshaw, fie, faugh. - vare ho- 
nom/ fie upon him I 

Tfifla, V. n. to doubt, to question. - 
om, — 'på, to call in question, to be 
in dcubt of, to make doubt on, to 
despair of. -n, f, -11 do^ n. doubt, 
question, sccpticismc — r©, 7W. sceptic, 
doubter, disbeliever. 

T?ifv©l, n, doubt, -aktig, a. doubt- 
ful, dubious , sceptical. — sjnk ^ a. 
sceptic. — Sinål^ 71. doubt, question, 
scruple, draga i tvifvelsmdl, to 
call in question, -sntan, ad. with- 
out doubt, no doubt, doubtless. 

Tvilling, 771. twin, -arne, a, the 

twins, gemini. 

Tvinlla, v. n. to languish,4o pine away, 
to dwindle. — SOt, ttu consumption, 

Tving, 77t. ferrule, holdfast, -a,' V. a. 
to force, to constrain ; to restrain, to 
bridle, to subdue, to compel, to oblige. 
— sina Leg är, to bridle one's pas- 
sions. " aft to extort. — pat to 
force upon, tvungen , forced, con- 
strained, affected, stiff, tvunget, ad, 
with affectation; unwillingly. 

Tvinna, v. a. to twine, to twist, -re, 
m. twister. 

Tvist, m. debate, dispute, cause; con- 
troversy ; contention , expostulation. 
—a, V. n. to contest, to controvert, 
to dispute, to plead, to debate, to con- 
tend, to expostulate. — ©flrö, m. apple 
of discord. -emål, n. subject of 
contention, civil cause. — ig, fl. liti- 
gious, questionable, disputable. 

Tvången, s. Tvinga. 

Två, v, a. to wash, to bathe. 

Två, num. two. ~a, f. a two. -bent, 
a. twoleggcd. -bladig, a. twolea- 
ved, bipetalous. — dolt, a. bipartite. 

-däckare, m. twodecker. -faldig, 

a. twofold, double, -fotad, a. two- 
footed, -raastave, m. brigg. -män- 
uingar,77i.pZ. T, diandria. -qveda, 

Tvättbalja 251 

/. didelph. — sldig, a. with two si- 
des, bilateral. — Sltsig, a. with two 
fleats. -Skrifva, v. a. to double. 
— Spaltig, a. with double columns. 
-Spälinare, m. a carriage and pair. 
— Stafvig, a. having two syllables. 
-struken, a. of the fourth octave. 
-Stämniig, a. for two voices, of two 
voices, -uddiga a. bifurcated, -årig, 
a. biennial. 
Tvål, m. hard soap, -a, V. a. to rub 
with soap. — till någon, to repri- 
mand one. —gräs, n. soap- wort. 

-knla, f: soap -bail, -lodder, n, 

lather. — vattcn, n. soap-water, suds. 

Tvång, 71. constraint, force, compulsion, 
restriction, -sarbete, n. compelled 
work, -slån, n. forced loan. -Sine- 
del, n. means of constraint. -Ströja, 
f. strait-jacket. 

Tvär, a. cross, transverse; dogged, un* 
friendly, rough, —ft, V. a, to plough 
across, —an, —en, m. the breadth. 
på -, across, athwart, -bjälke, m. 
cross-beam. — br;>nt, a. precipituous, 
steep, —finger, n. a finger's breadth. 
-flöjt, f. german flute. -gatfl, 

-gränd, f. cross-street, -hand, f. 

the breadth of a hand, -hot, f. 
crossness, doggedness. — hllgg, m. 
cross-cut. -linie, f. cross-line, dia- 
gonal. -pipa, f. fife. -S, ad. across. 
-sadel, m. side- saddle, -skår, 
—snitt, n. cro33*cut, crucial incision . 
diameter. -Slå, f. cross-bar. -Stad- 
iia, V. n. to stop short, -streclc, 
71. dash, cross-line; disappointment. 

-säck, 77?. saddle-bag. -säkcr, a. 

cocksure, authoritative. — t, ad. across, 
athwart, crosswise; short, all at once, 
roundly, gå — af , to break short 
off. — emot, right opposite. — ige- 
nom, right through. - om, on the 
contrary ; oontrarily. — öfvcr, athwart ; 
opposite, -trä, 71. transom, -tystna, 
V. n. to be silent all at once, to stop 
short, -vigff, 7». crossfellow, cross- 
Tvätt, m, washing, wash, -a, V. a. 
to wash, to bathe, -balja, f. washtub, 

252 Tvättersica 


-erska^ f. laundress, washer-woman. 
-fatj n, wash-bowl, basin, -kår, 
n, wash-tab. —kläder, n. pl. linen. 
—ning', f, washing. — notn, f. wash- 
bili. -vatten, 71. wash-water. 

Ty, c. for. - vä9T, alas, unfortunately. 

Xyck||a, v. n. to think, to fancy. - 
om, to like, to relish , to be fond of. 
— om sig, to be proud of one's self. 
—as, V. d» to seem, to appear. — ©, 
n, liking, humour, taste; opinion, 
fancy; air, resemblance, falta — för 
nägorif to take a fancy to one. vara 
i ens — , to be to one's taste or lik- 
ing. efter mitt — , in my opinion. 
godt — , an engaging countenance. 
hafva — af nägon, to resemble one. 
-mycken, a. peevish, pettish. 

Tyd||a, V, a, to explain, to interpret, 
to expound, —lig, a. plain, evident, 
clear, apparent, manifest, explicit, per* 
spicuous. -lighet, f, evidence, clear- 
ness, perspicuity, manifestness. —ning, 
f. explication. 

Tyg, n, tackling, gear; furniture; stuff; 
trash. — hus , 71. arsenal , armory. 
-mästare, m. master of the ordnance. 

Tygljel, m. rein, hälla en i ~: to 
keep one in awe. — elfri , -eilos, 
a. unrestrained, licentious. — elfri- 
-het, -ellosliet , f, licentiousness. 
—la, V, a. to bridle, to curb. 

Tyll, 771. net-lace. 

Tyna, v. n, to languish, to dwindle 
away, to wear away, 

Tyng||a, v. a. to charge, to burden. 
— , V. n. to weigh. — d, f, heaviness, 
gravity, weight. — dkraft, f, power 
of gravity, -dpunkt, m. centre of 

Typ, m, type. -Ograf, m. typographer. 
-grail, f. typography. 

Tyrann, w. tyrant. -I, n. tyranny. 
-isora, v. a. to tyrannize. ~isk, a. 
tyrannical, tyrannic, tyrannous. 

Tyre, n. dry and resinous firwood. 

Tyst, a. silent, mute, hush, stili, quiet. 
— , ad. still, quietly, soft. — , i. hush! 
silence! peace! Tia/^Cl —, to keep close 
QT secret, -a^ v. a. to sjience, to 

hush, to qalet. -het 9 f, eilencai 
secrecy, i — , in secrecy, lefva i — , 
to live in retirement, hegrafva en 
i — , to bury one with privacy. — liets* 
©d, m, oath of secrecy, -låten, a, 
of few words, silent; close, discreet; 
tacit, -låtenhet, f, taciturnity, se* 
crecy, silence. -nEj V. n. to becoma 
silent, to be silent, to be struck dumb. 
-nad, f. secrecy, silence, en Jcort -* 
a short pause. 

Tå, m. toe. gä pä -, to walk on tip. 
toe. -liätta, /. cap. -stöta, V, a. 
to toe-piece. 

Tåg, m. rush. -, n, rope, cable, klara 
-, T. to clear the hawse. -Stump, 
m, rope-end. — verk, n. cordage. 

Tåg, n. expedition, march, -a, V. n. 
to march. -Ordning ^ /. the order 
of a march. 

Tåg||a, /.filament, fibre; tear; hackled 
flax. -Ig, a. full of filaments or 

Tåglig, a. slow, tardy, lingring, duU. 

Tagna, v. n. to stretch, to give way, 
to relax, 

Tål!|a, V, a. to suffer, to abide, to en- 
dure, to tolerate, to hear; to admit. 
-aiaod, n. patience, temper, suffer- 
ance, -ig, a. patient. -IgllOt, f, 
patience, forbearance. — BlOdlg, a. 
forbearing. — saM, a. tolerant, patient. 

Tång, f. tongs, pincers, a pair of tongs; 
T. wrack. -lake, 7n. viviparous, 

Tap, n. simpleton. [blenny. 

Tår, 7n. tear, hada i tårar, to melt 
into tears, fälla t är ar j to shed tears. 
-as, V. d. to fill with tears, to water, 
-fistel, W. lacrymal fistula, -kör- 
tel, m. lachrymal gland, -puukt^ 
m. lachrymal point. -säclt, m. 
lachrymal bag. — Ogdj a. with tear» 
ful eyes. 

Tårta, f. tart. 

Tassa, f. toad; slut. 

Tåt, m. string, twist, filament. Jcomma 
pä tåten, to hrt. det är god - i 
honom t he has a ^ood dis|jO£itioja 


Tåtel, m. hair-grass. 

Täck 9 a. agreeable, pretty, charming, 
curious, göra hvad Gudi täckt är, 
to do what is right in the'eyea of the 
Lord. — aSj V. d, to please; to con- 
descend, to be pleased. — hetj f, 
prettiness, grace, comeliness. 

Tackjla, V, a. to cover; feit hus J to 
roof in, to cover with a roof. — med 
halrrif to thatch, to cover with straw. 
- ined tegel, to tile., täckt vagn, 
coach. — arOj m. coverer. — Öj W. 
quilt, coverlet, spela under ett -, 
to have a private understanding. —els©j 
f, covering, veil. — f&t^ 71. limpet. 
— mantol) ?^. colour, blind, pretence. 
-Tagn, m. coach. 

Täfla^ V, n. to contoad, to cope, to vie, 
to rival, to strive, to struggle. — Dj 
f, emulation, contention, strife, rivalry, 
competition. -»rO^ m. emulator, com- 
petitor, rival. 

Tafra, f, utile bitch. 

Taljlja^ V. a, to cut, to chip ; to count, 
to reckon, to tell. — ailde^ n, reckon- 
ing, numeration. —arO} 77). numerator. 
-knif, m, case-knife. -Sten, m. 
potstono. —yxa, f. chip-axe, hatchet. 

Tain, m, tho top-line and foot -line of 
& net. 

Tält, n. tent, pavilion, -makare, 

7». tentmaker. -stång, /. tentpoie. 

-säng, /. tontbed, fleldbed. 
TämJlla, v, a. to tame, to breal^. -eljg^ 

a. tameable. 
Tändjja, v, a, - an, ^ i, — pä, — upp, 

to light, to kindle,, to set on fire. — 

lju$,^ to light the candle. -nåls> 

geyär, n, neediegun. -stlcka, f, 


Tänjlla, t;, a. to stretch, -bar, a. 

ductile, -barhety f. ductility, ten- 
sile strength. 
Tänkjia, v, a, & n. to think, to re- 
flect f to be of opinion, to fancy, to 
Imagine; to intend to. — efter, to 
consider, to think upon with care. — 
för sig, to consider beforehand. — 
för sig ajelf, to think to one'r self. - 
sig om, to reflect; to look about onei 

Tojanker 253 

to cast about for. — på, to think 
on, to consider of. —pä att, to 
think on, to intend to. — öfver, to 
think over. —ande, a. thinking, 
meditative, contemplative, —at©, 771. 
thinker, meditator, —bar, a. cogitable, 
conceivable, -espråk , n. symbol, 
motto, sentence, -esätt, n. way of 
thinking, principles. -Tärdig, a. 
remarkable, worthy of attention, —vär- 
dighet, f, memorable thing, memor» 

Täppa, f. croft, small enclosure. — , 
V. a. to stop, to shut up; to fence, 
to enclose. 

Tärl|a, v, a. to consume, to fret, to 
corrode, to wash, to eat. — pd, to 
eat. — sig igenom, to soak through, 
to penetrate, —ande, a. consuming, 
corroding, consumptive, corrosive; ste- 
ril; slow, hectic, -penning, m. 
money for consumption, food -money. 
-sot, m, coasuraption. 

Tärna, f. handmaid; tern. 

Tärning, m. dice; cube, skära % 
tärningar, to cut into small square 
pieces, -formig, a. cubiform, -kap- 
pe, 771. dice-box. -kast, n, cast al 
dice, -spel, n, play at dice. -Spe- 
lare, 771. dicer. 

Tät, a. close, compact, tight, dense, 
thick, solid; frequent; rich, —a, V, 
a. to tighten, -gräs, 7J. butterwort. 
—hot, f. tightnass, closeness, thick- 
ness, solidity. — na, v. 7i. to grow 
tight, -nande, n. condensation. 

Tätt, <td, close, frequently; close by. 
— hebodt land, & country well peo- 
pled, skrifva -, to write close. — 
efter, close after. — ihop, dose to- 
gether. — intill, close by. 

Tatting, 77>. sparrow. 

To, n, thaw, thawing weather, —a, 17. 
71. to thaw, —blast, m. thaw-wind. 
— Täder, n, thawing weather, 

Tockllen, n, fog, mist, -nig, a. 

foggy, hazy, misty. 
TÖfVÄ, 17. 71. to stay, to tarry. 
Tojil», V, a. to stretch. - sig, to give 

way» •»anker, m. the amall bower. 



TÖlpj W. awk\^ard fellow, clown, -ak- 
t\g) a. awkward, clownish, -aktig- 
het, f, awkwardness. 

Töm, m, rein, bridle; beard (of fish). 

Tömma, v, a. to void, to empty, to 
evacuate, to drain, to teem. 

Tor a, V. n, to may. jag tor f torde J 
komma, I may perhaps come, det 
tor hända, it may happen. — S, V. 
d. to dare, to venture. 

TÖrelj m, twirling-stick ; euphorbium. 

Törla, V, a, to twirl. [run. 

Törn, m. dash, -a^ v. n. to strike, to 

TÖrn||e, n. thorD. -buske, W2. brier; 
rose-bush, —full, — ig", a, thorny, 
prickly, -krona; f, crown of thorns. 
~rOS, /. rose; province-rose. — skata, 
/- redbaoked shrike. -tagg, w. 
prickle (of a brier). 

Törst, m. thirst, -a, r. n. to thirst, 
to be dry. - efter något, to thirst 
for or after a thing, -ig, OL. thirsty, 

TÖ8, f. lass, girl. [dry. 

Udd, m. point, prick. Uddar, pi. edging, 
narrow laces. — kvaSS, a. sharp poin- 
ted. -!g, a. jagged. -Ighet, /. 

Udda, a. odd , not even, spela jemt 
och — , to play at even and odd. 

llddö, TTh, point, cape, promontory, 

Uf, m. eagle-owl. 

Ugla, /. owl. fånga -, T» to bring 
a ship about. 

Ugll, m. oven, furnace. -Slläl, n. 
-smnn, w. oven-mouth, -sraka, f. 

oven-rake, coal-rake. — SSOpa, f, oven- 
besom. — SSpade, TW. baker's peel, 
-stött, a. doughy. 

Ulf, m, wolf. 

Uli, f. wool, —gam, n. wollen yarn. 
-handel, m, dealing in wool, -hå- 
rig, a. downy, -ig , a, woolly, 
fleecy, -kam, W. wool-card, -kum- 
Biare, m, wool-carder, -sax, f. 
sheep-shears. — strumpa, f, woollen 


Btocking. -tapp, m, lock of wool. 
-tyg, n. woollen stuff, -vanto, w. 

mitten of wool. 
Ulspegel, m droll, wag.. 
U!llbra, f. umber. 
Umbärjia, v. a. to spare, to do without, 

to be without, —lig, a. dispensable. 

— llghet, f, superfluousness. 
Umgås, V. d. to converse with, to keep 

company with, to behave. 

Urn gäl der, m, pi, dues. 

Umgiilla, V, a. to suffer for, to pay for. 

Umgäng(|d, n. intercourse, conversation, 
keeping of company. — sam , a. so- 
ciable, conversable, -samhet, /". 
sociableness , conversableness , popu- 

Ulldan, prp, <§i ad, out of tha way, 
aside , away , from oflP. — , i, away f 

-arbeta, v, a. to work out. -bedja, 
V, a, — sig ndgot, to excuse one's 
self from a thing, -draga, V, a, 
to withdraw, to deprive of, to decline, 
to refuse, to sprink. -dragning, f 
withdrawing, declining, avoiding, -fly, 
V, n, to escape, -gjord, a, done. 
-gömma, v, a, to conceal, to hide, 
to put away, to suppress, -rödja, 
V. a, to remove, to put away, to put 
aside, -sticka, V, a, to put out of 
the way, to hide, to conceal. — tftg", 
fl, exception, reverse, clause, —taga, 
V, a, to except, to exempt; to take 
away , to reserve, -tagande , prp, 
except, save. -tagSYlS, ad. excep. 
tionally, by exception. 
Under, n, wonder, miracle, prodigy, 
marvel; admiration, —bar, —fall, a, 
wondrous, marvellous, strange, won- 
derful, -görande, a, miraculous. 
-görare, m. wonder-worker, -kuf, 
m. miraculous cure. -Ug, a, strange, 
odd, surprising; wonderful; unaccount» 
able; perverse; humorsome, odd. — lig*» i 
hot, f. oddness, strangeness, -sani, I 
a. wondering, astonished, -samhct, 
f. amazement, wonder, admiration, 
-skön, a. admirably fair. -Syn, f. 
miraculous vision. — YOrk, 71, miracle, 


Understucken 25& 

Under 9 prp, under, boneath, below, 
underneath; by; under; during, as, 
while, at. -•afdelningj f. subdivi- 
sion, -arnij m. forearm, -balaiis^ 

m, deficiency. — böfälj Tl. subaltern 
officers in the army, -betjening', 
f. subaltern officers, lower officers. 
-blntla^ V, a, to underbind. -bjälke, 
W. summer beam; architrave, -biåsa, 
V. a. to foment. — bukj W. under- 
belly, -bygga, V. a. to underpin; 
to build from beneath, -byggd, a. 
väl — i studier y well grounded in 
learning, -byggnad, f. foundation, 
'basis; prop, support; elementary in- 
struction, -byxor, f, pi, drawers. 
-bädda, v. a. to underlay, -bädd- 
ning, f, underlaying, -dela, V, a, 
to subdivide, -dclning, f, subdivi- 
sion. -domare, m. inferior judge. 
—domstol, m, inferior court, lower 
court, -dånlg, a, subject; aubmis- 
eive, humble, -dånighet, f» sub- 
jection, submission. — dånigt, -då* 
nigst, ad. submissively, most hum- 
bly, -foder, w. lining, -gevär, 
n, sword, -gifven, a. aubmiss, sub- 
ject. -gilVonhet, f. submission, 
compliance , acquiescence , submissive- 
ness. — gräfva, V, a. to undermine, 
to sap, to underwork; to corrupt, to 
destroy, -gå, v. a. to undergo, to 
suffer, -gång, m, ruin, fate, de- 
struction, -haffande, a. <fe s. sub- 
altern, inferior, dependent, subordi- 
nate. —halt, m, base standard. 
—hand, ad. underband, clandestinely. 
-handla, v. n. to negotiate, to treat. 
-handlare, m. negotiator, interme- 
diator, -handling, f. negotiation, 
treaty, mediation, -hjelpa, V. a, 
to second, to supply, to facilitate. 
— hasot, 72. the house of commons. 
—håll, 72. maintenance, sabslstance, 
support, annuity, perislon, —hålla, 
V. a. to maintain, to sustain, to keep 
up, to cherish, to cultivate: to enter- 
tain , to amuse, -jordisk, a. sub- 
terraneous, -kasta, V. a, to sub- 
mit, <to subject, to comply. -kasteUe, 

f. subjection, submission, yielding. 

-kjortel, m. undercoat, -kläder, 
m, pi. waistcoat and breeches, —kläd- 
nad, m. underdress, -kufva, V. a. 
to subdue, to conquer. — kufvarC, 
m. subduer, conqueror. — kunnig, 
a. knowing, informed. — kaft, —käk, 
772. lower jaw. — Iflg^ 71. groundwork, 
underlaycr. -lagsbjälke, 7W. sum- 
mer beam. — lif, n. abdomen, -lig- 
gande, -lydande, a. subject to, 
belonging to, lying under, —låta, V. 
a. to omit, to neglect, to fail, to for- 
bear, to miss, to help, -lägga, V, 
a. to underlay ; to subject. — SiQi to 
subdue, to subject ; to resign one's self. 

-lägsen, a. inferior, -lägsonhet, 

f, inferiority, c-läpp, m. nether-lip, 
under lip, lower lip. -lärare, m. 
underteacher , usher, -lätta, V. a, 
to lighten, to lift; to help, to facili- 
tate, -lättning, /[. alleviation, fa- 
cilitation, help, —löjtnant, m, se- 
cond-lieutenant, —minera, v, a, to 
undermine, to sap. —mål, 72. short 
measure. -Officer, m. underofficer. 

-ordna, v. a. to subordinate. -Ord- 
nad, a. subordinate, -pant, m. 
pawn, pledge, gage, —rede» 72. un- 
dercarriage, —rätt, m. inferior court. 
—rätta, V» a, to advise, to apprise, 
to acquaint, to inform, -rättelse, f. 
information, advice, notice, instruction. 
-segel, 72. lower sails, course. -Skat- 
ta, V. a. to depreciate, -skattande, 
72. depreciation. — slijorta, f, under- 
shirt. -Skrifning, f. underwriting, 
signature, — skrift, /. signature, sub- 
scription, -skri f Yd, V. a, to sign, 
to underwrite. — slef, 72. prevari- 
cation, deceitful dealing, trick, bruka 
underslef, to defraud, -slå, v. a. 
to bend. -St, a. suptrl. lowest, un- 
dermoBt, nethermost. — , ad. undermost. 
-sticka, V. a. to put lindor, to sub- 
orn, to suppose; to forge. — stiga, 
V, 72. to fail under, -strumpa, f. 
understocking, -stryka, v. a. to 
score, to underline. -Stucken, a. 
false, suborned, supposed, surreptUicuSr 

256 Understundom 

tmderstucket verk, a sham business. 
understucket vitne, suborned wit- 
ness. —stundom 9 (Xd, sometimes, 
now and then. -stynUHIl} m. steer's 
mate. — Stå sigPj V. r, to presume, 
to make bold. ^Ståthållare 5 m. 
deputy governor, —stalla, v. a. to 
submit, to refer a thing to. —Ställ» 
ning^ f, reference. — stod, n. sup. 
port, help, assistance, subsidy. — StÖdaj 
V, (t, to underprop, to support, to se« 
cond, to relieve, -sälare, -sate^ 
w. subject, -såtlig", a, becoming a 
subject, loyal, -sälja, V. a, to un- 
dersell , to sell cheaper than another. 
-sätsigj a. set in the body, square, 
built, -söka, v. a. to' examine, to 
discuss, to inquire, to try. -SÖklling', 
f. examinalion , inquiry, trial , search. 
—teckna, v. a, to sign, to subscribe. 

-tecknad, a. underwritten, -teck- 
nare, m. subscriber, -tecknlng, 
/". subscription, -tiden, ad, some, 
times, now and then, -trycka, V, 

a. to oppress, to suppress, —tryckan- 
de, n. oppression, -tröja, f. doub- 
let. -tvinga, V, a. to subdue, to 
reduce, -vigt, Wl. underweight, -vig- 
tig> a. underweighing , too light. 
-visa, V. a. to teach, to instruct (in). 

-visande, a. instructive, -visning, 

f. instruction, teaching. — vlsningS" 
anstalt, m, educational establish- 
ment. — iirni, f, undersleeve. 

Undfallfja, v. n. to slip to escape. 
—enhet, f, compliance, pliability. 

Undfly, V. n. & a. to run away ; to avoid, 
to shun, to escape, to get off. — kt, m. 
refuge, shelter; escaping; evasion, shift. 
söka undflykter, to use evasions. 

Undfå, V. a, to receive, to get. -ngst, 
n. receipt, reception. 

Undfägna, t;, a, to entertain, to treat. 
— d, m. entertainment, treatment. 

Undgå, v. a, to avoid, to escape, to 
elude, to forbear. 

Undkomma, v. n, to escape, to slip 
away, to get off. -nde, 71, escaping, 


Undra, v. n. to wonder, to be amazeå. 
-n, f, wonder, admiration, -nsval'd) 
a. worthy of admiration, wonderful. 

Undre, s. Nedre, 

Undse Slg, v, r, to shun, to baslr 
-else, /. bashfulness, modesty. -Onde» 
n. consideration J forbearance. 

Undskylllia slg, v, r. to excuse one's 
self, -an, -ning, f, excuse, plea- 

Und slippa, v. a. to escape, to get off. 

Undsätt||a, v. a. to relieve, to succour, 
to assist, —ning, /. relief, succour. 

Undvik||a, v. a. to avoid, to evade; 
to shun, —ande, n, avoidance, for- 
bearance, till - deraf, for the 
shunning of this, —lig. Cl, avoidable. 

Ung, a, young; new. -dom, m. 
youth; a young girl; a youth. — dom* 
lig, a. youthful , juvenile, -doms- 

fel, n. fault of youth, -doms- 

kraft, f. youthful vigour. -dOmS- 
vän, m. early friend, -domsår, 71. 
younger years. — ©, Tn, young; brat. 
— fd ungar, to bring forth young. 
-ersven, m, swain», young man. 
—folk, n, young people ; young couple 
lately married, -karl, m, bachelor. 
— mor, /*. young woman lately mar- 
ried. -Stinn, a. big with young. 

Ungefär, ad. about, nigh unto, -lig, 
a. approximating, provisional, conjee- 
tural, probable. 

Usilforni, m» uniform, regimentals. 

Uiiiversilal, a. universal, -alarfiing, 

m, sole heir, -alniedcl, n, sov- 
ereign remedy, -itet, f. university. 

Unkjien, a. musty, fusty, -en hot, f, 

mustiness. -na, V. n. to grow musty. 
Unna, v, a. to wish well; to grant. 

om Gud unnar mig lifvet, if God 

spare ray life, 
Uiis, n. ounce. -, m. (djur J ounce. 
Upp, ad. up. - ocli ned, topsy-turvy, 

upside down. - i frän, up from. — 

ät, upwards, se -.' beware! 
Uppamma, v, a. to nurse up. Jian 

uppammades till studier, he was 

bred a schojar. 

Upparbeta ^ v. a. to work up, to 


Improve, td cultivate; to dra\5 tip, to 

lift up, 
Uppassjja^ v. a. to wait on, to attend. 

-are, m, waiter, attendant, -nlng, 

f. attendance. 
fjppbetsla, V. a. to bridle. 
Uppbjuda, V, a, (till dans) to en- 

gage. — sina . kr af ter ^ to exert one's 

powers. — till auktion ^ to put up 

to auction, 

Uppblandija, v, a, to niix, to dash, 
to dilute; to allay, -ning", f. mix- 
tion, allay; dilution, mixture. 

Uppblomstra, v, n, to shoot up; to 

flourish ; to rise. [blaze. 

Uppblossa, V. n. to flame forth, to 
Uppblåsjja, V, q^ to blow up, to swell. 

— t, a. swollen, flushed, puffed up. 
Uppbringa, v. a. to bring up, to rai?e, 

to improve. — ett skepp^ to capture 

a ship, tipphragt , angry, provoked. 

— nde, n. raising, improvement. 

Uppbrinna, v. n. to, bum down. 

Uppbrista, v. n. to burst, to break up. 
Uppbrott, W. decampment, breaking up. 
Uppbruka, v. a. to till, to improve, 

to cultivate. 
Uppbryta, v. a. to break open, to 

break up. — läger, to raise a camp,. 

to decamp. 

Uppbränna, v. a. to burn up. 

Uppbud, n. proclamation. 

Uppbygglla, V. a. to build; 'to edify; 
to improve. -elsO , f, edification. 
-llg, a. edifying. 

Uppbåda, V. a. to summon, to call up. 

Uppbildda, v. a. to make up (a bed). 
uppbäddad säng, daybed. 

Uppbära, v, a. to receive, to collect, 
to gather. 

Uppboja, V. a. to bend up. 

Uppbörd, m. collection of taxes or 
customs, -sman, m. receiver of 
taxes, collector. 

Uppdaga, V. a, to manifest, to disco- 
ver, to bring to light. [feign. 

Uppdikta, V. a. to invent, to forgp, to 

Uppdrag, n, commission, order, cpm- 
mand. —ft, V. a, to draw up; to 
bring up, to educate, to commit, to 

Siredish' English Diet, 

Uppfostra 257 

delegate, to direct, to intrust, to give 
charge of, to assign, to confer, to 

Uppdrifjining, f. raising; faf vildtj 
starting, rousing. — Ya, V. a. to raise; 
to start, to rouse. 

Uppdoka,, r. a. to dish up, to seyve up. 

Uppdyka, v. n. to eo^erge. 

UppO, ad, above, up, 'up stairs. 

Uppehåll, n, sojourn, abode; delay, 
hinderance; interruption, stop, stay. 
—a, V. a, to support; to sustain, to, 
uphold , to nourish ; to maintain , u> 
keep; to detain, to hold, to amuse. 
— sig^ to sojourn, to reside, to dwell. 
—are, m, conservator, supporter, up- 

Uppehälle, n. subsistence, livelihood, 
maintenance, sustenance, support, nou- 

Uppehor, n, cessation, Intermission, 
stop , stay, utan — , without inter» 
mission, continually. 

Uppelda, V. a. to heat, to calefy; to 
inflame, to flush. 

Uppenbar, ^. open, manifest, plain, 
notorious, —a, v. a. to reveal, to 
discover, to open, to manifest, uppen» 
tara sig för en, to appear to one. 
—else, f. revelation, apparition, vision. 

Uppfara, v. n. to ascend ; to start up. 

Uppfatt[[a, V, a, to apprehend, to con- 
ceive, —ning, f. apprehension, con- 
ception, -niugSgåtVa, f. perceptive 

Uppfinnlia, v, a. to invent, to And 
out, to contrive, to discover, to devise. 
—are, W, inventor, contriver, -ing, 
f. invention, discovery. -nlngSgåf ?a« 
f, inventive faculty. 

Uppfiska, V. a. to fish up. 

Uppflyga, V. n. to fly up, to rise up. 

Uppflyta, V. n, to rise up to the sur- 
face, [to promote. 

Uppflytta, V. a. to move up, to raise; 

Uppfiata, V. a. to unplait, to untwino, 

Upj)fordra, v, a, to summon; to crane 
up, to draw up. 

Uppforsa, V. n, to spout. 

Uppi'OStrlla,, v. a. to brin^;; up, to 

^58 Uppfostraa 

educate, to breed, to foster, —ftll) 
•^ingr, f, education. — ar6, Wl. edu- 
cator, breeder. 

Uppfriska, v. a. to refresh, to revive. 
— siq, to recreate one's self. 

Uppfriisa, v. n. to ferment, to whi7ile. 

Uppfrätjja, V. a. to corrode, to eat up, 
to devour, —ning, f, corrosion. 

Uppf J'lllla, V, a, to fulfil, to make up, 
to supply, to perform , to accomplish, 
to satisfy, to fill up, to answer, —else, 
f. accomplishment, completion; perfor- 
mance, fulfilling. 

Uppfånga, V. o, to catch. 

Up pf arga, V, a, to dye anew. 

Uppfästa, V. a, to pin up, to cook. 

Uppföda, V, a. to breed, to bring up. 

Uppförlja, V, a, to mount, to set up, 
to bring up; to erect, to set up; to 
give, to perform. — i rakning, to 
plaoe to account. — sig , to behave, 
to conduct one's self, to act. —ande, 
n. usage, erection ; acting; performance ; 
conduct; placing to account. — Sel, 
m. bringing up, transport. 

Uppföre, prp. & ad. up, uphill, steep. 

Uppgifjlt, m, report, account, advice, 
relation, computation; problem, ques. 
tion ; cession , resignation ; surrender ; 
estimate, calculation. — va, V, a. to 
give up, to surrender, to yield up; to 
resign , to deliver up ; to declare , to 
give, to lay down, to account for; to 
propose; to assign. — vas, v. p. & d. 
to sink under the burden, to languish. 

Uppgräfva,^ v, a. to dig up. 

Uppgå, V. n. to mount, to ascend; to 
rise. — rdgdng, to set up landmarks. 
—ng, 7n. ascent; stairs, avenue, so- 
lens — , rising of the sun. 

Uppgäld, m. agio. 

Uppgöra, V. a. to make np, to settle. 

Uppbacka, v. a, to cut up; to pick. 

'Upphandl||a, v. a. to buy up, to pur- 

chase, -ing, f. buying up. 
Upphetslla, v. a. to excite, to provoke. 

—ning, f. provocation, incitement; 

Upphetta, V. a. to heat, to infiame. 
Upphinna, v, a. to overtake. 


Upphitta, V. a. to find. 
Upphjelpa, V, a. to help up, to re^ 

store, to retrieve, to repair. 
Upphof, n. origin, original caase. 

— sman, m. author» originator. 
Upphosta, V. a, tojaoogb up, to «»• 


Upphugga, V. a, to cut np, to hew. 

— ii^en, to hew up the ice. 
Upphålllla, t;, a. to hold np. -sva» 

der, n. dry weatlier. 

Upphäfva, V. a. to lift up; to annul, 
to suppress; to make void, to dissolve; 
to raise. — sig , V. r. to raise one's 
self. - sig till domare , to make 
one's self judge. — nde, a. deroga- 
tory, revoking. — , n. derogation, aboU 
ishing, cassation, dissolution, raising. 

Upphänga, v. a. to suspend, to hang up. 

Upphöjlja, V. a. to elevate, to raise up ; 
to exalt, to extol. — sin rost, to 
raise one's voice, upphöjdt arbete, 
relievo, —ning, f. elevation, advance- 
ment, rise, eminence, prominence, pro- 
tuberance, relief. 

Upphöra, v. w. to cease, to stop, to 
leave off. -nde, n. cessation, stop. 

Uppifrån, ad. & prp, from above. 

Uppjsiga, V. a. to unharbour, to start, 
to rouse; to raise. 

Uppkalla, V. a. to roll up, to draw up. 

Uppkalla, V. a. to call up, to sum- 

men, to call. 

Uppkamma, v. a. to comb up. 
UppkastlJSj v. a. to throw up, to east 

up; to vomit; to propose, —ande, 

n. casting up, proposition. — Illngj f, 

Uppklarna, v. n. to clear up, to brigh- 
Uppklippa, V. a. cut up. [ten. 

Uppkläda, t;, a. to clothe, to dress. 
Uppknäppa, r. a. to unbutton; to 

Uppkoka, V. a. to boil again, to boil up. 
Uppkon)|Jling, m, upstart, parvenu. 

—ma, V. n. to arise, to rise, to 

start; to recover. — st, m. rising, 

advancement; recovery. 

Uppk rafsa, v. a, to scratch up. 
Uppköp, 7J. buying up. -a, V, a, to 


bny np, to purchase ap. — ftrOj Ttl. 

purchaser, purveyor. 
UppkÖr||ande , n. driving up; plain- 

ing. —selj TTl, avenue. 
Upplag, n. stock, store, -fl, f, edition. 

Fpplast||a, v. a. to unload, -ning, 

f> unloading, discharge. 

Upplefva, v. a. to live to see, to ex- 
perience. — en hög ålder, to attain 
a great age. 

Upplena^ v, a, to thaw, to melt. 

Uppleta^ v, a. to search out, to find 
out. [to animate. 

Upplifya, V. a. to revive, to quicken, 

Upplocka, V. a. to pick up, to glean. 

Upplopp, n, riot, tumult, uproar. 

Upplupen, part, af uppWpa, - 
ränta, arrearage, arrears. 

Upplyftlla, V. a. to lift up, to uplift. 
-nlng, f. lifting up; * flight. 

UpplyslJa, V. a. to enlighten, to illus- 
trate, to illucidate. en upplyst man, 
a judicious man. —ning", f. illustra- 
tion, explanation, notice, exposition, 
elucidation; information, instruction. 

Upplåga, 17. ru to blaze, to flame. 

Upplåna, V. a. to borrow. 

Upplåtlja, V, a. to open, to disclose, 
to unclose. — något åt en, to give 
np a thing to one. —else, f, giving 
up, resignation. 

Uppläggda, V. a. to lay up; to pu- 
blish. —ning, f, laying up; publish- 
ing, [open, to unlock. 

Uppläsa, V, a, to read, to recite; to 

Upplöja, V. a. to plough up. 

UpplÖSlIa, V. a. to dissolve, to melt; 
to untie, to unloose; to solve, to clear; 
to unfold, to explain. — llg^ a. dis- 
soluble, explicable. -Ifghet, f. dis- 
solubility, explicableness. —ning, f, 
dissolution, untying, solution, explaining. 

Uppnian||a, v. a, to animate, to incite, 
to challenge, to encourage, to excite, 
to urge on. -ing, f. exhortation, ex- 
citation, challenge, summons. 

Uppmarsch, m. march in file and 
range, -era, V, n, to march up. 

Uppmjuka, v. a. to mollify, to lenify, 
to weaken, to qoften, to supple. 

TJppropare 259 

Uppmnddra, v. a. to cie^r of mud, 

UppmuntrlJa, v. a, to encourage, to 
animate, to enliven, to awake, to cheei 
up, to exhort, -an, -Ing, f. cn« 
couragement, exhortation» 

Uppmura, v. a. to mure up. 

Uppmåla, V. a, to paint anew, to 

Uppmärksam, a. attentive, intent, 
heedful, -het, f. attention > atten- 
tiveness. —ma, V, a. to observe, to 
pay attention to. 

Uppnå, V. a, to attain, to arrive at. 

Uppnämna, v. a. to rehearse, to call 
over, to enumerate. — nde, n. enu- 
meration, [turned up. 

Uppnäjlsig, -st, a, having the nose 

UppOdllla, V. a. to till, to improve, to 
cultivate, to 'meliorate. — arO, 771. 
tiller, improver, -ing, f, tilling, im- 

UppOflfr||a, V. a. to sacrifice, to devote, 
to offer up. -ing, f. sacrifice, de- 
voting, rto animate. 

Uppqyicka, v. a. to revive, to quicken. 

Upprensa, v, a, to cleanse; to clear. 

UpprepIIa, v. a. to recite, to repeat, 
to rehearse, —ning, f. recital, repe- 
tition, rehearsal. 

Uppresa, f. journey up to. — , V, n. 
to travel up to. 

Uppreslla, v, a. to erect, to raise, to 
set up; to stir up. — ning^ /*. erec- 
tion, raising. 

Uppreta, v. a. to irritate , to incense, 
to provoke. [down. 

Upprifva, V, a. to tear up; to pull 

Uppriktig, a. sincere, open, ingenuou?, 
candid; true, genuine, pure; frank, 
upright, unfeigned, fair, —het, f, 
sincerity, candour, ingenuity, frankness. 

Upprinnjia, v, n. to spring up, to 

spring out ; to shoot up ; to rise. 

-else, /.origin, rise, spring, source: 

Upprit||a, V. a. to draw, to sketch. 

-ning, f. drawing, delineation. 
Upprop, n. calling over ä list; outcry. 

-a, V. a. to call up, to call over; to 

outcry, -are, m, cryer. 





Uppror 5 n, revolt, rebellion, sedition, 
insurrection, göra — , to revolt. — isk, 
a. rebellious, seditious, mutinous. 

-smakare, -sstiftare, m, muti- 

neer; revolter, rebel. 
Upprulla, v. a. to rull up, to unfurl. 
Upprnlten, a. quite rotten. 
Upprycka, v. a, to pull up. 
Upprymma, v. a. to remove^ to put 

in order, to clear; to sell out. 

Upprjmcl, a. well humoured, in spirits. 

Upprågad, a. heapfull, heaped. 

Uppräknlja, v. a. to enumerate, to 
reckon up. — ing, /". enumeration. 

Upprannlla , V, a. to warp the web. 
-ing, f, warp, warping. 

Upprätt, ad. upright, erect. ->A, V. 
a. to raise, to erect; to institute; to 
draw up , to make ; to repair ; to re- 
dress, to restore. — and e, ,71. erection, 
raising, redressing ; drawing up» —else, 
I f. reparation , satisfaction , amends. 
—hålla, V. a. to maintain, to pre- 
serve, —hållande, n. maintenance, 
preservation, —stående, a. erect. 

Uppröra, v. a. to stir up, to agitate. 

Uppsadla, v. a. to saddle. 

Uppsamla, v. a. to gather, to glean. 

Uppsats, m. memorandum, note ; essay, 

Uppseende, n, attention, notice, sen- 
sation I inspection, göra — , to make 
a sensation. 

Uppsigtj f, inspection, superintendence, 
care. [dance. 

Uppsjo, m, high water, eddy; abun- 

Uppskatta, v. a. to value, to rate, to 
estimate. [over, to remit. 

Uppskicka, V, a, to send up, to send 

Uppskjnta, V, a, to push up; to de- 
lay, to defer, to suspend, to procrasti- 
nate; to respite, to postpone. 

Uppskof, n. delay, procrastination, re- 

Uppskotta, \v.Ö. to shoveå up. 

Uppskrifvä, t?.^a. to note, to write 
down. [screw open. 

Uppskrnfca, r, a. to screw up; to 

Uppskrämma, v, a. to frighten^ to 
rouse, to start., 

Uppskära^ v. a. to out up, to open: 

to dissect; to cut; to mow, to reap. 

Uppskörta, v. a. to tuck up. 

Uppslag, n. turning up; cuff, facing, 
increase, rising (of price). [devour. 

Uppsluka, v. a. to swallow up, to 

Uppslå, V. a. to turn up, to open ; to 
break. — sin hostad, to take up 
one's residence. 

UppsmÖrja, v. a, to smear, upp. 
syiordt vin, adulterated wine. 

Uppsnappa, v. a. to intercept; to 
catch, to fish out. 

Uppsnodd, a. untwisted. [out. 

Uppsnoka, v. a. to ferret out, to scent 

UppsnÖra, v. a. to unlace. 

Uppspinnlla, v. a. to spin out; to de- 
vise, to •contrive, —are, m. contriver. 
—ing, f» contrivance, fiction. [up. 

Uppspricka, V, n. to burst, to break 

Uppspringa, v. n. to start up, to rise. 

Uppspåra, v. a. to track out, to scent 
out. [to bend, to hoist; to cock. 

Uppspänna, v. a. to spread, to stretch ; 

Uppspärra, v, a. to open wide. — 
munnen, to gape, to yawn. 

Uppstad, 771. country-town, inland-town. 

Uppstapla, V. a. to pile up. 

Uppsteka, v. a. to roast again. 

Uppstig||a, V. n. to ascend, to get up, 
to arise , to mount, —ande , n. ri- 
sing, ascension; accession, —ning, f. 
vapour of the stomach. 

Uppstillning, /". stall-feeding. 

UppstOCka, V. a. to dress. 

Uppstoppa, v. a. to stuff; to fill , to 
cram. [obstinacy. 

Uppstudsig, a. refractory, -het, f. 

Uppstå, V. n. to rise ; to arise, -ndare, 
m. post, pillar, -ndelse, f. resur- 

Uppställ||a, V. a. to erect , to set up ; 
to arrange, to put in order, to put in 
ranks, -ning, f. setting up, arrange- 
ment, order, plan. 

Uppstämma, v, a. to tune high. 

Uppstolning, f. pushing open; start- 
ing; eructation. 

UppsTullna, uppsvälla, v. n. to 

swell, to bloat, to grow turgid. 




CppsyBj m, loot, countenance; inspec* 
tion. -ingsiuan , m. surveyor , in* 

Uppsåt^ n. intention , design , purpose, 
iötent, meaning. —lig ^. a, wilful, 
done by design, —ligen 9 ad, pur* 
posely, by design. 

Uppsäg|[a, v, a, to renounce, to dig. 
ciaim , to resign ; to give warning. 
—ning^ f, recall, warning, throw- 
ing up. 

Uppsättija^ V* a, to set up, to put up, 

to draw up. -»ing, f. erecting; 
raising; composition. 

Uppsöka^ V. a. to seak out, to find out. 

Cpptag||a, V. a. to take up; to receive; 
to adopt; to take away, to take up; 
to levy, to gather; to break up; to 
dig, to mine; to renew; to resume. 
— ett län, to borrow. — väl, to take 
in good part. — ilia, to take ill. - 
i räkning, to set down to; account. 
väl upptagen, well received, -ning, 
f. taking up; reception; adoption; 
setting down to account ; recapitula4,ion ; 
receiving, levy; breaking up; digging. 

Uppte, v. a. to exhibit, to produce, to 

Uppteckn||a, v. a, to note down, to 
set down, -^ing, f. note, list, in- 
ventory, catalogue. 

Upptill, s. Ofvantill. 

Upptrampa, v. a. to tread. 

Uppträdjja, v. n, to advance, to ap- 
pear. -, V. a. to file, to string. -6, 
n. scene. 

Upptukt||a, v. a. to educate, to disci- 
pline, to bring up, to train up, to 
breed. — elsö, f. education, discipline. 

Upptvinga, v. a. to force up. 
Upptåg, n. trick, frolic, -smakare, 

m. jester, buffoon. 

Upptåga, V. n, to march up. 

Upptäckjja, v. a. to detect, to disco^ 
ver; to disclose, to unfold. — t, f. 
discovery, detection. 

Upptända, v, a. to kindle, to inflame, 
to incense. 

Upptänklla, v. a. to excogitate, to con- 
trive, to devise, ^ligj a, imaginable. 

Uppntt^a , V, a. to dress up , to trim, 

to polish. 

Uppyakna, V, n, to awake, to rouse. 

Uppvakt|{a, v. a. to wait upon; to 
attend, -nlng, f. court; attendance: 

Uppyeckla, v. a. to unfold, to un- 
twist; to tuck, to roll; to curl. 

Uppvigllla, V. a. to stir up, to insti- 
gate. — ar©, 771. mutineer, agitator. 
—ing, f. instigation, agitation. 

Uppyinda, v. a. to wind up, to heave 
up. [to display. 

Uppvisa, V, a. to exhibit, to produce, 

Uppvridning, f, untwisting. 

Uppväcklla. V. a. to awake, to waken, 
to rouse, to excite, to raise. — ifrån 
de döda, to raise up from the dead. 
•else, f, awakening, raising, exci- 

Uppyäglla, V. a, to weigh out; to 
balance, to counterbalance, —ning, 
f. weighing up ; counterbalance. 

Uppvälla, V. n, to boil up, to well up. 

Uppvärma, v. a. to warm up. 

Uppväxa, V. n. to grow up, to shoot 

Uppå, S. På. [up; to arise. 

Uppåt, ad. & prp. upwards, up to. 
— himmelen, lieavenwards. 

Uppägglla, V. a. to egg on, to incite, 
to provoke, —else, f. instigation, in- 
citement, incentive, incitation. 

Uppöfljning, f. improvement, -va, 
V. a. to improve, to improve by exercise. 

Uppofver, prp. over, over it, above it. 

Ur, 71. clock, watch, -band, n. watch- 

string, -flcka, f. fob. -fjäder, la. 

spring of ä watch. — foder, n. watcli- 
case, -glas, n. watch-glas. -ked, 

-kedja, f. watch-chain, -mak are, 

m. watchmaker, clockmaker. — nyckol, 
m. watch-key. -tafla, f. dial, -verk, 
n. clockwork; works of a watch. 
-visare, m. hand of a watch or clock. 
Ur, prp. out of, from. - modet , out 

of fashion. 
Uraktlåta, v. a. to neglect, to forget. 

~ndO, n. negligence, omission. 
Urarfvåi, a. göra sig -, to resign the 





iJrarta^ v. n. to degenerate, -^iidd, n. 

IJrbildy m. original, archetype. 
Urbleka, v! a. to whiten, -s, v. r, 

lose the colour. 

Urbota, a, unredeemable, irrcmissible. 
— mål, felony, capital crime. 

Urfäder, m. pi. earliest ancestors. 

UrjPÖding', m. primitive inhabitant. 

Urgammal, a. very old, superannuated. 

UrhålkJla, v, a. to groove, to excavate. 
— ad, a. concave, excavated, —ning", 
f, excavation, concavity. 

Urin, m, urine, piss, -blåsa, f. urin- 
ary bladder, -drlfvande, a. diure- 
tical. —era, V, n. to urine, to make 
water, -glas, n. urinal, -g^ngy 
m. ureter ,. urinal duct, —salt, n. 
urinous salt. -SVeda^ /. strangury. 
-syra, f, uric acid. 

Urknnder, m. pi, documents, char- 
ters, records, deeds. 

Urladda, v. a. to discharge. 

Urlaka, v. a. to soak. 

Urlasta, v. a. to unload, to unlade. 

Urminnes, a. out of mind, immemo- 
rial. — fi'dfd, prescription , right ac- 
quired by use and time, från — tider, 

Urmodig, a. out of fashion, unfashion- 

Urna, f. urn. [able. 

Uroxe, m. ure-ox, buffle. 

Ursaka, v, a. to excuse. 

Ursinnig, a. insane, unreasonable, 
frantic, -bet, f- phrensy, rage, fury, 

Urskilja, v, a, to discern, to distin- 
guish; to separate. 

Urskillning, f. discernment, judgment, 
skill, distinction. -Sgåf?a, /..dis- 
cerning faculty. 

Urskog, m, primeval forest. 

Urskrift, f, original. 

Urskulda, v. a, to exculpate, to -excuse. 

Urslagga, v. a. to clear from dross. 

Ursprung, n, spring, socrce, rise, ori- 
gin, —lig, O" original, primitive, 

Urspråk, n. primitive language. 

Urständsätta, v. a. to disable, to 


Ursäkt, m. excuse, apology, plea, par- 
don. bedja om — , to beg pardon. 
—a, V. a. to excuse, —lig, «. ex- 

Urtima, a. extraordinary. 

Urtjufva, a. göra sig — , to clear 
one's self from the imputation of theft. 

Uryal, w. choice, selection, election; 

Urväder, n. snowy and windy weather. 

Uråldrig, a. very old, primeval. 

Urämne, n, primitive matter, element. 

Usel, a. miserable, wretched, paltry, 
pitiful, shabby, °-het, f. wretched- 
ness, misery. 

Usling, 771. wretch. 

Usurpera, v. a, to usurp. 

Ct, ad. out, abroad, forth, ut igenom, 
through, när jag skri f vit ut, when 
I have done writing, ut (i hopsätt- 
ningar J, very. 

Utan, prp. without, — , C. except, un- 
less , but. — , ad. without , outside. 

-för, ad. without, -lexa, f. lesson 

to be got by heart, task. — lås, n. 
padlock, hanglock. -läsning, f. re- 
citation, learning by heart, —på, ad. 
& pr. without , on the outside of. 
—skrift, m. address, direction; ap- 
pearance, —till , ad. without ; by 
heart. — verk, n. outside work; out- 
work. -yUgg^ m. outside wall; T. 
^yalvule. (expiration. 

Utand|{as, v. a. to exhale, -ning, f. 

Utarbetjja, v. a. to elaborate, to com. 
pose, to work out; to compile, to 
write, —ad, a. worn out by la- 
hour. — e, n. work abroad, out-door 
work. — nlng, /. elaboration, com- 
position, product, working put. 

Utarma, v. a. to empoverlsh. 

Utarrendera, v. a. to let out to farm. 

Utbasad, a. en - skälm, a rogue in 

grain. (to prevail for. 

Udbedja Sig, v. r. to request, to beg; 
Utbekomma, v. a. to get, to receive. 
Utbetaljja, v. a. to disburse, to pay 

OQt. —ning, f, disbursftment, payment. 




tJtbiI]d||a, v. a. to form, to fashion, to 
culliTåte. -niog) f. formation, im- 

Utblanda, v, a, to adulterate, to dash. 
Utblomma, v. n. to cease bloiuing, to 

Utblotta, v, a. to bare, to deprive of 

all. — sig, to rob one's self. 
Utblåsning, f, proclaiming by sound 

of trumpet. 
Utbreda, v. a. to spread, to stretch, to 

extend ; to propagate. — sig, to spread. 
Utbrista, v, n, to burst out, to break 

Utbrott, n. bursting out, eruption, ex- 
plosion; burst, sally. 
Utbryt||a, y. a, to break oat, to draw 

out. -lling", f. breaking out; legal 

assignment of one's share. 

UtbygrglJa, v. a. to build out. -nad, 

f. projecture, outbuilding, balcony. 
Utbytl.Ia, V. a, to exchange. ~e, n. 

UtbÖrding^ m. foreigner, stranger. 
Utdellla, V, a. to distribute, to deal 

out, to administer, to divide, filing, 

f. distribution, dividend, administration. 
Utdika, V. a. to drain. 
Utdrag, 71. extract; abridgment, —a, 

V. a. to extract, to draw out ; to spin 

out, to protract, to delay. —Ding, f, 

extraction, protraction. 
Utdrif[jning, /".expulsion, driving out. 

— va, V. a. to expel, to drive out; to 
^ cast out. 

Utdrägt, m, delay, procrastination. 
Utdnnst||a, V, a. & n. to evaporate, 

to exhale; to perspire, -ning, f. 

exhalation, evaporation, transpiration. 

Utdöyd, a. extinct, -ende, n, ex. 


Utdöma, v. a. to condemn. 

Ute, ad, abroad, without, out, out of 
doors; over, past, done, out. det är 
- med honom, it is all over with him. 

Uteblifvlja, v. n. to stay away, to fail, 
not to appea*r. — med betalning, to 
transgress payment, —ande, ~en, a. 
absent, staying away. 

Utefter, prp. along, lengthwise. 

Uteglomma, v. a. to omit , to forget. 
Utehålla, v. a. to keep out. 
Utelemna, ntelåta, v. a. to leave 

out, to omit, to pass over. — nde, n. 

Utelöpande, a. circulating. 

Cteslata, v. a. to exclude, to shut 
out. uteslutande rättighet, exclusive 
right, patent, —nde, n. exclusion. 

Utestående, a, outstanding. — for- 
dringar, debts not called in. 

UtestängJIa, v. a. to shut out, to ex- 
clude, —ning, f. exclusion. 

Utevarande, a. failing, absent. 

utfall, 72. attack ; sally; outlet; falling 
down, lifmodems —, the falling down 
of the womb, —ande, n. failing out, 
coming due. 

Utfarjja, v. TI. to set out in a carriage; 
to go out of; to launch forth into, to 
inveigh against. — t, m, riding -out, 

Utfattig, a. extremely poor. 

Utfinna, v. a. to find out, to invent. 

Utflyga, V. n, to fly out. 

Utflyt||a, V. 71. to flow out. -ning, 

f. emanation, efflux, effluxion. 
Utflyttlla, V. n. to remove, to emigrate. 

—ning, f. removal, migration; re- 
moving; emigration. 
Utfodrlla, v. a. to fodder up, to feed. 

—ing, f. foddering; fodder. 
Utfordr|!a, v. a. to demand, to exact, 

to call out, to give a challenge. — ing, 

f. challenge. 
Utforskli'a, v. a. to explore, to search 

out, to sift, -ning, f. exploration, 


Utfrusen, a. stiff with cold. 
utfråga, V. a. to enquire, to examine, 
to pump out. 

Utfyliya, v. a. to fill np. -ning, f, 

filling up; dam, mound, mole. 
Utfärd, 771. departure; drive, trip. 
Utfärda, t;, a. to issue out, to make 

out. —nde, 71. issuing. 
Utfasta, V. a. to proi>ose, to offer. — 

Big att, to engage one's self to ft 

thing. [the hiU. 

Utför, jprp. down. *- hcrgd, doTra 



Utfor[|a, t?, a, lo tranäpöftT^ éafl^ 
out, to export; to execute, to accom- 
plish; to discourse at large on a sub- 
ject; to plead, —ande, n. carrying 
out, transport, exportation ; execution, 
pleading; deduction, explication. — llffj 
a, full, ample, particular, complete. 
— lighet, f. detail, fulness ^ copious- 
ness, completeness. —SCl, f. expor- 
tation. -Sgåfva, f. power of ex- 
pressing one's self, -spremiiim, n. 
premium for exportation. — SSätt, n. 
way of delivery. -Stull, m. duty 
on goods exported, export-duty. 

Utfösa, V, a. to drive out. 

tltgallra, v. a, to pick out, to cull 

out; to clear. 

Utgammaly a, very^old, superannuated. 

tJtgifljtj m. expense, disbursement. — va, 
V. a. to lay out, to give out ; to spread, 
to divulge; to issue out, to enact, to 
pass; to publish. — sig för, to pre- 
tend to bo. -vande, n. -niiig, f. 

laying out, giving but; divulgation, 

publishing, publication. — Yai'© , m. 

editor. [slieil. 

Utgjuta, V. a. to pour out, to effuse, to 

Ut glödga. V. a. to glow out. 

Utgnida, v. a. to rub out, to wipe out. 

Utgrenlia sig, v. r. to spread bran- 
ches. —i II g, /". ramification ; straddling. 

lltgriind[{&, V. a, to investigate, to ex- 
plore*, to dive fnto. — Hg, a. pene- 
trable, investigable. 

Utgrafva, v, a. to hollow, to exca. 
vate; to engrave; to drain. 

Utgåj V, n, to go out; to proceed; to 
be gathered, to be payable. — ©nd©j 
n. procession. — Hg, 7Ä. going out, 
issue; ©vent, end, exit. — ngen, a, 
extinct, dead, withered; sold out. 

Utgöra, V, a, to constitute, to make, 
to fornp; to make up; to pay. 

UthaTa,.t;. a. to haul out. -re, m, 


Uthamn, m. out-port. 

Uthugga, i;. a. io cut dtit; to .out 

down, to clear. 
UthUBgrlJe, v. a, to famish, to elarve. 

-ig, a.'famished, starved with hunger. 


fJthUS, n. out-house. 
Uthrilad, a. reposed. 
Uthvissla^ v. a. to hfss out. 

Uthyrjla, v. a. to let out, to hire out. 
—ning, f. letting out for rent. 

Uthålllja, V. a. to hold out; to en- 
dure. — igj Ö. enduring, durable. 

Uthanglla, v. a. to hang out, to show. 
—ning, f, suspension, showing. 

Uthärda, v, a, to hold out, to endure, 
to sustain. — , V. n. to hold, to out- 
stand, to persevere. — ndo, n. per- 

Uti, prp. in, into, to. 

Utifrån, ad. from without, from abroad. 

Utigenom, ad. all the way through; 
out at. 

Utjemna*, v. a, to even, to equalize. 

Utjord, f, land lying without the dis- 
trict of the village to which it belun^^d. 

Utkalla, V, a. to call out. 

Utkast, n. sketch, outline, plan, -a, 
V, a. to cast out , to throw out ; to 
sketch, to design, to project, -ning, 
f. casting out, ejection, expulsion, 

Utkik, m. look-out. 

Utklippa, V. a. to cut out. 

Utkladning, f. disguise.- 

Utkoka, V. a. to boil out. 

Utkomfjmen, a. come out, published, 
spread, ilia — , poorly off, embarras- 
sed. — St, 7n. subsistence, living. 

Utköra, v, a. to choose, to elect. 

Utkrama, v, a. to press out. 

Utkrypa, v. n. to creep forth. 
Utkräfva, v. a. to demand, to call in. 
— hämnd på en, to take revenge of 
Utkyla, V. a. to cool. (one. 

utköra, v. a. to drive out; to wear 
out, to use up. en utkörd h'dst , a 

Utlaga, f, tax. Ijadfed horse. 

Utlaka, t;, a. to extract, to soak, to 
steep. H utlandet, abroad. 

Utland, n. outland, foreign country. 

Utledsen, a. wearied to death. 

Utiefvad, a. decrepit, very old. 

Utlefverera, ntlemna, v. a. to de- 

Utlegad, a. hatched. [liver over. 

Utleta, V. a. to choose, to elect; to 

search out, to sound, to pump out^ 


Utll^gliftYe, m. bow-sprit, guard-ship; 

jutting stone or beam ; scout , spy. 

-nill^, f. hatchingr. 
UtlofVa, V, a, to promise, to tow. 
Utlopp, 71. outlet, mouth. 
Utlotta, V, a. to draw out by lot. 
Utlnta, V, a. to soak. 
Utlyslla, V. a. to proclaim, -hittg, f, 

publication, proclamation; the last ban. 

Utlåna, V. a. to lend out. 

Utlåt||a sig, V. r, to express one's self. 

-ande, n. opinion, -else, f, ex- 

pression, word. 

Utlttggjla, V. a. to lay out; to dis- 
burse; to explain, to interprete. — »TO, 
771. interpreter, explainer, -niilg", f. 
exposition, displaying; letting out; 
laying out, disbursement ; explanation, 
comment; amplification. 

Utländ|{ning, m. foreigner, stranger, 
an outlandish man. — sk, a. foreign, 
outlandish, exotic, extraneous. — ska, 
f. outlandish woman, foreigner. 

UtlosIJa, V, a. to ransom; to redeem. 
— ©n, 771. ransom, —nitlg, /*. ran- 
soming, redeeming. 

Utntagra, v. a. to emacerate, to ex- 
haust. — d , a, emaciated , wasted. 
—nde, 7i. emaceration, exhauftion. 

Utmanjla, v. a, to challengQ, to call 
out. — iug", f. defiance, challenge, 

Utmark, f, common pasture. fcattel. 

Utmatta, v. a. to fatigue, to harass, 
to waste, to exhaust. — d, a. ex- 

Utmed, prp. near, by, along, nigh. 

Utminutera, v. a. to äéll by retail. 

utmynta, v. a. to coin. 

Utmåla, V. a. to paint, to- depict. 

Utmångla, v. a. to hawk about. 

utmärgla, v. a. to enervate, to' en- 
feeble ; to empoveri^h. 

Utmärk||a, v. a. to mark out, to de- 
note, to indicate, to distinguish. — ftltcle, 
a. distinctive, chanacteristrcal. — t, ad. 
in a distinguished manner, extraordi- 

Utmätjja, V, a. to measure out; to 
distrain (for debt), -ning, f. nisa- 
euring out; distraining, execution. 

Utrastnmg 2fi5 

Utmönstra, v. c to purge out, to 

clear away, to cashier. 

Utnämnjja, v. a. to noiöinaite, to 
name, to appoint. -»-Ingj f» nomi- 

Utnäs, 71. headland, cape. [waste. 

Utnöta, V. a. to wear out, to use, to 

Utom, J?rj?. without, beyond; excepted, 
but, without; besides, moreover. — 
sig , beside one's self. — Sig af 
glädje, transported with joy. -gårds, 
— hns, ad. without doors, out of 
doors. -ordentlig, a. extraordi- 
nary. -Ordentli|?en , ad. extra- 

Utorakring, prp. & ad. roundabout. 

Utpacka, v. a. to unpack. 

Utpanta, V. a. to distrain. 

utpina, V. a, to extort. 
utplocka, V. a. to pluck out. 

Utplundra, v. a. to plunder, to strip. 
utplåna, V. a. to blot out, to efface, 

to exterminate. 
Utpost, m. outguard, outpost. 
Utpress||a, v. a. to wring, to extort, 

to squeeze out. -ning, f, pressing 

out ; extortion. 
Utprångla, v. a. to barter out. 
Utpragla, v. a. to coin, to stamp 

Utpynta, v. a. to dress out, to adorn. 
Utransaka, v. a. to search ont, to try. 
Utredlla, v. a. to extricate, to unfold. 

to explain, to disentangle; to fit out. 

—ning, f. extrication, discussion, ex- 
planation; fitting out. 
Utresa, f. voyage cut, journey out. 
Utridlja, v. n. to ride out. -are, m. 

outrider, —en, a. rode out, jaded. 
Utrifva, v. a. to tear out, to draw out. 
Utrikes, a. foreign, outlandish. — , ad, 

abroad. — ifrån, from abroad. 
Utrop,' n. exclamation; outcry, —a, 

V. a. to proclaim , to cry out ; to cry 

up. -are, m. crier, -stecken, n, 

note of admiration. 
Utrota, V. a. to root out, to extirpate. 

to exterminate, to eradicate. 
UtrUStlla, V. a. to equip, to' fit out; 

to endow, to bestow upon, -tling, f. 



equipment, fitting out, eqnipage , ac- 

Utryckft, v. a. to tear out, to all 
out, — , V. n. to march out. 

Utrymmlla, v. a, to evacuate, to clear 
out, to remove. — öj 71. room, scope. 

Utrakyna^ v. a. to calculate, to com- 
pute. — ning^, f. account, computation. 

Uträttlla, t?, a. to execute, to do, to 
perform, to effect, to dispatch. — ailde, 
n. performance, execution. — ning, f, 
business, commission. 

Utröna, v. a. to experiment, to search 
out. — Illd©^ n. trial, experiment, 
searching out. 

Utsaga 9 f. saying, statement, efter 
hans — , according to what he said. 

Utsatt, a. exposedi liable, vara ilia 
~, to be ill off. 

Utse 9 V, a. to choose, to pitch upon. 
— ende^ n, look, appearance, air, face. 

Utsida,/, outside. 

Utsigt, m. view, prospect; chance. 

UtsjÖ, m, ebb. 

Utskeppa, v, a. to ship off, to export. 

Utskicka, v. a. to send out, to send 

Utskiftlja, V. a. to distribute , to deal 
out. -ning, f, distribution. 

Utskjnta, v. a. to shoot out, to shove 
out; to exclude; T, to impose. —, 
V. n, to jut. 

Utskott, 71. outcast, refuse; committee. 

Utskrapa, v. a. to scratch out, to erase. 

Utskratta, v. a. to deride, to ridicule. 

Utskrifljning, /. convocation, levy; 
transcription, extract ; certificate. — va, 
V. a. to issue writs for , to call , to 
convent; to write out, to transcribe. 
— gärder, to levy taxes. 

Utskyld, m. tax, contribution. 

Utskär, n. skerry, rock lying off the 

Utskarjla, V, a. to cut out; to carve; 
to geld, to castrate, -ning, f, cut- 
ting out, indenting; castration, gelding. 

Utskolja, V. a. to rinse, to clean. 

Utslag, n. result, issue; judgment, de- 
termiaation, w^trant, writ; bias, tur- 


ning; eruption, blotch, efflorescenee, 
pustules. [out. 

Utslipa, V. a. to grind out, to whet 
Utsliten, a. worn out, hackneyed. 

Utsläta, t?, a. T. to justify. 

utslå, V. a. to beat out, to strike out, 

to throw out. — , V. n. to bud, to 

put forth shoots, to leaf, to branch; 

to break out. (out. 

Utsläcka, V. a. to extinguish, to put 
Utsläpning, f. harassment, fatigue. 
Utsmycka, v, a. to trim, to adorn, 

to decorate, to set off. lout. 

Utsmyga, V, a. to steal out, to smuggle 
UtsOCkne, a, without the parish, of 

another parish. 
Ut^Ot, TTl, flux, looseness, diarrhoea. 
Utspanlla, v. a. to search out, to trace 

out, to investigate. ~ing, f. investi* 

Utspionera, v. a. to spy out, to explore. 
Utsprida, v. a, to spread, to divulge. 

- sig, V. r. -S, v. d, to spread , to 

Utspringa, v. n. to spring out, to run 

out; to jut out, to project. 

Utsprång, n. jutty. 

utspy, V. a, to vomit out, to disgorge. 

Utspäda, V. a. to thin, to dilute. 

Utspänna^ r. a. to stretch out, to ex- 

UtspÖkning, f. disguise, foolish dress. 

Utstaka, V. a. to mark out, to trace 
out, to appoint. ~nde, a. determi- 

Utsticka, V. a. to put out; to mark 
out; to engrave. (out, to decorate. 

Utstoffera, v. a. to trim up, to set 

Utstryka, v. a. to strike out, to blot 
out, to erase. (out. 

Utsträcka, v. a. to extend, to stretch 

Utstndera, v. a, to study, -d, a. 

crafty, cunning. 
Utstyr, n, dowry, dotal gift, -a, V. a. 

to portion , to endow ; to dress out, 

to equip. 
Utstå, V. a, to suffer, to undergo, to 

hold out, to sustain, —ende, a. 

jutting out; outstanding. 
Utställ||a, V. a, to expose, to lay out; 


to delay, ^^ulngy f. exposition , ex. 

hibition, [skri, to utter a shriek. 

Utstöta, v. a. to thrust out. - ett 
Utsudda, v, a, to efface, to wipe out. 
Utsuga, V, a, lo suok out; to enipo- 


UtsYettning, f. exsudatlon. . 

Ut8Väf[Jlling, f. extravagance, debau< 
chery, excess ; digression. — va, V. n. 
to extra vagate, to be dissolute; to di- 
gress. — vando, a. extravagant, dis- 
solute, luxuriant. 

Utsy, V. a. to stitch, to embroider. 

Utsyna, v. a. to mark out. 

Utsyssla, /. business abroad. 

Utså^ V, a, to sow, to disseminate. 

Utsäde, n, seedcorn. 

Utsäga, V, a, to express, to utter. 

Utsända^ v. a. to send out; to emit. 

Utsätta, V, a. to expose, to lay open. 
-nde, n, exposition ; appointing ; put- 
ting in pav7n. 

UtSÖklla, V. a. to choose, to pick out. 
-ningsmål, n, action of debt, -t, 
a, exquisite, select, choice. 

Uttaga, V, a. to take out ; to take up ; 
to eviscerate. 

Uttal, 71. pronunciation, utterance, —a, 
V. a, to pronounce» to say out. ', 
t^. n» to speak out. 

Utter. 77». otter. 

Uttolka, V, a, to interpret. 

Uttorka, v. a, to dry up. 

Uttrampa, v, a, to tread out. 

Uttryck, n» expression; phrase, —a, 
V, a. to express, —lig 9 ct» express, 
plain, in direct terms, —ligen, ad. 
expressly, specifically. 

Utträda, v, n. to retire, to withdraw ; 
to secede. [out. 

Uttrötta, V. a, to tire out, to wear 

Uttvättad, a. washed out. 

Uttyd||a, V. a. to interpret, to expound, 
to explain, —ning, f. interpretation, 
explanation. (march out. 

Uttåg, 71. march out. ~a, V. n, to 

Uttänjlja, V, a. to stretch out, to ex- 
tend. — elig, a. extensible, expan- 
sible, [trive. 

Uttänka, v. a. to excogitate, to oon* 

Utosning 267 

Uttömlima, v. a. to erapty, to exhaust, 
to evacuate, — mas , V. d. to grow 
empty, to be exhausted, to vanish. 
—ning, f. emptying, evacuation, drain- 

Utur, prp. out of, frotn. [ing. 

Utvandring, f, emigraUon. 

utvattna, v, a. to water, to unsalt. 

Utveckla, v. a. to unfold, to develop. 
to display, to extricate. 

Utverka, v. a. to effect, to procure, 
to obtain, to impetrate. — en hof, 
to pare a horse's foot. 

Utvexllla, v. a. to exchange, -ing, 
f» exchange. 

Utvidga, V. a. to extend, to enlarge, 
to dilate, to widen; to rarefy, —nde, 
71. cxtentiou , enlargement, dilatation; 

Utvikning, f, unfolding; modulation. 

Utvislla, V. a. to tum out; to banish, 
to exile; to indicate, to prove, to ap- 
point, —ning, f. indication, pointing 
out ; order to depart or to leave a place. 

Ut vittra, v. n. to be dissolved by 
the air. 

Utvuxen, a. grown out; full grown. 

Utväg, 77). expedient, shift, means, way, 

Utvälja, i), a. to cfioose, to pick out^ 
to select utvald f chosen, exquisite. 

Utvändig, a. outer, exterior, -t, ad, 

Utvärtes, a. outward, external, ex. 
trinsio. — , ad, outwardly. 

Utväxt, 771. excrescence; protuberance 
(of a bone). 

Utåt, ad. outward. — , prp. towards. 

— hafvett seaward. 

Utägor, f. pi. detached lands belong, 
ing to an estate. 

Utö, f. remote island. (to kill. 

UtÖda, V. a. to destroy, to exterminate; 

UtÖt]Ining, Y» exercise, practise, per- 
formance. — va, V. a. to exercise, to 
to practise, to exert; to commit. 

UtÖfver, prp, beyond; upwards, over, 

UtÖgd, a. full-eyed, aaucer-eyed. 

UtÖSlla, V. a. to pour out, to lade out. 

— sin galla, to vent one's spleen. 
-ning, /*. lading out, emptying. 

268 Vaccin 


Taccillj m. vaccin •matter, cow-pox. 
-era, V. a, to vaccinate. 

Vacka, f. wacke, wacky. 

Vacker, a. liandsome, beautiful, fair, 
pretty, fine , comely , charming ; edi- 
fying, liberal ; good ; pretty, liigli. de 
vackra vetenskaperna, bellea-Jettrea. 
vackra handen, the right hand. 
—het, f. beauty, comeliness. ~t, a. 
pretty, handsomely; considerably; fair, 
moderately, kom — , come, pray. 

Tackla, v. n. to stagger, to reel, to 
totter; to hesitate. 

Vad, n. ford, -a, v. n. to wade. 
— are, Wl. wading bird. 

Vad, 71. wager, bet; appeal, aid — 
med en om> något , to lay a wager 
with on© about a thing, genom laga 
-, by lefai appeal, -penningar, 

TTir pi. fees for appeal. 

Vad, Vada, f. calf (of the ifeg). 

Vadd, wi. wadding. 

Vadsnal, n. frize, woollen cloth. 

Vagel, m, roost,^ perch, eves; sly. 

Vaggfia, f. cradle. -, V. a. to rock, 
to rock the cradle, gå och — , to 
waddle, -barn, n. babe. -Tlsa, f. 

^Tagn, m, carriage; stage-coach; eart, 
waggon; coach, chariot. — borg, m. 
barricade. — makare, m. cartwright, 
coachraaker. -sdorr, f, boot of a 
coach. — Shns, n. coach-house. — S» 
hyra, f. waggonage. -shäst, 7». 
carriage-horse. — skorg, m. the body 
of a coach, -slider, n. carthouse. 
-slåda, f. box of a waggon or coach. 
-Smästare, m. waggon-master, cart- 
taker. — srem, m. main braces of a 
waggon, -smörja, f. gome. -Spår, 
n, cartway, rut, track. — SStege, m, 
foot- board of a coach. — stistel, m. 
coach-pole, shaft of a cart. 

Vfga, V, n. to flutter, låta flaggen -, 
to display the flag or the colours. 

YaK^ m, bole in the ice. 


Yak, n. sitting up, waking, -ft,, v. W. 
to be awake, to watch, to sit up. 
vak upp! up I - of ver en, to watch 
over one. -en, a. awake. -llUStru, 
f, nurse, -na, V, n, to awake, to 
wake, to waken. -S<im, a. vigilant, 
watchful, attentive, wakeful, strict. 
-samhet, f. vigilance, watchfulness. 
-stuga, f, wake. 

Vakt , m. watch, guard , duty ; sentry, 
sentinel, keeper, stå på — , to stand 
sentry, vara på -, to keep watch. 
stå på sin -^, to stand upon one's 
guard, gå på -, to mount guard. 
komma af vakten, to dismount guard. 
—a, V. a. to keep , to guard, to ob- 
serve, to ward, to tend, to watch. — 
sig, V. r. to be cautious, —are, m. 
keeper, watch, watchman, guard, wat- 
cher, -hafyande, a, of the guard, 
upon duty, -hns, W. watch-house. 
—hållning, f. keeping watch, being 
upon guard, -karl, m. guard, watcii^ 
man, sentry. — kontOr, n. guard- 
room, -knr, m, guerite, sentry-box. 
-mästare, m. doorkeeper; jailer, 
gaoler, jailkeeper. -skepp, n. guard- 
ship, —skott , n. warning • piece 
—stuga, f, guard-room ; flagman's hut. 
—torn, n. barbican, watchtower. 

Yaktel, m. quail, -falk, m. lanner, 
lanneret. — plpa, f, birdcall. 

Yal, m. four score. 

Yal , r). election , choice , option , alter- 
native, -bar, a. eligible, -barhet, 
f. eligibility, -dag, m, day ot elec- 
tion, —frihöt, f. liberty of choice 
or of election, -frändskap, m, 
elective affinity, -förrättning, f. 
election. -fÖrsJimling, f. electing 
assembly. -konung, m. elective 

king, -kula, f. ballot, -man, m. 

elector, —rike, n, elective kingdom. 
-riittigliet, f, right of election, 
-röst, f. vote, suffrage. -Språk, W. 
devise, motto, saying. 

Yalen, a. benumbed with cold. 

Valk, 7n, fulling-mill; roller, birlet; 
callosity , hard skin. — a , V. a, to 
full, to work; to roll. - ler, to; 




work clay, to temperclay. -arO, m. 
fuller. -jord, -lera-, f, fuller's 
earth. [tine tie. 

Yalknat) m, trueloversknot , adninan- 
Vail) m. mound, dam, dike; rampart; 
sward; coast, gä — , gä i — , to be 
pasturing, to be grazing, -a, V. a. 
to tend (the cattle). — sig, to gather 
a sward. -hjODj W, herdsman. -ItOrH, 
n. a herdsman's horn. — llUDd, in, 
wolfdog. --kulla) f, herdswoman. 

-mo, f. poppy, -moknopp, m. 

poppyhead. — Ortj f, comfrey, althea. 
Tallack) 77». gelding, a horse castrated. 

—a, V» a, to geld, to castrate, -aro^ 

m, gelder, 
Vallllfart, f. pilgrimage, -färda, V, 

n. to be on pilgrimage. 

Vallning, f, agitation, flushing. 

Vallrat, f, spermaceti. 

VallrOSS, m. morse, walrus. 

Yalniar) n, homespun cloth. 

Valnöt) /. walnut. [whelp. 

Valp, m. whelp ; puppy. -8, V. a. to 

ValplatS) m. field of battle. 

ValS) m, roller, cylinder; waltzer (ger- 
man dance), —a ) v» a. to roll , to 
flatten into thin pieces, — , V, W. to 

Valuta, /■. value. [waltz. 

Vampyr, m, vampire; flying dog. 

Van, a. wont, accustomed, u.sed. —a, f, 
custom, habit, wont, —lig, ö. usual, 
customary, common, ordinary, wonted. 
vanliga ord, words of course, -llgen, 
-ligtvis, ad, usually, ordinarily, 
commonly, ^llgliet, f, custom, ha. 
bit, fashion, general practice. 

Yanllart) m. naughtiness, perverseness, 
vice; degeneracy; ill habit, -arta, V. 

n, -artas, v, d, to degenerate, -ar- 
tande , n. degeneracy, -artlg , a. 
naughty, wicked, degenerate, —bördig') 
a, base-born; bastard, -bördighet) 
/. base extraction, -bördlng, m, 
base-born, bastard, -fröjd, m, de» 
faraatlon, bad name, disrepute, -fröj- 
da^ V, a, to vilify, to defame, -föi*, 
a. lame, maimed, -gifte, n, mis- 
alliance, marrying beneath one's self. 
-lieder, m, disboaouri shame, infamy, 

disgrace^ ignominy, infamy, -h^dor* 
lig, a, dishonourable, ignominiou-. 
-hedra, v, a, to disgrace, to disho- 
nour, -helga, V. a, to profane, to 
desecrate, -helgd , f, profanation. 
—hopp ) n, despondency , despair* 
-häfd, m. neglect of tillage, -häfda, 
V, a. to neglect tillage, -kantig, a. 
backsided. -lottad ) a, illlavoared. 
—makt, /*. impotence, inability, weak- 
ness, impulssance. -mäktig, a. weak, 
feeble, impotent, imbecile. — pris, 11, 
price below the real value, underprice. 
—rykt) m, want of care, carelessness» 

-rykta) v, a, to defame, -rykte, 

n, aspersion , disrepute , bad name. 
— Sinnig) a. crack-brained, crazy. 

-sinnighet) f, -sinne, n, mad- 

ness. -skapH) v. a. to disfigure, to 

deform, -skapad, -skaplig, a, 

deformed, disfigured, -skapllghet, 
f, deformity, monstrosity. — skÖta, 
V, a. to neglect, to take no care of. 
—skötsel, m, careless treatment , ne- 
glect -slägtandO) n. degeneracy. 
-slägtaS) V. d, to degenerate. -slHg- 
tig, a. degenerate, going out of kiml. 
-ställa, V, a, to disfigure, to deform. 
-trifyaS) V, d. to thrive ill. -tro, 
f, incredulity, unbelief, -trogen, a. 
incredulous, unbelieving. — vett, n. 
madness, craziness, dotage, -vettig;") 
a, mad, insane, crazy, crackbraincd, 

-vetting, m, crazy fellow, -vårda, 

V, a, to neglect, to treat with scornful 
headlessness. -vårdnad, /. neglect. 
-vörda, v, a, to disregard, to slight, 
to disesteem. -VÖrdig, a. irreverent. 
—vördnad) f. irreverence, contempt. 
-ära, /*. dishonour, shame, infamy. 

Vand||el, m, life, conduct of life, han^ 
del och -, dealing. -la, v. n, 
handla och — , to buy and sell, to 
traffic, to tradov 

Vandrlla, v, n, to wander, to walk, 
to travel. — M^, to emigrate, -are, 
-ingsman, m, traveller, wayfarer. 

Vanilj, m, vanilla. 

Vank, m. blemish, defect. 

Vanka, v, n, to vamble, to roye »bout, 




Tankas, v. d. to be, to be had. 

Tankelmodig, a. unsettled, irresolute. 
-het, f. irresolution. 

Vanlig, s. under Van, a. 

V an na, f. fan. ~, v. a. to winnow. 

Vansklig, a. uncertain, dubious, doubt- 
ful; variable, inconstant, —het, f, 
uncertainty, dubiousness, instability. 

Vant, m. T. shroud, -knop, m. wale- 
knot, -stropp, m. salvagee, wapp. 

-vnrstar^ m. pi. futtock-staves. 

Vante, m. glove, mitten. 

Vapen, n, weapon, arms, coat of arms. 
gripa till -, to take Up arms, -bok, 
/. armorial, —brak, n. clashing of 
arras, -dragare, m. esquire, ar- 
mour-bearer. — hUS, 71. church-porch. 
-h?ila, f. truce, suspension of arras. 
-klädd, a. armed, -konst, f. 
blazonry, heraldry, -lycka, f. chance 
of war. —skifte, n. combat, engage* 
raent, conflict, »smed, 7». armorer. 

Var, n, case; ticken. 

Var, a, shy, aware, -fågel, m. great 
shrike, butcher-bird. 

Var, «. pus, matter, -ft sig, V, r, 
—as, V. d. to suppurate, to matter, to 
maturate. — gOrnlug, f, suppuration. 
-ig, a, purulent. -SVUlst, w. ira- 
postbume. — sår, n, ulcer. 

Vara, taga - på, to take care of, to 
watch, to observe, taga till — , to 
take care of. 

Var||a, /".. merohafdlse, commodity, ware. 
Varor , pi, commodities , merchan- 
dises, goods, wares. -Ub} te, 71, bar- 
ter, truck, -uförråd, -ulager, w. 

storage, stock of good^. — QUlängd, 
m, store of goods, -uprls, n. price 
of goods. 

Varjia, v. n. to be, to exist, vara sig 
dermed huru det vill, be this as it 
will. — af med något, to be rid 
of a thing. — af (sönder), to be 
broke. — med, to be engaged in. 
— till, to exist, -ande, a. being, 
existent. — elsO, f, existence, being; 
creature; stay, abode. 

Var||a, V, n. to last, to endure, to con- 
tinue, to hold, -aktig, a. durable, 

lasting, -aktighet, f, continuance, 

duration, permanence. 
Varda, v. n, to be, to become, to grow. 

varde ljus, let there be light. 
Varf, n. warf, dock-yard. 

Varg, m. wolf, -böna, f. lupme. 

-grop, f. pitfall for catching wolves. 

-hona, -inna, /"..she-wolf, -lo, 

m. lynx, -mjölk , f. wolfa milk, 

euphorbia (plant). 
Vargering, f. reserve of soldier, -8- 

karl, m. soldier of the reserve. 
Varkunijna sig, v. r. to pity, to hava 

mercy upon. — samhet, f, mercy, 

Varlig, a. cautious, wary; slow. 
Varm, a. warm. — t, ad. warmly, hotly. 
Varn||a, v. a, to warn, to caution. 

-agel, m. -ing, f. warning, -are, 

^ m. "wrarner, admonitioner. 

Varp, f. web, woof; steep declivity. 

Varp, n. draught of. net. -a, v. a, 

to warp, -ankar, n, kedger. -lina, 

f. -trass, m. wa^rp. 
Varsam, a. wary, cautious, upon one's 

guard, —het, f. circumspection, care, 

caution, wariness, precaution. 
Varse, ad. aware, hlifva -, to per. 

ceive, to be aware. 
Varsel, m. prediction, forebode. 
Varserra, -tre, i. truly l indeed I bo- 

dikins ! 
Varsko, v. a, to forewarn; T. to cond. 
Varnlf, m. wore-wolf, lycanthropist. 
Vas, m. vase. 

Vasall, m. vassal. -Skap, n. vassallage. 
Vase, m. sheaf; beam. 
Vask, n. -malm, m. washed ore. 

-a, V. a. to wash, -verk, n. 

washing-mill. [reedpipe, reed. 

Vass, w. reed, -pipa, /. -rör, n. 

Vassla, f. whey, serum. 

Vaterbordsplanka, f. waterway. 

Vatten, n. water, till lands och -, 
by water and by land, sätta under 
— , to float, stå binder —, to be over- 
flowed, -alledning, f. draining. 
-aktig, a. waterish, watery, -be- 
hållare, m, tank , cistern, reservoir. 
-bi, n, druse, -blandad^ a, mixt 


with water, -blomma, f, blister. 
-lilomma, f. aquatic flower. -l)låsa, 
f, bubble; blister, -brist, ra. scar- 
city of water. — bryu, n. the surface 
of the water, -brack, n. hydrocele. 

-butelj, f, waterflask. -byggnads- 
konst, f. hydraulic architecture, -bä- 
rare , -dragare, tn, waterbearer. 
-djnr, n. aquatic animal, -dop, 71. 
baptism with water, —drag, n. cur- 
rent of water, —fall , 72. waterfall, 
cataract, cascade, -flod, m, -llöde, 
72. flood, inundation, overflow, deluge. 

-fågel, m. waterfowl, seafowi. -iåra, 

/. drain, waterfurrow. —färg, w. 
watercolour; distemper, —gång, tn. 
T. waterline. —hinna , f, amnios. 
-hjul, n. watermill-wheel. -hO, f, 
watertrough. — hund, 772, waterspa- 

niei. -jungfru, f, dragonfly, -kan- 
na, -kruka, f, ewer, pitcher, -kista, 
f, reservoir. -klofver, 771. buck- 
bean, -konst, f, jet, fountain. 
-koppor, f. pi, chickenpox, water- 

pox. -kraft, f. water-power, -kras- 

se, 771. watercress, —kärl, 71. water- 
tub, -ledning, f, aqueduct, conduit. 

-liggare, m. waterbutt. -linie, Z'. 

waterline. -lägga, V. a. to soak. 

-melon, 771. watermelon, -minsk- 

— ning, f, diminution of water. 
-nynif, f, river-nymph, -nöd, f, 
inundation. -ptlSS, 72. level, bevel. 

-pelare, m. waterspout, -prof, 72. 

watertiial. -pusS, ra. puddle, plash. 

-qvarn, f. watermili. -rik, a. 
watery, abunding in water, -riket, 
72. the aquatic kingdom, —råtta, f. 
waterrat. — rånna, f, waterchannel. 
—rör, n. waterpipe; T, emphatic 
vessel, —siktig, a. dropsical, hydro- 
pic, —skada, f, damage done by 
water. — skräck, 772. canine madness, 
-skygg, a. fearful of water; hydro- 

phobous. -snärpa, f. biicock. -sop- 
pa, f. watergruel. — SOt, in. dropsy. 

-spindel, m. water?pider. -Språng, 

72. watershoot , jet. -stare, 772. wa- 
ter-owzel. -stån-d, 71. height of 
the water, -ställe, 71. waterplace. 

Vederfaras 271 

-SYUlst, 772. oedema, -så, 772. water- 
tub, -tät, a. waterproof, -upp- 
fordringsverk, 72. pump-work, -ur, 

n. waterclock. -verk, 72. waterworks. 
-våg, f. waterlevel. -välling, 772. 
watergruel. — växt, m. waterpb.nt. 
—åder, f. spring of water; lymphatio 
vessel. — äple, 772. corkwood. 
Vattljgröt, 772. hasty -pudding, -na, 
V, a. to water, to drench, -nas, V. 
d, to water, -nig, a. watery, -ra, 
V. a. to water. -UgÖI, 772. waterpit. 

-umannen, 772. T. aqirarius. 

Vau, 772. weld, wold, dyer's weed. 
Vax, 72. wax. -a, V. a. to wax, to 
cere, -aktjg, a. cerurninous. — blld, 

771. imago of wax. -blekare, 771. 
wax-bleacher, -buske, 772. -träd, 
72. waxtree. — duk, 772. oilcloth, cere- 
cloth, -kabinett, 772. wax-cablnet, 

wax-works, -kaka, f. corab. -näsa, 
f, wax -nose, sätta — på en, to 
mystify one. -papper, 72. waxed 
paper, -plåster, 72. wax- plaster, 
cerate, -pussorare, 772. embosser in 
wax. -stapel, 772, wax-winder, -taft. 
72. oilskin. 

Vej i. wo, — dig, wo be to thee. 

Veck, 72. plait, fold ; crease, -a, V. a. 
to plait, to fold. 

Veck||a, f. week, -eblad, n. weekly 
paper. -elÖn , f. weekly wages. 
-tals, ad. weekly, by the week. 

Veckla, v. a. to wind, to wrap, to 
involve. - af, - upp, to unfold, to 

Ved, 772. wood, firewood, -bod, f. 
wood-house, -brand, 772. fewel, fire- 
wood, —fång, 72. gathering of wood. 

-gård, 772. wood yard, -huggaro, 

772. wood-cutter. — kast, 772. wood-pile. 
-lass, 72. cartload of wood, -trafve, 
772. wood-stack, -trä, 72. billet, -yxa, 
f. felling-axe, clever. 

Vederljböra, v. n. ind. to be due. 
—börande, 772, the party concerned. 
-börlig, a. due, proper, just, -bör- 
ligen, ad, duly, -delonian, 772. 

adversary, contending party. — dopurc, 
772. anabaptist. -faxas , V. d. to 

272 Vederfående 


befall , to happen to. -fåoilde y n. 
recover. — fås j V, d. to recover. 
-gällä^ V» a. to reward , to requite, 
to pay, to return. -gällniDg, f. 
return , reward , recompense. — gäll- 
nillgsrätt, m. law of retaliation. 
-häftig, a, bound, accountable, ii- 
able. —lag 5 n. compensation, in- 
deranification. -liko^ m, equal, -lag» 
ga, V, a. to refute, to confute. -lägg- 
ning, f. refutation, confutation. -mä« 
1©, W. pledge, token, -möda, f. 
pain, anguish, -part, m. adversary. 
-QVlcka, V, a. to recreate, to re- 
fresh, to recruit, -qvickelse, f. 

recreation, refreshment. -Saka, V. a. 
to refuse. — sakaro, m. adversary^ 
-sken, n. reflected light. -Spel, n. 
tho contrary, the reverse. -Stygllgj 
a. odious, abominable, execrable, de- 
testable, -styglighet, -styggel- 
se, f. abomination, detestation, —taga, 
V, d. to receive, —tagen, a. usual. 
—vilja, f. antipathy, aversion, re- 
pugnancy, -våga, V, a. to venture, 
to hazard, —värdig, a. repugnant, 
disagreeable, nauseous, distasteful, loath- 
some, -värdighet, f, adversity, ca- 
lamity; nauseousness. 

Vef, f. winch, crank, -ling, 7W. T. 
ratline. — positlv, n. barrel-organ. 
— va , V, a, to turn round, to wind. 
— af, to unwind. 

Vefta, f. fan. -, V. n. to fan, to 
winnow, to ventilate, to, wave. 

Vefva, f, % den vef van, at that very 

Vegetllabilicr, jph vegetables, -era, 

Veide, m. woad. {V, W. to vegetate. 

Vek, a, weak, soft) pliant, veka lif- 
vet, the waist» — h©t^ f» weakness, 
pliantness , softness* — Hgy a, soft, 
effeminate. — Ugt, adi unmanly. 
-lighet, f. softness, effeminacy. 
—ling, m, effeminate man, weakling. 
— na, y. n, to soften, to grow soft or 

Veke, m, wiek; snuflf. [pliant. 

Veklagan, /. lamentation, wail. 

Veld, m. partiality. 

Velc, m. T. tent, lint. 

Velin, m. vellum. 

Vemod, n. melancholy, sadness, ^igj 

a. melancholic, melancholy, sad. 
VeildelrOt, f, valerian. 

Vener, f. pi. veins. 

Venerisk, a. venereal, syphilitic. 

Venster, a. left, till -, - om, to- 

ward the left. -händt, a. left- 
Ventil, m. valve, -atiou, f. venti» 
lation. -ator, m. ventilator, -era^ 

V. a, to ventilate. 

Veriflcera, v, a. to verify. 

Verk, 72. work, performance; affair, bu- 
siness, fact; establishment, hafoa i 
verket, to be at work with, i sjelfva 
verket, in effect, -a, v, a. to work, 
to operate, to effect. — , V. 71. to have 
effect, to operate, to havo influence. 
— på, to have influence upon. — till, 
to contribute to. —an, f, effect, in- 
fluence, reach, göra —, to have effect. 
—ande, a. efficient, efficacious, active, 
effectual. — hord, 71. shop-board. 
-gesäll, m. head-journeyman. -hel- 
gon^ m, hypocrite. — llg, a. actual, 
real, —ligen, ad. actually, in truth, 
verily, * truly, -lighet, f. reality, 
existence, fact. >^10S, a. ineffectual. 

-mästare, t», foreman, -ning, f. 

effect, -ningskrets, m. sphere of 
activity. — sam, a. active, efficacious, 
effective, -samhet, f. activity, effi- 
cacy. — stad, 7». shop, workshop. 

-stol, m. loom, -ställa, v. a. to 

execute, to perform, to practise, to do. 

-ställande, a. executive, -ställig» 

het, f^ execution, performance , prac- 
tice. -Synd^ f. actual sin. -tyg, 71, 
tool, instrument. 
Verld, f, world, Jiafva -, to have 
manners, förr i verlden, in former 

Verlds||bekant, a. notorious, -foe- 
skrifning, f. cosmography, -bor- 
gare, m. cosmopolite. -feygglUHJ,, 
f. fabric of the world, -dcl , 7U, 
part of the world. — haf, 71. ocean. 
-historie, f. universal history. 

-karta, f. map of th» woria. 


— IfgT) a. worldly, profane, temporal, 
laical; mundan; secular, -llghct, ^. 
worldliness. -Hgt, ad, worldly. 
-system, n. system of the world. 
-pTisIietj ft wordly wisdom, philo- 
VerSj m, verse, stanza, pd — , in verse. 

-byggnad, m. versification, -ifiera, 

V, a, to versify, -makare, m. ver- 
sifier. -mått, n. measure, —åder, 
/*. poetical vein. 

Versal, m. capital letter. 

Vertikal, a. vertical. 

Vessla, /*. weasel. 
Vest, m, waistcoat. 

Vest, m, west, -an, m. west, -an- 
efter, -anifrån, ad. from the west. 
-anTind, m, -anväder, n. west-' 
wind, zephir. —OF, m. & ad, west. 
- ifrån t from the west. - ^^, to 
the west, i — , in the west. — er- 
ländsk,* a. western, -lig, Ö. west, 
erly. -ra, a, def, western. -Yards, 
ad. westwardly. 

Vot||a, V. a, to know, lata en -, to 
let one know, få -, to learn, jag 
vill icke - af honom , I will have 
no dealings with him. — förut t to 
foreknow. — något med sig, to be 
conscious of a thing. — något med 
en annan, to know of something 
another is guilty of. ej — till sig, 
to know nothing of one's self, —ande, 
a. knowing. — och viljande, on set 
purpose, -enskap, f. science, -en- 
skaplig, a, scientificai. -erlig, a. 
known, göra — , to manifest. — er» 
ligen, ad. knowingly, consciously. 
— skap, f» knowledge, cognizance. 

Vett, n, wit, sense, vara ifrån vettet, 
to be out of one's senses. — girig, 
a. desirous of learning, curious, —gi- 
righet, f, desire of learning; curio- 
sity, -ig, a. witty, judicious. -1ÖS, 
a. senseless, witless, mad. — loi^liet, 
/.senselessness. —villillg,'/7i. madman. 

Vetta, V. n. (emot, åt) to face, to 

Vette, 771. decoyduck. [open into. 

Vexel, m. b«l of exchange, bill, draft. 
—bank, m. bank of exchange, — be- 

SwedUhri^nglish Diet, 



talare, m. accepter, -bref, n. bill 

of exchange. — bruk, n. uso, usance. 
-feber, m. intermittent fever, -glf- 
Tare, m. drawer of a bill of ex- 
change, —handel, m. bill-business, 
banker's trade, -handlare, m, ban* 
ker. -kurs, m. course of exchange, 
exchange, —mäklare, m. exchange- 
broker, -ryttare, m. bin -jobber, 
-rytteri, n. bill- jobbing, -rätt, 
771. laws of exchange, -tagare, m, 
remitter, presenter. —Tin glare, m. 
stock-jobber. — vis , ad. by turns, 
interc"hangeably, alternately. 
Vexla, V, a, to exchange, to change, 
to barter; to alternate. — href, to 
correspond. — bort, to change, — 
in, to get by exchange, — rO^ VI, 
money-changer, change-broker, 
Vexling, /. change, exchange. 
Vi, pr» we. 

Vicka, v.n. to wag. — om^ to over- 
Vicker, f. pi. vetch. [turn. 

Vicunna, f. vigognia-wool. [by. 

Vid, prp, near, nigh; at, about, upon, 
Vid, a. wide, large, ample, i vida 
fältet, very uncertain. —are, a. 
comp. wider, -d , f. width , extent, 
space, capacity, capaciousness, wide- 
ness, breadth. — ga, V. a. to enlarge, 
— sig, to widen, to grow wide. — t, 
ad, largely, widely. - omkring, far 
about. — och hredt, far and wide, 
-tberomd, a. celebrious, far renow- 
ned, -tntseende^ a. uncertain in 
the issue. 
Vida, ad. far, muoh. - mer, much 
more, så — som, as far as. —re, a, 
farther. — , ad, farther, further, more. 
och sd — , and so on. tills -, till 
another opportunity, — intet, nothing 

Vidbränna, v, a, to burn, to singe. 
Vide, n. withy, willow, -korg, m. 

Vidfoga, V. a, to adjoin, to annex. 
Vidgå, ;;. a, to own, to confess, to 

acknowledge, to admit, —ende, W, 

confession, acknowledgment. 
Vidhäfta, V. a. to affix, to attach. 


274 Vidhänga 

Tidhiinga, v. n. to adhere, to stick 
to. —lldö, a. adhesive, cohesire, 
sticking. — , n, adherence. 

VidlmliatiOD , /. verification, -er», 

v. a. to attest, to verify, 

Vid.ja, f. a willow-twig, wicker. 

Vidkärinailde, n. acknowledgment. 

Vidlyftig, vidlöftig, a. large, ex- 
tensive, diffuse, voluminous, ample; 
diffusive, circumstantial» prolix, lefva 
vidlyftigt, to live dissolutely, -het, 
f. prolixity, copiousness ; extravagance. 
han är i mycken -, ho ia in great 

Vidrig j a. adverse, contrary, cross; 
disgustful, repugnant, i vidrigt fall, 
if it should fall out otherwise, -het, 
f, adversity, crossncaa; nauseousness. 

VidrÖrlla, v. a, to touch; to mention, 
to speak of. -nicgSpunkt, m. point 
of contact. Isuperstitious. 

VidskepIIelse, f, superstition, -llg, a. 

Vidsträckt, a. vast, extensive. 

Yidttiiga^ t7. a. <fc n. to begin, to com. 
mence; to follow. - en Utväg, to 
take measures. 

Y id tala, v. a, to bespeak, to agree with 
one. (strous, strange. 

Yidunder, Uo monster, -lig, a. mon- 

Yidöppen, a. quit© open. 

Yifta, v. n, to wave, to fan. 

"Yifvel, m. weevil, calender. 

Tig, a. nimble, agile; swift, quick; 
convenient, commodious, handy; ac- 
tive, dexterous; ready, -het, f, ag{. 
lity, nimbJenes^, activity, quickness, 
dexterity, facility. 

Viglja, V. a. to consecrate, to dedicate; 
to marry, to wed; to ordain, -ning, 
/. consecration; ordination. -Sel, m^ 
wedding. -SClrlng, m, wedding-ring. 
-vatten, n, holy water* 

Vifrg, 771. wedge. 

Yigge, 771. tufted duck. 

Vigt, 771. weight; importance, moment, 
consequence, concernment, lägga — 
pä, to attach importance to. -Jg, a. 
of full weight, "weighty, important; 
momentous, -ighet, f, weightiness, 
weight ; importance, -lod, n, weight. 


—skal, 971. scale of a balance; a pair 

of scales, balance. 

Yik, m. cove, creek. 

Yika, V. 71. to yield, to give way; to 
cede, to retreat. - af vägen, to turn 
out of the road. — i frän, to stray 
from , to leave. - tillbaka , - un» 
dan, to retreat, to give ground, to 
evitate. -H?^ sidan, to turn aaidt. 
-, ad, gifva vika, to give way. 

Vika, V. a. to fold, to double, to plait, 
- upp, to unfold; to turn up. 

Vikarijjat, n. vicarship. -e, m, vicar* 

viking, 771. wiking, pirate, searover. 

Yiktnalier, tt*. pi. victuals, provisions. 

Y'ild, a. wild, savage; fierce, ferocious, 
barbarous. -and , f, wild duck. 
-basare, m. harebrained fellow, mad» 
cap. -bråd, Yildt, n, venison, 
game, -djur, 71. wildbeast, monster. 
-e, m, savage, -gås, f, wildgoose. 
-het, f. wildness, feroctty, savage» 
nes», fierceness, -hjerne, m. mad- 
cap, -katt, 77J. wildcat, -kött, 71. 
proud flesh, -inan, 771. savage man. 

-mark, f. wilderness, -sint, a. 

wild, ferociou?. -Sfiu, 71. wildboar, 
-ilsna, f. wildass. 

Vilyja, f. will ; choice, pleasure , mind, 
way. Vced — , on purpose, göra en 
till viljes, to humour one. — , v. a. 
df n, to will, to be willing; to de» 
sire, to wish, to want. 077i Gud vill, 
If God please. — ha, to want, icke 
— , not to bo willing, -lig, a. wil- 
ling, ready, -ligliet, /". willingness. 

Vilkor, 71. condition, terra, stipulation, 
med -, conditionally, med det — , 
upon that condition. — , pi, circum- 
stances, vara i goda -, to be in 
good circumstances. — Ug , a, condi- 
tlonal, eventual, arbitrary. — sats, 
hypothesis. -Ifgen, ad, conditio- 
nally. — lighet, /. conditionality, 

Yin, Gd, astrAy, wrong, -a, /". error, 
illusion, delusion, -farclso ,^ /". er- 
ror, mistake, delusion. — Olällg, Ct, 
heterodox. -OlllCaillg, f. erroneous 
opinion. -Oväg, m, wrong course, 


error. -rädigTj cL' irresolute, beiny 
at a loss, -rådlgliet, f, suspense, 
hesitation, doubt, perplexity, loss. 

-sam, a. intricat». -sainhet, Y' 


Till, a. mad; angry. 

Villervalla, f, confusion, tumult, med- 
ley, irregularity, mixture. 

yillfarlla, v. a^ to comply, to agree, 
to concede, to grant. — ig, a. com- 
pliant, condescending, -lighet, f, 
compliance, concession, granting. 

Vilse, ad, astray, gä -, to go astray, 

to miss the road, -farande, a. 

going astray, erroneous. — riddare, 
knight errant, -föra, V. a. to mis- 
lead. — n, a. bewildered, erroneous. 
Vimla, V, 71. to swarm in abundance, 
to be crowded. 

Vimm elkan tig, a, giddy; tipsy. 

Vimpel, m. pendant, banderol. 

Vin, W. wine; vine, -aktig, a. vl- 
nous, -berg, n. vine-yard, -berg- 
ning, f. vindemiation, vintage, —blad, 
n, vine-leaf, —bygd, f, vinous coun- 
try, -bär, n, currant, -drufva, 
f. grape, -drägg, m, lees of wine. 
-fat, n, wine-cask, -glas, n. wine- 
glass, -gård, m. vine-yard, -hand- 
lare, 772. wine-merchant, -klase, m, 
cluster of grapes. -källare, m, 
wine-cellar, tavern, —land, 71. wine- 
country; vine-yard. — must, m, most. 

-prof, 7>. wine-trial, -ranka, f, 

vine-branch, -rata, /. rue, herb of 
grace, —skänk, m, vintner, tavern- 
keeper, cup-bearer; wine-buffet.— ston, 
m, wine-stone, tartar. -StOCk, m. 
vine, -sur, a. winy.^ -syra, /". 
acidity of wine, —träd , n. vine, 
-tull, 771. impost on wine, -ättika, 
f, vinegar, wine-vinegar. 

Vlnd, a. awry, warped, cast. —8, V. 71. 
to squint. — Ögd, a, squint-eyed. 

Vind, 771. garret, loft, cockloft. -S- 
fönster. -Sglugg, 77i. garret-win- 
dow. -skammare, m, garret-room. 

Vind, 771. wind, gale, breeze, god — , 
fair wind, t a vinden af en, to get 
the wind of one. rum -, large wind. 

Vinterdag 275 

-bojtel, 771. Idle talker, vain boaster. 
-fana, /. weather-cock, -fång, 71. 
folding-skreen ; vent-hole. — fälle, 71. 
windfall, -hand, m, grey, hound. 

-lafve, 771. soundboard, -mätare, 

77i. anemometer, -skifva, f, tho card 
of a sea -compass. — Spole, 771. cur» 
lew. -stilla, f, calm. -ÖtÖt, m, 
gust, puff of wind, -agn, 771. flouri- 
shing furnace. -Yak, /". hole in the 
ice occasioned by the wind, -^^^y 
71. wind-egg, addle ezZ' -Öga, n, 
hole in the roof. 
Vlnd, 771. winch, windlass, -ft, V. a, 
to heave , to wind. -brO , /". draw- 
bridge, -brann, 771. draw-well. -Spel, 
77. windlass, capstan, capstern. 

Vindel, 771. spiral, joint, -trappa, f, 

winding stairs, cockle-stairs. 
Vingllad, a. winged., -e, 77^. wing. 

-tjäder, 771. flag- feather, -foder, 

77». sheath -wing, -penna, f. flag- 
feather. — taggj m. jaoana, sandpiper. 

Vingllja, v. W. to waver, to staggle; 
to shuffle, —are, 771. shuffler, swind- 
ler. — eri, n, shuffling, swindel. 

Vink. 771, beck, sign, wink, gifva en 

— at någon, to give one a hint, 
—a, V. 71. to beckon, to wink. 

Vinkel, 771. angle, corner, -liake, 77Z. 
square; composing-stick, —knä, 72. 
T. lodging-knees, -mått. Ti. square, 
recipiangle. —rät, n, rectangular. 
Vinkilg, a. angular, cornered, 
Vinn||a, v, a, & n. to win, to gain, 
to obtain, to get, to carry, to attain, 
to earn, to acquire. — pd någon, 
to get the better of one. till tidens 
vinnandet in order to gain time. 
—ing, /. gain, profit, lucre, advan- 
tage, -ingslysten, a. eager of gain, 
self-interested. -lägga sig, V, r. 

— 0771 något, to apply one's self to a 
thing, to make it one's study or business. 

Vinst, 771. profit, benefit; advantage. 

— vä lotteriet, prize in the lottery. 
•pa - och förlust, at a venture. 

Vinter, m. winter, i — , this winter. 
förtiden -, i vintras, last winter. 
om vinterrif in the winter, -dag, tti, 




winter • day. — föfö 5 n. aledge.road. 
pä —t on the snow, on the ice, on a 
sledge, -gata, f. the milky way, 
galaxy, —grön, /*. wintergreen, peri- 
winkle, -hvete, n. winter -wheat, 
wheat sown in autumn. — krass©, w. 
winter -cress, -liggaro, m. a ship 
that winters at some harbour. -Ilk, 
a. winterly, -läger, n, hibemaclc. 
-råg, m. winter-rye. -säde, n 
corn gown in autumn. 

Tintra, v, n, imp. -s, v. d. to win- 
ter. det vintras, it begins to be win- 
try, winter draw3 near. 

Viol, f, violet, -blå, a. violet- blue. 
-ett, a. violet, -rot, f, Ireos root. 

Violin, m. violin. 

Violoncell, m. violoncello. 

Vipa, /". lapwing. 

Vipplja, V, n, to seesaw, to rock, to 
balance; to wag. -galge. m. gibbet. 
-stjärt, m, wagtail, -ärter, m, 
pi. bitter-vetch. 

Vippen, w. stå pä -, to be upon the 

Vips, i. hush! quick I (point of. 

Vira, V. a. to wind, to knit. 

Virak, m. olibanum. 

Virka, v. a. to work , to knit, to em- 
broider with a needle. 

Virke, n. timber, wood. 

Virrig, a. confused. 

Virtuos, w. virtuos. fstom. 

Vis, n. manner, way, fashion, wise, cu- 

Vis, a. wise, judicious, -dom, m. 
-het, f. wisdom, -ligen, ad, 


Visa, V. a. to show, to exhibit, to dis- 
play , to present , to prove. — hort, 
to turn away. — fram, to show forth, 
to produce. - en på dörren^ to bid 
one go out. — sig ^ v, r. to show 
one's self; to appear. — ro, m. gno- 
mon: hand, pin. -Ttafla, f. dial- 

Vislla, f, song, ballad, höga visan, 
the song of Solomon, the canticle. 
— bok, jT. song-book. 

Vise, w. queen-bee, mother-bee. 

Vlsfj'era, v. a. to visa, -ir, n. sight, 
aim, sight-vane, visor, beaver, —ir» 

konst, f. art of gaging. -Irgtaf, 

m. gaging-rod. 
Visit, w. visit, -ation, /. searching, 

—era, v. a, to search, to ruiiUiiage. 

—kort, n. visiting-card. 
Visklla, f, whisk. -, V, a, to wipe; 

to spunge ; to wag. -are, m, spunge. 

— dnk, m. map, clout, 
Vismnt, m, bismuth. 
Visp, ra, whisk, twirling-stick. -a, V. 

a. to whisk, to beat. — ©r, W. trifler. 

-ig", a, boyish, fickle, trifling, -ig- 

het, /". fickleness, flirtation. 
Viss, O. certain, sure, assured, fixed; 

positive, categorical; smart. visst 

folk, some people, -erligen, visst, 

ad, certainly, surely, confidently. Ja 
-, yes to be sure, -hetj f, cer- 
tainty, surety, truth, -lländ, a. 
having a steady hand. -0, för -, 
ad, for certain, till yttermera visso, 
for further certainty. 

Vissllen, a, withered, faded, dead, -na, 
V. n, to wither, to fade. 

Vist||as, V, d. to reside, to sojourn, to 
dwell, to stay, -else, f, stay, abode, 
continuance. -©Iseort, m. residence, 
abode, -hus, n, pantry, larder, 

Vite, n, fine, mulct, penalty, pålägga 
— , to enjoin under a fine. 

Vitriol, m, vitriol; green copperas; 
blue copperas, -haltig, a, vitriolate. 
-olja, f, sulphuric acid. -Syra, f, 
vitriolic acid. 

Vitsord, n. witness, authority, gifva 

— om, to bear witness of. 
Vitter, €t. versed in polite literature, 

lettered, learned, en - man, a man 
of wit, genius. — liet, f, polite lite- 
rature, belles lettres; work in polite 
literature, -hetsakadeini , f. aca. 
demy of belles lettres. -hetsidkarc, 
m. polite literator, man of wit. — t, 
ad. poetically. (a snare). 

Vittja, V. a. to examine Ca net, a hook, 
VittnlJa , V, n. to witness , to depose, 
to testify, to attest, to bear witness. 

— emot en, to give evidence against 
one. - för någon, to witness in 




one's flavour» — om, to bear witness 
of or to. — Oj W. witness, evidence. 
stämma till — , to ^ call to witness. 
— esbörd, n. testimony, evidence, wit- 
ness. — esed, m, oath of witnesses. 
-esför, -esgill, a. competent as a 
witness, qualiiied for giving evidence. 
-esförhör, n. trial of witnesses, 

J — esmål, n, deposition, evidence. 

Yittr||a, v. n. to be dissolved by the 
air. —ingTj f' weathering, crumbling. 

Yivat, 71. cheer. -, i, long live I 

Y^";?rj m. vizier. 

To;'a^ Sig, V. r. to complain,- to lament. 

t'ctttag, m. T. jigger. 

Tokal, w. vowel, -musik, /." vocal 

%olang, m, flounce. [music. 

T'^ikan^ m, volcano, -isk, a. vol- 

Yolontar, m. volunteer. fcanic. 

Yolt, m, volt; legerdemain, -igera, 

V. n. to vault; to tumble, -igor, 

m, desultor, . 
Volyni, m, volume. 

Vomllera, v, n. to vomit, to puko. 

-itiY, W. emetic, vomit. 

Votllera, v, n. to vote, -nm, n. vote. 

Yrak, n. wreck; drug, refuse, trash; 
a good for nothing. —fågel, TO. 
goosander, merganser, —stämpel, TO. 

Tred, n. faucet, cock; button. 

Tred , a. angry , wrathful. — pd nå- 
gon, angry with one. -e, TO. wrath, 
passion, anger, t vredes mod, in a 
gust of passion, snar till — , passio- 
nate. -gad, a. angry, -gas, V. d. 
to be angry (at a thing), -sam, 
-Sint, a. wrathful, passionate, -sam- 
het, f. anger, -samt, ad. wrath- 
fully, angrily, passionately. 

Yronsk, a. salacious, neighing, —a, 
V. n. -as, V. d, to neigh. 

Yresig, a. crossgralned ; morose, pee- 
vish, —het, f, knottiness, gnara; pee» 
vishness, moroseness, fretfulness. 

Yret, f, a small field enclosed. 

Yriand, f, widgeon. 

Yrick||a, V, a. to wriggle, to turn to 
and fro. — en hat, to scull a boat. 
^ foten, to put the ^oot out of joint. 

— nillg, f, turning to and fro ; distor- 
tion, spraining, sprain. 

Yrida, V, a. to wring, to twi:fc; to 
turn; to wrest. — en nyckel i olag, 
to tum the key the wrong way. — 
af, to twist off. — ifrån sig, to 
turn to the right. — ig&n, to screw 
up. — pa tappen, to tmn the fan.- 
cet. — upp, to untwist. - ur led, 
to put out of joint. — åt sig, to 
turn to the left. — sig, V, T to 
turn sour. 

Yrist, TO. instep. 

Yrå, TO. corner, nook. 

Yråla, v. n. to bellow, to bawl, to 
roar, -nde, n, bawling, roaring. 

Yrång, a. perverse, wrong, iniquitous, 
false, partial, —het, f. perverseness, 
crossness, iniquity. — sint, a, per- 
verse, iniquitous, wicked, stubborn. 
—strupe, TO. windpipe. —VIS, a. 
unjust, iniquitous, partial, — Tishet, 
f, injustice. 

Yraka, v. a, to reject, to refuse; to 
throw. — hort penningar, to squan- 
der away one's money. — i sig, to 
devour. - OTO hvartannat, to throw 
topsyturvy. — sig på folk, to in- 
trude one's self upon people, — ut en, 
to turn one out of doors. — , v. n. to 
swell, to rage, skeppet vräker, the 
ship goes at the mercy of the winds 
and waves, gå och — , to be saun- 
tering about. 

Yrängila, v. a, to distort, to wrest, to 
pervert, -ulug, f, wresting, distor- 
ting, perverting. 

Yula, V, a. T, to gammon. 

Yuleu, a. disposed, conditioned, fit. 

Yulkan, s. Yolkan, 

Yurm, TO. whim, freak, fancy; humor- 
some fellow, plodder, —a, v, n. to 
plod, to be crazy, -aktlg, -Ig, a. 
whimsical, crackbrained. — ighet, f. 

Yurst , TO. T. junk. - på en mast, 
the pudding of a mast. 

Yyssga, v. a. to lull, to lull asleep. 
Yåd, TO. breadth, en '^ af seglet, a 
cloth of the sail. 




Vådllaj /. cnlucky accident; danger, 
ö/ —» ^y accident, by mischance. 
-al)Oty 771. line for a damage done 
without intention, —dråp, n. chance- 
medley, —eld, 771. fire broke out by 
accident, —ligj o. casual, dangerous; 
accidental, fortuitoug. -rligeu j ad, 
by accident. 

Tåffeljern, n, wafer-iron. 

TaiTerdagslÖk, 7n, star of Bethlehem 

Yåffla, /. wafer. [(ört). 

Yåg, f. balance. Vägen, T, libra. 
>-balk, m. beam. -hnSy n, public 

balance, -konst, f, statics, -mä- 
stare ^ m. weigher, keeper of the 
public balance, -penningar» m, 

pi. custom for weighing, —rät, a. 
horizontal. — sedel, m. certificate of 
weighing, -skrifvare , m, clerk at 
a public balance. — skåij f. scale of 
a balance. 

Yågj f, wave, billow, sea, surge, lemna 
allt vind för — , to leave all at ran- 
dom, —a, V. n. to undulate, to wave. 
-formig, -ig, a. wavy, -ning, f. 
undulation. — yIs^ ad, like w^es, in 

Vågl|a, V. a. & n. to renture, to risk, 
to hazard; to stake. — lifvet, to ex- 
pose one's life. — hals^ m, adven- 
turer, desperate fellow. — saiTl , a. 
bold, hardy, adventurous, daring, ven- 
turesome, —samhet, f, temerity, 
hardiness, boldness. -Stjxke j n. 
hazardous enterprise, risk. 

Våldj n. violence, force, outrage; autho- 
rity , power , coaamand. göra — pä 
sig, to do violence to one's self, med 
-, by force, styra - med -, to 
repel force by force, —föra, V. a, 
to offer violence, to use with violence ; 
to violate, -förande, n. violence. 

-kräkta, v. a. to usurp, -kräkt- 

niug, f. usurpation. — sam, a. out- 
rageous, violent, forcible, furious, fierce. 
-samhet, f. violence, outrage. -Sger- 

uing, -STerkan, f. violent act, 

outrage. -SVerkare, m. violator, 
ravisher. -taga, v. a. to ravish, to J 

violate, to deflower by force, -^tagftrey 
tw. ravisher. — tägt, m. rape. 

Tall a, V, a, to cause, to occasion, vara 
vällande till, to be the cause of 
hvad väller honom t what is the 
matter with him t 

Vålm , m. hay-cock , gove. -a, V, a. 
to cock, (resemblance. 

Vålnad, m. apparition, ghost; distant 

Yarn I), Yåmm, f. paunch, belly. 

Yån, f. possibility, chance. 

Yånda, f. pang, anguish, pain. — , t?o 
n. to care about, to wish. -S, V. d, 
to sufTer great pains. 

Yåning, /". story, floor; apartments, 
lodgings, dwelling. 

Yap, m, fool, cully, -ig, a. doltish, 
foolish. -Ighet, /*. doltishness, dul- 
ness. —lycka, f. habnab, chance, 
hazard, -iycklig, a. foolhappy. 

Yår, pron, our. -frn, f, our lady. 
— frndag^ m, lady -day, annuncia- 

Yår, m, spring, om vären, In the 
spring, t vär, this spring, t varas, 
last spring. — as, v. d, to become 
spring, —blomma, /*. vemal flower. 
-dag, m. day in the spring, -dag- 

jemning, f. vemai equinox, -köra, 

V. a. to plough in the spring, —lik, 
a. springlike, vernal. — luft, m. 
springtime-air. — llianad , m. vernal 
month , springmonth , March. — säd, 
f, lent -com. — säde, n. corn sown 
in the spring, —tid, m. vernal season. 

Yard, m, ward, care , inspection, —a, 
V. Ct. to guard, to watch, to tend. 
värda sig om, to take care of. -are, 
m. keeper, guardian. — kasc, m. bea- 
con, watchfire. — nad, m. care, atten- 
dance. — slos^ a. careless, negligent, 
headless, -slosa, v, a, to neglect, 
to slight. -Sloshet, /". negligence, 
carelessness. -tecken, n. token, 
sign, —torn, n. watchtower. 

Yårtlla, f, wart; nipple, -ig, a. 

Yåt, a. wet, humid. -aktig, o. 
somewhat wet, moist, —het, f. wet* 
ness, moisture, -skodd, a. wet-shod* 


-3aC^j m, portmantean, knapsact. 
«>Tara, f. liquor, strong drink, -Ta- 
der, n. wet or rainy weather. 

Täbel, 771» sergeant. 

Täckija, r. a. to wake, to awaken, to 
rouse ; to excite ; to open. — på nå' 
gon, to wake one. — tn vak, to cut 
a hole in the Ice. - en fråga, to 
start a question, -are, 771. waker; 
alarmwatch. -aröTOlk, n. alarm- 
clock, —else, f, excitation, —t, va, 
watch; hour, -tar©, m, watchman. 
— nr, n. alarmclock. 

Tädd, m. scabious, -klint, m. cen. 
taury, knapweed. 

Täder, n. wind-, weather; air; (i krop' 
penj winå. slå i vädret, to make light 
of. ha -af, to get a hint of. -biten, 
a. weatherbeaten. — boll, 772. air- 
balloon, —bråck , m. pneumatocele. 

-bössa, f. wind-gun. -drag", n. 

draught, -drifvandc, a. carmina- 
tive. -drifvcn , a. weatherdriven. 

-gifvaiide, a. fiatuous. -glas, n. 

weatherglass, -lianej, 771. weather- 
cock, —hund, 771. gazehound. — hvirf- 

Tel, 771. whirlwind, -il, 771. gust of 
wind, —kolik, 771. flatulent colic. 
-korn, 71. scent, -lek, tti. weather. 
-låda, f wind-chest (of an organ). 
—måne, m. mock-moon, paraselene. 
*-pUSt, 771. gentle gale or breeze, 
breath of wind, -qvarn , f. wind- 
mill, -rör, 71. windpipe. -S.juk, 
a, sick by the change of weather. 
-skifte, 72. change of weather. 
-skärm, 77l. foldlng-skreen. -SOl, 
f. mock-sun, parhelion. — SOt, 771. 
tympany, tympanites. -Spåman, 771. 
weather-spy, anemoscope, —spanning, 
f. flatulence. -Stinn, a, flatulent. 
— Stinnhet, f, flatulency, windiness. 
-Strek , n. point, region, climate, 
clime; direction of the wind. — Strnpe, 
771. windpipe, weasand. -»SYulst, m. 
emphysematous swelling. — YCXlare, 
m. ventilator. — Vexling, f, changing 
of air. 

Vädra, v, o. & n, to expose to the 
air; to air; to Mcnt, to araell. - 



upp , to smell out , to traec out by. 
the scent. 

Vädja, V. n. to appeal. — ifrån elU 
emot en dam, to except again-jt a 
sentence. — nde, 72. appeal. 

Vädjoban, TTI. career, arena. 

Vädur, m, ram ; T, aries, the ram. 

Väf, 771. web, cloth, sätta upp en -, 
to mount the warp on the loom. 
—bom, 771. warping-loom. — bnlt, 771. 
knee.roll ; a piece of cloth, -klister, 
72. weaver's starch, —knot, 771. wea- 
ver's knot. — nad, /*. web, texture, 
tissure; cloth. — sked, f. reed, slaie. 

-skyttel, 771. shuttle, -spole, m. 

weaver's spool, quill. — Stol, 771. loom. 

-Ta, V. a. to weave, -vare, 772. 

weaver. — Teri, 72. weaving, cloth- 
Väg", 772. way, road, track, stå % vä- 
gen för någon, to stand in one's 
way. på ell. under vägen, by the 
way. hegifvå sig'* pa vägen till, 
to set forward to. det är på god 
-, It is in a fair way. på vägen 
att falla, like to fall, vara pä 
vägen, to be going, gå ur vägen 
på någon, to givo way to one. det 
vore icke ur vägen, it would not be 
amiss, vid vägen, by the way. —a,' 
ad. gå till -, to go to work, bringa 
till — , to bring about, —a, V. a. to 
make a way passable, —farande, a. 
wayfaring, travelling. — kost, 772. 
provision for a journey, -lag, n. 
the order a road is in. -lagning, 
f. repairing of the roads, —leda, 
V. a. to guide, to conduct, to instruct. 
—ledare, 772. guide, leader, director. 
—ledning J, f, guidance, instruction. 

-skedört, f. crow's-foot, -skil- 
nad, 772, -sliäl, 72. crossway. -tör- 
ne, 72. buckler- thorn. -Yisare, 772. 
guidepost, fingerpost, waymark; guide. 
-Tarda, f. cichory, wild endivy, hem- 
hill. —Ört, f. rupture-wort. 

Väga, V. a. & n, to weigh; to balance. 
— väl, to give good weight, det 
står och väger, it bangs balancing. 

I - upp, to weigh; to lift. - upp 



) emot, to counterbalance, to be equal 
to. — ät en sida, to incline to one 
side. — öfver, to overbalance, -rej 
m. weigher. 

Tag^, m. wall, -band, n, casing, 
plastering. — belilädningj in. wain- 
scoting, -bonad, f. hanging, -fastj 
a. fastened to the wall. -lus , f, 
bug. -lusört, f, bagbane. -mOSSa, 
f, featherraoss. — skåpj n. cupboard 
in a wall. — SniOd, ifn. death-watch. 
-nr, n. houseclock , dial. -Ört , f. 
pellitory, parielary. 

Tägnar, vi. x>å mina -, on my part, 
in my behalf, in my name, pd em- 
hetes — , by virtue of one's office. 

Vä^rra, V. a, to refuse, to deny. - 671 
att gä in, to deny one admittance. 
— nde, 7i. refusal, denial. 

Täja, V, a. & n. to avoid, to give 
way to. 

Väl, n, weal, good, welfare, allmänt 
—, the public good. ~, ad, well ; 
very well , done ; indeed. så — 
som , as well as. -aktad , a. 
worthy, respectable, —an, i. well 
then, come on. -artad, a, good- 
natured, -befinnande, n. health- 
fulness, healthiness. -bchag, n. 
pleasure, choice. -behållen, a. 
well conditioned, -belägen, a. well 
situated, -beniiilt, a. afore-mentio- 
ned, -betrodd, a. well credited, 
trusty, -betänkt, a. prudent, dis- 
creet. — , ad. considerately, on pur- 
pose, -bildad , a. well shaped. 
-boren, -bördig, a. honourable, 
worshipful, -erfaren, a. well ex- 
perienced, -fräjdad , a. of a good 
reputation, -tången, a. lawfully 
acquired. — fägna^ V. a, to enter- 
tain, to regale, -fägnad , f. hospi- 
table reception, cheer, -färd, m. 
welfare, prosperity, weal, -förhål- 
lande, n, good behaviour, -för- 
sedd , a. well provided, -förstå- 
endes, ad. well understood, -for- 
tjent, a. well deserved, -geming, 
f. benefit, favour, benevolence, —grun- 
dad, a. well grounded, solid, -gång, 


»n. ^prosperity , success, well. being, 
-görande, a. charitable, kind, -gö- 
rare, m, benefactor, -göienhet, fJ 
charity, beneficence. — konima, f, 
welcome, -kommen, a. welcome. 
-komna, v. a. to welcome, to bid 
welcome. — lefnad , f, voluptuou» 
life; good cheer. -Ijlld, n. euphony, 
harmony. —ljudande, a, harmo- 
nious, melodious. — lofllg, a. wor- 
shipful, -lukt, m. fragrancy. -luk- 
tande, a. odorous, fragrant, -lust, 
m. voluptuousness, luxury. — lustlg, 
a. voluptuous, luxurious, sensual, vo- 
luptuary. -lustighet, f. sensuality, 
voluptuousness, —lärd, a, learned. 

-makt, f. prosperity, -menande, 

a. well-meaning, affectionate, —me- 
ning, f, good intention, good intent. 
— ment, a. well-meant, pious ; friendly. 
-mående, a. being in a good state 
of health; substantial, -mäga, f. 
well-being; health ; happiness, prospe- 
rity, -signa, V. a. to bless, vara i 
välsignadt tillstdnd, to be with child. 
-signelse, f. blessing, benediction. 
—sinnad, a. well-meaning, benevo. 
lent, kind. -Skapad , a. well sha- 
ped , well formed, -sniakaude, a. 
savoury, toothsome, -stånd, n. good 
circumstances. — talaro, m. orator. 
-talig, a. eloquent, -tålighet, /*. 
facundity, eloquence, —vilja, f, be* 
nevolence, kindness, good will, favour. 
—villig, a. benevolent, favourable, 
friendly, kind. -Önskning, f. con- 
gratulation, felicitation. 

Tald, f, partiality. — ©, n. dominion, 
power, empire, command, ascendency. 
-eligen, -eligt, ad. powerfully, 
mightily, -ig, a. powerful , mighty. 

Välja, V. a. to clioose, to elect, to se- 
lect, to pick, to cui? — nde, n. elec. 
tion, option, —re, m. elector, chooser. 

Välla, V. a. & n. - ihop^ to weld. 

Välling, f. pap. I- upp, to well. 

Välsk, a. itaiian. välska hönor, 
horse-bean, —land, 72. Italy. 

Vält, vn. roller, -a, V. a. to roll. 
— , V, n. to overturn, to upset. 

Vältra, v. a, to roll. - sig i smut. 

sen, to wallow in the dirt, 

Väni.lllas, v. d, to loathe, to iiauseale. 
^elig", a. loathsome, nauseous, dis- 
gustful. -else, f, loathing, disgust. 

Vän, a. fair.- 

Yäll, m. (& f, friend, -fast, a. true 
or constant in friendship. — fastlvct, 
f. constancy of friendship. — llirSl, f. 
friend (female). — llg", Cf. friendly, 
kind, affable, -lighot, f. friendli- 
ness, kindness. — skftp, f. friendship, 
kindness, favour. -skapsfuU, a. 
friendly. -skapsprof, 71. act of 
friendship, friendly office, —säll, of. 
beloved, sociable, -sälllja, f. friendly 

Välld||a, V. a. to turn; to lack, to veer. 

— hakfram, to turn the wrong end 
foremost. — iort , to turn away, to 

.pervert. - lort en ting med löje, 
to turn a thing into ridicule. — I 
^penningar , to convert into money. 

— ifrån, to turn from. - sig ifrån 
en, to turn one's back to one. — om, 
to return, to turn back. — om if i on, 
to turn, to leave. - sig till någon, 
to make application to one. -- till- 
baka, to return. — upp och ned, 
to turn upside down, upp och ned- 
vänd, upside down. — ut , to turn 
out. — Ut och in, to turn inside. 

— sig, to turn, to come about, to 
change. -Cirkel, -krets, m. tro- 
pic, -lling, f. turning, turn. 

Vänja, V, a, to accustom, to habituate, 
to inure. — af , — ifrån, to wean 
from. — af ett ham, to wean a 
child. — sig vid, to accustom one's 
self to. 

Vänt[|a, V. a. & n. to expect; to stay, 
to attend, to wait. - efter, - pä, 
to wait for, to stay for. Jion går i 
väntande dagar, she is near her 
time, -an, -ning, f. waiting, at- 
tending, staying, expectation, —pen- 
ningar, m. pL money paid for wai- 

Väpling, m. trefoil. (ting. 

Väpna, V. a. to arm. -re, m. ar- 


Värpliöna 281 

Värl)ar, a. capable of bearing arms. 
—het, f. ability of bearing arms. 

Värd, a. worth, worthy. -6, W. worth, 
value, jag lemnar det i sitt -, it 
may be so for ought I know. — efoll, 
a. valuable, -ellgon, ad. worthily. 

-elös, a, worthless, -era, v, a. to 

appraise, to prize, to estimate, to va- 
lue — erlng", f. estimation, appraise- 
ment, -eringsman, m. appraiser, 
estimator, valuator. — i, 71. appraise- 
ment, -ig, a. worthy, -ighet, f. 
dignity, worthiness. — Igas, V, d. to 

Värd, 771. landlord, innkeeper; host. 
-inna, f. landlady, hostess. -sllUS, 
il. inn, public-house, tavern. — shus» 
värd, 77i. innkeeper, publican. 

Värf, n. business, affair. 

Värfning, f. listing, levy, -spen- 
ningar, m. pi. bounty-money, press- 

Värfva, v. a, to list, to recruit, -re, 

772. reci-uiting officer, pressman. 
Värj!|a, v. a. to defend, to guard. - 
sig för något, to defend one's self from. 

-eniäl, n. defence, -eniålscd, m, 

purgatory oath, gd värjemålsed, to 
clear one's self by oath. —0, n. hafua 
något i — , to have a thing In one's 

Värjlla, f. sword. ^^ -fästo, n. hilt of 

a sword, -gelläng, n, belt, sword- 

hangers, -klinga, f, blade of a 

sword. — Udd, 771. point of a aword. 

Värk, 771. pain, ache, pang, smart. 

-a, V. n. to pain, to ache, -brulen, 

a. decrepit with pain. -Stillaudo, 

a. anodyne. 

Värmlla, v. a, to warm, -e, m, 

warmth, heat, -egrad , m, degree 
of temperature, -emätare, 7?i, ca 
lorimeter, thermometer. 
Värn, n. rampart; shelter, defence. -8, 
v. a. to defend, to prevent, -los, a. 
defenceless, helpless, destitute, v'dm- 
lösa barn, orphans, -losliot, /. 
want of defence, helplessness. 

Värplla, V. a. to lay eggs, -höna, f. 

a laying hen. 



Värr, aä. ty -, aia3. -e, a. comp. 
worse. Vli värre och värre, to grow 
worse and worse, så mycket — , so 
much tlie worse. 

Yarst, a. sup. worsl. 

Väsen, -de, n. being; behaviour, con- 
duct, manners; noise, göra — af 
någon, to make much of one. —dtllg', 
a. essential, -dtligen, ad. essen- 
tially, -dtlighet, f, essentiality. 

Task», f. pouch. 

Väsnas, v. d. to make a noise, to 

Väst, m, waistcoat. (bustle. 

Vätlla, f. wetness , moisture. -, v. a. 
to wet, to moisten ; to water. —6, n. 
hydrogen, -ska, f. humour, moisture, 
fluid, liquor, juice, liquid. - sig, V. r. 
to grow wet. såret vatskar sig, the 
sore runs. -Skig , a. wet, moist, 

Vättjlla, V. a. to whet, to sharpen. 
-esten, m. whetstone, hone. 

Väx||a, v. 92. to grow , to wax , to In- 
crease. — hort, to di5appear. — ifrån 
sig, to degenerate; to grow ugly. - 
ihop t to grow together, to coalesce, 
to concrete. — till, to increase, to grow 
greater. — till sig, to grow up and 
improve. — Kpp , to grow ap; to 
arise. - ur en klddning , to out- 
grow a suit of cloathes. — tii , to 
grow up, to come to full growth. 
vara utvuxen, to be full grown. - 
of ver, to outgrow; to grow over; to 
overgrow, växt, vuxen, grown, built ; 
fit. vara någon vuxen y to be a 
match for one. hopviixen, joint, con- 
crete, hopvaniing , f. union, con 
cretion. -ando, a. growing, vege- 
tative. — , n. growing, growth, vege- 

Vä\t, m. vegetable, plant; excrescence, 
tumor; growth, vegetation; slie, sta- 
ture, pitch, stå i växten t to be 
growing, skära till i växten, to 
exaggerate. -gifvando, -llg, a. 
vegetal, -llira, f. phytology, botany. 
-lif, n, vegetaiive life. ~hll8, fl, 
greenhouse, -riket, n. the vegetable 
kingdom, -ämne, n. vegetal matter. 


VÖrdlla, v, a. to respect, to revere, to 
venerate. — Ig, a. reverend, venerable. 
-ighet, /. venerableness. Ers -, 
your reverence, reverend sir. — nad, f, 
respect, veneration, -nadsbetygclse, 
f. reverence. — nadsfull, a. respect- 
ful, -nadsvärd, a. venerable, -sam, 
a. respectful, reverential, reverent. 

Vört, f. wort. 


Yfvlla sig, V. r. -as, v. d» to sweiTf 

to boast of, to swagger, to flaunt. — 

ofver en ting, to be proud of a thing. 

— ig, a. bushy, swelling. 
Yfverboren, a. hyperborean. 
Yla, v. n. to howl. 
Yllo, n. woollen, -dauiast, m. mock sa« 

tin. —fabrik, f. woollen-manufactory. 

-n, a. woollen, -stofter, -varor, 
pi. woollen stuffs, -väf, m. -väf» 
nad, f. woollen cloth, -väfvare, 

m. woollen-draper. 

Yninig, a. plentiful, abundant, copious, 
fruitful, exuberant, plenteous, ymnigt 
hruk, frequent use. -het, f. plenty, 
abundance, -hetshorn, n. horn of 
plenty, cornu copiae. 

Ymp, -q vist, m. graft, -a, v. a. to 
graft, to inoculate. - kopporna pä 
en, to inoculate the smallpox on one. 
-are, m. grafter, inoculator. -ning, 
/. grafting; inoculation; vaccination. 
-vax, n. graft-wax, diachylon. 

Yngllel, n. brood, hatch; fry. -la, 
V. n. to bring forth young. - af sig, 
to multiply, -ling, m, youth, young 
man, stripling, -re, a. comp. youn- 
ger. -st, a. sup. youngest. 

Ynnest, m. favour, -full, a. gra- 
cious, favourable. 

Yppa, t;, a. to discover, to open, to 
betray, to divulge, to utter, to dis- 
close. — sina tankar t to open one's 
mind. - eig , yppas , to offer, to 
arise, to occur. — ttdO, n. discovery, 


Tpp6li|lig5 a. excellent, exquisite, choice. 
— lighet) f, excellency , superiority. 
-st, a. sup. most excellent, chief. 

Yppig"} a. luxurious, sumptuous, splen- 
did, expensive, extravagant, prodigal. 
— hét, f. luxe, luxury. 

Yr 9 a. vertiginous , giddy, dizxy ; wild ; 
lightheaded, delirious. €71 — häst, a 
mettlesome horse. — ftj jf. giddiness, 
vertigo, delirium ; rage, fury ; dizziness ; 
deliriousness. — , V. 71. to rave, to be 
del'rious ; to bo bereft of one's senses ; 
to blow and snow at one time. — 
igen, to be covered over with snow. 
-fä, n. flying insect. -het, f. 
giddiness; wantonness, wildness. — llät- 
ta, f, a frolic maid, airling. — Sel, 
m. giddiness, delirium. 

Yrka^ v. a. to urge, to enforce, to 
press, to pretend on, to stand on. 
— n, f, — nde, n. demand, urging, 
solicitation, pretension. 

Yrke, n. calling, trade, profession, study. 

Ystl|a, V. a. to curdle, to coagulate, to 
make Cheese. — , V, n., — sig, V. r,, 
—as, V, d. to turn, to coagulate, to 
curdle. — niDg, f. coagulation, curdling. 

Yster, a. pert, wanton, wild, petulant. 
—het, f, pertness, wildness. 

Ytya, f. surface, outside, face, super- 
ficies, -lig, a. superficial, -ligliet, 
f, superficiality. 

Ytter 11 kant, m. extremity. -ll?, 
a. extreme, excessive. — ligare , a. 
com}), further, additional, -ligen, 
ad. extremely, -ligliet, f. extre- 
mity, extreme, excess, —mera, ad. 
further. — St , a. last, hindmost, ut- 
most, uttermost. — , ad. utmost, yt- 
tersta domen, the last judgment. 
ligga på sitt yttersta, to be in 
one's last moments. 

Yttr||a, V. a. to utter, to declare, to 
signify. — sig, to express one's mind. 
— e, a< exterior, external, outer. — si- 
dan, the outside. 

Yxa, f. axe, hatchet. - till, V. a. to 
rough-hew, to form. 

Yxne, -gräs, n, orchis. 



Zebra, f, xebra. 

Zefir, m. zephyr. 

Zelot, m. tealot. 

Zenit, m. zenith. 

Zibet, -kat, m. civet-cat. 

Zigenare, m. gipsy. 

Zink, m. zinc, -blomma, f. flowers 

of zinc, —spat, m. lamellar cala» 
mine. — Titriol, m, white copperas, 
sulphate of zinc. 

Zinka, f. cornet. 

Zitfer, n. ledoary, setwell. 

Zon, f, zone. 

Å, f. river, brook, -bryn, n. -bradd, 

m. water-edge of a river, -mun, m. 

-mynning, f, mouth of a river. 

-strand, m. bank of a river. 
A, j5rp. s. På. 
A , åh , t. 1 oh I — ja, o yes , sure, 

indeed. — tiej, no, not at all. 
Åberopa, v. a. - sig på, to refer 

to, to cite, to appeal to. -nde, n. 

Abo, m. inhabitant, tenant, dho-och 

besittningsrätt , right of habitation 

and possession. 
Abrodd, m. southern-wood. 
Abyggnad, m. houses, buildings. 
Adalägga, v. a. to lay open, to make 

Ader, f. vein, låta sig -, to be let 

blood, -band, n. bandage applied 

after bloodletting, -brack, n. vari» 

coceie. -hinna, f. chorion, -jern, 

n. lancet, fleam, -låta, V. a. to 

let blood, to bleed. -latare, m. 

bleeder. -Jåtning, f. letting of 

blood, bleeding. 
Ådraga, v. a. to attract, to bring on, 

to cause. - sig skuld, to contract 
I debU. 

284 ih 

Äh, t. o! ob! 

Ahåga^ f, desire; assiduity, application. 

Åhöra , a. — vittne , car-witness. — , 
V. a. to hear , to listen to , to attend 
to. —re, m, hearer, auditor. 

Aka, V. n. to ride, to go in a carriage. 
— på skridsko, to scate. — undan, 
to elide from under. — rOj in. carter, 
coachman. — rhästj m. cart^horee. 
-rkärra, f. carter's cart. -rlOD, 
m. carter's fare. 

Akall||a, V» a. to invoke, to implore, 

to call upon, -an, f, -ande, w. 

-else, f, invocation. 

Akdon, n, carriage, vehicle. 

Akcr, m. field, cornfield, arable land. 
-binda, f. small bindweed, -brilk, 
n, agriculture, tillage, husbandry. 

-brukare, m, tiller, -bär, n. 

arctic blackberry, —böna, f, horse- 
bean, -fält, 71.^ cornfield, -llöna, 
f. plover. -höns, n. pardridge. 
-jord, f. arable land, -man, m. 
tiller, husbandman. -mynta, f. 
calamint. -mönja, f, agrimony. 

-rast, m. com-bugioss. -redskap, 

71. aratory instruments, farming - uten- 
sils, -råtta, f, field-mouse, -senap, 

m. wild mustard, charlock. — SpÖke, 
n. scarecrow. -Stycke, 71. piece of 
field, —tistel , m. corn - saw - wort. 

-vallmo, m, cornpoppy. -vädd, 

m. field -scabious, -vält, 5. belly- 

roll, —ärt, /. pea. 
Åklagare, m, complainant* 
Åkomma, f, hurt, complaint. 
Akära, v, a, to prosecute, to enter 

Al, tn, eel; black list through the back; 

T, awl. -dam, m. eelpond. -kar, 

n. -kista, f, eeidara. -kussa, f. 

blenny (fish). [wort. 

Ålandsrot, f. elecampane, inula, star- 
Alder, m, age. hög -, great age. af 
-, of old. -bruten, a. decrepit, 
worn outh with age. — dom, m. old 
age; declining age; antiquity. — doms- 

forskarOj m. antiquary, -doms- 
PVaj, a. decayed with age, decrepit. 


-domssvaghet, f. feebleness of age^ 
decrepitude, -man, ?7l. head-master. 
-sman, m. old man. -stigen, a.